Austin “I’ve never felt this strongly about someone” Liz “I had to torture you for 1 night”

POV Holder: Austin POV Competition Sept 5th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 7th
HOH STEVE Next HOH Sept 10th
Original Nominations: Austin and liz
After POV Nominations: ? and ?

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-06 10-53-03-405

10:50am – 11:30am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the live feeds return – Liz gets up from the bed with Julia and goes to the bed with Austin. They curl up together and he starts kissing her forehead. Austin says sorry. Liz says sorry. Austin says yesterday was very confusing with a lot of things happen. Liz says the last thing I want is for this to tear us apart. Austin says the thing with Jessie (Godderz) coming in here is something I wanted to happen coming in here because its stuff that will help me build a career outside of here. It was a really crazy big brother moment that should be really great but its not because of you guys. Liz says I know. Vanessa joins them and asks why the backdoor is closed. Austin says good question. Austin asks did you hear any noises out there? Vanessa says she didn’t listen. Austin says he doesn’t think they would do anything on Sunday unless it was a luxury comp. Vanessa says I like seeing you guys like that. Vanessa leaves. Austin tells Liz I hated not sleeping with you. Liz says me too. Austin says I took a big risk doing that and I would do it again because of how I feel about you. I’ve never felt this strongly about someone like how I feel about you. (I find that hard to believe) Liz says I know, I just think it came out wrong. Liz says I had to torture you for one night! Austin says you did torture me. They start making out. Austin says tomorrow is labour day.. maybe they’ll give us a labour day party.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-06 11-00-16-915

12:10pm – 12:20pm The house guests are still sleeping.
Liztin update: Liz says your fingers smell like garlic. My favourite!
Liz says this week is going to be the worst! Austin says yeah. Liz says that was our longest fight yet! Austin say I know it was the worst!

Vanessa wakes up and finds the backyard open so she heads out to suntan. (Does Vanessa not own a bathing suit? Or is she really that self-conscious?)

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-06 12-15-17-387

12:35pm – 12:55pmKitchen – Liz, Austin and Vanessa are chatting / making breakfast. Austin pull ham out of the fridge and asks if its okay still. Liz reads the date 08/30 (August 30th). Austin says it should still be good. Austin tastes and says its fine. They use it in their omelette. After Liz finds a new package of ham and Austin tries it. He says that’s what ham is supposed to taste like. Vanessa says the other should be fine its cook meats.

1pm – 1:15pm Johnny Mac heads outside. Vanessa is working out on the elliptical. Johnny asks I am almost wondering do we keep it simple and take out Liz so its easier to win HOH. Vanessa says If Austin wins HOH Liz would want him to target Steve. Do you think he will. Johnny says he isn’t sure and will talk to Austin over the next few days to find out. Vanessa says If Julia wins Steve is going up 100%! Vanessa says as far as us we’re not each others pawn or front door / backdoor target. Johnny says deal. Vanessa says you’re the only one I have that deal with. Johnny says me too. Vanessa says I think we make a deal with Austin. Johnny says then break it. Vanessa says as it stands we shouldn’t be anyone’s main target. Austin joins them and the conversation ends.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-06 13-12-47-202

1:30pm – 2:25pm Backyard – Johnny says it looks like things are better for you this morning. Austin says yeah just had to let her cool down. You were right. Dodged that bullet. Austin and Johnny Mac start working out. Steve comes out and gets on the elliptical. Julia and Liz come out to lay by the pool. Liz says I can’t believe that ham was 7 days old. I can’t believe I ate that! Julia says I am done with Josh when I get back. He was like I’ll wait for you. Liz says please I bet he has boned like 10 million girls. What if I go back and R has a girlfriend. Julia says he won’t. Vanessa joins them.

2:25pm – 2:40pm Bathroom – Julia asks can you tell me about your conversation. Liz says yeah .. we changed our mic packs at the same time this morning. So he said hi. He looked so pathetic. I didn’t want to talk to him then because I had stank a$$ breath. I went to the bathroom and he came too. I just ignored him. Then joined him in bed after. I told him I’m sorry for being a bit*h. He says he was sorry for the way he reacted. Julia says I’m sorry but that is no way to act you just sent your girlfriends sister up on to the block. Liz says it doesn’t even matter he wouldn’t have thrown it to you any ways. You had to beat him fair and square. I told him I really like you and I don’t want to fight with him over the game again. If its my time to go, then its my time to go. It was really selfish of me to get upset over that. I swallowed my pride. Julia says if I stay there is no chance at me winning first place. Liz says but I have a bigger chance of being taken out. Julia says if you go I hope you tell Austin to look after her. Liz says Steve is coming after me or Austin. Julia says I think Steve and Austin have a final 2 deal. Liz says no they don’t. Julia says one of us will still be here and we still have a chance. I just wish you and Austin weren’t a thing because if you weren’t you would 100% be staying and not be a target. Liz says from here on out if I stay I am going on the block. If you stay you’re not going on the block. Julia says if I get to the finals at least we know we are winning some kind of money. Liz says by the way we can’t say what we’re doing with the money. Julia says yeah I’m keeping that money. Liz says you can buy me a car. And then we’re going on a EURO trip. And then invest the rest.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-06 14-31-22-635

2:50pm Austin, Liz and Steve are hanging out by the pool talking about this seasons cast and past seasons. Steve says its very important that I meet Jodi at some point in my life.

