Neda and Heather want to keep Sabrina, How will Jon take it? “Of course I’ll get pissy

POV Holder: HEATHER Next POV April 26th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 28th
HOH Winner: Jon Next HOH: May 1st
Original Nominations: Heather and Sabrina
Current Nominations: Sabrina and Adel
Have Nots None

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-29 20-14-34-397

11:00pm Bathroom Heather and NEda

Talking about who to send home.
Heather – “Jon knows Adel stays he’s safe”
Neda – “that is why I don’t want to go by what he says I want it based on us”
Heather – “me to”

NEda thinks Jon is regretting putting Adel on the block and not her, “That is what is scaring me”

The reason is JOn knows that Adel will vote the way Jon wants him to and he could get rid of Sabrina this week.

Heather says if Adel is more dangerous in final 3 they needs to get rid of Adel NOW.
Heather – “every time we take out a strong player it’s helped us so far”

Neda wonders what the best thing for them to tell Jon so he doesn’t freak out.

Heather – “we just think we can beat Sabrina over beating Adel.. that’s the truth.. Adel is too much of a threat”

Heather says they plan to take Jon to final 3. Neda agrees says at first she was worried about taking Jon because he’s so strong and has the wins under his belt.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-29 20-44-14-805

11:17pm Jon / Neda
Neda says she doesn’t feel confident in beating Adel and she thinks Adel will cut her first chance he gets.
Jon – “I’m telling you I knows it, Heather knows it Adel will take us to final 3 he wants nothing to do with Heather getting close to final 3.. all we have to do is ensure Heather doesn’t win Veto”
Neda says Adel is a strong player and she’s having a hard time seeing how keeping him is a good idea. Jon says if you keep the right strong player they will take you to the final 3.

Jon – “I don’t see any other option”
Neda – “Well I do so.. you can’t be all pissy with me if I make a decision that is not yours ”
Jon – “Of course I’ll get pissy there’s a huge chance of you f**** me because you don’t want to make a decision you are iffy on.. of course i’ll be pissed why wouldn’t I be pissed”
Neda – “you have a huge chance of winning veto next week”
Jon says keeping Sabrina doesn’t work for him, “Do what you want and i’ll deal with whatever the f** it is and we’ll play the game”
Jon – “If Adel leaves this week you and Heather will not get his vote.. He’ll be bitter”

Jon tells her their easiest route to final 2 is Adel, he’s just telling them what will benefit their game not just his.
Neda says this entire game she’s gone with her gut and her gut is telling her to vote out Adel.
Jon – “Good.. continue to do that and hopefully that works out for you…OK.. I’m over it
Neda leaves and goes to go to bed.

11:52pm Everyone sleeping
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Jon’s definitely living up to what that baby outfit is.


Jons not being a baby, hes wising up!!

Jon is absolutely loyal to Neda, He wants to be final 2 with her regardless if he can beat her or not.
By voting out Adel, Neda is showing her that her loyalty is fleeting, shes showing Jon that he may not be in her final 2 plans.
If Adel goes out look for Jon to win POV and and if Either Heather or Neda is sitting beside Sabrina, it could be one of them going home.


Sabrina has a ood chance of winning HOH. Now that she is playing on her own she will perform better. She is much calmer and more confident lately.


Jon should of stayed true to the boys in his alliance because now it’s 3 girls against 1 boy. what an idiot. At least he knows now that Neda is full of shit and is not taking him to the final 2, so he HAS to win veto next week.

Jon's ye@ster

these guys have made so many “deals” and “scenarios” that they can’t keep them straight!

again…what happened to the F4 deal b/w Jon, Neda, Adel, and Heather and if any of the 4 of them go against that or screw the others over, that person will not get their vote?!?
…and here they are sitting on the fence not sure who to evict: Sabrina or Adel?!

*scratches balls


They are falsely assuming Sabrina will not make F2, and, if 2 of the alliance are in F2 then the other 2 will have no choice but to vote for one of them.


Neda and Jon fighting over who to keep!!!!??? Well thats a shocker!

