Jessie f!ng*red herself during Dawn of the Dead “90% sure” JUDD

POV Holder: Next POV Aug 24th
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 26th
HOH Winner: Elissa Next HOH: Aug 29th
Original Nominations: Aaryn and McCrae
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, Jessie. Helen
Have Nots


8:49pm Kitchen Amanda and Elissa
Elissa tells her she doesn’t think GM will use the veto but everyone still needs to work on her and make sure she doesn’t
Elissa:” Do yo think she is really going to campaign”
A: “She will after the veto:
E: “She is already throwing you under the bus”
A: “I already know that.. will you put me up .. do you swear to god”
E: “Amanda seriously”
A: “Helen told me she didn’t want me to win this game”
E: “She told me she thought I needed Aaryn here for my game”
Elissa explains that the reason for her nominations is she needed everyone
fired up going into this veto
Amanda: “I’m fired up”
E: “Are you guys going to retaliate”
Amanda: “no not at all”
Elissa: “no one is throwing you under the bus except for Aaryn”
A: “I know that”


9:02pm HOH GM and Elissa

Elissa says that Aaryn doesn’t care one bit about GM. Elissa mentions that Amanda and Aaryn are trying to convince her to put GM up as a replacement because they want to vote her out. Elissa assures her she will not do that.
Elissa brings up how Amanda is always pointing out how GM is kissing her a$$ because she’s the HOH.

GM claims that she hasn’t been kissing Elissa’s a$$ she’s treating Elissa the same way she’s always treated her. GM brings up how hard she was fighting to keep Helen in the game Thursday morning and how Aaryn didn’t want to hear any of it.

Elissa says Amanda, McCrae and Aaryn are working together and they don’t care who they lie to or backstab to get to the end. Elissa asks if GM has talked to Amanda
GM: “I haven’t talk to her at all today.. she’s been in bed”
Elissa says that Amanda is going around saying that GM and Elissa are working together.
GM brings up some of her conversation with Aaryn in the have nots. GM mentions how she saw Amanda and Aaryn talking then they went into the have nots to talk and Aaryn brought up the rumor that Elissa and Gm were working together. Gm say this is proof that Amanda and Aaryn are working together.

Elissa: “They think they are master manipulators.. she wants to get you on the block GM.. she wants to evict you to save herself”
GM: “nice.. so nice… I’ve heard this before from Aaryn”
Elissa: “they are pinning us against each other”
Elissa: “She has never been with you GM .. there is one winner and she doesn’t care what she has to do to get rid of you .. she’s even sacrificing you over Amanda and McCrae”
Elissa: “they are using you.. they are three Eval Dicks.. they are an evil combo”

GM : “you weren’t the first person to tell me that she’s been saying shit”
E: “Just know she is not working with you and realize she needs to leave”
GM: “ as far as POV tomorrow and voting wise.. let me know… OK”
Gm: “Amanda is crazy bro”
Elissa: “It’s Aaryn she is the faulty party.. i’ll be an ally to you I wanted to work with Girls.. you don’t have to be scared”
Elissa: “If we don’t get Aaryn out this week they will dominate the game.. you and JUDD have to win the HOH next week”
GM: “When Kailtin was here… and Aaryn would talk so much sh!t about Kailtin.. I thought she was supposed to be Kaitlin’s friend”

Elissa says the things that Aaryn and Amanda have said about GM is ugly and disgusting..
GM wants to know “It’s already brought up it’s already brought up.. tell me I want to know”
Elissa: “It’s serious.. I’m not going to say it outloud”
GM: “whisper is in my ear…”
(of course we get fish.. )
GM: “it’s fine it doesn’t even bother me”
Elissa:” That is not th extent of what they said.. that is going beyond.. that is disgusting.. “
Elsisa: “it’s a serious thing people can die from that” (Elissa brought up GM’s eating and expected purging)
GM starts to explain her strange eating habits and how the dairy room had talked to her about it. GM says she’s alway had strange eating habits.
Elissa: ‘That is fine you are OK with it but i’m not OK with it.. i’m genuinely upset.. it was part of their strategy .. like who are you.. “
GM: “It’s fine really”

Gm says Aaryn has been talking shit about her and it’s been going on for weeks. GM brings up how much she wanted Helen to stay and how she tried and tried but Amanda stopped her at every turn.
GM: “You and Helen made everything more funner”
Elissa says the other players are not even fun to be around, Elissa calls them evil, boring and disgusting.
GM thinks Amanda and Aaryn must be really f***ing crazy for taking the medication they are taking. Brings up Jessie and how she thinks the night jessie called everyone out for their lies was when Jessie ran out of medication. “like she ran out of her 30 day supply of medications. Elissa: “It was scary.. umm hmm”
Elissa tells GM how amazing she is the first time she saw GM she thought “Where do they find someone like this she is so great”
(LOL this is A funny conversation Elissa and GM playing each other and falling for it.)

Elissa claims that Helen gave her some advice before she left and that is to work with GM and get Aaryn out. This is what Elissa is going to do.

Elissa: “When you are around her your true personality cannot shine . you are a star you should not have someone like that to suppress your greatness.. you are totally cool.. she is taking that away from you… nobody can see your greatness.. they can’t see the true nature you have… you bring so much to this show..”

Elissa: “Life can be boring and draining everyone needs a little GM in their life”
GM: “Thank you”

CBS Interactive Inc.


CBS Interactive Inc.

10:18pm Bedroom JUDD, Andy, Spencer, Amanda and McCrae

Aaryn: “it’s funny how JUDD told Elissa he didn’t want her hug and he’s not on the block”
JUDD says he told Helen the same thing .

Spencer: “He gave me a fist bump then told me to f** off” They laugh
Spencer: ”We did stick up for you ability to get your d!ck hard”
Spencer explains that Jessie was going around saying that JUDD couldn’t get his d!ck hard. He adds that they all stuck up for him and told her he just wasn’t interested.
JUDD: “Thats the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard in my life”
Andy:” That was a weird fu***g week:”
JUDD: “Two times before we came back here.. last week. I’m pretty sure she was (shows his two fingers implying mas@sterbating. see image) when they were watching a movie.. I’m like 90% sure”
Spencer wants to know if he helped her along. Judd says he didn’t. Tells them Candice was in the room.
JUDD says he say the movement and heard noises.. “like a soft sob I was right next to her”
Aaryn: “did candice notice”
Spencer: “Why didn’t you help her out dude”
Aaryn: “was there people watching”
JUDD: “MhmmHMmHhmMhMHm”
Aaryn: “ that was a invitation. how close was she “
JUDD: “she does not like me she despises me.. she was right beside him”
Andy: “what movie “
JUDD: “The walking dead.. living dead..”
Andy: “was it in a mall”
JUDD:” Mm,mfmmfmmdfmd f dfmdmfmd f”
Andy: “Dawn of the dead”
JUDD: “ya “
Spencer: “Jessie f!ngered herself during Dawn of the Dead”


