“Do you still feel good about your decision to get the Shelli out first over Vanessa” -James

POV Holder: Vanessa POV Competition Aug 22nd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 24th
HOH Austin Next HOH Aug 27th
Original Nominations: Steve and Jmac
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots No have nots this week

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-23 14-52-18-010_jpg

2:50pm Vanessa and Steve Comic room
Steve pulls out the bible tells him he’s told her everything (Prior to me coming in on this conversation Vanessa had sworn on the bible she was telling the truth. Dawg covered this conversation in the previous post. Basically Vanessa is building up trust with Steve and Jmac and trying to get Austin to take out a goblin.)

Vanessa say Johnnymac came clean with her about everything “I’ve never felt more fine with him.. and he never felt more fine with me”
Vanessa – I don’t think you are aware what you are capable in this game..

Vanessa – Johnny believes you have a final 2 deal with him
Steve – yes
Vanessa – does Austin
Steve – he asked me about it

Vanessa – for f*** sake I don’t know what more to do to prove to you I have your back

Vanessa- Austin and I have been working together since the fast forward.. Then he fell in love with LIz
Vanessa says she would be a fool to think Austin is going to the end with her. Austin is with the twins first.
Vanessa seems to think Meg was purposely trying to heighten paranoia to get Vanessa out.

Vanessa – Steve I’m telling you Austin’s doubting you.,..
Steve – Because of Johnny
Vanessa points out Johnnymac must have told Austin he was in a final 2 with you.

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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-23 15-27-47-073_jpg

3:11pm Bathroom Vanessa and Austin
Vanessa says Steve proof that he’s more loyal to them was his HOH during double eviction because jmac wanted James out not jackie.
Austin says Steve was brought to him through Clay and Shelli..
Austin – It’s been Steve and Johnnymac through Shelli/Clay all this time

Vanessa saying that Meg usually laughs after losing a competition this last POV last night she was crying after, “There was something”
Vanessa – Best bet target Meg over James, Meg won’t come back
Austin – He will be nuts irrational and If Jackie comes back it will be BOOOM…
Austin – If James goes into the Jury all four of those people are vicious competitors
Adds that whoever comes back will be teamed up with Meg. Austin thinks this is a better outcome.
Austin – who do you take down
Vanessa – I don’t know

Vanessa mentions how scary it is leaving Meg and james in the game with the good chance Jackie comes back in. Austin says that can be their reason. Based on the information Johnnymac has been telling you there’s reason.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-23 15-32-34-239_jpg

3:31pm James the Cat man

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-23 15-52-38-132_jpg

3:50pm Austin and Meg
Austin says his girlfriend will be very upset and probably never talk to him again, “I should have been not selfish and finished things months before”

Austin says his girlfriend told him if he went on the show she would be around when he came out.
Austin says he had no intention on finding a showmance but once he went into the house ‘Surprise surprise I found someone”
Austin feels bad that his girlfriend will find out on a TV show. Austin says showmances are a cool element in the show, Adds it’s not like he was living with the girl they were just seeing each other.

Feeds switch to the kitchen eating and chit chat..

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-23 16-02-40-573_jpg

4:01pm Jmac and Vanessa
Jamac tell her to use the veto on him
Jmac says Steve is tight with twins and Austin.
Vanessa- he’s tight with them.
Jmac says it will be easier for them to get a goblin out if they’re up against Steve

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-23 16-13-26-151_jpg

4:11pm HOH twins and Vanessa
Vanessa working on equating Meg’s name with MUD. Saying that Meg was trying to get her out this week.
Vanessa says Meg is the furthest off her radar.
A twin is now saying they need to take out Meg, “She’s so sneaky”
Vanessa tells them what Austin told Steve about Brass tacks
Vanessa warns
Vanessa tells them that Steve thinks Jmac believes he’s in a final 2 with Steve but Steve is really loyal to them, ‘He’s allowed to have other people, there’s level of loyalties”

Liz – we need to get Johnnymac out he’s sketchy Mc sketcher in the Diary room
Julia- Either James or John need to go
Vaness a- what if becky comes back and has james and Meg
Liz points out they have no relationships with Johnnymac compared to Steve
Vanessa says jmac is less capable than Steve
Julia says Steve has been a “Complete Sh1t head” this week
Liz – you’re 22 year old you’re a nincompoop stop telling Austin what to do he can flick you across the room
LIz – Johnnymac has gotta go
Julia now saying that they should send Steve home because he’s more dangerous in competitions.. (LOL I give up they flip flop all over the place)

Vanessa tells them she’s predicted every single competition. She believes the next competitions is dates.

