Austin “Their minds aren’t going to be able to comprehend that level of strategy”

POV Holder: James POV Competition Aug 29th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 31st
HOH Vanessa Next HOH Sept 3rd
Original Nominations: Meg and James
After POV Nominations: ?and ?
Have Nots Johnny Mac, Julia, James, Meg

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-30 03-45-30-815

12am HOH room – James and Vanessa continue to talk. James says the thing that I did where I withheld information.. I didn’t come to you about Austin. You put me up on the block and I was just kind of hoping it was scratch it even. Like tick for tack. Vanessa says totally! 100% and yeah I’m no matter which way it goes. I need to win comps to stay. James says me too. Vanessa says taking out people who win comps is a big advantage for me. So I feels like a big waste to take out Meg. James says I told her that. Vanessa says I’m not even trying to insult her. She just had surgery! Like wow for even being here. It makes it hard when there is a physical component in everything we do. So I am open minded. It will be so hard to have a replacement nom. I just need to figure out where everyones game is and what I should do. I have such terrible options. James says I said to Austin next week one of us are going to have to go up on the block. Its getting down to that point. If we put each other up lets just keep it game, game, game. Vanessa says yeah just don’t insult me. I am just so tried of being reasonable. I offer to go up as a pawn. I try to make things easier but I don’t feel others do the same. James says that he is sorry about blowing up downstairs. I just had some steam built up. Vanessa says just next time come talk to me before that happens. Vanessa says honestly if I could pick a number 2 you would have been it. Its just a shame we were on different sides. I have nothing against you. I think very highly of you. James says you too. I speak very highly of your mom in the diary room.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-30 03-07-43-217

12:40am – 1:23am Vanessa says if Meg does go home .. that leaves Johnny Mac, Steve, Me, Austin and the twins.. Have you thought about what that means for your game? James says I don’t know what is best for my game to be honest. James says I feel like we’re a dying breed. Vanessa says we are. James says its hard to keep loyalties to everyone. Its to that point where its more everyone for themselves. Vanessa asks if you win HOH give me the opportunity to talk to you first. I could give you information that you don’t have. James says sh*t I hate when you do that. Vanessa says I could give you a different perspective. If you have to put me up, I would understand. James says after this talk I definitely feel better about you. Vanessa asks what do you think Johnny Mac would do if he won HOH? James says I have no idea. Vanessa laughs and says no one knows. James says I believe what Austin says if Johnny Mac wins HOH he is going to go Taxi Driver and go BANG BANG BANG! Vanessa says everyone else had put him up. He definitely has four people he could put up. James says he’s got that attitude that he doesn’t care. You’re a gazelle and I’m a lion. James says as a friend and a game player I want you to make the best move for you. When you make it to the end the jury is going to ask what strategic moves did you make. That’s what I’m going to ask. Vanessa says worst case we all make day 85. Vanessa says that Steve and Johnny Mac both have 4 comp wins. Austin and Liz join them. They talk about the veto comp and where they hid theirs were hidden. Austin says he knew the point was to protect his so no one would find it. James heads to bed. Vanessa says good conversation.

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Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-30 03-29-50-562
12am – 12:50am Backyard hammock – Liz asks if James is still up in the HOH? Austin says I don’t know. I didn’t see him come down. Its a long one. Julia says I just can’t believe she is willing to use me as a pawn and not Johnny Mac. Like we control the votes Aghhhh. Austin says I told her that’s not a good idea. Julia says I just don’t want to be like how Steve was and be a brat about it. Like no I don’t want to. I kinda just don’t! Austin says Johnny Mac and James could get together. So what is the best way to make sure they don’t get together.. Johnny Mac and Meg on the block. Now they can’t hang out this week, they’re not going to be friends and we can still decide. Johnny Mac is fine being a pawn if he things we 3 are voting for him. In fact it makes us better in his mind because now we’ve actually done something for him. Julia says and we’ll do whatever she wants. If she wants Meg out then we’ll do that …but at this point I would rather Johnny Mac leave. Austin says its probably in her best interest to get Johnny Mac out but maybe he will be cool. Austin says that James agreed that next week none of us (Austin, Liz, Julia) will go up. Liz says this is the problem with Vanessa she needs reasons to put someone up. Like from 3 weeks ago. When I put up Becky it was for strategic reasons. Johnny Mac and Steve joins them. They chat about random things and then head inside to eat. Liz and Julia play a game of pool.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-30 03-43-51-147

