Jed “I’m almost to the point where I wish you had put him [Keifer] up instead of Vic.”

Head of Household: Beth
Nominations: Ro, Tera, Vic
The Power of Veto Players are: Rohan, Tera, Tina, Tychon, Breydon
POwer of Veto Winner: Rohan
Power of Veto Ceremony: Rohan used the Veto Vic went up.
Have nots: ?????

Big Brother spoilers – Vic is nominated her campaign is strong.

12:30am HOH room. Beth, Ty, Keifer, Breydon and Jed.
Breydon – what are the biggest pros to keeping V? I like a good pros and cons. Jed – the biggest pros? Breydon – yeah. Beth – target. Jed – she is a bigger target in the house. If she stays loyal she has the ability to win HOH’s and to not put us on the block. Breydon – and what are the cons. Beth – Cons.. she is a GREAT liar! She could be lying right to our face right now. Jed – she is very emotional, she could beat everyone in the finals. Breydon – she could beat any of us in the HOH. She’s done it three times. Ty – twice. Jed – and she is just a wildcard .. she has the ability to flip flop with her decisions. Breydon – one thing that scared me was the whole time she was HOH she was doing it for Canada. At the end of the day she is doing what Canada would love to see or would like. That’s my biggest fear. Jed – so does it change anything that Vic would be willing to put up Tina? Whereas Tera would never put up Tina. So its just fewer options for her to put up in the first place. Ty – in the event that she wins.. yes. Jed – which is like honestly .. unlikely but who knows. We really don’t know. Ty – it is really hard to predict comps. Beth looks at her HOH photo and says Ahhhhhgggg.. its so hard that they know the truth! They know the truth! Breydon – literally. Ty – you already put her on the block. Jed – you can’t take someone like that off the block. Breydon – that is my only thing then why enrage her. Tera joins them.

1:20am Hot Tub room. Beth and Jed.
Beth – oh my god Keifer! Jed – oh my god! I almost freaked the f**k out! I swear to god! I was pissed! Beth – if Breydon wasn’t there I think I would have went harder. Like dude! We’ve been together. Jed – his emotionality pisses me off to the max! Beth – like you’re pissed because of the house meeting!? And that was like what was going to happen but now I am going to tell Vic not actually call it official. Jed – you know why? Because he doesn’t want to get called out.. because he will get called out. Beth – I know because he is in the middle. Jed – yeah that’s what he said the last time. He said I don’t want to get called out. He is so annoying! Oh my god! I almost freaked out. Beth – and you know what? This will be sh*t that we say when he has to go.. like you weren’t in! You’ve been sketch since week 6… week 5. Jed – if he is going to act like that I am almost to the point where I wish you had put him up instead of Vic. Beth – I know. Vic is telling the truth .. but we just have to let her go. She wasn’t going to come for us. We trusted them. I am pissed about that. I don’t even want to be around Tera .. like I am so bothered by her. And Keifer doesn’t like when we talk about her. Jed – I know. Beth – we can’t even confront Keif because he will switch to the other side. Jed – so do we take out one of his people? Beth – the only person that is solid is Breydon. Jed agrees. Ty and Keifer join them.

Tuesday morning.. 10:05 am Vic plans on calling out Tera and Tina. She spends 20 minutes pleading her casde to Ty.

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New Kid

Why are jed/Beth/Ty so stupid to think they actually have Breydon??? Breydon has done NOTHING to prove any loyalty to them unlike Vic and Keifer who have actually won HOHs and kept all 3 of them safe multiple times now. Jed and Ty more so are absolutely stupid to trust a word Breydon is saying and even more stupid to think that targeting Vic and then Keifer is a good move

another name

The issue comes down to they know both Vic and Kiefer have other options in the house.
They know they’ve been playing the middle.
They think Brey was Austin’s puppy, and he’s alone.
Therefore they think Brey is now their puppy.
Even as Kief tells them he sees Ro and Brey whispering, they were in an alliance…
If they stop to think back, Brey has told them Ro has approached him about having his vote this week (pre veto) about being his hg choice for veto (pre veto) and that he’s asked him about the game plan. He hasn’t been forthcoming about information and made it seem harmless, but did tell them about the conversations. If asked, Breydon will remind them of this, he’s covering his tracks. If asked why he suddenly is with them, Brey’s out is well Ty and I just started cuddling last week, and I’ve always been friends with Beth. He could easily say i’m only with you guys now instead of earlier because you never let me join you before.
This diametrically opposes Kief and Vic, that spend time with the other side and never come back with information until it’s far too late and their double dipping has already been exposed. Kiefer told them he was going to keep Tera and Tina in line: how often did he report the content of their conversations? Vic only admitted to being a mole after she was on the block.
It’s the timing that is raising questions.


Should of put Capn Ahab(Keifer) up.


If vic can manage to make it through this week she will be (in my opinion) a bb legend. Also im loving Ro. Hes remained more calm than i could ever be when kief picks on him and he has managed to pull himself off the block a few times.

another name

So Vic has definitely determined Ty to be the weak link (the sentimental one) in the trio.
This is her third go at him since going on the block.
Ty, of course, is lapping it up. Ty IS the most swayed when it comes to Vic.