Liz mentions that a lot of the vetoes Jmac won were thrown to her.
Julia says the one he won during double eviction wasn’t thrown to him

Julia – “I think we should put James up I would love to see him go home”
Liz – I know and Meg is all by herself and she’ll friggin crack

Steve comes up, explains to them the deal he had made with Johnnymac. It was a simple deal what they would work together.
Steve says he doesn’t know what Jmac would do if he won HOH, Steve thinks he might be closer to them than anyone.

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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-23 16-50-14-157_jpg

4:46pm James and Meg
Meg – how far do you think Vanessa will get
James – she’s going to get far
james – you know how we would say Shelli was going to be hard to get..
Meg – no
James – it’s Vanessa
James – Do you still feel good about your decision to get the Shelli out first
Meg- Ya, Do you not
James- I’m trying to think of the comps we just played, Vanessa is a lot closer to Austin that’s a problem
Meg – Shelli is closer to Steve and Johnnymac
James- that would have caused conflict between the house sides not particularly us.. this side would throw grenades at that side and me and you could have been in the middle of it
Meg – Big time


  • “Goblins/Gremlins” = James and Meg
  • “The Generals” = anyone allied with Becky
  • “SOS” (Students of Sound) = Steve and Vanessa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Austin’s Angels” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Vanessa
  • “Brass Tacks” = Gobins and Austwins
  • The new “Brass Tacks” = Aus-Twins, Meg, James + Vanessa
  • “Freaks and Geeks” “The Scamper Squad” = Aus-Twins, Vanessa, Steve
  • “The new Freaks and Geeks minus Vanessa” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve, Johnny Mac
  • “The Authority” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve

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Remember when we were all excited when Julia was coming in the house officially bc she was gonna talk sense into Liz…psych…Julia is the fucking dumbass.
Anytime Austwins talk, I get secondhand embarrassment …woooo cannot wait when Van noms them

FearTheWalkingDead on AMC Tonight

Vanessa is spinning hard. D.R. needs to call her in for a psychotherapy. Tranquilizer perhaps.


Van was doing great when they were 3 hours late giving her, “her meds”
The meds are Vans problem!

She Taking Uppers When She Needs to Take Downers

She begs for Adderall for fake OCD to make her mind sharper when she needs to take downers like Clonapin or Prosac to cut the mania. The quack BB doctor Johnny talked about is probably giving her both and she over medicates, looking and acting like a jumpy tweeker. Between her cheating, bribes and meds, she’s the Lance Armstrong of BB, not a winner. She’s far from a straight shooter, more like a shooter upper.

Amanda queefs slop

Please get Meg out so I don’t have to look at her stupid face anymore.


Cheetos! Bring me Cheetos! MUST…HAVE…CHEETOS!!! AAaarrghHhH!!!

Amanda queefs slop

In all seriousness though why is she so liked? She’s dumb as rocks, doesn’t win anything, and is a horrible game player.

Min O'Pause

She’s like Aunt Bethany in the Christmas vacation movie.

Vanessas Mom

My baby has this in the bag. Some of you will hate her, some will love her. Won’t matter to her though just another 500,000 in the bank!

Go darling go.


I bet if feels good to look younger than your own daughter how do you do it?


I’ve been watching this game since it began and I tell you this show has never had a player like Vanessa. She is manipulative and her constant paranoia is ridiculous. She calls foul on people for doing the same thing she does and even worst. I have never disliked a player like I do her. I’m sorry nothing personal but she sucks.


