Aaryn says Elissa told me she made a mistake. Great, you made a mistake! I am on the block now!

POV Holder: Next POV Aug 24th
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 26th
HOH Winner: Elissa Next HOH: Aug 29th
Original Nominations: Aaryn and McCrae
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, Jessie. Helen
Have Nots

Veto players: JUDD, Aaryn, McCrae, Elissa, Amanda, Ginamarie
Veto HOST: Andy
Spencer is the only one sitting out the competition.

CBS Interactive Inc.

1:20am In the lounge room – Judd talks to Andy and tells him that the best thing would be for me to win it and not use it. Andy agrees. Judd says it wouldn’t really piss anyone off then. Andy says no, McCrae said not to use it. Judd asks why would he not want it used on him? Andy says I don’t know. Andy says its just that there are a lot of different scenarios where if Elissa is pissed at Amanda and wants Amanda to go, she might want you to use it. Judd nods and says I don’t really care what happens as long as I don’t go up. Andy says yup. Judd says this sounds awful but.. Andy says no this is how I play this game. Judd says as long as you or Spencer aren’t the replacement vote because I don’t want ya’ll to go up either so I think it would be best for me to just not use it. But try to win it. Judd and Andy worry that they might look like they aren’t playing when they really are trying and Elissa might put them up because she said if she sees people not trying she will put them up as the replacement. Andy say I don’t think she would put him up anyways, I was talking to her and she told me that she has nothing against you and has no reason to put you up. Andy says I do think she would possibly put up Spencer. Judd says I think if she was going to put up Spencer she already would have. Andy says the only scenario would be if Amanda won and took McCrae off, then it would be between me, you, Spencer, or Ginamarie would have to go up. Judd says oh my god I don’t like that one. I have to make sure she doesn’t win. Even if McCrae won it, it wouldn’t be that bad. I just need to win it. Andy says people got into my head about you and made me think you were a threat. You were talking to Amanda and McCrae and you weren’t talking to me. Judd and Andy say they can both trust each other. Gina joins them. Andy tells her that worst case scenario is if Amanda wins. Gina says oh yeah I know, we just have to make sure she doesn’t win it. They all decide to head to bed.

Judd stops to study the memory wall. Gina hugs him and says he (Nick) is a good looking guy eh?! I miss him. Judd says yeah I am just studying the photos because its been awhile since I’ve been able to see them. Judd points out features in the memory wall photos of the house guests to Gina. He tells her it might be part of a competition where they put to faces together. Andy, Aaryn and Spencer join them. Gina says dude he’s (Howard) is black, he’s easy. Gina says that Amanda and Candice look the same – the smile, the angle, the eyebrows. Andy, Judd and Gina head to bed.


1:40am – 1:50am Aaryn and Spencer head into the lounge to talk. Aaryn tells Spencer that she was initially Elissa’s target but I don’t know what happened she called me up and said I f**ked up. Aaryn says well she didn’t use those words exactly but .. Big Brother cuts the feeds. When they return – Aaryn tells Spencer that she would have Andy, Judd Ginamarie and Spencer’s vote. She says that McCrae’s vote is the only one that I wouldn’t have. Aaryn tells Spencer if Amanda goes, McCrae is going to need someone to trust. Aayrn says you can trust Andy. I was talking to Ginamarie and she said that you, me, Andy should all work together. Spencer asks can I trust Andy? Aaryn says I think you can. Aaryn says that he realizes that McCrae and Amanda need to be split up and once Amanda goes he is going to be kind of by himself because he is not working with Elissa at all! Aaryn says that Amanda isn’t going to win with me, Andy, Ginamarie and Elissa all fighting to win it. If McCrae wins the veto, then Amanda goes up. This could be good for everyone, but Amanda can’t know. Spencer says I know, I know you’re playing real hard. Aaryn says I have a feeling that if Amanda does win I don’t know who Elissa would put up. It might be Andy because of him voting Helen out but I don’t want to tell him that either. Spencer says I want you to just trust me, I know you do. We can have a lot of weeks still left in us. Aaryn says that it just worries her that people are wobbling. She says that Andy goes around to everyone, you know. Spencer says we will just do our thing, good luck in the veto. Go out and kill it. Aaryn says that she is pissed that Elissa just didn’t put up Amanda and McCrae together. She called me up there an hour later to tell me she made a mistake. Aaryn says great you made a mistake I am on the block now! Amanda can’t win this (veto). If I am up against anyone but Amanda I will probably go home. Aaryn says that Amanda is pissed at me now that I didn’t pick Andy to play in the veto because she knows that Andy would take one of them off and not me. Aaryn says that Andy will do whatever McCrae and Amanda want. Me and Amanda are interchangeable as targets.

You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using the flashback feature. It’s just like a PVR and is super easy to use.
Click this link for a Free Trial —> Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds


1:50am Spencer tells Aaryn to kill it in the veto. I want you to trust me because I trust you. Aaryn tells Spencer that it freaks her out that Ginamarie and Elissa are getting close. They are worried that Andy will leak the plan to Amanda/McCrae. Spencer says we will just wait and see. Aaryn tells Spencer that she picked Judd to play in the POV because he told her right before that he would take her off if he won. Aaryn says that Judd wants Amanda gone. Aaryn says I am concerned about myself and getting off the f**king block. Spencer tells Aaryn that he can trust her and that if he gets HOH he will consult with her about what he will do. They hug and head to bed.


4:30am All the house guests are still sleeping..

9:35am No wake up call yet. Still sleeping..

10am TRIVIA .. looks like the house guests will get no time to wake up or get ready for veto. The Power of Veto competition is happening now..

11:10am TRIVIA..

12:15pm MORE TRIVIA..



NEW times ADDED Big Brother 15 N*de flashback times here


CBS Interactive Inc.

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Confused, but elated

Can someone explain to me what I missed? I thought Elissa was gunning for Aaryn last night? Today I read that it’s Amanda… Why the switch? Although I’m elated at either one, I just want to know why or what prompted her to switch her target? Thanks!


a classic backdoor can arise a.s.a.p

The Backdoor

The real definition of a backdoor is if the target is safe and DOES NOT play in the veto competition. Then they are put up as the replacement nominee after someone uses the veto. So technically the only people that can be “backdoored” are spencer and andy lol. But either way I hope Amanda goes up on the block. If Mcpussy wins the veto and doesn’t use it, he’s completely idiotic and should be sent home.


Elissa outed Aaryn to GM. It was on BBAD. Elissa told GM that Aaryn was working with McCranda and that Aaryn is not looking out for GM. Elissa told GM that Aaryn talks crap about GM all the time. Feeds cut and when it comes back they are talking about GM’s eating habits. (Elissa probably told GM about Aaryn saying Gina throws up her food because Elissa said it was very dangerous and it was not okay with Elissa that Aaryn is saying that about GM.) This was a long conversation (probably 1-1/2 hours).

Then Elissa is called to the DR. After Elissa comes back from DR, Elissa tells Judd that they have to win the veto and pull Aaryn off and backdoor Amanda, that Amanda has to go. And she needs to talk to Aaryn. Aaryn goes up to the HOH and Elissa tells her that they have to work together and get Amanda off.

Here’s my thing: I’m rooting for Elissa and I don’t think this was a good move for Elissa. I think she should get rid of Aaryn. Aaryn is very dangerous, competitively and socially. She really gets into people’s head and she twists people’s words. Aaryn in jeopardy is a different person than Aaryn feeling safe. I just hope this is a good move for Aaryn.

I think DR intervened because viewers REALLY want Amanda out. I want Amanda out but I think it would be best for Aaryn to go first otherwise Aaryn is in a good position: she has GM, Andy, McCrae (or Amanda), Spencer, and she could easily get Judd, IMO.


Should’ve read: I hope this is a good move for Elissa.


Big Brother is just playing with us. Amanda is not going home because she is the predetermined winner to win this season, and remember someone on the inside posted that it looked like Amanda would be going home but AG and Production saves her once again. I just cannot watch this anymore but will watch the feeds and perhaps a miracle will happen, but I doubt it.


Ummm…. you can’t watch this anymore, but you’re going to watch the feeds?
Okay then.


i think that the original plan was for amanda to be the pre determined winner.as i stated before cbs did not anticipate the fallout from this bunch,especially amanda.nobody as hated as amanda has ever won BB and never will.now they are on to plan b which would see ellissa,mccrae or really anybody but amanda or andy as the winner.