10:45pm HOH Aaryn and Elissa
Elissa tells her she to team up with Aaryn in the game and Backd**r Amanda. Elissa is going to fight hard to win the veto and if she wins it take Aaryn down and put up Amanda. Elissa warns Aaryn that she need to fight for it they cannot have Amanda win it. Aaryn swears she will fight her hardest.
Elissa: “oh my gosh we have to get her out” Elissa says all the drama in the house has been because of Amanda. Elissa blames the divide between her and Aaryn on Amanda, “I want to like you so bad and I want to be nice.. I don’t like having ill feelings towards people.. Amanda is stirring it”
Elissa:” I just want to see with Amanda out of the house if we can work together.. no one would suspect it”
Elissa says GM will take Aaryn off if she wins the POV she told Elissa she will do whatever Elissa wants.
Elissa:” She’s loyal to you she just thinks Amanda is in your ear”
Aaryn:’ I was never mad at you I understand why you put me up”
Elissa says JUDD and GM want Amanda out. Elissa adds that GM is loyal Aaryn.
Elissa: “This was my plan all along.. we just got to make sure she doesn’t win the veto”
Aaryn mentions that Amanda knows she’s in danger so she’s trying to get everyone in the house to pick her to play if they get houseguest choice.
Aaryn: “Thank you for asking for me to work with you and i’m fully on board”
Elissa: “If we don’t get Amanda and MAcrae out they are going to win and that would be bad”
Aaryn: “If the noms stay the same for some reason.. “
Elissa:’ They can’t stay the same one of us is going to win”
Aaryn: “We can get so far together”
Elissa: “McCrae is going to fight so hard and win the veto and AManda is going up”
Elissa mentions that McCrae is different than he use to be. He lied to her 3 times about GM to try to get GM put up with Aaryn.
Elissa: “Amanda is leaving is what has to happen”
Elissa: “I want to win so I can take you off and show you this is 100%”
Aaryn wants to be able to cast a vote and show Elissa is 100%
Aaryn wonders what JUDD will do
Elissa: “He wants Amanda gone.. everyone wants Amanda gone”
Elissa: “Amanda’s got to go .. “
Aaryn: “You have me”
Elissa: “OK .. oh my gosh i’m so excited”
Elissa: “It’s going to be a whole new game once she goes”
Aaryn: “Does it worry you about JUDD”
Elissa:” Just mean it this time”
Aaryn: “I do I do”
Elissa: “we’re playing big brother not high school we have to be serious about this”


11:12pm Bedroom Aaryn and GM
Aaryn tells her about Elissa’s plan to backdoor Amanda. They just have to make sure Amanda doesn’t win the POV.
GM: “Really bunny”
GM: “I really love you as a are f** awesome”
Aaryn: “Amanda has to feel like she’s 100% safe”
GM: “Without her (Amanda) being in your ear you’re better off.. thats the best bet..”
GM: “I never tell you what to do but she does.,. “ (amanda)

You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using the flashback feature.. It’s just like a DVR and is super easy to use. click this link for a Free Trial —> Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds

11:18pm Bathroom Spencer and Andy
Spencer says he talked to GM and she told him her master plan was to not use the veto to keep Elissa happy then convince everybody else to vote out McCrae.
Spencer:” Interesting isn’t it”
Andy: ‘Ya”
Spencer: ‘I just thought it was kinda bizarre”

11:22pm Andy and Aaryn Storage room
Aaryn wants to know if he would use the veto
Andy says he will talk to the group tomorrow and see what is best for them.
Aaryn asks him if he’s talked to Elissa. Andy has and she told him to leave to not use the veto if he got it.
Aaryn: “When did she say that”
Andy: “Awhile ago”
Andy adds that Elissa is telling everyone to fight for the veto and if they don’t she will put them up.


11:49pm Fish veto players being picked


12:12AM Veto Players picked. Cockpit Specner, JUDD and Andy
Spencer is pissed because Aaryn hadn’t picked him to play in the veto. “I’ve been on the block 5 times.. If I don’t get to play I don’t stay”

Spencer to JUDD :” You walked into the wild west and there was a shootout going on”

Spencer to JUDD: ”Amanda and McCrae don’t give a f** about me.. now listen to me i’ve been on the block 5 times I saw how quickly they cut your head off.. they have no loyalty to me”
JUDD: “They haven’t talked to me since i’ve been back”
Andy tells them things are going to get heated in the house there best bet is to lay low and let Aary/Gm and Amanda/MCrae fight it out.
Andy:” Unless Amanda wins the veto and takes McCrae off it’s going to be World War Three”

Veto players are
Sitting out
Andy (Host) and Spencer

12:20AM Cockpit Andy, JUDD and Spencer Andy says he’s been working with Amanda and Aaryn the entire game but he’s seen how easily they cut people loose.

Spencer says all the people left are mental players the last scrub to have left was JEssie.
JUDD was going to warn Andy because he say how easy it was for them to evict him they could just as easily do it to Andy.
Spencer: “Dude .. I’ve sat in that blue chair and seen what happens time after time after time.. ”
McCrae and Amanda joins them they mention how Elissa didn’t look very happy when Amanda’s chip was pulled..
Specner:’ She did not look happy”


12:28AM Kitchen GM and Elissa
They are whispering away about Amanda.
Amanda comes around the corner: “Are you guys talking game”
Elissa spit out her drink
Amanda: “Everytime I walk over you guys stop talking.. why don’t you talk game in front of me”
Amanda:” you guys look shady as f**”
GM:” I’m not shady “
Amanda: “What game are you guys talking.. I think you are talking about me”
ELissa says it was funny because Amanda is always staring at them.
Amanda says two days ago she was after Elissa and now she’s GM best friend.
Amanda:” It’s pissing me off”
GM: “WAIT a second FIRST OF ALL.. I enjoy working out with her weeks before she won HOH”
Amanda: “Thats your tune today”
Elissa:” OK guys lets stop”
GM: “Why do you want to start a fight with me Amanda..”
Amanda: “Everyone talks about it you talk sh!t about her and now you are up her a$$”
GM says she did talk sh!t about Elissa because in the beginning she wanted Elissa out.
Amanda says she talked sh!t this week about Elissa. GM:’ Oh and you did”
Amanda: “ya but I’ve told her”
GM:’ All you are doing is trying to make me look bad.. You can’t make me look bad”
Amanda: “You make yourself look bad’
McCrae grabs Amanda and hauls her into the bedroom
as Amanda walks away GM is still parked at the counter yelling and screaming “you can’t make me looks bad.. “ amanda yells back “Ok honey… ahh ok”
GM:” I got a big mofo mouth to.. you can’t f** with me”
Elissa: “Stop stop… “
GM to Amanda: “bring it on b!tch”
GM: “Come over here big girl i’m sitting here relaxing drinking my mofo soda”
Elissa: “Seriously Stop”

After Amanda leaves Elissa tells GM she knows they’ve all talked sh!t Amanda is still the target.

