Jmac to Steve – “I hate all of you but I hate you and Vanessa less”

POV Holder: James POV Competition Aug 29th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 31st
HOH Vanessa Next HOH Sept 3rd
Original Nominations: Meg and James
After POV Nominations: ?and ?
Have Nots Johnny Mac, Julia, James, Meg

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-29 21-21-53-175_jpg

9:22pm Backyard, Jmac, Twins, Steve and James
James asks them would you rather be someone grotesque and have a big d!ck or hot with a small p$n!s
James – Small.. like a chihuahua Pen!s.. like a gizmo penis
Jmac – you can’t look at him really ugly
The twins say pen!s size is important
Liz says Julia had a smaller sized one but he knew how to use it
Liz – My friend had one that’s too big and it can hurt

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-29 21-37-35-728_jpg

9:34pm Comic Room Liz and Julia
Still cleaning up after the power of Veto competition.
Julia- Johnny mac is clinging onto them he’s got to go
Liz is pissed that Austin was the one that messed up all their clothes.
Liz – like what a A$$ you’re so annoying brooooo that’s not funny I hate youuuuuuu
Julia asks Liz if she always just wears a sports bra
liz says she does it “Deters you know who”

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-29 21-47-26-469_jpg

9:57pm Bathroom twins
Liz saying she hid her s in the pizza boxes “I’m so mad it was found first”
Julia – I’m fine with third

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-29 22-01-59-379_jpg

9:59pm Austins and Jmac
Austin says james is going to use the veto on himself he doesn’t see him using it on meg, “He’s playing for his daughter” (Devin had a daughter)

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-29 22-24-40-610_jpg

10:07pm Backyard James and Johnnymac
James – what do you think man
Jmac – It’s still up in the air
James – Shit
Jmac – no decisions have been made
James – No decisions uh
Jamc – Zero
JAmes- Zero F**** given
Jmac – Zero F*** gIven
James – BUT you DID have a deal right
Jmac – YA, hopefully it’s still good
James – you shouldn’t have anything to worry about, Vanessa doesn’t like breaking deals , Not unless you really give her a reason to break it

James apologizes for winning the veto if he never won it he would be going home
Jmac understands
James – If I didn’t need it man
Jmac- you pulled it out when you needed it thats epic TV
James – when are they going to learn they can’t put us up initially
Jmac – RRRwwwhhhaaaaAjjjAJJAA

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-29 22-37-18-092_jpg

James offers the veto to meg for 1 paid trip, Sleep in her bed and a cuddle “Sesh”
Meg laughs tells him there’s no way she’s going to let him do that.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-29 22-38-29-082_jpg

10:36pm Hammock Jmac and Steve
Jmac says if they go up they will be evicted.
Steve – you think so
Jmac – Yes
Steve – did you and Austin make up
Jmac- we did
John says Austin told Vanessa if she gets rid of Meg it’s a waste of a HOH
Jmac – We’re f*** we have to win HOH next week and we have to win HOH in the double
Jmac thinks they can pull James in with Vanessa so they can take out the austwins.
Jmac – you all voted me out..
Jmac – I hate all of you but I hate you and Vanessa less
Steve says he was hoping a Austwin member would be the replacement.
Jmac – these three are going to push us out of the house
Steve – I know

Jmac – I think Meg and James aren’t as quick in the head.. if we came through with them this week they would go longer than Austwins..
Jamc – They Are pretty smart
Steve – Who are
Jmac – Austwins
Steve – you don’t want to get rid of Meg this week then
Jmac – No…. but if Vanessa wants to..
Steve- That’s where we’re at
Jmac – Put up Julia vote out Meg..

Steve – do you have any concerns with me
Jmac – no I don’t

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-29 22-59-45-197_jpg

10:58pm Vanessa and Meg
Meg says she wants to stay in this house so badly, “I’m going to fight for it” Meg says getting rid of her isn’t the biggest game move
Vanessa is pissed that James is down stairs telling everyone he’s coming after her and that is making her wanting to take her out. The best way to hamper James’ game is to take out Meg.
Vanessa – All I’ve ever done is a game move nothing personal
Vanessa tells her sh’es doing what the best game move is.

