Big Brother 17 Week 9 POV Results “Vanessa you creamed that one”

POV Holder: Vanessa POV Competition Aug 22nd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 24th
HOH Austin Next HOH Aug 27th
Original Nominations: Steve and Jmac
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots No have nots this week

Vanessa won the veto

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-22 23-21-58-590_jpg

11:23pm In the HOH Vanessa, Twins, Asuitn and Steve.
Talking about johnnymac going this week. Asutin says Vanessa creamed the comp.

The POV was face morph and Zing bot. Steve mentions that it’s strange to combine those two.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-22 23-28-16-810_jpg

11:26pm Meg is upset because she’s sucking at all the competitions.
Vanessa points out that Meg did great at the comic competition.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-22 23-32-28-620_jpg

11:30pm Have nots Twins and Vanessa
Talking about how fake Johnnymac is. They start contemplating who should go this week Steve or Johnnymac. Twins are pointing out how poorly johnnymac is going in competitions compared to Steve.
Vanessa says she’s glad she won something it’s been a while.
Liz says Steve is acting like she’s going to use it on him .
Vanessa says Steve is stupid if he thinks that.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-22 23-33-01-623_jpg

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-22 23-44-30-260_jpg

11:46pm Bathroom Meg and Vanessa Meg continues to be sad that she sucks
Vanessa says Julia went first and did it in 4minutes 40seconds,
Austin and Jmac did poorly, She did it in 2 minutes+
Vanessa – Austin broke my button
Meg – I’ve never felt like I sucked at something so much in my life
Vanessa- Meg be reasonably you just had surgery.. be fair to yourself.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-22 23-56-23-249_jpg

11:55pm Vanessa and Jmac
Vanessa tells him she will do what Austin wants with the veto..
Jmac – I’ve been on the block so many time i’m like dead

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-23 00-24-26-118_jpg

12:26am Steve telling Vanessa, Meg is personally embarrassed by her performance and is worried about a potential James Backdoor. He thinks this is why she’s crying.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-23 00-26-03-571_jpg

12:28am Jmac tells Steve he needs to tell Austin that the goblins are goign to sell them all out to Vanessa.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-23 00-56-14-056_jpg

12:34am twins in the HOH
Agreeing that Johnnymac has to go
Julia – For me I want John gone
Liz – we have to get information from Steve
Julia – steve is more loyal to us than john

Julia hinting that maybe Vanessa should use the veto on Steve and they can “Opps” put up James
Liz says she’s talked to James he’s cool with them for now.

Liz is saying that Steve and Jmac are boring that is why they “Gotta go sorry”
Julia says it was embarrassing that Meg didn’t even know her own nose in the POV competition.

They talk about Vanessa’s Zing something about her being mastermind but Crying a lot.

Liz – Who do you think you are you’re a nerd dude

12:52am They think Steve is expecting the Veto to get used and James goes up. Meg comes up.. Starts complaining that every single competition she makes a fool of herself. They tell Meg teh Veto isn’t being used it’s between Johnnymac and Steve
Meg asks who Vanessa wants out.
Liz says Johnnymac

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-23 00-58-28-746_jpg
12:56am Steve tells James the POV won’t be used this week. Steve says it’s tacky if he starts campaigning right now.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-23 01-11-38-773_jpg

1:12am Chess….


  • “Goblins/Gremlins” = James and Meg
  • “The Generals” = anyone allied with Becky
  • “SOS” (Students of Sound) = Steve and Vanessa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Austin’s Angels” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Vanessa
  • “Brass Tacks” = Gobins and Austwins
  • The new “Brass Tacks” = Aus-Twins, Meg, James + Vanessa
  • “Freaks and Geeks” “The Scamper Squad” = Aus-Twins, Vanessa, Steve
  • “The new Freaks and Geeks minus Vanessa” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve, Johnny Mac
  • “The Authority” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve

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164 thoughts on “Big Brother 17 Week 9 POV Results “Vanessa you creamed that one”

      1. Cant watch this week the austwits in HOH it really is bad Tv . Its like nails on a chalk board!!!! Meg it was a great idea to take out Shelli… really, James stop listen to your little head Meg is a moron!!!!! She also doesn’t care about you!!!!

    1. Vanessa is the ONLY person that plays a strategic game and she studied the strategies of military conflict in Sun Tsu’s book, The Art of War.

      1. @ Rue, The Art of War doesn’t hold a candle to Elaine’s favorite book by Tolstoy “War, What is it Good For?” : -))

      2. Tears, bribery, manipulation and lies is strategy? And there’s a book on it? I wouldn’t give Vanessa the nod if she was the last one standing. Horrible horrible player. She’s mentally exhausting to watch!

        1. That is the point. Mentally exhausting to talk to her. Mentally exhausting to keep up with her. She is manipulating through her form of torture. If Bush would have used her to question AL QUAEDA operatives, Bin Laden would have been found before Obama took office.

          1. FYI: DID YOU KNOW AUSTIN WAS THE HOST FOR A CBS BIG BROTHER SHOW…Isn’t that a bit of favoritism to be able to get on BB 2yrs in a row,turn last year down and get on this year….!!!
            Published on Sep 6, 2013
            AFTERBUZZ TV — Big Brother edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of CBS’s Big Brother. In this show, special guest host Austin Matelson breaks down episodes Episodes 29-31. It’s Big Brother’s “Episodes 29-31” podcast!
            Now we get another week of Austwins gloating and Vanessa’s ego/power manipulation.

        2. You left out bullying. Oh no wait, Vanessa would never bully someone. She has accused others of doing it and finds it offensive.

          1. Everyone is just so victimized. It brings tears to my eyes every time I see Vanessa walk into a room and helicopter JMac around by his empty nutsack. What is she thinking?! Doesn’t she know she should be kicking him in his teeth before she slings him by his wiener?!

