Jon says I’m not mad at you! I’m mad at your punishment! Heather says F**K OFF JON!

POV Holder: HEATHER Next POV April 26th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 28th
HOH Winner: Jon Next HOH: May 1st
Original Nominations: Heather and Sabrina
Current Nominations: Sabrina and Adel
Have Nots None

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1:20pm – 1:35pm In the bedroom – Heather comments to Jon and Neda that her punishment of not being allowed in the HOH room for a week is hard. Jon gets mad and asks you think not being able to go in the HOH room for a week is HARD?! Jon freaks out and leaves the room and heads to the diary room. Jon comes back and asks how being locked out of the HOH room is the hardest thing in the world to do. Heather says for me its hard to do. Jon says I’m not mad at you! I’m mad at your punishment! Jon keeps pushing at Heather asks how its the hardest thing to do. So you would rather have anyone else’s punishment than your own? Heather says yes! Heather says that each of the punishments are tailored to us. Heather says the HOH room is where I feel at home. Jon asks again so you would rather have any other punishment over yours? Heather says F**K OFF JON! Meanwhile In the living room Sabrina tells Adel that she is going to go campaign to Neda and Heather and then gives Adel the finger. Jon comes out of the diary room and Adel tells him about how Sabrina gave him the finger.

BBCAN2-2014-04-29 10-26-05-083

1:40pm – 1:50pm In the kitchen – Jon tells Neda, Heather and Sabrina about the dream that he had about Neda and her boobs. Neda asks what did my boobs look like? Jon says actually VERY NICE! Neda says yes!! Post boob job! Jon says ya way bigger!

BBCAN2-2014-04-29 10-44-21-691

2pm – 2:30pm Jon and Neda head into the HOH room to talk. Jon tells her about the fort he built .. it was sick! Neda asks they let you build it? Jon says yeah until I went in it and then they told me to take it down. Jon and Neda start talking game. Jon says If Sabrina or Heather win HOH I go home.. my only chance is for you to win. Neda says I don’t trust Delly I really don’t! In the main bedroom – Jon, Neda and Heather talk about the benefits of keeping Adel/Sabrina. Jon and Neda then head back to the HOH room and continue the conversation. JOn says that he thinks Adel is best for our game. Neda says she doesn’t think so and says he is better for your game not mine. Jon says that’s fine do what is best for your game. I will adjust my game to whatever you decide. Its final four now you do what’s best for your game.

2:45pm Sabrina up in the HOH room listening to Jon’s HOH music and taking out her retainer..

3pm Jon convinces Adel to go get his bathing suit on and go in the hot tub in the rain. Adel says Sarbina is like a little puppy dog in heat chasing me around the house! Adel goes out to the hot tub room and turns right back around and says there’s no way he can go out there. It’s like ice cold drops that burnt my skin!! Adel says I’m so bloated I feel like a little penguin!! Adel screams NACHOOOOO! BURRITO loves me! She wants to make love to me! Sabrina says oh my god!! Adel says don’t lie you little pervert! Sabrina yells if those thoughts are in your head ..that’s what you want!

BBCAN2-2014-04-29 11-56-16-485

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Jon should of backdoored Heather he’s clearly sick of her. I really hope she isn’t final 2


Jon is a tool.

Heather still would have won POV so he couldn’t have backdoored her.

Suck it up and face the facts.

Jon is gonzo HUNDO next week.


Heather’s punishment is a joke. I agree with Jon 100%. Heather & Neda got off easy.


Neda basically did Jon’s punishment when she won HOH and was sequestered in the war room. Jon is just … well, look at his outfit and you’ll see what he is.


Except she had TV’s watching them and bobble head toys and they brought her McDonalds…


Do we actually know for a fact how long Neda WAS in the war room? Feeds were down and there only intermittent leaks of her listening at door or watching feeds…..they as it turns out evicted Allison ( not live ) did HOH and POV was in the can by Mon that wk….Neda could have been in that room for 15min…..they never did say she was in there for 24hrs!


The difference being that Neda had distractions (the video cameras). Imagine sitting in a room for 24 hours with nothing to do, and not being allowed to sleep through most of it? Ugh.


It’s 24 hours! That’s nothing!