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Liztin. GAG!

Production's Mist

she’s only making up with austin because he has a better chance than Julie to win any money and also, she’s scared America will hate her and/or she will get boo’ed leaving the house because she’s a ‘homewrecker’ ho heartbreaker. LOL.

Austin's garlic finger

I’m sure Vanessa is seething underneath that Austin and Liz made up.
She obviously didn’t come into the house for fun of any kind. So I’m sure she left the swimsuit at home. I’m surprised she can go into the sunlight without starting to sizzle…


I thought the same thing!! This is not what she wants. Her best chance of winning is getting Liz mad at Austin and getting rid of Liz without Julia figuring it was Vanessa who manipulated it.


Cant do it !! Can not watch them make up and out …. I thought this week would be ok wake me on Thursday!

Justin Beaver

Jeannie Bouchard is the new Anna Kornholekova.


In case there’s any doubt about Austin’s desire to be a “star”, check out his next TV role –


According to Austin it was his girlfriend’s (now ex gf) dad that had in the INs to get him on this show. If her dad has that kind of pull he can probably also get Austin Black Balled from future shows.

Pinocchio Obama

I think it is pretty obvious that the real winner of Big Brother this year was Austin’s ex-girl friend.


And Pinocchio gets the award for best comment of the season!


That is the best comment of the year! Literally did a spit take!


Nailed it!!!


I see true love blossoming but I don’t really want to see it on tv… and is he sure its Liz he;s macking on? Does he care?

Come Out, Come Out

I would forgive all Steve’s creepy behavior from creeping around the house, to talking to mommy on camera, to carrying his Teddy Bear, to playing in Van’s underwear drawer, to taking bubble baths, to worshiping every past BB player, to picking his butt & nose, to throwing every comp, to evicting Jackie, to being afraid of boobies & nipples…if he would just come out!


Watching the live feeds and LiZ is kissing Austin butt. Other guys need supplements but your natural ok puke.

Steve Tells Van He's Gonna Evict Her THIS WEEK!

Steve is scaring Vanessa like he promised feeders. He asks “Who would win between us in F2?” She replies “You would win 100%” to which he retorts “Then why wouldn’t you target me?? And why wouldn’t I PUT YOU UP THIS WEEK??”

Finally Boy all the humiliation and knowledge she has Final 2s with everyone and is protecting Julia as her stated weak F2, why in the hell aren’t you getting her out as your BB history making move?? With the wicked witch dead, and everyone realizing her traitor-based strategy, they would ask be free agents. Steve or JMAC could win over all the recruits left. Austin wants a Twin out. Steve JMac are targets either way. Just win HOH or POV every time here on out. They can divulge all they know to divide the Austwits. Don’t just take these pansy swings at Van, she’s gonna get you next that’s her plan, OUT HER then out yourself since her gay card seems to win Twit sympathy. They see Austin as next big target, to keep money in family. Steve JMAC v. Twits F4.


This has been the worst big brother ever!

Steve Spoons his Teddy

No that honor belongs to BB16 still.


i feel bb13 and bb15 were even worse than bb16, and i’d still say this season is better than bb16, bb14, and bb12 (bb12 would be close though if not for the introduction of brenchel). i get a lot of people are frustrated with this season, but to me this season is easily the best since bb11, even though that may not be a high bar to clear.

Cut from Honey

BB15 was the worst. Amanda, Ginamarie, Spencer, Andy, Jeremy, …. Ewwwww


The reason BB does not get any better is b/c we essentially keep watching the same thing season after season. The cast is relatively the same mix, just different faces. The competitions are also the same, just basically different decorations. The “twists” are never well thought out nor as exciting as they could be b/c no one really takes advantage of them. Unanimous voting has become the safe thing so no one wants to rock the boat by voting differently. Everyone wants to play the game based on what the house wants and once again that means playing safe and not rocking the boat by thinking or playing for yourself. BB has the potential to be a good show again, but production has to realize that the same old formula is getting a little stale. Have a whole new cast dynamic, maybe put two gay people in and see if a gay showmance happens, wouldn’t that be some new PC fun thing to happen. Get some creative people and even with limited space, think up some new competitions. Get some new sponsors so they can have a few more luxury comps or earn prizes for completing random tasks. For goodness sake and live feeder sanity, just do SOMETHING new!


I think they should get some different competions and a broader spectrum of ages…some older. It’s always the same ole people just different names..need more diversity! IMO


Here’s my idea to make this game more exciting next season. Do the HOH competition live every Thursday, like they do in the Double eviction, except it’s just a regular eviction. they nominate to people they automatically play Veto and then they vote that way nobody is allowed to conspire with each other. Maybe then people will play their own game instead of being afraid to vote against the house . Then, the hoh just gets the room for a week!