    2. Ugh! So now Vanessa is being paranoid because Meg is crying, and insisting /meg has no right to cry because she isn’t on the block. Now Vanessa thinks Meg is a threat. Um HELLO Queen Vanessa, Zingbot compared Meg to VICTORIA because of Meg’s poor performance in comps. Meg messed up in this comp, because she got HER OWN face wrong. She thought her nose was a guy’s nose. If I was Meg, I’d be crying too. She got compared to VICTORIA. VICTORIA!!!!!!! HELLO!!!!!!!!!! Instead of understanding that Meg is embarrassed, Queen Vanessa thinks that no one has the right to have feelings. The coldhearted Queen thinks no one has a right to be human. She wants everyone to be mindless zombies who bow at her feet and obey her every command without question. GET OVER YOURSELF VANESSA! Good grief, leave poor Meg alone and let her cry in peace. Meg feels bad enough without Vanessa freaking out with conspiracy theory nonsense and demanding that Meg be happy.

      1. All this brought to you by MEG. The moron who convinced Gobs to go against Becky and vote out Shelli. So sick of these idiots gloating. Freaking bore-twins talking about Steve and J Mac being boring and gotta go. These hoes are a joke.
        I don’t think production can fix this. :) They aren’t convincing Van to use the veto on Steve. So James never goes up for the backdoor. With any luck moron boy, better known as J Mac, throws the back in comp takes his 13K and sips margaritas for 3 weeks. You play this poorly go to jury you throw everything joke.
        Jackie back please so the twins can start panicking. Anything to shake up this snore fest. And for goblin fans don’t be surprised if they target Jackie just to stay safe. Worst return is Shelli as it just makes Vanessa super safe. I’m saying what I’ve been thinking awhile now and that AG is pushing Vanessa for the win. Whether they have the relationship that was alleged between Amanda and AG I have no idea.
        Might be an instant eviction after the new HOH crowned. The backdoor Vanessa plan never happens again lol. Then another eviction after next Thursday. Simon are they going dark over the Labour day weekend?

        Sorry Simon this season is turning into a giant floating turd.

      2. The only people qualified to cry are the ones who have their mind, body, and soul invested in something and it still doesn’t work. If you lay in bed a laugh for 2 months, the odds of you winning anything are not in your favor. Mindset plays a huge role in winning and losing. Laughing at booger jokes for 2 months isn’t a winning mindset, and requires 0 investment. People with no grasp on reality who have a huge sense of entitlement are the only ones who cry when something favorable doesn’t fall in their lap just because they showed up.

        1. I’m well aware of the fact that Meg hasn’t performed well in this game, but you have to keep in mind that she is not a robot, she is a human being. All human beings have a moment of weakness at some point or another. It isn’t right to say that a human has no right to be a human and cry when they are having a moment of weakness. She was embarrassed at the way she has performed in this game, she felt like a fool, and she cried. If Vanessa had understood that, I wouldn’t have gotten frustrated with Vanessa. Everyone knows that Vanessa has cried many times when things didn’t go her way. However the fact that Vanessa has a double standard and doesn’t think anyone has a right to have feelings but herself is what irritates me. Vanessa is by far the best player in this game. There is no reason for her to treat other people like garbage in order to win. The way Vanessa treats people is one of Vanessa’s weaknesses. She doesn’t connect with people in the game on a human level, she shut that part of herself off, and only sees the houseguests as pawns to help her win the $500k. Vanessa doesn’t talk about “non-game” things with the houseguests. She is always in game mode. So far she has been lucky. She may win this game. However it isn’t worth Vanessa giving herself a heart attack over, and it isn’t worth Vanessa being insensitive to other people on a human level over. If Vanessa would just relax and show some consideration for other people’s feelings, I wouldn’t have a problem making her my favorite. However if she keeps on being paranoid 24/7, and if she keeps rubbing people the wrong way, it could either be her downfall in this game or cause Vanessa to have a heart attack. For the safety of her own health, Vanessa needs to chill out.

        1. She was until Steve said Meg was worried about James being backdoored as well as embarrassed by her performance.
          That got the wheels turning.

        2. I have a feeling some of these commenters are referring to what was going on in the feeds rather than this post. There were only two lines about what Vanessa said to meg in this post but it was probably much more involved on the feeds.

    3. Haters gonna hate while Vanessa laughs all the way to the next WPT with the 500k. Deserving! No matter what you think of her … she is PLAYING THE GAME! Her strategies have worked and everyone has lied or embellished to some extent whether they admit it or not. She is just plain smart within the context of the “GAME”
      Vanessa for the win! I hope James and Meg spill Austin’s beans or better yet the twins finally turn on him. Wait too late for Liz cuz she’s already polluted by him but there is hope for Julia. I’d love to see Vanessa take Julia and leave Liz in third place. No jury with Austin! No 50/500k unless her sister decides to share. ;)

    4. Best case scenario Steve goes home.. James or Meg win Hoh… Throws up Austin and Julia.. Back door Liz… Who cares If Vanessa stays now… If they were smart they would get rid of the three who have no chance of flipping on each other and that starts with Austin and Liz followed by Julia…

  1. yes! please, vanessa, take steve down and force austin to get more blood on his hands by putting up james. all but guaranteeing austwins will be targets moving forward.

      1. I forget how one of them gets back in the game from jury, if it’s by a vote by fans or some contest among them. If it’s a vote by fans than it seems that JMAC would easily win and get back in. If it’s a contest among the jury members to get in then there’s always the chance that JMAC would throw it !! Just Sayin

        1. Last year it was a luck based comp. Everyone pushed in pucks and the one with the closest to the center at the end of the final round stayed.

  2. Oh dear. Getting ready for the ‘game is ruined’ comments.
    Which horseman of the Apocalypse is it when Vanessa wins a pov?