1:25am James joins Johnny Mac, Meg and Julia in the havenot room to go to sleep. Meanwhile up in the HOH room – Vanessa, Steve, Austin and Liz are talking after James left. Vanessa talks about how she and James are fine now. I’m obviously his target. We have respect for each other but we’re on different sides. I am leaning towards targeting Meg. That was my plan going into this week and it think its stupid to turn back from that and have 2 people gunning for me. I think I’ve burned bridges irreconcilably with James in terms of this game and I think with Meg as well. I think if I leave them in the game then I am going to have to not play HOH and root against 2 people not winning. When I don’t think its physical and I think Meg can win a not physical comp. I don’t know what Johnny Mac will do but I know its not as much of a risk. I know Meg is gunning for me. I don’t want any more blood on my hands. Austin says okay. Vanessa says Meg lies whereas James doesn’t. Austin asks what do you think about a pawn then. Johnny Mac said he trusts us if he was the pawn. That will seal his deal with next week. Vanessa says she doesn’t want to put Johnny Mac up. That would then be 3 people coming after me. That is the easiest reason for him to come after me. I might put up Steve. With trying to keep all 3 of you safe is hard. It would be great if someone would volunteer. Vanessa says she wants to ask Austin 2 things James said. Steve and Liz leave. Vanessa says first he said after that ready set whoa, you asked why would he not have thrown it to you. Why was he trying so hard to win. Austin says this was before we cleared the air. Vanessa says yeah so if you didn’t trust me then, that makes sense. The other thing he said was when you stormed out of the room when I was on the block. I thought it was about how you were campaigning for me and I didn’t appreciate it. But James says it was because I implied you couldn’t trust James. Austin says no, no, no I was pissed that I was studying with them.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-30 04-42-36-178
1:35am – 2:25am The continue to talk about who should go up. Vanessa says I don’t want to put up someone and make another target for me. I would rather put up a pawn from our group because we have the numbers. Were the girls mad about me suggesting Julia. Austin says yes, Julia was weirded out by it but was afraid to not be a loyal soldier. Their minds are not going to be able to comprehend that level of strategy. You know that. Vanessa says but at the same point she is not winning HOHs. There has to be blood on her hands some how. For your game you can only protect the 3 of you so much. You can make deals for you or you and Liz much more than.. Austin says I’m almost at the point where I need to make deals for myself. I can’t make deals for 3 of us any more. Vanessa says everyone has to pull their own weight. Austin says I know, I’m a big boy and I know I have to face my own reality when I get out of here. Vanessa says I might just put up Steve. I would rather one of the girls do it but I didn’t think they would be so pissed about it. Austin asks so you’re not worried about Johnny Mac and James forming a duo in the havenot room now that they’re safe. Vanessa says I asked Johnny Mac if he had a problem targeting James next week and he said no. Vanessa and Austin agree to make a deal with Johnny Mac so that only the 2 of them are safe next week and for Johnny Mac to go after James next week. Austin says he’s made a deal before but gone back on it. Vanessa says I can make him give his word. Austin asks what is James going to do if he wins HOH? Vanessa says he’ll put up me and Steve. Vanessa says that Steve is a much better option as long as you guys give your word so vote Meg out. Austin says oh we will. I think it would be good for me, you and James to work together. But that can’t happen if he is hell bent on getting you out. Vanessa says it could work once Meg is gone. Austin plans to get on James good side to influence him and get information from him. Austin heads down stairs.
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Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-30 05-33-55-730
1:55am – 2am Comic Bedroom – Liz and Steve are talking. Steve says even if Vanessa wanted one of us to go home it couldn’t happen because we have the votes. Julia joins them. Liz tells Julia that Steve would never vote against you and we would never vote against him. Julia says I know its just not a good feeling. Steve says there are 4 of us and you only need 3 votes. Steve says Meg tried to flip it all on us last week. They all hug. Julia says if I have to be a pawn I will. I just know if its you, Liz and Austin I know I am staying. If I have to do it, I’ll do it. Just help me write my speech. Steve says Vanessa wants Meg to go. Julia says you did it last week, you know like f**k it. Steve says I am not voting against you or you. That’s kind of how an alliance works.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-30 05-59-56-219
2:15am Backyard – Steve talks to himself. The only person that wants Vanessa out this week is James. But If I’m HOH next week, Vanessa won’t be touching the block.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-30 05-06-03-601
2:40am – 3am Austin goes back up to the HOH room to talk to Vanessa again. Austin says my James play is fool proof because now he knows I can’t keep Meg safe over Steve. So its not my fault any more which would allow me to make it even more solid with him. Vanessa asks Liz is agreeable? Austin says she said for me to tell you that and Julia would be too. Not that she really wants to but they trust Steve. It’s a fool proof thing. It allows James to understand why we can’t vote to keep Meg. Better than us just saying because of our word because you actually did just put one of us up. Its now also my time to be like look James I can’t save 3 people. I’ve got to start thinking about myself in here. Liz said that Julia is okay with it. They don’t want to do it to Steve again because he knows he’s the low man on the totem pole. I just feel so bad for Steve, I think we should do that. Liz joins them. Vanessa tells her sorry for bringing up Julia as an option and would never do it if it was a risk. Liz says no one wants to do it. Steve already feels like he is the low man on the totem pole and he already said he would vote to keep her. Vanessa says its better she go on the block under my watch where she won’t go home. If she goes home I will like give her $10,000! Putting her up ensures Meg goes home. Steve joins them. Vanessa explains the two pawn options are him and Julia. They think we’re working together and putting you up would be a good smoke screen. Putting up Julia its easier for Austin and Liz to justify voting out Meg. Liz says Julia understands and you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do. Obviously we have the votes. Liz says we still have a day to think about it. Austin asks Steve do you think Johnny Mac will be workable next week if he doesn’t go on the block. Steve says yes, and that’s why I need to keep hanging out with him. Austin says me too and hopefully he goes after James. Liz says it just makes more strategic sense to put up Julia. They there is no reason for them (James & Meg) to even campaign to us. Austin says putting up Julia also make it look like we’re less close. Vanessa says and Johnny Mac will feel less like the low man on the totem pole. The thing I do feel bad about is Julia is already on slop. I can promise her there is no way she can go home. Liz and Austin head back to bed.
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Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-30 05-11-31-070

