James – “I don’t believe sh1t Audrey says.. we’re just waiting for the right time to strike”


POV Holder: Steve Next POV July 3rd
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony June 28th
HOH Winner Team 1: James HOH Winner Team 2: Jason
Nominations 1 : Steve, Jackie Nominations 2: Becky, Johnny mac
Battle of the Block Winner Becky and Johnny Mac Next HOH/ Next BOB July 2nd / ?
Original Nominations: Becky, Johnny, Steve, Jackie
Current Nominations: Jace, Jackie
Have Nots Austin, Da’Vonne, Liz, Vanessa

Big Brother 17 Alliance break down

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-29 15-13-45-501

3:15pm Audrey and Meg
Audrey tells her worst case scenario is if Day and Jason win the HOH. Meg doesn’t think so. (they are in the same alliance the high rollers)
Audrey says they have an agenda, Day and Jason will backdoor who they want.

Audrey asks Meg who she thinks worst case is. Meg dodges the question says she’s still trying to figure it out.
Meg – This games fun isn’t it
Audrey says Clay told her James/Day/Jason think it was her that told Jace about the “Song thing”.
Audrey thinks Day was the one (they had made up a song for Jace “Long hair, Don’t care, Sit in the eviction chair.. etc etc. Jace found out about it from Vanessa who heard it from … guess WHO Audrey. Jace then told James and now James is trying to figure out who it was)

Meg wonders how james found out that Jace knows about the song.
Audrey – Oh I told them (JAce told james)
THey both have noticed Becky and her cleaning they think it’s her way of staying in rooms to eavesdrop.

Audrey is really missing home. Meg gets called into the Diary room. They comment how many DR sessions they are getting called in to do today.

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-29 15-28-28-137

3:28pm Liz, Steve and Austin
Austin tells them his ponytail in his beard was inspired by “that Barbarian guy” from season 1 of game of thrones, “He played Conan in the new Conan the barbarian” (Jason Momoa and the characters name is Khal Drogo) Austin thought it look bada$$ on the show.

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-29 15-39-04-656

3:36pm Have nots Vanessa and DAY
Getting to know each other. DAY has a close lesbian friend. Vanessa has 2 best friends…
DAY says every two seconds she feel like she’s gotta watch her back
DAY says every season of Big Brother she would watch with her grandmother, She would always tell DAY to apply and get on the show. She died last year and missed the season so DAY decided to apply after the season was over.

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-29 15-49-03-474

3:48pm Austin and Meg Bathroom
Meg – I feel like you HAVE to vote with the house this week, IT SUCKS
Austin – YA I know
Meg – I’m just trying to figure out what is going on
Austin brings up how so many of his words got flipped around.
They promise to keep their conversations to themselves.
Meg keeps stressing she doesn’t know what is going on. They agree seeds are always getting planted in people heads making you second guess things.
Meg – Actions speak louder than words
Austin is going to go with his instinct because people have been lying to him
Austin – My instincts are SHOT”
Meg is glad they had a talk.

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-29 15-55-33-677

3:54pm HOH Meg and James
Meg is trying to figure out who is shady and who is not
Meg brings up Audrey telling that Clay told her Jason and Day thinks she’s the one telling people about the song.

James – that is the craziest thing in the whole world
Meg – they wouldn’t tell Clay that
James – they would not have told about the song.. Audrey just stirring all that sh1t up
James – She told me something similar yesterday
Meg – She thinks it’s DAY, she thinks it’s DAY working with Liz
James – I don’t believe sh1t Audrey says .. I don’t care if Audrey says the sky is blue outside .. I don’t give a damn it’s green I don’t believe ya

James – She’s running around the house like a damn saboteur.. we gotta remember whatever she says is a bunch of bull crap
James thinks she should go to DAY and tell her what Audrey is doing.
James – Our group is keeping information from Audrey we don’t trust her anymore.. we’re just waiting for the right time to strike
Meg – Jeff is thinking if Liz wins HOH we can get her out

James is worried if Liz wins the HOH her and Austin may try and flip the house with Audrey’s help.
Meg doesn’t understand why Jace is still trying to play the game. He told her about a Dream he had where he found out who backstabbed him.
James – Audrey and Austin had a separate alliance
james knows that Audrey told austin about the song and austin told JAce.