    1. Vanessa is a lying, conniving, paranoid, back-stabbing, underhanded, traitorous bitch. Exactly what I want to see when I watch this show. I don’t particularly like her but she is way more watchable than anyone else on this season. Fuck Johnny Mac. Useless tit. I liked him too at first but crap man – give an actual shit about playing. Very disappointing. I want to cheer for the funny guy or the underdog or the smart person who can win without stepping on a lot of toes but this season just isn’t offering any of those options so GO VANESSA GO. It will piss me off if she makes final two and doesn’t get the votes to win because the jury doesn’t like her. It would be reminiscent of Russell Hantz’s first loss on Survivor. He was robbed. Don’t get me wrong – I saw them cheat and lie to everyone but damnit it’s not like you’re screwing over your family. These are people you don’t know. Go for the jugular any way you see fit. Much more entertaining for me. And that’s what it’s all about.

      1. I don’t mind people being deceitful but I hate the way Vanessa just walks up to people and expects them to answer any question she has. Or she will come to you with an ‘excellent theory’ that maybe you could implement for her. With a heavy implication she knows what’s best and you should just listen to the master.

        If she had some more understanding of how she comes across it would help her game tremendously. At the moment everyone in the house hates dealing with her, you can see it on their faces.

        I used to like Vanessa a lot when I saw her in many poker games online but that was before I saw her real personality here on BB.

      2. I agree with your assessment of Vanessa being “lying, conniving, paranoid, back-stabbing, underhanded, traitorous”.
        But I don’t about her being “way more watchable than anyone else on this season”.
        Actually watching her on the live feeds gives me acid reflux. She guilt-trips her interlocutor by starting to cry all the time, and I just can’t bear this sad show anymore. Her voice goes higher and higher, and it’s basically extortion: “give me exactly what I want, or I’ll annoy you to death or guilt-trip you to death”.
        The saddest thing is that it works. So ok, it’s smart gameplay since she has to deal with spineless cowards and found the way to get what she wants, but it’s not at all watchable as a live feed watcher. At least in my opinion.

  3. I guess JMac’s only hope now is that BB production change their mind and tell Austwins to evict somebody else… since their game relies on doing what they think the DR is “hinting at them”.
    Talk about empty vessels.

  4. This is worst case scenario. Johnny Mac is definitely going home and the Austwins can pretend like they didnt want this to happen and Steve will still continue to trust them even though Johnny Mac leaves. I hate the Austwins and Vanessa. I really hope Johnny Mac comes back and send the Austwins out one by one. I cant stand watching these Austin’s Angels get what they want every week. They are not even going to get expsed for sending home Johnny Mac. Of all people Vanessa won veto. Watching the Austwins are worse than watching last year’s wreck of a season. This power alliance needs to get taken out quick.

    1. Worst than last year??

      Would you rather have Frankie back?? I highly doubt

      Austin is for sure the worst, but I’ll definitely take the twins over the bombsquad, victoria and her hair extensions

    2. the 50K strategy won’t work Meg…
      Thanks to the twin twist it’s unlikely piggy Meg and her Cheetos see F2. I called her strategy weeks ago. But the twin free ride keeps her from second place money. Now that’s something worth crying over. Twins need to be split up for grandma to make a 50K play. And Gobs won’t go after them
      It amazes me like others that Austwins are getting a free ride. Lets all join hands and sing Kumbaya til your turn to get evicted. Maybe the solution is one cheque to the winner and no second place money. They have to figure out something or run all stars next season then drop the show. Vanessa, Jeff and DA maybe for consideration it’s very thin on BB smarts.

    1. The only problem with Vanessa is that she doesn’t have true allies in the house, allies she needs badly . But if she does make it to F2 by manipulations just how she’s done so far, she might win regardless who sits beside her unless…the jury is bitter and she will lose as Dan lost in BBUS14

      1. i’ve said it before, but unless the austwins do something that paints them in a bad light, the only person vanessa can potentially beat at f2 is steve (and it’s iffy she can even manage that). this jury is going to be crazy bitter, and anyone in the house saying vanessa needs to go is either lying or a fool (or sometimes both).

        1. Vanessa vs:

          Meg – if Vanessa backstabs the rest of the cast, Meg likely wins, since everyone in Jury is her friend.

          Steve – I cant see anyone picking Steve. Maybe JMAC and a twin.

          James – this will be the closest vote. Two of the people that actually played this game. James has a slight edge because of his daughter and got blood on his hands while staying friendly in the house.

          Austin – he might have a chance with the twins on Jury. Shelli will not vote for him because he is the reason she is there. Becky and JMAC are there because of him. I still think Vanessa wins this battle.

          Julia – not a chance she wins. She was not even playing half the time and since she entered the house has not done much.

          Liz – not a chance either. How will she answer questions about her feelings to Austin. ” I just used him as my puppy dog instead of using my intelligence”.

          Meg and James are the only two that will win over Vanessa. The rest of the cast has no shot.

  5. I hate it but this is what many of them deserve. Jmac for throwing comp after comp, James for leaving up clay instead of putting up Vanessa with shelli, the goblins for not sticking with becky’s plan,

    1. You wonder if production influenced the Gobs and James decisions? As for John, the throwing comps shows his lack of understanding BB. Throwing in BOB and ok because BOB was easy to control. After BOB he dodge some bullets. It had to catch up with him. I think the term… no blood on your hands is ruining the game maybe permanently. Johnnie didn’t want HOH for that reason. Way to much throwing comps. Now he learns…. pawns go home which he should have learned long before he entered the house.

  6. Geez… Just because the game is not going the way some people may want , does not mean that BB should step in and and just hand it to someone you like.