Sitting & Thinking

It really is incredible that out of the tens of millions of people CBS could have chosen for the show they picked so many nasty, racist, homophobic and perverted people (oh and Spencer the absolutely sick, demented, degenerate). Either they did it on purpose OR that’s an accurate sampling of that age group in the US.

The top dogs at CBS should be taking a close, hard look at the producers of BB.

Elissa sucks

I don’t get why Amanda is hated so much on this blog. I love her. And people I work with and hang out with socially like her. Everyone in the house this summer is a social misfit. So why pick on her but not Elissa? She is just as phony. She walks around like she’s better than everyone. And she talks about the others just as much as she finds so offensive the others are doing about her. What a hypocrite! And her buddy Helen was the biggest manipulator and bully in the house. Elissa went along with every one of Helen’s actions and she voted ‘with the house’ every week too. So why all the adoration for her? Plus her whole body is fake – boob implants, hair extensions, eye lashes, Botox lips. This is one of the most shallow and judgmentsl persons ever to play in the game. To me, she should be the one ridiculed on these blogs. And now she is playing Helen’s game of revenge instead of cultivating alliances. She has no friends and next week everyone will vote her out, despite the deals she is making this week. She is such a stoooopid ass. She’s being every bit the manipulator and shit stirrer that she (and all the Amanda haters) blames Amanda for being. A total phony. Will be glad when Elissa is ousted in 2 weeks!


You nailed it!
Everything you said is spot on. I agree that Elipssa is the one the blogs should be hating on. She is the real life example of a stepford wife. She is FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE!


send Mcrae home and there is no way she can win. The RATS have jumped ship. Andy told Spencer to just let Mcrae/Amanda and GM/Arryn fight it out. just stay out of it. The DR will have to go find Amanda hiding & crying with Mcrae gone. She will be so pre-occupied with Mcrae in jury house with fine ass Jessie. Nobody will want her in their alliance because she can” win shit.


Maybe Elissa thought about it and realized if Arryn won & got off the block she would be gunning fo r her 1st chance she got. Now she promised her that she would fight for it use it to take her off. She would also get Judd or GM to use it on her.She thinks she has Judd’s loyalty and that’s why she told GM all the bad things that Arryn said about her ( true because GM said she heard from other people) because maybe she will not want her to use it on Arryn, she’s just covering her bases in case. Arryn has more comps than Andy, McRae, Amanda & spencer put together so maybe getting Arryn out 1st might be her best move. I just want McRae to go to jury with Jessie ( remember when Jessie sat on same couch as McRae how she told McRae to come sit by her, INSECURE) So McRae then Andy, let Amanda sit around the house without McRae so she will Go down in BB history as a nut that self-evicted.

Amanda's Therapist

My feelings are that DR had to ok the convo b4 Elissa talked to GM – on After Dark? bc GM talking about the bulimia did not seem to upset her much – I think she was forewarned by DR – possibly? ELISSA and GM really got down in the HOH…did not
break up their convo for longtime…this was ballsy….IMO!

btw CBS….THIS is all we need for BB – WE don’t need the tits
and sucking face shit & players laying in beds 1/2 the day!
WhY Do you feel WE DO?!? bc you ALWAYS have ” IT ” on the show!
FYI – I pay FOR the “premium channels”…if I want
that “stuff”! :-)
GREAT job TVGN…made for some good TV…take notes CBS!


cbs doesn’t read your comments…

Amanda's Therapist

Sorry! Myself…. feeling confident that YES the CBS group ie; production crew/dr/and many others whom are involved with bringing us BB three (3) nights a week…INDEED check out this
site AND any/ all other sites/forums!
btw Obviously I am not a CBS employee – bc I had no clue the “subsidiary” thing bt TVGN/CBS ¿¡¿
My time IS spent by WATCHING shows like BB on CBS/TVGN !


UHM TVGN is a subsidiary to CBS……..so you are praising and reprimanding the same people.


So is this game play by Aaryn where she’s telling Spencer what’s going on but not really tellling. Is she already targeting Elissa next week? Didn’t they sheke on working together for a month??


I really don’t think the number of Amanda haters on these message boards is a true depiction of the viewing public’s preferences. I have a large number of friends that watch BB – only the network broadcasts – and they like Amanda and hate Elissa as much as you guys hate Amanda. I think you guys think you are the only “viewing audience” and you need to realize you are not.


Really the most dangerous people are Amanda and Mcmanda.. they have been bullying then bragging about it.. Now Elissa may have woken up too late if Amanda gets the Veto….

Damn Gingers

If the veto is gonna be one of those mixed up faces type competitions and Amanda ends up winning, I’m pretty sure production would have something to do with that, hence the reason for not showing anything. Her time will probably dropped down a few minutes so she can win unless she is extremely terrible, then they will have no choice but to let her lose. I really hope this game isn’t rigged for certain people to win but after today we will have a better idea if it is or not.

VA Vet

Perhaps this is part of Elissa’s plan to stir up the house and get everyone fighting within their alliances. If Amanda finds out that she will be back door-ed, she will no doubt be in the face of all the veto players to not use the veto if they win. That will definitely cause some conflicts of interest.

Elissa already has Amanda, Andy and Aaryn sweating so why not turn the heat up even more. Plus, those not under the gun are worried about jury votes should they make it to F2 and Elissa is putting them in a position where they will have to make choices that might PO someone else.

I hope Elissa stirs the pot right up until the vote. I’m loving every minute of this week.


Or possibly Elissa is messing up Aryan’s head and playing with her sense of safety just like a cat plays with a mouse before the final kill. Like, for sport. It will make the eviction more dramatic and devastating. Personally, I think that Elissa has her A, B and C targets and that she is flexible in keeping options open to her. It all depends on who fights to win the Veto and EARNS the right to stay. I don’t know – I’m watching and listening to Elissa and trying to figure it out myself as to how she is playing her HOH.


I guess she realized Amanda mccrae andy and spencer are all together unless they can turn andy or spencer its like mccrae isn’t even up there he has 3 votes to save him elissa had to put up 2 of the 4 in that alliance if not shes doing amandas work for her Amanda is benefiting from other players stupidity I hope arryn gets off then its a new game


Backdooring Amanda was Elissa’s plan all along, but she was smart to align herself before getting her allies (Aaryn included) on board with the plan

#teamelissa! So happy she’s proved herself, and will hopefully be the first person to actually make a big move!


Elissa has fully redeemed herself as a BB player in this house after her last two competitive wins… taking out Andy on the log was priceless in OTEV. Way to shake up the house Elissa! It’s awesome to see these cockaroaches scrawling around now and even if Amanda wins POV I think that Elissa is sure to put up Andy, she has proven that she really knows what she is doing, her game play is to be respected at this point. Way to go Elissa! you’ve won this fan back. Best of luck to you, Gina and J-U-D-D.


All ‘in lust’/showmance couples seemed to get the boot early on in all previous seasons. Why the hell didn’t they get these 2 flea infested maggots out after Aaryn/David, Germmy/Kaitlin, Candice/Howard, and……..lol…… GM…lol..NIck?


I am currently single and have a part time job. Ya think Amanda will be available after BB? I have this thing for old women with huge jugs.


It could be a) it was her plan all along or b) she felt GM would flip flop or c) she wants to cover up the Amanda plan so Amanda doesn’t go ballistic on them. d) she wants to have Aaryn on her side should Aaryn win veto and still be there after.

Basically, she’s play the game as she should.


e went into dr came out changed the plan. duh. made nice with aaryn final 2. now amanda is target.


i don’t want elissa to win bb… she was threatening to quit like a little girl a few days ago.


perhaps that was strategy?
dr. will went on and on how he didn’t want to be there in season 2 and it effectively got him to the finals and the win

it was an effective move this time too because it made the dirty guy and his demanding girlfriend want to keep her (E) and plan to torture her the following week so she would self evict


I remember that with Dr. Will.He was a mastermind. If I was only watching the TV portion I would LOVE Elissa as a player. I see some negative stuff on the feeds but she still seems to be playing hard now. I think the Aaryn and Amanda thing makes for GREAT entertainment and she planned it all along.probably with a little nudge from dr. I think Elissa and Judd in the finals because America would love them both. Or maybe keep someone as a villian? Aaryn or ???

