Adel says I am going to dip my b@lls in your water. Sabrina says oh yeah I would drink it even more!!

POV Holder: HEATHER Next POV April 26th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 28th
HOH Winner: Jon Next HOH: May 1st
Original Nominations: Heather and Sabrina
Current Nominations: Sabrina and Adel
Have Nots None

BBCAN2-2014-04-30 08-04-37-949
11am Adel says today’s the day I lose my eye! Adel says I got the same f**king pills that Sabrina got for her f**king hands. Sabrina says it’s still an allergic reaction. Adel says I have never had an allergic reaction in my life. Neda tells him to just stop washing his face, stop putting whatever you’re putting on your face. Adel says okay. Adel goes to fill up Sabrina’s water. Sabrina says I think Adel loves me. Adel says I am going to dip my balls in this water for you. Sabrina says oh yeah I would drink it even more!! Sabrina asks if the others think Adel is flirting with her? Neda says no. Sabrina jokes that she’s pregnant. Adel says Jon stop sperming on the loofah and getting girls pregnant. Sabrina says the secret is Adel and I are really girlfriend and boyfriend. Adel says no we’re not. Sabina says you think you’re so fresh in the club with your sunglasses on! JOn gets called to the dairy room and there’s a diary room leak – Jon asks can I just sit here for a full hour and take selfies?

Meanwhile in the bathroom – Heather tells Sabrina that she is voting to keep her tomorrow.

BBCAN2- 2014-04-30 08-23-51-344
11:20am – 11:30am Jon comes out of the diary room with the camera and tells the other house guests that the fans voted on T. (Twitter). And the majority of the photos have to be you guys feeding, burping and changing my diaper. Adel says oh can I be first?! Adel runs and grabs a blanket and paper towel. Adel pretends to change his diaper. Jon then says okay who wants to feed me?! Neda says I do! Sabrina says okay I have another one .. bend over .. like you’re sh*tting your diaper!

BBCAN2-2014-04-30 08-25-06-572

11:40am – 11:50am They comment on how they should all try and get in the diaper. Jon starts to take it off and Neda sees how gross and dirty it is and says no way I’m not doing it! Jon says what do you think, I’ve been living in it for 6 days!

11:55am – 12:10pm Adel out in the backyard looking at the House Guest photos. Adel says lets hope this works.. I just need everyone to think .. I just need to stay away from them. Meanwhile in the bathroom – Jon and Neda tell Sabrina they are keeping her this week. Sabrina says thank you. If I have to lose to someone, I want to lose to you guys. Jon says we’re not going to tell Adel at all!

12:15pm – 12:50pm In the main bedroom – Adel says I like that idea. He gets up and starts to head out of the room. Sabrina asks what idea? Adel says never mind. Sabrina tells him he is staying. Adel heads to the storage room with Jon and asks him what he’s heard. Jon says he thinks its still up in the air. Adel comments on how he keeps seeing Sabrina campaigning to Heather. I just caught them. Adel says that Heather is pissing him off. I am going to start calling out Heather. Jon tells him yeah do that. I’ll pretend like I don’t know anything about it too. Adel heads up to the HOH and asks to talk to Neda. Adel tells Neda that Heathers pissing him off and he’s going to start calling her out. Neda says no, don’t do that. You can’t do that when you’re on the block. Just chill don’t do anything. Neda leaves for the bathroom. Jon asks her what Adel was saying. Neda says he’s sketching out about Heather! Heather asks really! HEHAA! She laughs. Neda comments that in the last 10 minutes now she is afraid that Sabrina will slip through to the final 2. What if she wins something? Heather says but Adel could win too. Jon says either way it could be a good decision or a bad decision. JOn says so we’re going Sabrina is staying 1 billion percent! 1 Billion HUNDOS?! Neda and Heather say yes. Jon says okay doesn’t matter to me.