Jon wants Adel because he knows that Adel will take Jon to the Final 2. If Heather or Sabrina win next weeks HOH, Jon knows that he is going up on the block along with Neda. If Adel wins, Jon is safe!

However, Neda is doing what is best for her game. She thinks she can beat Sabrina over Adel which makes sense – it is best for Neda to evict Adel since Adel will come after Neda next week.

Heather wants to take Neda to final 2.
Jon wants to take Neda to final 2.
Sabrina (idk who she wants to take to final 2, but not Jon for sure!)

So, Neda is in a pretty good spot right now! Go Neda!!!!!


F**K YOU HEATHER!!! can’t wait to never have to hear your annoying nails on chalkboard voice!!

team adel

I can’t handle, heather bad mouthing adel, like ur she new why she was up before she won the veto that’s why she was crying, but what she can’t see, but she’s such a dam hypocrite. She doesn’t understand how to play the game she needs to get the boot next week, because at this point if they keep sabrina I will honestly vote 1000 times I will go to every single future shop and best buy to make sure that she or who ever she is on the block with will lose for being so stupid and naive.


i got super pissed at her for saying she and Adel never get any alone time to talk because she is always with Jon and Neda? Jon and Neda went to the HOH room and were talking serious game, and what happens before 10 minutes go by? Knock knock knock knock knock, there’s heather at the door trying to get them to come out and talk with her, all 3 again.

She is the one who seems unable to just leave them alone to discuss things, and she is the one who seems to give up the opportunities to talk to Adel (not that anyone could talk to him last night due to fatigue, but don’t come out and complain about that 4 minutes after you knock on HOH room door to make JoNeda stop talking without you.


Except she doesn’t think there’s any point talking to Adel anymore, because he stopped talking game with her a few weeks ago.


Heather has admitted that this is a tactic of hers to break up possible game talk.

Delilah Jones

Uh Oh… trouble in Joneda paradise.

no more team Neda,Team Heather now!

Neda I wish if you take sabrina she puts you on block. You deserve to go now. And always don’t try to brainwash others. It Not gonna work ugh.


There goes Neda controlling Jon! The more I watch her the more I dislike her! I hope she doesn’t win.


Neda is pretty good at anticipating and controlling situations. If others are controlled by her or don’t read and put things together than that is their failing not hers.


I don’t know who I’m more annoyed with. Jon for not putting up Neda when he had the golden opportunity to send her home, and staying loyal to her until the end it seems.Or Neda for having no loyalty to Jon and basically saying fuck what you want I’m voting out Adel because its better for me, right after he saved her.


He is Neda whipped. Hopefully it is an eye opener for him and it is not too late.


It looks like Jon and Neda are not on the same page anymore.Since i root for Jon, i hope he and Adel will try to convince Heather to keep Adel.If Adel stays, Jon should let go of Neda (unbeknownst to her of course) and ally with Adel against both girls.If Adel goes this week, Jon is screwed and will be next unless he wins the remaining competitions.


I think Jon and Neda had a f2 deal…..Jon kept his bargain, but Neda is planning on not keeping it! I hope Jon wins and Neda goes home! Neda’s deals don’t mean anything. She lied all along! If Jon had put her up with Sabrina, he would have broken the deal and he honored it, but Neda on the other hand, couldn’t care less. I hope Canada does not give ther the votes in the end.


It’s funny how a few weeks ago, Adel was near the top of the poll and Sabrina had no votes pretty much! Now Heather is on top and Adel and Sabrina are just a few percent difference!! Glad people finally see that “Canada’s favorite player” is not much of a player at all! He’s done nothing but do what people tell him. Hope Heather wins HOH and gets John out then she and Neda take out Sabrina and make the finale interesting! If John is final 2, he wins. If Sabrina is final 2, whoever is with her wins! At least with Neda and Heather it’s somewhat of a nail biter!


I don’t know about that. Sabrina has survived the block umpteen times, is the last of the 1st5, ran the game in the beginning and would probably still be if Canada wasn’t the HOH ever. Allison loves her, Rachelle loves her, Arlie has said he would vote for her. I just beg to differ is all. I think she could win in final 2. I think the houseguests are underestimating this fact.


