“GM is a piece of Sh!t.. She’s loyal give me a f****** break.. she’s an a$$ kisser” -Amanda

POV Holder: Next POV Aug 24th
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 26th
HOH Winner: Elissa Next HOH: Aug 29th
Original Nominations: Aaryn and McCrae
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, Jessie. Helen
Have Nots


6:30pm McCrae and Amanda
Amanda wants to take a nap. MC says they have to wake up early for Veto if she sleeps now she’ll be awake later.
Aaryn walks by
MC: “She’s going to tell them first.. totally”
MC is worried she’s going to tell spencer and JUDD about 3am then they won’t have the votes. Amanda says she will just deny it and say poopy is lying. Amanda doesn’t want to do anything until after the veto is played.
A: ”You really stink by the way.. on the couch you were really smelly”
MC – Good
A- I hate GM right now
MC – You have to be f*** nice otherwise you are going to get me in trouble.. don’t f*** around.

6:39pm Storage room Elissa and Andy
E – That a good move don’t you think
A – Ya and i’ll fight for the veto.. do you want me to keep the nominations the same
E – ya
A – Who will you put up if the veto is played.. do you know
Elissa says she’s not saying but she knows what she’ll do. She wants everyone to fight for the veto.
Andy says with JUDD coming back it’s a really good thing for them.. Andy adds that JUDD might want to work with them.
E – I trust judd to
A – Moving doreatrf I this could work I really do

6:47pm Cockpit Spencer, GM and Spencer

Gm says they will get woken up early to pick veto players then play the comp at 9pm

Spencer is happy he’s not nominated. GM blows a giant fart out.. Spencer says she will be known as the queen of farts.
GM: “Nobody knows what they don’t air”

Nomination Key order was
2) GM
3) Spencer
4) Andy
5) Amanda
7:18pm Cockpit Spencer, GM, Andy

Spencer saying that production spelled McCrae’s name wrong in one of the competitions. It was spelt McCrea (I’m not the only one.. lol)
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7:22pm Amanda and Aaryn

Amanda:” Best case scenario I win veto pull McCrae off the block” Amanda thinks that Spencer or GM would be the replacement nominees.
Amanda brings up that GM said she doesn’t know what to do if she wins the veto, “If you get houseguest choice.. pick me.. that is the only way the four of us can stay”
Aaryn – When did she say that
Amanda – in the kitchen earlier today
Aaryn: “ I’m not mad at Elissa I’ve put her up twice and we’ve never gotten along.. it just sucks.. we’ve all fought so hard.. for anyone going up it’s hard.. and a week just got erased.. it is really hard. “
Amanda: “If I don’t win veto either you or me are leaving.. it will be 20 days maybe 24 .. it’s not that bad”
Aaryn – “it’s not that bad.. I cannot believe GM said she didn’t know what to do with the veto.. thats f***ed up.. it looks like she’s working with Elissa”
Amanda: “Her a$$ kissing is driving me nuts”
Aaryn: “walking around smiling all happy“
Amanda: “GM is a piece of Sh!t.. she’s loyal give me a f** break.. she’s an a$$ kisser there is no F*** way she is going to win this game she is the biggest floater here”
Aaryn says GM got mad at her because Aaryn told her all her comp wins make her a target. She felt that Aaryn was saying that GM never wins anything.

Amanda: “Did she get mad at you once when you got HOH “
Aayn: “no “
Amanda: “ when you have the power she’s up your a$$hole fighting for you”
Aaryn says Nick doesn’t give a f** about GM and she’s still crying about him. Aaryn has cared about GM all along and GM doesn’t give a f***.
Aaryn thinks that Elissa and GM have made a deal that GM promised Elissa that she won’t use the veto if Elissa keeps her off the block.
Aaryn: “she’s going to throw it “
Amanda: “she’ll take the luxuries”
Aaryn: “100%”
Amanda: “Thats fine I need to win this.. Elissa will put up spencer and he will go home”
Aaryn points out that JUDD’s key was pulled first, “He’s working with her 100%.. “
Amanda: “It doesn’t make sense he was pissed at her when he left and now he’s happy with her .. she must have said something to him in her goodbye message”
Aaryn: “Elissa told me they had a final 2 deal” (before JUDD was evicted)
Amanda: “All that matters is I win Veto and take McCrae off the block and she puts up GM”
Aaryn: “What if she puts up Andy”
Amanda:L “she won’t.. I have a fire under now”
Aaryn says Elissa told her last week when she was HOH the stupidest move she had ever made was to not put McCrae and Amanda up “What’s the first thing she does when she gets HOH is not put McCrae and Amanda up”

Aaryn says Elissa wants her gone first because she can beat McCrae and Amanda in competitions with her eyes closed. Aaryn points out that Elissa told her Amanda and McCrae were pathetic in competitions.

Amanda – Elissa’s biggest mistake was putting McCrae up next to Aaryn because now the entire house is against her, “F*** that b!tch”
Aaryn says it was obvious that only Amanda, Elissa and JUDD were trying in the HOH and GM didn’t give a sh!t.

