Jeff starts – “We picked a strong sick sick alliance.. dude we’ll be able to dominate.. dominate.”

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-13 21-28-52-584_jpg

9:25pm Clay and Jeff
Jeff – “I’m not really trying to campaign with people”
Jeff says he’s got Jackie, JohnyMac’s vote and “our Alliance”
Jeff – I don’t want to camping.. you know that’s the whole reason we have an alliance”
Jeff – Austin is acting sketchy.. he’s wanting insider information
Jeff says the one with a cold sore doesn’t like him.
Clay says they twins switched out this earlier today the one without a cold sore is in the house.
Jeff tells him he has Jackie, JohnnyMac, Clay and Shelli’s ‘I feel really confident about you guys I know you have my back”
Jeff says he doesn’t have Jason or Meg’s vote. adds James, Jason and Meg are really tight.
Jeff believe it’s a good thing they didn’t pull Vanessa into their alliance, he says they will find a totally different player.
Clay – Ohh she’s in deep, she’s making moves
Jeff now saying someone is dragging their names through the mud. He says someone they trust is ratting them out.
Jeff – I don’t know who it is I think it’s someone me and you trust.. it’s someone outside our alliance..
They agree it’s not JohnnyMac and Jackie.
Jeff – mark my words if I stay I’m sticking to our alliance.. you’re right I was talking to people.. I was being too social.
Clay says he was playing a similar type of game.
Jeff starts saying that Vanessa told him Clay and him are talking to a lot of people.
Jeff says Vanessa is smart she’s been sitting back watching, “I Can see why your trusting her with your whole game” (Ohh he snuck that burn in there)
Jeff – our alliance is a great alliance We picked a strong sick sick alliance.. dude we’ll be able to dominate.. dominate..
Clay – I underestimated the power of out alliance.. Johnnymac too
Jeff – It’s almost like a reality Check
Jeff is going to stick with his core alliance from now on being on the block has shown him he’s gotten carried away.
Jeff – this was something that was plotted this was something that was carefully orchestrated.
Jeff asks about their alliance how does Clay feel about it.
Clay feels good.
Jeff – Man to man where do you stand with me.. do yo think is James more valuable or me just so I know where I stand
Clay says James will own up to things more than James. Jeff will backpedal and try to work aroudn things. “When you have to drag someone out of somebody that’s a red flag”
Jeff – just the way you talk bro make me think you’re voting against me
Clay – doesn’t mean i’m not voting for you
Jeff says it sounds like Clay is leaning more toward his alliance
Clay – I know you’re character I know you’re a good guy
Clay tells him not to self destruct

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-13 21-27-24-285_jpg

10:04pm Backyard Jackie, jason and James
Jackie telling them they have to watch how loud they are at night they can hear everything they say in the cheese room.
They agree Steve’s gotta go he’s the rat.

10:22pm Hammock Liz and Jeff
Jeff tells Liz the situation she’s in is different than the rest of them.
Liz doesn’t know what he’s talking about.
Jeff – You Know how I said I’m going to have to ask you for a favour in this game.. the time has come liz.. keep that in mind.
Jeff – before you go to bed lets talk.. we can cuddle later if you want, it’s either me or James.
they laugh. Jeff leaves to the couch where Meg, Jackie, Jason and becky are chatting. Jeff says Liz has a twin he can confirm it.

10:55pm Alcohol delivery
8 beers and 2 bottles of wine
They decide to play flip cup

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-13 23-04-45-863_jpg
11:03pm Liz and james With Steve in the shower
James tried to take Steve’s towel off the shower. Liz says Don’t be mean to my boyfriend.
Steve gets quiet “You said the B word”
Liz – well ya so what are you going to do about it
Steve – How many boyfriends do you have in this house.
liz – steve you know I’m the number one
Steve – you say that
Liz – all my boyfriends go bye bye..
James leaves.
Liz – who am I
Steve – You’re liz
Liz and Austin go into the cabana room. Liz says that Jeff is trying to tell her she owes him because he saved her last week. Austin and liz both know it wasn’t Jeff it was Austin, Vanessa and her but mostly Austin.
Liz – He’s not going down without a fight.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-13 23-29-44-111_jpg

11:21pm After 20 minutes of talking about the rules they start
(They spend 30 minutes going over the rules to drink 1 drink each. The winner gets 2 shots of port)

Truth or dare

James dared to lick cool whip off Austin’s chest

Clay dared to lick BBQ sauce out of Jeff’s arm pit

Becky Dared to like mayo off Steve’s big toe

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-14 00-02-20-551_jpg

Jeff dared to wear make a diaper out of toilet paper and parade around with it on

Jason dared to stuff cotton balls in his mouth. He got to 30
Meg dared to stuff cotton balls in her mouth, She got 17

12:13am All the Alcohol is gone. Dare game over..