3:10am – 4:20am HOH room – Steve tells Vanessa that Johnny Mac is cool with voting out Meg over whoever goes up next to her. Vanessa says its just going to be awkward for 4 days. She (Meg) is highly emotional and not logical. Steve says I am very good with awkwardness. Steve and Vanessa talk about school, life, Steve tells Vanessa that there is something beautiful about getting information out of him, then put him up and then used that information against him after you put him up. Steve says I love this game, when its in my favour. I didn’t like it when you said goodbye to me. Vanessa says I was so mad at you. Steve says I don’t handle confrontation well. The conversation turns to talking about the veto comp, school.. Steve then heads downstairs

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-30 05-50-37-967

4:40am All the house guests are sleeping..
Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-30 10-13-47-281

10:40am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Johnny Mac was the only house guest awake and out on the hammock.

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  • “Goblins/Gremlins” = James and Meg
  • “The Generals” = anyone allied with Becky
  • “SOS” (Students of Sound) = Steve and Vanessa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Austin’s Angels” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Vanessa
  • “Brass Tacks” = Gobins and Austwins
  • The new “Brass Tacks” = Aus-Twins, Meg, James + Vanessa
  • “Freaks and Geeks” “The Scamper Squad” = Aus-Twins, Vanessa, Steve
  • “The new Freaks and Geeks minus Vanessa” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve, Johnny Mac
  • “The Authority” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve

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Meg and Julia on the block together! Christmas has come early. I don’t care which goat goes.


If Austin was smart (we have yet to see) then he would vote out Julia and blame it on Steve!!!!!!!!!!


That’s brilliant! But Austin is a nimrod! And Vanessa is the Don is this familia. He is just a stooge.


No one knows or deduces that V/Austwins are in an alliance by now? REALLY? If bully Vanessa is as smart as she thinks she is, she’d break up Austwins now while she can. James, JMAC, Steve, if Julia is put up, vote her whinning, annoying butt out.


If she wastes this opportunity throwing up Julia as the replacement I’m done watching lol Liz or austin need to go up as the replacement nom.


I have been wishing and waiting for weeks for someone to grow a pair, and start getting rid of Austin, and BOTH of the “self-entitled” , “We’re better than you all”, acting whiney butt twins ! Hopefully someone can flip those votes this week, and get that ball rolling, get rid of Julia. James can win next HOH, and take the next shot, and get Austin out !

If Julia Goes I Will Give Her Like $10,000!

Wow, what a cheapo! What happened to the new car Julia was supposed to get? Now she only gets $10k if something slips and she goes home. Those TwinTHOTs get cheaper every minute. Vanessa’s tabulating her bribes and coming up short. Sorry, Not Sorry!

It’s kinda sick how James & Steve slobber all over Vanessa, Steve laying on top of her, Steve under Julia’s hammock. James grovels gives Meg up quick, if she only knew, but then Vanessa still won’t trust him. Steve drooling I love how you skewer people with their own information on the block. Gross. Steve still not winning any points for AFP. Side note, sounds like Steve’s never been in a guys lockerroom, never been naked in front of anyone but his mom & doctor. Eeewww both he and Austin home-schooled explains alot, and 7 houseguests live at mom’s? Explains alot about floater-coaster mentality.

Thank goodness Steve JMAC are still around to be her hitmen. JMAC comes off better, saying exactly what he wants, no apologies, says he’ll be a paid hitman, no kiss ass, no emotion. They can trust his Taxi Driver personality. just making sure his gun is pointed in another direction, once he goes off his game is over. Double Eviction coming, time for Liz Austin or Liz Vanessa to go.


Scaressa promising Julia 10K. SOMEONE FRIGGEN HELP ME HERE. ISN’T THAT AGAINST THE RULES OF BB? I don’t understand why she’s still in the game or allowed to offer bribes.

BB down time

I thought they signed an agreement that they couldn’t split the winnings with any other houseguest. I don;t know why she’s able to keep saying that on the feeds or tv, w/o production stepping in and warning her about the rules of BB.


First of all Vanessa never promised or stated to give them money or a car “if she wins” it was a statement she made weather she wins or not. She is known outside the house to be very charitable (raised and given thousands to charities) and a giving person. That being said there is nothing CBS can say or do once the check is issued to the winner that dictates how they choose to spend that money. It’s nobody’s business.

BB Fan

No such rule. Do you think Jordan didn’t share winnings with Jeff..or pay for them to take a trip…or Rachel with Bredan? It’s the winners money to spend as they please.


It’s the winners’ money to spend. But if you didn’t win it yet, you can’t bribe your way to stay in the game or buy a jury vote. Why the hell then do we even bother to play. It’s unethical and Vanessa uses it to scare, woo or intimidate. It is against the rules.