You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using the flashback feature.. It’s just like a DVR and is super easy to use. click this link for a Free Trial —> Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds

12:43am HOH Amanda and ELissa
Amanda is pissed because she’s been friends with Elissa since the beginning whether or not she’s HOH. Now Amanda she’s GM being best friends with her for the first time conveniently when ELissa has the HOH.
Amanda: “She’s kissing your f****ing a$$hole.. she talks more sh!t about you than Aaryn does”
Amanda: “She so fake to you and it’s literally driving me nuts.. she’s the number one person talking sh!t.. “
Amanda: “I’ve never been with Aaryn.. I’ve never been with GM… I’ve always been with you”
Elissa: “It’s not like you are telling me something I don’t already know.. I appreciate you looking out for me:”
Amanda: “I hope you are being honest when you say if Gm wins POV and takes Aaryn down you won’t put me up.. If you are planning on it just let me know so I can spend my last few days with McCrae ok.” (Amanda starts to cry)
Elissa: “Honestly Amanda I haven’t even thought about it”
Amanda: “100% I am going if I’m on the block up against McCrae”
Elissa laughing
Amanda: “I’m glad you think that’s funny”
Elissa laughing “I’m so sorry”
Amanda:’ Why are you laughing.. You weren’t laughing the first couple weeks when you were nominated”

Amanda says she feels like ELissa wants her or McCrae to be evicted, “I feel that Helen told you to fget rid of me.. do you want to get rid of me”. Elissa:” No..”
Amanda: “I’ve been honest with you so just let me know”
Elissa: “You’ve been so honest”
A: “I have been”
E: ‘I know”
Amanda cries, “I feel so defeated.. ”


1:14AM Aaryn, McCrae and Amanda Bedroom

Amanda tells Aaryn she is the first target Amanda is the second target. Aaryn:” So… if McCrae goes down we’re both going up”
Amanda:” yup”
Aaryn:’ There’s equal reason to get both if us out.. I wouldn’t assume you are going home.. I will go home.. you have more allies in the house that is why i’m trying to get JUDD on my side”
Amanda: “I just need to win veto it’s our best bet”
(GM is listening in on the conversation)


1:17Am HOH Elissa and J-U-Doube-D

Elissa tells him she wants him to win the veto and use it. She wants Amanda to go this week.
Elissa says that GM knows she wants Aaryn to stay she’s just unsure about Andy she doesn’t trust him. Elissa:” We have to win.. do you think there is anyway they are going to ask us about the wall” (Memory wall).

CBS Interactive Inc.

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finally some good things happening. get Amanda out


ATTENTION people! I know y’all want Amanda evicted and i despise her too but just take a look at my perspective:

I am worried about Aaryn staying in the game. She is not going to pick Elissa over Andy, McCrae, and GM so who does she have left to put up if she wins HOH next week? —> Spencer, Elissa, and Judd. So it is not good if Aaryn stays…She will for sure 100% send Elissa home because Elissa has more comp wins then Spencer or Judd and because she hates Elissa (female jealousy, Elissa has second most comp wins, Aaryn doesn’t want any1 to beat her record probably lol). McCrae and Andy will convince Aaryn to send Elissa or Judd home because they don’t see Spencer or GM as threats.

If Amanda stays, the chances of Judd, Spencer, or GM winning HOH are higher. It will be 4 VS 3… Elissa, Judd, Spencer, and GinaMarie VS Amanda, McCrae, and Andy.

So it is better if Amanda stays… hate to say it but it is true.


OH AND I FORGOT TO MENTION… If Aaryn is kept she will be safe from both sides -> Elissa will think she is in an alliance with Aaryn, Judd, GM, and Spencer… and McCrae + Andy will think she is with them. No one will target her… If McCrae or Andy win HOH next week they will be after Elissa for evicting Amanda. If Judd, GM, or Spencer win HOH next week they will not target her because they will think she is in their alliance so they will keep her safe because they will target McCrae and Andy.


CBS if you read our comments PLEASE keep in mind that if any RACIST house guest wins, it would be a disgrace and you might lose viewers. Just a warning.


If CBS doesn’t want someone displaying racist tendencies they really should have just castes differently. As it is, Aaryn’s in the house and doing well. IMO production blatantly hindering her game to save face would be worse than her winning.

At least she’s not a drug lord.

give me a break

I hear you….I really wanted Aaryn gone too..she’s disgusting and unstable…with all the pills she takes….But this is Elissa only play….Aaryn is her insurance policy for next week…Elissa was going to put Amanda as the replacement nom regardless…..SO her telling Aaryn that her plan is to backdoor Amanda, makes it seem that Aaryn is the pawn……..If she never told Aaryn about backdooring Amanda …and Aaryn got of the block…..Aaryn would not believe Elissa strategy after the fact….I think Elissa is just covering her bases in case Aaryn does win Veto….SO Aaryn would think she was not Elissa’s target and not put her up next week in case she wins HOH…’s risky because Aaryn is such a bitch………YOU also got to remember McPuss could win VETO and stay on the block…and not risk Amanda going up in his Place…..McPuss has the vote to stay…(Amanda, Spencer, Andy)…….If that happen Aaryn goes home….SO i think Elissa is just covering her bases because she’s alone the house……..

helen is clueless

I got the same feeling that Elissa was saying that in case Aaryn goes beast mode in POV. Elissa can say that was always my plan. As much as I want Amanda gone, I’m not sure this won’t hurt Elissa more. I just don’t see Aaryn playing nice. If she gets HOH I think Elissa is nominated. People realize Mcranda can’t be trusted, they can’t win anything and when they lose their assassin, they’ll just be two slobs laying in bed with no one to do their hits. I actually would consider evicting Mcrae instead of Amanda because its more like a two for one. Amanda might self evict or will be useless even if she stays.


I would agree except she seems to trust Judd & told him she wants to backdoor Amanda


No matter what happens, Elissa can make sure that 3AM is down to 3 players. There will only be 7 players in the game next week. With 3 not voting, that leaves 4 votes to manipulate.


Canadia, you brought up some very valid points when listing your reasons for why Aaryn should be the one evicted instead of Amanda. However, Elissa has finally shown her game skills. Elissa is actually a very savvy player. I believe Elissa is quite aware of how duplicitous Aaryn is, as well as the type of person she has shown herself to be with her racist comments, and, if not for her skills at winning competitions, would definitely be on her target list for eviction.

When Elissa was so adamant about putting Aaryn on the block this week I was concerned that she was playing with her heart and not her head because it would be better to have Aaryn on your team, even if it is only temporarily, to help win the HOH competitions. The two of them would make a dynamic duo in winning competitions. So Elissa is “taking one” now for the greater good. She realizes just how treacherous and diabolical Amanda is and how she has controlled the entire household from week one. NOW is the time to get her out of the house. There is no more “next week” where Amanda is concerned because if Aaryn gets voted out, and someone from Amanda’s team, i.e., McCrae or Andy wins the next HOH, Elissa will be on the block and floundering. All the people Elissa convinced to join her team this week will slink back to Amanda with their tails tucked between their legs.

I was watching the conversation between Elissa and Aaryn last night when Elissa told her that her real target was Amanda. From reading this blog, I am quite sure that Amanda realizes that as well. Should she “miraculously” happen to win the POV (no doubt through the help of Production) and pull McCrae off the block, she’ll continue to rule the house through intimidation and bullying. I’m hoping that the powers that be at CBS have been reading the blogs and our comments and realize how much we dislike Amanda and want her out of the game with no chance of winning any prize money. I certainly don’t want Aaryn to win either; but I think Elissa doesn’t plan on keeping Aaryn around for the long haul because Aaryn will probably turn on Elissa when she gets the next opportunity.

This is the first time since I’ve been watching “Big Brother” this season that I can actually say I’m looking forward to watching this week.


why don’t you guys get off the race card train.. you sound like obama.. if you watch and listened candice was just as much a racist talking about REDNECKS.. Racism is just against black.. give me a break.. the white guilt crap that the liberals keep throwing at white people…..Candice was just as ugly.. Elissa was just as ugly.. we do have free speech.. and the little word Aaryn said doesn’t go into the racist category.. BUT THE P.C. POLICE KEPT HARPING ON IT ALL DAY LONG..

So shut up.. and play the game..


Ignorance must be such bliss for you!


You’re the typical racist. Quick to call them ignorant without any reason behind it.
Only that you condone anti-white racism and Candice’s racist comments.
Yes, ignorance is bliss..and you know all about it.


