Jon tells Adel – You talked so much I wanted to round house kick you in the face. That’s why you were calling for your MOMMY!

POV Holder: HEATHER Next POV April 26th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 28th
HOH Winner: Jon Next HOH: May 1st
Original Nominations: Heather and Sabrina
Current Nominations: Sabrina and Adel
Have Nots None

BBCAN2-2014-04-30 06-30-22-998

9:20am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. The other house guests comment on how last night Adel talked in his sleep. Sabrina says at one point you were calling for you mom. Jon tells Adel that he was talking in his sleep .. you were going BUCK! Jon comments on how puffy Adel’s eye is looking. Adel says yeah it looks like I got punched out. Jon says you were talking so much I wanted to round house kick you to the face. Adel says yeah go to sleep. Jon says that’s why you called out for your mommy. Jon comments on how the way Neda is laying it looks like she has the biggest camel toe. Jon says its like a horse v@gina@. Neda gives Jon the finger. Jon says that’s not very lady like! Neda and Sabrina talk about their type of guy. Neda talks about some guy. Sabrina says I want to r*pe him. Adel yells from downstairs – I want your honest f**king opinion, does it look like I got punched in the face? Jon says yes. Adel then asks Neda – I want your honest f**king opinion, does it look like I got punched in the face? Neda says yes. Adel then asks Sabrina – I want your honest f**king opinion, does it look like I got punched in the face? Sabrina says yes. Big Brother blocks the feeds..

BBCAN2- 2014-04-30 06-41-08-789

9:45am – 10am Big Brother turns the live feeds back on – Jon and Neda are talking. Jon asks if Heather wins HOH and I win the veto ..Then you or Sabrina would be on the block. Jon says my game come down to me winning veto. Its if you do keep me if you win stuff. Jon says don’t roll your eyes. If you don’t win this HOH I am going to be so f**King livid! Jon says I enjoyed us this whole game. Neda says I did too. Jon says obviously there is a point when you go with your own game as a posed to our game, which is understandable. Neda says yup I’ve been told. Jon asks do you think anyone would take me to the final two. Neda asks if he believes Sabrina will. Jon says you would beat me. Neda says when she thinks of the end she doesn’t know if Jon or her would win in the end. Jon says you and me will not make it to the end. Neda walks off and starts to cry. She goes into the bathroom stall and Heather asks are you okay?! Is there anything I can do? Big Brother blocks the feeds again ..

BBCAN2-2014-04-30 06-54-49-022

Jon goes and tells Adel that when Neda comes to talk to him – he needs to swear on everything ..

Sabrina waxing her moustache

10:20am Neda goes to the HOH room and Jon and her hug. She starts to cry. Jon asks what? Talk to me? Neda says this game is just hard. Jon says I said I was taking you to the final two and I am still going to do it if I have the option. If you don’t then that’s fine. Jon tells Neda that if she kicks him out she won’t have his vote. If you make it to the final two and don’t kick me out then you obviously have my vote. Jon says the way my head was thinking was me and Adel would be working to bring you to the final 3 and then I would take you to the final 2. Jon says I have just put my trust in you the entire season and this could be the last time. Jon says if you don’t win HOH and I don’t win Veto then I am probably going home. Jon asks what would you do if you win HOH and I win veto? Neda says maybe take Sabs, I don’t know. Jon says I wouldn’t lose to anything against Sabs. Jon asks are you going to tell Adel he’s going? Neda says I don’t think so because then he would blow up and tell Heather that whole thing and then she really wouldn’t take you. Jon says I f**ked so much up the last few weeks. Jon says oh well if I go home at least I made it to final 4. Jon says I don’t like seeing you cry either. Neda says I hate it. Jon says I genuinely care about you outside of this house. Jon says no matter how bitter I get.. I still love you.. and Janelle isn’t going to beat your face in..

BBCAN2-2014-04-30 07-14-36-077

10:45am In the storage room – Jon and Heather talk. Jon says if Neda makes it to the final 2 with anyone she wins hands down!