The double evictions are great because no one has time to schmooze the HoH and big threats tend to get tossed because they don’t have time to turn anyone. There is little social aspect to the DE. The regular weeks allow some players to throw others under the bus and makes people socialize for alliance and gossip. You’d lose a lot of the social aspects of the game that way and it becomes more about comps than the social manipulation.

I dislike Vanessa and having several days to work on the Hgs allows her to spin and control. It’s painful but at the same time that’s what’s great about BB. You can be great at comps and get tossed or you can be great at the social game or some mix inbetween and still do well. Some of the likable people this season sucked at comps (Meg) or had a horrible social game (Jason). Vanessa may be hated but her social game is strong.


Big Brother Canada season 2 us better than all seasons if our version. Less drama, more fun, great twits, random challenges for rewards, vetos get used, and big moves are made nearly weekly. USA needs to revamp this show. It is stale. I agree with you.


No the worst season ever for big brother is season 9 by far
The winner of 9 is in jail right now.


Nope. BB16-entire cast.

Torture city

Liz, you torured us as well and for more than a night ..
I knoooooowwwwwwwwww

Big o'le ant eggs

Doesn’t help that they hype the season every year with “the biggest twist ” propaganda and than fail.
No golden veto , no rewind, no Pandora’s box. . or did I miss something?


that is so true…..where is the bb take over ?

Jury House Jamesy

The Nerd Herd year was the worst for me. I forget the girls name that won that year but she was friends with Cappy. Her and Andy the Red Rat are the worst winners ever. Derrick was pretty lame too.


How dare you sir!!!


I disagree, the first month and a half of this season was great. As soon as Steve fucked up the DE by booting Jackie and Austwins got in power that’s when it started to get frustrating and unbearable to watch. I still think this season is worth watching it has some good drama especially in the beginning half of the season.

The only problem is that there aren’t many likable people left, but that doesn’t necessary make this season the worst. This season is kind of like the Survivor: World’s Apart of Big Brother fun to watch in the beginning, but a lot of unlikeable made it far in the game.


Season 1 was horrible for those who remember it

James Loves Frankie

Your right season one was bad but we had nothing to compare it to then. I remember Eddie won and that they only had ten house guests,

Min O'Pause

Season 1 had a gal from my hometown on it. She humiliated her husband on national TV by talking about his lack of kissing ability and let one of the young gals move in with them after the show. Last I heard he was supporting all 3 of them.


There is a simple way to improve BB in future seasons. Only let the HOH choose 1 person for nomination. Let America vote and choose the 2nd person for nomination. If someone on the block wins veto, the HOH chooses the replacement nominee. Do that every week the whole season. Get rid of Battle of the Block and bring back the Have Not Competitions. If a nominee throws a competition, give them a penalty vote, disqualify them from competing in the next HOH competition, and make them a have not the rest of the season. If someone who is not on the block throws a competition, give them a penalty nomination (Which means that more than two people could be on the block on eviction night.), disqualify them from competing in the next HOH competition, and make them a have not the rest of the season. That would really change the dynamic of the game. Everyone would fight to win every week, and America would be more invested in the show if America got to help with the eviction process.

B-bad owl

America having a vote is an absolutely horrendous idea. It’s the reason they changed the format between season 1 and 2. America voted out the people that would have made it exciting at the beginning, and all we were left with was a completely boring look at a group of people trying to be the most liked.


Couple that with the house guests trying to suck up to the viewers with no way to get feedback and you have insufferable idiots on TV. Liz and Austin think they are beloved of America, Frankie thought he was amazing and really entertaining and put on a play. Remember the musical from earlier this season? Imagine that 24/7 all season…


Okay. What are your suggestions to improve the show? If you were one of the producers, what would you do to make the show more exciting? If the format of the show itself is left the same, what decisions would you make when choosing houseguests? A lot of people are angry at the show every year. So here’s the question, do you leave the show the same, do you improve the show, or do you cancel the show so a new one can be created to replace it?

Ferris Bueler

Suggestion 1: Ger rid of Grodner Nip it at the bud.

James' Hat

Big Brother Canada was way more exciting to watch. Different twists every week kept the house guests on their toes. This season of Big Brother like many others are getting too predictable. Need to mix it up a bit more. How many America’s Choice have happened this season??


Stab in fork in my eye please!!!!


I’ll take two please


and a lobotomy so i can forget what I ‘ve seen


Be careful what you wish for.


what happened to not sleeping with him for a week?



Big Brother works in Dog years… 1 day is like 7 days 😀

James Loves Frankie

She could not hold out a week versus the power of the pony tail beard.




Tim. Exactly! They are boys! Vanessa will win next HoH and take out one of the “boys” 😉 Yes! She’s that good! Haters gonna hate while Vanessa walks out with 500K! Deservingly!


She has to keep her original deal the one she made a long time ago with the Devil and yes he got the short end of the stick, he didn’t want to make a deal because even in hell there is a standard but she kept whining, crying and bullying him until he just gave up, she told him how bad he sucked how lucky he was she was there and that she had ran the numbers……


When this is over she is going to be broken in body and soul.
All the money in the world wont be able to put her back together.
Look at how she got when Janes said she’s playing too hard. Well it will be that times a trillion.
She will become a addict same with the twins


Vanessa’s strategy updated
#1 Tell a stupid person how brilliant they are.
#2 They will, naturally, agree with you and consider you brilliant in return for figuring it out.
#3 Then tell the stupid person what you want them to do. Since they agreed with you once and since you’re both brilliant, they will agree with you again and follow your plan to their doom.
#4 And if the first 3 steps don’t work, cry and accuse the person you’re talking to of doing exactly what you (yourself) are doing.