Aaryn says tomorrow is going to be zingbot doesn’t think it will be luxury.
Amanda: “I cannot believe JUDD is back.. has he said anything to you”
Aaryn: “well ya.. “
McCrae joins them
Aaryn: “He said he is going to work by himself the entire time.. in my opinion that means he’s going to work with Elissa and not me”
McCrae: “probably”
Aaryn: “he’s acting like I don’t exist.. I don’t blame him I evicted him.”
Amanda: “I was just telling Aaryn the only way we can guarantee us four say is if I win the POV”

Andy joins them
Aaryn asks him when GM said she wouldn’t use the veto
Andy she never said it that way. Andy explains that Gm just said she didn’t know what to do it was a tough situation for her.
Aaryn: “it really pisses me off that she said she wouldn’t use it on me”
Andy: “it’s a weird situation”
Aaryn: “At this point GM can go f*** herself .. I want to punch her in the face”
Andy: ‘She doesn’t want you to go anywhere you know that is true”
Aaryn: “Elissa and GM are working together”
Amanda: “It seems like it GM is licking her a$$hole it’s pathetic”
Aaryn: “Gm is turning out to be a April”

CBS Interactive Inc.

7:45pm Cockpit Gm and Spencer
GM says she doesn’t want to use the veto if she wins it because that means one of them (Specner/Andy) will go up. She says she wants everyone to vote to keep Aaryn if the noms stay the same. (Same type of thing she told Andy)


7:50pm have nots GM and Aaryn

Aaryn: “JUDD and Elissa are working together “
GM: “I’m really surprised she gave him the key first.. when she was wanted him out of the house so bad before”
Aaryn: “We worked so hard to get where we are and the entire week just got erased”
Aaryn: “getting Helen out was good for the people staying.. I’m happy for the move and I stand by the move.. the fact that Elissa won veto I cannot control that.. it is what it is”
Aaryn doesn’t blame Elissa for nominating her Aaryn’s nominated Elissa twice and they hate each other.
Aaryn: “I feel that she would have put you up against me if she knew you would use the veto on me.. She must think you are working with her”
GM: “no no.. the only thing I said was I liked Helen.. She really wanted to work with ya.. she really did” (Elissa)
Aaryn says Amanda and McCrae never came after her and they’ve been good to both of them.

GM says Amanda abd mcCrae lie to everyone all the time.
Aaryn: “So did Elissa and Helen, I feel like when I talk to her i’m looking into hell.. it’s like talking to an actress.. it’s like being on a set in a movie and not knowing the lines..”

CBS Interactive Inc.

Aaryn says Amanda thinks if she wins Veto Spencer will go up because Elissa hates Spencer more than she hates GM. Aaryn points out that everyone is seeing how Elissa and GM are really getting along now.
Gm tells her that Amanda and MCCrae are using her to win the competitions because they are weak.
Aaryn doesn’t care because they want weak players in the game. when they get down to the end they can beat Amanda and MCrae they want to get all the strong players out now.
Aaryn says she wants ELissa gone then JUDD.

GM says that people in this house exaggerate things all the time. She mentions the comments made from Elissa that they were “Freaks” and that Elissa didn’t want to sit next to them. GM knows this was blown out of proportion by McCrae and Amanda. Aaryn says people are going to want to split them up because they are a pair.

Aaryn suggests GM tell people she is going against her so that they pick GM to play the veto
GM: “Should I act different to you this week.. “
Aaryn: “Maybe if you act like … just don’t acknowledge me.. I want you to get picked for the veto comp.. they won’t pick you if they think you’ll use ir” Aaryn points out if GM overplays that her and Aaryn are not close anymore Elissa will probably catch on.
Aaryn: ‘People are already thinking that you and elissa are working together.. that is good.. “
GM: ‘I’m not”
Aaryn warns her if she throws the Veto and the veto is played GM could go up as the replacement nominee because that is one less vote for Aaryn

Gm says Helen told Elissa when she left to go after Amanda and McCrae.. GM is going to tell Elissa this and highlight that Helen was really smart.

Aaryn says that maybe she can work with JUDD again (Hints that she uses her female attributes)


8:07pm bedroom
Aaryn goes back to Amanda and McCrae they ask her what GM said “She literally just said I have to go I’m meeting Elissa”

Aaryn heads into the other bedroom to chat with J-U-double-D
Aaryn: “Are you working with elissa.. you know it was her and Helen that wanted you out.. “
JUDD: ‘I’m not working with anyone right now”
Aaryn: ‘Helen and Elissa were the ones that pushed me to put you up”
Aaryn says Helen and Elissa told her they were coming after her if she didn’t put up JUDD. Aaryn adds that GM is now working with Elissa..

NEW times ADDED Big Brother 15 N*de flashback times here


8:39pm Amanda, Spencer and McCrae
Amanda wants to punch GM with Brass knuckles. Spencer mentions how much a$$ kissing GM has been doing to Elissa.

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152 thoughts on ““GM is a piece of Sh!t.. She’s loyal give me a f****** break.. she’s an a$$ kisser” -Amanda

  1. Amanda tells McCrae: “I knew one of the guys throwing the balls yesterday” (about the HoH comp) then fish NO SURPRISE!

    1. HOLY COW! Elissa has Aaryn up in the HOH and wants to backdoor Amanda. E said if she wins veto she will pull off Aaryn and put up Amanda. She said this will work only if they can put aside their differences and work together! Of course Aaryn is receptive.


        1. The above two comments seem like they are from people who are too naive. Sorry but a snake cannot change. Aaryn already said she was making false deals with Elissa to ensure her safety this week. Aaryn will put Elissa up if she wins HOH next week, i have no doubt. Its a tough one… i want both Amanda and Aaryn out but lets face it, Aaryn has McCrae, Andy, and GM on her side, Amanda only has McCrae & Andy, so if Amanda stays its better cause she can’t win comps and she doesn’t have as many people backing her up. If Aaryn stays and wins HOH she is coming after Elissa.