I always find it to be so interesting when people are quick to say that others should “get over it” when it comes to racism. What makes it even better is when the people who are saying the “get over it” statements are typically the ones that don’t have to deal with racism. Privilege allows you to say that and causes you to be ignorant to fact that this is not something to just forget and “get over”. Privilege makes you believe that Candice’s reference to rednecks is equivalent to the derogatory/racist/defamatory statements that have been made repeatedly by Aaryn, Amanda, Gina Marie and so forth. Privilege makes you believe that Aaryn simply said a “little word” and not that she emitted racist comments, statements, and behaviors on numerous occasions. As an African American female I have been disturbed by the things that have been said by these house guests this season, so much so that I even wrote a detailed letter to CBS expressing my disappointment with this show (mind you I’m a huge fan and I’ve been watching since the second season). When we “get over” stuff, people are allowed to get away with things that need to be addressed. I guess my grandparents and all of their counterparts should of “got over” the fact that they weren’t allowed to eat at certain restaurants, ride in particular sections of the bus/train, attend certain schools, etc etc etc. I’m proud of that fact that throughout history people did not “get over” it when it came to racism because that has afforded me and billions of other people liberties that were once denied. How about we get over “getting over it” so that we as a people can learn to be sensitive, respectful, and considerate to everyone regardless of the race, creed, or color.


I’m white and have been offended by several of Candice’s racist comments and people try to take up for her or try and condone them.
Your feelings are no better than mine. If you are anti-racist, be anti-racist. Don’t say well Candice was only racist towards three white houseguests, so that’s fine.
I’ll respect your feelings when you respect mine.


Candace started talking all her talk after they targeted her you must not be a fan . They targeted her on day 1 ? So what do you want to do take CANDACE and murder her ?


So what do you want us to do to Candace ? Hurt her make her take all the hatred that was aimed directed at her by 3 women in that house . Its like Dianna you are saying we should hang Candace for standing up for herself ? She started talking against them for good reason . So if she lived in Dianna town she would have to be lynched ?


Dianna is really a man he uses the name Dianna cause he wants to become a woman .


@ Anita-1 -> I understand what you are saying. It is difficult to get Amanda out so this is a great chance. The thing is though that Aaryn is not really going to work with Elissa she is just talking shit…she told Amanda that Elissa wanted to work with her, she really doesn’t know how to play the game… she sucks at everything except competitions. It scares me if she stays in the game since she wins comps so much. I don’t want Elissa going home next week because of her.


I think Elissa really needs to get out Amanda. That would break up Amanda and McCrea. I also think Aaryn would feel indebted to Elissa. I dont think McCrea or Andy would go after Elissa just because she got rid of Amanda. They would only go after her if it is best for their odds of winning. At some point it cant be about vindication and has to be about increasing your odds.


The one saying “racist” is usually the racist.
You’re an Elissa fan, you don’t need to speak on the game at all.
Another person jealous of Aaryn.


I think that is a stupid comment about Aaryn.. Aaryn is a much better person than Amanda.. Amanda is the bad person and she should go.. Aaryn would put Mcrae up and a pawn.. but it will not be Elissa or GM or Judd..


Have you been watching the show this year? Aaryn has is not only one of the worst on the show, a Racist….I can’t even go on to what she has said and done this whole season. They both have been bad in every sense of the word, but Aaryn takes the cake.


They are both bad. There is enough awfulness to go around for both of them.


I agree with you. At first I wanted Amanda out but after thinking about it, Aaryn does seem the better choice. She is too easily manipulated and doubt she will honor her word to Elissa. If Aaryn left the house I think Gina and Judd would stick with Elissa if she stays they will go with Aaryn. Funny how Elissa decides to pull Aaryn into the HOH room and tell her immediately after coming out of the Diary Room.

give me a break

I love how Elissa carry’s herself…..when ever someone tries to come at her….she just laughs in there face……… Elissa say’s THIS PEOPLE ARE RIDICULOUS !!!!!…..I DON’T TAKE ANY OF YOU SERIOUS!!!! …… it….good for you Elissa enjoy your HOH….. Her laughing at Amanda…PRICELESS.


Well it looks like Amanda is going home. But Elissa may be keeping her cards close to her chest and she might finally get out Aayrn. She has hated her for so long. She might just like tormenting Amanda. She is also really pushes everyone’s buttons right now, she acting all cocky and it might bite her in the butt next.


I almost felt sorry for Elissa last week. I hate her now. She’s mean and a liar. Oh, and she’s very stupid at this game.
I know lots of you hate Amanda, but she has kept Elissa in the game. Elissa is an entitled b**** and HOH is showing her true colors.
she’s not playing good game, she’s dumb.


for me that is the scene of the season!!! : Amandown finally feels “defeated!” LOL!!!


because she can’t control Elissa….it’s so funny and telling


This has been Elissa plan all along. Remember when Aaryn went BEGGING Elissa? What Elissa told her is she didn’t trust her or anything she said and that she would have to earn her trust this week and next if she is still there. Then Elissa reached out to GM and watered the seeds that Helen had planted. Now it’s Elissa that GM is talking with and listening to, it’s Elissa that backs GM against Demanda. So if next week Aaryn does go back on her word and puts up Elissa I think GM would vote to save her.

Also if Aaryn wins HoH and puts up Elissa then she puts a major target on her back the next week. Elissa will call her out in front of everyone about all the blood on her hands and how she broke her word so many times no one can trust her, the jury…


Elissa is playing her a$$ off now. With follow-behind Helen gone, she is turning this back into a game of BB. Even though she’s telling one person what another has said, she’s not even being dishonest! She’s working people with the truth. So, whenever one goes back to the other, like Aaryan and GM did, they can’t say Elissa has lied on them. She has to keep winning competitions, and be savvy enough to stay with a group who can keep winning. That’s how she’ll get out McSissy, Amanda and Aaryan. The peacemaker and the bulldozer, all at the same time. Elissa – back to being my fav!


Elissa knows what she’s doing in the mental game. She’s brought GM close and if Aaryn makes GM choose she may just loose that bet(and doesn’t even know it). Plus now everyone knows that Aaryn owes Elissa and if she puts her up how she will look to the house. Andy now knows he’s insignificant and he doesn’t know how to play if he’s not Rat Dog. And when Demanda starts her bullying, Elissa just smiles and repeats what Amanda says–this is the biggest MindF**k of all. Demanda doesn’t know what to do with this because going on the offensive is all she knows and this tact turns it back on her without Elissa having to attack. This is now a mental game and everyone who thought Elissa was stupid can now see that’s she’s been watching and reading reactions and mental weakness.


12:15 AM

GM and Aaryn. They are talking about the veto players. Apparently Aaryn selected JUDD as players pick. Is Amanda in or out?

Roisin Dubh

The only ones not playing are Ratboy and his bearded pirate buddy.


