“My game was working flawlessly.. until you get a psychopath like Vanessa winning HOH” -Jeff

POV Holder: JohnnyMac Next POV July 11th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 13th
HOH Winner Team 1: Vanessa HOH Winner Team 2: Austin
Nominations 1 : James & Johnny Mac Nominations 2: Jason & Meg
Battle of the Block Winner Jason and Meg Next HOH/ Next BOB July 16th / July17th
Original Nominations: James & Johnny Mac
Current Nominations: Jeff & James
Have Nots No HAve nots this week

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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-13 17-19-09-016_jpg

5:18pm Meg and Audrey
Meg saying Vanessa made it obvious what she wants this week, “It is what it is”
Audrey says she’s excited to see what people thought of the week it all went down for her.
Meg – This house man
Audrey – Really brings out the evil in people
Feeds switch to backyard Austin and Jason. Talking about the beefcakes during the competitions (Comp extras and staff that are packing muscle)

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-13 17-38-20-201_jpg

5:32pm Jason and Clay
talking about the Twins. Clay says they are not a threat right now because they’re not much of game players.
Clay says he just finished talking to Vanessa, “She doesn’t tell me much.. “
Clay says Jeff mentioned to Vanessa he’s going to blow up some alliance.
Jason says Jeff is going home everyone is on the same page. Jeff asked Jason if there was ever someone who turned their game around like Jeff needs to. Jason told him no unless you’re DAn Goosling.
Clay says him and Shelli are playing the game as loyal as they can
Jason says they are playing more like Jeff/Jordan than Brendon and Rachel.

Jason says he say Meg and Jeff Cuddling and he needed to talk to her “Girl I hope you aren’t getting wrapped in something”
Clay says Jeff shot himself in the foot. jason agrees that is why he doesn’t feel bad for him.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-13 18-11-02-561_jpg

5:50pm HOH Shelli, Liz and Vanessa
Liz has just switched. They start filling her in on what she missed.
Vanessa – you kissed Johnnymac
Liz – I know I heard
Vanessa – Twice
Audrey and Austin come up.
Austin says JohnnyMac is second guessing keeping Jeff this week. Austin says they compared notes about what Jeff is telling them. It’s the same story, Austin brings up that Johnnymac is noticing Jeff using Salesman technique to manipulate him.

Shelli says the person that told her first not to trust Audrey is Jeff
Austin – yaup
Shelli tells them Jeff has been going around trying to form alliances but none of them are legit. He always teases people about another group he’s with and they want to pull the person in, “Powerful alliance that will keep you safe”
Audrey says it’s the alliance they already know about.

Vanessa mentions that Jeff wanted to work with Clay and Shelli and say Audrey as a roadblock. They figure out that Jeff never approached Audrey for an alliance. Audrey bring sup Jeff wanting to
Austin days Jeff was trying to get him to turn on Liz
Shelli says after Jace got backdoored that Liz approached him and threw Austin under the bus
Shelli asks him what was said they said “I dunno man she threw Austin under the bus”
Shelli went to Jeff he told her Liz is saying she doesn’t want to work with Austin anymore.
Austin says Jeff is doubting the human aspect of the game. he’s not taking into account for the strength of the relationships in the house that have already formed. Austin knew Jeff was lying from the moment he said it.

Liz – He has way too big of a mouth
Austin – He’s going to try so many thing these next few days
Audrey – I bet if you had a conversation with becky you’ll learn things to.
Shelli says tonight when things blow up she needs to call Jeff out for lying.
Liz – I’m pissed he’s gotta go
Audrey wants to call a house meeting so everyone connects the dots
Vanessa – no house meeting house meetings are bad.

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6:10pm -7:10pm Bedroom Jeff and Jackie
Jeff has doubts about Clay and Shelli’s relationship there’s such a age difference. Jeff calls Clay a little boy.
Jeff saying someone is ratting on his game it’s either Clay, Shelli, Jason, James. He loves James thinks it’s Jason.
Jeff – Shelli is smart Clay is not
Jackie – Work Shelli if you want to stay that’s two votes.
Jeff says he’s got Johnnymac’s vote.
They agree Shelli is running Clay’s game.
Jackie calls them all “Fake f***”, Austin, Vanessa, Clay and Shelli
Jackie wonder if they are getting money to keep Audrey in the game.
Jackie doesn’t think Audrey deserve to be in the game.
Jackie says Vanessa is uncoordinated “I’ve seen her work out she’s going to hurt herself.. she can’t even jump”
Jackie is targeting Vanessa says “She’s going home’
James – she’s not going to win a lot of HOh after this
Becky comes in says she hasn’t had a DR since Da left.
Jeff starts rambling on about Vanessa mishandling her HOH and putting him up. He points out the holes in her reasons.
Jeff tells them putting him up was the plan and he believes Steve is the rat.
Jackie – Isn’t she shitting herself if you stay.. both of you..
Jeff says Vanessa tolds him she can sleep well at night knowing either Jeff or James goes this week.