Meg – I’m going to be really BUMMED if I’m taken out this week

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-29 23-18-47-834_jpg

11:16pm Have nots JAmes and Meg
Meg has been suggesting he talk to Vanessa.
Meg tells him vanessa is saying JAmes threatening to take out Vanessa is making Vanessa want Meg to go.
Meg – I’ll be so pissed if I go home this week because of this
James – I’ll go up there tell her what she wants to hear..

James leaves to talk to vanessa on his way up ‘Time to go start world war 3.. here we go”

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-29 23-23-10-362_jpg

11:21pm HOH James and Vanessa
James – just wanted to hash things out with you
Vanessa- alrighty
Vanessa – I’m warning you I had a drink and I’m in a bad mood.. I’m warning you.. nothing to do with you I ast 929 calories and I am being heavily pressured..

JAmes bring sup Vanessa putting him on the block twice asks if she has something against him.
Vanessa- what I said was genuine I couldn’t be more real about it
Vanessa – there’s so few people it came down to a game move.. if you won I would have been shocked I didn’t go up.. we have higher loyalties
Vanessa – it would have been dumb for me to do something else
Vanessa says 2 hours ago 4 people came up to the HOH and told her James is targeting her.

Vanessa tells him out of everyone in the house she respects james gamewise the most.
James says Austin told him Vanessa was saying that James can’t be trusted. It was last week during his HOH.
Vanessa starts rattling off snippets from the past.
James tells Vanessa she’s playing the game too hard..

Vanessa – you insulting me right now man.. you are literally.. who are you the expert..
Vanessa freaks out.. You criticize me too my face
James – No I didn’t mean to I went on the block two times.. I’ve never put you up
Vanessa threatens him if he continues coming after her she’s going to take out Meg, “You’re literally insulting me to my face”
James- Why can’t we ever have a casual conversation..
Vanessa – take off your sunglasses I can’t see your eyes

After some chatting they apologize for getting heated. James says he was misunderstood he didn’t mean to insult her.
James says he got in trouble earlier today for saying Steve and retarded strength

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-29 23-40-38-490_jpg

Vanessa starts to cry says she’s deeply upset from this conversation
Vanessa – I’m playing like my back is against the wall and i have no one, I’m on the bottom of all the totem poles.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-29 23-42-38-491_jpg

11:39pm Twins Pissed they don’t want to go homeeeeeeeeeeeUHAAAAAAhhhhh
Liz – You’re not going up bro… If she does that to you I’m done
Julia says going up wouldn’t be that bad because it might shield her the following week, “I was just on the block”

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-30 00-02-15-729_jpg

11:59pm James tells Vanessa after this moment he want them to be cool
James – if you look at the big moves I’ve done they’re really smart moves
James – I just wanted to split up a power couple

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  • “Goblins/Gremlins” = James and Meg
  • “The Generals” = anyone allied with Becky
  • “SOS” (Students of Sound) = Steve and Vanessa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Austin’s Angels” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Vanessa
  • “Brass Tacks” = Gobins and Austwins
  • The new “Brass Tacks” = Aus-Twins, Meg, James + Vanessa
  • “Freaks and Geeks” “The Scamper Squad” = Aus-Twins, Vanessa, Steve
  • “The new Freaks and Geeks minus Vanessa” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve, Johnny Mac
  • “The Authority” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve

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Johnny Mac Fan

Vanessa put up Julia! That would be awesome. We can see a big brother blindside finally. Johnny Mac has planted the seed with Steve that voting out Julia is a possibilty. Hopefully it happens and the other Austwin leaves during the double eviction.

BB ever

you think so? Johnny Mac told Steve that he would vote out if Vanesa want them to! and Johnny never lied to Steve


Put up Liz, Liz is the key to austwins…
Liz and Julia twin power
Liz and Austin a connection of some sort

Put Liz up and have Jmac Steve and James vote her out,


HAHA Liz is showing her true feelings for Austin again.

