Heather says I wanted to get to the end so bad after being so badly treated in the beginning..

POV Holder: JON Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: Sabrina Next HOH: Next HOH is final HOH
Original Nominations: Jon and Heather
Current Nominations: Jon and Heather
Have Nots Jon & Sabrina are on slop

Punishments from the veto:
– JON is on slop and can’t shower till he leaves.
– Neda has to wear the dress costume till she leaves.
– Heather chose not take the punishment of a squirrel costume.
BBCAN2-2014-05-03 19-18-44-289

10:35pm – 11:05pm Sabrina tells Heather that it is going to be so hard to beat him. Heather says yup, he and Neda! Heather says I know exactly the spot that she’s in .. but I’m happy my friend is in the end. Heather says I wanted to get to the end so bad after being so badly treated in the beginning. Heather says it sucks because I needed the money so bad .. I would never campaign against Neda any ways. I love her too much to do that. Neda comes through the bathroom and leaves. Heather says I love her so much! She’s my Rachelle. Sabrina says yup. Neda comes back and Heather asks I wonder if I had taken that squirrel costume if I would have won .. Neda says that would have been horrible to have to wear that. Heather says I am just glad that I don’t have to wear that out on to the stage. Heather leaves the room and Neda and Sabrina continue talk. Sabrina asks Neda if she ever would have evicted Jon. Neda says no. Sabrina says I knew it ..it was like me and Rachelle. Sabrina says I just need to win 2 of the next 3 comps. Neda says crazier things have happened.. Neda says she will pay off her debt and help her mom. Neda says that she has $42,000 in debt. Sabrina tells her to pay that off first if she wins the $100,000. Neda says her sister is 40G’s in debt too from school. Sabrina tell her to pay off her mom’s debt too.


11:15pm – 11:30pm The house guests head down to the storage room for Neda and Sabrina to look for something to eat. (Jon & Sabrina are on slop) Heather tells the other house guests by the way I do think the eviction is tomorrow. Jon asks HUNDO? Heather says Hundo! Jon and Neda are alone. Jon asks Neda what Sabrina said she would buy with the money? Just the Rolex? Neda says she just talked about how much tax she would have to pay on it. Jon tells Neda she better not (Take Sabrina to the final 2). Neda says oh my god you are so paranoid. Neda says happy?! Jon says Jeda is such a sick name. Neda says it would be weird if you weren’t happy. I am sad that its coming to an end but happy to be able to see my family. Jon tells Neda that Heather would have been far more pissed if you had been the one to send her out. Neda agrees but says it would have been nice to win. Neda asks why didn’t she take that outfit? (The squirrel costume) Jon says I don’t know it doesn’t make any sense to me. Neda says I’m happy she didn’t but it just doesn’t make sense. Jon says the way I think of it .. is if you don’t want it that bad you shouldn’t be here.

11:40pm – 12:10am Sabrina tells Heather – I’m going to be so sad when you’re gone. Heather says me too. The only thing I am happy about is .. Sabrina asks that you get to be apart of the after show? Heather says yeah and that she gets to leave before 4th. Jon says leaving third sucks. Sabrina says you’re so rude. Jon says I’m not talking about you.. I’m talk in general. Leaving 3rd you’re so close to the money .. and you’d regret it for the rest of your life. Sabrina watches Heather eat and says I’m so hungry I could die. Heather asks I wonders if Will will want to take the next step when I get out. Sabrina tells Heather you’ve known him less time than you’ve been in here. Heather says well not right way but maybe by the end of the year. It’s not like I would bring it up or anything. Sabrina tells her to just take it slow. Jon heads out into the backyard and walks around .. when he walks by Andrews HG photo he says “F**K YOU ANDREW!” Jon joins them back inside. Heather comments on how she gets to see Allison and Delimore again. Jon comments on how that veto was anyone’s.. if you really knew the game you could win it. Heather says her downfall was playing with emotion.. Jon says he is going to ask to see the jury house. Sabrina and Heather tell him no, that’s one thing you don’t get to experience.

BBCAN2-2014-05-03 20-44-33-652

12:20am – 12:45am In the bathroom – Heather asks Neda if you had won would you have brought me? Neda says I don’t know.. I would have been a very emotionally draining choice to make. Neda says I was scared if I was in final 3 with you and Sabrina .. you would have take her. Heather says I never would have taken her. Heather says I would have done anything to be next to you at the end.. ..going with Jon would have guaranteed me second place. Sabrina joins them. Sabrina says that she knew Jon was going to win the veto. She says I think we all deserve to win .. but if it comes down to it, I won’t even be upset. Neda and Heather head to the bedroom. Sabrina says you promise you won’t leave me all alone .. and its just you and Jon together? Neda says no, pinky promise.

