Heather says Sucks to be you! You got evicted! We took your sh*t & we’re the final four!

POV Holder: HEATHER Next POV April 26th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 28th
HOH Winner: Jon Next HOH: May 1st
Original Nominations: Heather and Sabrina
Current Nominations: Sabrina and Adel
Have Nots None


11:25am Neda, Heather and Sabrina are talking in the kitchen. Sabrina is telling them that its karma what is happening with Adel with his eye infection and having to stay up 36 hours straight. Sabrina says that she is happy how Adel is being treated. He really affects a person and that is how he really is. She says after the way he treated her he deservers it. She says no one understands how bad he treated her. Sabrina says imagine if it was you and your sister was sitting at home watching. Neda says yeah she would be pissed. Sabrina says I am not one to talk bad about religion. He is so rude! Heather tells Sabrina whoever makes it through this week .. it doesn’t matter who has been mean to them, who has made fun of them, who has teased them, who has done horrible horrible things to them. I’m sorry but sucks to be you .. you got evicted and we’re still here! So obviously we were able to take your sh*t and be treated badly and still be the ones to be final four in this house! And I’m happy its that way because the people that did those things aren’t here and the people that took it are! If there were people still here that did all those thing, I would be furious!


11:45am Adel talks to Neda on the couch.. Adel says as long as we’re the final four (Adel, Neda, Heather, Jon) I will be happy. If I go after her (Sabrina) I will be happy. Adel tells Neda that she has his vote in the end no matter what. Neda questions it and says not against him (Jon). Adel says its 1 billion percent .. 1 zillion percent you. Adel says I will not let Arlie .. I will put it in his brain that it’s a game. He would never vote for Jon. Arlie’s bitterness is way more to Jon than you. Adel says I know for a fact that Allison will not vote for you. Adel says Jon and I have Canada’s vote for sure. Neda says yeah. Adel says you and him are going to use the money for different things. He is going to use if for partying and you want to pay off debt and help your mom. Adel says it won’t be you f**king Heather .. It will be me or him f**king her.

BBCAN2-2014-04-29 08-40-28-392

11:55am – 12pm Up in the HOH room – Jon is sitting around waiting to be let out of the HOH room. He says alright, let me the hell out of here! I’m over it! Jon says this punishment sucks! I am probably never sleeping in here again! Big Brother can I have a beer!?

12:30pm – 12:45pm The live feeds return after being blocks for the last 15 minutes. Adel, Neda, Sabrina and Heather are on bedroom lock down. Adel comments on how he was sitting up and just about fell over. He says isn’t that crazy that your body can just shut down like that?! Neda tells him that once we get out of here you should run down and jump in the pool to shock your body. That will give you another few hours. Big Brother ends their lock down. Adel and Sabrina leave. Neda talks to Heather about keeping Sabrina or Adel. Big Brother blocks the feeds again..

12:50pm When the live feeds come back – Big Brother has finally let Jon out of the HOH room. Neda comments that at least he had music. Jon says no, they took everything away. Jon asks how long Neda has to wear her onesie? Neda says for a week. Jon laughs at how easy all the other punishments are.. He says OH can’t go in the HOH room!!? (Heather) lol Jon says that he would rather do all of the other punishments than be locked in the HOH room. Neda fills him in on everything that happened while he was locked away for 24 hours. Jon asks what, what is the day like out there?! Neda says its raining. You probably don’t want to go out there! Jon says nope, I’m doing it! I am not being confined to any more spaces! He heads out to the hot tub room and says AHHh FREEDOM!! Jon heads back inside.

1pm – 1:20pm In the main bedroom – Jon tells Neda that he thinks we need to keep Adel over Sabrina. Jon says I can convince Adel to send Heather home over Sabrina. Neda disagrees. Jon says I can convince Adel that this is the final 3 (Jon, Neda, Adel). Jon says Sabrina isn’t going to do f**K all in the veto .. It would be me and you against Heather in the veto. Jon says this would ensure us in the final 3. Neda says no it doesn’t. Heather joins them. Jon comments on how he is wishy washy about who to vote out. Jon brings up how Sabrina’s reasoning to send Adel first was that she could go to jury next and do damage control. Jon says that’s just stupid why don’t you go first and tell everyone how it is .. and then no one will believe what Adel says when he goes.. Neda says yeah Sabrina is horrible at campaigning. Jon leaves. Heather and Neda discuss who to send home. Neda tells Heather that Adel told her he would be a bitter jury member if he went out before Sabrina but that he wouldn’t if he went after. Heather says I had Adel’s trust until he said he was going to make a fake final 2 with me. Neda tells Heather that I know if I evict Jon he will never never ever get over it. He will hate me. Heather doesn’t think so. Neda says hopefully he will get over it eventually.