If by an act of god AMANDA WINS, PUT UP THE RAT. THE WORST THAT COULD HAPPEN IS ARRYN GOES HOME AND YOU KNOW WHERE SPENCER STANDS. SPENCER = 0 hoh =1POV mCRAE=1HOH =1POV (MADE A DEAL TO GET HOH) AMANDA 0=HOH =0 POV ANDY =1HOH 1POV ELISSA = 1HOH =2POV GM = 1HOH JUDD = 1HOH ARRYN =4HOH =1POV (if she stays) Elissa’s alliance is badass. Hopefully Mcrae will go to jury with jessie and Amanda will go insane, send the rat home next week and let Amanda suffer. She will be like she has the plague and call her out about her sitting her nasty ass down on the furniture in her drawers, how trashy,like people want to see her fat ass


They should put up Andy.. since he is working with Mcrae and Amanda..


put up the weasel send mcrae with Jessie in jury. Send the weasel home next week. Amanda self evicts because Mcrae is with that fine ass Jessie without her, you saw how jealous she was when Jessie sat on the same couch with Mcrae with her in the room, just think what will go through her mind when she is not there. I think that would be the best way to get back at Amanda. Make her stay and wonder what her man is doing. She’s not a threat, she can’t win shit. Everyone is starting to abandon her already, The RAT hasn’t had anything to report back huh. trying to save his own ass.


I believe elissa won 2 p.o.v. and now an Hoh.

Am I right??


If Amanda wins, she can take McCrae down or keep the VETO since she’s NOT nominated, McCrae and Aaryn are. If Amanda would win and takedown McCrae, Elissa can then put Amanda up so she can backdoor her. Only thing is, if Amanda wins, she won’t save McCrae if she thinks she’s not safe. She’ll be worried that Elissa would put her in McCraes’ place so she would keep the noms the same to save herself. That’s why Elissa wants Amanda to feel safe.
Elissa wants Amanda to think that if she saves Mc, Elissa wants Aaryn out anyway, so she won’t have anything to worry about. She wants Amanda to get backdoored to get rid of her.
It’s a genius plan! E wants everyone to get the veto and use it to get Aaryn down so she can put up Amanda. There is no way that I can see that Amanda won’t get put up this week unless someone wins the VETO and keeps the noms the same, at which case, E gets everyone to vote out Aaryn and half of the two Elissa wants out is gone anyway. Either way, Elissa is getting what she wants!


You cant be a replacement if you win Veto and bring someone down ….then no one in there right mind would use it !


I’ll be nice in case you really don’t know the rules about the veto. If Amanda wins the veto she can take down McRae without worry of being backdoored because the winner of the veto can NOT be nominated. Hope this helps!!!


Are you stupid or is this the first time uve watched bb. If amanda wins pov and takes mcrae down she cant put amanda up because amanda is still the pov holder moron.


If yo are not on the block and win veto, you can take someone off and still be safe. If you are on the block, you can only safe yourself. So if Amanda wins, she is safe and can take McCrae down. So the only way to break 3am up is to then put up Andy as replacement.


Yay, Elissa Is Seeing The Light, Take Aaryn Off And Put Up Amanda!


Elissa thought about it and figured if Arryn wins Pov and takes herself off she will be gunning for Elissa next time she’s HOH. This way if Aryn doesn’t win she can tell GM and Judd not to use it and that way she doen’t have to worry about Arryn coming after her. Either way it’s a WIN WIN situation for Elissa. Pretty smart Elissa. Just needed to get Miss Know It All (that knows how to read people Helen out) She said you didn’t know how to play and you didn’t know what was going on in the game. (you are the one that was against voting out all the people that would vote your way. Shs’s the one who almost ruined the season with her shit of vote with the house. She said she played a perfect game. She teamed up with Andy for a final 2 who stabbed her in the back repeadedly = she formed an final 4 with Mcranda and Andy = She formed a final 3 with Andy & Mcrae = She voted out the people who would have voted her way Amanda said the house wanted somebody out & Helen would run around telling people the house wanted someone out, Amanda wanted them out you MORON.(I liked Helen in the beginning but, I think she turned out to be the dumbest player there & I’m glad she’s gone.


I agree with Cajun about Helen being the worst player. Helen was toxic poison to everyone who associated with Helen’s game play – Candice, Howard, Spencer, Jessie and yes, even Elissa. It’s no surprise why Andy, that red weasel ferret rat bastard, shifted his alliance to Scumanda/McPussyWussy, easy to see that Helen was behaving like the classic slimy politician.
Elissa now has to clean up the crap (Aryan) that Helen left behind. It was Helen that first saved Aryan from certain eviction by offering Aryan safety in exchange for favors (control of nominations and vote control) and Aryan has been allowing herself to be used in this manner (I’ll give you my noms or I’ll throw a competition or I’ll vote the way you want me to) by anyone who offers to extend her stay in the house (Scumanda/McPussyWussy). Aryan even tried that ploy on Elissa in their first conversation after Elissa won HOH but Elissa didn’t fall for it (let’s wait and see if you survive this week and then maybe we can talk).
Helen was a consummate politician to the core. ‘Scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.’ ‘I value loyalty above all else. If you prove your loyalty to me then I will be loyal to you.’ ‘If I find out you aren’t being truthful and have been lying to me, I will come after you.’ I am going to make you feel like the most important person in this house by telling you how much ‘I respect you and admire you and love you and I will keep you close to me and protect you and you will be in my inner circle of trust.’ Now doesn’t that sound like a skilled politician collecting votes? She was political slime.
Elissa has said from the start that (A) she wants to make big moves and (B) she wants to play with women so that women win in the end instead of the guys.
As for GM, if there is anyone who could really improve their life from winning some decent money it is GM. GM comes from the School of Hard Knocks and has most likely have to fight for everything she ever got in life. I’d be happy to see her win some decent money.


I agree wholeheartedly Brewhaha! Luv that Scumanda and Mcpussywussy are in panic mode too. I think Elissa is way more into this game and the strategy required to get herself to the end than most of them thought. She just needed to apply herself and stop allowing the politition to tell her what to do and think. It has been such a relief to not hear..OK..OK..OK and you know.50 times a day from Helen for the past 36 hours!!! I also think Gm is/has got a bum rap and since we are all a product of our environment…she has totally been thru the school of hard knocks as you said and grew up learning the street wise attitude that many in that environment portray, and would like to see her in final two with Elissa and grab the 50k…it would make a difference in her life so much.


When Elissa first got her HoH and Aaryn came begging not to go on the block, Elissa told her she would have to earn her trust. Elissa also didn’t trust Aaryn not to tell Demanda everything. So Elissa has made Aaryn live in hell for a short time and now Aaryn and everyone else knows that she owes Elissa. In the meantime, Elissa now has GM who was always Aaryn’s but Aaryn took GM for granted as Mean Girls usually do. Now that Elissa has told Aaryn that Judd was in on it the whole time, Aaryn knows that Judd will bring Spencer so if she betrays Elissa next week then no one will have her back.

Elissa knew everyone’s weakness and has used it against them without bullying. By not worrying about what the house wants or the jury Elissa was free to play and play she has.



Nope you were second



That’s right ,you don’t win the silver YOU LOSE THE GOLD MEDAL


OMG!!!! Is something exciting actually going to happen?


Weasley the Weasel…
Dobby the House-Elf…
Andy ‘Wormtail’ Pettigrew (funny because Scabbers was a Rat)…

Keep the Harry Potter jokes coming lol.


aaryn is gonna give herself away, she looks much to happy since her convo with elissa


What you said. And for crying out loud guys, until you at least see who is playing in POV, DON’T TELL ANDY! or Spencer


I think Spencer will be happy not to be on the block (because he knows he’ll go home) that he’ll vote anyway Elissa wamts him to


Elissa waited just long enough because even if Aaryn does tell McManda things are already set and there was nothing anyone could do except go bat crap crazy.




Elissa wants Arryan out first. Then Amanda. So that’s good! PS: I hate that Judd is back. He’s not gonna play any game….