    1. That’s what happens in Canada so let the US follow suit! ROFL
      Closest I had to a fav this year but throwing everything he’s gone and I hope he doesn’t get America’s Fav either. Hope Jackie comes back just to see if gobs can figure out Austwins are the fing target. Dumber than a sack of rocks these 2 idiots.

      PS Vanessa is never using the POV so Steve wake the F up!

    2. Have you not been paying attention? Production has a hand in all of it. These yoyo’s haven’t a clue or they would have followed Becky ‘ s lead. You don’t shield yourself with a bigger target giving them opportunity to win and advance…you take them out! They stand between you and the money. Who will vote for the person who hid behind others? It’s their own stupidity if Vanessa takes this to the end…and sucks for them because she doesn’t need the money!

    1. I think the only way she uses it on Steve is if she convinces Austin it’s his plan to do so. She just kinda got back in his good graces, I don’t think she’ll make any waves as far as the austwins are concerned just yet.

  7. If Vanessa admitted in the DR that these manic psychotic moments in the house were all gameplay she would be a fucking queen, but instead she bullshits us and lies…I can’t tell if she thinks we’re f’n stupid or she’s delusional. Love or hate her Vanessa game wise right now is prob most deserving

    I feel like Vanessa is Maggie(BB6)

    1. So true Angie. Vanessa’s not playing to the camera a la Dr Will and Mike Booger because she really is the way she is shown. No funny stuff about this girl. Kinda sad

  8. this really is terrible

    we lose JMAC, a true All Star of the CBS version of the show…

    and we now have to hope that somehow Jackie comes back, and James returns to being the James who won HOH and put up Shelli and Clay, and Meg somehow turns into another person entirely….because this pretty much gives the game to Austwins or Vanessa

    really bummed. not even being one of those “I won’t watch” types…but I don’t see myself watching the CBS version even if MAC returns….because now its totally pointless if he or steve goes out that door

    I am really hoping for a non eviction. to be honest, its the only way they can save the game. have no eviction, and bring back a HG, just add another double eviction or something….may increase odds of removing the freaking twins or Vanessa.

    if Big Brother doesn’t stop this week from going down, hand the cash to split between Austin the twins and Vanessa and call it a day.

    1. Now is the time for a reset. I don’t want jmac or James leaving. Start this week over nobody throw the HoH. James or jmac win HoH. They put up Austin and Liz. James wins veto makes deal with Austin, they Backdoor vanessa. And Liz and Vanessa get to Duke it out all week. And for once nobody tells who they are voting out until Julie Chen tells them to say their goodbyes.

      1. James is an idiot. He should have stuck with becky and voted out vanessa. Now look ….won’t get to final 2. He screwed up so see ya.

        1. What you should say is, James should not have listened to Meg. Meg is the one that did not want to vote out Vanessa; It was Meg who wanted to keep Shelli; she’s had her nose, which she apparently can’t tell from anyone else’s, in many of these plays that have gone bad, including crying over being non-competitive which is going to end up putting James on the block. The only thing she does is vote – with the house and not even for her friends. They should put her up; she wouldn’t be able to come back from jury. Even if one of the others do come back, there will be something interesting to watch.

    2. Yeah right true all star of the show, dream on, Jmac fans getting ridiculous now, chill out he might be staying anyways.

  9. Hopefully Steve becomes the target and goes home. That way this week won’t be a complete waste. Austwins need to goooooooooo…oh my gaaaaawdddddddddddaaaa????

  10. point blank, the only way you stop Austin/Twins/Vanessa from F4 is if you make it a non eviction. LOCK that door, and announce a returning HG, I don’t care if the numbers don’t play out for CBS, add a double eviction, otherwise this will get scary boring and predictable. it has nothing to do with who you want to win….

  11. Of course Vanessa won. & Its her call … As usual. Who leaves this week. Bye Bye Steve. Only way in H+++ Vanessa stays this week… Is if Austin (or Julia) win HOH & Vaneesa wins POV. Guess, what happened. Thanks Production…, for another amazing scripted BB week.

  12. OMG!!!
    Vanessa wins POV
    And Meg still win nothing

    I think the come back competition will be a good show
    Jackie Shelli Becky and Jmac

  13. I am betting it will actually be Steve that is going this week if Vanessa has any say in it. She knows he is no longer on her side and was setting it all up earlier this afternoon.

  14. Of all the people to win it. Let’s hope Vanessa is so upset with Steve’s recent attitude, that she let’s him go packing.

  15. Vanessa just asked Jmac if she was the back door plan. He didn’t rat out Austwins, he said no.

    Does he not want to stay in the house? Vanessa is begging for a reason to use it.

    1. Now she just asked Steve if she was backdoor target, he also didn’t rat out Austwins. He is just covering his ass because he knows he could get voted out.

      1. It seemed to me like she is trying to find a reason to Backdoor James. She wants to know why Meg is crying because she won. That would mean Meg and James wanted her backdoored. She knows she can’t control James like she can control the rest of them. It sounds like Steve and jmac are willing to throw James under the bus and keep working with the ones that just lied to them.

  16. Now because Vanessa won it was rigged and production made her win. LOL.

    The show is great to them though when Vanessa is on the block and crying.

    But they all butthurt and sad when things don’t go their way.

    Just take your ball and go home already. The rest of us will have a grand time enjoying this without you.

    1. Knowing it was most likely a puzzle comp, it’s safe to assume it would be between Steve and Vanessa to win it. Not sure why everyone is screaming “production interference”.

      1. They’re screaming Production Interference because Production controls which comps are played and when in the game. Look at last year between when Beastmode refused to participate with Frankie in a crucial comp. Production changed the comp. Frankie won, who was CBS’s favorite via his sis was on their label and releasing new album at exact same time. Production keeps blaring, You’re not allowed to talk about your diary room sessions,…WHY? Are they swaying the contestants to nom/evict a certain way, giving one extra hints or info to get what they consider, good tv? Why is Vanessa not evicted after trying to bribe the others to stay in this game? Now all of a sudden, puzzle comp(her specialty) and she wins! Good tv for Production…horrible for the viewers and unfair.