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OH please Sabrina, you being treated so badly. I guess what gos around comes around. The way you made fun of Heather and others in the beginning of this game when you had control was horrible. Adel just isn’t putting up with any of your crap. I don’t respect Sabrina at all so she won’t get my vote if she makes it to the final. I don’t mind the lying and all but can’t vote for someone who bullied and made fun of other. Theres just no respect there for her. Now that she has no control all the sucking up makes me want to puck.

I must admit I do like adel. He’s made it much farther than I thought he would, but hes not a good game player. If he wants to stay he has to point out all the people in jury that would vote for Sab. She has rach, Allison and even maybe Arlie. So she only needs one more vote. He should be pointing out all of that to them. The comps don’t matter as this point all the control is with the jury.

Im hoping Canada doesn’t get pulled in to all of sabs stuff. Im hoping Canada will not give her the vote. Just remember all the stuff she did in the beginning. That’s the true Sabrina, not the one playing the game now. All the crying hen laughing, come on if you really were that upset you won’t be laughing afterwards. All fake. Please send Sabrina to jury. At least she would be with her showmance Rachelle.


I am with you on Sabrina! Her strategy makes no sense…..she says send Adel home first and then she’ll do damage control after?????? WTH? I hope Joneda are not as delusional as she is! How stupid is that theory? She’s fooling everyone and if they keep her, she will get to F2 before Jon utters “one undo”!

team adel

Adel was hilarious last night, none of the other boring ass house guests would of done this challenge and been entertainment


totally. they would have sat on the couch and glared at the camera. Complete duds lol

it doesn’t sound like it is a total 36 hours counting from when he got up the day of choosing to do this to see a friend. It should have been based on the wakeup alarm time, really, meaning it would be ending around 9 or 10pm today not 2AM.

some of the punishments of the house, like slop only, i find to be actually dangerous. Adel could easily fall asleep in the hot tub at midnight and drown or pass out and hit his head, Slop lacks real nutrition of real food, doing it for more than a couple of days max is not healthy, i don’t care what they say about all the nutrients. Without added extra real food, it is actually harmful, and i don’t think people sign on to be harmed.


sunnydee, Give me a break. The show wouldn’t jeopardize the well being of participants. Its not like theyre eating feces. Its slop. Its been around for years thanks to all the seasons of BB. And Adel falling asleep and drowning… honestly, what are the odds… and someone would intervene. The show is not going to put their butts on the line like that.


Ahhh, you must be Italian or a friend/relative of slobrina. LOL. It’s only a week, gimme a break!!


Is Adel finally playing a good game with Neda’s head, without sounding desperate?
Giving her a “valid” reason to keep him in F4: bring Arlie’s vote to her?
Let’s see if Neda bites, she will then have to sell a story why Sobrina has to be ditched this week.
Heather’s vote will not matter as Jon breaks a tie.
That would help Jon’s position for the next HOH noms – neither Adel nor Neda would put him on the block knowing that he is good at POV.
Heather needs to win HOH or POV to break Joneda.
Many more twists could happen! Sobrina will keep working for the votes. She is relentless. (:)


Everyone calling Adel arrogant in previous comments on other posts needs a reality check because Neda is acting just as arrogant. She’s so proud of having Jon wrapped around her finger that I hope Jon realizes how manipulative she is SOON. Rooting for Jon & Heather f2 with Jon winning. Do you guys think they’re going to bring back an evicted houseguest? I feel like its become an expected twist, but I don’t know… barely any time left. What does everyone think? I’m hoping they do, and that it’s Arlie. Thoughts?


So, your argument is that Neda is arrogant, therefore Adel is not arrogant?
Not a valid argument, so reality check yourself.


That wasn’t my argument. My argument is don’t judge one person one way and close your eyes to others acting in the exact same manner.


Neda might seem arrogant to you … I call it confidence! She is not acting arrogant to any of the houseguests, nor is she giving away her confidence. You see her from a diary room perspective where she’s encouraged to be dramatic.


