Johnny Mac “I’m alone in this house. Once you figure out things I am willing to talk”

POV Holder: Vanessa POV Competition Aug 22nd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 24th
HOH Austin Next HOH Aug 27th
Original Nominations: Steve and Jmac
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots No have nots this week

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-23 12-00-41-086

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11:40am – 12:20pm Backyard – Vanessa joins Johnny Mac. Vanessa tells Johnny to just be honest with her. When you made that deal to not put each other up did you intend to keep that deal? Johnny says I was on the fence. I didn’t even know if I was going to win HOH. Vanessa asks but if you did win? Johnny says I was going to, unless I heard other information. There was no reason for me to break it. Vanessa says it would be disappointing if I heard otherwise. Did you ever tell anyone you intended to break that deal? Johnny pauses and says to keep myself safe yeah. Vanessa says I would understand why you would say it for your game. Are you over the thing with Becky .. are you over the thing with CLay? Johnny says I’m over it. By back is against the wall. I have nobody. Vanessa asks who are you scared of in the house. Johnny says everyone .. I don’t want to throw anyone under the bus. Vanessa says I didn’t even know my back was against the wall. I thought I was just winning it (veto) to keep the noms the same. Johnny asks what happened with your conversation with Austin last night. Vanessa says a lot of things. Austin and I cleared a lot of things up. I found out a lot of people were throwing me under the bus. Vanessa says I have a hard time trusting you at your word. I know you had animosity towards me. Johnny says I’ve lost friend after friend. I know you might have had a part in it but it doesn’t matter any more. I know people are close to Steve and that I am probably going home. Vanessa says I am frustrated with Steve because he lied to me last night. His back wasn’t against the wall. Johnny asks so if everything went to plan I was going home this week. I am alone in this house. I am at the bottom and once you figure out things I am willing to talk. I’ve lost everyone. I’ve got nothing left. There is nothing I can say for them to keep me over Steve. I can’t do anything you know. Vanessa talks about the issues she had with Becky. All I asked was for her word and anyone who’s watched Big Brother knows that’s a common thing to ask for. Johnny says going forward I am done. You could have lied to me since we walked in the door and I wouldn’t care at this point. Johnny brings up the Vanessa/Audrey fight and says that Audrey told me you ratted me out. Vanessa says Audrey is a liar. I thought it was Jeff who was the one who told me. You may have thought you had told me but he told me. You later confirmed it. Audrey threw us under the bus to not trust each other. Johnny says that always made me uneasy about you. Vanessa says Audrey was starting sh*t between us. I’m glad Audrey is not here any more. Johnny says I think the only other thing is that we had different allies in the house. Vanessa asks has there been information that Steve gave you that you lead me to believe it came from somewhere else? Johnny says no. Johnny explains the fight with him/Clay/James and Vanessa. Vanessa says that is the first time that makes sense to me. Johnny says Clay took the bullet for it. Vanessa says I hope you know that you’ve never been my enemy in the house.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-23 11-50-43-550

11:40am – 12:20pm HOH room – Austin and Liz are talking. Liz says I am over listening to Steve. Like literally he is a 22 year old nerd. I love you but you need to check yourself! Austin says I am going to question Johnny Mac and find out if there really was a final 2 with Steve. Steve told me there wasn’t. Liz says he is so fake. Austin says he always tells me Austin James is putting you up next week. And I’m like how would you know that. Austin and Liz head down to make breakfast.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-23 11-54-27-610

12:25pm – 12:50pm Vanessa tells Johnny I am going to do what I can to help your situation. And I think there is something that I can do to help your situation out. I can’t take two people down, if I did take you down .. that’s all it would take. Johnny says I don’t even care if you take me down as long as I stay. Johnny tells Vanessa that Austin and the twins know the true story about what happened during the Clay fight. Vanessa says motherf**kers and they didn’t tell me?! That would have cleared up a lot with my feelings towards you and they didn’t tell me. I guess they didn’t understand the situation because they weren’t there. Vanessa says I don’t want you to go home. I don’t want you to go home.. That would be so dumb. Johnny asks do we still act like we hate each other? I feel like that’s what’s been keeping us safe. Vanessa says that is probably smart.. okay so I have to be creative on how to keep you. Johnny asks so they really want James and Meg here? I haven’t been that great in competitions. Meg did better than me in this one. Vanessa says I think their fear with James is that he could come back and he can win comps. Vanessa says we are 100% cool. I hope you stay. The only person that I think shouldn’t think we’re mad is Steve. There is something he did that made me mad and I need to ask him about it. Johnny says I couldn’t tell if Steve and I were going up as pawns or if Steve or I were the target. Vanessa asks have James or Meg ever thrown me under the bus to you? Johnny says not to me. They have no reason to tell me anything against you. When Liz won HOH and after Becky & I were nominated Meg told me if I had anything to vent on about Vanessa I should probably do it. Vanessa says everyone was doing it. They didn’t want to go up so they were framing me. Johnny says the thing I don’t like about them (James & Meg) is how fast they turned on Becky. Johnny says no matter if you use it or not you still need the twins vote. Vanessa says so I have your word that we are cool. Johnny says its all I’ve got. Vanessa says if everyone thinks we do hate each other.. then we’ll never be put up on the block together. Johnny says I feel like you’re a better game player than Steve and I know we’re going to get broken up. Johnny says think about whether we should be mad at each other or not. We could say that Meg put all this in their heads. Vanessa says it will make Meg look like the mastermind which she has been to a certain extent. They decide to keep it cool / kind of uneasy. Vanessa says you can talk sh*t about me. Johnny says if I do I will come tell you everything I say. This is crazy .. this is awesome! Vanessa says I really hope it works. Johnny says we have to make sure we’re not seen as a 3 (Johnny, Steve, Vanessa). We need them (James and Meg) to be seen as a group that will become 3 when someone comes back.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-23 12-26-51-708