          1. i truly hope aaryn stays loyal to 3m and not elissa last minute i’m the queen do as i say or else… i have my fingers crossed. i hope amanda wins veto and amanda and aaryn get elissa out pronto.

            1. I’m with you, Rita. Only way Amanda goes is if she is backdoored and put up against MCrae. If noms stay the same or if Amanda wins veto and pulls one of them off then the votes will be there to preserve their alliance. And then they can come back with a vengeance next week and send the Botox duck lips packing. That would be ideal, but production and CBS will make sure that doesn’t happen.

          2. A snake may not change but it always sheds its skin.
            Amanda is Aaryn’s “skin”.
            I would love to see Aaryn be given / take the chance to shed that “skin”.

    1. I’m not a huge fan of Judd but he wouldn’t be an objectionable winner, I guess. Better him than some of these other houseguests.

    2. I don’t care one way or the other about Judd but I think it is total bullshit that an evicted house guest was allowed to come back in. CBS is literally writing the rules as the game progresses to stear it to the outcome it wants. Don’t like the bullies in the house (which you know who they will be from the pre-game casting interviews)? Add a secret MVP to get them out. Feel bad that poor Candice got picked on because she was black and bc there is a huge outcry from the politically correct community and Chen? Add two jury seats so Candy can continue on in the game and have a vote if one of the racist mean girls makes it to final two. Feel bad that Elissa has no friends and is all but certain about to be evicted? Rig a couple competitions so she can win and stay a little bit longer. Think Elissa may bolt because she has no friends in the house? Give her some real food and a down comforter even though she is a Have Not and none of the other have nots get that treatment. And oh, let the gold digging drama queen call her sugar daddy husband so he can tell her what’s really happening in the house. I have watched all 15 seasons of BB but have never been as appalled as this season with all the blatant rigging and favoritism showed by CBS to a select few to advance their agenda. I hope the show is cancelled after this year.

  2. This cast is so horrible that Zingbot shouldn’t even be required. They “zing” themselves every time they open their mouths.

  3. Aaryn needs to stop being such a tool for Yeasty Infection and McPussy. House needs to be cleaned this week and we know McCranda caint win crap.
    Hope JUDD doesn’t fall into Aaryn’s trap!

  4. I was cracking up watching BBAD and the HG’s keep talking about Candice as if to entice GM into bashing Candice like she always did. GM won’t say a word. They literally tried for like 20 minutes and GM wouldn’t bite. She was smart enough to listen to Elissa when she gave GM a pass for the racial remarks. The HG’s are trying to make GM look bad in front of Elissa so E will put her up as a replacement nominee but GM isn’t biting.

    1. Watching BBAD tonite(fri) had to be in the top 5 best of AD-for me anyway! ELISSA was so truthful and imo very real when she was in a convo with GM! If…GM is not as bad (maybe?)
      W/O Aaryn to be her nightmare of a “sidekick”!
      ELISSA will be
      the player to FINALLY get the Whore or McPussy packing for
      the jury house!
      He is a genuine pain in the ass! However I have a feeling that he is not feeling secure as he was!?!
      ELISSA will be a good player to FINALLY stop him being like a “window peeker” in the BB house¿¡¿ btw he is kinda creepy !
      imo! :-)

      btw nothing less than a blow-hard

    1. Amanda always look stoned. I hope McCrae wins veto and she goes up, I think that’s the only way Aaryn will believe Amanda means her no good. I especially would love to see what Andy does in that situation. I hope Amanda goes this week, then Andy. As much as I want to see Aaryn, gone, without Andy or Amanda she’ll start playing her own game and using her own mind. They really need to get Andy out. However I don’t think he will win in Final two against anyone, but GM.

  5. I really want Aaryn or Amanda to go to the jury house next week. Aaryn is too stupid to see that Amanda is manipulating her.

    1. It would be great to see how the house would play with Amanda gone. I think Amanda is like a cancer and it has spread to everyone in the house. Perhaps, with her gone everyone will actually start playing the game. A little hope that Amanda goes but BB has teased us with that all season and since this season is RIGGED for AManda to win don’t see it happening at all!

    1. Spencer is aligned with aMANda, McPussy and Andy the Rat. He speaks badly about Elissa every chance he gets. I don’t think he is going to show any loyalty to Elissa, this week or next. He would vote her out in a minute next week even though they supposedly have a truce for next week.

      1. Going on past history, what ever side Spencer chooses, that side goes down the toilet. Bye-bye 3am. That dude is the kiss of death.

  6. This is crazy who would have predicted this a week ago?

    Whatever production said to Elissa, it’s working. Maybe they patched her in on the phone to Rachel in DR.

      1. I’m just sayin’…

        They almost let it slip Elissa ran to the DR, yelling about talking to her husband…then fish.

      2. OK you dont get botox in the lips to make them fuller, its called “fillers” or plumpers” botox freezes the muscles so they dont move, and Elissa’s lips seem to move pretty good.

        Botox also is not instantaneous, it can take days to a weeks to “set”, and the effects generally last for months. So there is no need for Elissa to be going into the DR and getting injections.

        But since you are concerned with “enhancements” Duhmanda and Aryan Nation are both on Adderall and so are you gonna include them in your rant too?

    1. Funny you should mention but Wiki predicted Judd returns & Elissa wins HoH….during the live feed HoH comp at the beginning….weird ?