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-14 00-17-59-253_jpg

12:14am HOH Liz and Austin
Austin says she’s lucky she got out of doing a dare. They agree the BBq armpit was gross. Austin says the last game of truth or dare wasn’t as gross as tonights.
Liz – I hate drinking her it’s annoying they treat us like we’re freaking kids..
Austin says the show would be better with more alcohol.
Austin wonders if the wrap party will be fun or awkward
Liz – Da is going to have a vendetta against me .. Julia voted against her.. She saved me Boo Hoo

Austin says he’s not worried about Shelli and Clay right now not yet there’s still a lot of targets ahead of them. Hes more worried about Liz. Tells her he’ll use the veto on her. He feels confident they have the votes to keep her as long as both of them not nominated.
Liz hopes Shelli and Clay are targets before the two of them. Austin thinks they are because Shelli/Clay are playing all the sides.

Austin wants to blindside Jeff on the vote because the last thing they need is Jeff running around these next 3 days spreading rumours that Austin, liz, Jula and Vanessa are in a super alliance.

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Austin clearly hasn’t realized if you think you look like a hero to the viewers then the reality is most likely the opposite.

I thought Vanessa and Austin had the ability to handle this HOH much more gracefully but decided against it, which will hurt their games.


Actually they handled the H o H perfectly. They are gettin out Jeff ..someone they both want gone. That to me is a perfect use of n HOH

free folk
free folk

I agree,even though their goal will be achieved damage was done to their game that was unnecessary. (also doing damage to clay/shelli)They have gotten in that high horse saddle that will be a long fall from grace IMO,especially Austin,the self proclaimed hero.


How have they done damage to Shay? Those two are sitting perfectly. The other side of the house counts them as numbers against their main targets.


I hate how jeff keeps saying im not gonna campaign as hes campaigning


Jeff’s real life job is in sales, so he knows all the psychological games to play. He’s doing his version of the subtle soft sell approach right now. It’s fall on deaf ears. He has to know he’s on his way out the door.

Captain Crunch
Captain Crunch

Vanessa and Austin became super annoying this week during her HOH. Vanessa tried to hard with the fake fights and alliances and complicated things when she could have just put Jeff up, now she has become a big target Imo.

And Austin is creep and the definition of a simp when it comes to the girls in the house. He’s willing to mess up his game to save any girl in the house when none of them likes him but he doesn’t see it + he has a gf.


Vanessa seems to be in Law School/Debate Team mode
The principles may apply but presentation is a different beast
in the BB house.
Trust me … the house isn’t full of intellectuals
who can appreciate a good discussion/debate/presentation …
Sometimes keeping it simple is the best thing
That said, they did seem to pull it off … we’ll see Thursday
Also most of the attention for her decisions is going towards
Austin and Audry … half the house seems to think she is a
clueless, dingy, venerable, nutcase, with no real alliances
Which is a good thing for Vanessa … I’m hoping she will adjust soon


To the extent that this HoH hurt Vanessa, it has nothing to do with the fight. The fight was an unnecessary risk but it hasn’t blown up on her. Her target got bigger because she didn’t put up Audrey which is something she never intended to do. Putting up Jeff as ALWAYS going to make her a bigger target.


Wow!! Liz is really full of herself!!! I can hardly wait for Vanessa, Austin, and Liz to be on the block, I am certain they will handle things with great aplomb. LOL, Yeah right, Vanessa, Liz and Austin will be crying.. and throwing each other under the bus quicker then you can say sewer rat.


Soooooo how drunk is everybody? Once Jeff’s evicted I’m gonna start doing shots every time Audrey’s eyebrows dissapear into her hair line.

No but seriously I don’t know how much more of this I can take. I start to feel bad for Jeff, genuinely. But then he has to go and open his mouth…. Also that bun was way wasted in Clay, right over his head.


Can’t wait to see how red Jeff’s face is when he gets evicted and see the TMZ article about him


Wasn’t the TMZ article proven fake though? I don’t like Jeff but he doesn’t deserve a fake story that might ruin his life.

Brad H
Brad H

It’s funny watching Jeff talk to Clay about someone dragging his name through the mud and throwing Jeff under the bus because it’s Clay lmfao I can’t believe how clueless Jeff is… Oh wait, I can actually. I really hope he figures it out before he leaves. Please expose Shellie & Clay on your way out!!!