Amanda's Therapist

Elissa & Judd would be a GREAT duo! btw It DOES seem to me that Elissa feels Judd got the shaft-when they pushed for him to go bc Amanda & Aaryn LIED big time to Helen!
IMO! If this duo can keep it hush! hush! until the final 4 – I am
thinking it will be E & J in the end! And the jury will vote for
Judd to win & the $500K will be HIS!
Also feel that since he helped Elissa to the final 2-she would be okay with it! bc she would not have been able to complete her game w/o him!
Again…this is only IMO!

Tiny Bob

You’re thinking of season 7.


I don’t like Elissa either but I can understand how she has felt all these weeks play BB with these dummies! I think I would have wanted to self-evict if I had to hear Helen say “this isn’t the week..”


I didn’t but,if you look back when she was POV and they tried to get to put up people, she ALWAYS put up who she wanted. I don’t think she EVER put up who the house (Amanda & Helen) wanted. She fought to keep all the people that would have been her allies ( not throw them under the bus like Helen) She is the only one to really shake up the house. It has really been boring up till now (don’t you think) maybe she held back not wanting to make herself a bigger target than she already was. She won the POV when her and Helen were on the block (when it really counted) She knew she had to win HOH to gain power and get allies beholden to her.(kept herself off the block this week) maybe her plan is to get Arryn out but in case Arryn gets herself off, she doesn’t want her gunning for her next week when she can’t play for HOH. I think right now she may be one of the smartest players in the house. She has gotten herself this far without really being seen as a big threat. TILL NOW. The rat is even on the run & you don’t see him running to tell Amanda anything…And you don’ see Amanda sitting her fat ass in the HOH bed like a queen bee. That is a feat no-one has been able to do lately. GOOOO-ELISSAAA


Her target all along is for Amanda to go. She just used Aaryn as a way to disguise this. She put up McCrae instead of Amanda b/c Amanda sucks at comps and probably won’t win. The part that may hurt Elissa is if the POV is wo by Amanda or it is not used, then Aayrn goes home. I think the guys would vote to keep Mccrae along with Amanda….


She could put up Andy let him get a taste of being a pawn. ( If Amanda won,took off McRae) Send Arryn home because she has won more comps. Than Amanda, McRae,Andy and Spencer put together. That alliance will be cracked from here on. McRae knows the house has turned on them. Even the RAT has jumped from the burning ship. You don’t see him running to Amanda every 5 minutes, do you. The best part of this is you don’t see Amanda sitting her fat ass up in the HOH bed like she won something. ( you don’ t see them taking over the HOH bathroom either. There is a god!


if demanda by some miracle won veto, andy would go on the block and arryan would go home (that seed was planted ((comp champ) along time ago by the mcdouche couple, but now elissa has watered the seed with judd, spencer, andy, gm, by insisting that aaryan was the target, then misdirecting them with an amanda backdoor


Don’t kno what made her wanna backdoor Amanda but I hope the plan falls thru. It pisses me off that Amanda thinks that her and McCrae are exempt form being nominated…. like what whotf are u??? Personal feelings aside this is a game n Amanda n Aaryn should make it to the final 2. Aaryn for being a beast at comps, and Amanda for never having won a comp but controlling not only nominations but votes week in and week out. No-one else has done anything in the game. However that doesn’t take away from the fact that they are both selfish, immature conniving b-words.


Finally, intelligence is running the house!


Elissa has HOH-itis, which is pretty significant since she already looks down on everyone in the house, thinking she’s somehow better than other people. She’s an over-priviledged, collagen and botox injected Stepford Wife.

Her only game is hating Aaryn, she’s done it all season. She’s jealous and it’s so ugly. Elissa will return to her obsession with hating Aaryn in a day or two, and it will ruin her game (again).

Oh, and Elissa will be on the block next week. I HOPE!!!!! I can’t stand that fake robot!


You think she dislikes Arryn due to jealousy? I would have thought it was because she trash talked her sister in that first week, or because she targeted her for weeks for no reason other than who her sister is. Or possibly because of all the remarks she made that Elissa disagrees with. It deffenatly isn’t the fact that she is a powerhouse in competitions and Amanda’s little drone. Your right it’s none of these things, elissa is def jealous of a generic piraña toothed blond.


Elissa was gunning for Aaryn, then while talking to GM ( about getting out Aaryn) she got called to DR, had a phone convo with Helen, a talking to from production and came out and changed her mind to go after Amanda. Surprise! The show is so contrived, it’s getting to be insulting to us fans.


How do you know that?!?!? Do you work in production? I don’t think so because then you wouldn’t be on this website. You have no reliable proof as to what elissa has seen or done in the dr. We will never know what they are told in production/dr room unless we go on the show ourselves.

Amanda's Therapist

She may have had this planned as her strategy all along! Don’t think people are aware how much she has put into her game!
IMO! Elissa is not getting enough “credit” – for changes made
in just the last week! :-)
All she talked about to Helen was how MUCH she wanted Amanda & McPussy OUT!
She heard for weeks…”It’s too soon”!
Please make it happen…Amanda or McPussy is evicted!

Elissa the shallow gold digger is disgusting

Haven’t you been paying attention? The Botox duck lips is playing Helen’s game. The ONLY reason people are kissing her ass is because she’s HOH and they don’t want out up. This isn’t rocket science. The elitist snob did it last week when Aaryn win HOH. While Miss high and mighty will probably get her way this week and get either Amanda/McCrae/ Aaryn out, that’s it for her game. Nobody will be loyal to her next week because she can’t compete for HOH. She will unquestionably be put on the block. And unless production and CBS rigs it so she can save herself, she will be evicted. Which is what should happen because she has done shit in this game, has no social game or friends, and thinks she is better than everyone else. I have news for you Elissa – big pretentious phonies like you make me sick. Now you are playing the part of pathetic rat, diming everyone out, making up lies as you go along. Your sorry ass should have went out the door weeks ago when you tried to sabotage Howard’s eviction. Fortunately, it will come in two weeks and I can’t wait.


why did it switch? because of Rig Brother! they helped her with HOH by having Helen and Candace jump off when they knew Elissa had a chance.
then when Rig Brother knew everyone was telling Elissa they will vote out Aaryn, but they were not going to, Rig Brother called her in
for a “talk”, she then realized her HOH would be a waste! im sure she didn’t like, Rig Brother helped her save duck face, and she comes out with
“I messed up” we need to get out Amanda talk. the powers that be are once again for whatever reason helping Elissa. If then plan stood the same and
everyone would have kept Aaryn, she would have self evicted, and how would that look for BB, not good! they would have her ass out the house.


I’m fine with either Amanda, McCrae or Aaryn going home.

Had it right

Looks like Elissa had it right. Aaryn is the biggest threat. I wanted Amanda out the house so bad, but Amanda is an easy eviction vote later. Everyone besides McCrae hates Amanda. No sooner Aaryn said she wanted to work with Elissa, Aaryn is creating an alliance post Amanda to take on Elissa. Well Elissa, I apologize you had it right. Please get Aaryn out of there.

Amanda's Therapist

Aaryn is 100% threatened by Elissa’s skills in comps!

She is the little piggy AND like Andy… goes squealing to Miss Piggy and Porky (aka the porker) every chance they give her!

WTF! Aaryn hasn’t DONE much to win her HOH’s…she got lucky! Or they were thrown to her…btw! the little bitch then says she is better than JANELLE ¿¿¿
OMG! Only in your fuckin wet dreams…Goldilocks! :-)

btw the producers should wAnT the worst player of BB15 GONE! If ever they need to make the MOVE … and finally
get the spike in ratings … then having her GONE…is IT :-)
Getting Amanda out will bring back fans to watch BB again!


The thing is, if Elissa doesn’t take this opportunity to try and backdoor aMANduh, Team Mcnasty will come after her next week, whimpering perhaps but they will still target her if she doesn’t strike first by taking out one of them this week. If Team Mcnasty or floaters wins HOH next week, the floaters (spencer, andy, and gm ) will just run back over to where the power is AGAIN like they do every week. Go ELissa, if you have to make a deal with the devil to take out Team Mcnasty, so be it!!


Hopefully in that order

Starting to Like Elissa...

I just hope that if Aaryn wins veto, Amanda goes on the block and then a Pandoras box comes into play, that Amanda some how wins a special power. Then Amanda, Aaryn and Mcrea would all be safe. That would be worse case. Remember Aaryn thinks the photbooth is going to come into play somehow. I want Amanda or Aaryn to go this week..please!