BBCAn2-2014-05-03 21-34-10-248

12:50am Heather talks to Neda about how she wished she could be staying because she really really needs the money bad. Heather says it sucks because if we had picked Adel it would have been us three (JOn, Neda, Heather) in the end. Jon comes into the room and Neda asks if they can be alone for a bit. JOn says hurry up I want to go to bed. Heather says no matter what I won’t be mad at you. Heather says you know I will go to jury and tell everyone how amazing you are.. Heather tells Neda that she thinks Sabrina would win against Neda but that it would be 50/50 if she was in final 2 with Jon. Heather tells Neda to really think about and prepare her speech. Neda tells Heather that she threw everything up until she won. Heather says me too.

Meanwhile Sabrina thought she head Jon call her SABRRITO .. Sabrina gets out of bed and goes to the backyard to ask him if he called for her. Jon tells her no. He tells her that Neda is campaigning for jury votes right now. Sabrina asks you know that and you’re still going to take her? Jon says we’ll see.. Sabrina heads back to bed. Jon gets called to the diary room.

1:10am – 1:20am Jon joins Heather and Neda. He tells them he’s not allowed to take any showers or baths. They ask Neda if she is allow to be on top of her bed without the dress on. Neda says oh .. right and then gets into bed. Heather leaves to go get ready for bed. Jon asks Neda what could you have possibly been talking about that I couldn’t be apart of. Neda says it was just Heather telling me she would have taken me. Jon says maybe I should take Heather. Neda says nope, she just said that she realized in the comp that she would have taken me. Jon says I am just telling you no more of these talks are going to happen .. If you try and talk to Sabs I am going to come in the room.. just telling you. Heather joins them. Heather says I am not too excited to go to jury with Rachelle there. They continue to talk about the season / about getting out of the house. Jon comments on how he hasn’t tugged in a week and a half. Heads & Neda congratulate him. Jon says Janelle won’t be too impressed .. f**king 8 seconds. Jon sticks his hand down his pants. Neda tells him to stop touching himself. Jon says nope! Neda comments that she got Jon to stop doing pretty much everything but touch himself.

BBCAN2-2014-05-03 22-29-01-724

1:30am – 1:45am Neda tells then about how Sabrina had her sister write codes into her letter. Jon says that is totally against the thing we signed .. you could lose everything! Heather says that’s bullsh*t that I am going home and she did that. Jon and Heather are pissed. Neda says well lets go rip sh*t up in the diary room. Jon says we weren’t allowed any communication from the outside world. Jon asks and she admitted it to you? Neda says yes, in the bathroom she said I don’t know if this is bad or not but.. Neda says that she is going to talk to the diary room tomorrow about it. She says that she already mentioned it to then and she was ignored. Heather says it’s not fair but whatever! Jon comments on how Neda is up on the block. Neda says that she never had to pack her bags before. Jon says I can’t believe I never went up on the block once..

1:50am All the house guests are going to sleep now..

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Jon’s decision to take Neda is not solely on loyalty… He also probably figures that Heather is a stronger physical threat than Neda is…that also sways his decision!


Heather should ask Jon, how he’s going to break the news to Neda that they have a final 2 since day 3. I mean, Jon went to Heather to tell that he is taking Heather, not Neda, and this was just yesterday. What was the purpose of that? Jon didn’t want to miss his last opportunity to lie to Heather?


So Neda just lied to Sabrina about her plans to vote out Jon if she had the chance so she couldn’t use it against her to convince Jon to vote out Neda… I really wish Jon could figure out what a snake in the grass Neda is. I wonder who Neda would take to the end in final 2 because Sabrina legitimately could beat her.


Does anyone else get pissed when someone says “I’m not going to campaign against them”. If I was in there I would campaign my butt off I don’t care who it was against! Its only a game!


Does it piss anyone else off when they say i’m not going to campaign? I would campaign my butt off I don’t care who I was going against! It’s only a game!

another name

I agree. the not going to campaign thing is the stupidest thing on earth. they’ve known each other for a couple of months.
I wonder, if jon had said, sorry neds, I’m taking heather… would we hear the words I’m not going to campaign?
hell no. neda would have campaigned her ass off, grabbed her fright night frying pan, bashed everyone’s brains in and said problem solved, check please.