I agree with you but those are the only 3 votes she will most likely receive. Canada won’t vote for her to win and that would be the 4th vote needed. Only possible way I see her winning is if Adel has a tantrum after leaving and throws his vote to her.


Your forgetting Jon’s vote especially if it’s Heather/Sabs F2 and no Neda. Neda wins unless as you say Adel gets pissed. I’m betting on that by the way. Heather is digging herself a vote hole at this rate. Where does she get 3 votes to get to Canada’s vote against anyone? Both Gremlins vote anyone else. I cannot see Arlie giving her a vote for almost no game period. She likely has to be in the middle, already appears to be, of screwing Jon over there is your 4th vote against.


Heather’s only hope is Adel F2, but she is tossing that possibility away. Even Sabrina indicated that to Heather before Adel was on the block. That hint from Sabrina wasn’t to do in Adel, it was to do in Neda.


Well, Heather, Jon, and Neda all agreed last night that if Sabrina makes it to the F2, she’ll win. So I don’t think they’re underestimating her in that sense. They’re not even underestimating her in terms of the upcoming competitions. They’re hedging their bets. Personally, I think it would be dangerous to keep Sabrina. You just never know when someone is going to rally and finally win a competition…


Stay strong Neda!!! Go with your gut and you will win this!!! Get rid of Adel… Jon will be fine next week…even Heather wants him in final 3! It’s so funny when they talk about bitter jury, blah blah blah….because they are just threats! When you look at past US seasons…most people realize it is just a game and then they vote for the most deserving… It’s a stupid argument!


Really, do you remember the Season Ian won? It was him and Dan in the final 2, and I love Ian – but Dan ran that game and came in 2nd. I wanted Ian to win, but if you watch that season Dan was the one who should have won. The entire jury, except for Danielle (for some reason I don’t understand other than she was pissed that Ian didn’t pick her for the final 2), was bitter and he only got Danielle’s vote. It is more than a game for those who get close. After a while, and after the season is watched by the contestants they see what happened.


Sorry…but Ian was no chump or floater… He was quite the mastermind himself! Ian did deserve to win…not Dan!


Oh Kyler, I was rooting for Ian. As I said I loved him. I loved him masterminding in the hammock. Which, I hope they let him have. I a was just saying that season Dan was the one running that game, he was. Ian was my man, but the one who deserved to win was Dan. I hate to say that, but look at how he manipulated all those suckers at that stupid Dan’s funeral. Really? They bought that! He convinced Frank to not take him out, when he was Frank’s target and had Jen, use the veto on Dan! What? He got Danielle to use the veto on him, and sent her boy Shane packing. That was awesome, and I still have that episode on my DVR. Ian was on the block too, and Dan – the sole vote- sent Shane out. Shane was one bitter jury member, Frank was one bitter jury member. I was merely pointing out to you that bitter juries do exist and this season was proof. I have nothing but love for Ian. I was very proud and happy he won. His speech was really good. I still have that DVR’d also. He totally out did Dan on his speech and on top of the bitter jury Ian won! When the houseguests went and watched the entire season I am sure the true gamers saw how Dan controlled the chess board in that game for sure. Just saying, bitter juries exist – point and case.


I think Dan deserved to be F2 for the things he did, but not so much the winner. Not just because he backstabbed and lied and all that, but because regardless Ian won more comps than he did and to me that has weight. You can float your way to the end it doesn’t get as much points with me as someone who wins their way to the end.

Even BBCAN1 to be fair, Jemette won their way to the end, and Gary did not. Socially they both did well, since Jillian managed to lie to everyone and stab Emmett in the back to get there, all that adds up to her being the winner. If Topaz wasn’t a bitter voter she wouldn’t have voted for Gary to win, and making that whole fiasco. Give points for wins, give points for making it to the end however you get there and give points for having smoothed things over with jury members so they don’t feel the stab wound in their backs, and that is what makes the winners.


Jillian never ever stabbed Emmett in the back. Gary won final HOH and chose Jillian to sit with him in F2.