And it’s working quite well.

twistin with the twins

everyone continues to drink Nessies koolaid all the way to 2nd place.


Housefly, you’re brilliant! Now…..

Member of the Ant Farm

Actually Liz, you’ve tortured ALL of us for many nights!!


Barf ! that is all………….


Hmmmmm……well that lasted long…..


But it was TV time gotta get dem views homie. Everyone will love them even more now and forget all the messed up shit ROFL.

Better Than Last Year

Big Brother 17 – Schedule of Final Weeks:
9/10 – Thursday 9/8c – Live Eviction——–(Liz goes.)
9/13 – Sunday 8/7c
9/15 – Tuesday 8/7c
9/16 – Wednesday 8/7c – Special Live Eviction——-JMac goes (he’s more dangerous to Van than Austin for votes)
9/17 – No episode – Thursday night NFL
9/20 – Sunday 8/7c
9/23 – Wednesday 9:30/8:30c – Season Finale, 90 minutes (Julia goes…Van, Austin & Steve in finals….Van picks Steve for final 2.

Everyone votes for Steve FTW cause their “vanbitter”.

James wins AFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i’m not sure steve wins as he didn’t connect socially with most of the jury, but i do think bitter jury syndrome makes it so van’s only shot at winning is a final two with steve. anyone else probably beats her, even though they wouldn’t deserve it.

Better Than Last Year

I know d….I was just having a little dream………..I’m a big James fan & I want Vanessa to get so close she can taste it…………then lose…………….

Triangles of Love

JMAC has AFP on lock this season.


Not if you look at this poll


I don’t see how James will not get AFP unless its rigged. Jmac was boring all season he only did stuff in the DR but he will get the girls votes because they love him.
But seeing how production has been helping Van I wouldn’t be surprised if they gave it to her.


I honestly don’t think the jury will be bitter toward Vanessa. I think she will win next to most everyone in the house. Her best chances to win are with Julia or Steve in F2.

Cut from Honey

I agree. Remember Andy? He was a RAT! He lied, cheated and threw everyone under the bus. and Hh won!
The reason why we (majority of viewers) dislike Vanessa so much is because she believes her own lies and wants us to believe her as well. The DR is where everyone should come clean. It’s where you admit that you are lying to play a game. Vanessa has never admitted to that. She is not only BS-ing the other houseguests, but us as us well. She needs to GO after this week.

ames Loves Frankie

The only thing james will win is biggest choke ever in a veto competition.


Bitter jury I don’t think so when they vote. She should not sit beside Julia but I think that’s her preference. I want to point something out you may realize after you think about it. Austin may not be universally liked but he has a real shot F2. Johnnie Mac/Steve I see as wild cards. Steve’s social blows chunks. Johnnie has been spoken of as undeserving inside the house by several HG. I think he and Boy should take each other and roll the dice if they can. Van beats them all with the possibility Austin might beat her.

Suggested Van finale speech highlights…….

I had a hand in evicting each person on the jury. I came here to play the game that’s what I did.

I lost my fortune by trusting a scam artist with my investments. I’m not rich I actually need the money for a fresh start.(No idea what the real Van story is but she has to deal with “the I don’t need the money factor).

I never lied in the game.(she’ll say it I swear and eyes will roll).


pls just say bye to Liz I’m so done with this disgusting crap


If Liz and Julia are proud of how they have played the game, why are they worried about getting boo’ed??? Haven’t they been the perfect sisters, daughter and played a better game than all of the people in the house.


Last night Austin said that he thinks that his relationship with Liz is being well received by the viewers. Keep drinking Vanessa’s Kool-Aid….and make sure to bring some home with you…Liz you are certainly going to need it after you watch what a fool you made out of yourself on national television…

Modesty Blaise

Eye bleach!!!!! ARRRRGGGGGHHH!!!!! Are we sure these 2 idiots aren’t teenagers? Geez, they sure act like it.
At this point I could give a rat’s ass who wins. James for AFP is the only thing I’m hoping for, because the look on Steve’s face would be worth all the slogging thru muck we’ve had to watch.

Vanessa's bathing suit

Vanessaa has it all figured out…Why give it away? With all the endorsements that’ll come her way, she’ll have her pick of modelling gigs. Ha! I can’t even look at her.

Van models Poker clothes

Hoodies, Trucker Hats, Sunglasses

Triangles of Love

Vanessa’s swimsuit layout photo’s will be in her book.


Back in her 20’s she was considered a sex symbol in the Poker industry. She has done a lot of shoots when she was younger and more fit. She didn’t look bad actually.


That’s what meth does to peoples bodys


Vanessa has modeled in Sports Illustrated’s bathing suit issue.