People in jail do that for years. Many of them are wrongly convicted.

Sack up Jon, you’re embarrassing yourself.


I could make the counter-argument that Heather’s is actually the worst. Easiest to endure perhaps, but hers is the only punishment that’s actually a detriment to her game. There’s gonna be a lot of talk about her in that HOH room and she won’t be able to do anything to stop it. They can plot against her for 6 straight hours if they wanted to, without any worries of her walking in on them.


Heathers punishment should include knocking on HOH door and talking ink into the room.


How is Heather ahead of Jon in the poll?! If they were final 2, Jon deserves it wayyy more. But I guess our opinions change quickly. I remember when Adel was Canada’s fave… lol


It’s probably because of the fact that she was the target this week, but saved herself. I don’t know who’d actually be “Canada’s favorite.”


Jon don’t deserve nothing.
Has he even been on the block at all?

He has coasted thru the 2nd half of this game thanks to Canada
putting him in power.

Wake up Canada! Shut up Jon you douche.

Heather is way more deserving winning POV when her back was against the wall
while he greedily went for the money and didn’t get any of it. HAHAHA

Neda has totally run the Sloppy Seconds and made all the calls in this game.

Jon is her puppet.

Time to go bye bye in 3 days.
There is an eviction on Sunday right?

Get to steppin’ Jon boy.

Heather or Neda to win.


Heathers ony trying to garner sympathy, she can’t go into the HOH room in the last two weeks of Big brother and she’d rather switch with anyone else? STFU. It’s so hard to want to root for anyone.


big hockey player jon is afraid of little ol heather,,,,,, jon u big cry baby…..


Neda trying hard to get Jon on board, he must have figured it out being locked in for 24 hours (light bulb)…. It’s falls on Heather and she will side with Neda, Deli looks all but gone.


Am I the only one who thinks Allison was the biggest disappointment ever? She was a waste of space. Scott would have been more entertaining and interesting to watch.


All I’ve ever seen is people complain about how disappointing Allison was. So you are not alone.

I didn’t vote for her, so i am not guilty of letting her in. I thought Nate could have been interesting, potentially quiet and sneaky. 🙂


Alison; best first impression, worst result. To her credit she’s smart about the game, but she’s too timid to actually make the moves needed.


I agree. It’s not that she was dumb; she was just too timid.

It was disappointing but I think she’s a nice person and doesn’t deserve the hatred that extends outside of her game play.


good bluff on jons part about winning pov and readjusting his game accordingly…. neda is now freaked out ….

Nana Jo

These punishments were designed to bring the houseguests to their most raw and revealing selves. It doesn’t appear to have worked for Neda, and Heather’s punishment isn’t really one, anyway. Adel has it the hardest and he has nearly lost it a few times, but he’s managing. Sabs’ would only work if it was for longer than 24 hours, and then she would be in hysterics. However, in Jon’s case, it appears to have worked. As much as Jon hated being in solitary, he obviously did some real thinking about his game. He was able to actually tell Neda he could have put her up instead of Adel and in not doing so, he handed the power to her and Heather and he has to live with it. Way to go, Jon. Priceless to see the look on Neda’s face!


Jon is being a big baby, he could have put Neda up instead of Adel. Adel needs to go and does Neda .


I really hope Jon is just talking game to Neda about “adjusting his game according to what Neda decides”. As much as Neda is playing a very strategic game, I find her personality to be as warm as a cold fish. I’m sure she has her fans, but I’m not one of them. And if Jon has ANY commonsense, he will realize that he has to push to keep Adel, and finally rid the house of that loudmouthed hyporcrite……aka Sabrina. Otherwise, if he continues to play Neda’s game, he can kiss that money goodbye.


I’m certainly not a fan of Neda’s either. I really don’t want to see her win, even though she has played the best strategic game of all remaining HG’s.

However, as much as I want to see her go, I just as much want to see her stab Jon in the back. The guy”s shaming himself by playing her game for her; while he talks in the DR about how he’s with her all the way, and Neda talking about how she needs to get rid of him. He deserves to get taken out by Neda just because of what an idiot he’s been this entire game.