There is only one winner of the 500k. Once the money is paid to the winner no one not even BB can dictate how the winner chooses to spend the prize money or who they want to give money to.


Actually they have contracts and I believe in those contracts there are clauses that state that they can’t pay other house guests. It would not be in CBS’ best interests to allow players to collude together to split the money. If there is something in the contract about financial benefits after Big Brother, they can get sued for breach of contract.

Maple Leaf

Hi If Julia, that Steve and Austin were homeschooled really explains nothing. I homeschooled my three kids, all of who have grown into well adjusted, socially aware adults. All are in college and most are surprised when they tell them they were homeschooled. ???? On the other hand I have seen some kids on both extremes of the spectrum. We raised ours middle of the line with common sense for what would be expected outside of our home when they grew up.

Steve and Austin are quirky, indeed! And yes, the home environment influences everything. However, the school systems turn out quirky kids too.

**** Please know this is written kindly and not with a snarky attitude. I would just hate to see all kids who are homeschooled lumped into the “that explains it” category.


Not to be rude but there is a reason why people are surprised that your kids were homeschooled. It’s because the majority of them are socially awkward and lack common sense. I’m not saying all are but many seem to be.


Seriously? That commenter didn’t say that at all. If you’ve been following, all these players talk about their awkwardness around others, hiding under covers sleeping all day, home schooling, STILL living at home, not having a clue how to interact socially, not having a career and Steve Austin being mommas boys, who still cry for their Mommy’s on camera–it explains alot ABOUT THEM, NOT YOU, NOT YOUR KIDS, NOT IQ. Vanessa rails on about how wimpy, childish, sheltered and spoiled they are. Limited social skills and exposure to problem solving negotiation among different personalities doesn’t help you in this game. Van & Austin & Steve & JMac & James discuss often fear of confrontation, inability to look at people in the eye, as product of limited social interaction before coming into house, intellect without social skills.

Posters are trying to figure out why this has been the worst season of entitled spoiled brat man-boy players who won’t play, speak, plan, or clean their own house, or shower. These are adults still living at home, who’ve expressed coming to BB is the first time they’ve been out in the real world, out of the basement, out of their home state. Don’t be oversensitive about comments clearly made to understand skills and motivations players in a game analyze themselves, and posters merely listen and repeat. BB was designed a social experiment and the analysis of variability in background of recruits, related to their adaptability and success in the game socially strategically physically, emotionally mentally is the point.

It’s a scary world out there, private schools expensive, public schools underfunded, but too much time with mom dad living at home til your 40 , behind computers, in front of TVs and living anonymously on the Internet has drawbacks. Get kids out, to interact with other homeschoolers, independent hobbies and public sports before making sure they leave home for college. There’s lots of research and community resources on getting balance to avoid sociability anxiety problems, if you’re really worried about it or if kids start to exhibit the introversion and fear of others that will limit their opportunities in life. Not you, of course, just other kids and adults too who may notice shyness, fear, nervousness, stomach aches physical emotional symptoms outside the comfort, control and predictability of home.

Jeeeez's preachy subconscious

Your against Internet anonymity but you forgot to use your real name.

Liked your post but

Your attitude about homeschooling merely demonstrates the shortcomings in your own education. The majority of people are schooled traditionally but would you say the majority of people are truly intelligent or socially competent? I doubt it.

Perhaps quirky doesn’t come from homeschooling but requires it because society is intolerant and unkind of anything or anyone who is different.


He’s an ASS.


It would be even better if Austin thought Steve was going to vote for Julia so he votes against her but Steve, Jmac and james all voted her out and then Liz would know what he did it. OMG what that fight would look like no more cuddles !!! It would be so epic!! That would be a wrestling story plot and Judas would get his!!! Then in the double evit they tried to vote out each other!!!!! Final 6 JMac, James, Steve, Meg, Van and a remaining Austwins. All my peeps would come back to watch balance would be restored.

Deez Nutz

What is the deal with Steve wanting to hug the females ALL THE TIME! That dude is whack….he must have some serious issues!


So funny! thank you! still laughing at your comment!

Mel is Baggage, I Know What Baggage is

Did you hear Vanessa commiserate with James about carrying baggage Meg around and how carrying Mel is heavy baggage too? How romantic, classy, full of integrity-Mel’s from Canada and millionaire Vanessa can’t hold down the bills? She’s told Austin she needs prize money for Mel’s bills-they must be fighting for her to be so insecure about their relationship after 2 years. Remember she had Production send Mel flowers but couldn’t remember her address? She said it was the meds, and she’s moved 7 times this year. There is useful information to mine here…

Hmmmm…I bet Mel went home to Canada when Van started sequester abs that’s why Van was sobbing on Day 1. Mel’s letter said remember what you’re playing for. She was surprised Mel still loves her, after drugging throwing all her psycho tantrums? So she’s throwing more cash bribes around and getting game hints in her new hat & HOH basket? Her psycho delusions still classified as masterful game play, when she’really just Austwits meat shield & 4th?