The only way this won’t work is if pandora a box comes into play and Elissa opens it. I have a feeling it’ll be bad. Wonder what was said to Elissa in the DR that she came out and immediately went on the get Amanda out warpath. Hmmm

give me a break

Yea I notice that too…after.. D.R….She came out with getting Amanda out…….at this point…..Amanda or Aaryn leaving is a good day….


Big Brother Hayden will be on this seasons Survivor


Too bad Jase never got to do Survivor


Well it’s official, the plan to backdoor Amanda is in full effect. Man it is about to get really intense up in that house!!!

Hope it works, please oh please BB gods make this happen. It would be quite the show to see both McCrae and Amanda up on the block together.




Yesssdd Elissa

the last word

Is it just me or is Aryan (yes I sp it that way on purpose) obsessed with talking about RACE? She’s also always emphasizing the fact that she has “natural blonde hair and blue eyes” and her parents too (big whip a lot of people have blonde hair and blue eyes, so what’s her point?)…. There’s a few things that she has mentioned about her her parents particularly her father for example: that she hangs out with her dad and they drink and drive together (like really? wtf?) That he has a llama they named “Martin Luther” (as in the prominent African American civil rights leader. That’s blatant disrespect) She also brought up that her parents went to segregated H.S’s in Georgia (OBVIOUSLY- LOL) and here’s the kicker, she was all bummed out looking at all of Elisa’s family pictures and said she was upset that her parent refused to sign waivers and didn’t want to send pictures of themselves (Hmmmmm?) At first I thought Oh maybe their just embarrassed by her behavior, but the more she speaks the more I see the real picture her.

I would put money that either both or one of her parents(her dad and- i’m sure her extended family members ) have a shady past, and are either currently belonging to or had a past of being a part of the aryan nation or some form of white supremacist group like the kkk, white militia groups etc… This dumb bimbo is giving so much away it’s sooo freaken obvious.

I’m not even mad at her, I pity her. I feel sorry for those sheltered kids who are raised to hate others that don’t look like them. Because when they go out into the real world and they start spewing what they’ve learned at home out in the open it’s going to come back and bite them in their butt, and guess what we get to witness this live on B/B, boy is she in for a surprise.

You know what’s so awesome though? That you have Mrs. White Supremacist(aaryan) being bossed around since wk2 by the none other than a Jewish chick, AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! EAT THAT ARYAN’S PARENT’S !!!!!! Oh the irony.


You are truly a sick person. You try to degrade Aaryn for her poor comments by making up such hateful things. You should be more ashamed of yourself than this little girl.


I agree with Vladinator. My best guess on why Aaryn’s parents didn’t sign wavers is because they didn’t want all the crazy psycho fans/haters coming after the family with threats/violence. I think it is completely stupid and wrong that crazy psycho fans / haters will go after / threaten an individuals family all because they don’t like that individual. Aaryn was a super-fan when she was cast on the show so her family already knew how the psycho fan side of america could act. I don’t blame them at all for not signing the wavers. I also feel that not signing the wavers in no way implies that they are part of a white supremacist group. That is just a stupid way of thinking. If Aaryn was TRULY a racist she would NEVER hug Candice like she did when the jury entered the house for the competition.


Aaryn said that she couldn’t understand why there were no pictures or letters from her parents because they had signed the waivers. You can bet when Aaryn’s mother hired the PR firm early in the game they went to CBS and pulled those waivers

Pliney The Elder

Maybe Arynns parents are in the witness protection program.


Yeah she does talk about that stuff all the time but did notice when the show 1st started she said she was an only child now she haves said it 3time talking about her sister???? Also she is 23 or soon 2b she is not a little child she knows what she is talking about case N point what is she going to school for!?!?!?!?! yeah she knows whats she is doing and the reason why she is saying the shit she is saying!!!!!!!


No.. I don’t see Aaryn talking about race.. I see Julie Chin and the rest of the liberal Political correct Police harping on a back choice of words for a remark.. and then Elissa harping on that too..but What about the hatred Elissa has constantly harped on.. Helen tried to make her see straight.. she REALIZED THAT AARYN DID NOT MEAN TO SAY WHAT SHE SAID.. DID ANYONE ATTACK CANDICE FOR SAYING REDNECK.. ANYONE.. THAT IS RACIST AGAINST ANYONE WHO IS SOUTHERN AND WHITE.. BUT SINCE SHE IS BLACK SHE CAN SAY WHAT SHE WANTS.. SCREW THAT.. WHAT IS GOOD FOR THE GOOSE..ETC.



this plunks AMANDA right next to HELEN in the
JURY house if ELISSA pulls it off! I am psyched!


OMG They have to move the 24/7 cameras to the jury house to cover Amanda vs Jessie & Candace. Helen will be the referee. That seem like forever in the jury house for Amanda. Both Jessie & Candace can hold their own against Amanda. they will probably get onto her about sitting her nasty ass on the furniture in her drawers. That will be where the real action is. They willprobably have to put Amanda in a hotel it will probably be so bad. Then put Mcrae in the house next week with Jessie and watch Amanda go insane. You reap what you sow Bitch Thought you jump on and be nasty to anyone in the house with it not coming around to bite you in the ass.


I’m starting to think Elvira has been playing possum. If she really teams up with Poopy that would be awesome and I’ll take back all the crap I said about her maybe even start calling her Elissa.

Roisin Dubh

I knew she was playing possum back in the 2nd week. No way you can do Yoga the way she does and be that weak, dumb and uncoordinated. She knew if she came in guns blazing she wouldn’t have made it past the first month. That Rachel’s sister thing on top of that would’ve sealed her fate.


I’m seeing this more as a combination of no longer being bulldozed by Helen and being lucky in winning the HOH. If you was really aiming for a guarantee at Amanda, she would have put Mcranda on the block. aMANdha can’t win anything, and McCrae wouldn’t not use the verto on himself, if he won it. Putting up Aaryn only will reinforce Aaryn’s mistrust of Elvira (Elisa). And bad mouthing Aaryn to GM to control GM is a poor strategy.


I would say that Elissa talking poorly of Aaryn to GM will come back to bite her, but really, they have all talked SO MUCH trash about each other that getting mad over it would be hypocritical.

give me a break

Elissa didn’t talk poorly on Aaryn to GM….She simply stated that Aaryn is a mean and negative person….and that GM should not surround herself with negative energy because it will make her negative and bring down her personality…….which is true..,,,,…Aaryn is just a negative person…and Amanda is a paranoid psycho….


maybe its more fun this way, blindsiding Amanda. Maybe she’s smarter than everyone gives her credit for. Maybe Arryn is the target this week and she just told her she would take her down to make Arryn really appreciate Elissa and not put her up next times she’s HOH (if Arryn wins POV) Either way whoever wins POV she doesn’t have to worry about Arryn gunning for her. She needs to tell GM the bad stuff Arryn said about her so she doesn’t save Arryn if she wins POV. I think that is pretty freaking smart of covering all your bases… Andy and Spencer are just hiding right now till the dust clears, I think he will find out he hitched his horse to the wrong wagon and he is not as smart as he thought he was WEASEL


If she would have nominated both Amanda and MC, she had to risk someone winning the VETO and taking Amanda down, or MC winning the VETO and taking his lady love down to save her. After all, he has been stupid enough to follow her this faithfully so far.
By nominating Aaryn and MC, Elissa tells everyone that she has one target and that’s Amanda so she wants everyone to work hard for the Veto to take Aaryn down so she can put Amanda up and vote her out.This keeps Aaryn from targeting Elissa in future HOH noms that Aaryn wins, and as long as Amanda doesn’t find out too quickly she will think she’s safe and WANT everyone to take down MC with the VETO. This way, If MC OR Aaryn get VETO saved, Amanda still gets put on the block and gets voted out.
The only other thing that could happen is if someone keeps the noms the same, but then Elissa gets Aaryn voted out and tells MC and Amanda that was her plan all along and that she couldn’t tell them because she wanted everyone to play hard for the VETO. Then she gets Aaryn out and that would be fine with her. Either way, Elissa gets rid of one of her enemies. GENIUS!!!