IMO you don’t deserve to win by playing someone else’s game. That should count as negative points. IMO having no strategy, is better than playing someone else’s game to your own detriment. So at this point I think that everybody deserves to win more than Jon does. Jon deserves to get taken out by Neda for not knowing a witch when he sees one.


If the best strategic player doesn’t deserve to win the game, then who does? You contradict yourself by saying that Neda’s played the best strategic game and everyone who is just doing what someone else is telling them to (aka everyone else in the house) doesn’t deserve to win, so by that logic, there should be no winner this season?

Not directed at you – but I don’t understand how there are so many people who complain that there are no true game players, and then when they’re presented with someone who is, and is able to turn off the emotion to play the game (like you should, to make strategic decisions that revolve around winning and not the relationships – the point of the game), they complain that she’s cold and doesn’t deserve to win.

The constant indecision is giving me whiplash. Either you want someone to play the game, or you don’t, but people can’t have it both ways. Neda’s playing the game and is the only person in the house, there or gone, that deserves to win on her own merit. Heather is also making some smart decisions and game moves, but no one else is. It should be them in the F2.


I never said that she doesn’t deserve to win. If she gets to F2 she deserves to win. I just don’t want her to win. She’s just somebody that I can’t root for.

And you only deserve to win if you get to F2. So we’ll see who deserves it once that happens.

My other point was that no strategy at all is better than being strategic for someone else; someone who’s gonna try to back stab you in the end. But I shouldn’t have implied that no one else had any strategy because that’s hyperbole; everyone in the house besides Neda and Jon have endured a lot to get to where they are.

Personally I think Heather has a strong case for herself. She’s been on the block like 3 times; never as a pawn IIRC, and she’s done very well in competitions. And even though her shots fired at Kenny missed, she still weakened him greatly by getting out Sarah, and she was the first (only?) person in the house to make a big move and go after the people in charge. She has a much better case for herself than people give her credit for, and there’s still a chance for some big comp wins from her.


And I disagree with the assertion that you and others have made, that her coldness is purely game play. Mocking Arlie has he was on the block was not game; laughing at Rachelle for crying has no strategic merit (even her nemesis Heather felt bad), always whining about everything little thing, insulting people’s traditions (Easter), trying to tell Deli what to make for dinner when she does nothing in the kitchen…there’s a million non-game related things that she says and does which makes me certain that it’s not just an act and that she really just is a cold and unlikable (to me) person.


See: time away from Neda is good for Jon. First time he goes against one of her decisions! I hope that he sticks to what he thinks and influences her game now…Here’s to hoping.


jon smarten up boy, neda and heather are planning your funeral next week…. u gots to win pov or your toast…..

Young Veto

Neda grew on me like crazy, would love to spend a night with her in the HOH room 😉


If you watch the video where “Sabrina and Adel get into it” (which is funny cuz they didn’t) Sabrina is actually the one who flipped Adel off. The picture of Adel flipping off is him showing Jon what Sabrina did to him 2 seconds prior.
I don’t get why y’all worded it this way?


How are they still trusting or even believing Sabrina at this point, she such a liar! Adel tells her she’s full of it (for acting all sad about going cuz obviously he knows theres a chance she could stay) and then she tells Neda and Heather that he explicitly told her he’s going and that Neda and Heather already told him?? Omggg I’m gonna scream she’s such a liar. It’s so natural for her


And they conveniently believed her.


Smart strategy to me.
Since when are you not allowed to lie in Big Brother.
Goodbye Canada’s favorite loser Adel !

bb is a house full of crazy

I try my hardest to feel sorry for Sabrina due to her being text book insane but…..I loathe that chick. There is NOT ONE redeeming quality within her. “How would you like it if you were watching your sister get treated like that?” Sabrina, if my sister was you, I would constantly be asking my parents why they kept you.


Jon if you wanted to keep Adel then WHY OH WHY would you tell Neda and Heather that Adel said he made a final 3 with them you idiot?? That only made them distrust him


Sabrina !!!!!!!


Jon is too trusting with Neda and doesn’t keep anything to himself and tells her everything , thats his downfall . Its a game if you were playing poker you would not show all your cards. Some conversations with Adel he should of kept to himself this only made Neda look out for her game and not his.He needed a plan B and now he doesn’t have one and probably is starting to realise.