Steve said he likes Blue’s Clues, maybe he can play detective, from under Julia’s cot. If Steve can get into her head about playing for Mel it will distract her from her Austwits obsession and flip early.

B-bad owl

I love nonsensical ramblings like this and many other posts. Makes Liz and Julia look like geniuses compared to them.

Wowie Mandel

Hey Dawg, have you ever been higher in the polls than 4th ? Good job!
What a sad bunch the 5 below you are.

kathie from canada

Austin has been the basement dweller for a few weeks now! If they vote out Meg, you should be a solid third!!! lol


So Austin, Their minds arenโ€™t going to be able to comprehend that level of strategy…You pompous, lying, wimp. Who died and made you Einstein? Keep underestimating the others, and they will knock your butt out of there.

America's Hero

You watch so we don’t have to…anyways a trooper through pot ball hair band sling and the Judas Twins show unmentional & obnoxious…your overnight coverage of the witching hour is the best across all feed updates. Go Dawg & Simon

PS do you watch Celebrity Big Brother UK? It looks horrible they’ve got US porn stars Jenna Jameson, Tila Taquila Farah Abraham, Janice Dickinson screaming, fighting getting thrown out by Production. Do you think it would ever fly in North America?




Julia will be safe…would be great tho if she got blindsided!


While it would be great if Julia left instead… won’t happen. YAWN…………….

Used to love BB

I haven’t read any more of online big brother ever since Austin won. I will check in but I can’t stand Austin Liz or Vanasa. They all talk in circles. This season sucks


.YOU ARE SOOO RIGHT! She is DELUSIONAL and do they know that you don’t have to tell Scaressa your plans…SHE THINKS SHE THE GREAT AND POWERFUL OZ, OR VOZ…GET HER OUT OF THERE.


If Steve does not flip and vote out Julia, then he is an even bigger p&ssy a&& trombonist than I ever thought he was!! And, if Meg and James don’t start campaigning hard with LOGIC, they are dead to me. Surgery or not, the idiot DOES HAVE A MOUTH right??????? Use it!

Her Mouth is For Cherry Red Lipstick

And kissing ass!! It’s Meg’s brain cells we’re rooting for–they’re have to be at least a couple left after all that drinking she does. And what about her nickname whore her roommates call her? That may be as bright as her bulb gets. And why she’s so attractive to James. He told Vanessa he hasn’t even thought of his game plan. They both have pickled partier brain disease. If James were taller, would Meg be more attracted? Is she a xenophobe or frat-boy-phobe? Or has Steve convinced her he’s got small camping gear. I’m afraid the most she’s gonna win this season is a date in Kansas City.


You got a problem with Kansas City?


Ugh — Steve — such a lap dog! I don’t think he will be proud of his game when he watches it back. A super-fan, but has made so many mistakes. If he doesn’t band with Johnny and James to vote out Julia, his game is hopeless!


Don’t they announce double eviction night before the first eviction vote? Hopefully Steve, John and James will realize this is their chance to make a move and vote out Julia.

another name

Last double eviction, it wasn’t revealed until after hoh had been played. they played the comp, were called back inside and Julie revealed that Steve had to make the nominations immediately.


That would be awesome but I have a feeling certain HGs will be getting some hints in the DR about DE before Thursday. Not sure who that will be. My head is spinning so much right now can’t even begin to figure out who production would tip off. Probably won’t matter, these HGs can’t keep a secret to save their lives so all will know about it by then.


Production isn’t going to spill anything. I couldn’t keep a straight face=) They’ll ask questions such as who would be a good target if it were a double eviction this week? Who would be the best/worst HoH for a double eviction…then everyone but Julia and Meg will pick up on the fact there will be a double eviction.


Hey Mr and Mrs Holier than thou in the HOH room. Everyone LIES in Big Brother. Meg lies? James doesn’t? Are you idiots? I’ve watched Meg’s social game and she is very careful about what she says. The key is to be the better liar. And you two, my goodness. You’re intentions are SO obvious, which will be your downfalls.


Love it!! Meg gotta go!!! She is useless & holding James back. It is shaping up for a Steve/jmac/van/James group to go after the austwins. That will be interesting to watch. Didn’t think I’d be able to say that this season haha


Vanessa is blinded by Austin n believes he will choose her over the twins n steve is blind too to Vanessa I just don’t get it wait til Vanessa is outed by tbe asstwits


That’s not true at all. She knows 100% Austin would take Liz or Julia over her any day. She has said it many, many times. And said it again last night to Steve/jMACK.

You can’t believe what she says when she talks to Austin. She tells him everything he wants to hear and tries to stroke his ego after the fit he threw a couple weeks ago. She fully wants/expects jMACK and Steve to target Austin and Liz and break them up.


Steve already proving his stupidity. In his monologue, he is already voting to keep Julia and then try to rope James in. What an idiot. Seriously, has he not think that James winning HOH next week (double eviction) would he not put him “as a pawn” with Vanessa sitting beside him? If that’s the case not only he is going home, he will end up in seventh place. He is so scared of Meg, Austin, Liz and James forming a foursome against him, Jmac and Vanessa but they could actually create an alliance of four against the remaining Liztin and Vanessa. Not to mention in that foursome he has two strong meatshields, James and Jmac while on Liztins side once he sits on the block he is gone.

i really don’t know who is more irritating, Vanessa with strong gameplay but shitty personality or Steve who is annoying personality and shitty gameplay. Steve already has ruined this season with his first HOH, hopefully he doesn’t ruin it again this week.