How could Sabrina beat her lol?

I don’t think Sabrina has a chance at beating anyone.


Sabrina could beat Neda. Rachelle votes Sabrina. Heather votes Neda. Allison votes Sabrina. Adel votes Neda. So now we are at 2 votes each. Arlie votes Sabrina. 3 votes Sabrina vs. 2 votes Neda. Now Jon votes….and Canada votes Neda. 3 votes Sabrina vs. 3 votes Neda.


Jon already told Heather he is voting her out.

Jon thinks the nickname is Jeda 🙂 That’s JoNeda, there, Jon lol


At this point I think Neda will most likely be loyal to Jon because of how the audience reacted with Sabrina winning the previous HOH. In her mind Sabrina has a lockdown of three votes already (Allison, Canada and Rachelle). I legitimately think that she wanted herself and heather to the finals but with Sabrina and Jon as her only two options, she will most likely go with the latter because Jon only has Adel (and Canada but she doesn’t know that) on lockdown.


The only lock down of votes for Sabrina is Rachelle. How do you figure Canada is going to vote for her? Are you all of Canada. I watch Big Brother Canada and the U.S. version and know a great game player in Neda when I see one. My vote is completely with her. Whether you like her as a person or not is besides the point. She manipulated people to do her dirty work to get people out of the house and no one saw it coming til they were out. ie. Arlie and Allison even they know Neda is behind all of it. They even know Jon is being controlled by her. We know Neda has Heather’s vote and pretty sure Jon has Adele’s vote so the way I see it 1 for Sabrina maybe 2 – 1 for Jon and the other’s pretty sure would vote for Neda! Sure Sabrina stayed in the house but not by her own doing, it was because Neda and Jon chose to keep her there over others. They only thing Sabrina did all Season was throw tantrums and lie for the first five which didn’t even last- how can you call that a win over what Neda has accomplished?! Sorry just don’t see you logic in any of your post!


Your logic is flawed. Jon has played an amazing game. He has made his own moves. His is a brilliant well-rounded player – excelling in the social, physical and the mental aspects of the game. The game Neda played is impossible without the moves Jon has made and the strategy talks they have had. Neda’s game was impotent under the domination of the first five. The sea change that occurred after Canada’s HOH was solidified by Jon winning POV. Many have forgotten the importance of this PIVOTAL POV! Jon stepped up his game and won the POV and kept Andrew on the block. If Andrew had won that POV things could have very different not just for Neda but for everyone else in the house.


Yes, those things could have happened, but they didn’t. Are people supposed to vote based on possible game moves that never even occurred? And I think that the votes outlined above make more sense than Sabrina beating Neda; however, when it comes down to Jon or Neda, it could go both ways.


I’ve come to feel sorry for all house guests despite lying, backstabbing, backdooring and so on since all of them seem to be more or less people in need and struggle to make a living.These guys did come to BB more out of desperation than for fun, experience…fans( as Arlie contended). Heather was kicked out of home when she was teenager and now she does 3 jobs for living, Adel needs dough for his so-called invention( he would have been happy just with 20k), Neda , her sister and parents are being in debt that would be nice to be paid off earlier, Jon needs dough to get married and start a new life, Arlie is jobless, Kenny needs to pay off the school, Ika and Sabrina are hair stylists and most likely don’t wallow in cash, Andrew…who knows how well-off he actually is as restaurant manager, Rachelle is student and it wouldn’t have hurt had she paid the debt a bit sooner…Maybe Allison is better-off as a nurse and Sarah as a mortgage broker if she has enough customers consistently.I do feel pity for them and wouldn’t blame them for all their “trespassings” committed in the game since they did what they did out of desperation.


A few of them seem to come from pretty well off families; Sabrina being one of them.

The only ones who definitely need the money are Heather and Neda; but then Neda maxed out her credit card on shoes, so who knows how wisely she’ll actually spend it.


you should really get your facts straight, Neda is in debt from student loans so she could get an education sheesh


Ugh. Heather girl you were so close. Now I want Neda to win. ughhh fudge, :'( :'( :'( :'( im so saddddddddddd


Be quiet Alex. Sabrina seems well off and not all students go into debt. Hair dressers can make good money and Adel actually is an inventor. Just google Adel dragons den and you’ll see. The hgs yelled T2T when he left. Stop assuming and start researching.