Why do they always do this to the person they want out , alienate them and bash them. I’m sure Adel deserves some of this but they always do it to the one they want voted out. Also Adel’s punishment is way worse then everybody elses.I like Heather but not her attitude right now, and Sabrina your one to talk………….


Jons punishment is just as brutal… being locked away in a room all by yourself with nothing to do. I actually think Jon got the worst punishment.


Worse for JOn, probably not anyone else. BB knows what is important to the HGs, sleep, slop, style, and being alone was the number one problem anyone could see for Jon, when Neda got stuck in the WAr Room for her last HOH. I like the video up there with him wandering around looking for people to talk to lol


Jon accepted what Big Brother offered so tough.


Wow Sabrina like really acts like she has done nothing wrong to anyone hey? Buddy you have bashed Adel since day one and now that he is fed up with you and bugs you back now (which you guys both joke around with each other) you act like such a victim. Get over it.Trying to get everyone to hate him from the beginning. No one in that house is nice to anyone. They all talk about each other and are two faced. Sabrina should have been gone a long time ago but the house guests think keeping her is smart when it isn’t. She just keeps getting by week by week and in the end will probably win because they were too stupid to get her out. Taking Adel to final two is the only chance that any house guest has to win the game. Heather & Adel final two would be awesome. They have been friends since the beginning and we’re outcasts. I’d like to see any of the two take the money home!


There’s something going on there! LOL


sabrina and adel enough with the foreplay, u two just go in the half not room and do it already…. we all know you two have feelings towards each other…..


And now Heathers bashing Adel, and kissing Sabrina’s ass, she is is a moron, she’s falling for Sabrina’s bullsh*t. She’s talking about Adel treating people badly, meanwhile Sabrina was the one who started and was at the peak of the Heather bashing. Adel was the only one at one time that was legitimately nice to her. I like Heather but in the last few days she’s annoyed the crap out of me and has proved that she isn’t all that bright. She’s very easily played.


personally i think they are only doing that for game. they all know what Sobs is really like, and who was really guilty of all that BS talk. But she is a vote, and she is potentially still in the game if they decide on Adel out. They can’t alienate her, that would be a dumb move. Even if they 100 hundos decide to vote her out, they aren’t going to tell her at the end she’s a terrible person, she is still a potential vote, and she is so extreme she really would vote against someone just to spite them.


Didn’t it occur to you that she was actually talking about Sabrina, to Sabrina? A passive-aggressive dig, but well deserved nonetheless. Suggests to me that Heather is planning to vote Sabrina out.


How I wish Adel and Sobrina could get evicted together. Hand in hand.
Can’t stand them both.


BBBcan has a point here: Heather and Adel F2.
Adel needs to get into Heather’s favour fast and that would make 2 gunning against Joneda for next HOH.
He can also work on Jon once he gets out of HOH room.
Afterall this is the big test for Adel to show if he deserves to win: to the jury and to Canada.
Cool stuff to be expected over the next couple of days. Fun to watch, eh! Hondo!


ok good convo going on in bedroom jon and neda. jon wants to keep adel good job jon…… jon u have to see neda wants you out next…..


Jon is a smart player when he listens to himself. All that time cooped up and he realized its better for his game to evict Sabrina. Too bad he cant vote this week, and too bad Neda is already back to chirping in his ear. He needs to start thinking about his game… not Nedas.


“ame says:

April 29, 2014 at 10:05 am

I’m so over fucking Heather”

Excellent!! about time too… is it my turn now? I’d do her.


I’m so over fucking Heather


well to bad for u because she will win next hoh and she will get to final 3,,,,


Yep, Heather knows that if Adel stays, she is next unless she wins either HOH or POV.
She needs Sabrina around to be F3. Except if she decides to work with Adel against Joneda.
Adel has to keep working on Neda and Jon to save himself for this week, talk of F3 is premature for him.
Nobody is evicted until the fat lady sings. As they say in BaseBall, the other BB!


jon having dreams about neda im sure janelle is excited about that one…..


Cut the bullsh*t Adel, you’d be way more bitter as a jury member than Arlie is. Of all the jury members, I feel Arlie would be the least bitter because while he must be devastated that his dream was crushed, as a superfan, I think he also appreciates good strategy and gameplay, and is the most capable of decifering game moves from personal feelings.