  7. Here’s a legal question if Amanda keeps up with her threats of using illegal weapons on house guests like brass knuckles to punch someone isn’t that grounds to be removed from the game and since she said it on the feeds isn’t it also grounds for charges to be brought against her outside in court

    1. I don’t think so, if that were the case, then GM would’ve been removed a long while ago. she is always talking about stabbing people and beating them up. She has a total pyscho violence thing going on!

    2. Wow…is that really a serious question? Are you really for real right now?? brought up in court…lol geezzz. God help us all…the majority of the commenters here are truly dumber than these dumbazz hgs.







  8. With all the talk about the show predetermined and Amanda is going to win.. I have to say it looks that way.

    I thought when Helen fell off last night watching the live feed and Candice fell seconds later that was fishy.

    Now this gif of a hand touching Helens foot like a signal to jump off. Helen dont fall. Her body language does not look like someone falling off. She looks down and her left arm comes off the wall. No attempt to try to catch her balance.

    Elissa winning back to back competitions make for good TV. If Elissa gets rid of Aaryn this week the fix is surely on. That move just dont make sense.

    These writers are horrible. If you are going to script the show at least make it interesting.

  9. It’s so funny when whomever is the HOH other can state in the house how ppl are kissing up but isn’t it just what McCrea is doing rt now. Spencer would be doing the same if he was on the block so he really has no rt to talk about GinaMarie. Even though GinaMarie has a foul mouth and doesn’t have much book sense, she has some street sense which helps her figure out that she would not be in the final 4. So why not go and play nice to Elissa. At this point Elissa really doesn’t trust anyone since Helen is gone but she also realize that she needs a couple of ppl to be on her side to get her closer to the end. I would prefer Judd to win than Elissa. I have nothing against her, but I don’t feel she would really appreciate the money nor would it be a life changing moment for her, like it would for the others.

    1. Elissa has stated that she wants the money for charity. I’d rather the money goes to a worthy cause, than any of the remaining houseguest. So I’m with Elissa for the win.

  10. I hope the duo between Elissa and Judd will be continued. Hoping for an Amanda backdoor. Don’t mind Aaryn being in the house for now.

    1. Considering Judd told Aaryn he wasn’t working with anyone says that he is at least not ready to let anyone know he is talking game with Elissa. Otherwise he would say he is stringing Elissa alone to make her believe she has his trust. He is telling everyone but Elissa the same story about working alone.

  11. Aaryn: “We worked so hard to get where we are and the entire week just got erased”

    Or roughly 20 minutes since Judd was the 2nd eviction during the double eviction.

    1. Or the fact that he had already started reading the bible, as per earlier feeds. Hating on someone is one thing, but to blatantly make a false statement is so unnecessary.

    2. McPussy could be showing signs of PTSD!?!
      Amanda did a brainwashing job…as well as blow/handjobs on pizza boy…he could suffer long-term damage from her!
      LMFAO!!! :-)
      btw He is a loser! Imo! He needs to STFU and LEAVE!

    1. I’m pretty sure if Amanda wins and takes McCrae off block, Elissa is going to put up Andy. She knows he’s a rat. She’s not going to risk putting up Spencer, GM, or Judd at this point. Elissa is a lot smarter than folks give her credit for.

  12. Holy sh*t balls Amanda must have put on Mcraes ballz to be talking all that smack about GM. I don’t care for either of them but Amanda should no GM is a pyscho and saying all that shit in front of Aaryn about GM was straigt up crazy. Aaryn will say anything to save herself even the smack Amanda is talking about GM. I hope GM hears the sh*t Amanda is talking and call her out on it. Should be a good fight maybe with a little luck it will get physcial and they both get tossed like Willy Hantz.

  13. I cannot believe that this late in the game we are left with fake rich production baby Elissa, dumb floater GM, weird misogynist Spencer, and racist Aaryn. How the hell did this happen. I cannot stand to watch BBAD because Elissa and GM are just sucking each other off and it’s ridiculous. This season is the WORST. Honestly I don’t care who wins they all suck and play so ridiculously. I would root for Andy but he never does anything.

  14. I cannot stand that fake ugly plastic Elissa. I just want to punch her ugly mug. She will be gone by next week at the hands of either Aaryn, Amanda or McCrae. By the way Elissa you husband is one ugly dude so it all makes sense you married for money.

    1. Wow. Sounds like someone is really jealous of a beautiful person who doesn’t stand for rude, defamatory and racist comments made towards a person of different race or ethnicity. So what is your relation in regards to Aaryn? Aaryn is gifted at one thing, turning any random comment or sentence into an attack on her, trying to make herself look like the victim every single time. She acts like a rotten little single child that always gets what they want, while ethics and mannors are something she’s suppose to read about in school. Hating on a woman cause she married a successfull man, geez you must hate a lot of woman then, or did u settle for your po dunk hihgschool boyfriend and never got a chance to get out of that tiny Texas town to find yourself a successfull man? Or your just a jealous geek that knows he could never have a beautiful woman like Elissa? So anyway, what’s your relation to Aaryn?

      Ellisa plasti surgery. …………….ha. clueless.

      1. You are a complete idiot clearly. LMAFO Ellisa beautiful that’s classic and Ellisa is the biggest POS in the house she thinks she’s better than everyone bc she is a gold digger. She is the fakest person I have ever seen.

      2. elissa is fake. i can’t stand her either. i want to pull out those fake eyelashes and those fake lips. yuk. she’s lying and manipulating through her teeth tonight. she has been so jealous and seething waiting for the opportunity to be just amanda and now she’s doing it. seriously. pay attention.