BB ever

What a nasty person Vanesa is!!! she was just caughted about her set up to James and daren’t admit it. All she did was like a crazy dog to bully james by using Meg’s fate. Her cry was just the way to bully ppl!


Wow, Van is truly disturbed….must suck to b her girlfriend! Let’s hope James can survive the DE and Van puts up Julia as replacement nom would b epic bit prolly won’t happen!


As of 2:30am Julia has offered to be the replacement instead of Steve she feels like she needs to pull her weight and Liz agreed. Van said she doesn’t want john on the block so it looks like their plan might work

Too Funny

Vanessa put Austin up n tell him sorry its ur turn n if he goes, he goes. I want Austins wussy a** to go!!! Liz will be happy in the long run… You need to break the Austwins up now… Dnt put steve or jmac up thats stupid move n they will go cuz austins soo scared of james n meg coming after him… hell austins scared of evey1 cuz hes a huge wuss n needs to go…


Vanessa is playing way too hard and emotional, which is why she won’t win. i wouldn’t be surprised if Steve, a twin, or even Austins ends up winning.. Taking out a Twin this week would be great for everyone’s game, they have been carried all season, Liz winning a few comps, Julia floating along(same as Meg)..

This is the perfect week to take out Julia, James,Steve, and Jmac voting her out, then next week Vanessa teaming up with James,Meg,Jmac, and Steve to go after Austin and Liz, easily taking out Liz next week, and Austin after(or vice versa).. With Vanessa, James, Jmac, and Steve,winning back to back HOHs Austwins wouldn’t stand a chance.. Sad Vanessa can’t see that..

Maybe she’s intentionally playing for 4th place with Austwins?


Teaming up with Jame, Meg, JMAC, Steve would guarantee Vanessa fifth place. I’m pretty sure she is playing for first.


Think about it this way: Austwins are a solid 3 person alliance that won’t break until final 3, no way could Vanessa win with them since she would be the guaranteed 4th evicted, but with James,Jmac,Steve, and Meg(who’s completely useless in comps), that group can break at any time, so Vanessa has a better chance at winning with them, since the group can be talked into making any move potentially benefiting Vanessa. At the same time it may not benefit Vanessa because she’s in a situation where she won’t win no matter what she does, but going against Austwins NOW would open up the best opportunity.

Guy From Canada

Yup 100% agree. James even called her on it and she got offended (thanks Simon for that update). I hope that makes it on the show for Wednesday 🙂

The only twin she can put up is Julia. Likely it will be Jmac however with her emotional playing, and seeing numbers of a strong 3 meat shield verses two pairs to work with. If she went with the two pairs (Jmac/Steve or James/Meg) She could become a duo once one of the pairs gets split up. But who are we kidding, she will make an emotional move, go with Austin again, and Jmac is prolly going to jury again this week 🙁


It’s so ironic isn’t it that someone playing the game as hard as her cannot see that putting up Julia (and even better Liz) is the best thing for her game? She’s playing very hard, but not smart – at all.


What? She does see that. She’s been talking about Julia being the replacement since she won hoh (well only to Steve). You can’t judge what her plans are by listening to her convo’s with austwits. She has to be easy with them and make them think she has their best interest in mind.

She has absolutely no intention of putting up Johnny Mac. It will not happen unless he does something really stupid.


Vanessa’s contrived histrionics built to a volcanic crescendo sobbing screaming after hearing examples of backstabbing, lying, yelling, breaking her word –“I do not play too harrrddd, that’s not meee, that’s not my you game, how dare you insult me to my face, get out of here nooowww, look how you’re making me act” unbelievable, while of course, James apologizes profusely and says I never wanna make a girl cry.

Could you ever expect a guy to behave this way and stay in the game. She’s America’s example of a strong woman? Oh no, we’ll never get a female president after this masterful nervous breakdown. The real problem: playing too hard was Vanessa’s reason for getting Audrey & Becky out. Her ego can’t handle critique or being called out for being like someone she despises.


The twins are 23, yet they talk like they’re 12.. Products of a pampered upbringing. Must be excruciating listening to them, I feel for the feedsters.