I dislike Vanessa intensely, too, but I am fascinated by her ability to convince the others to get out who she wants out. They are all onto her and yet she still manipulates her way. I think if Steve and Johnny stay this week they are going to work very hard to get her out next week and there will be no chance she’ll be back.

Right on the money

Yes, but the twins are imbeciles


Haters gonna hate

shut up till the Adderall wears off

Good thing she has money because there is no way someone with her personality would have friends if she didn’t have cash. I can’t begin to understand why they haven’t thrown her over the fence or pressed the self-evict button just to get away from her paranoid incessant repeated rambling.

Wrong and right

Right it’s another 500,000 but not in the bank…more like to Pfizer the drug makers of Adderall. If you are her Mom you should be so proud…you raised another Pill popper for the Country. Great Job Moms.


What are you crazy? Do you have adhd? Does anyone close to you have adhd? Obviously you don’t because It’s not a joke.

Medication and behavioral therapy (Therapy is normally recommended for younger patients) are doctors only answer for it. If you have a better answer, I’m ALL ears. Along with the millions of other people that are unfortunate enough to have to deal with it.

She's a Performance Enhancement Adderall Addict

She’s said so on feeds, she takes Adderall to sharpen focus for playing poker and this rigged game. She says she claims an OCD problem to get them. She pops too many like Lilo and needs rehab. Austin knows her secret and counsels her to stop over medicating they are making her manic. She asked for sedatives instead and now tweeks. Lots of people have mental problems, take pills, but don’t spiral, blame producton for giving her too many, not enough, mixing them up. She’s a classic abuser, and can’t use it as an excuse for the horrible way she abuses people.

Vanessa's Accountant

No she’s gonna have alot less after paying all the bribes, buying cars, splitting stipends, paying off her pill popping addiction and taxes. Since she’s not making it to Final 4, that means she’ll OWE BB even she leaves. Mortgage your house mommy!

Like...I'm Jackie

Vanessa talks about never meeting someone like jmac that just won’t let something go.
Vanessa meet Vanessa!



Min O'Pause

I wish someone would steal that ridiculous hat of Asstin’s and toss it in the toilet. It would give new meaning to the phrase “go shit in your hat.” He should be wearing a mini clown hat on the side of his head like the guy on “In Living Color”. More appropriate.


Homie don’t play dat!


Hahaha. I think that was Damon Wayans in the sketch “Men on Film”

Homie da Clown

And someone should hit HIM with a sock full of sh*t.


i want one of the twins to go next
and I want Jackie to come back


Jackie got ass


These twins are so stupid. Seriously. Their decisions are based on who is a “nerd” or “lame.” It’s beyond difficult to watch. Add Austin to the mix, and I want to throw my laptop across the room. Cannot wait for Thursday. I need someone else to win – even Vanessa because she will not take the information she’s been given lightly.


You too? I wanted to hurt my 60 inch tv and my laptop too last week too but then I thought, not worth breaking them both over a rubber-face, paranoid, delusional, psychopath like Vanessa. I quickly came to my senses, unlike Vanessa who has not come down since God knows when.

The house dog

You are an idiot (don’t take offense) just come back and make a post when you have something intelligent to say.


that’s one twin do what vanessa want she wanted james gone
in vanessa wanted meg to go
then she change it to meg she needs to go to jury next she don’t know how to play
she will send her sister home for vanessa to her vanessa should win the game it look like
no brain


It would be glorious if Meg went out! She seems very lovely, but really is not a gamer. She leaves and someone better comes back… We have quite a game!! The best part… Austin sends home Meg on his HOH! Ha ha
If Van convinces them the better choice is Meg, I have no choice but to root for that crazy ass.


Austin said he wanted to take out the ring leader.
Off with her head!
Oh my god Vanessa is WRECK, but if she actually gets Austin to use his HOH power to evict Meg, that will be wildly impressive AND hilarious.

Ms Chiff

It must be production pushing for Meg to go, so JMac can stay because he’s the most popular with the fans – because it makes no sense for Vanessa to want her out. Jackie’s the least likely to come back of the three that have been voted out so far – and what about the threat of Jmac getting to pair up with Becky again if Becky comes back.