Looks like Neda will win if she gets to F2
She will get votes from ..
Rachelles … hates Jon
Heather … BFFs in her mind
Arlie … I think he can appreciate a good gamer and that’s Not Jon
Adels … he knows shes been calling the shots plus geographically it is better for him to
“make paper” and other reasons which are not politically correct to get into
Allison … She will vote for Jon because he’s a newfie? Dumb reason but it matches her game play
Sabrina … Probably Jon because she thinks he’s cute and most likely jealous of Neda
Canada … Probably Jon because he is some kind of has been hockey guy even though he is a clueless gamer


Would be close but I put all my money on Jon winning in final two vs Neda.

Rachelle : Neda
Heather: Neda
Arlie: Jon, he of course is a BB expert and would appreciate the game move
Adel: No doubt Jon, he Loves him….BTW why have we Never seen Adel’s girlfriend pic in HOH?
Allison: Jon, she has always like him being from Newfoundland
Sabrina: Neda
Canda: 10000000000 Hundo for Jon…..They love him over Neda…

So in the end if they both make it, it will be 4-3 for Jon and I bet Dawg agrees….


The problem with your train of thought is …
Everyone including Arlie, in jury knows Neda was the driving force behind puppet Jon
Arlie can respect a good game move, especially after he’s had a chance to cool down.
As for Adel … he never had Jons back, he was simply grasping at straws and would of turned on him in a second.
(just look at what he did with the Veto Lie … it could of easily screwed them all over .. he got lucky.. I actually give him props for having the guts to pull it off)
Adel also knows Neda was the true gamer and Jon is clueless.
If it was voting for the best frat party guy … sure Jon would win… but this is Big Brother … a strategic game.
They don’t “hate” Neda, she didn’t play a dirty game like Sabrina…there’s a big big difference. She played constantly and hard.
Neda for the win!


We find out Thursday and I’ll be looking for your “you were right” in these forums… 😀

BTW, least we both expect Sabrina is going nowhere…


A lot of people don’t like Neda, and it has nothing to do with the game she played. It’s things like laughing at Ro for crying that makes people dislike her. For me personally, my mind was made up when I was watching the feeds when Arlie was going home, and she kept making jokes towards him, mocking him to his face for going home. Then I saw the episode with the balloon thing and it made me sick to my stomach.

What bothers me is the constant accusations that people who dislike Neda are just sexists. They say it’s a double standard because people respect Dan Gheesling but not her. But Dan never did shit like that, he was Machiavellian but never rude or hateful. I see all the time people implying she’s hated out of sexism and I think that’s a pretty vile accusation to throw around.


People need to remember this is a game.
When someone beats you at a game of chess,
You may be upset you got out maneuvered, and mad at yourself for it.
But you don’t hate your opponent for out maneuvering you.
unless you’re an immature poor sport.



Adel is voting Neda? You have lost your BB mind. You folks can shrug your shoulders but Jon boy has won more comps than anyone. He’s had by far and away the best social of those remaining and it’s not close. Arlie will smile as he gives Jon his vote to win. Arlie never votes Neda IMHO. You have Neda winning 4-3. I have it 5-2 Jon with Heather a sure Neda vote and likely RoRo. I wouldn’t say Jon is hated by the way but she could vote Neda. Arlie and Allison vote Jon and Canada should as well. Jon Needs Adel or Sabby. I think he gets both but I love Adel makes 4. I feel more sure by the day it’s Arlie Allison Adel and Canada………………..wake up Watcher!!!!


Any bets? lol … I’ll give you 5-1 odds that Adel votes for Neda… 🙂


Adel’s vote is already locked on Jon if he reaches the finals, adel said so in an interview. Arlie and Allison is a toss up however, both of them recognizes that Neda outplayed them. If they are voting on strategic gameplay Neda gets their vote, if they are basing it on social gameplay, Jon wins.
It’s still unclear who will win between them but both of them has two votes on lock down Neda has Heather and Rachelle, and Jon has Adel and Canada.


In truth, yes Jon played a good social game if you mean everyone liked him, however if you are honest with yourself the real social player was Neda b/c of her ability to influence and sway people’s votes. She made the most important alliances by choosing Jon and Heather as her 1a & 1b partners and literally influenced them both to do what she wanted with nominations and votes.