Talking to Vanessa when she’s sober is a crap-shoot at best. When she’s drunk? That’s just dumb. I can’t stand these tools in this house that aren’t here to win. Vanessa doesn’t need the $. Neither does Ausin (apparently). The twins have had a maid all their lives. Likely they don’t either. JMac has heavy education debt (no, you don’t pay that off quickly). James isn’t rich and/or famous and has a daughter to support. (Ask JMac, college is expensive!). Meg is a waitress. No big dinero there. Steve lives with his Mom and is school also. I think it would make a much better game if the entire cast actually needed the money. Not for the glory of playing/winning BB to add to their “I wanna be famous” resume.


I wish I could give this 1000 thumbs up. Why would they put a millionaire in the house? It’s sad to watch evil people who don’t even need the money take out people who really need it. Does anyone remember when Vanessa said “We won’t win against James. He has a daughter.” That is pure evil. She is lying to his face telling him it was just a game move. But in her mind it’s ok for her to go around acting nuts about people lying to her. I will be pissed if this greedy b*tch even makes final three!


I disagree. I don’t think it should matter if you “need the money” or not. How is that remotely relevant in terms of big brother? It’s not a charity game.

People play the game for many different reasons. It shouldn’t matter why they play, as much as how they play. And how is it “evil” to think one hg would win over another bc some jurors may consider they have a child to support? Lol that’s just silly.


I don’t understand…Which word does James makes insult Vanessa? Poor James had to deal with her and useless Meg.


To each of Meg and James she said that she’d been drinking and was feeling very emotional and not very logical when each went in.
Vanessa was offended when James said she plays the game too hard.
Her answer was something like who are you, the judge, the expert? Are you coming in here just to insult me or what? That was the emotion starter. casting judgement not a particular word.
At the same time that he handled her emotions well, James also gave up a lot of information without thinking. If she shares it with Austin, Austin will be after James before jmac.
Where was his fire and brimstone i’m after your a$$ that he’d been practicing? As soon as he finds out that everyone told Vanessa he’s been walking around saying she’s his target he puckers up. It wasn’t the promised WW3, it was anything but. I want the promised WW3.
And Meg’s case of I’m useless at comps is countered with Julia’s case of i’m useless at comps as of 3am on the feeds.

mannequin of misery

James went up there to tell Vanessa what she wanted to hear, to try to protect Meg.

He Caved in 5 Minutes

James never struck a deal in fact gave Meg up within minutes agreeing Meg is baggage, he needs to think of his game, and what he will do when Meg is gone. He totally back peddled apologizing, saying he didn’t say it right, it’s all good, he will do whatever she wants. I thought he won POV? I thought he was gonna do something else besides kids the Queens ring? He’s playing so many pranks in the house, he doesn’t have an idea how to last. Getting Meg to let him sleep with her in her bed as POV reward and AFP is as far as his trainwrecked game is going.


Vanessa is such a BULLY!! She feels threatened by James so she will take out meg. ?? I bet she is like this in life outside the house. You don’t change your personality because your on big brother. She gets pissed off and gets in people’s face then she makes it the other persons fault. She is a SNAKE. Can’t wait until James puts her on the block and kicks her out the door! GO JAMES!


By your definition of bully James would also fit the bill.
Did he not tell Meg he was going to the twins and saying keep Meg or i’m coming after each one of you? did he not then go to Austin and threaten to make him and the twins his target if Meg went home?
If that’s just playing the game, then neither of them is a bully. If she’s a bully, so is he and they should be held to the same standard for doing the same thing.

Grandma G

Here we go again. Take that wine away from her and give her back her speed. Who the heck in production thought it would be interesting to put an out of control bi polar HG in the house for the other HG’s to deal with. Mental illness is not a joke for the television viewers and certainly not something they should subject the other HG’s to. You can’t have a successful strategy against or with a ‘sick’ HG. Even in the best of circumstances bi polar people have a tough time coping while taking the proper meds. Vanessa isn’t taking the proper meds and the BB house and this game is the worst place for her to be. Get her out.