Lol just no. Ian was a puppet, Dan had that game in the bag until he went psycho and started back stabbing anything that moved.


I consider Dan one of the most morally bankrupt people who has ever played BB. He played the best game of the season and I was rooting for Wee Ian all the way. I must have wrote over a dozen comments as folks were evicted about Dan not counting votes and bitter jury. That is far from the only bitter jury. Bitter can be 1 or 2 people that cost a “better player” the money 4-3 ect.

Just to remind you F3 Dan convinced Ian to quit part 1 securing Dan’s spot for 7 questions. You do realize Dan great play, Ian not to good, right? Then Ian wins part 2 in 7 questions Dan tanks letting Ian decide who goes to the finale. Ian could have picked Mumphrie but picked Dan instead. Worked out OK but should have picked Danielle. Oh and don’t forget Dan convincing Danielle to take him of the block so he could send Ian home F4 instead of Shane. You want to see “how to steal 50K”? Danielle had a guaranteed F2 with Shane and Dan. Dan(stolen) evicts Shane, Danielle got zero. There was only one best game BB USA 14 and that was douchebag psychopath Dan 1 HUINDO %!!!


Yep Dan definitely deserved to win that! They were all so mad that they let someone that they KNEW could beat them. He made them all look like fools! Mwahaha! Love Dan!


Ian would disagree with you and pretty strongly.

A Name

Neda shut up, you know for a FACT you would try to put Adel on the block if you were going up, don’t give us that garbage! Don’t get mad that Adel’s doing the same. And Heather has been up Neda and Jon’s butt this whole time and is now mad that Adel thinks she’d gonna do what they want (which she WILL)??


I would like to see Neda and Slabs final 2. I just wish slabs would pull out a comp win.

Healthcare Professional

Why is Heather beating Neda and Jon in the poll? Heather is one of the least deserving winners of the people remaining.



New Brunswick

Why is Heather winning the poll. Is this fixed?

New Brunswick

We are behind you Hondo


Tomorrow is going to be WILD!!!


Saturday is the day. That’s the POV F4 comp unless the schedule changes. Thursday is sleepy/nap rather than 8 hours of zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz’s but most of us figure Adel 2-0 evicted. Jon can’t do a bloody thing unless he wins veto or he is headed to jury. BB lesson learned the hard way. You can’t win the game if you play someone else’s game.


I think this is the first time I really do not know what is going to happen on Thursday. It has been pretty predictable to this point. I am glad that Jon is standing up for himself and not just being Neda’s lap dog. I do hope that Adel stays. Just would rather him than Sabrina. Just my opinion. I think either way there will be a riff between Neda and Jon. Maybe he will start playing more for him. If I was his girlfriend, I would be pissed at the way that he has allowed Neda to pull the strings. I mean, WTF – why do people go on this show and forget that they went on to win the game. It doesn’t matter what Neda does as long as Heather goes along with Jon and votes to keep Adel. Jon would be the tie breaker and Adel would stay. She mentioned keeping Adel to Jon already. IDK, there might wind up being an girls alliance after all. Hard to say.


Heather would never do what jon says over what neda says, plus keeping Adel would be a tupid move on her part.


Right on! It’s all about the $ and being in the final F2 with the jury voting the winner.
So best scenario for each one differs obviously.
Our personal preferences obscure our minds. We keep changing our minds as we often tend to root for the underdog!
One step at a time, while keeping an eye on the next step and herding for jury votes.
So, eviction of Adel or Sabrina, position for next HOH, thinking about POV followed by renom and fish for votes in the jury.
Tough assignment, right? Only the best mind, body and soul wins!
Please BB, stir the pot and keep us guessing and watching!
Way to go, Canada.


Good ADel deserves too go he had a great opportunity too take out JON Or Neda out last week but what did he do put up Rachelle and Brinia like a tool!!! that he is


its really not in heathers best interest to keep adel…. adel wants to take neda and jon f3… adel is also going to take jon f2 so why would heather vote to keep adel? keeping adel who for sure will put neda and heather up if he wins hoh is not smart for heather,,,, its going to be the 3 girls for hoh and who ever wins jon is going on the block for sure…jon has basically one shot at staying and that is to win veto….. if they keep adel jon has his behind covered ….