Playing the Odds

For Vanessa’s game it is better to send home Meg. Meg can’t win comps but by keeping John who she has built a relationship with she has another soldier in her war against James. However if James wins HOH she is done for. He puts her up with Liz and the votes would be split if they both stay on the block.and he decides. Her only chance would be the veto. If he initially puts up 2 Austwits hoping for a backdoor that is a big gamble because Van, John and Steve have a good chance of being picked and probably won’t use the veto if they win. Plus Julia is Meg2. Putting her up with Steve or John or would probably end up with one of them gone.


What the heck does Julia win, or ever come close to winning? Meg has come closer to winning comps than Julia ever has!
The only thing Julia can win at is dragging along behind her sister and Austin, who don’t have many wins on their tally boards either.
Austin is just there for the TV time(he has so much as said that himself) and ruined his “real life relationship” with his girlfriend Jen, by humiliating her over National television.
The only thing Julia is one up on her sister over is not being portrayed as an easy piece of tail! Or getting involved with an ugly neanderthal who stated when entering in the house, he was in a relationship, and they were in a good place.
Everything Julia whines about and says about Meg beging a loser, not winning anything…Julia may as well be looking into the mirror and talking about herself!
At least Meg has a lot more going for her..she is LIKABLE, Fun, and has a Great personality! She’s also 100% a lot better looking than both the twins put together! Meg has that Taylor Swift look going on !


At this point I want someone who needs the money to win it . Or they should give it to charity ! Go James !

Mr. Shallow

“Their minds won’t be able to comprehend that level of strategy. Explain it to them slowly”. I guess one of the things Austin likes about Liz isn’t her brain.

sign of Satan...

I just voted and Vanessa is at 6.66 percent… Sign of Satan, hmm lol…


She should, BUT WON’T, put Austin up. Game changers would decide getting Austin out is best for their game. As long as the whiners and “Judas” are together they go to the end. Without Austin, the nasal twins fold like a pair of lawn chairs. Then it is anyone’s game.

Judas Judas

I agree @Rodney. First off the 3 need to get broken up sooner than later. Austin has been caught entertaining the idea of a Van backdoor LAST week! But Van won the Veto. He was also very cozy with James after the Veto comp and refused to put James or Meg up last week. HELLO Brass TacksGate! He and the twins played James’ nom off on ALL Vanessa. “We were shocked! We love you!” just to keep in his good graces. Liz does not have real feelings for him and will probably be relieved to get rid of Mr. “I Need to Wear a Sports Bra Groper” so she will get over it. And Julia wouldn’t be upset at all. Van will have total control over them because it seems (even Austin thinks this by his comments) that they barely share a brain. And the twins have alienated John, James and Meg so they will need Vanessa. Judas JUDAS!!!

Ariana Grande stinks!

Oh that last pic…. I need a bucket #puke

Steve and Vanessa — the fugliest assholes ever!


So Julia is going to be the pawn? GREAT now they can flip the votes and take out an Austwin..


Definition of delusional –
Vanessa – “I am just so tried of being reasonable. I offer to go up as a pawn.”



Old man

James goes see Venessa with the intention of starting WWWIII, she notices his mind set, scratches the record by going offensive and defensive, has him apologizing to her,
BOOM, program time. Has him coming out of there loving Vanessa.

They should not allow professionals on the show, like last year Derrick a professional undercover cop and this year V a master NLP practitioner. WTF????


James had also said he was going to tell her what she wants to hear. He wants meg to stay. James is not manipulated by Van easily, but she was saying that she wants meg to go home, because he insults her. He would be stupid to set off Van at this point.
She may be smart and a proffessional hustler, but she is emotional, and cant take critisism at all. She is surrounded by 20 somethings that have zero life experiences… Stop giving her more credit than she deserves, and James less credit than he deserves.


I agree with you Batman….I read another comment where the poster said James sold Meg out to Vanessa.
I did not see that nor read that at all. James knows Vanessa’s personality and factor in her plan fell apart and she was drunk (she actually asked Steve to cuddle with her), that is NOT the time to start WWIII with her.
James made soothing noises, threw in some “you’re right”s and said I respect your gameplay….all the while planning his next move and how to use her information against her.
And thought I would fall out when Van said that MEG was “emotional and not logical.”
Thinking Julia going could become a real possiblity…Austin didn’t want her in the game in the first place. They don’t need to flip Steve (he has a crush on JuJu anyway)….they need to get Austin to flip his vote and blame it on Steve.


As super tramp once said , you are all “dreamer, nothing but a dreamer” . And if not then very close lol


Would love to heard James tell Vanessa when she started crying “don’t pull that crap on me. You cry and make yourself out to be the victim when your in control. Do what you want but if Meg goes home and I win HOH your going up. I have nothing to lose in this game bc I’m going home soon after but I’ll try my best to make sure your gone too. Go cry if you want to that Stank A$$ Douche austin I’m out!” No he apologizes. Pu$$y


Meg is so not going.