Min O'Pause

Why is someone on psych meds allowed to drink alcohol?


So James won. He can take himself and Meg off, making two new nominees. Or only take himself off?

Big Sister

Only himself. If he takes Meg down, he stays on the block and isnt safe.


wow, during that james and vanessa convo, james sounded like the smarter one of the two. maybe its because vanessa is drunk?? idk… vanessa is extremely emotionally unstable. how do u attack someone and at the same time play the victim of it all? she got mad at james then started randomly crying. SHE feels like she’s at the bottom?? im 100% sure vanessa is the only one in the BB house that feels that way.


I actually don’t care who wins this season. Is that sad?

Vanessa La Loca

Well that didn’t take long…..

“Vanessa starts to cry says she’s deeply upset from this conversation
Vanessa – I’m playing like my back is against the wall and i have no one, I’m on the bottom of all the totem poles.”

Just waiting for the “I need to be alone/I need to think” quickly followed by the “why is everyone avoiding me/why aren’t you giving me advice and ideas”

Susie Q

I wonder if James picked up on the fact that Vanessa admitted to being in multiples alliances when she referenced being the low man on all the totem poles. That totem pole with an “s” on the end.– plural. I hope he did and uses that to campaign against her in the upcoming week(s).


Who is Devin?


Last season guy

Gay Man

Lesbians are the worst.


I’m not a lesbian but I”m cool with a few and they’re all bipolar, compulsive liars, or a mixture. One of my friends is exactly like Vanessa. She starts talking crazy to me then gets emotional and accuses me of starting the argument or judging her when I try to defend myself.


So homophobic comments are okay, as long as they are aimed at lesbians, right?

Gay Homophobic Man


Yo Mama

Vanessa’s crying again, big surprise


That woman. Vanessa supposedly lives and breathes honesty but when someone is totally honest with her she’s insulted and responds with tears and threats. You say you’re on the bottom of everyone’s totem pole but If you’re with the twins and Judas then your definitely on the bottom. Put up a twin you’ll have the votes and it’ll blow up the game. And while your at it, dump the cap, its 90 in the shade outside ferkrysake.

Ariana Grande licks donuts and hates Americans

Wahnessa is just doing what she does best: Wahhhhhh!

Bb anonymous

I rotfl every time you guys imitate Jmac ‘s laugh .
That’s epic thank you for making my day !!! Lol

You Know It's Bad When

JMAC is the only man in the house. Vanessa says he’s a serial killER and she can’t read him because he listens to “screamo” death music. She can’t control or shake him, like the other wusses who aoologize, grovel at her feet and hug her when she cries. Not that JMAC is a man-boy himself but compared to the others-He’s Schwartzenegger. This isn’t the year of the strong women, it’s the season of weak men.

Jay Smooth

Vanessa should make a deal wth gobs not to put her up if they won HOH, Van puts Julia, she gets evicted 3-2 and Van pretends to be shocked -> 1 free week for Rousso

Vanessa's Mom

Yeaaaah my baby got complete control over several nominations and makes sure her targets namely Jeff, Jason, Clay, Shelli, Becky & JohnnyMac go home. She almost got a hand in every HG’s eviction playing the masterful cry game..Sure she’ll survive the double eviction next week unless it’s really personal the HGs wanted her gone to jury badly

Nothing Personal

I wish James had not taken off his glasses and had let her go over the top and that he had not apologized to her at all.


I’ve never ascribed to the ‘who needs the money’ argument.
It’s not a charity. Never was. Every time a house guest gets on the poor me soapbox I can’t help but think if they need the money that bad: play better. Don’t whine for sympathy about it.
When viewers pull the sympathetic ‘but they are in greater financial need’ card it’s just as annoying. It’s big brother not biggest charity case. Feel that bad for them, send them a cheque out of your own bank account because they’re in so much need and you feel so sorry for them. Fund a charity drive for destitute reality show contestants. Have a bake sale.
Sure, James has a daughter. And was arrested for contempt of family court. And lives in a party house with a room mate and spends most of his time in a bar if the at home visit is to be believed. Apparently he’s not so financially destitute that he can’t barhop more than once a week. Sure, Jmac has college loans. He’s a friggin dentist. He’s not in financial hardship. Meg is a waitress. I’ve never seen a working girl lay around more and do less with so much entitlement. Must be the youtube personality friend of the Grande family part of her coming out. She’s a waitress whose father is mayor of their home town? Sounds like she had it really rough. She’s using this opportunity to boost her media career.
Please drop the financial need angle. Or give generously to a local charity to make your bleeding heart feel better that a tv reality contestant didn’t win a half million. On with the show.