Really bummed to see things going in this direction – Jmac isn’t much more interesting to follow than Meg :/

Flip flop crazy

So is the veto going to be used??? I’m confused


Maybe to get out James. They are still thinking about it.


Im pretty sure she is using it, she is building an army to go against Autwins, and needs both Steve and Jmac in the house.

HOH's Before Bros

Absolutely correct…She needs to do it before the buy back, build the army that is, because she won’t have enough minions any later than this eviction. I’m with all y’all that cannot stand Van, but she is playing this game to the hilt…Although I do not want her to win


I couldn’t agree more! Vanessa is the bully on the play ground and only Becky had the
guts to call it. I am always amazed at how she twists every statement to tell people what
they want to hear and tells them they owe her their safety. Manipulation should now be
spelled Vanessa. Mind you I don’t every remember a cast being this dumb(except( Howie
and liitle Jesse) How many times does Vanessa laugh when these morons drink the kool
ade. Drink up Auswins


The goblins definitely made the right choice! Because, if Van didnt convince the austwins to evict Becky; Shelli would have convinced them to take out James! Ha. Those puppets! So they can be thankful they’ve lasted this long!


Every year lots of comments about this year has the stupidest cast. But James and Meg 2 weeks after the fact finally realize getting rid of Shelly would screw up their game. And Vanessa convincing the twins Meg is some sort of master of big brother. Wow.

These people are just living in Vanessas house.


Are these people for real! Lord help this country!!!!!


The problem I have with this season is Ven is not really a good player. She just is playing with a bunch of idiots. Being able to manipulate people in Big Brother is important, but the issue here is that Ven isn’t necessarily manipulating as people know what she is doing. These people just don’t care about taking her out because they have the weird idea that keeping someone with a big target on them is always good to keep.

Person 1: Person 5 has a target on them so let’s leave them so someone else gets them out.
Person 2: Person 5 has a target on them so let’s leave them so someone else gets them out.
Person 3: Person 5 has a target on them so let’s leave them so someone else gets them out.
Person 4: Person 5 needs to go!!
Person 5: I have a target on myself, but people are so stupid they use that as a reason to keep me!

Person 1-3 win HOH and proceed to use that reasoning to not get the person out, while the person who would get person 5 out does not win HOH so the person who supposedly has a target never gets truly targeted. That ruins any reason to keep them because they are a target. A target that is always kept because they are a target is not a true target.

I could go on because people honestly think she is a good player when that is honestly not the case.


i see no reason to eliminate vanessa unless she’s targeting you (and if she is so are the austwins who are at this point the bigger threat). the only jury votes she can get are steve and maybe shelli or becky, which isn’t enough to win.

let’s break it down (ignoring shelli/steve/becky whom i’ve already discussed):

jackie – votes james/meg/jmac/becky over vanessa. seems more anyone but vanessa than anyone but an austwin.
james – votes jackie/meg/becky over vanessa. likes jmac and the austwins more than vanessa enough to throw them a vote.
meg – votes james/becky/jackie over vanessa. likes jmac and the austwins more than vanessa enough to throw them a vote.
jmac – will vote anyone other than vanessa to win.
austwins – vote their own over vanessa. like james/meg/jackie more than vanessa. that covers six houseguests vanessa can’t beat.

this leaves vanessa able to beat only the two currently on the block or the returning houseguest (provided it’s not jackie). all relatively unlikely final twos. only reason to target vanessa is if you have a fear she’s coming for you, which only james and steve should currently be afraid about.


I never said that Austin and the Twins are not a threat either. Of course taking one of them to the Finale would be stupid as they instantly have 2-3 votes. My point though was people are hyping up Ven as if she was actually a decent player, both in game and out of game. She isn’t, people are just getting that idea because she hasn’t been evicted, while Audrey who played the same game has been.

You also are assuming that people wouldn’t vote for her, while it has happened in the past that people will vote for who has played the supposed best game. Due to perception everyone in the Jury may vote her to win because they feel she deserves it and got to the Finale with her own skills. The Jury isn’t always bitter in the final two like with Dan, who should have won in his season for actually playing a great game.