Heather does not know about the possible F3 with Joneda and Adel. That was formed when Heather was the target.
If Jon was confident in his and Heather’s relationship and really wanted Adel to stay then he would work that arrangement with Heather. I think he was testing the waters with Heather earlier today in the pantry but she wasn’t giving him any opening for that possibility.

And, despite how we hope Jon’s eyes are open to Neda’s ways he is still firmly committed to her.


Nedas game isnt much different thdn Sabrina. Sabrina should tell Heather about neda wanting Heather out this week that would surely geg Heathers wheels turning. Sabrina then should offef heather f2 and sab wins. Really liked sabs game she keep herloyalty to her alliance i cant say the same foe jeda


Sabrina did offer Heather a final 2, and the only reason she doesn’t tell her about the plan to blindside her is because she also made a final 2 with Neda which that information could spoil.


No, Sabrina did not reveal that information because she is on the block. Revealing before eviction may result in Sabrina being ousted. Heather as Jpneda’s target was more a desire to keep Sabrina for F3 (at the time).


Neda has been outstanding up until tonight. She was caught off guard by Jon’s assertiveness tonight – To see that conversation rewind Camera 1 on the Live Feed to 1 hours 26mins and 30secs to see the end of Jeda. She expected things to go according to her script until Adel was gone and the next HOH played. Unfortunately for Neda, Adel had a critical conversation with Jon in the bedroom two nights ago that stuck with Jon. Tonight’s bathroom argument followed. Jon walked out and came back still angry. Then the final conversation in the HOH bedroom tonight confirming the end of Jeda. Did you guys see the overhead camera shot of Jon laying in bed tonight on his side with his eyes wide open! Yes! His EYES ARE FINALLY WIDE OPEN. There is still plenty of game to play. Next person leave the jury after this eviction will be Jon or Neda.


Neda will need Jon’s “protection” in F4 as the biggest target, she needs to side with him for longevity or it is Her and Heather to the end, not really liking those odds. Jon would have put Neda on the block as I had predicted only if he had more time to think, they usually have these 24hr lock downs before Noms or is that just how it plays out on T.V, not actual real time…


Normal week POV comp is Saturday evening and Monday morning they do Veto ceremony so usually plenty of time.


Cool to see what all of they do in the morning after a good night sleep (?) thinking over their own chances going forward?
With the alliance breaking down, Jon and Adel on one side with the girls on the other?
If Jon gets desperate, he could reach out to Sabs to cover his bases by reminding her that he put Heather, then Adel up to be sacrificed: so Sabs owes him!
Doubt it would work, he has already given the power to decide away to Neda.
Even Sabs has more influence at this stage than Jon! Strange but true!
The boys are gone!!!
Fun to watch how the catfight ends.
Grrr! Girl power? Manipulative, for sure!
It was a game all along, wake up , Canada! LOL!


The more i read that Neda fans are turning, the more disappointed i get..


Me too. It’s a game and they all went in there to win. I don’t understand how people can expect Neda or anyone else to just be loyal to their alliance this late in the game. The fact of it is that if Adel stays, Neda is in danger. She didn’t come all this way to hand the game to Jon. If this was a poker game, nobody would make judgments on the players character because they lie or bluff because that’s the game. Same thing here. This is BB and the whole point is to scheme and blindside your way to the win. Jon didn’t have to listen to Neda all game long, but he did. Neda didn’t force him. She has hands down played the best game up to this point, and she can’t win sitting next to Jon. She didn’t leave her home to come in third. She came to win. It’s just a game. Hate the game, not the player.


I don’t buy the argument that Neda is in more danger with Adel than Sabrina. She wanted these two for her F3, so Jon is potentially in more danger with Adel.

With Heather now staying neda prefers Sabrina over Adel.

It seems that Adel is a surer way of Neda getting to F3 than Sabrina is. Adel is more of a danger to Heather.