NEVER In Sports Ilustrated

Sorry folks, a poker chip company paid for a photo shoot and the shots were never picked up by Sports Illustrated–it’s like sending pics into Playboy and getting rejected. Might have been the tankini instead of bikini, or moose face or she couldn’t pay off the editors to get in the mag like she bribes everyone else.


It’s a shame Vanessa isn’t wearing a bikini. Maybe her figure has change since her photo shot for sports illustrated. And several other mags but she looked terrific in the shots I saw


Haha what an idiot! She actually WAS in a swimsuit layout in sports illustrated. Lmao

u so silly


Bunny Slipper

Eewww, considering what Austin does with his fingers…
You know there are some things you can neither unhear or unsee. Those two are almost as icky as McRanda. And it won’t take much more for them to sink that low.


I’m also surprised that Vanessa doesn’t wear a bathing suit. She has done a few sports illustrated gigs and has a very nice body. She seemed more feminine looking before than she does now. Seemed when she became a lesbian she took on a more dominant look than she had before.

The OG Bieber Look Gotta Go

OMG- She’s staying like Justin Bieber ReRun from What’s Happening 80’s husband he/she rapper wannabe, don’t tell me she got money and she calls those suspenders fresh. She called her style Gwen Stefani, sorry, not sorry you need s new glam squad, you be lookin all kinds of ratchet.


Liz/Julia? Is that you? Lmfao you sound exactly like them. I can literally picture them saying what you wrote lol

James Loves Frankie

The only thing James will win is biggest choke ever in a veto competition. JMac is going to win AFP.


Surprised by all the thumbs down Jmac will win based solely on the CBS edits. BB After Dark and the live feeders might not agree with this (nor do I). But the networkers that just watch CBS will only see the short JMac (ie Spicoli) persona and not realize his is a total dud outside of the network edit.

Once the CBS lights go out, JMac is largely a non-player, and is nowhere near as funny and cunning as portrayed by CBS. But he will get Americas favorite (this is usually so easy to predict each year…….last year Donny was the clear CBS winner, even though he was really a dud in day-to-day game play).

Im OK with Jmac getting it (he will…), but my vote would be for James (underestimated, but called BS on everything and stayed level headed.)>


Jame, in his last week, seriously upped his chances for AFP. Not only did he have an amazing edit, but he was ballsier than Jmac. I think he got it.

Cut from Honey

Not just that. He was the only person who showed a sweet gesture to Audrey when she was down. There’s something to be said about that.


I’m confused by this comment. Shelly was the one who was nice to Audrey, from what I remember.


James cooked her an omelet and took it to her while she was doing her Phantom of the Opera impression.

Jury House Jamesy

Don’t forget that he choked that Veto Comp like Shaq at the free throw line.


James deserves AFP over John
James made this season fun
Look at the house without him you got 6 boring ass people in there.


James will get AFP. It’s not a question of deserve. It’s a question of edit.
John got the d/r edit over James but that’s about it.
James got five minutes an episode of and now it’s time to look at what mischievous James is doing.
Once they showed the pranks to the hg’s during a live episode, his pranks became more frequent.
He was playing for the 25k after that. not to win.


I think you’re right. After Meg left he knew he had to win every veto to stay in the game. When he was there alone for a day or so, he also knew that any alliance he thought he had, or could make, would not hold any water. To me that’s why he bowed out in the last veto comp he played in. He didn’t want to stay n play in that house of dillusionals when he could go to jury and eat food, sleep well, and be with a house full of girls, all for the same money he would have made in the BB House. Hopefully he gets rewarded with AFP, he deserves it more than anyone


He didn’t choke in the last pov. It wasn’t nerves. He threw it knowing that he was seriously in the running for AFP. Look at his practice throws the day before compared to his throws on the episode. He may as well have just leaned over the white line and dropped them.
If he wasn’t playing for AFP he wouldn’t be saying things like,”I hope they show a montage of every time i annoyed Meg.”
That is serious suck up for the AFP intent right there. And that was before Meg’s eviction.
Once he knew they were showing his pranks on the episodes (they were shown his pranks on an episode), he almost completely shifted his focus to pranks and games.
In my estimation he quit. He gave up. i don’t respect that. Better to go out fighting than to give up to get crowned miss congeniality.


Didn’t James leave right after Meg in the DE? You’re right, he did lose heart (I think) and I’m not sure why. He seems a gutsy, fighter guy. He certainly didn’t campaign much for his own game, even after Meg leaving was on lock.

Shelli's Chompers

You’re finger smells like garlic. Wow! There’s so many ways I could go here…

80 YO Perv

Shelli’s Chompers: Those couldn’t have been AusTurds fingers that smelled like garlic. I have it on good authority, I read it on the Internet so I know it’s factual, that pu$$y smells like fish.