My entire post was meant to say Ven is not as good as she is being made out to be by the players, the scripting, and other sources. She just isn’t. Her game is a mess and the only reason she isn’t out is because of stupid plays. Pretty sure everyone, except the Twins and Austin, wants to get to the final two with Meg either way because that is a guaranteed win.


yes, the jury isn’t always bitter. but i’m really getting the sense this jury will be, and the segment on shelli and jackie last thursday didn’t help.

You're Right Xill

I get your point. I think she’s being used because the house perceives her as being predictable. The others are, as useless as they are, they still are controlling her survival in the house and letting her make the decisions about who to get rid of.

But most equate being able to stay in the house with being a good player, as long as they’re active in their pursuits. If a player maintains their existence by laying low or sleeping, they’re considered floaters and could not possibly be considered good players.

If You're a Sleeper You're Winning this Year

JMAC the sleeper beats Van at her own game, doesn’t take her crap, nods while she rants because she and her terroristic campaigns is a product of her own egomania and pill popping paranoia. While everyone else battles for airtime or talks to their mommy on camera overreacting the village stooge, JMAC ingratiates himself by throwing these pompous asses the win and handing them the mic. They’re to busy ranting about the Bible, putting themselves on the block and making a big move. That’s why Vanessa wants him out, because she can’t control him.

Meanwhile Vanessa the supposed smart one is suicidal twice a day, sobbing, tantrums sucking Austwins d*ck and hating herself for it. If Vanessa slept, she’d be farther, fewer enemies, nobodies target, and richer from not having to pay bribes, buy cars, taking Austain on vacation to stay in the house.

BB Dictionary

Floaters = have no loyalty, do not sick to deals, stab alliance members in the back to ingratiate themselves to HOH, do not pick a side, sell out, break promises aka float back and forth to power. EVERYBODY IS A FLOATER this season. See the list of alliances and the term flip flopper.

Coaster = Is a sleeper, riding coattails, non-player, non-threats coats week to week. They might clean or cook to get regarded as useful, but are an inactive vote, with no ties. They can be a swing vote, because they attempt to be invisible and can go either way in a vote. Meg, Julia, Steve before he threw comps were are coasters.

Professional Pawns = Are coasters who barter more heavily with their vote and volunteering for the Block or Have Not to ingratiate themselves to power. They blindly trust they won’t go home, or get suckered while the HOH benefits by not creating enemies increasing backlash by putting 2 players on the Block. Pawn = whipping post to prove loyalty. Steve, JMac, Meg, Becky were are willing or Professional Pawns.

Player = Anyone willing to win a comp and make independent nominations without being dictated to buy the mob. There are NONE of these cast this season, save James & Becky who tried once, and paid dearly so they quit.

Independents = Free Agents with no alliance control or protection. Becky, JMac, Steve in beginning. They may Float to power, Coast for a time, play a round or two of Professional Pawn then get in a jam because they have not earned trust by long term partnerships. They are alone at end of game…


I don’t know if it’s that simple because Shelli was a good player who really needed to go soon. Same with Jackie. I think their social game alone makes them better than Vanessa regardless of her strategic game.


If they’re better why are they both sitting in jury? Also Jackie started playing too late and aligned herself with meg which is just…..

And Shelli was STUPID for getting in a showmance. What a waste of a way to spend your “game” in big brother.

Also, I’ve watched big brother for years. I’ve seen the worst and I’ve seen the best. And although Vanessa has her flaws, she’s pretty good. And no not because she’s with a bunch of dumbasses, you already said Shelli and Jackie are “good”. There were a couple decent players this season. But I watch van on the feeds, and have to give it to her, she’s pretty good, not perfect, but I would definitely say good.


“If they’re better why are they both sitting in jury”

It’s because the house identified them as good!

is it just me

this is the excuse every year
last year derick didn’t play well it was that he was in a house full of idiots
this year vanessa. every year people like to use this excuse to discount anyone actually doing much better then their competition. bottom line is you will never see a house full of inteligent people. why? because inteligent people have jobs and lives that they can’t drop for 3 months on a whim and tend not to be fame whores.
you get the odd person here and there doing it for the sport of it but to fill a house with them would be very unlikely.