Sabrina still in the game leaves a potential Neda out at F4.


Everyone in there right mind knows Sabrina’s gonna win this game.. cant believe that any of them even want to suggest taking her to the end they will lose.. its easy to figure how this game will play out.. Adel goes home…hoh played Sabs wins… heather neda on the block, plan backdoor jon, jon goes home..neda /heather wins either one of them two will take her to the end and LOSE…… Even Peter said the samething taking her to the end they will lose… come on jon and heather wake up


I miss Anick


The house has become such a shit storm.

For Heather, since Adel doesn’t talk to her at all, it is definitely better to get rid of him. He’s so far up Jon’s ass, he wouldn’t even bother approaching her. Which is a huge lost opportunity in my opinion, but it’s not the most logical.

For Jon and Neda, I see Adel staying working way more in their favour.

I am not understanding why Neda wants Adel out. She’s afraid it’ll be a physical comp? Isn’t the F4 HOH always a huge puzzle?? He can’t read apparently or do riddles. And if POV is something like OTEV, well, he’ll suck at that too.

What a web they’ve all weaved.


pretty good analysis

We need to remember we aren’t dealing with BB Geniuses. They have certain things in their own minds I don’t think we see here. Like Sabby winning F2. I scratch my head at that one barring bitter, bitter jury. Jon figured all this out way to late. 1 in 4 chance F4 POV or done. No idea how he thinks blowing up on Neda helps his game. Any chance he had at her keeping him with a F4 POV is virtually gone. Neda didn’t need permission but she now has it.

What you said about comps left was spot on as well. Adel likely no factor F4. He’d be a pawn if Heather was on the block and Jon won POV. Heather is much stronger and a better eviction for Neda. It’s true Adel would likely take Jon but he has to win 7 questions and before that 1 of the 1st 2 parts of the 3 part final.

I’ve have an interesting theory on why…..

I think Neda has manipulated virtually all of the second 1/2 of the game. Keeping Adel means more work. I think she just wants to go along for the ride and 100K she must see is so close. She’s almost an F2 lock at this point. After all a girl in a onesie needs her sleepy too!!! 🙂


Indeed Adel should talk more to Heather to try save his behind. Too late, probably.

Neda is in a tight spot – if she votes Adel out, she confirms to Jon that Joneda is dead.
Going into HOH and POV, Neda will have to win one or the other or she is at big risk.
At this time, Adel is pretty much gone.

If Sabrina manages to win HOH, J & N up (Sabs closer to Heather at this time in the game), then if J wins POV, N is gone.
If N wins POV, J is gone. The trust is broken once and for all.
So predicting, F3: Jon, Sabs and Heather (Sabs can’t win comps, right?) then Jon and Heather as F2, Jon wins.
or other F3 scenario Neda, Sabs and Heather, then Neda and Heather in F2, Heather wins. Jon and Adel too bitter.

If Heather or Neda wins HOH, J and S up. Sabs will not win POV. Nom stays same and J will be backdoored if he does not win.
So again, F3, Sabs, Neda and Heather, F2 Neda with Heather, Heather wins all!

Can’t see a scenario where Neda or Sabs wins.
Mostly Heather or slim chance for Jon.
And remember lots of folks hated Heather and her voice at first.
She will have the last laugh!


Bottomline, Adel is gone, then Jon most probably.
Neda will have lost 2 more jury votes just to make F3. Will she do it?

Sabs and Heather are reaping big from the breakup of Joneda.
Heather has the best chances to win the big prize.


I’ve been Jeda team and wanted to see them in f2. But even I am now a bit bitter with Neds treatment of Jon’s loyalty and totally frustrated with Jon’s lack of forthought. Jon’s mistake is his total trust in a woman PERIOD (and Im a woman)! Not that I’m an Adele fan at all but Jon should have seen this coming. And everytime I change my mind on Heather, she says/does something to piss me off.

UGG…I’m ready to self-evict!!! – I feel a strong need for a binge tonight lol!