      1. Judd: Did I tell you I saw a tarantula at the Jury house?

        Aaryn: really?

        Judd: I walked down to the beach with my new pet as I was told it was a good way to speak to women. But they all ran away screaming when I approached them with my tarantula. I’m surprised they could even see it nestled away in my pubic hair.

    1. LOL, I KNOW she did not say that hahaha, she’s u-g-l-y she ain’t got no alibi!!! And that body which I suspect she stole from a man and them got fake boobs. Her body is argh! She suffers from nas-a-tall…NO ASS AT ALL.

  15. I really hope aaryn or Amanda go this week I can’t stand either of the they talk s*** about everyone else when they do the exact same thing or worse its just a joke

  16. Amanda… I can’t believe what an ass kisser Gm is she makes alliances with everyone
    Funny concidering she has arryn and Mc on one cheak and Andy on the other.

  17. it’s funny how Andy is trying sooooooo hard (and so many times) to get to know who the replacement nominee is, but Elissa won’t tell him!
    You go gurl! :D

    I hate to say this, but GM is making sense about MC/Demanda :-o

  18. Aaryn is completely delusional. Does she not see or notice that Amanda and McCrae are out for themselves. It is clear as day!. The fact that she is against her only true ally Gina Marie shows she has never been here to play the game anyhow. She holds all the cards, yet she refuses to cross McCranda. She does not even bother to get into Elissa’s head, just trusting Amanda and McCrae can control Elissa and get GM put up on the block. How delusional. GM being evicted does not even benefit her game long term. Why does she not question their logic. She is truly brainwashed and scared.

  19. I have read everything here and right now I’m also watching BBAD. It’s strange but I have to say it, Gina Marie is making more sense than Aaryn, that’s weird.

    1. I’m right there with you. Have we entered a new dimension? Isn’t it funny all GM ever wanted was someone to talk with her and Elissa is doing it.

  20. This show officially took a dump today. Watching after dark I fell asleep….. boring. Id rather watch punky brewster reruns. I am canceling my live feed subscription. If aaryn is voted out the house will be boring. I saw andy spaencer and elissa trying to carry a conversation. ….. watching paint dry. THIS SHOW SUX. END IT NOW.

  21. Good !! BBAD just went to a commercial, hopefully when they get back to the show they will have stuffed GM in the diary room & keep her there till the end of the show….. There has to be an oxygen shortage alert in the BB neighborhood cuz GM’s been talking nonstop for the last 30 frreaking minutes. Although, it is better t.v. than A&M laying in bed all day & night..

    1. i agree… GM by her lonesome actually being sorta metaphysical
      is way more interesting and facinating than A & M gettin’ physical

  22. Hats off to Elissa. With her main target being Aaryn, (and Amanda as a second choice) her original noms are absolutely PERFECT! It’s 90% likely that one of them will be gone.** (4% chance McCrae. 3% chance Gina. 2% chance Spencer. 1% chance Andy. 0% chance Judd.)

    1. If McCrae wins the veto, Amanda will be the replacement. Aaryn vs Amanda. Don’t care who. Successful HOH either way. (Personally, this is what I want to happen.)

    2. If Aaryn wins the veto, Amanda will be the replacement and will be voted out. I know they are talking, but (trust me) they will not vote out McCrae over Amanda.

    3. If Gina, Spencer, Andy, Judd or Elissa win AND use the veto, it won’t matter who comes off the block. The replacement will be Amanda. Simply refer back to #1 or #2 for the result.

    4. If Amanda wins the veto, she would obviously take McCrae off the block. But then Elissa could secure (her top pick) Aaryn going to jury by putting Andy up as the replacement.** Amanda and McCrae would vote to keep (their spy) Andy. Aaryn would be voted out.

    5. If the veto is not used, (in my opinion) this could possibly be worst case. While it is more likely that Aaryn would go, it is possible that McCrae could lose this vote. If that happens, Elissa would have missed on (both) her #1 and #2 targets. As such, a failed HOH.

    **The only way Elissa could REALLY mess things up would be by picking Gina or Spencer a replacement nominee. This would be a TOTAL brain malfunction! If she does that, my head will absolutely explode! I will jump off her train in a heartbeat. She would/will deserve her fate.

  23. “A: ”You really stink by the way.. on the couch you were really smelly”
    MC – Good”

    Do we need anymore proof that McCrae don’t get any pussy in in normal life? Who wants to fuck a stinky dude, besides a skank ho who also stinks?

  24. Go Judd and Elissa perfect play first Arran cause she’s a beast then Amanda cause she’s a beast too (pig) then mcpussy Rat Andy . OMGosh hopefully that’s the way it goes final 4 Judd Elissa Spencer Gm hehehe that my hope but this BB so who knows expect the unexpected

  25. well Arryn ain’t too bright. She tells him was Elissa & Helen that wanted him out so bad.(dumb) But he doesn’t get put up so that don’t sound right to Judd. Maybe she should have said it was Amanda & Mcrae so she could get his vote (dummy.) it was just a couple of weeks ago you were saying you were tired of listening to GM talk about Nick all the time and you wanted her gone. Now you are going to get mad at her for trying to save herself. Now Andy is acting Elissa’s best friend when he just screwed her last week by voting out Helen, If by some act of god Amanda won POV put up Andy so its a win win situation. They will save Andy the rat cause they need his ears. That way, a least Mcrae & Andy can see what it’s like to be a pawn.( she needs to get to Spencer and tell him Amanda wanted her to put up Spencer or GM but, not Mcrae. Turn him against Amanda & Mcrae.Tell Andy the same thing that they were OK with putting up and voting him out if she did not put those 2 p. Do likeAmanda and plant those seeds just in case they won HOH next wee, maybe you could drive awedge ihto their alliance. Plant the seeds and water them daily and they might just grow

    1. It seems that no talks with GM. They tell her what to do but talk with her. I guess she’s been really lonely in the house and is now realizing that Aaryn has just been using her. The biggest thing Elissa did was talk about Aaryn saying GM has an eating disorder. That is the ultimate Mean Girl betrayal.