Liz was afraid to turn down Austin in the beginning thinking she might be the new Amber. Now she’s afraid she’s the new Christine. Liz is afraid she’ll be booed for being Austin’s piece on the side. Is her make up with Austin real, or is she playing him to guarantee further protection for her or her sister moving forward? Or perhaps a jury vote? Reality: the minute she isn’t in a fishbowl, and there are other men around, Austin and Liz are through. While Julia is the self confessed maneater of the two, Liz is the more superficial of the two.
Steve wants to put a scare in Vanessa. Putting a scare in Vanessa is always such a good idea….sure (sideeye) antagonize the speed freak. Because making the massively paranoid one more paranoid never hurt anybody. What if she lucks into the next hoh?
And thinks she’s at the bottom of the totem pole again? Chernobyl level melt-down?
Austin’s fits of self righteous anger seem to have led him to a side deal with Jmac. One question: Why would Jmac honour a deal with the guy that broke his word and evicted him? Water under the bridge? Believe it when I see it. and get confirmation of it in the d/r.
I get the feeling Austin is actually trying to accomplish all of the big brother stereotypes. Beneath the surface, he wanted to be seen as the non threat, showmance idiot. At the same time he considers himself alpha-male type. Of course he wants the ego boost and stroking of a showmance. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have gone to the trouble in weeks two three and four of deciding if he should showmance Liz, Julia or Jackie. Yeah, he ruined his outside life for love. Show’s over, he runs back to gf and says “but princess, I was acting. I had to show that i have the potential to act as a romantic lead.”
John’s assessment of Vanessa’s actions in the pov sound about right. Getting Julia to challenge Austin because she didn’t want Julia to win sounds about right. All three of Steve John and Vanessa stated that Julia winning was worst case. And it left John in the hunt for pov. So why would that be a problem for John and Steve? Because she isn’t owning it? Why would she own it when telling the story in front of the house over and over? That makes two enemies. The J/S/V wanted Austin or a twin to go. Now Austin or a twin can go. What’s the issue?


Austin never had a shot with Jackie. I knew we were meant for each other from the moment our eyes met. We were obviously the best showmance ever. No nasty comments on this board. people enjoyed seeing us together. No other woman ever made my dorsal fin stand up like Jackie. Gee, I really miss her.


I’m really confused as to why Vanessa went out of her way to fix their relationship? She was the one that took up for Austin which doesn’t make since for her game. It would be awesome if Liz convinced him to use the veto on her & let van/jmac send Julia home but then really vote him out. Would be a great move but I know it won’t happen.. Ugh. So disgusted that he won.. & sounds like it was set up by BB for him to win it which sucks even more.


jury management.
If the jury is bitter already, she’s got to make sure someone on jury is pleading her case.

is it just me

its with a small kindness that the devil buys your soul 😉

i fixed ur relationship i own you now
kind of like the mafia “hey nice bar u got here shame about those hooligans that keep causing trouble, you know we can fix that for you, we do you a favor and one day we might be in need of a favor as well”

Mixing Medications?

Someone voted for DaVonne for America’s favorite Player???? I didn’t know DaVonne visited this site.


If think Day would have had a good shot at AFP if she lasted longer.


Liz figured there’s a small chance Austin could win, and she doesn’t want to ruin her chances of spending that money, before he gets a chance to use it to further his career.. Austin’s finger is going to be smelling of dead fish again , the garlic smell will go away instantly.


I miss James !!! And I think if Vanessa does get to F2 she will definitely take the win. There is always someone in the jury who preaches to the others about what this game is and vote for the best player. Once the dust settles from their eviction, most look logically at the game. I don’t see her losing to anyone if she’s there. Maybe a vote or 2 at the most for the other. I really hope Austin makes it tho. To me he has played well and hasn’t had to manipulate and lie to the extent Vanessa has. He has gladly let her take that role and she has been his shield. But then wins when he has to. Vanessa has played the hardest but out of the rest of them. I believe Austin has played the smartest with a few mistakes here and there but pulls out a win and saves himself. I just can’t really root for anyone else to win it when it comes to who has played the game the best. I like jmac a lot but not gamewise at all.


If the jury were to vote today, who would that voice of reason be?
Shelli took everything personally in the house. Will she give that up?
Jackie was there for tv time and money. Held grudges.
Becky? Recruit. Nobody listened to her anyway unless she was describing being hit with something (train, bat, take your pick).
Meg? Recruit that thought she was going to camp. Took everything personally.
James? Will only care if it gets him closer to the AFP prize, otherwise he’ll be too busy in the bushes watching the girls in their bathing suits and looking for chloroform.


If most think Production influences the BB House to some degree, I imagine they also influence Jury. If Vanessa wins, I will accept that in the same way I accepted Andy winning: grudgingly.

BB King

For sure production has some influence over jury. They always have a former winner come chat with them and talk about what their final vote will be. Dr Will, Evel Dick, Dan, Ian, Jordan…. they’ll each have a very different perspective on the season and will tend to lead the jury towards a different conclusion. Production just has to arrange to send in a former winner with an opinion they favour.


If JMac goes to end, he should win….he was evicted and made it to the end.


The last time i remember seeing a returning house guest get to the finals (BBcan season 1) there were two different opinions:
He deserves it if he gets to the end (his fans).
You only get one life, it isn’t fair to the players that weren’t evicted (the other hg’s fans).
Since the other house guests don’t have a large fan following on here, I doubt you’ll get much complaint.
If it were one of the Goblins vs. JMAC in the finals, there’d be a more heated debate about the subject.