I’m loving the Amanda meltdown. Hopefully the other HGs needle her to make it worse.


Elissa had no power so she could only wait, watch and survive. She knew the time would come when the mental game would have a chance to trump the bullying and she knows everyone’s weakness and how to use it. And she also knew no one would think she was a comp threat so she played dumb and everyone basically wrote her off.


Spencer: That Jessie is one messed up girl. Maybe she has a thing for Zombies

Judd: I told her that if there was a Zombie attack she didn’t need to worry. They were only after brains….She didn’t get it. Here’s a question. A group of zombie’s and a group of Necrophiliac’s Who runs away first?


9 out of 10 times (at least) you get a thumbs up from me . That was one of many!!! Thanks for the comic relief this season . And to our hosts SiMDawg!


But is it time to get Amanda out yet? Why yes,Helen, its time!!!!


If I was a zombie and Spencer was the necrophiliac I would be running as fast as possible


lurker…is this you’re wit or judd’s?
i’ve seen posts like this before and i wonder if it”s the writer or judd
nobody uses quotations or proper grammar anymore or, probably, im just ignorant and have poor grammar myself


Way to go Elissa!!! Finally!!!! Mcranda needs to go!


I call AWESOME on Elissa’s game play this weekend. It is the kind of move that you only see the best BB players pull off and set themselves up for the win.


Diary room may have (did) coax her into it but I’m still giving her credit. She came out of the DR pumped up to get Amanda out. It totally made my weekend! I didn’t care for Helen too much but was hoping she would get Elissa to work with Aaryn to get Amanda and McCrae out so I was bummed when Helen left. I didn’t think Elissa would be able to get passed her stuff with Aaryn. So glad she did!!! Super excited to see what happens with veto!


Hmmm..yes you are right – just a little suspicious…

Roisin Dubh

Wow, El pushing hard with the divide and conquer thing. I hope it doesn’t blow up in her face. She’s taking a huge risk in trusting Aaryn. She was badmouthing GM earlier, now they’re like sisters again, that chick is shady. I hope Judd becomes the voice of reason with her because as smart as she playing right now, she’s starting to get scattered again.


She won’t really have a choice but to stick with elissa and Gm if Amanda goes home. MC and spencer will group up with Judd and Andy bouncing between whatever group is in power.


Awwwwwwwwwesome!!! I’m loving Elissa more and more! And her final 2 with JUDD just makes it even sweeter!!! Now it’s feeling more like BB FINALLY!!



I think I watched this 5 times over so far. Shear excitement on what Elissa is doing. She kept her powder dry!


At 10:40pm PST Elissa reveals her plan to Judd – “Whoever

wins Veto, we just need to take Aaryn off and put Amanda

and McCrae next to each other.” – FINALLY A BIG MOVE!!!


Yes. E for Evil and diabolically wonderful plan!! Way to go Ellisa. Great tribute to Evil Dick and Rachel. Winners!!!

Jack Daniels

An alliance has emerged that I can support Judd And Elissa. Also Elissa has confirmed her plan is to backdoor Amanda. Im glad she told Aaryn and Aaryn listened. I can see Judd,GM,Elissa& Aaryn steamrolling the house to get down to the final 4. Regardless if this week goes exactly as planned, the house mentality has shifted and that is a successful HOH. I hope Amanda or McCrae get blindsided. I hope Andy finally cries some real tears this week. He is such a rat, and a floater rat at that. I thought he was loyal to McCranda but I can already see, he goes with power!!After McCranda I think Andy’s eviction will be the most satisfying…


Spencer got only a few background details from JUDD
an’ then he zeros into which particular zombie flic it was!
i know we all walk around with useless knowledge & factoids.
Spencer likes horror flics & cultish zombie films. odds are
he’s played ‘EARN to DIE’ + ‘HIGHWAY of the DEAD’ online.

itz showtime...

wait… its Andy who said it was DAWN of the DEAD~!!!
but was it the 1979 original or the 2004 remake????
are there cuter zombies in the remake or the original?

Name Too

Andy looks like he could be a zombie. Not only does he have to worry about being a terrible player, he has to keep seeing himself in all those mirrors, and see how terrible he looks in those pastel shorts. Blegh. A rat-zombie for sure


Who knew? Elissa is an evil genius! All this time I thought she was a dummy and it turns out she is the best player this season.


Repeat…Hmmm…yes…suspicious considering how many of the “moves” & “conversations” came right after DR sessions. Sorry, I find it hard to believe that Helen really stifled all this “brlliance”


I don’t know about best player.. but she has woken up.. and thinking more like Helen.. in matters of Aaryn.


Got to say this: when Elissa was wining the MVP and doing the “whole show”in DR i was so pissed off!!! but she is playing like a spectator that see the game better from the stands!!! and i am loving it!!!. now i get why she has been cool!!! she is laughing last!!!!!! if she pulls this off then she automatically becomes the “the good witch of BB15” like the movie “Oz the Great and Powerful”!!!!! LOL!!


I was about to turn my computer off and go to bed when I heard that conversation taking place between Elissa and Aaryn. Incredible! They would make an unbeatable team if Elissa, Aaryn and GinaMarie all teamed up. The question is, can Aaryn be trusted? I have my doubts having heard the way she was talking about Elissa to The Red Queen and McCrae earlier that evening. I’d like to hope that Aaryn is bright enough to realize that is a fantastic opportunity for her to team up with Elissa. If she runs and divulges this information to Stoolie the Toad or The Red Queen before (or after) the competition, she’ll deserve to be voted out.

I think if The Red Queen is voted out, McCrae will seek to team up with Spencer and Stoolie the Toad. He’ll probably try to get as well for the numbers. Judd has always been enigmatic as to which team he is really supporting and I guess he’ll continue to bounce between both teams as long as it keeps him in the game.

Elissa’s conversation with Aaryn this evening should be watched because it’s really memorable. One of the best in “Big Brother” history. Go Team Elissa!

Roisin Dubh

I agree with you 100%. But then I started thinking about the way Rachel played Dani in the same manner and then whacked her. I wonder if El is doing the same thing with Aaryn. This move is either gonna make her F3 or get booted next week. Very risky but you have to take a risk to win this game.


Could it be??? A SOLID plan to evict the nasty Yeast Beast Amanda herself?? YESSSSSSSS!!!!!
I am OFFICIALLY an Elissa Fan!!! IT’S the DUCK LIPS and BUTTERFLY LASHES REVOLUTION!!! Can’t wait to see Amanda’s face when she’s back doored…oh the satisfaction of watching her storm out the house will be glorious!!


worse– a delectably careful backdooring
plunks her right next to helen on the jury!
if amanda has the faintest shred of any
character she will be a good sport about
her eviction if she has been sincere to
poor hapless mccrae. this is a debate…
candice, jessie + helen have a perfect
right to be totally PO’ed at her, she has
been a pitiless bitch, beast and terror.