Farm Girl
Farm Girl

Clay earned my respect tonight. He basically told Jeff that he has a connection with Shelli and puts that first and that he trust James more then he trust Jeff and that Jeff should not make more of an ass of himself before he leaves. Clay is in the alliance with Shelli, Vanessa, Austin, Liz and Audrey and decided to put Jeff up. Vanessa wanted to send James home because he lied to her but she went with the alliance because Jeff had thrown the others under the bus. Venessa was stuck in a bad situation because she did not have a personal reason to send Jeff home and no one in her alliance wanted her to say she had the numbers in the house against him. It did not help that she talked to Steve and he told her a popular player has never gone home with out a reason. Vanessa way over thought this and created a blowup that did not need to happen. Big Brother has no rules and things can happen. Vanessa forgot to consider that she already had the votes to get Jeff out and did not need a reason why he personally wronged her. She could have just put up Jeff and said it was because Jeff and James have the best social games going on and the house should decide. The truth is she is protecting her alliance and has put a target on her back. No one is defending the decision to put Jeff on the block except Clay and the worst offender is Austin, who is throwing Venessa under the bus because his penis wants Liz or Jackie so Jeff has to go but he wants no blood on his hands. Vanessa is kinda fucked because she has no strong person on her side and put target on her back to protect other players.


Please Oh Please bring back Mama Day! If not then Team Jason for the win…he’s clearly the only one with a personality.


Austin, Vanessa, Liz, Clay, and Shelli talk about people lying and needing to go home but yet they are the biggest liars and hypocrites in the game. Man up and tell Jeff you aren’t voting for him. I feel bad for him that Clay and Austin keep pretending to be on his side when they orchestrated his backdooring with Vanessa. Liz/Julia is a waste of space…..even more so than Jackie.

Jeff Probst
Jeff Probst

Who can Jeff gets
Audrey’s stupid vote?


I have been banned for 24 hours for defending Audrey who I don’t like but I defended her against bigoted comments. Then I came back and said, “I’m back” as got banned for an additional 24 hours. CBS is the absolute worst and them promoting bigotry will not go unnoticed. I did nothing wrong. Did not swear of disrespect others.


So now Austin wants to expose Liz/Julia to John n Becky before 5th evictions? wtf
What an idiot … Vanessa is right deny! deny! deny! Two eviction away
and he is setting this side alliance … wait till V heres about this
and she will … and this after she told him that she is losing trust in shelli n clay
because they they were hiding their side alliance.
In all fairness .. Van has made side alliances to but those are within their group.
So Austin seems to be breaking away from V … good riddance
I use to like Austin … but day after day i dislike him more n more


Vanessa is planning to have a date night tomorrow. Yay!

Hasn’t she realize yet that her HOH is basically over? She reminds me of Helen, someone I was rooting for and someone who has brains but then gain the HOH and let it go over her head. She needs to go back to the commoners and be the underdog again.

Christine is a whore
Christine is a whore

Yawn. Is Jeff gone yet? Has Vanessa been dethroned yet? This week just keeps dragging on. I’m ready for a new reign.

another name
another name

there’s little parts of conversations that I notice that really irk me.
Jeff and Clay. No sooner does Clay explain that it’s easier to get james to own up to the truth than jeff, because jeff will always backpedal and shift blame, then Jeff says that the entire throwing of Shelli under the bus was misconstrued by Vanessa because he thought they were arguing about a completely different circumstance during the argument.
dude, bro, you already admitted to Clay and Shelli that you were throwing shelli under the bus to hide your alliance with them. Now you are saying it was a misunderstanding because Vanessa was arguing about something completely different, it was her fault and it’s not what you really said.
yeah, i’m done for the night. trying to wrap my head around a minute of dialogue for a really long time and still coming to the conclusion that it still sounds completely moronic is really too taxing. At this point i’m hoping my twin gets called in for Jeff’s next performance of revisionist history theatre.

is it just me
is it just me

its official i now like Clay
jeff: “brah were good right dude?”
clay: “yes brah were good, just, you know, im sort of voting you out cause i dont trust you brah but were good brah”
jeff: “sick brah sick once i leave our alliance is going to kick ass, sick brah”


6:30am central time here.. Wtf is Steve doing? Am I he only one seeing him kissing his pillow? Lmao. Poor guy.


I hope the BB gods bless us and keep Jeff in the dark until Julie announces the eviction votes. How funny would it be to see his dopey face stunned when the vote is like 10-1.


a james and Audrey hook up would be the worst in the history of the game. I am including versions outside the states.

James is on my least favorite list, I like this year’s cast but I really get absolutely nothing from James other than feelings of disgust.

Ariana Grande stinks!
Ariana Grande stinks!

Austin becomes mean which makes me uncomfortable. Like really the hatred radiates from him…
Vanessa is on a major power trip. I hope and pray she gets evicted next week.

Used to love BB
Used to love BB

Austin and Vanessa need to go


Get that man women Audrey out out of the house