Well considering jmac is only still there because of Vanessa, I will politely disagree.

Do they Know.. ??

Do the people in the house even realize yet to the extent that Vanessa played the game? I bet they don’t even know how well she played, manipulated the HOH, POV, and their decisions.


Austin is still playing nice.Liz’s reaction yesterday let him know where he really stood with her. She is after all a potential vote, as is her sister. He just needs to keep her hands out of his pocket. Liz went to him first. Not the other way around.


And Lizard needs to keep Austwit’s hands out of her “pocket”.

Over it

I am to the point I don’t really like anyone left in the house. However if Vanessa does get to final 2 then give it to her. These sheep have been so scared to go against her they did it to themselves. I want to cheer for John but have a hard time doing it because he has been so passive and no real stradegy but sit back tell all he knows and hope someone takes him along. Vanessa has been horrible in this game but she did enough to make everyone trust her just enough to pull her along and not get her out when they had opportunity so as much as it makes me want to puke just hand her the check and put us out of our misery having to watch anymore of this crap!




What’s that Clay? Shelli’s trapped in the well?
Good boy.


Mister Pickles is not a good boy! He Cuts People’s HEADS OFF!!!


Austin is a fan of this show. He would not fall on his sword for a gal he just met. He would need proof of a relationship potential after the show. I don’t think they even live in close proximity. That’s a problem already. He just needs to keep doing what’s good for his game. Worry about the other things later.

is it just me

and after she’s fallen on his sword with her face..


Austin wanting proof of Liz’s intended commitment to him outside of the house before going any further keeping her safe…wouldn’t that be rich. Makes me think about how Vanessa is always telling the HG’s she has dirt on people but won’t share any of it without their word they won’t squeal on her and not until after whatever competition is coming up, in case whoever her current threat doesn’t win it.


Hope production is not in Austins ear about- Don’t you think it would look good if you fell on the “proverbial” sword for liz? Big NO. It would not. No need to mess with the guys life like that. Liz needs to go. Wish it was right now!


Vanessa is a shrew.

Bunny Slipper

as much as I dislike Messy Nessie, she has played the best game. She’s had all of them on lock since the very first vote. If she is sitting there at the finale, she wins. No matter who she takes with her. Austin and Steve have been her loyal butt monkeys. Jmac has thrown practically every comp. Julia is a waste of breath. And Lizzzard, meh. As much as we all feel there should be a bitter jury, there almost never is.
I just hope someone else does her makeup on finale night. And washes her green beenie. Cause that thing is ratty.


When it gets down to final two the jury should be shown video from feeds to see everything before they vote. Haha talk about a bitter jury. There you go production…one big final twist. I’m hoping for V/jm/S for final 3 and S sends V to jury house. Steve wins for taking V out!

Judas sucks!!!

Get off the james kick he was a average player and is sitting in jury because his game wasnt that good!!! Was he entertaining yes but thats about it, his dirty mouth was foul but i guess thats what the james fans like about him after seeing all the nasty comments on here from james fans. Get over it hes gone already!!! He sucked at the ball comp and questions comps. Him and the goblins sat back and talked sh*t and got picked off easily. Austin is next after his boo.

Audrey's a man baby

Have Steve and jmac hooked up in the HOH room yet?


Lets see if Austin can out-Clay even Clay — by using the veto on Liz! If so, Austin and Clay need to do Amazing Race together.

Austin is literally gross….and Liz is a bimbo (…..sorry Donald Trump, but sometimes “bimbo” actually fits).


Did you hear the twins Liz has a beau. Tramp double time make them go. Pllleeeaaassseee

Ryan in Miami

I don’t care what she does in that house, as long as her Mom keeps bringing me FREE PIZZAS!

BB King

Whore-y. Not sorry.

Vanessa makes the Final 2...

She should win hands down….. she played Big Brother the absolute best.. like her, hate her, bully, whatever she was the best. I don’t think I get the bullying part though, These are grown adults can Vanessa really bully them? I don’t think so. She is manipulative, She knows when to be aggressive, when to use emotions, and when to be nurturing. She is playing Big Brother trying to be the last person standing, and so far she has way more influence over the house than anyone. That’s exactly what she is supposed to do.


Cheaters should be shamed not praised as winners.

She'll Never Live Down Cheating

what looks so bad for VaMessa is her constant attempts to cheat in HOH, POV, bribes, jamming her fists into the fishbowl holes getting stuck, scooping up mounds of Crisco to fill fishbowls instead of liquid, pay offs, cars, how does she explain that with game theory? And the performance enhancing meds, Adderall for concentration, claims of bipolar, OCD and sedatives. She’s actually thinking her degrading slander Bible lying oaths and claims of bias against lesbianism make her look good? She can be a bully sob cry and scream and pretend it’s aloud in college sports when it’s not, but cheating and last warnings before you’re fired makes her Barry Bonds, ARod, Lance Armstrong, Charlie Sheen, Tom Brady, Ray Rice and all the rest of the NFL who “bully threaten and lie” on elevator cameras. She’s no winner. And she doesn’t represent a strong woman. She’s an unstable con artist cheat who production staged to win BB17 for drama and the “gay” audience she talks about noon-stop. on to the next quack casting call.