Why is there so much hate for Neda? She’s playing the game. She KNOWS Adel will cut her next week and even Jon knows this. If anything be mad at Jon cause he made a stupid game move. He knew there was a chance for Adel going home when he put him up so don’t get all surprised now. Idiot move and honestly may have cost him the entire game.

The Truth

Jon ratted Adel out everytime he said something against Neda and now he’s upset that she doesn’t trust Adel??. He was so positive that HOH didn’t matter next week, he was going to win POV, so what if he’s bitter..yada yada.

Jon prepare to be checked.


I think Adel’s punishment passed the line. Sleep depriviation can screw up your body, and cause health problems.


neda is not that nice she’s always uptight or in a bad mood & she’s fake… makes the worst mother & seems like an arrogant materialistic insensative person..


I hope Sabrina goes final 2


The last couple comments really speak to the week. Jon had a choice on renom of exactly 2 people. Neda and Adel his only options. Adel was Jon’s preferred player over Sabrina and not get rid of Neda but how was Jon going to secure Adel’s safety? He cut no deals or got a form commitment from Neda before the veto ceremony. Why is he p*ssed now? When Neda did not go up he effectively decided the Neda F2 train was what he was riding. How could he think they were saving Deli before he decided on renom?

For those disappointed in the Joneda out come I ask why? Neda has been the same person the whole second 1/2 of the game since she stopped being a lay about. Every decision she has made or in some cases influenced such as what colour underwear Jon puts on and back dooring Arlie ect. is designed solely to benefit her 1st. How can you get angry with her now? When she takes out Jon next if she has the chance are you folks going to riot? She is a cold hearted manipulative woman who cares solely about herself. That describes Dan to a tee in BB 14 if you replace woman with man. She is who I and some others said she is! No need to get upset as she owns these HG’s and should get the 100K.

Just remember all this recent time with Heather kkep thinking about Neda hates Heathers guts while she pretends to be her friend only to advance Neda’s game. Not a decent human being IMO but easy winner as well. She played a terrible social game but a great strategy game and got others to do her dirty work. I cannot think of a worse season of BB as far as social game goes.

Cudos I say!!!


I agree with much of what you’ve said, except the bit about Neda being an awful person. Being a ruthless game player does not mean you’re a cold-hearted, ruthless person in real life.


Jon set the events up prior to his confinement. He strongly indicated to both Neda and Heather he was leaning to keeping Sabrina. Neda went into high gear with Heather weighing options. Heather more than Neda wanted to keep Adel but Neda presented arguments for not.

Jon rethinks his argument while in confinement. Too late, Neda worked to get Heather to switch and once Heather decides a path to go she doesn’t waiver to much. This error in Jon’s game goes beyond him not putting Neda on the block against Sabina. He got greedy.


I believe Heather loses no matter who she is against at the end people want to think if she against Sabrina she will win but i think the jury will give the win to Sabrina and the public would to. You have to remember the public think of Heather as a stupid blonde who hasnt done anything.


Feeders might not appreciate Heather’s game (hair color and intelligence have nothing to do with that), but she gets good edits, so the viewer’s may appreciate her game.

neda sucks

neda is showing her true colors!!!!!bitchy


It doesn’t matter really. Adel or Sabrina going home is just one number less at this point and alliances mean nothing once there are only 4 left because it comes down to who wins HOH and POV. There is only one vote next week, the person that doesn’t win HOH and isn’t on the block after POV. Any one of them could go home next week and loyalty doesn’t mean anything because nobody has the power to protect their ally. It’s everyone for himself. If I am Neda, I wouldn’t want to end up on the block with Adel as the deciding vote. She could sway Heather. She could sway Sabs and she could probably still sway Jon, but Adel is a wild card. She knows that the only way Adel would keep her is if she was on the block with Sabrina, maybe not even then. He is obviously hoping to ride to the end with Jon. At this point, Jon is the only one that has never been on the block, and Neda was a pawn week 2 in no danger of going home. Everyone else has had to fight for their survival. Especially Sabs. This is another consideration for jury. Jon has never had to fight for his life because he has won so many competitions. He can’t play for HOH. It would have probably been better to let Heather win last week. She would have put up Adel and Sabrina because she did believe in the final 3 with Jon and Neda. That was his fatal mistake. If he had let Heather win, it would have been him, Neda and Sabrina playing for HOH. Much better odds for safety than Heather, Neda and Sabrina playing and Jon sidelined for the HOH competition. Now he has to win POV or he is probably going home, and it wasn’t Neda that did it to him, it was his own doing. Final 5 HOH is one that you don’t want to win unless you are in immediate danger, which Jon wasn’t. If Jon wins POV next week he probably wins the game, but if he doesn’t, his game is over. Keeping Adel won’t change that because Adel wouldn’t have the power to keep him safe.