Starting to Like Elissa...

that should have said that I hope Amanda does not win a special power…


Nope, Arryn ,McRae, Andy and anybody from there, let Amanda sit in the house and go batshit while her man sits over in the jury house with that fine ass Jessie.(Amanda looks like she could be a guy with a boob job with that body) let her be known in BB history for self-evicting. Nobody will work with her with McRae gone. She can’ win shit so why would you want her in your alliance.(why put a target on your back) Amanda YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW. (Not such a smart asks now huh)


i’m first? California is asleep?
the PoV comp is later today?
this is gettin endzone intense!


Ok, I’m confused. If Amanda happens to win the veto and takes Mcrae off then couldn’t Elissa put her up as a replacement or is she still safe even though she used the veto to take Mc off?

Go Elissa!

Why can’t Amanda be the replacement nom if she wins POV and takes McCrae off?


Huh ?? seriously ?? The same reason nobody for the previous 14 seasons can’t go on the block if they win POV & use it..


Yes I’m new to this but that doesn’t seem logical. So pov can actually save 2 people? The person using it AND the person they use it on?


I was confused also. If McCrae or Aaryn wins veto he/she can use it on himself/herself. If anyone else wins the veto that’s not on the block and uses it, the veto winner is safe and can pull someone off the block. So if Amanda wiins veto she will be safe and can pull McCrae off the block.


Well that changes everything! And that sucks!! I guess she should’ve put both Amanda and Mccrea up if that’s the case. The only hope is Amanda will continue to suck. Fingers crossed.


It’s the only way the POV would EVER be used. If you had POV & used it to save somebody & then got put up yourself there is absolutely ZERO reason to ever use the POV !!


Actually, the POV didn’t always have the double power, the POV used to be for protection of the person wearing it, like if the winner saves someone, the winner would lose it’s protection, and could be put up. I think they changed it season 8.


In the beginning of BB, the POV winner wasn’t safe…remember Marcellas?


He won POV, but didn’t use it, right?


Marcelles was on the block and stupidly chose to not use the veto on himself, that is why he got evicted. He was nominated so he couldn’t be safe and use it it on someone, he had to save himself only or give it to another nom. He gave it to someone else (I think it was Nicole) and he got booted!! It would be like McCrae giving it to Aayrn and then McCrae gets voted out.


Marcellas and Nicole weren’t even in the same season. Nicole played in season 2, Marcellas was season 3
Nicole never returned for a second season

left in the house with Marcellas was Danielle, Jason, Lisa and Amy, he was on the block with Amy, he trusted Danielle and I think Jason to keep him so he didn’t use the veto. They voted him out.


My bad…Bunky was season 2. In my old age…LOL. What I was trying to say was he never used it on himself thinkig he was safe and gave it to someone else (Amy)….It’s all coming back to me now. Ha

Original BB Fan

Marcellus gave the POV to his best friend Amy who was on the block with him in Season 3. He was then voted out. POV was the same night as eviction then. So in a thirty minute time period… Marcellus went from holding the POV… To giving it to Amy… To leaving the house. They were a great duo to watch.

Original BB Fan

Oops… That is wrong… Just double checked. Marcellus DID NOT use the POV and went home. Here is the footage…


Marcellas was on the block vs. Amy
He won the POV and instead of taking himself off he choose to stay on the block trusting that the vote would go his way
it didn’t..if you don’t use the POV on yourself when you’re on the block you can get evicted
and the POV user has ALWAYS been safe they didn’t change the rules along the way


You are right that is why Elissa did not use it on Helen. Common sense if Elissa gave the POV to Helen she stays on the block otherwise if both are save then HOH has to nominate two people? A Power of Veto means 1 not to benefit two people.


The person who wins VETO is safe from nomination, and it has to be that way or no one would ever use it to save someone because they would likely be the replacement nominee for changing the HOH’s nominations.


I thought that too until I read a blog about the rules and the person winning POV stays safe even if they use it.


Any way it goes down is good on this round. Amanda, Aaryn, Andy, McCrae–all good.

I don’t want, however, to have Amanda feel Elissa helped dismantle part of her 3m that she would have had to do anyhow.


Let us hope that Amanda will continue her losing trend.


Elissa says everyone should have a Gina, a ray of sunshine. LOL! Did they add a new player in this game. Because I am still trying to find this ray of sunshine. Everyone has their strengths, to be blunt Gina is not that bright. However, I hate how Amanda easily started a fight with Gina and then embarassed Gina with her mangling of the english language.


Didn’t Helen threaten Kaitlin with putting her up as a nom replacement if she took Jeremy down? Wasn’t that why Kaitlin didn’t take Jeremy down and save him?


Wait a minute, nevermind! Helen told Kaitlin that if she didn’t use the VETO to take herself down off the block so they could put Jeremy up and vote him out, that the house would for sure vote Kaitlin out. That’s right!


yea but u don’t have to worry about that amanda sucks in compeitions and she can’t win shit best case scerino is anyone but judd,amanda or mcrae win veto then amandas going up and going home thank jesus i hate her


Dawg, Thanks for clearing that up. I thought it was the other way around


IF you use the veto on someone else, then you can be put on the block…it happened before that a person ended up using the power of veto to take someone off the block and then they ended up on the bloc themselves and got voted out.


No it didn’t.

Amanda's Therapist


:-) IMO

( btw would rather watch honey boo boo-child AND actually … LMFAO! )

Amanda's Therapist

Those who grow up with nothing and then fall into a pile of shit and come out smelling like a rose!

Those are the ones who appreciate nothing…and forget where they came from! Money changes everybody!! :-)


Then, Elissa could put up Andy, and Aaryan most likely would go home. I am soo over Spencer. Has it occurred to him that he’s always on the block because he’s the biggest floater in the game? He’s like the laziest player in the game, and that’s hard to achieve next to McSissy and Amanda. At least with Andy, a snitch’s life burns off calories with all of the back and forth.
Still thinking Aaryan should go home this week. Look at her, already scheming to get a posse together to go after, um . . . Elissa. If she was as lazy as Amanda in competitions, then it would be a toss up. But, she’s not.


I couldn’t agree more with you!

I think Elissa (or should I say DR) is making a big mistake. Elissa’s target should be Aaryn or McCrae, not Amanda. They are stronger competitors.

Aaryn must have a lot of fans because it seems like DR wants Aaryn to stay. If Aaryn makes it this week, she will be in a good position to win.

Elissa and Judd for final 2!


How is McCrea a bigger comp threat? He won 1 HoH early on and nothing since. And he’s spent his whole time laying around in the who can be the laziest, stinkiest, do nothing comp. And if everyone is playing so he doesn’t win McMinute doesn’t stand a chance.

Elissa for the Win

That was soooooo funny about the snitch’s life losing calories by running back and forth! I’m still laughing!!!!!!


elissa spilled the beans too early. Aaryn is like a teenage girl in high school or Andy Jr. She will tell everything to everybody!! She knows Adny talks but she will tell Spencer who will tell him and he will tell Amanda & McCrea who are too stupid and arrogant too think that Elissa might be plaanning a backdoor move. She should have waiting unitl after the POV was won. Then make deals to get through next week.

Roisin Dubh

Yep I agree. El should have kept her mouth shut to Aaryn right before the veto comp. It’s gonna back fire on her bigtime.

Aaryan drama

Why can’t Aryan nation keep her mouth shut?? She is totally, ‘high school drama.’
I’ll tell 2 friends, then they’ll tell 2 friends and so on and so on… some of Ratndy is rubbing off on her.


I was so disappointed that Elissa did that. Elissa was doing so good, revealing very little. Now Elissa is beginning to pull a “Helen”.

I don’t like this move for Elissa…

Elissa, stick with your gun: get Aaryn out first.


Okay guys remember the game has shifted. This is now a mental game. So Aaryn goes and tells…so what? Now McCranda are freaking out. We know they were going to play hard for the POV anyway so that didn’t change. Between the two of them they have 1 win and that was McMinute. What changed is now they are crazed. McMinute knows if he wins and takes himself off Demanda is gone. And they both know if Demanda takes down McMinute, Andy is gone.