Neda also wins comps overall in my opinion because she won when she needed and lost when she needed to. By not winning HOH she let Sabs be the one to put up her best friends and by not winning POV she forces Jon to be the bad guy by taking out Heather. In addition WHO she evicted when she was HOH was also more pivotal in the game (Kenny & Alison) and she was the one who convinced Jon to put up Arlie and Adel so they could be removed which btw were people in HIS alliance.

If not for Neda there is no way Jon gets as far in this game (once again my humble opinion) b/c he wouldn’t have seen Kenny as the true threat he really was, wouldn’t have given up on Sara and never would have taken out Arlie or Adel when he did.

Overall I don’t see how anyone can see Neda isn’t hands down the best female BB player since Danielle Reyes in Season 2. These 2 women were complete players who had strategy, social, competition and manipulation all work in concert to get far in the game. AND neither of them used personal attacks on people they disliked in the house.

Back when Danielle played, the evicted house guests were able to see what was going on during the game and it ended up being the reason why she didn’t win and led to the jury being created. I truly hope the best female player since Danielle (Neda) will be rewarded by the jury and Canada for doing what a man would be rewarded for and it wouldn’t even be a discussion point!


Many commenters cite the Arlie eviction as an indication of how well Neda has controlled the game. For me the clearest outward indicator of the control she had control over other players was during the Alision eviction. Neda’s nomination speech was forceful and powerful enough to have all voting members to follow her direction. That indicated the force her alliance believed Neda to Have.

And now she is anticipating a F3 when that is not good for Jon’s game.


I wouldn’t be surprised if Adel votes Neda just because she needs the money more. He did make a comment to the camera not long before he left that Jon is his bro but he doesn’t need the money as much as Neda does.


Wow, seems pretty obvious Adel will vote for Jon, Why do you attack people that think otherwise…Its a game…


If you’re giving 5:1 odds in favor of Adel voting for Neda, you’d be the worst bookie in the world. I’d take as much action on that as you’re willing to give.


Did you even watch the exit interview of Adel, he gave his vote to Jon, 10000000x Hundo…Now I know why you are clueless with your forecast on the vote…


I’ll take 100 dollars at 5-1 on a donation to OBB. I win you donate $500 to OBB tip jar. I lose I’ll donate 100. You be much poorer Thursday


I use to like Heather but after hearing that she had a chance to win the VETO by wearing a “Squirrel Costume” but declined I’m glad she is gone. Any BB player with a clue would have taken it in order to secure their place in the final HOH. I just hope Jon wins because the other two do not deserve it…… Canada will vote for Jon no doubt, I would bet my wife on it…. 😀


How does Neda not deserve it? She has literally controlled the last 5 evictions.


neda is wayyy too uptight & paranoid


Someone mentioned the “I’m not campaigning speech” like Heathers and others before. I care about “fish” since day one ect. My perspectives pretty different and here goes.

To not try to stay is basically quitting on the show, feeders, supporters and the integrity of the game, for what that is worth. Heather is the latest in a sad line of quitters. Sad here because “her good friend” Neda actually hates her guts and gets a pass to F3. I was one of a few here who said Jon wouldn’t evict her. Neda’s fans who said she has to evict him now(F4) will be crowing about Neda’s great strategy. Her great strategy was to latch on to a host, in this case Jon, and milk the last drop of blood out of it. That’s called a leach folks! Being a parasite is far from great strategy and frankly I prefer those who go out in life and EARN something. Her comes Neda with her pimp hat on!!! She’s no different than a pimp working him for the money. It’s not game in her case it’s character and it spews vile hypocracy.( I’ll be writing a fair bit on this topic going forward so be forewarned). If you don’t like puppies, moms, family in general, the flag and our national anthem. Empathy, kindness, humanity and a sense of right or wrong you’ll love Neda if she is given a chance to make a decision. She started lay about Neda she just might finish that way! 😛

She now would never have voted Jon out? What’s she gonna say …this sucks we girls should be final 3 and Jon gets wind of it she gets evicted? Don’t pop in and write about Neda going. I’d have a smirk but I like Jon’s loyalty more. This decision could set him up for a win F2 if he can get there. Do not be surprised if Neda takes Sabby if she has the chance. Sabby will take Neda so her 20K is pretty much secure. Only if Jon utters those famous words “I need to do what’s best for my game”. Neda should poop in her onesie if Jon says that. Not a single Neds fan could have a problem with Jon evicting her as she has played the whole game for herself. Best for Neda’s game is an anthem for the Neda fans. You fans ever start counting jury votes? This by the way is part of BB strategy Neda has failed miserably at IMO. I’m interested in the rest of Heathers story if it ever comes out.