12:45pm – 1pm Heather, Jon, Neda and Sabrina talk about the Big Brother 15 house guests:

1:10pm In the kitchen – Jon, Heather, Neda and Adel are talking and eating. Heather comments on how if Adel or Neda win the HOH this week she won’t be able to see the room until Monday. Adel says Jon can’t win it. Heather says I didn’t say Jon, I said you. Adel says say there’s a twist and Sabrina is taken off the block and saved .. who is going to team up with her? Adel says Canada likes to root for the underdog. Neda says no one because if she makes it to the final 2 she wins.

BBCAN2-2014-04-30 10-01-05-393

1:15pm – 1:35pm Jon and Neda head out to the hammock. Neda says it hurts my heart that Sabrina is still in this game. Jon agrees and says and we’re keeping her. Just watch she is going to make it to the final 2 and this is going to be the moment we look back as the decision that did it too. Neda says if Adel stays, Heather would take him to final 2. Jon disagrees. Heather joins them. Neda says that she will literally stop watching this show if Sabrina makes it to final 2. Jon says then why are we keeping her!? Jon says I feel bad that we’re screwing over Adel. Neda says if he had the chance he would screw all of us. Jon says he can’t screw all of us. Heather says okay he would screw me and Neda. Jon says he can’t screw both of you.

Meanwhile in the living room – Adel says to himself if I stay in this game I will evict Neda! Adel says I am going to keep dropping 1 liners. Sabrina joins him.

BBCAN2-2014-04-30 10-20-05-525

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Adel is soo arrogant rude & he cant seem to leave sabrina alone he’s Pathetic


I don’t know what feed you’re watching because on the ones I watch, the horned up, used tampon leaving, nose picking loony girl is hitting up endlessly on the guy with a fiance, not the opposite. He hates Sabrina as much as ‘BB watching’ Canada does.


Actually, it seems like Sabrina can’t leave Adel alone. She’s even saying they’re secretly bf/gf and he’s like NO.


They are joking around guys relax. Thats what being stuck in the house with the same people does to you. They will be friends when they leave the house. No doubt.


Do you watch the live feeds….? because then I must not be lol


Enough with the diaper BB. Lamest week ever in BB history.


Soooo over it, after day one. NOT funny, at ALL.


I believe Neda is keeping Sabrina not to go to final 2 but to bring her as far as she can just to be in her good graces. So that she can influence Allison and Rachelle into voting for Neda..Neda might lose Adel’s vote and Jon’s vote if he is evicted. Sabrina might win against her in final 2 ( Allison won’t let Andrew down, Rachelle,Adel(bitter jury) Jon if evicted by her (bitter) 4 votes. Neda has a better chance of winning against Jon or Heather.


i think adel and jon should just blow it up and throw neda under the bus…… tell heather that neda wanted her out this week,,,,, thats the only way adel stays now……….


Jon thinks it was his idea though, and that Neda only reluctantly went along with it. Only Adel can pull that card.


Can’t wait to see Adel walk out that door and view Sabrina’s goodbye message. HA!
I still remember the way he acted with Marsha the moose. Disgusting and pathetic.


It was! People said ‘oh it was just a joke’. But honestly by his tone and actions, I think he has some deeply embedded anger issues and is really not as nice as he is portrayed to be. It’s all the fine work of production to create a fun-loving Deli.


His face was dark red. I’ve seen enough angry people in my life to know that Adel wasn’t joking.


Actually I thought the diaper pictures were hilarious, video too.


Their logic makes no sense to me – if Sabrina slips through to final 2 she will win most jury votes; if Adel gets to final 2 he will only get 2nd place. So tell me again, why the f*$k are they keeping Sabrina? This makes no sense at all.


It’s a control thing. Neda wants to control the game
Plus she knows bother girls will take her to final 2… Adel, not so much


Heather will not take her. At this point, Heather is outplaying Neda.


It mostly benefits Neda’s game because she needs Adel gone because she knows he will gun for her when she gets the chance and that he will never take a girl to f2. And by keeping Sabrina for now, Neda can get in her good books for jury votes. I don’t think Neda is dumb enough to want to take Sabrina to f2. If she has her way it’s gonna her and Heather or her and Jon, I’m not sure where she stands with who she wants more though.