Chloe, if Adel is there Sabrina is not.


Neda is the star of the season and the best player. Why are people criticizing her for playing for HERSELF to win and not Jon? They’ve looked out for each other this far but this is a game and you play a game to win, not finish second. Neda has been masterfully controlling Jon for a while and she’s in the best spot right now. If she boots Adel, she’s practically guaranteed f3. Sabrina, Heather, or Neda winning veto at f4 means Jon goes home.


Spencer, mostly people don’t want to see Sabrina advancing.

another name

imo, jon is pushing too hard with neda to keep adel. since she’s already considered cutting jon loose, she’s already thinking in terms of duplicity. when someone considers backstabbing, they are more prone to thinking others are also being duplicitous. the more jon pushes, the more neda is going to think jon has decided to go f2 with adel over her.

if I’m in jon’s position, I would try to build more in-roads with Sabrina and heather. reassure Sabrina that you want to work with her secretly. reassure heather that she was never the target. lie your ass off to hopefully get to f3. neda can’t reveal that heather was the target without making heather more paranoid. that way if adel does leave, you can push for someone else to be target.

if I’m in Sabrina’s position, I tell heather that jon and adel wanted heather gone, and that they were going to work on neda later. tell heather I was told not to say anything, and that I was endangering my game so that heather doesn’t get played because i already know I’m probably gone next, but I’ve already said I’d give heather my vote when jonedadel broke their word and nominated gremlins last week because heather hadn’t broken her word to me. in keeping neda out of it, even if heather tells neda, I’ve insulated neda from knowing what jon and adel plotted. If I’m Sabrina I get Heather onside without implicating neda in order to keep both close. by showing that heather has my vote as long as she doesn’t make a promise and break it, I might get heather to keep me another week.

if I’m neda, I evict adel and tell jon I did it because while jon was sequestered, adel was pushing too hard and saying things that made it clear he wanted her gone so he could be jon’s f2. do it after adel is evicted so jon can’t get Adel’s version.

if I’m heather, I know adel stopped talking game with me after arlie’s eviction. I know I wasn’t told I was going to be put on the block by my alliance, but I know adel knew and didn’t tell me. jon revealed adel had said he’d already been pawn and didn’t want to again. that means at least jon and adel knew before hand. if it wasn’t a backstab, they’d have said something before hand. evict adel.

if I’m adel, I go to heather, I tell her that I’ve been keeping my distance from talking game with her because jon and neda were getting paranoid by their closeness. I try to build a bridge by saying the two (jon and neda) have been acting sketchy about both of them for two weeks. letting jon do all my work with neda is never going to work, so work on heather myself. in addition, I try to be nice to Sabrina for a couple days, just in case I am saved to leave a good impression as my final act. in my message to Sabrina If she is evicted I would say ‘I’m sad to see you go, I feel like we were finally putting bygones behind us and building a friendship.’ don’t leave bad impressions and try to use that as a strategy, because most jury are going to think ‘oh yeah, you’d say anything now, to get our votes. too bad. you said the crap earlier, own it now.’

but even if I was one of them, and I did follow through with these thoughts, who knows what would make the episode anyway.

Yes sun

Jon is a fool, which is why he will not win this game. Evicting Arlie was a major error. Final four veto is much more mental than it is physical, so I’m seeing a heather win and a Jon eviction. Following neda to the guillotine this whole damn game. Neda deserves the win in my opinion, Jon the baby needs to reap what he’s sewn!