  26. I didn’t realize that people were throwing the balls to the houseguests(I thought it was a baseball machine). Doesn’t seem like a fair outcome. This explains why Elissa won and Amanda was in second. It’s like playing baseball with kids, you only throw hard enough for them to hit or catch it.. Sooo disappointed, in this season. I feel like someone just told me that Santa Claus wasn’t real. Did anyone notice Elissa is going after Amanda next week? Just like Helen. UGH….

  27. If this veto panders to whoever is willing to give up the most (cut hair, summer slop, no compete in hoh) than its obviously with Amanda’s best interest in mind. Since competitively she hasn’t done squat.

    Love how she’s already saying she’s willing to do every ad anyhing. It’s not fun when production phrases questions (if not blatantly tells them) that the contestant can deduct what to expect in a upcoming comp.

    1. Actually, I don’t think production is cluing them in to the competitions most of the time. They’ve just gotten so lazy and predictable with them that everyone knows which ones to expect and when.

    2. I the competition includes taking a shower, washing your hair and washing bloody sheets,, McCrusty and Demanda don’t stand a chance.

  28. Aaryn is up against McCrae. I don’t understand why she is talking badly about GM (her only real ally) to McCranda. Does she not realize that GM’s vote may be the vote that keeps her in the game? Have these contestants never watched a full season of Big Brother? Do they not know how this game works? .

  29. GM says she purges because she is trying to get rid of her love handles. Why would she ever want to get rid of her ears?

  30. GM is street wise enough to know Aaryn doesnt have her best interests in mind, and Aaryn could ultimately figure out that Amandas scenario of the BD target is not GM or Spencer. It could take a few days but she will. . Elissa really did come up wirh the perfect combo to put up on the block, on so many levels .

  31. Ok I’m watching BBAD is GM turning on Aaryn or is this just her gettin in good with Ellisa to try and keep Aaryn safe?

    1. I think she is becoming pro Elissa. Once GM heard that Aaryn told her the same rumors that Amanda told Elissa, I really think she figured out that Aaryn is more pro McRandya than pro her. I’m crossing my fingers for a Judd, Elissa, Andy alliance.

    2. It seems no one talks with GM. When Aaryn and GM talk it’s about Aaryn so GM is so thrilled to have someone to talk with…who knew?

  32. Please Judd, don’t fall for it!! Think!! Who was talking to Aryan before the nominations on double eviction night and who wouldn’t leave her side for even a second? McNasty and aMANduh!!! Please Judd!!

    1. Judd walked into the have not room and saw Helen and Elissa talking to Aaryn. Amanda and McCrae were in the cock pit room so he knows it was Helen. He has since learned it was also Amanda and McCrae.

  33. “Amanda:L “she won’t.. I have a fire under now””

    ROLMFAO… What a Joke.. She will lose, as usual… Unless, everyone playing gets hurt at the same time, and even then she’ll choke.

  34. WOW! Did anyone else hear the rundown GM gave on Amanda and Aaryn’s perscriptions? Aaryn, who takes adderall, saying that Amanda takes too much of her adderall and GM saying that it’s no surprise that Amanda needs her xanax to sleep even though she’s not sleeping still, and that Amanda had a coke problem (Adderall is akin to coke in pill form, btw. And too much adderall causes acute paranoia). As much as I loved it and was cracking up because it didn’t surprise me, it still struck me as inappropriate, doesn’t CBS have a responsibility to protect these people’s medical situations? Shouldn’t they have censored that conversation between Elissa and GM?

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    1. If you tell someone who is not covered under AMA rules about your medical conditions then it is no longer privileged information. Just like if you tell your lawyer something with a non-lawyer present, it is not privileged and can be use in court.

    2. I wasn’t surprised at all hearing about Amanda’s drug problems, she acts like a drug addict. Adderall(Uppers) Xanax(Downers) LMFAO

      Guess now we can get an understanding why the Adderall doesn’t help her in competitions like it does Aaryn, those 2 drugs kinda cancel each other out.

      1. we don’t know exactly what Amanda has been taking, but it does look like
        all the uppers and downers cancel out before they openly conflict all over the
        place. this BB conversation has me thinking back to VALLEY OF THE DOLLS

  35. I’m not sure Elisa has done anything that grand here. I’d have more game play respect for her if she put up McCranda. Putting up Aaryn is simply returning the favor. And she needs to stop being pius. She was slagging off Amanda’s body and has been about as shallow as a human can get- sans blatant racism.
    But…, what part of her is real? Lips? Boobs? Come on people.

  36. McCrae has probably never read the Bible like he has inside the BB house. That’s the only positive I see in him now. Maybe he’ll turn his life around.

  37. Question
    If Amanda won POV and took McPussy off the block. Could she then be put on the block? Wouldn’t that be sweet?