12:55pm Vanessa talks to Austin and Liz. She says Johnny Mac knows he’s done. Vanessa tells them why Johnny has been upset with her since week 1. Vanessa says that this sh*t has to do with Audrey! She is still haunting me!! He then told me everything that happened with Clay. We don’t have to be enemies, for the first time in the game we’re on the same playing level. Austin says that he needs to talk to Johnny and find out if he and Steve have a final 2. I need to know if Steve lied about that. Steve has the face morph in his backyard and the zingbot in his mom’s basement. Vanessa says that Johnny said his target next week would be the one that is left James or Meg and the person that comes back. Austin says so he will probably throw it. Vanessa says which is good for us. Vanessa tells them about how Meg told Johnny to throw me under the bus. That’s how much of a mastermind she is. Liz says Meg is always the one that has been vocal about you. James never says anything. Austin says we need to connect James and Meg to a plot to get you out.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-23 12-55-39-845

1:05pm Austin asks did you talk to Vanessa? Johnny says yeah, she doesn’t know what to do with it. Austin says Meg and James are trying to get her not to use it so that you will go. Austin says I am looking for loyal people to work with. Austin says that Clay told me to trust you and that pretty much you and Steve had a final 2 kind of thing. Johnny says yeah. Austin asks so you are cool going to the final 2 with him. Austin asks when did you decide to be a final 2. Johnny says it never was decided but when Clay and Shelli were looking for someone for me to be safe. Austin says so you knew you guys had to band together because they were a 2. That makes sense why Steve was so afraid to be on the block with you. I wish Steve had told me how close you two were. I don’t look at it as a bad thing. Austin asks do you think I can trust James? Because if he comes back I am f**ked. Johnny says keep James and they could possibly become a 3 (with returning jury member). Nothing bad about him, its just a numbers thing. Austin says if you know anything on Meg and James .. I am looking for reasons not to trust them. My goal today is to fish for sh*t. Johnny says James told me if it came down to him and me .. he said he would throw it to me. Austin says he said he would throw it to me too. Johnny says if he is saying he would throw it to me and doesn’t that means he’s unease about others. Austin says Vanessa is a shield but can only be for so long. I made the right move keeping her because she is on our side again. And if we keep you and Shelli comes back you could possible keep her from coming after us. Johnny says I could. Austin says you’re the easy one to get out because no one would be mad. I need to find something about James.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-23 13-06-52-877

1:25pm Julia tells Liz I am not going to be the less intelligent twin any more. Liz tells Julia about their conversation with Vanessa. Vanessa doesn’t have any concrete evidence against James and Meg. Vanessa had a conversation with Johnny Mac and he came clean about everything. Liz says I am really sketched out about Steve. I understand would have a final 2 with Johnny. He wouldn’t have one with Austin, me, you, Meg, Vanessa or James. Julia says I was right about Vanessa. You and Austin were sketched out about her but I am glad she really is on our side. Liz says I feel bad about trashing her in the DR. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Julia says it would be awesome for our game to get our Steve because he is going to win things. Johnny Mac isn’t winning things lately. But I think anyone that would come back won’t work with Steve. They would all work with Johnny Mac. Liz says I am just scared… this is how you and I get f**ked. Someone comes back and puts you and I up and one of us go. Julia says unless one of us wins the veto .. or Austin. Julia says I think this week Johnny needs to go. Liz agrees. Julia says I don’t think if Steve wins he would come after us. There are 4 of us I mean like come on lets be real. Liz says I didn’t put him up when I was HOH. Lets be real little boy!

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Vanessa Fan

Vanessa is the master in the house. Even when the plan is for the entire house to send her home, someone else goes out the door. That someone else is whomever Vanessa has chosen for that week. Vanessa is AWESOME..!!