another name

The benedryl wore off. Damn allergies. Late night info-feeding now i guess.
I did find it interesting that Julia is volunteering to go on the block (supposedly to pull her own weight in the group, but to Liz she said it’s because once she’s been pawn they can’t use her as pawn again, like say when DE happens).
Steve, soliloquy says he’ll vote to keep Julia this week and get rid of Meg to pull in James to his alliance idea of James, Jmac, Steve and Vanessa final four. He’ll further gain points with the Austwins by keeping Julia, but if he gets hoh, he will nominate Austin and Liz as his main targets.
So everyone in the house is plotting and planning. Except Meg. Her big argument is she’ll be bummed if they evict her.
In the James and Vanessa talk, i think if Van reveals everything James said to Austin, Meg is out the door.
I doubt a pre-emptive strike to eliminate the worthless twin (Meg2 in comps) will sway steve and Jmac. Both want Meg gone to secure James for themselves to take out Austin and Liz.
Or maybe the benedryl hasn’t worn off completely and i imagined all of it.


WOW all I will say is Liz is going to get disowned by her family when this is over after what I just saw.


I don’t have feeds
What did that nasty aweful thang do now
Can’t stand them two!!


I didnt want to say before S and D posted it. She sold her sister out and said put her on the block. I knew they would turn on each other. It gets no lower than that imo


I will say this. If Steve and John decide to keep Julia, I could not vote for them to win 500k. Sorry but you don’t play for fourth place. John, Steve and James could easily go final 3 after the move.


Final Four James Meg Steve John.
James will take Meg to final 2, cutting one of Steve or John at final 3.
If they cut James to get to final three subsidiary problem arises
The temptation to take Meg as a sure second place (Steve would believe John would do it, John would believe Steve would do it)
Final Four James Vanessa Steve John.
Vanessa will take out James to get to final three. He’ll be her target before either of them.
James will take out Vanessa to get to final three. She’ll be his target before either of them.
Steve and John both look like the drag along to final two that would have been Meg’s role if they kept her. She’s never shown any loyalty to either of them since week one. She’s barely polite to them and never looks either in the eye.
Worst case take Vanessa to finals: no woman in US big brother has ever defeated a man in final two.
This week: Julia or Meg.
If you vote out Meg you are voting with the house. That’s been James’ argument in the past. He can’t refute it to others once he’s said it himself. Meg and James said the risk was too great to John last week they had to vote with the house.
If you vote out Julia you become a direct target of two vindictive people. Vote out meg you become a secondary target of one person that will be after the big dogs before you. numbers.
Once Steve or John get power themselves, they will take out Austin or Liz. Most likely ending in Austin going home. James would vote out Austin first (physical of the two). Julia would vote out Austin of course. Vanessa might vote out Austin because he’s said he’s okay with not winning numerous times. John or Steve could justify voting out Austin, he put the two of them on the block against each other last week. If James is logical, he’ll realize taking out Austin or a twin before Vanessa is actually smarter. That’s up for debate if people are emotional, not logical. but three votes will always trump one nutjob in a beanie.
Without Austin, the twins are easily vulnerable and still a pair voting.
Both may be thinking the jury will vote emotionally and will never vote Vanessa to win in a worse case scenario, but would keep her to be a shield. If they convince James to play ball, that’s a final four where John and Steve are watching the other two try to go after each other.


Vanessa so predictable. I think we all knew the bullying followed by tears followed by I am all alone was coming. No surprise at all. I’m going to enjoy a really good laugh if Julia goes up and out. Vanessa will really be alone then.