James: its Vanessa
America: duuuuhhhhh!!!!!

Nobody To Cheer For

How are James and Meg just now figuring out that Vanessa has more solid relationships in the house than Shelli did? It’s absolutely mind blowing his stupid this year’s contestants are. And I still haven’t found one person truly worth rooting for. Not one. The whole season.


Maybe that’s why they cast Jase, so all these idiots would look normal in comparison.


Meg going home over James/Jmac/Steve. Sure Im ok with that.


My plan is to get voted out, then come right back in, with a fresh supply of CHEETOS!!!


Question- Is a jury member definitely returning or will it be one of those comps where they MAY get back in IF they win the HOH comp?


All four will compete to come back in the house
The winner goes back into the house
I’m kind of hoping it’s Becky (although I don’t like her personally)
I think if Becky won HOH she would put Austin n Liz on the block
Could we be so Lucky?




Wtf are u talking about?

Big sexy 40

It’s like they all have been body snatched. Inside Austin is an 8 year old girl. Inside Vanessa is a hardened 50 year old gambling man . Inside meg is an 86 year old woman . The twins have 2, ditzy, mean soph. Girls in them. Inside James is a horny bull toad. Steve was body snatched by his mommy. And their is a 78% chance jmac is a friendly alien ~


I have been watching CBS version of “The Matrix.. BB Style”, too bad that is not the real version.


I cant wait for the final 4 Liz, juju, Austin and van we will see some fireworks then.


It drives me nuts the way Vanessa behaves..and I thought it would kill her game, yet…..it seems to be working for her a little…..Yes…keep the crazy in the game as meat shield…..BIG MISTAKE….I would love to see her lighten up and tighten up her game and go to final 2 with Jmac or even Steve…but I think Steve is going to over think things until he gets in trouble


Meg is terrible and James might be worse for listening to her! Now they figure out Vanessa should have went instead of Shelli. Talking about embarrassment when Vanessa gets out and sees the Austin’s Angels pose she will feel like a DA! How big of Douche do you have to be when your showmance tells you your ponytail beard is a turnoff and you keep it? Ponytail Beard Douchebag Pu$$y!


I don’t like Vanessa, but fuck it, I’m Team Vanessa I can’t support such idiocy, James and Meg after all that’s happened the past 2 weeks, is still not regretting sending Shelli out over Vanessa? Austwits still enjoying their time at BB Summer Camp not wanting it to end, are now back to trusting Vanessa again. Like it or not, at this point if James is sent to jury it’s over, he’s not coming back, and you can’t expect Shelli, Becky or Jackie to come back and do too much damage, when they’ll be going against Austwits, Steve, Jmac, and Vanessa alone. Meg should be taken out this week, to keep the game interesting.


Austin, king of all PUSSIES
Judas the PUSSY

Austin is an idiot

Austin is so ignorant. He has it in his mind that Vanessa wanted to backdoor him during her HOH.
If she wanted to she would have. Why is Julia so quiet during all of this? She wanted Austin gone 2. Vanessa risked her game to make sure Austin stayed.

All of that aside can someone decide to win this game and split up the twins and Austin?


omg. austin’s speech. what a pompous ass.


Austin’s nomination speech was the biggest waste of words ever spoken in the history of mankind. I am speechless at his stupidity!!
Steve thinks Vanessa is some type of mastermind. No Steve….she like Derrick, is playing with a group of people who do not know how to play the game. If Vanessa was so great, she never would of aligned herself with the nitwit twins, and egotistical Austin, she is not in a winning spot. The numbers are against her.


Since WHEN do you need a REASON to put somebody up on the block in Big Brother??
Oh right, since Vanessa walked through the door, and declared herself the BB17 Lie Wrangler and everyone followed suit:(


I agree! The whole I need a reason is such bull! Haven’t these idiots ever heard of a blindside! Oh wait, Austin thought he was smart and smooth to align himself with everyone in the house. This was not a hard HOH if you weren’t so stupid. You are the HOH stop asking for advise.