Becky leaves

Jackie and James talking about putting up Austin, Liz, Vanessa and Steve
Jackie wants Audrey gone and if they can’t get Audrey out Vanessa can go.
Jeff points out that Vanessa made a mess about nothing this week.
Jeff says he talked to Vanessa like a human being and she acting like a child steamrolling him
Jeff complains Vanessa doesn’t think logical and she doesn’t build meaningful relationships in the house.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-13 18-49-12-450_jpg
James brings up Audrey and vanessa relating on a emotional level because they are on the same group “That’s one down for us”

Jeff – “how embarrassing is it that Audrey had to pull that card.. it’s something that is look down on.. it’s the opposite of creating equality”
James – Oh I agree.. same as pulling the race card.
Jeff says he never once looked at Audrey differently.
Jackie brings up Audrey could totally say they are bullying her and nobody will question it. Like when you’re called a racist everyone believe it without investigating.
James – I bet Steve knows something
Jeff – Steve’s always knows something scampering around acting sketchy

Jeff now saying James and Jeff are social people they are reasonable to talk to, “People like Audrey, Vanessa and steve you can never talk to”
James thinks that is why they were cast to cause chaos and turmoil
Jamesa leaves..
Jeff says he’s worried he doesn’t think he’s got the votes against James.
Jeff knows Vanessa wants him out.
Jeff – She’s so annoying
Jackie – ugh Like she told me she’s sorry.. obviously you’re not sorry.. don’t be sorry.
Jeff – I gotta get Austin and Liz on my side right now
Jackie – you gotta get Austin
Jeff – Liz owes me a big favour.. I did a favour a while ago
Jeff explains back when he was working with clay they were going to use Liz as a pawn other than Meg. He’s claiming that he was the one that saved Liz from going on the block.
Jeff – My game was working flawlessly.. until you get a psychopath like Vanessa winning HOH
Jeff – You are a f****g basket case.. she’s super weird
Jackie and Jeff agree Vanessa would have done terribly on the amazing race. They heard she was supposed to get cast on it.
Jeff – If Clay and Shelli vote against me i’ll tell you a different group of people to work with..
Jeff says keep JohnnyMac and Meg keep them close. Warns her about James and jason. Says James might be cool but he’s thrown Jeff under the bus already.
Jeff about Clay – I had a final three deal with him, it was more of a fake one
Jeff – If i’m going I’m going to blow everything up
Jeff tells her Austin is gross but she should still work with him, “If that sh1t didn’t happen between me and Vanessa you were going up”
Jeff – JohnnyMac has been my secret weapon

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-13 18-27-07-158_jpg

6:25pm – 7:25pm Liz and Austin Hammock
Catching up since the Veto competition. Goes over Saturday night when Jeff lost his mind and threw everyone under the bus.
Austin tells her the house thinks she’s a twin. After going through everything that happened they start having a conversation about the pros and cons of outing Liz (Officially). Austin brings up Jeff calling Jackie Easy he’s torn about what he should do. Liz says she would want to know but that’s her.
Liz says Julia was getting a cold sore. She says they were yelling at production asking them not to switch but they said they had to.
Austin says he always thought Jeff had bad motives. Liz can’t believe it took her so long to see him for who he is.
Austin mentions the gronk party and how there was one during the POV Ceremony so Jeff had to sit throughout the ceremony without a shirt.
Liz says she’s hear until Friday morning.

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You can keep telling yourself that on your way out the door on thursday,bruh!

#Jeff #Dude #Bruh #LOL


Isn’t everyone a “psychopath” these days? I wish they would stop overusing that word. It’s not cool to throw around.

This has been the most annoying week…come on Thursday already.