The GM/Demanda fight was something Elissa knew would happen. She knew if Demanda saw them whispering then stopping when she came in the room it would set GM off. And she knew Demanda would go after the weak link–GM. So now GM truly hates Demanda and trusts Elissa. When McManda was pleading with Elissa she laughed at them and kicked them out of the HoH room.

Elissa has watched and listened and knows their weakness and she is playing them. Worst case scenario Rat Dog goes home.


What you missed…Is that after a very long DR session. Elissa came out & saw Judd in the hallway and told him I have changed my mind. Are you ok with Amanda going home? He said, whatever you want. She said good…Can you Please go and get Aaryn and tell her to come up to the HOH. Aaryn comes up to the HOH & Elissa says, We need to make a deal to work together and get Amanda out. I made a mistake with my nominations. ETC ETC ETC. She asked Aaryn to please work with me Judd and Gina Marie till the end. We need to break up Amanda and McCree. Aaryn was like…well why didn’t you nominate them then? & Elissa was like…well I have changed my mind & I now want Amanda out. I am not hater, & I want Amanda out as much as anyone….But Elissa is, obviously being Coached what to do by Production. Come on BB15,? Could you make it any more obvious that you are coaching Elissa on what she should do?????? SMH


I LOVE ELISSA but I do feel BB is coaching her. She is being told what to say and to whom. She initially brings up excellent points to others but she never seems to finish the kill with them. I do respect her as the only one this season who has values and morals!!!!!!!!!!
We all what Elissa or Judd to be the top money winners and so does BB.


And right after this conversation, they call Aaryn to DR!


I’m betting that Amanda or MC will win POV – IMO that’s what production wants.


I disagree. I think production wants Amanda gone.


OOPS my bad, Amanda will win taking MC off, then they’re both safe. But the best outcome is that MC wins, now that would be entertaining.


Dang – I hate it when I’m right – Amanda won POV – so here we go again, Amanda and MC stay – oh well, guess it’s time for the rat to leave.

lol what

theres this annoying thing in bb where the person no one wants to win … wins… i hope amanda doesnt win veto im so nervous lol jk that hoe cant win shit


it was always elissa plan to get amanda out but she needed aaryn to be nominated to divide them she needed to prove to aaryn if she wins the veto she can save her take her down proving to aaryn they can work together ….. amanda winning veto not going to happen if that happens ANDY goes up we should not worry because amnda cant win shit ….. IF judd wins veto they will be kissing his ass so much yet they havent talk game to him yet …


this is setting up soo perfectly for production. They now have the pre veto hype/drama buildup they need…Of course, the sad part is, they had to coach dumbass Elissa for 2 hours in the dr to get it. Everyone in the house is confident and on top of the world right now except mcranda. all the better. Just means that production is going to make sure Amanda wins and then watch all the scurrying take place.


Yea, production would be the only way she would win… Makes sense, it goes along with the script.


Get ready for some really crappy ACTING!


And the whole Amanda never wins a comp/cant win shit angle will also be played up b/c of course now, she WILL get her 1st win of the season.

Amanda's Therapist

IF… Amanda wins POV then BB is definitely rigged! IMO! :-)
She does zero! She bitches/moans/lies ABOUT how badly she feels everyone plays in comps/povs….hmmm!

btw what has McPussy done? He chews his nails all day! seems to be good at that¿¡¿ Bad habit ¿ or bc of stress
– being around the WhORe 24/7¿

Aaryn is the most childish…22/23 yo IMO! She is that selfish
lil rich girl with “daddy warbucks” buying her whatever pony then car then a condo that she wants….and NEvEr thankful for a damn thing? She expects it just because! She is the VERY selfish narcissistic bitch we all had the BAD misfortune of going to school and knowing AND asking WHY does anybody who is the way they are NOT appreciate it??!!??


I kind of hope Aa wins POV so I can relish in Mc and Am on the block together… How will the rat, Andy vote? But it would also be delicious to see Mc get evicted to JH with Jessie. I would then feed on Am’s paranoia. “Am, do you think Jessie is going after Mc? Do you think Jessie is flaunting herself in her under wear in front of Mc? Do you think Jessie has tried to kiss Mc?” and a whole lot worse…..

Elissa for the Win

Do you really think Damanda gives a rat’s azz about McPussy? She’s using him and will dump him as soon as the game is over. In fact, she probably wants Jessie to take McPussy off her hands.


IKR!!! It is obvious that Bitchanda is so disgusted by McPussy… I have noticed her looking at him in pure disgust as he is biting on his nails or picking at his scabs. He is sooo gross but so is she for f**king him… well she is gross for many reasons, that is just one of them.


IKR!!! It is SO obvious that Bitchanda is So Disgusted by McPussy… I have noticed her looking at him in pure disgust while he is biting on his nails or picking at his scabs. He is sooo gross but so is she for f**king him… well she is gross for many reasons, that is just one of them.

Ex Fan

McCrae stinks to bad for Jessie to be interested.


I feel Elissa can trust Judd and, I don’t believe I am saying this, GM. The others are gonna continue to be snitches!
Bottom line: Make sure the AMandAZON doesn’t with this upcoming veto comp!!!!


no one in the house trusts e, she hides out for weeks and now is making deals? she has not established relationships with anyone cause she has not been playing the game at all so why would anyone be dumb enough to trust her as soon as she loses HOH. she changes her mind every two hours. and sorry but backstabbing, lying, manipulating, pouting, threatening to quit if i don’t win, etc etc does not rank high on the moral code. she’s the same as everyone else in the house.


I like Amanda. She is a fox.


Aaryn would be scare if she will lose the veto she going home.


Andy is a rat and should be euthanized as soon as possible. Vote him out next.


Euthanised?????????? What a waste that would be. He should be kept in a cage and used for experimental purposes.

Pinocchio Obama

Even rats are offended by Andy. He is giving them a bad name.


Just spray him with Raid and watch that little rat/roach shrivel up and die


Bad day ahead. I have a very bad feeling about POV. Amanda will be fixed to win it or if that doesn’t happen a Pandoras box does, duckface opens it and we get a reset or special power to Amanda/MC ect. The good news Andy doesn’t play nor Spencer. I can see Elissa putting up a pawn instead of Amanda. Or god forbid Amanda wins POV then Elissa put up GM or Spence and they definitely go home. No gaurantee at this point either nom gets the door.

I’m puzzled about the “long DR session” Elissa had. Grodner isn’t going to let Amanda go to jury. If Arryns not her target who the F is. I don’t think production would be pushing Amanda. This thing could end up being a hot mess. Unless Elissa wins, uses the POV on Amanda. Then MC goes out the door. MC is in a lot of trouble at the moment. Andy or Spence flip he may go if the noms stay the same. Figure Judd and GM are solid votes to evict MC over Arryn. Andy is gonna look at which side his bread is buttered on. Remember MC has done sh*t since week 1 comp wise.

If your Andy would you rather have Arryn(close with her) GM and Judd plus Ellisa. Or MC and Amanda going forward. I’d figure he believes he can get Spencer either way. Andy’s best move for Andy appears to be evict MC or if available Amanda.


If it’s true about Amanda being Grodner’s friend, she’ll make sure she win POV.


Grodner is even tired of Amazon stanking up the house of her oniony fish smelling snatch!!!!!

Spencer's Neatly Scratched Balls

I don’t care as long as Yeasty Infection, McPussy, or Neo Nazi go home!
Backdoor time!


Simon, I have a question. Why do the HG’s think that if someone wins the VETO and takes a nom down, that the person who won the VETO and changed the nom couldn’t be put up? Is that a rule that I’m not aware of? If you win a VETO does that mean that you can’t be put on the block in place of the person you took down? Does power of VETO save the winner too?
I’ve heard this scenario mentioned a couple of times and am always confused as to why no one thinks of putting up the person who took the nom down in the first place! If I was HOH and wanted my noms to stay the same, that is what I would tell the HG’s. If you win the VETO and change my noms, I’m putting you up as replacement! Or am I wrong?


Yes, that’s a rule you’re not aware of. Amanda will win POV (production’s doing) and Andy will go up and out the door (just my two cents).


” Why do the HG’s think that if someone wins the VETO and takes a nom down, that the person who won the VETO and changed the nom couldn’t be put up? …….. If you win a VETO does that mean that you can’t be put on the block in place of the person you took down? Does power of VETO save the winner too?”

