Adel says BURRITO wants to make love to me! Sabrina says OMG! Adel says don’t lie you little perv*rt!

POV Holder: HEATHER Next POV April 26th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 28th
HOH Winner: Jon Next HOH: May 1st
Original Nominations: Heather and Sabrina
Current Nominations: Sabrina and Adel
Have Nots None

2:45pm Sabrina in the HOH room listening to music and taking out her retainer..

3pm Jon convinces Adel to go get his bathing suit on and go in the hot tub in the rain. Adel says Sarbina is like a little puppy dog in heat chasing me around the house! Adel goes out to the hot tub room and turns right back around and says there’s no way he can go out there. It’s like ice cold drops that burnt my skin!! Adel says I’m so bloated I feel like a little penguin!! Adel screams NACHOOOOO! BURRITO loves me! She wants to make love to me! Sabrina says oh my god!! Adel says don’t lie you little perv*rt! Sabrina yells if those thoughts are in your head ..that’s what you want!

BBCAN2-2014-04-29 11-56-16-485

3:25pm – 3:45pm In the kitchen – Neda, Sabrina, Heather and Jon are talking. Jon says the more I think about it I really don’t think Arlie would be invited back for all-stars. He played a flashy game! Neda says he played a copy cat game. I don’t think people would respect the fact that.. Sabrina says who do you think would make all-stars. Jon says maybe no one. Sabrina says I feel like he had such a well thought out plan and he followed through with it. Neda says but it didn’t work! Jon says at all ..he helped everyone else’s game but his.. well he f**Ked the first five and then after that he was f**ed! Neda, Sabrina and Heather all agree. Jon says well for us it was great. Neda says I wonder if he had stuck with the first five.. he would have gone longer? .. Jon tells Neda again that she had an amazing body last night. Neda asks what?! Heather says in his dream. Jon says you should definitely get that boob job! Neda says well you already agreed to pay for it if you win. Neda, Jon, Heather and Adel sit down at the table to eat. Adel says he doesn’t understand why they didn’t put Jon in the HOH for 36 hours. Jon says if they did I would have self-evicted.

BBCAN2-2014-04-29 12-23-33-533

4pm The house guests continue to sit around the kitchen table telling real life stories. Jon and Adel talk about when they punched out their friends. Adel’s story was about him wanting to meet Snooki.

4:30pm – 4:45pm Adel comes into the main bedroom and asks where big Jon is. Sabrina says in the HOH. Adel says no I was just in there. Adel asks if she is okay. Sabrina says no. Adel asks what? What’s wrong? I’m open ears. Sabrina smiles and asks if he took drugs .. “You don’t care about me!” Adel leaves and heads back downstairs. Neda lays on the couch with he head hanging over the edge. Adel asks what are you doing? Neda says I want a head rush! Adel asks have you ever do that thing where you choke yourself out? Neda says NOOO!

BBCAN2-2014-04-29 13-35-43-230

5:10pm In the HOH room – Jon asks Sabrina what’s wrong. Sabrina says that she is just down because she might be going and her dream might be ending. Jon says I think you have a better chance of staying. Jon apologies to Sabrina for being mean to her down stairs. I don’t ever mean to be mean to you.. just tell me when I am. Sabrina tells Jon that she would rather lose to Neda or him. Sabrina tells Jon that I will lose against you and Neda. The only person I have a 50/50 chance at winning against is Heather. You have a 50/50 chance of winning against Neda.
BBCAN2-2014-04-29 14-04-04-050

5:30pm – 6:30pmHeather, Neda and Jon are in the backyard studying the events of the house. Meanwhile up in the HOH room – Adel is taking a bath. Adel finishes his bath and heads to the bedroom. Sabrina asks him if he wants to hang out with her. He says not in here its too hot. Come out side with me. Sabrina says no they’re talking out there they wanted me to not be out there. Adel says well come down stairs. Sabrina and Adel head down to the living room. Sabrina asks him if he wants to throw the baby head around. Adel says no, no, I can’t. Adel heads to the diary room to ask a question. He comes out and they head out into the backyard. Adel comments that he just took the longest bath in cold water that made his d**k shrivel into his body. Adel says I am ready to tea bag every camera that looks at me! Heather asks is that even possible?! Adel says I need a booster chair! Adel is walking around the hammock. He says he can’t stop or he’ll fall asleep. Adel says I’m a little tea pot here is my spout! (He grabs his junk) Jon says I want to have s*x so bad. Adel says go rub one out! Jon says I can’t any more. Neda asks you gonna wait 10 days. Jon says yeah. He says on his 24 hour lock down he did it 6 times.