Big Jim

Not a big Vanessa fan but at this point she is playing better than anyone else. Maybe you could make a case for James. However if it continues this way one of ?Liz/Julia will take it I think


Sad at the fact that I now i have to root for Vanessa as she protects me


sad that I now have to root for Vanessa because she’s protecting me

Mi O'Pause

And what is up with that speech? Is Asstin now the sage philosopher of BB? Sounded more like he had his head up Liz’s ass. And her shining look of adoration. Made me puke in my mouth.


I love jmac
But I believe as much as I hate her Vanessa will win the game and take it to Vegas and double it…


Austwins are the dumbest group think vanessa is trustworthy. Austin is the must be the dumbest bb player of all time he need think van save jmac and gives steve her vote meaning she wont be front door or backdoor. So let me think who will be put up austin and the twins. She loves to make deals so who is the other side them. If van makes final 2 dirties of all player. And probably will be hands down best female player better than neda or danielle.

Big sexy 40

The gangsta move here is drinking all of Vanessa’s cool aid . Taking in whatever ludicrous reason she has to put up ” her target”. Letting her use her veto power, to take down whomever and leading her to believe her intended target is going up . Then without telling those atrocious twins or anyone…… At new nom … Vanessa ” take a seat”… Pure gold ! But we all know Austin’s vagina won’t allow that~


She has pov…..she cannot be nominated.

Ariana Grande licks donuts and hates Americans

Hey James, it was a good decision to get rid of Shelli instead of Wahnessa, it wasn’t a good week then and it won’t be a good week next week to get rid of her.


Can’t wait til Steve takes out vanessa.


Can I puke in your mouth too?


Austin or “Judas” made this whole episode horribly uncomfortable to watch, especially the nomination speech. He thinks he is cool and he is growing a fan base. In realty he has permanently damaged his reputation. I am disgusted with his lack of morals and integrity when it comes to his girlfriend at home. I could hardly look at those pieces of toilet paper (white rubber bands) in his beard and hair. I am also nauseated by the cuddling (and more) between him and Liz.


Laughed my ass off today when I saw the picture of Asshat’s belongings strewn all over the driveway of his former home. You don’t cheat on your girlfriend on national TV, you flaming jackass. And to say you’re not living with her when by all appearances you were. What. A. Douchenozzle. (And yes, 3 ass refernces in one post. A new personal record)


I’m pretty sure that was fake….


I want James to stay but why in the world would they vote out Meg instead of James. Vanessa plays too personal, the only reason she wants Meg out because Meg kind of brushed her off after the Veto game. Vanessa got her feelings hurt and now she is creating all these theories that Meg is a master manipulator and going to call her out on being a hypocrite.How is this a game move, Meg is the last one in the world to be a threat. If they keep James hope this gives him the motivation to win H.O.H and put Vanessa or Austwins up. This is going to rattle his cage.Go James hope you go spider monkey crazy on them’!

You are stupid

Getting rid of grandma reduces their chances of someone coming in to the house that will target them. They know that they can work with Shelly, they think they can work with Becky, they know James will gun for them and they know Meg can’t win. They have a 2 out of3 chance to get numbers and evict Austwins. DOH


I have a lot of Gay & Lesbian Friends. my roommate & BFF for 18 yes is a Lesbian. So when you involve the bible to many gay& Lesbian it means nothing so Vanessa swearing on a bible in front of me sorry but I would laugh and call BS on it. My gay and Lesbian friends will back me up. Because they don’t believe the bible. But I do. That’s 1 subject we never discuss.


That’s seriously the stupidest comment I’ve read all season.


I have a lot of Gay & Lesbian Friends. my roommate & BFF for 18 yes is a Lesbian. So when you involve the bible to many gay& Lesbian it means nothing so Vanessa swearing on a bible in front of me sorry but I would laugh and call BS on it. My gay and Lesbian friends will back me up. Because they don’t believe the bible. But I do. That’s 1 subject we never discuss.