Chill this Town

her game is a total manic mess.

but she cleans up after herself quite well….she will have had her hand in every big eviction, been up against the wall multiple times, gone back on backdooring her ally, lied 100 percent of the time, cried 50 percent of the time….and likely win the game IF she can keep MAC and get him and the returning HG to team up against AusTwins…because I have no faith in the Goblins at all.


It was said Vanessa got hints about what’s going on in the game in her HOH baskets! She’s bribing contestants.
Vanessa is a master of polemics…she stirs up controversy, plants ideas, fights her so called foes by attacking them, twisting the facts against her to make others believe they’re really doing it…constantly deflecting off her like a human shield. What she did to Steve when she wanted to talk with him, and he said he’s not in a good mental state right now to listen, she criies, runs to the wc, and then comes out…wha la.Steve apologizes TO HER…REALLY! And she’s now after Meg.Now with her POV, Austin shivers, JMAC is up against a wall and she’s turned on Steve.Lize now says, I’m sorry I talked about Scaressa in my DR sessions. What a con artist Vanessa is…And a bully,BB…SEND US A GOLDEN POV OR SOMETHING TO STOP THIS. SHE SHOULD BE EJECTED FROM THE GAME IF SHE GOT HIDDEN STUFF FROM HER FAMILY AND BRIBED CONTESTANTS.


I mean she won the veto otherwise this would be a different conversation or a nonexistent one that she’s having with JohnnyMac who isn’t a good shrewd player in the first place other than screaming the DR and throwing comps.

She has some good skills like winning mental comps. And I appreciate that she has hustled the whole game even though I don’t like her as a player. But she overruns her mouth and and there is still some game left. The people helping to protect her haven’t seen clearly where it’s in their complete interest to personally take her out. There are some spineless ones in there but they aren’t like the pea juvenile brains running around in there last year. The game can go either way for her. I don’t personally think shes going to make it to final two but if she does the way it is now she would deserve to win off efforts alone.

She's Not Smarter than Rip Van Winkle

Oh God. Here we go again. The evil stare and manic panic of Van-ipulator the executioner, exterminator, anointed by POV to be the BB Spanish Inquisition. I thought it was Judas Day, but no, she snatched the crown right off his head and rises to the level of savior- Austin that little motherf*cker James was gonna flip your kingdom.

What’s most disturbing about Vanessa is her psychological imbalance and real hatred she shows for others. She actually drools at the prospect of putting each houseguest on the rack, cranking the wheels, listening to bones crack, ripping flesh, death by a thousand cuts, until her victims declare yes she is god, I will confess and sacrifice my mother, my game my life for you to prove my devotion to you oh Vanipulator. She learned it in law school and by getting dumped by ask the cheating men in her life that would force her into scissor sistering the rest of eternity. God, do you blame anyone for cheating on her, they probably weren’t in a relationship in the first place, it was her delusion she forced on men at the point of a knife like all her alliances.

Vanessa is sick of Steve and never liked James or Meg so she deigns Johnny’s life salvageable IF AND ONLY IF he lies about Steve, James and Meg. She gets into the torture with a terrible twinkle in her eye so you know the evil is not an act. John says uh huh, yeah, fifty times, dangling at the end of her noose, and Vanessa has her REASON to execute Steve James or Meg. What is this? the Middle Ages? Bullying to new heights. Did she take any history classes? Does she know what happened to the Kings executioner’s? Their own lies and methods get them killed. So we wait, not too patiently for her demise.

After all, she said Johnny is now on her same level as they go forth together, alone, with no one but each other. And JMAC didn’t have to do anything but sleep all season. While Vanessa kept digging her graves, nailing own coffin shut, then having to claw her way back out. She could have saved herself alot of trouble by shutting up. And not lying so often she called herself out. Maybe Johnny can teach her a few things. Probably not, she doesn’t shut up to listen. And you better not infer she’s not the smartest, or it’s off to the gallows again.


Sounds like someone is playing Big Brother and someone doesn’t like it.


Daffy duck lip looking ….. Quack!

Vanessa Staking You Too?

Anyone who admires a con artist lawyer wasting our time rewriting CBS rules to include cheating bribes and chomping multiple bi-polar meds while spewing hate and bigotry against her lesbianism is the producer who finally accepted her 6th application. Or the kinda dumbass she looks for to rob online or at the gambling tables. You probably believe Vanessa will get you car if you vote her Americas Favorite.


Unlike most of the other houseguests, Vanessa is actually making for good TV! She’s the only one actively trying to game plan and scheme intelligently! She knows what she’s doing and a lot of people hate her for it, but I think she’s freaking brilliant! I would love to see her win!!


‘Scheme intelligently’..??
What fukin planet are you on?
Are you on the same drugs as her?
Vanessa is a certifiable lunatic.
And now she’s brainwashed Austin into this psycho mentality of ‘I gotta catch someone in a lie..I gotta catch some in a lie!’ bullshat.
BB 17 is house full of LOONEY TUNES, which conveniently happens to make for good tv.