Eric CA

I have to say that Audrey is truly a pathological sociopath (a person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior and a lack of conscience.). Her, message to Mamma Da, The manner in which she attacks people then justifies it (i.e. recently her trying to separate Vanessa from Shelli and Clay at the same time trying to say that she wants to work with Vanessa and Shelli… yet does not trust Clay. These are the women that put their butts on the line for Audrey, she should be grateful.), her attempts to say that she is a victim of other peoples lies, never once acknowledging the truth. My guess is judging by the amount of time she has spent in the house and how fast it started… this is how Audrey is in the real world. She attacks people and then uses their reactions to justify her previous actions, therefore absolving her of all guilt… sociopath. She separates herself from the house, does things that would make the house not want to be around her and then blames the house for her isolation. After what has recently happened I seriously loathe Audrey. On a strategy level, due to the course that has been started she need to go, but perhaps there are bigger fish to fry… we will see. My guess is after seeing that NO one reacted negatively about her being transgender, she is probably extremely frustrated that her coming out did not get it’s desired reaction… I’m gay I have seen this happen time and again… some people feed on negativity it is like love for them… it is very toxic.

This is the Big Brother House… people do lie and cheat and slander… but Audrey is truly cold about it. Even Dan Gheesling had regrets… not a lot but he had them. There i a coldness about Audrey that is disturbing to me… that Mamma Day goodbye was chilling.

Not an expert

I agree with your assessment of Audrey. However, I would categorize her as a narcissist rather than a straight up sociopath. Narcissists actually have a deep self-hatred, which appears as self-absorbedness. Narcissists believe everyone is “out to get them”, yet they refuse to acknowledge their own wrongdoings.


That is a perfect description of Jeff! He is talking so much shit on everybody because his back is up against the wall. He is saying some awful things…plain ass mean! He can’t see what he’s done. In his mind he’s perfect and everybody should bow down to him. Pathetic!


Everyone in that house is guilty of lying to other people in the house. Each one of them has lied. Everyone just points it out much quicker on the people they dislike.

GeekSquad McGee

Only a psychopath would worry about the term being overused.


Really hoping for a Jackie, James HOH next week. It will be fun to see Vanessa side’s scramble next, if their side wins again, it’ll be the same as bb16. Also I would like to see how Vanessa will handle it once Audrey starts throwing her under the bus. :)))


The only way Jackie is winning an hoh is if it’s thrown to her…lol


I play this fun game where every time Jeff says “Bruh” or “dude” i take a shot of tequila.

B-bad owl

After an hour you would be comatose.


I’ll be right back dude….I need to run to the store to buy another bottle of tequila 🙂


The revenue you generate from the feeds must be staggering then. That’s a lot of booze even if you buy the cheap crap. Also, with that much to drink, I will say I’m impressed there are actual words in the recap.

Eric CA

That is the first step in admitting that you have a drinking problem… good work


You must be wasted!!

Eric CA

I’m not wasted I live is Seattle now…. I’m stoned Thank You. LOL


I’ll be right back…I need to run to the store for another bottle of tequila

Dude - doo

Buh bye Jeff dude bro…..don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya.

B-bad owl

The week to come:
Jeff is voted out Thursday.
Audrey and Austin win HoH.
Audrey nominates JohnnyMac and Meg.
Austin nominates James and Jason.
JohnnyMac throws the BoB. Audrey remains HoH.
JM wins PoV and pulls himself off.
Audrey stand up after JM uses the veto on himself and say “No big speech, and I don’t need a reason for my renom other than you are in my way of winning. Clay, take your seat.”
Shelli jumps up and yells “You said you will take us to final 3”
Audrey says “No, I said I WOULD GO to final 3 with you guys.”
Audrey then goes into an epileptic fit from so much truth coming out of her in such a short period of time.
Clay sits in the eviction chair wondering how this happened when everyone loves him so much.
Vanessa begins thinking of how many new alliances she can make because of this.
Shelli stands there crying.
James wonders if he was in full camo would anyone see him shoot Audrey.
Meg alternately laughs, then cries, then laughs…
Jason laughs hysterically at the absurdity of it all.
Austin thinks how great it will be with Clay getting voted out and Audrey having to leave for medical reasons, that there will be 2 less people between him and the ladies.
Liz/Julia sits there confused but not worried. Vanessa and Austin will tell them what they need to know later.
Jackie hopes her hair extensions look good in this light.
JohnnyMac and Becky exchange the slightest look that says “We are guaranteed final 4.”
Allison Grodner starts putting commercials on every hour on the hour promoting Wednesdays episode on every network she can buy time on.
After Wednesdays episode I, the viewer, jump out of my chair, both fists thrust in the air and yell “This us the greatest show ever!!!”

B-bad owl

I forgot Steve in this synopsis, but then again, so does the show.




Slow clap. Slow, freakin’ clap.


Jeff like the busted crooks on Scooby Doo.
I would have gotton away with it if hadn’t been for that darn Vanessa”

How you don’t love Nessa..if for nothing else you have to love how she has ruined Jackie n Jeffs plans of being full time reality stars and they are so pissed. U can just hear Jackie in her head. “Vanessa is ruining my stardom” which by the way Jackie…there never was any.