Vanessa is setting up the Austwins to go on the block. Julia is going up. It’s about time….she needs to stop talking about floaters…..because she is actually worse than Meg…..meg at least won a BOTB. So juilaaaaaaaaa grab a life vest!


“Devin had a daughter.” Priceless! I literally woke up my husband laughing at that! Thanks Simon & Dawg!!

Crying Game- ZING!

If James were smart he would have taken Vanessa’s warning that she was half drunk and in a foul mood seriously. He was also pre-warned that she knew he was saying that he would target her and as a result would be gunning for his closest ally Meg. I guess he must not really care if Meg goes because he handled it badly. Granted Vanessa is unpredictable and irrational but she is in power. He should of kissed b*tt and waited til she had sleep, meds and food on board then they could hash things out. We will all probably still be guessing what she will do til Monday because she flippity flops more than any contestant I can think of in the history of BB.

Naughty Nurse

If Vanessa is as bipolar as she appears to be, she is more than likely taking lithium along with the adderal for her ADHD. She said she goes to the DR twice a day for her meds. She would take the adderal soon upon waking and the lithium before bed. First the upper, then the downer. Neither should be taken while consuming alcohol. It will only make matters worse. Not only should the doctor on the set know this, but Vanessa would know it herself. Yet she chooses to drink a bottle of wine because things aren’t going her way…that’s just wrong on so many levels. Unfortunately, she is the train wreck that we just can’t look away from. Anyone on any type of mood stabilizing drugs should not be in the big brother house and most definitely should not be given alcohol. Obviously she can’t control her behavior or her mood swings without trying to self medicate. Perhap she should have applied to celebrity rehab instead. Just saying…


This is what Vanessa should do to validate here game move so she can come at ease with her decision. It would be better for her to make a final 3 deal with james and meg, this way she know she has a better chance with these two than steve and jmac. She has greater odds with james and meg since she has a 50/50 chance to make to the final 2. Since meg probability of winning is close to zero (or at zero) Vanessa chancse are really split with james 50/50. These are better odds than steve and jmac since they would give her 33% probability (1/3) against 66% chance to make to the final 2. As for Austin twins, they would give her a 25% chance of making it (1/4) with 75% against her. If she is a smart gambler as she claims to be, the odds of winning is better with james& meg. So put up a twin that simple.

P.s. I’m not rooting for her to win. This is just a better alternative to her crazy strategy.


This is what Vanessa should do to validate here game move so she can come at ease with her decision. It would be better for her to make a final 3 deal with james and meg, this way she know she has a better chance with these two than steve and jmac. She has greater odds with james and meg since she has a 50/50 chance to make to the final 2. Since meg probability of winning is close to zero (or at zero) Vanessa chancse are really split with james 50/50. These are better odds than steve and jmac since they would give her 33% probability (1/3) against 66% chance to make to the final 2. As for Austin twins, they would give her a 25% chance of making it (1/4) with 75% against her. If she is a smart gambler as she claims to be, the odds of winning is better with james& meg. So put up a twin that simple. The numbers don’t lie.

P.s. I’m not rooting for her to win. This is just a better alternative to her crazy strategy.

brotalk to human dictionary

Do you think the High priestess of supposed integrity would believe that James would honor any deal?
His history belies that. just look at Jace (alliance the night before nomination) or Clelli (deal on the wall) or Becky (promise to evict Vanessa if Becky nominates her) or even the Austin/twins cabal (brass tacks deal) for proof of that. James doesn’t keep his deals. Ever.
In order for Vanessa to get to a final three with James and Meg, she’d have to make it past final four. Against anyone in final four James or Meg would vote out Vanessa. She’s won three hoh and two pov. Unless Vanessa is hoh in final four that deal would never be kept.
Keeping Meg and James together is a mistake for anyone in the game except for James and Meg.