Austin actually played a better game. He has come just as far as vanessa, without all of the theatrics.


Aside from a decent social game, list what Austin has done so well in this game.

Oh wait, I’ll give you one more: he teamed up with the strongest side of the house.


To be fair, when he aligned with them, they were the weaker side of the house. He worked hard to protect his main, secondary, and sided alliances, building them into the stronger side of the house. While Vanessa did a lot of work on that as well, his social game was important to that effort, especially when smoothing out Vanessa’s rougher edges socially early. He won HOHs and Veto(s?) and kept himself and the twins in the house much longer then was reasonable/thought possible. He still probably needs to take out Vanessa and/or Steve, but he could make a good case.

Northern Lights

Liz’s statement, ” by the way we can’t say what we’re doing with the money.” Hmmmmmmmmmmm!!!

And then, “Julia says I am done with Josh when I get back. He was like I’ll wait for you. Liz says please I bet he has boned like 10 million girls. What if I go back and R has a girlfriend. Julia says he won’t.” Liz is worried that her boyfriend Ryan might have a girlfriend when she gets out….not is she wins, he won’t LOL


Told you they were putting on a show bye bye Jmac.

Smart Guy

Vanessa owns at least one swimsuit. She wore a bikini top over her sweatshirt during the Gronk hot tub party.


Reading the exchange (above) between Liz and Julia outside talking about a guy named Josh (who I would assume is someone was either involved with or had a thing for) and then Liz mentioned what if “R” didn’t wait for her. Am I missing something here or am I reading too much into this but it implies that they both potentially have guys waiting for them back home. If this is the case then is Liz completely playing Austin. Not that I would complain as the whole thing just grosses me out, thank god for the fast forward button.

Josh, Diego and Ryan from Miami

Diego and Ryan (R) Liz reports are both better kissers than Austin better looking, and more her type than shirtless lazy eye fake wrestler living with mom 30 yeast old fish smelling pony beard Asstink. Josh better not be dating anyone else either, unless Vanessa wants to do her when she brings Julia back to Vegas to live and cook clean for her and Mel if she comes back from Canada. But they’re both gins fuck their way through the Wrap Party just in case somebody there has money, cuz is looking like mom’s catering biz is the only job they got lined up.


Liztin getting back together just might’ve put the nail in the coffin for Vanessa as Steve is not putting up Jmac, and he won’t put up Julia, thinking he will anger Austin and whichever twin stays which most-likely one of Austwins will win the next HOH, so the only option is Vanessa…

Feeders get your ears ready for Vanessa to cry, play the innocent victim and claim she’s being bullied again, but this time it won’t work ;p..


Van going would be so good. It would make me shoot rainbows out my ass.


That makes no sense. Steve won’t put up the twin that remains after this eviction? Steve will not be HOH since he is HOH now. Could you clarify?


That is not going to happen. Lol. Julia will go up.

That’s just wishful thinking like the whole flip the house for Meg to stay.

Vanessa's Tan

That’s from 2009 she has aged 30 years in that time her mom looks younger than her.

She's On Her Period Guys!

On feeds, Van complains constantly she’s in her period, that’s prolly her excuse for not getting in the green pool or putting on her bathing suit to get a real tan instead of that oompa loompa orange spray she’s using. By our counts she’s been bleeding for 4 weeks straight, blaming her racing screaming runs to the WC, her many mood swings and losing comps.

Maybe she’s scarred after getting rejected by SI. Ooops apparently Sports Illustrated didn’t like her either, she never made the cut after getting a online poker company to pay for the photo shoot, they wouldn’t put her in the magazine. She got shot canned as a model & that’s when she started applying fir Big Brother every year, lucky us. If she’s dressing like a guy now, she could just put on board shorts and suspenders of course.

BB King

Interesting… that link says she wasn’t in an actual layout. Her original photo shoot pics were apparently pulled before publication. Her “layout in SI” was actually in an advertsing suppliment paid for by her poker-daddies.


The 2 worst/boring season have been wit the battle of the block so maybe they should get rid of that and come up wit a new twist

King James

The only 2 house guests that had any balls to put up big targets where James and Becky. I can’t believe the rest of these fools are being bullied by Vanmooseface. Do these people not want to win the money. #dadatdupid


You need power to put up big targets. And unfortunately Vanessa’s alliance has been in power all but the few times when “big moves” we’re made. That big alliance is the reason no “big moves” we’re made all season. It’s all thanks to the stupid BOB twist. Ruins the game completely


Yeah right, typical armchair quarterback. If you were in that house you’d be soaking up the mist too.

Too Funny

No theres another pic of vanessa in a bikini for big brother i think i saw it on her twitter page or somewhere she looked good it was for opening credits in bb backyard.

Vanessa's Kool-Aid

Hey house guests gather around and take a big swig of Vanessa’s magic Kool-Aid. Drink up suckers so I can add to my 4 million dollar bank account.

Yo Yo Yo

Who is Jodi? Did I miss something?


Jodi Rollins. BB14.
Last chosen by one of the coaches. Put on a team by default.
Evicted 6 hours after entering the house.