Aaryn has plenty of time to screw it up. Bad actress and then there is rat Andy. Lets just hope she can pull it off!


Elissa made them all a great dinner. She is in beast mode. She is being social and seems happy. Then she unleashes her ultimate goal…Kaboom!!!

Now if only they can all get Andy out of the loop until it happens….

Butters Mom

Hmmmmmm if Amanda and McCrae end up on the block…. who wants to bet the diamond power of veto comes into play and both of them come off of the block… I smell production interference coming into play here!

Elissa clearly can not think for herself… every time she gets called into the diary room and comes back out… she calls a meeting with someone and then goes off on this long plan that is completely different than the plan she was making prior to going into the diary room.

Also, does anyone else think that Helen jumping from the platform might actually mean she was also a production “plant” in the house and it was just her turn to leave… she just seemed so happy as she JUMPED off the platform and there is clearly a hand that tapped her or pushed her off.. she looked like she jumped to me. A couple of people have mentioned how she just ran off and said bye in a happy voice after she “fell off”. The HOH was completely rigged… McCrae said a couple of times and so did Andy that Elissa got fussed at for cheating… yet they didnt disqualify her for it. McCrae also pointed out that Amanda was cheating as well….. makes me wonder if McCrae is completely in the dark about Amanda being a production “plant” in the house.

Amanda is the worst kind of person

So what happens if McCrae wins veto, takes himself off, and Amanda then goes up. Who will get the 3 votes needed for eviction?

I see Judd and GM definitely voting for Amanda, and McCrae and Andy going for Aaryn. It would be up to Spencer, who if smart would vote Amanda off, but he seems to have some allegiance to McCranda. This scares me.


Yes. But who could make a better deal to keep spencer of the block next wek Amanda or Aaryn ? Spence will vote Amanda OUT! Lol


Spencer doesn’t like Amanda at all. He has been gunning for her for weeks. He like MC tho and would def vote her out so that they could work together.


Think Spencer has a better chance of staying in the house longer with Amanda gone, McCrae will really need him then for more than just a pawn.


WORST CASE SCENARIO: McCrae wins the POV and decides not to use it on himself because The Red Queen cries, tells him she’s gone if he takes himself off the block and then she dumps an entire season’s worth of “You wouldn’t be here if not for me” guilt on him. McCrae would end up staying in the house because he’d have the votes of: The Red Queen; Stoolie the Toad and, quite possibly, Spencer (who would also be guilted/threatened/cajoled into keeping McCrae). The ones voting to keep Aaryn would only be: GinaMarie and, hopefully, Judd.

I wouldn’t weep if Aaryn got voted out because I certainly don’t want to see her winning any big prize money; but I would like to see if the arrangement Elissa proposed has the possibility of working out for a while, i.e., working together as an alliance.

Let’s hope that neither McCrae or The Red Queen win the POV. If either one does win the POV, you can rest assured that Production had its hand its “hand” it in (yet again).


Dear Andrew, it’s over and you suck, now continue floating in the jury house pool next week :)


Late Night POV Yes!!!!! I think? LOL!


It is good to see that Elissa was playing dumb and weak { I always thought she was strong, that log rolling episode gave it away, and her always acting like a airhead, had a lot of people fooled }, now she is a stalking lioness going in for the kill. Please don’t tell Andy the snitch the plan!! I want it to be a surprise!!


Wow! Can’t believe how gullible you all are. No-one can fake being an airhead that well without pretty much being one. That said I’m not unhappy with the way things look like they are going.


Ok so I am in Canada and BB after dark is just airing has anyone else noticed how nervous and figity Andy is at the table eating with Elissa, Judd, Spencer and GM? Also is it just me or has Spencer lost weight?


Spencer has lost a lot of weight which is surprising because most people gain weight in this house. I think that just means he pigs out normally outside the house in his regular life.


Shit than hit the fan….Amanda definitely does not want GM to kick her ass!!!!


Tangent time! Aaron and Elissa would make an amazing team if they could keep their personal issues aside. With both of them being on “other side” of the house and their history nobody would suspect these two being able to reel it in, plus with the added bonus of Aaryn being strong in comps and Elissa seeming to be able to win when it matters, these two could make it very far. I am by no means a huge Aaryn fan but she has grown in this house, I do not condone any of the disgusting things that she said however; as the weeks go by there are a few remaining house guest who have started to tie/edge out Aaryn in the remarks category. I know at this point in the season it is the best of the worst but shockingly I could get behind an Elissa and Aaryn final two.


quick question, is the POV going to be played in the next couple of hours?


Think about it Folks—History in the Making!! This Elissa/Amanda Conversation Late PM in the HOH Room…might be the Best Conversation in BB History. Elissa laughing at Amanda trying to Campaign 4 her Life. Before Veto….THIS IS TOTALLY PRICELESS!!!


BHAHAHAHAHAHA Elissa is laughing in Amanda’s face as she cries!!!!!!…so…funny!!!!! AWESOME!


Ok I am Team Elissa lol She had me worried the last month!!!! Let’s get MCranda out of the house I dont care which one !!!

Roisin Dubh

Uh oh, Amanda knows she’s the target and El is sitting there laughing at her. Judd, reel her back, it’s gonna backfire. I knew she shouldn’t have said shit to Aaryn. She should’ve kept Aaryn scared up until the beginning of the veto comp. Jesus, why can’t these people keep a GD secret? El gave herself away when she pulled Amanda’s name and she caught the look on her face. Now she gave Amanda an opening to get back into people’s heads. These people are something else.


I bet they are wishing they kept Helen now :)


elissa laughing in amandas face as she begs and pleads is the best thing ever


sounds like amanda has lost it big time and it just about to get her butt kicked by gm.


“It’s pissing me off” and “shady as fuck” are Amanda’s favorite things.

Love how she feels entitled to know what their talking about. Like if they dare plan to get you out that somehow they have an obligation to inform you. I’d say you’re being paranoid but that’s a lie, you should be worried as shit about now.

Mc should stop getting in the way of her arguments cause he’s no longer protecting her, he’s making her fights his fights let her self destruct and cut her loose now bro.


As much as I also want Amanda out, this seems to be bad timing. Amanda’s target wasnt elissa! Amanda would have helped elissa take out GM n aryn. Then the other HG will finally see Amanda duo as a treat and cut them off. The plan to dissolve Amanda duo should have happened earlier or really late in the game, say top 5. Elissa taking out Amanda is just helping the HG play their game better, not hers. Elissa will remain a target once Amanda leaves


i totally agree amanda cut her own throat this week and next elissa will be leaving.


Simon, are they doing a late night POV? It is 4:30 am here in Ottawa but I will stay up if they are?


Do you think Andy is more loyal to Aaryn or Amanda right now?


i think andy is more loyal to amanda because he always runs first back to her and mccrea after each conversation with others.

VA Vet

Keep throwing grenades at everybody, Elissa. I haven’t enjoyed BB this much in a long time.

Can’t stop laughing at this conversation.
Amanda: “I’ve been honest with you so just let me know”
Elissa: “You’ve been so honest”
A: “I have been”
E: ‘I know”
Amanda cries, “I feel so defeated.. ”


So funny to remember the start of the season. Amanda was one of my faves! Now I’m enjoying watching her game crumble to pieces. If only she had been more entertaining and less crass, because her strategy wasn’t horrible just not fun to watch


yep she has turned out to be a little slutty.


The FEEDS are good tonight Counting down the MINutes until Amanda Loses her freaking Mind!!!!!! GO ELISSA