BBCAN2-2014-04-29 15-13-20-424

6:30pm Adel caught sleeping by big brother

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see i told u adel wants sabrina so bad………..


Jon needs keep dangling that f4 veto over neda. He seems rather pissed maybe neda will get afraid and keep adel to keep jon happy. Otherwise he might get pissed that he kinda fucked his game and vote her out if he wins veto.




Well Adel is better for his game and Sabrina is better for Neda’s game. If he didn’t want her to decide, he should have put Neda up to ensure that Sabs goes. If Adel goes, he has no one to blame but himself.


these people are delusional about the so-called ‘fame’ after the game. they keep taking about it constantly. Jon wants to make a career out of him and his buddies drunk you tube videos and partying at bars. how long will that last? for an athlete he does think about booze alot!


I agree, the most you see former BB people is when there is a BB casting, and they show up to sell the show. That I think is why they agree to come back to the game, to get paid.

I don’t know why it never ever got the same attention as Survivor or Amazing Race and it is essentially the same thing. Maybe it is because it is always 3 shows. I don’t count BB Can because they don’t show it on primetime channels TV, but BB US is, and tho popular, no one on entertainment shows ever seem that interested.

Maybe they do get paid to show up places, but i am not sure they are getting the media attention for doing that. maybe local ad stuff, maybe that is all that anyone might expect, and maybe that’s all anyone like Jon wants, get his tab at the local bar paid for lol.

Dirty Harry Reid

When is the eviction?



team adel

Bbcan so hot man


Damn, Team Adel you wanna rolll with me or what cutie 😉


Sabrina IS OBSESSED with Adel. Creep


i think both sabrina and adel love each other …..


I wholeheartedly agree, these two fancy each other. They hide behind a veil of disparaging comments.


Neda is so cold – she thinks she is a mastermind but I really believe Jon is smarter and he’s going to blindside the f**k out of her.


I think Neda will be the first one to turn on Jon… in the DR, she constantly talks about how it would be a HUGE game move that the jury would respect whereas in the DR, Jon always talks about himself with Neda as a tight pair in the game


By this point, Jon can’t really blindside Neda.


What kind of a brother is Jon seeing that dream about Neda? I really feel sorry for his girlfriend, and I was one of the people who defended Jon’s feelings towards Neda for a long time.
They’re making it hard to believe. Just for the sake of his girlfriend, I want Neda to evict Jon.

Jon's ye@ster

…and what about him apparently paying for her boob job if he wins?!?

I laugh again at their ‘disgust’ with Andrew about burping, farting etc. yet they are okay with Jon doing the exact same thing PLUS talking about dreams of Neda and his frequent need to m@sturbate…openly talking to him about it and encouraging him to do it!

*scratches balls


I don’t get the campaigning to Jon… he doesn’t get a vote on Thursday…


jon breaks the tie if its 1-1


jon has the final decision if its a tie he chooses who to evict…..


Heather is only cute when she is supposedly feeling safe – otherwise she turns into a big baby. I can’t wait to find out her big ‘secret’ that she’s going to disclose after the show’s over.


Or she is a actress! Or a FbI agent lol


i think she has mentioned the actress part. maybe it is because she has done modeling? Maybe she used to be an escort? but why would she reveal that at all if true.

It’s funny how little you can find on these houseguests when you google looking for them. Are they required to shut down FB, instagram and/or twitters when they get accepted to BB?


Please evict Sabrina on Thursday


I can’t wait to see Sabrina’s face when Adel
Gets evicted. OMG. Do you think he
Will blow up and spill secrets when he’s walking
Out the door?


Nice first screenshot of Sabrina, Simon and Dawg. Lol — very Exorcist. Reminds me of why I have no desire to be on television — too many horrible candids.

The Truth

I find Sabrina and Adel’s banter hilarious. I don’t really think they will hate each other after this is over.