GeekSquad McGee

There’s not much to like about Vanessa. She’s erratic, hysterical, controlling, and annoying.

She is definitely one of the better game players in the house, and she is very smart. But she’s just not very likable on a personal level.

Eric CA

I like Vanessa… I think out of most of them I could hang out with her.

I survived last seasons BB

Audrey wants to call a house meeting so everyone connects the dots
Vanessa – no house meeting house meetings are bad

Umm,,,I wish DaVonne would have heeded that advice

And Jeff…You and flawless do NOT belong in the same sentence….


Well looks like Jeff’s time has come to an end unless he can pull the rabbit out from the sewer pipe! But in all reality The people who are working to get him out all deserve to be gone before him and are a way bigger threat than him IMO. That Shelli needs to be gone she is a snake and a devil in disguise! I throw up in my mouth every time I see her and Clay look at each other! The more and more I watch the more I like John’s chances of going a long way. He is liked by almost everyone because he does as the HoH instructs he can win PoV’s and has great relationships with everyone! Open up wide and say WIN!

joan jett is a fraud

the game here is to identify the RAT before the RAT gets the CHEESE. Clay is the RAT. I win.


James is smart just to not say much, I give him that. Glad Jeff is leaving.


Evidently there are some really mean people in the BB house this year. Why tell Jackie anything, she is going to find out when she gets out of the house, the only reason why you would tell her, is to make you look better, truth of the matter, you look like a tool. {which you are}
The majority of the people in the house I cannot stomach. BB is my guilty pleasure for the summer, and once more, they looked in the sewer and pulled out the rats to play the game. The few decent people that are in the house need to get shots!!!

Who's Jackie

Must be another twin….could be Becky’s or Meg’s twin.


Yeah, but I think it’s JohnnyMac’s twin that’s in there as well.


could not be Becky’s twin. There is no way they would have the same train in the face scars. I did read that Johnny Mac had a twin though. Hilarious.

Puppet Master

If HOH comp is about Gronk parties, that wouldn’t be fair to Liz, Julia’s been in the house during all of them.


Bleh. Audrey is just……………………..why. Does she ever say a nice thing about anyone?


Is it me or does Austin take every opportunity to thrash Jeff cause he LOVES the twins …. “I’m sacrificing my game for you” … why would u sleep in the bed …. he is the dork who never got the chicks but would be the mole for them and trash dudes to gain points …*** news flash**** they’re not into you …. he wants Jeff out for that reason only …. boy it is creepy watching him strike out

Who's Jackie

I just read that Austin likes Jackie, so she must be somebody’s twin.


creepier you picked to use his name even though he creeps you out. That is full blown stalker tendency:)


100% agree. I remember saying earlier on that Austin was jealous of Clay. Austin is such a hypocrite. He is doing the exact same thing as Jeff–putting his hands in too many cookies jars. Just like Jeff, everyone is also on to him. He thinks he has “misted” everyone with his “strategic” game talk , stupid catch phrases, and continual shirtless workouts. This whole ‘I can pull her into my alliance’ is just a cover to try to have a showmance. You’ll notice since Jackie gave him the brush off , he hasn’t mentioned wanting her in whatever new alliance he is forming at the moment. Austin has this combined hero and intellectual superiority complex so I would expect him to know better behavior wise. He acts as though he is doing the show a huge favor by gifting us with his presence this season. This is why is its so baffling to him that none of the women want him and why he’s still angry that he wasn’t part of the big alliance that formed week 1. The egos in the house this season are out of control.


udrey did anyone just hear Jason tell Jeff on the couch that Audrey is one of 3 most liked in the house No look F N way she or he has to go she is pissing me off and I can’t wait for vannessa to get out of the HOH room omg she’s so aggravating

Butters Mom

From the sound of it… Jason is a fan of Onlinebigbrother! 🙂

Butters Mom

Not specifically but he was talking about the online sites and they have a vote each week for favorite in the house and said he is a super fan and he knows the online fans probably hate him right now and he’s probably low on the likable charts. It made me wonder what he goes by on here if this is the site he reads.


I wonder who will be the target but I have a feeling audrey or jason.

House Meeting

Let’s play a drinking game….Everyone take a shot when Audrey suggests they should have a house meeting and see how long it takes to get alcohol poisoning!!!! 🙂

bingo bob

Andy stopped by the TRUCK STOP the other day and bought CHICKEN FRIED STEAK for all the truck drivers.I love CHICKEN FRIED STEAK with green beans mashed potatoes and biscuits and gravy. Always good to see Andy. So Andy sez that Clay will win because Clay is the RAT. Andy knows about rats .