  17. Why is everybody soooooo stupid!!! Now we have to hope Jackie or Becky get back in the house. And get rid of Vanessa and Austin. Either can win. They along with James are our only hope of keeping Austin tbe coward and Vanessa the snake from continuing in this game. I’m beginning to believe Meg maybe the on my one to finish in the $$$. (2nd place). Or wouldn’t it be great vid it wS Meg and Vanessa in tbe finals and because Vanessa is such a slime ball the jury votes for fan favorite Meg to win. That’s the only thi g that keeps me watching this show. Absolutely discussed by Liz and Austin facesucking. If she were my daughter is say what the F are u doing???

    1. Meg doesn’t deserve final 2 she’s expendible. .she thinks she’s a mastermind and that’s the comic relief in the show

  18. Ugh…. Worse case senario. I hope Steve’s out, I don’t know if I can survive without J Mac’s akward DR laugh

  19. It’s amazing how the houseguests, since her big betrayal against the Dark Moon alliance, managed to keep Vanessa safe from FIVE evictions.

  20. Mwg needs to stfu with all the crying already!!! If James survives this week hed better win and take out Austwins bread that shit up now!!!

  21. I am not fond of Johnny Mack but he went up in my estimation when Vanessa was questioning him if she had been the backdoor plan and he said NO. That proves he is a class act and regardless whether he stays or goes he isn’t going to rat on anyone. Shows that he is better than most in that house as far as keeping his mouth shut.

    1. No, it shows that he lies, which is a sin in this game if your name is Vanessa, but some consider it a classy act if you lay around for months like a dead fish and your name isn’t Vanessa. #YourSoftBrainIsNoExcuse

    2. Class act my ass. Sheer stupidity is what it is again. In this game, if you are put on the block against your closest ally (although you are supposedly in an alliance with the Hoh) and the person who won Veto asks you sth. like that, you tell the truth or rat, you do whatever might make the vetoholder want to save one of you and turn on the Hoh. Unless you are an idiot like JohnnyMac of course, who is being loyal to a group that he has had an alliance with for a week and a half or sth. Good riddance!

  22. Well then, looks like Vanessa will be staying in the house a bit longer, giving her the chance to come up with more stories that will ensure the house stays terrified of her. What is it with these people? Everyone there has more than enough dirt on her, and yet, she continuously denies lying/breaking her word and works her way into planning

    1. nominations and game strategy using her “poor innocent me” act when she isn’t the HOH. She’s doing a bang up job of it and it’s going to come back to bite these people very soon. All she has to do when someone catches her in a lie, is cry, tell people she’s got nobody so she’s lonely and ask them over and over and over again how they could even *think*she’d ever lie to them and if that doesn’t have enough of an effect on them, she turns the dial up to 11, which appears to be a working strategy.
      Have you ever caught someone in a lie and have visual evidence that that person lied but denies it so wholeheartedly that you start to second guess yourself and what you saw? That’s her. You could have video/audio of Vanessa throwing her alliance under the bus and all she would need to do is wear everyone down by constantly bringing the drama and keeps it up until getting the desired effect. Sort of like detectives that squeeze a confession out of an innocent person because they’ve interrogated them for 12hrs non-stop.
      And despite all of this they somehow find her more trustworthy than most everyone in the house, keeping her around far past the time she should’ve been sent packing. This is going to be the downfall of those people and when she gets to the final 2 and I will laugh because they brought it on themselves. This cycle won’t end until someone grows some balls.

  23. I guess when your brain works at hyper speed and you can earn Duke degrees in 2 1/2 years, which has only been done by one person, you can win face morph challenges with your brain tied behind your head.

  24. Omg! Liz is having an ugly wrestler baby and Vanessa won’t stop bleeding. No surprise she wakes JMAC up to twist the knife, make him beg her to use Veto on him, he won’t kiss her ass so she then harangs him about problems with her period. He’s not a gyno and wouldn’t help her if he was. Her mean streak is a mile wide, trying to scare him into confessing about a back door plan and getting in his face about Meg crying when she already knew why. She’s bleeding from all the stabs in her back, since everyone’s afraid to do it to her face. I don’t mind when she’s nasty, you know she’s gonna suffer for it. Keep digging your Karmic grave bully. Yes everyone waves you back doored biotch. Doesn’t make you psychic, do the math, you got haters.

    1. Again I’m confused. Vanessa has power and she’s using it every way possible she can think of. What the sam heck is wrong with that? You obviously don’t agree with her manner of getting to the end but crikey this is a big money game. Anyone who signs up for BB better have a thick skin and stand up for themselves. So tired of
      all the Vanessa hatred.

      1. At this point they all have only themselves to blame. They have had the chance to get Van out more than once. They all deserve what they have coming to them. I’m so disappointed in JM. The first damn rule of bb is pawns go home! We hear it time and time again. And you NEVER throw a comp when ur ass is on the line! So disappointed. But I’m ready to see everyone throw the austwits utb now! And hopefully next week starts their downfall! I already can’t watch again until yucky austins hoh is over!

  25. Vanessa really trying to blow her game up again, right when she had Austwins back in her pocket. Going around asking people if she was the backdoor target is going to piss off Austin.

    If she wants to know, she should ask James. He is the only one that might actually rat that out.

  26. I’m betting the target switches to Steve. He will be angry and try very hard to get back in. Then he will team up with James and Meg and Johnny and take on Austin, twins and Vanessa head to head. Otherwise just hand Vanessa the check. Hard to believe that Steve wouldn’t win face morph though.