Good for Neda … She told Jon that she trusted and wanted to follow her gut feeling that She would be the first one out of the house if Adel won. Meanwhile … In another area of the house Adel told the camera, ” if I stay in this game I will evict Neda! “


The logic is, you first have to reach F2….and Adel will 100% evict Neda if he gets the chance…and keeping him will give him few chances to do so.
Would the others evict her? Possibly, but not as sure as Deli…


Can not understand why Heather is on top of the poll. I like her, but not to win.


Sabrina is out playing Adel this week…hands down. Adel’s “strategy” moves are nearly the worst ideas around. He should be trying to bond with Heather not throw her under the bus. At least Sabrina understands what she needs to say to stay in the house….and is using her sway in Jury and physical weakness to her advantage.


Sabrina is snowballing them all.

A Name

Exactly what stategy does Sabrina have? Neda, Heather, and Jon have all said she sucks at campaigning. The only reason they’re even keeping her is cuz she’s useless at comps and no one believes her BS. Plus Adel has a much better chance at winning comps so get outta here with that.

A Name

Heather you idiot YOU haven’t talked to Adel either! Neda and Jon were planning you funeral all week and she doesn’t realize it at all! Adel was your only chance. Sabrina was just trashing you last week to Rachelle.


So many people are upset because Adel is leaving and have turn on Heather because she is not being nice, i think people forgot this is big brother not sesame street.


Yep! Not Sesame street for sure.
Inside the house, blood fights are expected.
All predictions are useless at this time.
Except that Adel looks good as gone if no miracle happens.


what is going to append did they tell us yet? If there is only one week left and 4 HG


sory adel but u wanted heather gone this week…. so dont mad at her if she wants the same for you…… u should be sucking up to heather for a vote but i guess your male ego wont allow u to do that? youre all about jon and jon does not have any power u need heather or neda vote before jon can do anything….


No consequence to the game, but I have a question: What is the tattoo Heather has on her front hip that she ‘coloured in’. What is it? I remember Sarah commenting on it but I can never make out the explanation or what it was that had to be hidden?


I wish they weren’t so confidant that “Sabrina can’t win anything” because that is the same logic used by BB15 houseguests about Amanda. I think we all know how that worked out for them. Sabrina has a good chance to get to final 2 the longer she stays.


I would hope that the Jury members use their heads when voting who should win. Sabrina shouldn’t win, she’s won nothing, done nothing.


Should of been Neda wearing the diaper! She totally looked like she hated that baby! Hers cried a lot more than Jons! Shows that it was fixed those results! I also am sick of the diaper after day 1! It is fitting tho–as I always said Jon is a baby and attention seeker!


BB made the wise decision. Nobody wants to see Neda in that baby suit. All she would be doing is whining and complaining. Just like how no one wants to see her in an HOH room either. Her arrogance would be unbearable. Even when she won a baby competition that she knew was BS she was still annoying as hell about it. Just imagine her with her own HOH room for a week; in either case (her in a baby suit or in the HOH room) nobody would watch the feeds and her fan base would dwindle even more than it already has.


The babies have a computer chip inside of them that record things so the teachers at school can help the kids learn what it takes to care for a baby. I can’t see how a computer chip inside a doll was “fixed” by production. Most schools use these same baby dolls and if they could be “fixed” to favour a certain student, the Board of Education would not be using them.

Maybe Neda didn’t carry her’s very well but she did all the right things for it whereas Jon didn’t burp it or change it’s diaper or do other things for it. Neda’s cried more but Jon’s was more neglected…………………or maybe was so full of gas when not burped, it couldn’t cry. 🙂 They all got to read the print out of the computer for each doll that showed where they did well and where they did poorly. The results weren’t “fixed”. Jon sucks at minding a baby.


Of course you can fix a computer chip. It’s a computer chip! You can program it any way you want to!

Not to mention I’m sure there’s different types to begin with; some for children to use, and others for expecting mothers which would be more difficult to maintain.

And even aside from fixing the baby, you can also just alter the results from the computer.

These things aren’t hard to do. It’s fine to believe that the competition wasn’t fixed; but to think that it couldn’t be fixed very easily is pretty naive.