She may be a lunatic, but she’s obviously doing something right to wrap everyone around her little finger! And yes ma’am, Vanessa and I are from the same planet, Venus, where all women are bat shit crazy but somehow get shit done! hahaha 🙂

It's Not Just Someone! No One's Watching This Crap

Recruited Sick Cheating Liars Humiliating & Prosituting Bribing & Drugging Fake Rigged Comps….Welcome to Biiig Brottthhheeerrr!! No douche, check the ratings, no one’s watching the Vanessa Judas show. Wanna see sick con criminals rob torture & f*ck each other? Watch To Catch a Predator, John Walsh’s The Hunt, ISIS on CNN, or Teen Mom 2. At least those jerks get arrested for breaking the law. VaMessa couldn’t pull that shit in court without getting going to jail for manufacturing & planting evidence, bribing wetnesses and confessions under duress. Are you an ex-con? Do you like cheating and bribes in professional sports, then bet on them? Win money on the Patriots?

People who watch CBS pay for this crap that was a bait & switch last couple seasons. Keep hiring con artist actors & cops. Just have the balls to put them on the same cast together. They’d save money on psychotropic drugs required to keep these losers in the game.


IMO she doesnt really play the game that well, its the people she’s playing the game with that have a problem. That or this game is fixed(production decides who is really evicted). i still dont see how it is possible to be so easily manipulated by someone who has been caught on an infinite number of lies. as i stated before, vanessa’s game isnt THAT good, its the people in the BB house that are just braindead/gullible.


I agree MamaJoyce. BB Casting chose younger cast who really can be swayed. Except for JMAC and James, they’re all quite gullible. And Vanessa’s jumping on their naivete and playing on their fear. It’s starting more and more to looked fixed.

Why Didn't You Congratulate Me? You're Dead!

Everything is about you, right Vanessa? The root of your paranoia, low self esteem no college degree can cure? Meg has no right to cry for her own reasons. Everything in the universe is about you. You didn’t hug me fast enuf after my win wahhhh, VaMessa is VEWY VEWY mad at woo!

She said the same thing to Becky, before her extermination. Buh Bye Meg! You traitor, selfish, big mouth, who won’t volunteer for the guillotine, and who consorts with James the Couple Killer. We loved Jace and James evicted him. Whhaaaattt? Now Jace was your buddy? Slow down Van your lips runneth over with ridiculous lies. Her crazy eyes force you to scan the room for weapons.

Should have played the game when you had the chance Meg. You dared throw Vanessa under the bus? Confess your sins wench and march to the guillotine with Steve to see who will get saved by the evil witch I mean Queen Vanessa.

FearTheWalkingDead Tonight on AMC

Vanessa is playing with mindless Zombies. Relax!


I totally agree! What I don’t understand is if so many people have thumbs up’d your comment why is Van so low in the poll??

Smite Her Lord! I HATE Hypocrits She Says Lying with a Bible in Her Hand

Oh Gawd Vanessa Grabs Her Bible Again & Lies. You’re a lying cheating hypocrit Vanessa! Vanessa’s keeps talking out of both sides of her mouth with double standards–did you lie to my face, how dare you not go up on the block for me, I lied, I ratted, I was disloyal and started multiple alliances, because I get a pass, bc I had a good reason, because I get emotional…blah blah blah.

It’s Audreys fault, It’s Shelli’s fault, Clay dI’d it, James is a Napoleon Mutherf*cker, Steve is a little f*cker, Meg is two-faced mastermind, blah blah blah. Everyone tells her what she wants to hear while she lies her ass off threatening to end their game crying and yelling using her POV like a gun to everyone’s head, you know if you don’t answer right, it’s you on the block going home. And the Austwits to stupid to contradict her in case she wins HOH, she’ll continue to lie to their faces that she was never disloyal while continuing to make alliances with everyone else.

How dare anyone compare her to good cop Derrick. Her interrogation tactics would be illegal, thrown out of court, is that why she didn’t practice law? She’d be in jail for manufacturing evidence, threatening witnesses, planting evidence, bribery, blackmail, extortion, obstructing justice, excessive force, confessions under duress and police brutality.

Crazy twins and creepy Austin so egotistical elitist and Jabs thinks racist because they keep picking on his height. Steve JMAC James all contenders and hating her browbeating condescending terror tactics should throw Meg under bus, wait for juror to return and kick ass to break the Blond Smoke Bomb with a Dick Alliance. I had a dream too Vanessa, you’re gonna half to wait for your reward in heaven because your so-called selfless acts aren’t winning this year. Keep grabbing the Bible to tell your biggest lies and wait for the lightning to strike you. Take your meds and shut up. She’s never satisfied with winning POV this is the Vanessa Humiliate Everyone Show. No one will ever respect you Vanessa, give it up! Thou doth protesteth to much, consciousness of guilt!