    1. i think vanessa’s best play is to use the veto on jmac and try to smooth things over with him to form an alliance with him, steve, and meg against the austwins (meg’s easier to control without james and though steve should be angry about staying on the block, he should come around when the votes fall his way). don’t think she’ll do this though, especially considering how blind jmac has been to how much bigger a threat the austwins are than vanessa, and that he may still not figure this out.

  27. As much as Vanessa is going to be accused of Bullying everyone to find out if she was the backdoor target, I wonder why a person wouldn’t use their pov power to try to figure out what’s going on in the game after being marooned for two weeks. Is it the act or the method that is so horrible?
    It’s actually stupid to tell Vanessa the queen of paranoid vengeance seeking that there was no plan to get rid of her. Tell her there was talk, but they weren’t given any details or in on any of the planning, they were just told to keep their mouths shut and go with the flow, neither of them was the target this week unless they told Vanessa. That will make Vanessa’s head spin, and she’ll remove one of the two from the block. In order to save themselves, Steve and Jmac should be feeding Vanessa’s vindictive streak, not pretending there was no plot. When Vanessa smells blood she becomes a land shark. why not point the land shark at the Austwins and Goblins? Now when/if the plot comes out before Monday Vanessa will believe Jmac and Steve were in on it with Austin. Cue Vanessa’s indignation about liars speech. 2000 times at 2000 rpms.

    1. There’s nothing wrong with the act or the method. The butthurt phonies in here would be praising JMac if he was trying to get to the bottom of things, but that’s how phony people operate. Pseudo-victims love to cry when gutless dead fish get fried even though that’s what you’re supposed to do to them. Why let a dead fish lay in bed and rot when you can gut him, fry him, and eat him? LMAO!

    2. The game is mental warfare so I disregard anyone who brings up the word ‘bullying’ (unless it’s physical intimidation).

      But Vanessa is way too forceful in how she approaches people and shares information. You can’t just demand answers from people with straight up questions, you need to dance around a bit and let the information flow naturally.

      Similarly it’s wrong to tell someone you have some ‘really great advice’ and then get angry if they disagree with any part of it. You have to feel people out and be courteous, listen to their ideas, let other people in the room talk and have a part in it.

      People tolerate it but in my opinion no one will hand her the cash purely because of her very poor social skills.

  28. Surprise Surprise. Austin is Crying is whole game to Vanessa like a Bitch. Selling Steve & Johnny Mac down the River. Judas my Ass.

  29. JMac did this to himself. How many house guest did he agree to throw povs so they would be back doored. Well, welcome to the party. It’s one thing to be quirky and funny. It’s another thing to act like a gutless buffoon. I don’t think Meg is throwing any comps, she just suck! But, JMac threw how many comps because he didn’t want blood on his hands or to be a target. What damn blood??!! This is a freaking game. Make a move and play the game. Rhwwwaahhhh… Are you still laughing, chuckling or whatever the hell that sound is?

  30. obviously I want MAC in that house, but also he is the only one willing to go at Vanessa. even if he threw that stinking HOH….OK, he totally earned his exit, but it doesn’t change the rest of the HG’s being all too comfortable sitting back and giving Austin and the Twins whatever they want, and everyone lying to Vanessa to just avoid her crazy, even if they can use some of her crazy against Austin and the Twins

    are they seriously all oblivious to how much of a percentage of the house Austin and the Twins will own if they make it through next week? and the following…sigh. I want James and Meg to wake the heck up. and I want to kick MAC for throwing the HOH. I could forgive the veto and write it off as trying to get in good with Austin. that HOH though….sigh.

  31. Austin/Twins – DUMB AS A BOX OF ROCKS – Vanessa deserves the money. She has them CONVINCED that Steve/Johnnie Mac are linked with James/Meg – UNBELIEVABLE!!! These people do NOT have a clear mind and do not take into consideration any social relationships they have made. Vanessa just knows how to spin fake stories. BIG BROTHER – I am not watching this show anymore. YOU SUCK. Get some GOD DAMN people who can THINK!!

    1. All Vanessa has done is give the other side of house the benefit of the doubt that they are actually playing the game, and if they were actually playing the game, the move they would be working on is to band together to target Austwin. The fact is, they are still floating like turds in a huge toilet bowl, but no one in their right mind would think they’re still floating like turds in a toilet bowl because it’s 2 months into the game. Vanessa has given Team Feces way too much credit.

    2. Right, because the plan is to make sure you remain the target all the time instead of throwing doubts in peoples mind to change the targets. I think someone was saying JMAC, Steve, and Vanessa were teaming up last week because they were in the yard talking so much. Its how this game is played. Always cast doubts so that you won’t be evicted.

      You are outside the house and seeing all the conversations. Try being inside without the live feeds. You are in a game where alliances need to be made to take out targets. Each one of you is a target. Only two people go to the finale, everyone else gets voted out. How would you know what is truth or fiction? Everyone talks to each other all day. Some talk game, some talk social. If you are not in that group, you don’t know what they talk about, so you speculate. What do people excel at doing? Speculate the worse.