    1. POV winner is safe from being put up, even if they use it to save someone else, but If they’re on the block and don’t use it on themselves and save someone else, they can still get evicted.

      But Amanda won’t win POV anyways, c’mon now look at her track record, she got an HOH thrown to her and she still fucked it up. the big feet and hands kept her alive in the last HOH comp.

  38. If Elissa would have put up McCranda, that would have been better. That way, if either won veto and pulled themselves from the running, Elissa could have nominated Andy or Aaryn. McCrae vs Andy/Aaryn or Amanda vs Andy/Aaryn. I’d be happy to see any of those four leave. Elissa, Judd, Spencer, and GM need to bring this house down. Then, I want to see Judd, Elissa, and GM work Spencer out of the program. Elissa or GM versus Judd on the last show…Judd would probably win. Boom. Season 15 winna. Crossing my fingers.

  39. Judd: It was a real shocker walking back in here. I forgot how dirty this place was. I’m sleeping on blood stained sheets, there are ants and spiders ll over the house and I think i’ve even seen some bedbugs.

    Elissa: This house is disgusting and i’m the only one that cleans.

    Judd: You have to look at the bright side. I haven’t seen a scorpion yet. Scorpions are nature’s way of saying “F*ck you, I’m gonna combine lobsters, spiders, wasps and nightmares.”

  40. Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed the weird colors and tank tops Andy wears ? Also, someone needs to tell him, his short pants are too short, they stopped wearing short pants above the knee many years ago.

    Now moving onto Amanda, I cannot believe she said the GM is the biggest floater in the house, Amanda has not won one DAMN thing the entire show. GM has won HOH, what has Amanda won? Even when McPussy threw a comp to let her win the HOH, she could not do it. Then she made the classic move and hid behind a trash can in the storage room and cried.

    Everyone in the house has won something, HOH, POV. What the hell has Amanda won ? And yet she thinks GM is a Floater.

  41. Judd, just said in jury, Jessie was playing with herself while they were watching “Walking Dead”… I almost hit the floor laughing.

    1. Seems like Jessie plays with herself a lot and obviously doesn’t care who’s watching….eww. She let the perv Spencer smell her finger hence the butterscotch comment……well guess it would be worse if Amanda was doing it

  42. I just don’t want Aaryn or Amanda to win. Aaryn has presented herself horribly and Amanda just sits around and points her finger, directing traffic. Sick of it. Spencer’s coasting. Andy is walking down a dead end street. McCrae just lets Amanda tell him what to do. GM isn’t that bad, but she’s a floater, she shouldn’t win. Elissa, well, she’s a decent player, but I don’t want Rachel Reilly’s sister to win. Honestly, the only person I’d really be ok with winning is Judd. If Aaryn hadn’t been such a jerk earlier, I’d be rooting for her because she’s been playing the game fairly well. I just don’t want her to be rewarded for her insensitive behavior and comments. TEAM JUDD!

  43. Andy makes Big Brother mad. Andy says “They (production) told me to tell Candice she can’t do something anymore” (when they call him to the diary room). Hilarious. Andy really can’t hold water. 10:36 Big Brother TVGN

  44. Seems like GM has some serious psych issues: Bulemia, quick to anger often culminating in thoughts of violence; abnormal fixation and delusions about a guy she barely knows and builds a shrine for him……shivers ! Plus she farts non stop…WTF ??? NEXT CHAPTER: Amanda has some serious psych issues………

  45. She did it!! Elissa and Judd passing in the hallway and she says if an ally wins POV to take Aaryn off the block and backdoor Demanda. They high fived and separated so no one knows.

  46. Elissa just told Aaryn that she needs to fight for the veto and Elissa will as well and then she’ll pull Aaryn off and put up Demanda and vote her out.

  47. Andy is not only Amanda and McCrae’s little rat he is also their waiter. So far today he got Amanda a bowl of food and something else and McCrae just asked Andy to get him Advil. JHC can’t even get out of bed to get their own things. These two are going to be so deconditioned by the end of this show they will be lucky to walk a block. Just heard Elissa tell Judd she is going to get veto winner to take down Aaryn and put Amanda up. Elissa is talking to Aaryn now. That may be a mistake to tell her so soon. She will tell Amanda, maybe. She will probably still put Elissa up next week anyway.

    1. THIS is exactly what I’m afraid of!! I thought Aaryn would go straight to Amanda with this little tidbit, but (interestingly) she got called into the DR immediately after leaving the HOH room.

      I’m 100% back….it sucked me right back in when it got interesting. Wonder if CBS is “working on their ratings” with this ploy…hmmmmm


  48. Anyone like this suggestion: GM wins POV.. Talks w elissa n elissa approves…have GM in POV speech say, im going to use the veto.. Give a nice long pause, and say, ive decided to use the veto on mccrae., elissa puts up amanda.. The faces would be priceless

  49. Wow!! Elissa just came out of a long DR session and told Aaryn that she wants her to pull herself off the block so she cane backdoor Amanda!! Im happy but scared for Elissa because Aaryn cannot be trusted! She will be ok with her to keep herslf safe but will tell Andy, and others everything. I think she will turn on Elissa too and this could be a problem because Aaryn wins comps. Plus she is racist and needs to go.

  50. E comes out of the DR &…All the sudden the PLAN HAS CHANGED. (I am all for getting Amanda out ASAP) but…Come on Production. At least you could make it look like you are not COACHING ELISSA. SMH

    1. She was saying not long ago that she’s keeping it close to the vest about whose really on her radar until the time is right, I think it was really Amanda in the back of her mind most of the time but she had a good DR session just now and decided to let the cat out of the bag right now and go bad ass on the house.