Just a thought

You should read the Bible before you discriminate.


I just can’t with these houseguests. I just can’t.
They are simply not fully functioning human beings.
Vanessa is not playing a great game nor is she such a master manipulator…she is spinning lies and he said/she said all through the house and no one bothers to fact check because they “trust” her and her bullshit story of being all alone in the game.
A backdoor won’t work with her…front door her.
Austin and the Pussycats float to whoever is in power and have no idea what to do once in power. They have essentially built a bridge to Final 4 at least by creating alliances with everyone in the house, not on gameplay and strategy.
JohnnyMac and Steve played Loner Dudes this season and now that it’s down to the nitty gritty, have no one but each other. They are expendable numbers for Vanessa and Austwins; the Goblins can still snap up JM but he has no idea which way is up. He is jury ready.
The buy back is a tossup…after time out of the game, relaxing and bonding in Jury House, does Jackie still want to return and just how useful is she in the game? As someone else posted, she talks a good game and then….nothing. Shellie lost her fight and edge once Clay got evicted and time in jury hasn’t cleared that boy out of her head. Does she really want to come back? Becky may be the hungriest because she is a competitor at heart but if she lands back in the game, which side does she land on? Unless it’s James who is evicted Thursday night, that person won’t really try to get back in the game. Steve loses focus too easily and JM will throw it.
Meg…I like her as a person and that she is in the game as moral support to James but that’s about it. Her gameplay is social but social with no strategy only carries one so far.
James is the only one I am rooting for because he will make big moves beneficial to his game but his thinking is somewhat dogmatic and short sighted but the little guy has heart and guts. Unfortunately, looks like he is jury bound sooner than later.


Come on people, Vanessa doesn’t really want Meg out this week. She just dropped her name so that Austin would say “no, no that would be a waste, let’s get James out.” Vanessa gets what she really wants and Austin thinks it is his idea.


I would actually be happy if they got Meg out…


If one of the Goblins have to go, can it please be Meg?! I really hope Austin is stupid enough to do it. I like Meg as a person and but she sucks so bad at challenges. If my dream comes true, and Jackie comes back, she needs James in her corner to make a dent in the Austwins. I’m really hoping its and endurance challenge like BB15 where the returning houseguest can return with HOH. Whoever comes back needs to pull in whoever is left and pick off the twins and Austin one-by-one. I would love a Johnny Mac, Vanessa, Jackie, James and Meg final 5. Vanessa may be very melodramatic but she has played the best game this season, and no one can deny that, she deserves to win if she does.

Ariana Grande licks donuts and hates Americans

The POV comp was staged and winner predetermined, it took several takes to get it right and and filming for it took over an hour and a half. Think I’m kidding? For those of you that have tonight’s show on the DVR, watch it and take notice of Wahnessa’s forehead. During some of the shot’s she’s wearing a neon yellow headband. During about a third of the other shots of her she is wearing her yellow headband over a black bandana, and during the other third of the shots of her during the comp, she’s wearing only the black bandana. This was not Wahnessa’s idea to do this. CBS purposely did this to show how blind and stupid their sheeple audience is. BAAAAA!


Since when is this Vanessa’s HOH??! And why does she seem to think everyone is obligated to spill their whole game to her?! I can’t stand the sense of entitlement that she has that everyone OWES her an answer; OWES her the truth. She’s not their freaking Mommy! And the Austwins are so flip-floppy, they just seem to agree with anything Vanessa says. Don’t they have their own brains?? (Ok, we all know the answer to that one.) Not that I’m a huge fan of Austin, but he won HOH fair and square, and Vanessa just needs to STFU for 5 effing minutes!!

Can't stand austin

I can’t stand nasty Austin he thinks he is something
Hope somebody knocks him off that high horse soon!!


In a perfect world James goes this week and Shelli comes back. Ultimately Shelli won’t work with either Meg or Aus-Twins. She’ll align herself with Steve and Jmac, and hopefully it will be a bloodbath from here on out. No matter who comes back they will be against Aus-twins and Vanessa, but Shelli has the most to prove.