If you win the veto and you are on the block you can save yourself (and it is now assumed that that will always happen, since Marcellas of Season 3 didn’t use the golden power of veto that he won to take himself off the block and got evicted. He thought they were all friends there and he thought they would save him. I think but i’m not sure that he thought if he took himself off the block then a “friend’ would be nominated in his place and he was trying to save that person. But don’t quote me on that.)

If you win the veto and you are not on the block, and you use it to save someone on the block, then you are SAFE too! If you weren’t safe, why would anyone, who was NOT on the block use it at all, and risk being put up on the block.

I think this is a result of earlier versions of BB US. Way early. The once had a silver (? or “plain) POV and I think it worked the way you are (mis)understanding the way this one works. BB learned that if the winner (not on the block) of POV would not want to risk their game for a person on the block. And where’s the drama in that ;)


T veto holder is always safe. the first veto introduced to the game could not be used on yourself. Let’s say that you are on the block and won it, you could only use it to save who ever was next to you.

The golden power of veto started late in season 3 and made you able to use it on yourself -which Marcellus did not do and was voted out, causing him to be known as one of dumbest moves in bb history, right up there when Lawan thought he was going to get brought back into the game and volunteered to go on the block and be voted out. Occasionally there is a diamond power of veto that allows the holder to remove someone from the block and pick the replacement.

Yeah right...

The Power of Veto (POV) protects the person who wins it and gives them the power to Veto one of the nominees. So if someone on the block (Aaryn/McCrae) wins it, they are protected and can remove themselves from the block. Then any other houseguests are eligible to go up as the replacement. However, if someone that is already safe (not on the block) wins, they can not only use it to remove a nominee, but they are also safe from being a replacement nominee. Apparently in the earlier seasons, that wasn’t always the case, but they changed the rules – otherwise, no one would ever use the POV because they’d be afraid to go up as the replacement.

So in this case, Amanda winning POV would allow her to remove McCrae and she would still be safe. But what will be interesting is if McCrae wins it, he can use it to take himself off the block but then Amanda is eligible to be a replacement nominee and will go up. And there was something he said earlier this week that makes me think he is going to try and win it but then NOT use it to prevent her going up. This is of course STUPID, but I think McCrae fully believes if he’s on the block, they have the votes to send Aaryn home, but I don’t think that’s true. Even though the house guests want Amanda gone, they know they have to split McCranda up regardless, so McCrae will end up falling on his sword.

So I guess I should clarify my earlier statement — If McCrae wins POV but chooses not to use it to remove himself from the block, he is no longer protected by it. He will remain on the block with Aaryn and is eligible to be evicted.

Skidd Marks aka Jack Schitt

Why the heck would you not put up Amanda? If she’s the target, put her up. She can’t win a comp even if it’s handed to her so she wouldn’t have got the veto. You can’t count on the back door move with this bunch of flakes.


Yes Elissa is making everyone paranoid what she is going to do. Hoping that Amanda and Mccrea Both found themselves on the block like what Amanda did to Helen and Elissa. Revenge is sweet Elissa. Make sure to keep them all in the dark and make Demanda and DeMccrea miserable. These two have had such an easy run since the start of this game. Time for them to feel the pain of would be eviction. I would really like to see that Andy be the target next week but please Elissa make sure that either Amanda or Mccrea goes to jury in your HOH and next Andy goes up with whoever does not go Jury between Amanda and Mccrea.


Honestly, did Amanda really think she can win this game by not winning shit and bullying/intimidating others?
Love to see her hog face when she finds out twice the AVP wanted her stanking ass out.

Amanda's Therapist

Amanda controlling Aaryn’s thoughts and in her “ear”
…telling her lies…maybe Aaryn could play the game…if the BLOB…wasn’t around!
Everyone knows how BAD she is for McPussy and his game!
Evict her ASAP! :-)


BB: In the future, NO MORE crazy house guests who depend on meds due to mental conditions.


I always thought she was going to backdoor Amanda!!


Amanda would love being back doored as much as GM and rat boy. With Amanda one would have to tie a board to their ass of they’ll fall in!


You are just plain nasty so even say such a thing. Ewww.


If Amanda wins POV? c’mon now, with the drugs she takes, too much Adderall, which keeps her up, so she takes Xanax which are downers, the effect of the Adderall wouldn’t be high enough to help her in the same way it does Aaryn, that’s why she be so confused in comps.


I think Amanda PLUS sized body and utter’s are holding her down. The meds are counteracting with what she consumes from McPizza loads!!!!!


I don’t think Helen or Amanda could have half done what Elissa is abt to do. I think them running the house earlier own was their down fall . Now Elissa can step for the end game . If Amanda/mcpussy goes that’s oblivious the end of 3am and the power couple. I still think between mcpussy and Aaryn wud be a better bet for Elissa game especially with Judd and Gm not seeming to be coming after her. The rest can hardly win a thing.


I beg to differ, if Andy was not snitching on Helen it could have been possible. Helen was always right they do not have the numbers because of Andy who would Rat Helen/ Elissa plan even before speaking to the other players and that is how Demanda got to Aaryn first and also Helen / Elissa did not have the HOH for the last three weeks. As you can see control HOH and then you have the power to nominate and evict whoever you want just like what Amanda and Mccrea did as they have manipulated the last three HOH. Time to overhrow Demanda and DeMccrea who has such an easy ride and now time to feel the paranoia and
anxiety just like the others. Andy the RAT should go on block next.


Exactly so winning(pov and Hoh in that order at this time of the game is huge) and getting the courage to do what needs be done is what am talking about that Helen and Amanda could not have Half done. and to put up two people from two different duos. In her mind she was breaking up the remaining duos, but has ended up breaking up much more than she thinks and blowing the competition wide open, making it exciting for all of us.

This Season Blows

While I like that the target changed to Demanda (even though production obviously told her to do it because she “changed her mind” after coming out of the DR), Rachelissa is an idiot for telling Aaryn that now. Did she honestly think word wouldn’t get out to the rest of the house? She has badly bungled her HOH so far.


I think btn Elissa and Aaryn they are going to keep trading hoh and or pov until one of them leaves


Elissa forced Aaryn to work with her,Judd,GM, – doubt that Andy would – if Aaryn continues to show loyalty to McCrap,Spencer,Andy – she will go home.I think her only choice is to work with E, GM and Judd. Andy, Spencer cannot be trusted.


Good plan to backdoor Amanda but Elissa should have kept her mouth shut until after the POV.

Can you imagine Amanda going to jury house with Can, Jess and Hel? Wow….


I love that this is the first week were Andy is out of the loop and doesn’t know EVERYTHING that is going on.
I don’t even care if everything Elissa is doing is being fed to her in the DR. This is great, everyone’s scrambling.
Elissa is definitely a little odd. But I’ve always liked her. I think as far as how being in that house probably effects your mental state a lot and being stuck around people you don’t get along with and cannot relate to… I see why she is the way she is…. I know that I would probably be full out manic/depressed if I was in there, and I probably would think I’m better then all the other guest as well, (I’m not perfect and I know I can be a huge snob) so ya, I get it. People hate her because she’s rich… I don’t get that. She has a good life, she’s accustomed to living large, she is somewhat insensitive to others about it, but it’s how she lives and I don’t see why she should be ashamed about it or hid it so others don’t feel uncomfortable. I have friends who make more in probably one month then I do in a year, and when I hang out with them I admit I get a little green inside (who wouldn’t!?) But I don’t judge them for having nice things or talking about their amazing vacations etc, it’s part of their life, why should they hid it?…. People are so weird…. I’d never survive in the BB House.
Just my rambling thoughts for the morning.


i don’t think they don’t like her cause she’s rich, i think it’s because she really does think she’s better than them when she’s backstabbing, gossiping and dividing and conquering through any means necessary just like them. that’s what bugs me about her. she can’t see she’s the same just using a different choice of verbs.

AIR plus T bone is Rita

You’re thoughts and words are sadly just too funny they’re so absurd. I just wished you didn’t believe them then I wouldn’t have to feel the pity I feel for you as being a human being. I guess you can’t help what you are. You do have my sympathy vote.


Actually, this was quite brilliant. I personally believe she was always going after Amanda, if she got the chance to backdoor her. But this way, word leaks to Amanda that it is the plan – from Aaryn’s own mouth. Amanda does not deal well with stress. She will have a difficult time going into veto and I think it is quite possible we have both McCrae and Amanda on the block. Even in McCrae manages to take himself down, I think that Aaryn could beat out Amanda. She is a comp beast – Spencer (who has won NOTHING) and Andy (who has won ONCE) need her to keep control.