Your hatred for Neda is clear in your statement, are you one of those who does not recognized good gameplay and wants an honest, morally, good person to win the game? Better not watch BB Canada and BB US, I suggest you watch BB UK.

Has Neda not talked Jon into putting Arlie up and staying all night bashing Arlie’s lies with the gremlins to ensure he goes home, the game will take a different turn because Arlie will go after Jon once the gremlins are out (he said so in Arlie’s google q&a interview). Also had Neda not won the HOH during instant eviction Jon will be sent home that day (allison said she will put up Jon and Neda has she won that HOH). That is far from being just a parasite that attached to a host, both of them watched each other’s back. At this point once heather is gone I think Neda’s plans on turning against Jon changes, Sabrina winning HOH and getting cheers from the audience clearly spooked her and indicates that Sabrina has three votes already.

As for jury votes, Neda already has two votes on a lockdown whichever case happen, Rochelle and Heather (if she is against Jon) and Adel and Heather (in case she is against Sabrina). Factor in Arlie and Allison who recognizes Neda’s gameplay it’s a win for her.


if I was you I would of never reply bk at stan lol she/he/ it is as delusional as sabrina 🙂


Allison can say what she wants, but there’s no way she was putting up Jon and Neda. She never had the guts to make a big move like that. If she was really going after them she would have kept Arles in the game.


What a fool you are. You Neda fans are delusional on both Arlie and Allison. Arlie got that sweet good bye message remember. Great social game wasn’t it moron? Arlie saw Neda play for 1 week only. He spent way more social time with Jon. BB is a SOCIAL game genius. Allison’s eviction is on Neda’s hands and she treated her miserably to boot.Allison is far from a super fan, couldn’t you see what we all saw………….apparently not idiot. As for BB I’ve forgotten more than you’ll ever know about the game. I have no favorite since 8 left and really all season been hard to find anyone to root for. If you think Allison and Arlie are Neda votes keep lying to yourself. She peed them away a month ago!


not true at all, Arlie said he knew that Neda was going to be a problem because she knew how to play the game and was smart, and he wanted her out, that she was the ONLY one standing between him and winning the game. He even later admitted that his mistake was not aligning with Neda as they would have ruled the game together, and that is was Neda that was controlling the Sloppy seconds

Mr. Bill

Heather,Neda, and Sabrina. Should talk Jon into using the POV on Heather making him bealive Neda will be put out,But Sabrina puts Jon back on the block and they put him out “A DOUBLE CROSS”. This would be a move to go down in history for all time!


Mr. Bill, I think you got the process wrong.
The sequence is as follows, Jon takes himself off the block, then Neda automatically goes up with Heather and he is the only one voting as Sabrina being HOH does not vote. So in the end, his POV gives him the power to evict either Heather or Neda, which makes Sabrina’s HOH ever more irrelevant.

Go Jeda!

In the end I’d love to see Neda taking 100k. She’s a very smart girl, she played a superb game, did contribute to all big game moves so far, and the money would help her, her mom and her sister to start a new life — without pending debts and struggles to go through the next month…

Otherwise Jon is such an endearing character. This season will be remembered as Jon’s, and so if he takes 100k it would be totally deserved.



Heather is acting dumb about the best friend thing and not campaigning. Wait until she finds out Neda tried to get her out last week and would have succeeded if Heather had not won the veto and gotten herself off the block. When she sees that, she will realize what a dumbbell she was for not campaigning to stay.