I’m so sick of this b!@#$! Here comes the water works again!! After watching after dark the other day, I’ve got to say, those of you who thought James and Meg are completely irrelevant, clueless, and useless need to take a 2nd look. Their conversation in the have not room demonstrates how strategic James can be. Meg is, yes, less perceptive but she does have a good social game. She does need to back James up physically. Nevertheless, I couldn’t be rooting for James more. As some pointed out here the other day, John lost my fandom when he said he wanted Meg out on National TV. That’s free of game play to National TV. It goes to show John doesn’t know what he’s doing. Steve will hang on to dear life and bow down to anyone to get to the end. He’ll even allow the rest of his alliance to belittle him to his face and behind his back. Austin does have a strong sense of the game, but he hasn’t made any moves. His priority is keeping Liz and him safe. James, I’m rooting for you because everyone else falls short.


LOL. Meg didn’t win a BOB.. It was thrown to her. She is useless & it will be so much more fun to watch with her gone. James gameplay won’t be held back by trying to protect someone so clueless. Once meg is out Steve/jmac/van/James can take out the austwins & we may have some great fireworks to watch. Finally.


What meds does Vanessa get in the DR? I’m getting more curious about this girl’s mental health. Yes, she’s a bully. But there’s somerhing else going on here…


Is double eviction this Thursday ???


I really hope that Vanessa’s crazy ass puts up Julia’s dumb ass. I would love to see Steve, JM and James vote her out. But Steve’s punk ass would be to afraid to go against Vanessa.


None of you know what Vanessa takes meds for so stop acting like you do. It could be for migraine headaches for all you know.

Second, many of you are obsessed with the topic of bi polar disorder which leads me to believe several of you have been diagnosed with it and this is why you are so interested in it.

The houseguests take meds for a variety of reasons just like society does. You know nothing about why so stop. There was another season everyone accused a guest of being mentally ill and it turned out after the show they were taking meds twice a day for allergies.

Watch the game stop obsessing

Vanessa Reported What She Has & What She Takes

Vanessa told everyone, often, uses it for excuses and blames Production for mixing meds up causing her screaming tantrums. She also diagnoses others psychological problems given her length of time in doctors care and therapy. SHE TOLD DR JOHN STEVE AUSTIN TWINS AUDREY and feeds, she takes Adderall for OCD based paranoia and a Mix of mood disorder, bi-polar meds triggered by the house and gets extra doses if she spirals, Austin knows the symptoms tells her to go to DR. She requests sedatives often but can’t get them as would be overmedicated. Steve told her not to drink due to her meds, she did anyway and got “too drunk to talk” after one glass, while Steve tried to talk her down from her panic attacks all night. These are real mental illnesses she imposes on others, and uses as excuse for her behavior. Posters repeat what they hear from horses mouth on feeds. James also has shown feedsters his Herpes Meds he uses in coin tosses to decide who to evict. Audrey reviewed in detail her med hormone issues that affected her behavior in house. That’s why Vanessa gets so much slack for her manic uncontrolled anger yelling. Everyone knows she’s really sick, like Meg with arthritis meds. You need to watch and listen more. Everyone knows someone who’s ill, even schizophrenics can control their agressive impulses with meds. Still no pill for likability, cheating and bribing.


JMac with a Courtney Yates esque quote. Remember: “I dislike Todd and Amanda less than I dislike everyone else, and I think they mistake that for friendship.”

mannequin of misery

Simon, “Devin had a daughter”. BAHAHAHAHA!!! Priceless.


Dude… Devin totally did have a daughter.


I’m speaking from experience urdumb…you’re not supposed to mix amphetamines with alcohol. ADHD drugs are amphetamines. Vanessa has said herself that’s one of the drugs she’s getting in the DR. Whatever the other dosing is( you say for migraines) no one should end the day getting drunk because they had a bad day. She said herself, she’s drunk and in a bad mood….so look out?!? WTF?!? Urdumber or possibly the dumbest. Alcohol makes migraines worse and amphetamines make you feel as though you’re on top of everything. Until you’re not. Been there, done that. She’s displaying all of the signs of someone who is out of control. I hope she gets herself properly medicated when she leaves BB. I’ve lived it and if you don’t believe me read a book and educate yourself. I also wanna say thanks 1000% to Simon and dawg for this site. You guys f’n rock!!!