    2. It was so obvious I lost interest. I at least wanted to feel like someone besides Amanda had a brain. If amanda leave the show will be sooooo boring. did you see the HOH convo between Elissa and GM… omg. If production wants Elissa to win I’ll be sick and stop watching.

  51. F4 Elissa, Judd, Aaryn, GM

    F3 Elissa, Judd, Aaryn

    F2 Elissa, Judd

    Meanwhile in the Jury house Helen is telling everyone that the winner should be Elissa

  52. Is it just me or is Aryan (yes I sp it that way on purpose) obsessed with talking about RACE? She’s also always emphasizing the fact that she has “natural blonde hair and blue eyes” and her parents too (big whip a lot of people have blonde hair and blue eyes, so what’s her point?)…. There’s a few things that she has mentioned about her her parents particularly her father for example: that she hangs out with her dad and they drink and drive together (like really? wtf?) That he has a llama they named “Martin Luther” (as in the prominent African American civil rights leader. That’s blatant disrespect) She also brought up that her parents went to segregated H.S’s in Georgia (OBVIOUSLY- LOL) and here’s the kicker, she was all bummed out looking at all of Elisa’s family pictures and said she was upset that her parents refused to sign waivers and didn’t want to send pictures of themselves (Hmmmmm?) At first I thought Oh maybe their just embarrassed by her behavior, but the more she speaks the more I see the real picture her.

    I would put money that either both or one of her parents(her dad and- i’m sure her extended family members ) have a shady past, and are either currently belonging to or had a past of being a part of the aryan nation or some form of white supremacist group like the kkk, white militia groups etc… This dumb bimbo is giving so much away it’s sooo freaken obvious.

    I’m not even mad at her, I pity her. I feel sorry for those sheltered kids who are raised to hate others that don’t look like them. Because when they go out into the real world and they start spewing what they’ve learned at home out in the open it’s going to come back and bite them in the @ss, and guess what we get to witness this live on B/B, boy is she in for a surprise.

    You know what’s so awesome though? That you have Mrs. White Supremacist(aaryan) being bossed around since wk2 by the none other than a Jewish chick, AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! EAT THAT ARYAN’S PARENT’S !!!!!! Oh the irony.

  53. i am not rooting for elissa at all. I don’t like her. she’s lying to everyone and manipulating everyone today. she pits GM against Aaryn and then tells Aaryn she has GM in her back pocket. that tells me right there that Elissa believes she’s smarter and better than everyone else and she sees everyone as a tool. i want mccray to go home and aaryn and amanda to get out elissa. elissa now thinks she’s in control of the house so why does everyone want amanda out. doesn’t someone have to be the leader… i prefer amanda. elissa is not fun. she’s so fake, fake eyelashes, fake lips… you can just tell she thinks she’s so hot. at least amanda is real.

  54. Come Thursday I’ll be singing:

    Ding Dong! The Witch is dead. Which old Witch? The Wicked Witch!
    Ding Dong! The Wicked Witch is dead.
    Wake up – sleepy head, rub your eyes, get out of bed.
    Wake up, the Wicked Witch is dead. She’s gone where the goblins go,
    Below – below – below. Yo-ho, let’s open up and sing and ring the bells out.
    Ding Dong’ the merry-oh, sing it high, sing it low.
    Let them know
    The Wicked Witch is dead!

  55. ok. There’s some truth to what everyone is saying about bb controlling the show (I mean production) the whole time elissa hates aaryn wants her out. then gets called for a long diary chat. the second she comes out she’s talking to aaryn (how did they get aaryn out of her bed) that chick looked like she wasn’t moving anywhere. then all of a sudden elissa has a whole game plan to backdoor , get Amanda out? then right when aaryn is done she is called into diary???See what I mean.. Something is planned behind the scenes a little.

  56. I think the way Elissa just emotionally played GM is evil. Elissa has been badmouthing GM constantly calling her disgusting over and over and over and then goes and turns GM against Aaryn. Elissa tells her she cares about her, she’s beautiful, happy, smart but Aaryn is out to get her. Then tells Aaryn a final two deal and for sure Aaryn has GMs vote, that GM will do whatever Elissa tells her to. That’s evil playing with someone’s heart like that. At least Amanda just flat out says, you’re leaving, vote this way or that, if you do this this will happen. Amanda doesn’t play with people’s emotions. Can’t stand Elissa. And she calls herself “good.”

    1. Elissa was in Helen’s corner over 90% to 95% of this game.
      she has never done a total betrayal. given their many promises
      both Aaryn + Andy betrayed Helen. Amanda is simply a heartless
      bitch with few scruples or morals. Elissa like GM tends to be
      loyal. Amanda runs roughshod over people most totally…

  57. Amanda begging to Elissa.
    Elissa bursts out laughing again. Says Amanda’s stares make her laugh
    Aman crying big time saying she has never been in a position like this before. McCrae shows up, Aaryn told him they were screaming

  58. shut up haters. Amanda is the queen of the house and is going to win.
    even tho I’m giving Elissa the credit for her HOH gameplay.

  59. Aaryn hasn’t played her own game in quite some time now. Don’t feel bad if she goes. I don’t think Ellissa will backdoor Amanda if she wins veto like above post mentioned. Aaryn the only one truly truly gunning for Elissa. Its a good move to get her out. Mcranda has really lost quite a bit of steam.

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