Heather is either a fucking moron or something Sabrina can pose in a magazine for men who have fetish for women picking their nose and who are extra hairy


I hate Neda I hate Sabrina even more These girls are so superficial and I can’t wait until Heather finds out how vicious both of them were behind her back If Heather did not act so phony with her cutesy act at the beginning she would have had better odd now. People hated it because they saw through it.

another name

you know, I don’t actually care who needs the money. I don’t actually care what they plan to spend the money on. I don’t spend time thinking about what the people on other television shows use their money for, why should this be any different?
I actually feel like I’m being played a little hearing about what they would do with the cash.
I agreed with neda when she said she wanted to be judged on her game not on need. this isn’t big brother charitable foundation. now that everyone is in full on court Canada’s jury vote, the stories of financial hardship are coming out. save it for your book deal or motivational speaking engagements.
do I have a heart? yes. do I feel compassion? yes. will I vote based on who needs the money? not a chance in hell. I actually resent having the players attempt to sway my vote based on financial need.
I feel badly that heather is in debt. I feel badly that neda is in debt. but if they don’t already have agents lining up paid gigs after bb, they will the morning after the finale. if the game were about the contestant in the most need, we could have looked at their tax information to determine the winner night one.
I haven’t heard jon talk about planning a wedding with his winnings. if he did, great. I did hear him talk about the parties and booze with the boys when he got home if he won (talking to the sloppies after Canada’s hoh). but I haven’t heard him say much more. I did hear adel say that he, jon and Sabrina came from wealthier backgrounds. oh… guess they don’t need to win then?
yup, Sabrina would be superficial and blow the money. how is that a shock?
the fact that the others are talking about how Sabrina would spend the money really does lead me to believe that they are doing that in order to court Canada’s vote and dissuade Canada from voting for Sabrina because she obviously doesn’t need the cash.
don’t know who i’ll vote for in the end. still probably deliberate depending on 90% strategy and counter move and 10% character. need shouldn’t, in my opinion, enter into the equation.
jon and neda: I prolly vote neda. jon and Sabrina: I prolly vote Sabrina. neda and Sabrina: that’s the only one I’m least sure of.

little mouse

jon takes neda to the final .. i think the votes will be

Adel..he won’t vote for neda ..she is a woman he never wanted a woman’s alliance
Allison..she is a newf..thick as thieves
Arlie..he never thought jon would get as far as he did
Heather will vote for neda thinking she is life long friend
Rachelle..she will just vote for the man
Sabrina..jon she always loved jon
Canada ..jon ..they look at neda as heartless

i wish we could have live feeds at the party..i would love to see ika, sarah, kenny, and andrew with sabrina ..


JON if u think neda will win the game , why take her to the end then? hello is there anything going in your head? jon u need to count jury votes…….. think for yourself its not to late yet……


Now how awesome would a twist from Karma be right now? And rightfully so!!

neda was just telling Jon and Heather about Sabs coded letter from home, I remember seeing this in the live feeds as well.
Regardless is the fact that Sab just got her first HOH as the plan was made before she went into the BB house that her sister would send coded messages of what was going on in the house.
Sabrina should be immediately DQed and evicted from the game and stripped of everything she has received as gifts during her time there!
NO exceptions…. foul play Sabrina.
Proof of admittance to this is on tape. What the heck BB???
Final 3…. Jon, Heather, Neda…..


I have struggled all season with who I want to win. While I admire game play I am not sure one could call Neda a master game player. Look at her alliance. While I think Jon and Heather are likely good people, I have no clue what their strategy is to win this. Jon walks around the house following Neda like a love sick puppy dog teenager. Sure he would deny that but what other explanation is there for some of the more ridiculous decisions he makes? .Just when I think there is a glimmer of hope that he might actually be thinking of making a play that puts him on the road to winning this he backs down and does Neda’s bidding. And Heather? Sigh…..great girl but Heather what is your strategy?! You have to have a plan, the money is not going to fall into your lap. The point of this game is not to find a BFF. Especially in the Big Brother format. I think Heather is simply too nice. So there you have it. If you call aligning yourself with others that are so loyal that they are willing to forgo the big money then hats off to you Neda! Personally I think you had it to easy.


Big Brother please give the jury members in the jury house a crash course in voting. Don’t want them to do a Topaz……..It will make us Canadians not look so bright…….


Just wanted to say thank you Simon and Dawg for another great Season of updates to BBCanada! Looking forward to Big Brother 16 and all of your updates! If anyone hasn’t already- be sure to help out and donate to this site and help keep it running!


Well, if it was code, then it was just her sister trying to make her feel good, because she is not very popular.


Why do people keep saying neda hates heather? I know she gets annoyed of her but does she really not consider heather a friend? I don’t watch the feeds so I wouldn’t know for sure but I’d b disappointed cuz I like their friendship


In private talks with Jon Neda has said multiple times she hates Heather. It comes from the words out of her own mouth. That’s why it is said in the comments here.