Meg – she keeps trying to go plant seeds and she’s making such a big deal about not talking game these next 3 days
Meg – Clay at some point has got to turn on her

Meg says there’s something going on with Clay, Shelli and Audrey. She thinks Shelli has 3 final 3 deals. James says Shelli can go up to. (With Audrey)
James – I was blinded about Audrey until yesterday.. it hit me like a MACK truck
James says the group they have now he trusts everyone but Audrey, Shelli and Clay. (He trusts Jason, DAY, Jeff, Meg)
meg thinks Clay’s primary loyalties are Audrey and Shelli
James thinks Clay has tiny deal with everyone in the house.
They agree Audrey and Clay are playing the same game and Audrey slipped up. James is certain someone will rat Clay out once they get on the block.

James thinks they can talk to Clay slap in the head and tell him Audrey is a snake and he would listen.
Meg says the best plan is for Liz to win the HOH and take out Audrey.
Meg says Audrey thinks they are close in the game. James brings up Audrey telling him she doesn’t trust Jason.

James points out that every single bit of drama in their group started with Audrey.
Meg – do you realize what would happen if we followed what she said..
says they would have had 3 house meeting and 9 conspiracy meeting late at night that no one knows what she’s saying.
James – She might be America’s player.. she goes to the Diary room a lot or she’s America’s favorite… she comes out of the Diary happy as hell

James – she thinks she’s smart but we got her figured out
James- she’s worst than Jace
Meg says they need one more person on their side before they go after Meg
Meg and James agree Audrey will wreck havoc in the house if she’s nominated. Meg is worried she would “Work her magic” and stay.

Meg mentions her conversation with Austin he said he’s not voting for Jace. They suspect the only vote lace might have is from Vanessa.

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-29 16-29-13-470

4:28pm Austin and Liz
Austin says the underground movement against Audrey is starting

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-29 16-36-12-857

4:35pm Backyard Shelli and Clay
Shelli says her favorite drinks are red wine Merlot, bean and diet coke and Starbucks latte.
(Lota chit chat going on today)

[envira-gallery id=”117604″]

4:49pm Jason and Liz playing around with the dentist stuff in the have nots room. DAY is also in the room. They pull something apart and we get fish.

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-29 16-53-01-548

4:50pm Meg, DAY James and Jason
Meg is filling them in about Audrey saying Clay telling her Jason and DAY thing Audrey told JAce about the eviction Song.
MEG – she’s trying to ignite the feud between you again
DAY – she’s putting the nail in her coffin
James – she’s the saboteur
Jason – she must have thought she was in here with 15 idiots
James – Audrey is a snake in the grass
They agree to keep it cool right now because they don’t know what the twist will bring. They’ll keep playing along with her.
Jason says if Audrey gets on the block she’s gone the house knows she’s a threat.
meg tells them Jeff has been working Liz like crazy. Jeff is trying to pull Liz away from Austin. Meg adds the plan is to get Liz to win HOH and get Audrey out so it’s that side of the house not them.
Meg and Jame leaves.
DAY says Clay still trusts Audrey and is relaying information to her so watch out what they say to Clay. Jason suspect that Audrey knows they are on to her.
DAy – I didn’t come her to be nobody’s puppet f*** that.. we gotta get a handle on James
(Sounds like there is concern with James talking too loud and being loose with what he says in areas where opponents can hear)

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Next week is going to be fun!

Audrey's Crazy Eyes

Meg is more perceptive than I thought. Send Audrey home!


I so wish Clay would back away from Audrey. Even shelli is somewhat onto audrey but clay seems blinded to her snakery. I wonder if Clay would play better if Audrey was gone. I like him (I know a lot of people don’t) and think he and shelli would be better off without Audrey. Wake up Clay or you’re going home soon!!


Clay seems to e playing the same game as Audrey, like a snake slithering around and making people hope up by his lies. I am just so happy that Audrey’s behavior is in the light. It was hard to figure out what her end game was the last 2 days. It makes me wonder what kind of person she is because it seems to come naturally.


I totally agree with you about Audrey. Lying and playing all sides comes way too easily for her. The minute she tried to get Shelli and Da into an alliance on the premiere I knew she was gonna be trouble. I Really want to like Clay but it’s so hard! I think he would’ve played differently if Audrey wasn’t there but maybe he is just like her.

another name

… first eviction isn’t even in the books yet and I already dislike everyone. well, not completely. I don’t mind the ones that I keep forgetting are even in the house. you know: whatshisname and who’s she?





OMG just from the few clips I’ve been able to see in canada…aren’t you feedsters. Ready to smash the screen at frustration of Audrey shit? I really don’t like the poker player anymore…she keeps kissing Audrey ass when she should be telling her to fuck off no?


the people are too diff from eachother, nobody seems to be perfect to be in an alliance with one another.