I would actually like to see JMAC team up with Vanessa… Atleast for right now. It would be awesome for her to use the veto on him and make Austin have to put James or Meg up! Make them all squirm!

Can. Bacon

Beg Ratboy Beg! SquirmyMac Finally has a strategy…Begging!

Ariana Grande licks donuts and hates Americans

Sorry, but his strategy is not begging, it’s throwing.


JMACS is a strategic playa- he begs and he throws. He KNOWs how to change it up!

Chill this Town

now….if Vanessa somehow uses that POV on MAC…..

its something I hadn’t really thought possible…is it good for MAC? of course, but I am not too sure Vanessa would do it. does it help her?

this is a tough one. Steve can play the game, but I honestly can’t tell when MAC is being honest or lying, and I begin to wonder if sometimes he doesn’t know either.

if he can put aside his Vanessa hate, she could be a heck of an ally for him. MAC is so under the radar and calm that they would never have any issues. MAC never talks game he just listens…

I am intrigued by this, because if Becky or Jackie return, and MAC is working with Vanessa…we have ourselves a game again. if MAC goes and Steve continues to string along both sides and James/MEG continue to appease the ugly trio….it won ‘t be.

gosh I hope she uses that Veto. I fear its just the show doing what it does, which is provide hope to everyone involved. this house changes its mind so often…cmon DR, persuade Vanessa to VETO MAC’s nom.


Yay! I’m NOT crazy for thinking the same things that you wrote…I was TeamDumb for a bit, but now I hope Vanessa does use the Veto & James goes up. Didn’t Jackie say she was willing to work with Vanessa if she does get back into the house? I just hope Austin or the Twins go out this next HOH.


It really doesn’t matter what she does with the veto. She can work with James or Steve as easily as Johnny.

There are two sides of the house right now: the Austwins, and everyone else. All the game talk for the last two weeks has been complete nonsense because the Austwins have been in power, and nobody can talk about what’s really going on.

All the other alliances right now are meaningless, and all the non-Austwin players are interchangeable, as long as that alliance is in the HoH room.

The game is on hold until someone can put up an Austwin.


Vanessa is not going to use the veto , she is just using it as 50% torcher and 50% bait to get information on other HGs . I don’t like her tactics, but she is more entertaining then watching the twins and their pet.


What’s up with Liz’s eye?! Looks bruised.

Ariana Grande licks donuts and hates Americans

She was giving Autism fellatio and on the downwards stroke she missed.

I know.

Probably an Eye Hickey.
I was once with a guy who didn’t know what he was doing either and sucked my eye until I showed him where my mouth was…I’m sure you know what else I had to show him what to do.

Min O'Pause


Min O'Pause

He woulda shit if that eye had been glass…


FYI, Austwins… Van didnt bring you this far, so she could “be your girl”, and be in final 4 with you… She brought you here to be HER meat shield.

Night Owl

You got it! She is one clever girl. Three targets bigger than her.


Vanessa is clever. I hope she does in fact use the veto to take John off the block and replace him with James. They would be foolish not to send Steve packing as he is the biggest threat throwing comps left and right. Winning only when he needs to. Sly boy! It would be a bonus if Shelley comes back to team up with John and Vanessa to break up Asstin and his twits!


No need to use the Veto if the plan is to save JMac and send out Steve. JMac might be even more impressed that Vanessa was able to get everyone to vote for him while still seeming as enemies. Vanessa also needs someone to take out Austin… hello JMac, time to repay the favor.


Please not James. Put up good for nothing Meg.


The more Vanessa talks and lies the more I cannot stand this woman……Wake up House guests…

Ariana Grande licks donuts and hates Americans

You can wake everyone up except Meg the Sloth, she has chronic narcolepsy. I heard that her condition is debilitating.


But Vanessa says Meg is an evil genius mastermind. All that crying, you know.


That’s her plan if you say something enough people start to believe it.

A Fan of the Show

OH MY GODFREY! Is this possible? Will Vanessa actually save JMac? As much as i want Vanessa out, i would love to see Vanessa team up with JMac and Steve and take out the Austwins. But at the same time, i dont wanna get my hopes up, i remember how disappointed i was when Austin didnt put up Vanessa as one of the initial nominations.

Straight Shooter

I’m so irritated with Vanessa always questioning HGs, like she’s the parent and they’re the children. Vanessa demands answers: “Tell me the truth, did you do this? What were you thinking? Are you lying to me? How could you do this to me? Don’t you know, everything I do is for your own good?”

HGs: “Please don’t ground me, Mommy. I’ll tell you everything. I’ll rat out my siblings. I’ll confess to it all. I’ll tell you the truth. Please don’t stop loving me. I’ll never do it again. Please. Please. Please. I’m sorry. Can I have dessert now?”