Real Scandals Phony President

After all these boring weeks it is so nice to see Amanda and McCrae feel the heat. It is time to put 3AM to bed and evict Amanda.


It’s pretty obvious that production told Elissa that Amanda and McCrae need to be on the block, and that Andy can’t be trusted. I’m not complaining.

This Season Blows

I’m complaining. This is supposed to be a game, not a scripted soap opera. Production should not be telling people how to play the game. And quite frankly, it says a lot about this cast that they have to be told by production to go after Demanda at this stage of the game.


Elissa has been waiting and watching and listening. She tried to get Helen to have the guts to make the move but Helen was spineless. This was always Elissa’s plan. Now she has Aaryn owing her, GM likes and trusts her more than Aaryn, Judd gets his revenge without blood on his hands and Spencer is just so happy not to be on the block. And Rat Dog knows his game is over and time is short.

Elissa had everyone thinking she was crazy or stupid or both so they wrote her off. She understands the Mean Girl dynamic and has now made this a mental game that she controls. You don’t do that because DR tells you to put up McManda.


Give the girl some credit for figuring it out herself, duh!


I dont want Aaryn or Amanda gone. I want Mccrea, JUdd, Spencer gone.

I hope Amanda wins the veto and take Mccrea off, and then Elissa puts up Spencer, and then Amanda/And/Mccrea votes Spencer out

If Amanda goes home this week, Aaryn will be next. and I feel like Andy, Judd and Elissa will be final 3. That means someone that does not deserves will win it all.

I would love for a final 2 Aaryn and Amanda.

Real Scandals Phony President

I’m so proud of Elissa for having the guts to go against Amanda and McCrae but she is making the huge mistake that everyone in the house always makes in that she needs to keep her real plans to herself. Never tell anything to anybody in this house that you don’t want to be common knowledge because nobody can keep a secret.

iI the worst casr scenario happens and Amanda wins POV I hope Elissa puts Andy up. Elissa really should of put Amanda and McCrae up from the start that way no matter what happened with the veto one of them would still be on the block.

Please tell me this is the week we can send that witch Amanda out. Seeing her join Helen in the jury house would be awesome.


Keep thinking and soon you will realize this is the best scenario there can be.
1.if Mcpussy wins he will have to think about taking himself off and sending Amanda home. so he either wont fight for it or wont take himself off, a good reason for hgs to send him home.
2. if Amanda doesn’t win it, she will not only have let herself down but her toy dick too and has no one else to put this on but her lazy ass. Social game wont work this time you gotta win a competition. I hear played a flawless game. Here is your major flaw exposed.
3.if Aaryn doesnt fight for it she goes (not a bad idea either) so Elissa has turned on the beast in her and early enough, she is now campaigning and getting game ready she is going after Amanda and Mcpussy to save her own ass,urging people to win it and use it on her.
4. Andy is lost and worried about he himself going up should Amanda win, and wondering if the eveto is used fears he could go up so he is on his own campaign about not using the veto. Clearly he would rather lose any of the two but not Amanda.
5 The whole house is and knows worst case scenario is if Amanda wins. so everyone’s plans are about not letting Amanda win. Trust me that will carry on to next week even if she won, just like they were all hating on Elissa when she became HOH and could put them up.
6 if the worst case scenario happens and Elissa puts up Andy either one goes and thats ok id rather Aaryn more than Andy cause i think with the players keeping their cards closer to their chest Andy can only get info through Spencer that’s third hand info as people don’t really tell Spencer all of the strategy like they were confining in Andy. Plus it would be a nice pay back for Aaryn’s hardheadedness seeing her allies vote her out. she cant blame it on Elissa but her 3am for deciding to keep someone else.


What if her plan is simply to make everyone in that house crazy and simply dump the racist A anyway. If we go back to what some say and focus on the “intense length” of time she spent in the DR, then maybe we are looking at a week that reflects the movie, “The Usual Suspects”, and the true intent is never known for sure. Extreme paranoia will abound, and in the end the true plan will emerge. Perhaps she’s building so many layers, and one layer is right, that by the end of the week everyone will be so confused and exhausted, to include people taking for face value every time a strategic change in game play is “made”. Boom, now it has to be Amanda because we heard it. She might be the best yo yo player in the world. Even if she’s being coached she still has to execute. I would turn that house so upside down and keep flipping my intent that in the end hair is falling out and people can’t sleep.


More and more people I talk to are saying this BB season is fixed. I’m starting to believe it myself.


Elissa has made REALLY sure she is going to hit a BIG target this week. The least of the big targets is Andy. Point being, Aaryn, McCrae, Amanda, or Andy are headed home this week UNLESS Elissa completely rolls off the reservation and loses her mind. I just don’t see her losing her melon.

She’s in the game now!!


Paranoid people make good house guests. Want to sign up? Then you’ll find out first-hand what goes on.


Sorry Smurfnation, my last message was meant for Perry (above your comment).


elissa made a good move with aaryn because it builds trust sooner and for that amount of time longer, demanda not seen as in your face target. but possible monkey wrenches exist:

– whoever she told, she should have stressed, “dont tell rat bastard andy”
– can she trust aaryn to keep her mouth shut enough to where the subject dont make it back to demanda or rat bastard andy (because telling him is like telling demanda)
– aaryn’s terminology to spencer. elissa never said she made a mistake, it was very calculated. if that convo leaked to anyone and the term “mistake” gets back to elissa, could be trouble
– hopefully spencer keeps his mouth closed. if he tells demanda or rat bastard andy, we now know where his loyalties are.
– if demanda wins, will she have enough fortitude to put up rat bastard andy?


Wonder why production didn’t tell Elissa who she was suppose to nominate before the ceremony? This season seems to be THE most scripted. Hope BB producers decided to do us all a favor and exit Amanda this week.


If the producers are telling the houseguests what to do.. then please tell Elissa to say (in one of her diary room sessions)..” Oh silly Amanda, don’t cry. McRae isn’t the target, you are!” That’s exactly what Amanda said about Hellen when she was crying about Elissa going home. That would make my day, week, summer!!


elissa is boring and a robot. she goes next. threatened to quit like a child a few days ago and now sh’es the star… omg. save me.


And you think vile and disgusting Amanda and GM are better, RITA?
They talk about sex worst than about butt sex, haters, bloody beds sheets, etc. THEY are the ones who are going to find that payback is a bitch when their run in BB is over. Not even going to mentions the spoiled bigoted Texan brat or the worst pervert in TV ever, Spencer!!!

This Season Blows

Just because Demanda and GM act like gutter trash doesn’t change the fact that Rachelissa is fake, stuck-up, entitled, and production’s pet. She’s also been astoundingly rude and judgmental to others herself.


Rita, you sound like petulant baby. Same whiney shit, different day. ” Mummy, I don’t like Elissa, I don’t want her there, make it so”, before you stick your thumb back in your mouth.
Elissa’s HOH has stirred up the house. Like her or not, shes put some excitement back into the game.

Now go tell mummy to change your diaper and tuck you in.


Oh Rita stop, Elissa is not a robot and you must be a DeManda fan? Elissa is a classy woman who can make the things right and allow all the remaining houseguest to fairly play the game of Big Brother and not be bullied bty AMMCC. Those two have been running the house since week one, it is time to
feel the pain and anxiety especially Demanda who thinks that she owns Big Brother too as she has done what ever she wants and took advantage of
BB Production. It is time to correct things now and let Demanda and Mccrea feel the pain of would be an eviction. Their sexual escapades are kind of
not appropriate I think as this is BIG BROTHER reality show not sexual reality show and this just my opinion. Thanks.


So why waste a vote getting Elissa out when you can take out Helen? Remember Elissa is playing a mental game and she knows who these people are and how they think.


who says take Elissa out. If Andy is not a RAT and Helen and Elissa got to Aryan first they would have not been up but because of Snake Andy, Amanda and Mccrea made up lies and got to Aaryan first so she put them both up. If I could suggest for next week if GinaMarie or Judd wins HOH same strategy keeps everyone in the dark and work with Elissa to target either Andy first then next is Either Amanda or MCcrea whoever does not go to Jury house or Spencer because very nasty degrading comments.


amanda is such a good strategist it’s almost as if someone listens to her strategies and then tries to use them on her. cause E wanted out aaryn and now says she made a mistake in her noms? she’s all over the place. Turns GM on Aaryn and then 2 hours later tells Aaryn she has GM in her back pocket and will help her stay. flip flop she doesn’t know what she’s doing. just telling that she’s stupid without someone whispering in her ear. she should have played them differently. amanda is the one in the house that has strategy or a brain for it. so e is obviously being coached. duh. duh. duh.