10:55am Adel campaigns to Neda in the HOH room: Adel tells Neda that he will be a bitter jury member if he goes this week but won’t be if they send him home next week. Jon joins them and Adel leaves. Neda says I hate when people threaten me. Jon says do people not know you at all?!

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And Jon wakes up; but is it too late?

Think Neda will change her mind, and actually be loyal?


Neda has always been for Neda! Jon had the common decency not to put her up and put Adel instead all because of her! Well, now she couldn’t care less about Jon…..its all about her! I will not give her my vote to win, that’s for sure!


I don’t understand Jon’s game right now. His trying to make Neda keep Adel obviously for his game, then he tells her that his not going to final two with her anymore?? Why would she keep Adel if they are starting to play solo games??


I suspect it was an emotional reaction to the fact that he realized Neda wouldn’t be keeping him.

But that is total speculation on my part.


Jon is desperate bc the next couple of decisions are mostly out of his hands – cant save Adel except if tie, no HOH for him. Can save himself by winning POV.
Jon said it all: “I will be livid if you do not win HOH”. Subtle way to remind Neda that there will be 2 bitter votes against her in the jury?
Intimidation makes Neda cry!

As for Neda, she is also screwed, she needs to win HOH or she could be gone. So Joneda was doomed anyway.
However, if Jon & Neda want to increase their combined chances to F3, they need to rebuild trust with Adel or Heather.
That will not happen probably.

Heather is in the strongest position right now to win HOH and be in F3 with a real chance to win against everyone.

Sabrina can also win it all – she definitely have more favorable jury votes along with a couple bitter ones!

Lesson: Early alliances never survive, later deals are more effective.
Such as Heather and Sabs getting closer.


Boy is some of this way off. Joneda actually both stuck to their deal they have a great chance of F2. It doesn’t look like it because Neda appears to be evicting Jon if she has a chance. Together they have a 50% chance at POV. POV is the F4 game in a nut shell. Either of the others wins HOH then evicted would be the other of Sabs or Heather. Only happens if Neda stays loyal though or Jon wins POV. I have been pretty sure all along Jon would stay loyal. Hope he wins Veto and Neda isn’t voted out. For a lush when he drinks and less than a BB genius I think he’s an ok guy.

hund solo

He’s just trying to save face. Jon knows that Neda is going to take him out. He just wants to breakup with her before she can stab him in the back.


If you want to
Keep Adel
Sooooo Baaaaad,
The person
That you need
To convince
NOT Neda
My GOD!!!
It’s like Neda is the only voter this week


she kind of is though, heather is the rachelle to sabrina’s neda right now. she will do whatever she tells her to


your right! like if he can convince heather then he can be the tie breaker. he needs to play for himself because Neda straight up will not take you!!!


If you want to keep Adel
Sooooo Baaaaad,

The person that you need to convince
NOT Neda

My GOD!!!
It’s like Neda is the only voter this week
Am I the only one seeing this or is he a just a big moron in a baby suit????


Jon cannot convince his closest ally, Neda. What argument can he make to Heather to keep Adel?
She already has aligned herself in F3 with Sabrina and Neda.
Jon being confined to HOH room was a double edge sword.
He realized that he screwed himself while the girls built a new alliance on his back. Too late!
Has to win POV to remain in the game.

More twists to expect before we get to F3 or even F4.
Is there any chance for Adel to make F4 without an incredible turn of events?

Predict that Adel is gone this week and that one of the girls next week, if Jon is lucky.


The only one with a cool head is Heather at this point – other HGs are too emotional.
Ok, She was pouting when put on the block but she did not go crazy. Won POV and took control of her destiny.

Jon needs to do the same. Heather, Neda or Sabrina need to win HOH. Adel is toast unless a weird twist.

No more riding coat-tails of others – from here on, must win comps to get to survive.
Lesson for next BB, no deal is respected once F5. No more common interests. Straight up competition or backstabing only.
Let’s enjoy the drama among the HGs for the next couple of weeks and let the bad blood flows to the jury house. yeah!
Selling soul and morals for $100k. Goes to show that on BB people put a price on “their values”.
Surprised? Barely!
Also happens in real-life. Be realistic! This is entertainment and we are paying to watch Tv and the feeds.
Keeps the economy humming, right? Slice, Brick, Rogers, Bell, Telus and all the other commercial partners benefit!