It’s sickening. Made worse by the fact that they allow it to happen. It’s almost as if they don’t know any better. 😉


It’s called playing the Big Brother Game and that is what Vanessa is doing.


Negative, Chill.
What Vanessa is doing is having a paranoia trip from all those pills she popping.
Someone in a previous comment said Vanessa isn’t brilliant, she’s just surrounded by morons.
That’s what’s up.
Dan Gheesling would EAT HER AAALLLIIIVVVEEE (along with everyone else in bb17)
It’s a shame HE can’t be the returning houstguest.
They’d all be fish in a barrel.

Misty Beethoven

I’d love to see her in the house with Evel Dick – he would flip, fry, scramble, and shake her up so damn much she wouldn’t know which end is up. Vanessa wouldn’t know what hit her, and no amount of Adderall could help her focus once she received one of ED’s screaming barrages ending with a hearty STFU. Ah, the good old days…


Vanessa and her bullying ways can make it to the end against these morons, but I wonder how this jury will vote, will they vote for the one who “outplayed” them, or will it be a bitter jury?
I am hoping for a bitter jury, because Vanessa has not been fun to watch, she is almost making Amanda’s way of intimidation look nice.


Production…”You are NOT allowed to Bully other house guests” give me a break…this is BB. Stop cryin “Bully” ..

Tic Tac Toe

Vanessa should be a police detective
That what she remains me off the way she questions everyone. Like there all being interrogated. By Detective Rousso


Couldn’t have said it better myself!

Big sexy 40

Aus/ twits vs Vanessa, jmac and becky down the stretch …. Guess after this god awful viewing month,
Maybe get a lil redemption soon, seeing Austin vs Diz on block at some point .. Or maybe if Van and jmac get on same page, they get on block together again, and re fued… Otherwise if Julia hits and hoh followed by another member of that side, we will be into sept .. With this bs… And I’m goin to buy a bullet and rent a gun~


Jmac making deals with Van. Finally playing the game. Go Jmac.

C Bacon

Actually it is Van PROPOSING a deal to JRat and JRat salivating.


I hope JMAC survives, but sometimes his grunts sound like RRRRRR from zombie movie, “Warm Bodies” Or kind of like Barney from, “The Simpsons.”

Ariana Grande licks donuts and hates Americans

The title of this post suggests that Jmac is willing to talk, BUT, is he willing NOT to throw comps??? That is the question!!!


FINALLY. Vanessa and JMac have a conversation about really working together. It needs to be done. Both need to realize they are on the bottom of any alliance totem pole and they need each other to advance because the Aus-twins along with James/Meg/whoever comes back needs to be broken up for them to go to the end.

Unless she can get the twins or Austin to suggest taking JMac down, she needs to use the veto on Steve as to not arouse suspicion of her and Johnny working together. For their games, James needs to be sent out the door this week. That guarantees the goblins will only have 2 no matter who comes back, and essentially Austin and the twins take a lot of the blame for the eviction. Next week, if Vanessa, Johnny, Meg, Steve, James/whoever comes back wins the HOH, they need to nominate Austin and Julia. That will not only lay the groundwork to break up that alliance but it could fracture it because one of them will find out where Liz’ loyalty lies. We can only hope Liz wins the veto in that case.

Now is the time. Vanessa has played a smart game, but it’s been all over the place. Johnny has done a ton of actual gameplay. They need to join up and start playing ruthless. It’s wide open for them to make a run to the end together.

It's inappropriate!

Why does everyone in the house and viewers handle John with kid gloves? If he stays what are we looking forward to more moping and continuous throwing of comps? Also I don’t have the feeds, but get my info from this great site and Twitter, but have Meg and James talked any game along together? Are they planning for the days or weeks ahead? I like them but I’m so over them and their summer camp crap, you are being played believe that!


Ha ha Dawg is now ahead of Austwins and Vanessa in the polls! Lol


I would love to see JMac and Vanessa team up. Who ever comes back in will work with them and target Austwins.

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I just voted for Dawg and noticed that he is ahead of 4 people including Wahnessa.
If you threw Dawg into the BB house, I believe he could win the whole enchilada. He isn’t even in the BB house and he’s ahead of 4 people, I believe that’s the best Dawg has done in the past few years.


kathie from canada

you are the only one with the true momentum! Dawg for the win! Beats my other choices! ????


Like I said weeks ago (when you all were so quick to give me “many thumbs downs”. DON’T COUNT VANESSA OUT TOO QUICKLY . She is a badass and I think seriously pairing with jmac and keeping it secret (if they are both serious) could be a game changer!


Smart playing by Vanessa and JM. If I were Austin, take out James, and make guarantee that side of the house does not become a trio after Thursday’s returning houseguest comes back. Even though they aren’t proven winners, James/Meg/Jackie would be the most solid group in the house if Jackie won the comp.