Neda always says that to Jon so he won’t be threatened by Neda and Heather’s friendship! She was constantly downplaying any allegiance to
Jon with Heather. I think it’s brilliant … She keeps both of her alliances feeling content and safe!


I am having a hard time seeing Neda win. he knows in her heart jon outplayed her…. which is why he didn’t want to take him to f2, even told it to emmet and jillian who had no stake in the game. I also don’t know if she could even beat sabrina at this point. Sabrina is evil and delusional but at least she has a degree of reality in admitting she does it for her alliance. Neda pretends she is good when she is really evil. And that deception is far worse. I am having a hard time seeing anyone but heather voting for Neda, and when Heather learns she was on the block because neda her besty westy wanted to back door her and send her home, I think her emotions are going to make her hate neda’s guts and vote jon. I have trouble seeing neda get a single vote. Is Arlie who handed her an HOH going to take neda claim of winning two hoh seriously? What was Neda’s biggest move, nominating people who had 1 foot out the door for weeks like allison, rachelle and kenny and sabrina. She never took a single risk in the game worthy of mention. Or was it telling people things they were going to do anyways. Just because you tell someone something, doesn’t mean they wouldn’t have thought of it themself. Neda’s goal was to get out Jon by this point in the game and take heather and sabrina to final 3. Her plan failed horribly despite screwing jon over last week. Who is the real better player here? Jon would be dumb to take a smart athletic competitor like heather to final 3, heather actually made the first big moves putting up allison and kenny together and not picking kenny for the veto andrew played in, she saved herself twice first with her dumb act and second with her veto.
Jon = 3 vetos + 2 hoh
Neda = 1 veto + 1 hoh and 1 hoh that arlie gave her

Neda is easily the worst player to make the final 4 of BB canada since talla.


BB isn’t about winning competitions, it’s about getting what you want to happen. Some players do achieve that by winning comps, but Neda did it through her social game. The alliance name should have been the Nedas, because every move benefited her more than anyone else. She played huge roles in evicting Kenny, Arlie, Allison, and Adel. Neda maintained a good social game throughout, while Sabrina’s social game was over early, and she was lucky to get dragged along.

Neda had more influence in this game than anyone else, so she should even beat Jon.


They could solve the problem with CODED letters but we don’t know because the live feeds are cut and the tv shows are edited (people forgot this about the tv shows never forget what your watching is edited there can take footage and cutup words and replace words).


Joe…. that was not the case in this situation, not only did I hear it out of Sabrina’s mouth but neda said the exact same thing last night just before sleep time.
This is something production should have addressed immediately and already.
I pray we see Sab get tossed tonight for breaking the rules of BB, the intent was to cheat.


I think the jury house is starting to realize how big a hand Neda had in sending them all there. Specifically Allison mentioned it in a previous episode when she arrived in the jury – so hopefully Neda won’t get robbed of her win


I just wanted to thank Simon and Dawg for doing such a great job at keeping me up to date with BBCAN2 spoilers this season! I live out of the country for most of the year, so this site really helps me not miss anything that is happening with my favourite show! Thank you!!


So i guess right now as of Sunday morning the live feeds are now officially off for the season?


Neda wants to bring up the subject of Sabrina’s letters having code messages by her sister to production today. I wonder if she believes she has a better chance with Heather in final 3. If they disqualified Sabrina and kept Heather and she went on to win the final competions and votes Jon out, Neda would not have blood on her hands with Jon. I believe Neda would win jury votes if Heather was in final 2. I’m sure production won’t do anything about it, but wondering if Neda is thinking about this, and this is the reason she wants to bring up to production attention.


I like Jon but his comment “Jon says I can’t believe I never went up on the block once..” sums up on why the other House Guests were pretty stupid this entire season on not breaking up him and Neda. I do hope Jon now wins it all…

another name

does he continue with “until this week.” because he was nominated for eviction until he won pov. if he says I was never put on the block to jury he will be called out because the jury is shown the original nomination ceremony.
I do think it was stupid to not nominate him before. but who was going to nominate him? neda? she was using him as a Trojan horse. adel? he was as the houseguests said so far up jons ass. heather? she thought she had a deal with him.

before Canada’s hoh was announced, jon and adel were the next targets of the first five. they said as much. two of them said backdoor jon. Canada as hoh stopped the machine that none of the players could stop.

but you are right, the rest of the house was stupid for keeping an obvious couple together.