Jon/Ned ‘s kingdom in fire and falling apart
The winner will be Heather,Neda or Sabrina
I’m so FUCKIN happy,,,,


Jon turned on Arlie and now Adel. He put all his eggs in one basket…Neda’s basket. Oh what a dope.

Team Neda

I feel like Neda started crying because part of her realized she is playing a bit of an emotional game. Her and Jon have been friends the whole game and realizing they aren’t taking each other to the end is hard for both of them.


What a load of BS. Where do you figure Jon isn’t taking Neda? Neda told him he’s cutting him loose. Jon even said in the clips above he was keeping her. Wish you be half honest as your trying to justify Nedas position by suggesting he’d do the same. Very typical of how you do things.


Ok Adel get over urself! Adel is trying to make up excuses why heather is switching up on him, yet theres ni excuse Heather realizes that adel’s an self centered asshole & she’s said many times that he’s too opinionated & disrespectful towards women so she’s seeing his true colors & isn’t feeling his vibe he’s in denial…Adel always instigating drama between people telling lies to create wars..I hope Nobody believes a word of his weak Campaign…Not even a prayer can save him now…Bye Bye Adel!!!

A Name

Neda, Adel did NOT threaten you, are you kidding me?? He literally said the same thing he’s always said; he doesn’t wanna go before Sabrina. She’s lying so she has an excuse to evict him. Girl bye


Well Adel is not an idiot either, of course we wouldn’t blatantly threaten Neda, but he definitely implicitly threatened her by suggesting that if he goes this week, he’s going to be bitter and campaign against her in jury. I get that Adel was Canada’s boy and everything, but he’s really just the male version of Sabrina, someone who will still be playing the game big time in the jury house and using jury votes as threat, only difference in my opinion is that Sabrina would actually have influence over jury votes, where as Adel is just talking crap and is so full of himself, I don’t think he can influence a single jury member, maybe Arlie, but I don’t think so, and maybe Jon if he doesn’t make f2.


its true adel causes drama & as a person he’s very insecure deep down u can tell…He’s not funny & he’s loud & rude where jon’s loud but funny & nice.

A Name

Adel’s campaigning really well right now (that idiot Jon messed him up obviously by stupidly putting doubt in the girls’ mind) but Adel needs to go campaign to Heather!! He needs to be honest and sell out Jon and Neda so she doesn’t trust them. Come on!


Even I was not convinced with Adel’s speech.
He and Jon were the worst campaigner ever!
Learn from Sabrina she knows how to get this kinda shit done!

Just Visiting

I have loved Neda all the way through this season. I thought she was by far the smartest person in the house from the time that she tried to convince the “girls’ alliance” that getting rid of a girl (Heather) was nonsensical. I also found her funny, articulate and observant – basically the total package for a good BB player.

However, I can’t stand how disloyal she is being to Jon. She wouldn’t be here without him (and vice versa) but that means nothing to her. A good game means playing to win of course, but also being truly loyal to at least one person. In the past juries have rewarded loyalty as part of an all around game. Slitting Jon’s throat as her final act is overkill, it shows nothing besides a lack of scruples and normal human emotion. Considering she personally screwed over every person in jury they would probably be more favourably inclined to her if she shows that one of her alliances was real and she isn’t simply a high functioning sociopath (and not in the fun Sherlock sense either).

At this point I hope Heather or Sab win HOH and Jon wins veto and he sends her packing. I also think working Neda is the wrong angle. Jon and Adel should be trying to get Heather to their side by showing her that Neda is everyone’s biggest threat. Either way I will no longer be voting for her if she makes final 2, instead I hope she receives some of the karma that mercifully took out Andrew, Sara and Kenny and doesn’t even get second place!


I am unsure why everyone thinks Adel would be worse for Neda’s game than Sabrina. Up until this point Jon has played a duo game and his loyalty would have Neda and him F2 if comps go his way. He has accurately read that Heather is who he has to beat in competitions and why he wanted to get rid of her.