Ms Retta

Steve will never go against Vanessa in the game because she is his “game” Mommie! He is not capable of standing on his own. Remember his “I need you Mommie” speech to the camera? I also think he will keep the twins as far as he can because ” the pretty and popular” girls like him. He’s very immature and can’t help but play that way. Women have a much greater influence on him than men ever will.

NYC Goblin

Its so easy to think that James could talk John and Steve to join and evict Julia -it would be easier to evict John if he were up but he has convinced Vanessa not to go, since it looks like Vanessa is thinking joining a trio with Steve and Jhon-. But I don’t see that happening, Steve has multiple times vote for whats best for others not for him -such disappointment since he was supposed to be the smart one and huge BB fan- and fromJohny Mac can’t expect much since his stupid non sense comment that he was going to go after Meg, from all the big dogs still in the house Genius J-mac was going after Meg, I hope they can still put up J-mac and let him go to keep napping to the jury house, not that Julia or even Meg has done much -ok nothing- though.


It’s a shame it took this long, but finally everyone in the house has a firm grasp of who is allied with who. I’m so upset we had to wait this long for the real game to begin but at least it happened. Like really Goblins?? How many times do y’all need to be screed by the other side to realize that Vanessa and the Austwins are a real alliance? Get rid of Meg who has been the biggest joke of the season, and let the real players play for the top prize!


The season had one of the best pre-juries in my opinion, but then one of the worst post-juries.

About to upset people

How/ why are people voting Meg as a favorite?
She hasn’t done anything. She has voted with the house each time, hasn’t won anything, and is top 3 out most comps.

In closing I would say eliminate one of the 3 headed hydra (Julia, Liz, or Austin) this week or they get what they deserve


Vanessa needs the prize money to fix her face….good lord, that face is fugly! Thank goodness she has her integrity to balance all that out……………………………lol

another name

A few weeks ago i was starting to root for Steve of all people. Mostly due to the double eviction. He got away with evicting someone and getting none of the blame. All because he’s considered too passive and submissive to make a move in the game on his own.
I consider him to be the biggest actual underdog in the house.
I do go through periods where i start to regret rooting for him, and i have pretty strong doubts regarding his ability to win, but i don’t hate his game. i don’t think i’ve ever supported a player because i thought they would win, i’ve supported them because i’ve wanted to see them play the game.
He makes plans, shares some of them, but keeps his contingencies to himself. I don’t have a problem with that. His latest thoughts and plans don’t bother me at all.
Part of me wants to support John, but another part of me is put off by the concept of playing the d/r personality game. Something about that bothers me. I’m not saying no, but I am saying show me what you’ve got outside d/r or don’t waste my time. At least his conversations tonight have shown me that he isn’t just sleeping. i’m reserving judgement, but his personality still annoys me.
Week one i had hopes for Meg. She seemed to be a player in the first week. By week three i’d given up all hope for her in the game. my read on her is that she’s petty, judgmental and two faced. She’s the girl that talks behind someone’s back and turns on the waterworks when she’s exposed. I have no respect for that when added to her lack of strategy. I’ve been tired of her for a while. I don’t consider her to be any better as a person than the twins when it comes to talking behind people’s backs. Her only purpose in the game at this point is to be James’ sidekick in the production attempt to make him America’s favorite. She’s a disappointment in my books. I know she’s liked, i disagree.


Christmas coming early for me!!!! Julia is on the block and send her packing!!!!


Is today the pov ceromony


POV ceremony is usually Monday afternoon.

disappointed BB fan

Austin “their minds arent going to be able to comprehend that level of strategy” ahhhhaahhhhahhahhaaa! enough said!!

Judas Judas

Vanessa could also make a deal with James to save Meg if he won’t go after her next week when she can’t play for HOH but who knows if he will honor it.


This is the worst season ever. Vanessa needs to go to steve, iMac and James
And make a deal. Like, I know I will never make the top three the way it is now. I want to align with all of you. Back door Austin. Vote him out. The twins can not survive with out him. Then we take them out.

I think she would get more respect for doing this with the jury and everytone else then what she has done now. I am sure this won’t happen though, since no one will make a big move against Austin and the twins.


So after this huge last second win for the good guys, and putting the entire game in flux, the end result is ZERO change in those aus/ twins status ? After it being set up this late with Vanessa being hoh and a last second omg if James could just win veto ( and he does ) in the end after all those fireworks= wait for it ……………. Meg your evicted. Bahahaha . Biggest set of pussies ever


This has gotta be the best season ever gameplay wise is not so straightforward and clearcut as it should be so good to watch as a viewer ๐Ÿ˜€


I will never understand why season after season these players never use the obvious argument.

It seems too freaking simple to ask Vanessa these simple questions.

1. Where on the totem pole does she think she stands with Austin and the Twins?
2. Why on God’s green earth is it good for her to stick with them to be their #4?

If Her, James, JMAC, and Steve do not pair up to attack Austin and the Twins then they all deserve to go home.