The only thing Amanda can do in face of adversity is crawl behind a trash can. LMAO – You are who you surround yourself with. You Rita, probably have plenty of trash time can yourself and I’m positive everything wrong in your life is the fault of some external force vice the sad fact it stares you in the mirror each and every day of your life.


Elissa is creating paranoia and anxiety on the other houseguest. Great strategic move and I bet after Pov comp is done will know who is going to be backdoored if Mccrea or Aryan win Pov.


OK everybody – who really thinks that Elissa is doing this all on her own with no “help” from production? Thumbs up if you think she’s getting “help”, thumbs down if you think she’s really this smart all on her own .


Andy needs to go back to his family of rats in the sewer, where he came from.


Andy will team up with the pizza boy who has been storing up FumUnda cheese. Andy will share his bed and get a taste of Mandy was hobknobbin on!


I would love to be in the audience when AMAZON Amanda has to pack her saddle bags and leave. I am sure Julie will have a plastic cover on the seat for her and wears 12 gauge rubber glover to shake her hands. I can hear Julie: Ewwww! You smell like onions, mackerel, and pizza! Back off!
Seriously, how does one get tix for a Thursday show?


If amanda wins the pov i know she won the game.


Either way, this is a solid win win. If Amanda wins veto, the house is gonna go NUTS and Elissa might self evict. If Amanda loses, its obvious th game isn’t rigged for her so FINALLY we can shut all that stupid conspiracy bs up. I think I will take the trade off just so we don’t have to read that crap in the comment section anymore.


Elissa needn’t worry. I’m sure either she or Aaryn will win the VETO and she’ll have her golden opportunity. *twirls in delight*


No matter what happens, Elissa can make sure that 3AM is down to 3 players. There will only be 7 players in the game next week. With 3 not voting, that leaves 4 votes to manipulate.

I just wanted to add that I don’t think Elissa even cares if Amanda goes ballistic. Elissa isn’t afraid of Amanda!


Elissa wants Demanda to go ballistic. She’s baiting her and Demanda just can’t help but take the bait. McMinute is spending his energy trying to keep Demanda calm. Now they are both crazed. Spencer is just happy he won’t be on the block and Rat Dog is just sitting on the side worrying that Demanda wins POV and takes McMinute down–because he knows he would be the replacement.


Yes RAT SNAKE ANDY is a sitting duck.


Leave it to Aaryn to get a life-line from Elissa and make it into a “mistake” Elissa made that doesn’t warrant any loyalty at all. Then tell Spencer to trust Andy and 5 minutes later say he tells everyone stuff and she didn’t pick him, because he might use the veto on McCrae not her.


Does anyone here know if Elissa was at all aware that the other HGs were concerned with how they were being perceived (on tv and internet)?

And was she aware that sometimes people came out the DR with a whole different plan (as though they had been influenced)?

And was she aware that the other HGs noticed that when some Hgs came out of DR they seemed to have had a new realization (plan)?

Thx in advance if anyone can answer.


Actually, Elissa did the right thing. She is giving Aaryn a chance to prove she can be trustworthy. At the same time, she is giving enough rope to hang herself.

If Amanda wins, a saves McCrae and herself, then Aaryn is still up on the block. More than likely Elissa will put up Andy as the replacement nominee.

So by all accounts, Elissa has exposed the 3AM alliance and at least one of them goes home. And they are all scrambling for safety.

Going forward, Judd, GM and Spencer (who is not loyal to Amanda/McCrae/Aaryn bexause they evicted Howard) will be aligned with Elissa.

Judd knows the deal, and that is why he said what he said to Andy. Andy has been exposed as the informant (rat) of the house.

GM is onboard with Elissa plan. Her and Amanda have already had their blow-up. GM is planning ahead for her future safety.

Spencer is the only one that has not had a chance to speak to Elissa alone. He tried once, but Elissa was in the shower. He informed her that they need to talk at some point. I think this will be the opportunity for Elissa to have a heart-to-heart with Spencer. She will find out that Spencer blames Amanda and McCrae for Howie’s eviction and is seeking revenge. He also has some of the priviledge information about the 3AM alliance.

Plus the for pure entertainment and drama, Elissa’s strategy is working so far. Now this what BB is about. She has taking over her role of HOH and she is running it like she is on a mission. Notice Amanda and McCrae has not gone anywhere near that HOH bed. And the room is always tidy. She meets with everyone from a position of power, But her meeting with Amanda was absolutely priceless. Elissa had the balls to laugh in her face and still maintain her cool professional demeanor. Loved it!!!!


Sociology, you summed it up nicely. Elissa has effectively put a huge crack in the McCranda reign of terror. Have you noticed how Amanda’s demeanor has changed and she no longer has her minions running back to her with information and undying support?

I wish someone would put the Amanda breakdown (crying, begging) with Elissa laughing on YouTube. It was priceless!

Also, the revelation that Amanda did coke and now allegedly uses high doses of Adderall and Xanax may be the reason she doesn’t perform well in comps requiring concentration and coordination. The drugs do have possible side effects.

Elissa may not win the game (although I hope she does) but she’s been the catalyst that has changed it. Since Helen left, Elissa has just blossomed!


Here is Elissa BEST case breakdown:
McCrae wins veto……uses on self. AMANDA EVICTED
Aaryn wins veto…..uses on self. AMANDA EVICTED
Elissa wins veto….uses on Aaryn. AMANDA EVICTED
Gina Marie wins veto…uses on Aaryn. AMANDA EVICTED
Amanda wins veto….uses on McCrae. ANDY EVICTED
I really don’t think McCrae will be going home this week, nor is it necessary. Once the head of the snake is cut, the house will snap out if their Amanda trance and REALLY start playing Big Brother!! Elissa saved us watching the rest of this season…scripted or not!!


Spot on and for the first time no body is talking up a queue of names of who goes next or a unanimous vote or locked votes or being solid or 3am or 2am and hgs are cooling off on Candice more about Jessie/Judd or veto/votes. A sign of level playing field

Someone should ask Andy who goes next week. No one has a clue they all focused on the current storm and hoping they make through it


Andy is the biggest LIAR AND RAT SNITCHED FOR AMMCC aiiance. I am so glad that ELISSA would not let them sleep or stay in her HOH room. Those two have been having the comfort of HOH room and Elissa please try to throw them out of your room. I really like F3 Elissa, Judd and GinaMarie. Happy to see if Judd or GinaMarie can win as Elissa has money anyway she does not need it same with Helen and I have read that Helen husband is a Judge same as Spencer Dad. Judd in his hometown needed some kind of supply, I forgot what it. In one segment of the show was that Judd city or county needed a supply and he said if he wins will help the county to get it so the town can benefit for it.

Pinocchio Obama

Bravo Elissa!

What a great week due to your three great moves.

1. Going after Amanda and McCrae

2. Telling Pee Wee Andy to go away when he tried to butt into your conversation.

3. Totally blowing off Amanda when she said just tell me if your putting me and McCrae up so that we can enjoy our time together.

Finally somone is actually playing the game.


Did anyone else also wanted to give Elissa a high five when she burst out into laughter as Amanda was talking to her in tears? Whilst Amanda was busy crying to her, Elissa basically said, “I’m sorry but the faces you’re making are cracking me up.” lol Absolutely legendary.

Pinocchio Obama

That was priceless.

Pinocchio Obama

It is time for Queen Amanda to be toppled from her self appointed throne. The look on her face as she sees her power slipping away is a joy to behold.


Yeah, I almost wet myself I was laughing so hard. But the best lines were (paraphasing here),

Amanda say’s while crying, I will be going home….

Elissa say’s while laughing, Why is that, what makes you think that?

Amanda say’s while crying, .Because everyone in this house hates me

Elissa says’ while laughing….Really? What makes you think that…..

Sandy Jo

Production cannot allow Aar to leave because of the possible negative audience .