If Sabrina’s arguments are enticing to Neda, Neda must know that they are also enticing to Heather. Heather is the one presenting most of the arguments pro Sabrina.

Neda believing that Heather would take her to F2 seems erroneous. Heather knows she can not beat Neda at F2 and Sabs is the only one Heather might beat. Sabrina and Adel have each told Neda that Heather can not beat Jon or Neda…so Heather’s only option is Sabrina…and Heather is a comp threat to Neda.

Neda’s jumping off the Jon train to early.


The problem is the first chance he gets, Adel is going to send Neda packing and Neda knows this. And you can tell Adel doesn’t really trust or want to work with girls, so obviously none if them wanna keep him. Editing might’ve been on his side, but you definitely see subtle hints of him undermining women (I’m not saying he doesn’t respect women, I’m sure he does, but he definitely doesn’t see them as his equals). And he’s such an ignorant person too, like naive is one thing, but throughout the show I’m starting to realize that it’s definitely more so ignorance than being naive.


Heather and Sabrina will dump Neda just as Quick. Each know that Neda has played a good game. For Heather, getting Neda out would be her best move.

Whenever Sabrina campaigns to Neda, Jon or Heather, they should each reverse what she says. To Neda and Jon, she does Not win, to Heather she will win in F2.


i agree. Neda has blinders on. She cannot beat Heather, but thinks she can. She’s foolish. She focuses only on the fact she can beat Sabrina. Heck, I can beat Sabrina and I’m not even in the house!! Sabrina is a non issue if Sabrina cannot beat Heather. Adel has as good a chance as Neda of beating Heather. Adel is not taking Heather, he will stick with what Jon wants.

If Neda goes home next week at anyone’s hands, it will be because she voted out Adel.


i want heather too win hoh then jon wins pov and evicts neda that would be a cutthroat move,,,, thats what neda is going to do anyways,,,,


here we go everyone making deals which im still thinking neda and heather are solid deal………


just from listening to all the talk this morning im thinking heather is final two bound with anyone of the remaining house guest.?


why rhe frack would jon take neda to f2 now? jon knows neda has no intentions of taking him to f2? im thinking jon is going to take heather f2 because thats his best shot at winning the game? if he takes neda f2 neda wins…. if jon takes sabrina f2 to risky because sabrina already has 2 votes rachelle allison and now possibly adel all sabrina needs is another vote……. jon vs heather is his best shot at winning now,,,,,


For those watching the feeds, have to admit that Sabrina is masterful at manipulating and getting information.
Point in case her conversation with Heather: “what would you say if Jon ask you about F2?”
Smart trap! Heather stumbled but tried clumsily to recover. Sabrina already got inside her head and inner thoughts. Had a glimpse of her strategy. Too late.
Amazing technique!
She would be a good CIA interrogator!

another name

imo jon and neda have been shady to each other for weeks:
jon has a side deal with adel. jon has a side deal with heather.
neda has a side deal with heather. neda has a tentative side deal with Sabrina.
they have to have side deals to be strategically viable.
joneda have an f3 with heather
joneda have an f3 with Sabrina
joneda have an f3 with adel.
given that they have a final three with everyone in the house and one of them has to leave…. being upset about which one leaves reveals too much about intentions. jon, stop pushing so hard for adel, you are showing too much of your hand. build up your side deal with heather.
the more jon pushes for adel to stay, the more the three remaining girls are going to become suspicious and bond together.
jon is pushing more for adel to stay than adel is…. that’s always a bad sign for the other houseguests.


Believe 15% of what they say on the feeds and 75% of what they say in their DRs as their games must remain fluid as far as true alliances go due to paranoia changing their minds about strategy on a daily basis.


“Neda says I hate when people threaten me. John says do they not know you at all?”

Interesting… considering that 30 minutes prior to Adel ‘threatening’ Neda with not getting his vote if she kicks him out this week…

“John tells Neda if she kicks him out she won’t have his vote”