  32. All hell will break out this week. Vanessa CANNOT STFU..and will cross examine everyone. ( and then decide in her craziness who the target should be)…at this point..she’d like to evict..Jmac..Steeevah, Jamesah..and meg all at once..then she can hurry up to final four. Then final her cheque..and back at the poker tables.
    However…because of her genuine bat shit craziness…she’ll make the wrong decision. Austin will do whatever she decides…and can repent at leisure.
    What will Vanessa achieve with this paranoia? You got it. Who ever is left on the block.will join the goblins. That makes 3. The person coming back..makes 4. Evens.
    Vanessa is actually making it happen.
    She would make a good player..but being schitzo gets in the way. Big time.
    One of the goblins wins HOH…Austin and Liz on the block. One of them comes down..maybe…up goes Vanessa.
    Whichever way it will be 4 against 3.
    BB of course steps in. Pandora or reset.
    But even they couldn’t save Frankie..their darling.
    Audrey and Vanessa are very much alike. Crazy is as crazy does.
    HA…The more Vanessa hyperventilates..when saying she doesn’t need the money..every poker player knows…it’s the opposite.
    She’s FRANTIC!! She doesn’t know how else to get a bankroll. Desperate people do desperate things…and it’s making her over the top . will cost her the game. She’ll go on tilt….and Bam…she’ll be gone. will be when there’s no chance of coming back. Five cards in hold “em. She’ll be voted out in fifth place.
    That fifth card, called the River.
    And..cry me a river…it’s the card that knocks people out of tournaments. It changes everything.
    Final 2? I think James and Steve/Jmac.

  33. As Vanessa tells Austin that Jmac/Steve/Meg/James are a secret alliance I start to marvel. She has Austin spilling his entire game plan to her, including the possible back door and using Vanessa as a shield to get Austin and Liz further in the game. Say as many things as you want, but damn she’s good with interpersonal manipulation strategy.
    The only alliance that doesn’t officially exist (the one the fans want, but will never officially get) is the alliance that is going to re-cement Austin, the twins and Vanessa.
    It’s not real, which is going to bring on calls of Vanessa’s lying again, but it’s what she perceives to be the truth. Is it a lie if you actually believe it yourself?
    In doing this, production is going to be thrilled. they have the return of the two sided good vs. evil dichotomy they’ve been pushing all season.
    She’s working her way back in, and distancing the Austwins from everyone else in one fell swoop.
    A complete case of paranoid delusion being believed as fact is going to make the next four days of feeds and the next day and a half specifically into the witch trials with Vanessa cast as Cotton Mather.
    She’s been complaining that the social game of the last two weeks is less her forte than the strategic game at the beginning, and now she’s steering everyone back to the strategic game with one power of veto.
    Okay. She’s completely hated, and some of the grounds are totally warranted… but no one can say she isn’t playing the game. I can get behind a good villain that steers the game to their benefit. I may hate the person, but if the strategy works and gets them further in the game, I’ll support the villain out of sheer awe (hating myself all the while). Four days ago the entire house wanted her out of the game. Now she’s got all of them spinning and 1/2 of them thinking that there is a secret conspiracy. It helps that the Austwins are strategic morons, but it’s still impressive I hate to admit.

  34. Steve does not won’t to play for second place but that’s what he’ll get if becomes a rat or plays Vanessa’s game. John might have a chance to come back. Why should he rat anyone out. The twins are working with both Vanessa and austin. And if James or meg say anything they will have three people mad at them. Best to keep quiet and not ruffle any feathers. Good that austin did not put Vanessa up. At least for his game.

    1. Will this be a repeat of BB14? Will the final two be Steve and Vanessa? Will the Nerd win over the Manipulator because of a bitter jury?

      Dan Gheesling must be having a deja vu, he’s going to need massive mental health therapy after this. Oh well, the royalties from his book of how to get on reality tv will pay for the therapy.

  35. Well Nessie is back in peak mode spreading mass confusion and chaos. Working the Austwins to the max. The manipulator took a little pause but after winning the POV she has turned the manipulation machine back on. Beware!

  36. Vanessa is smart but, she is no mastermind. If she can keep her paranoia and game talk at a minimum I might have a bit more respect for her game. So please vanessa tone it down!!

  37. If Production wants to keep people interested, they’re going to need another BB takeover because it’s boring when one side of the house steamrolls the other.

  38. The best move for Vanessa and the house right now is this: Vanessa needs to convince Johhny that they need to work together with the rest of the house and the returning player to start breaking up the Austwins. That would be an alliance of 5 against and alliance of 3. I can’t imagine anyone in that house wants to be in a final 4 with the Austwins. There is a high chance that the 4th person would not even make final 2. I would hope that Vanessa and Johnny must already be thinking this. All she has to do is explain that Jackie, Shelly or Becky, not Steve, will likely be the one to come back and that person would come back and be protected by their group of 4. PLEASE, let them be smart enough to figure this out. The remaining 5 have to work together or it is all over and they all deserve to lose. Come on Johnny WAKE up and THINK. You can convince Vanessa to save you, and then work with her and and the goblins. This isn’t rocket science.

    1. That makes far too much logical sense. I would not expect to see this happen. From the conversations between JMac and Steve they both seem to think working with the goblins are beneath them for some reason. They may both be considered smart but neither of them have any common sense as far as I can tell. Then we have crazy Van who gets paranoid at the drop of a hat. No one sees the Austwins as a threat. SMH, the level of dumb moves in this house astounds me.

    2. The problem is jmack is too blinded by his dislike of Vanessa due to the one stupid fight, and Becky. He doesn’t realize that Becky now says she wants to work with her if she comes back.

      Van has been attempting to kinda get with jmac for the last week and a half. Steve has been pushing for jmac to bury the hatchet with her. Still jmac won’t. She just gave him yet another opportunity to save himself and possibly get something going (by asking him about the backdoor plan) and he doesn’t use it.

      Jmac just doesn’t get it. I actually think it would’ve worked well between those two because no one would expect it. Same with Becky.

  39. Vanessa knows that Austin was thinking of possibly going to backdoor her she is seeing who will lie and tell her she wasn’t. She also obviously knows Austin and the twins have been plotting against her. She had to use them this week to stay another week. And she beasted that POV to make sure of that.

    Who has left the house every week? The person Vanessa wanted. Johnny the last fool to fuck with Vanessa and now buh bye douche bag.

    Now you know why Austin is scared shitless of her. She owns this game.

    Anyone else wana talk shit about Vanessa?