Did I just read what I think I just read? Vanessa saying that Meg is the Master Manipulator cause she “Apparently” told Johnny Mac to throw Vanessa under the bus? Hahaha…….Wow Vanessa……Wow!!

I'm Good at Getting People Evicted

Great job Vanessa! Win POV and pretend youre HOH. Connect James & Meg to plots to get you out, yes!, Meg is the Mastermind! Get Steve Out Get Meg out Today is Vanessa in power day I mean Judas Day. Get James out hes hiding something. Meg talks too much. Steve plays comps in mummy’s basement he’s only 22 so immature!

These people are schizoid paranoid delusion makers, selling everyone the Apocalypse. It’s End of Days if you don’t tell me what I want to hear. She can’t keep her lies straight so everyone says uh huh! Yeah! Johnny the yes man is the best player, he’s on the same level as Vanessa having slept the entire game. She wears herself out, lying herself into corners and onto the chopping block. Now we’re supposed to think she’s s genius for turning Austin head? Any pair of tit’s will turn his head. Johnny is the genius fir nodding to Final 3.


Remember Vanessa went to law scool she questions everyone like they are on the stand. I said this before Vanessa is trying to realign herself because she know she is 4th with the twins and Austin. Becky indicated she maybe willing to work with Vanessa. Hope she comes back. I believe the others are going to come back and target Vanessa. I’d rather see Austin and twins on block.

Jake K.

Smart move for Jmac. He knows at this point James and Meg do not want to interact with him cause he is a dead man walking. He also knows that Vanessa is this season’s kingpin and that she is on the outside of the Austwins. The more he plays into her actions, the more she will like him, the more she thinks she can control him, and the more likely JMac would get a vote from her in the finale. JMac needs to prove himself now. Nessa is the best social player in this game. Time to see if JMac can match up to her. I love the guy, but its time to put up or shut up. I actually would not mind seeing Shelli come back if JMac stays: I think that would make for an interesting end-game.


I dont want john to leave.hope steve goes.ven is a bully.and they need start breaking up the 3 some.


This “Bully” nonsense is rediculous. It’s Big Brother for cryin out loud.


OK just to be clear – if Vanessa does use the veto then isn’t she vulnerable to be backdoored and put on the block ? Though very very unlikely since Austin and his twins consider her a meat shield for them.


Is that you Julia? Or Liz?

No! The veto holder can NOT be put up as a replacement nominee.

Somewhat Better Than Last Year

WOW…I really don’t like Vanessa but I have to admit she’s been 3 steps ahead of anyone else this season.
She looks at her situation & plans. She knows that if she goes to Meg or James this week…they’ll go straight to benefit. She knows that with someone coming back in they are likely to go with Meg & James…so…If she keeps JMac & Steve & gets rid of James, then the returning player has to choose between her & the Austwins. Simple argument there…do you want to be #4 on their team or with me? That gives her 4 against 3.
She’s already putting a plan in place for the demise of the Austwins.

Crap…I really wanted James to win!


Again, get Meg out. Keep the good players like James, who is fun to watch and can win comps, and not afraid to make big moves, like putting up Shelly and Clay.


Vanessa is just exchanging JMAc for Steve. Hope meg leaves.


meg? leaving? vanessa is just throwing meg under the bus for insurance. if she uses the veto, james is #1 target most likely. austin is already looking for an excuse to put him up. i dont get this season, why need a reason to put someone up? just put them up and be done with it.. such cowardice amazes me.

Big sexy 40

Stevie go Buh Bye in da car~ and hmm let’s guess who’s driving him away .. Rhymes with shma smeshah~


I am ILL. I cannot believe I am reading this shit.. Meg, the mastermind? Are you kidding me? Are these houseguests on LSD now?? I mean, WTF? At this point if Vanessa wants to work with JohnnyMac; then at least get rid of STEVE. I am going to be really pissed off if James leaves this week. These house guests have no loyalty to anyone but themselves.. It is a shitty season for sure.


I wonder if vanessa contridicts herself that much in real life.


She didn’t learn this coldblooded crap in the BBhouse. I’ll bet she doesn’t have many friends.


She would buy her friends.


Vanessa take Jhon off.. And start to really worth with him.




Vanessa covers her tracks by being the first to go around grilling others about what they said. HOW DARE THE OTHERS PLAY THE GAME! Her vulnerabilities shine bright during these pre emptive strikes. JMAC entertained her questions and told her what she wanted to hear.
Her biggest mistake was broadcasting how smart she thinks she is. Sounds like she didn’t really pick up much from The Art of War.


The most famous proverb from Sun Tzu is “know your enemy and know yourself.”

Vanessa passes the first part but fails the second. She actually believes all the nonsense coming out of her mouth.