Off topic… who thinks Peter & Rochelle are going to pursue something after the show?


i wondered that myself but rachelle stated she has a boyfriend, and i think Peter is seeing a really cute brunette girl not sure though could juts be his friend. Would be cute to see them together though the love is mutual.

Nana Jo

That was a very clever bit of talking on Heather’s part. She was talking directly to Sabs that whole time, and Sabrina had no clue it was mostly about her. I want Sabrina gone. I simply can’t stand her voice, her laugh, her fake pandering, and her complete lack of self-awareness. Nothing is her fault ever! I’d have some respect for her if she showed even a little remorse or shame. Also, how many of her friends at home has she thrown under the bus?! She won’t have many friends left when she gets out. Canada now knows that her best guy friend is gay (and apparently his family does now, too), that her brother-in-law smokes pot, that her best girl friend is really annoying, not to speak of her father’s personal medical problems.

It is actually turning out to be an interesting dilemma this week. There are arguments to keep either one depending if your name starts with J, N or H. It’s better for Jon to keep Adel, and for Heather and Neda to keep Sabrina. But I really can’t call it. I don’t know which way they’ll eventually go. Maybe that 24 hours in solitary did Jon some good after all. He was 1 hundo for Adel going before he went in, and now he’s wavering towards keeping him.

Last night Adel’s little talk to each of the houseguest’s pictures was priceless! Very entertaining.


Agree about Heather being sly there. 🙂

BB15 Howard's Fedora

Before the vote Adel should tell everyone if he gets sent to jurythat Arlie will vote Sabrina for her smart game, Alison and Rachelle have Sabrina’s vote locked down and if he leaves tonight he will vote Sabrina to win.


Except nobody wants Sabrina in the final 2 anway.

BB15 Howard's Fedora



Suddenly I wish there was a twist where they would keep both Sabs and Adel and send Heather packing.

A Name

Sabrina shut up! I WISH Big Brother would show a supercut of all the nasty things she’s said about people. She DID say stuff about Adel’s religion including “haha I’m gonna go and rip up his quran” Did you forget that SLOBRINA???
Ughh I hate her


Actually, I believe it was “rip up his crown.” That was explained in an early thread.

A Name

Heather and her annoying voice can go! I felt sorry for her before but she’s acting so cocky now. Get over yourself!


This is an interesting dilemma for Neda. Whatever direction she chooses potentially burns one of her F2. Jon made it fairly clear that if she chooses Sabrina over Adel and he wins POV he will do what is best for his game (implication is that may not include Neda). She now has to figure out how confident she is in winning the next HOH (against Heather) and who has the better chance of winning the next POV.


Sabrina in HOH offered JOn F2, deal with Heather is fake. In this convo Jon hinted he can play with his head (F2 with Sabrina) or emotion (F2 with Neda), he then told Heather he is back to keeping Sabrina.

This change of mind again should be another signal to Neda that Jon may have broken his tie with her. Adel may now be Neda’s better bet for gettiing to F3 by removing the enticement of Sabrina.


I can’t wait for Sabrina to be evicted and see what Karma has in store for her on every BB discussion board. No fame for her, no men waiting in line, no acting gigs, no make-up line, no paper just lots of ridicule and every bit of it well deserved.

me indeedy sayz

nearly all the BB*CAN contestants (even Anick!) this season
have built up alil ole fan*club, for all tru*fans are never logical

me indeedy sayz

Adel had tru-fans even before arriving, so i am not at all shocked at his vote of popularity by Canada!
Andrew has hometown fans, despite his very surly attitude & boorish behavior, the odds are he and
Allison will briefly connect up after the game ends. I think everyone else easily grew a few fanclubs!

me indeedy sayz

Indeedy even including Allison’s two War~Room pals NATE & SCOTT!!!


Heather is always interrupting EVERYTHING. Especially good game conversations! She’s Andy the rat floater 2.0! HUNDO.


Nowhere in Andy’s league of play. And when Andy entered a room The conversation continued and usually included him fully.

lil ole loi

Andy the Public Relations expert & Communications major indeedy won BB~15u$a despite how he floated about and around!

The Truth

A day late and a dollar short Jon. He should have realized before POV ceremony that Neda should have been put up as the replacement, then he would have had options. Now he is at the mercy of Neda and Heather. Good luck with that bud!