    LOL. The girl is a bad ass player and the fact many of you hate her proves this fact.

    The funniest people are the ones who have been saying she “sucks” at the game and say she is going to go home every week. They are irate she is still there. You see their posts? Shits hilarious!

    Go Vanessa!

  40. The twins wer not calling Steve a nerd dude when he didn’t put them on the block during the double eviction. I am so sick of the twins and Austin. I can actually stand Vanessa more then them at this point. That is sad.

  41. This will be great to watch and not another week wasted if….. Vanessa uses the POV. Get James on the block. Meg cries some more….Becky comes back…. Johnny Vanessa Becky and Steve take out the awstwins and the game get interesting. I would love to see how Austin acts when Liz leaves. We will see more judas come out!!!! Come on BB lets gets interesting not predictable !!!!!

  42. So the guy in the running to be America’s fave has herpes?
    The woman in the showmance is a month late?
    Everyone lines up for their daily medication?
    Is this big brother or tlc?

  43. I guarantee that Meg is throwing all the mental comps just to look super weak so she won’t be targeted. I know exactly the type of player and person she is. I’m not joking.

    She’s going to be taken to the final 3 – that’s guaranteed – and win the last 2 F3 comps. Many of you muppets will start calling her a genius when she wins especially after she leaves the house and immediately start talking high level game talk with people like Rob Cesternino and with Jeff Schroeder.

    1. What planet are you from? Come back down to earth. Tame that miniature woody. Don’t let your raging hormones rule your logic!

  44. It’s good that Vanessa won the VETO comp because this wasn’t a good week to backdoor her.

  45. Liz about Steve: Who does he think he is? You’re a nerd. Don’t forget that.
    Well Steve will have a great job, manners and girlfriend after BB and Liz will have… Austin….

    1. You’re right, Steve’s mama, and he’s not embarrassing himself on national television either. He gets a bit peevish once in awhile, but he’s not going to embarrass his family or his town. Good on him.

  46. I used to like Jmac. But, he threw the HOH comp after all the big talk in the HOH room with the Austwins about his number one target being Vanessa and how he was going to gun for her to get her evicted. Jmac the coward lost his nerve and threw the HOH comp because he knew if he won it, he would be expected to target Vanessa and he didn’t have the guts to do it.

  47. I hate to say this, but I have an inkling of respect for Meg the Sloth. Jmac threw the HOH comp because he is spineless and not because of strategy. Meg may be stupid, lazy, lethargic, an imbecile, ugly, slow and mentally deficient but at least she tries to win comps.

  48. With Becky gone, the only person that I could vote for as the favorite player was Dawg. And I noticed that he is ahead of Liz and Austin! Vote for Dawg in 2015!!!

  49. Your bridges were burned, and now it’s your turn
    To cry, cry me a river
    Cry me a river-er
    Cry me a river
    Cry me a river-er, yea yea

    Those were Justin’s words; what irks me is how did he know Vanessa so well?!

  50. These morons had the opportunity to get rid of Vanessa and opted not to, so now they have to live with the consequences.

  51. Cracks me up….every year about this time…

    “This show is rigged” “I’m not going to watch anymore” BLAH BLAH BLAH!! Do you really think that CBS cares whether you stop watching or not? Guess what? They don’t :) It’s a fridge game folks, stop investing so much of your life into it. lol. geez.

  52. Vanessa is not a good game player the rest of the house are just so stupid!!!! everybody seems like they’re afraid of Vanessa they might as will just hand her over the check now and just quit the game this is the worst season ever it’s like group HOH every week the HOH doesn’t even take control of their HOH it’s so annoying!!! all these guys have no respect for this game they don’t know how to play everyone’s afraid to get blood on their hands but that’s what big brother is all about making big moves and all these guys are stupid I don’t even care who wins worst season ever in history nobody knows how to play this game I just can’t wait for this season to be over it is the worst ever and I still don’t even think sisters should be on the show to me that’s just a conflict of interest I don’t even care who wins!!!!!

  53. they should all form a group alliance called the morons or the retards or the worst big brother players ever and they should all Self Evict because they all suck!!!!! at first I like to Jameses attitude because he wasn’t afraid to get blood on his hands but clearly he can’t win any more comps and he’s just too busy being a fool now so fuck this whole house!!!!!!

  54. Well, Vanessa screwed herself tonight. She was paranoid about her alliance booting her. Instead of forming an alternate alliance with Johnny Mac, James, Meg and Steve, she decided to go bat-shit crazy again, take truthful info from Jmac, confront a twin with it to get lied to, then confront Steve assuming he was the mastermind of her termination. She always blows up on guys, never on women. I assume she’s had some issues with men lying or cheating on her in the past, and it’s skewing her game with them. She always blows up on guys. Should could have done a masterful move by using the POV on Jmac or Steve, forcing Austin to put up James or Meg. If she had gotten with Jmac, Steve & Meg (or James) to make an alliance behind Aus-twins back, she could have been flipping the bird to Aus-twins as they realized she screwed them before they screwed her, and there’d be enough votes to get her way. Instead, she gets emotional, blows up her game with Steve, keeps screwing any chance of a game with Jmac, and her alliance still realizes she’s nuts and needs to go. The thing is, she’s THEIR nutty professor, so they’re just biding their time. Aus-twins are still smart. James needs to get into power to break up that alliance, because nobody is willing to crack that nut yet… and the Aus-twins are running the show. They know everyone else in the house is just paired off (Steve & Jmac, Meg & James)… so they ally with them all knowing they have the numbers (Aus-twins + Vanessa) to crush anyone they want. They just ride it out until it’s time to get rid of Vanessa.

    tl;dr … Vanessa’s going him next week if James doesn’t win HOH. If James wins HOH, one of the Aus-twins is going home.

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