GeekSquad McGee

“When strong, appear as though you are weak. When weak, appear as though you are strong.”

If Vanessa followed the Sun Tzu to a T, she definitely wouldn’t advertise how smart she is. But that’s her narcissism taking over. She can’t help it. She needs to tell people how smart and rich she is.

It’s a cliche in movies; with the evil genius giving away his master plan. But it’s also not unrealistic. That’s how megalomaniacs really are. Even when it’s a detriment to their own game, they have to tell everyone how ingenious and special they are.

You're Right GeekSquad McGee

It does work to toot your own horn. Look at how many of them believe, after being told over and over, she’s such a smart, strategic player.

Susie Q

Instead, Vanessa is following the proverb of the Shih Tzu and chasing her tail.


Well done! That just made me laugh out loud:D


More power to austin for getting the girl. I’m not mad at him. Sex is always on men’s mind. Being truthful…poor James is getting blue balls . Ha !


mm i dont think austin has liz at all.. if a girl isnt attracted to you, there is very little a man can do to make her. by little i mean 0.1% chance. liz is just using austin. once the show is over, so does her “love” for him.

go home Meg..

F@$& Austin…


With James having herpes I hope his balls stay blue.
Hopefully none of the houseguests get it from living with him.


I can never leave a comment..


If Van can save Jmac. Becky comes back in. That is a dangerous threesome.


Why does vanessa need that kind of medicine? Is there something wrong with her? I hate taking any kind of pills.


It makes her think better its like taking steroids but for your brain.


Ill love Vaness if she takes out Austwits, it’s time for Summer Camp to be over. Team up with James, Jmac and returning HG to burn down Summer Camp


Vanessa eating up what Johnny Mac reflects her true intelligence.

Then again, if production is involved, they are all just puppets and I need to stop analyzing what I see.

Night Owl

She is putting her plan into action. The Austwins won’t see it coming. I never believed she was really “with” them, just keeping them there till the time was right and next week the time is perfectly right. With only 5 left in the house they will all need each other and work with each other, so bye, bye Austwins. What are the chances of Liz or Julia winning next HOH? Please no. But if they do win, Vanessa will pretend to still be on their side and influence the winner to get rid of James or Meg keeping Johnny and who ever comes back safe. The next HOH is going to be a nail biter!


Love this season…..vanessa fan….and jmac..they should team up and get austin and liz out.


I cant stand Austin….


Well well well. Who would have thunk it? Not me. But the more I think about it, the more I like it. Becky said she liked JMac’s advice because he was defensive to her offensive. He might balance Vanessa off a bit and hopefully not let her intimidate him. And if Becky makes it back in…oh boy! Austin and Liz on block next week please. I’m not sure who I’d rather go home this week: Steve or James, I’m leaning to keep James because he’s fearless.


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Uh….Bob…who said we are all Christians. I HATE assholes like you that go on entertainment blogs to prostilze their narrow mindedness. Just FYI there are other religions besides Christianity. Now scurry back to checking to see if your name is one the Ashley Madison list. Moron. Btw Judgemental is one word.


Poor JMAC will be easier to control than Steve will. If Steve stays I hope he backstabs vanessa big time. Steve knows that the votes to win would be given to vanessa. Becky already told him where her vote would go if vanessa is is in final 2.

Evict Vanessa's beanie

Ok it’s clear now. Vanessa is the winner of BB17. Bunch of cowards. They are gonna regret not getting rid of her when they had the opportunity. This is what happena when CBS casts a bunch of morons with a poker playing snake. And they’re in for a shock when they find out this milionnaire won the game.


I’d pay an extra $6.99 a month if CBS would give me at least one feed without one of Vanessa or Austin on it.


Vanessa just Take jmac off…and put meg, James up…. Stop talking and just decide already….

go home Meg..

Go home Meg…..

Twistin with rhe twins

Vanessa working overtime this afternoon on the feeds spreading doubt and uncertainty. Playing just about everybody in the house. The manipulation is back in full force. We got some serious arm waving, eyes are rolling, frowns and stares are on full display. She got some power and the store has opened back up for business.


Vanessa has no relationship with James/meg so I’m pretty sure she will use the veto. All she has to do is talk to austwins for two minutes & she will have them convinced she’s right. Lol. Austin could even play dumb & when she takes one down he has no choice but to put up meg & pretend she’s not the target. Would love to see meg go out & Shelli come back to work with van/jmac/Steve to get out austwins.


Its annoying how Vanessa is puppeting that Meg is a snake and that she is going home next week. Uuuummmm Meg crys a lot and doesnt talk a lot of game. I dont think johnny mac and Steve are buying into it. Vanessa is bullying them again…….take her OOOOOOOOOUUUUUIUT!!!!!!


Stop with the Bully accusations…this is a game…it’s BB. It’s not the real world..nor is everything always politically correct. Get over it.