I heard Jason mention Jokers. Jeff is clueless about bb.


Just me or anybody else notice that now all the sudden jeff keeps running to jackie for solace!! He has ignored her and trashed her all season and now that hes in trouble she is all the sudden his rock…ugghhh, I LOATHE jeff!


For the most part Jackie knows what Jeff has been up to, she even confronted him once. I’m just not sure why she feels the need to avenge his eviction (if that happens). It’s a dumb game move since she really isn’t in any kind of alliance that would protect her going forward.


The reason you didn’t see much of Jeff and Jackie together, is in one of the first episodes they decided to be a team, but would act like they aren’t together anymore, so no one would realize it. Jeff told her they needed to keep their meetings to as few as possible and try not let anyone see them talking any game.


Never been a fan of ppl that get on here and think theyll be stars afterwards. Frankie, jeff/jordan, rachel reilly. Jeff and jackie are those 2 this year. So annoying. You are not stars just please try to win the big prize. Jackie might be more clueless than victoria was

Bunny Slipper

Ugh, couldn’t they have found better twins than jizzia?


Liz is starting to get on my nerves a little bit with the way she talks. Sorta got a valley girl slang and drags her words out at times like when she says “I knnnnnoooooooowwwwww” Could just imagine her and Jeff having a deep conversation with him going “dude/bro” and her going “I mean like yaaaaaahhhhh, I knnnnnnooooooowww”


Yaaaaaaaasssssssss! Me toooooooo! Ha! Ha! Just had to do that! Julia is better tho! 🙂

Bill Dan

Ohhhh nooooooo!!!
I knowwwwwwww!!!

These two phrases constitute half of the sentences Liz utters.


Just watching Audrey makes me extremely uncomfortable. If she was in a room with me, I would have to get up and leave it. I have no degrees so I won’t try and diagnose her, but several times during my life I have met people like her, and like Vanessa is doing, give them a second chance. WRONG!!! Go with your first instincts. This woman is “BAT-SHIT” crazy. Just when you think she has finally going to trust someone because they have protected or defended her, she turns on them. They could do a study on her, and never come to a conclusion. I thought Amanda Z. from BB15 was crazy, but I find Audrey in a completely different class all together. If I lived in the same house as her I would be sleeping with one eye open and a garlic necklace.

Butters Mom

haha… you need the garlic necklace for Austin.


“House meetings are bad”
B!tch how is this the smartest thing you’ve said all week? Seriously Vanessa I’m really disappointed in how you played this week…


Clay is possibly the most boring person to listen to talk that has ever existed. First of all he non stop talks and says absolutely nothing. Then u can tell that he thinks of himself as really intelligent but everyone that hears him speak knows he is dumber than dirt. It’s almost u feel embarrassed for him when he speaks.

Clay u think u running this game..but news flash. Nessa cutting u loose long before your girl Shelli.


But he sure is nice for us girls to look at!


I’m to the point now where I fast forward past the eternally smiling Shellie and the narcissistic oaf Clay. It will only get interesting with these two once either/both are nominated for eviction.

Everybody else has to temper their alliances so as not to upset the house,yet these two constantly remind you they are a duo with everything they do.

brotalk to human dictionary

Every time she speaks, Julia/Liz reminds me of Janice the muppet from Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem. Is it just me?
Side note: I didn’t know the flawless big brother game was defined as running your mouth to everyone, naming everyone in the house as your target, and depending on nobody ever speaking to anybody else until the end of the game. Why wasn’t I told? Thanks for clearing that up Jeff.
And again: Audrey’s not crazy. She’s been tested. For at the very minimum of a year before her surgery, but more likely for more than three before and another year during her transition. She’s just playing the pastiche version of every previous bb villain’s game from the perspective that she’s a hero. She’s intentionally trying to be good tv. Judging by the amount of attention she’s getting, we’re all giving her what she wants.


Totally off subject here but I’m really curious. Did Frankie ever acknowledge or discuss how hated he was last season? He thougt America loved him…..




Wrong. Dead wrong on Audrey not being crazy. Whoever her shrinks were should give up their practices. I understand that transgender is a “hot topic” right now. But Audrey…seriously? If I were transgender I’d be mortified if this is someone who was chosen to “represent” in the public eye. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not saying everyone on BB is or behaves sane. But that broad has some SERIOUS issues.

brotalk to human dictionary

imo, saying she’s crazy releases her from taking responsibility from her actions. it’s not her fault it’s mental illness? not willing to agree with that. She’s aware of and culpable for every choice she makes in the game.