James = Is the only one that can see things as they really are
Vanessa = Is too freaking scatter brained to think straight or figure out what is actually good for her game
JMAC = Just agrees with the trend of the day. Which is a shame because I know he can see what’s going on
Steve = Lap Dog to the pretty girls and a wimp to the girl that verbally abuses him.

Please James win the next HOH and put Austina and Liz on the block. Someone has to have the balls and the brains to get after that trio.


Vanessa’s plan is to maintain the fiction that she wants to go to the final 4 with the twins and Austin. She knows next week someone has to put up one of the twins or Austin and then she can turn on them. She will pretend she is being loyal to them but her hands are tied. That way she can keep their votes in jury. She wants Steve, John or James to take that shot so she can paint them as the traitors.


People here crack me up. You all sit and watch a game being played and take everything people say so literally. Vanessa is playing these fools like a fiddle to win the game. When she says something to anyone you all are like “oh god she is up his ass buying what he says. how dumb of her” She is playing all of them and has to say certain things to feel them out.

I have watched every single season and she is the absolute best player to ever play this game. And its not even close. Now all the haters will go crazy and say Derrick, Will, and Evil Dick etc..were way better.

If you put away your biased hatred for Vanessa on a personal level and just judge her on how she has dominated this game you can’t legit come to any other conclusion than she is the GOAT. Greatest Of All Time.

Old man

YES! I agree with you 100%’ BUT. IMO she is using techniques which where developed to help people develop self awareness and improve their lives not to program people to do her will without them knowing. It’s not ethical.

oh my

This is good, james winning veto. If julia really goes up, jmac and steve could flip to the goblins and vote out julia. Now it seems like jmac and steve are going to vote out meg but if after the veto it’s meg and julia maybe they will rethink. Of course austin and vanessa both are afraid something like this will happen. Austin always points out that jmac is hanging out with the goblins. If jmac goes up austin thinks he gets the goblins, vanessa has to know that. She’s in a pickle!

Steve tv

Steve isn’t gonna flip..He hasn’t got this much girly attention , well EVER! Jackie and meg shoulda paid more attention to him! And Vanessa, she’s just someone he thinks he can win with in the final 2..

Nothing Personal

In the 12 – 12:50 excerpt Austin says “that James agreed that next week none of us (Austin, Liz, Julia) will go up. Liz says this is the problem with Vanessa she needs reasons to put someone up.” I’ve been trying to find where James said this and cannot, at least not recently. Is Austin making that up?


JMac”s reason for going after Meg, is revenge pure and simple. She is responsible for sending Becky home, {James and her screwed up, sent Shellie instead of Vanessa} and screwing up Becky’s HOH. But the biggest reason…anyone sitting on the block next to her is going to go home. With her gone you have some what of a chance of not going to JH.
I think if JMac could win HOH, I think the whole house will be shocked at what he does. I really don’t think he has forgiven Vanessa, and I think he is going to want revenge on Austin and the twins. I think he knows that Steve is a snake for Vanessa, and he knows that he is gone once James and Meg are sent to the JH.

assssssssswipe Austin

Is it me or does anyone here think he looks like a barbaric HEE-MAN.. Does he own any decent CLOTHES?


I CANNOT wait for double evict Thursday. It will FORSURE be a mental/memory comp and Steve and JMac will have the advantage for the the evil Austwins with a combo IQ of 60. Everyone knows it is time to but Austin and Liz up, even if Van is pulling the puppet strings. I would hope Liz goes she she is aligned with two and then Austin would self evict. Julia has no game, so she will be an easy out. Regardless one of those three falls their entire game turns into crap since the only thing they got going on is numbers. They will vote as one in jury, but as long as one person is not responsible for he demise of all three, you have a fighting chance.


“James says you too. I speak very highly of your mom in the diary room.”

Lolol how was no one commented on this gold? James <3


JMac and James still have reasons to want Vanessa out , no matter what they say to her face. She still needs buffers to help keep the target off of her. If she does something stupid, the HGs will definitely go after her. She is the big whale in their way of the money. Best to keep big targets in front of her.


Vanessa is terrified of taking out one of the twins now, even though it would be her best game move. If Julia goes, Van/Steve/Jmac are the biggest alliance. Meg is not a comp threat and if its a mental comp, Jmac and Steve have the best chance of winning. Vanessa wants to wait until Jmac or James are Hoh and have them do her dirty work and take the blame. Steve is too much of a chicken to take on the Austwins.
Like most of her plans, I don’t see this working out. She doesn’t trust her own alliance and Jmac and James are way smarter than she gives them credit for. I think Vanessa is the next target and one of the Austwins goes during the DE.


Vanessa says “She (Meg) is highly emotional and not logical.”

crazy say what!???


Meg and Julia on the block… Yes!!!… Cant wait to see Meg walk out the door!!!


GO HOME JULIA/MEG YOU HAVE DONE NOTHING!!!! For now let Van she is this great game player. She talks a lot but hasn’t really done anything to say she has blood on her hands. The one thing she needs to do is take out one of the austwins and she would, well maybe, win. I really want to know how she is getting away with bribing (Van).