Brad H

In my opinion, the best alliance would be Austin, Liz, Johnny Mac, Steve, & Shelli because none of them bully people. I also think that all 5 of them are much smarter than people think. Plus I can’t really say anything bad about any of them except that Shelli is too into the whole showmance thing with Clay.

Puppet master

Id trade Shelli for Vanessa.

Brad H

Fair enough. At least Vanessa is playing the game lol


what a bore


I think your commenting on the wrong season, BB16 was a bore.


I can’t stand Audrey. OMG. She just won’t stop over playing this game. She is always accusing someone or telling on someone or stirring all types of s…!!!! Just annoying. There is no need to throw your own alliance under the bus every day every hour. I’m so surprised no one hasn’t told her the hell off by now and sitting by just letting her get away with saying the same load of bull. It’s like they are all affraid of her. Like just because she is Transgender does not mean to walk around on egg shells just listening to to her lie over and over. I just don’t get it. Any other season someone would have called out the rat. Especially the first week. But they are all acting affraid like it’s two months into the season and they have to play it safe for fear they will be evicted. It’s the WHOLE HOUSE that is on to her and they all are just still listening to her garbage. Give me a break…seriously???


I can’t stand Audrey

Puppet master

seems like most of the HG auditioned this year. Know who was recruited?


my guess is it’s about 50/50 this season. vanessa, jeff, and jackie are all obviously recruits with many of the others potentially going either way. it’s hard to believe whoever is the twin isn’t a recruit and anyone from la or ny is always gonna be questionable. still better than the last two seasons when i strongly doubt more than one or two contestants weren’t recruits.

Puppet master

Lovin how quickly the posts are being updated tis year. Great job Simon and Dawg!

Straight Up!!!!!!!

I think it’s slow because people are sick and tired of CBS imbedding gratuitous “token” deviants.


I am dying to get live feeds but live in Canada. Does anyone know how to do this effectively? Thanks.


Is it just me or is watching the feeds on mobile almost impossible??


Anybody…I’m a trucker and the feed is just horrible. I have Verizon and a strong 4g signal. Android


Audrey’s tactic is the same as Frankie revealing himself to be AG’s brother. People are drawn to them because they have something ‘unique’ and are different from the other houseguests. It’s a good tactic because it makes them a “social butterfly”.
Meg is surprising me a lot, I expect her to be a Becky based on her pre season interviews but she is really perceptive. By the looks of it Day, James, Jason, Meg, Jeff with +Jackie are now solid on one team, Liz, Vanessa, and Austin are on one. Really hope that Day and Vanessa or a floater wins the next HOH. I can’t wait for Aud to be in panic mode.


Audrey is playing the game way to hard and way too fast. I hope it gets her evicted next week. She isn’t as smart as she thinks she is, because it only took a couple of weeks for everyone to figure it out. From what I can tell, Jeff was the first one to see Audrey as the cause of all drama. I like James, but he is a dufus. He’s HOH and only figured it out last night. Almost everyone else in the house knew before he did. I was totally prepared to hate Jeff, but he is a lot smarter than he looks, I think the rest of the house is underestimating him, lets see if he can turn that to his advantage. I am also liking Vanessa so far, but now that it has gotten out that she is a poker pro, she will have a big target on her back. I really hate the bob.


We have a winner….. Audrey most “everything” in the house. What usually happens to ruin feeders day is instead of getting evicted someone does the unthinkable and becomes the target instead. Next thing you know it’s jury and she is still there OMW. Couple more weeks of drama then she gotta go!

Well something interesting at least. 4 days to eviction is a long time from POV ceremony.
Clay fix your game before your just a number. Jeff and Jackie doing surprisingly well early. From turd to hero James is driving the Audrey gotta go bus very nice play/read inside the BB house. Where’s Johnnie ….. Waldo would be proud. Guys got a potential run and Steve the nerd might find a herd. I like these 2 guys early some.

Brad H

Jeff needs to realize he can trust Austin & Liz 100 percent. Those 3, J Mac, & Meg would be a good alliance.


This is the line that has me most concerned:
James – She might be America’s player.. she goes to the Diary room a lot or she’s America’s favorite… she comes out of the Diary happy as hell
Could it be that Production is guiding her along???


Becky is also a recruit. She made a comment that she had never watched Big Brother until 2 months ago.


Jason Momoa is a badass! Looking forward to seeing how he pulls off Aquaman.