Now that the reason for getting rid of Vic is that she’s a big player, not about her truth telling allergy, Vic’s argument has lost a lot of it’s value imo.
Ty’s upset at getting rid of VIc because she’s a big player that wouldn’t go against him (when he says them, insert him because that’s more realistic).
Jed: oh just push Jed’s righteous fury button and let him go calling a million house meetings. No seriously, dude is house meeting happy because he wants to sit in the chair at the centre of the room and put people ‘in their place’. It’s another part of his intimidation game. If he were the subject not the inquisitor in a house meeting, he’d have a very different view.

Kief has warned everyone about this planned attack by Vic. They are all sitting wondering how they should cope with it, laugh or argue. Kief i suspect will try to crawl under a couch or become flatulent toad wallpaper that sweats tadpoles. Seriously, guy has been actually sweating for 30 hours, worried he’s nailed as Vic’s co-conspirator in the start a war, sit back and claim the middle status plot they hatched last week.

Tina, who spent quite a while glaring into the cameras last night pissed about Kiefer being off, and spending too much time running to the trio and Vic, doesn’t seem to be showing it today. She’s coaching Tera on points to make: she’s after Ro, and Kief is after Ro. Vic pinned her invisible HOH on Ty to get everyone to target Ty. Tera asks Ro if Brey could flip his vote, Ro says no way. Just be clear and concise about what you say (give her a spead sheet and a pie chart Ro, we know you want to). Tera tells Beth about what Vic said last night in the bedroom. Beth said we just need to stand strong. Everyone knows Vic isn’t going to call out Ty Jed or Kiefer (Kiefer better hope… but Tina has already noted he is being a different person this week… yah Tina, he’s in crisis mode that he’ll be outed).
Tera is talking with Beth, who is throwing all the shields Tera will need. She’s giving Tera all the points Vic is going to make.
TIna meanwhile is getting from Ty and Jed that Tera needs to say that Ty and Jed are safe. She informs them that she used Jed’s name as a pawn to go after Ro because Jed can beat Ro in veto. She’s saying Tera is saying what they want to hear, but they’ve yet to get a Tera to BB dictionary. The boys understand that Tera has kept her word when she’s given it, and she doesn’t give her word often, so that matters. They just want Tina to tell Tera to use the exact words (… because coached utterances are sincere as fuq?).
Tera tells Beth that there is no way Vic doesn’t come after her if Vic stays, she was insulted by the nom speech. Keeping Vic is taking away a big resume point from Beth.
Tina is waiting to collect her little Hellion from her meeting with the Amish Librarian Pornstar (my impression of her veto outfit yesterday).

Vic has now come to Beth to say the exact reverse of what Tera said about the conversation last night (every Vic word now came out of Tera’s mouth).

Breydon better get his douche whisperer hat on. He’s going to have to spray some extra mist. All Vic has on him that she reported to Ty is he used to be close to Ro, but might be closer to them now, but might be easily swayed. But that’s going to take a couple mist passes to get them back on track. Jed will go anger mode, Ty will go keep my back up mode.

According to Poll results, Ro won skip the dishes. Again.

another name

The tie could be forced this week.
But I don’t see a majority flip.
Do the boys really want to put Beth in that position? That’s the question you really have to answer. Would Ty be willing to push for a tie behind Beth’s back? Would Jed?

Here is a side question I’ve got: does anyone remember Ty and Jed’s response to Tera giving them loyalty tests? They were insulted beyond reason. So why do they think it’s a good thing to be doing to the 4ths of their triangle?

If Vic keeps saying she’s doing this for Canada… and Ro has actually won his second Canada Vote… what does Vic DO?


Vic is VERY fired up right now

another name

Way back I put in one of my alliance charts that the Sunsetters go to move was Intimidation, and the Oddballs go to move was denial. This is what we are seeing in the shouting match.
I don’t think Vic is winning this battle. She’s not denying enough.
I don’t think Ro is winning this battle. He’s denying too much.
Ain’t nobody knows what Tera is doing. But go insane chihuahua all you want there Tera, we’ll wait for the Tera to BB translation.

Bag gate has been thoroughly discussed. Kiefer backed down. Kiefer in confrontation is a complete wus. The vote flip last week has been brought up. Brey admits that Vic told him about it. Ro contends he never did it. Tbh, there’s only Vic’s word it happened really, because the boys and Beth didn’t have any of the convos (Ro told Beth she could make the decision and he’d do what she wanted last week).
The Invisible HOH thing is exposed. Tera’s point: why pin it on Ty if you weren’t trying to paint a target on Ty? Vic scrambles to that one. At least to me she’s scrambling obviously.
As Vic gets louder and Ro interrupts her causing her to get even louder, instead of being on the offensive, the meeting looks more like Vic is in the hotseat. But will the boys that want to believe Vic see it that way? This is the thing: the boys are predisposed to believe Vic.
Brey is laughing through this thing quietly, so only Kief can hear. Beth has visibly moved further away from Vic if that’s any indication.

Beth Jed and Ty backing Vic up in this house meeting even a little though, is a huge error if they don’t plan to keep Vic. HUGE. It makes them look like they are TRYING to egg on the confrontation.

So. Results:
Tera exposed the alliance name Oddballs. Breydon exposed the final three Bossy Glossies.
Beth wishes the oddballs owned targeting the trio. They pinned it on Vic starting the ball rolling every time and everyone just agreeing with Vic (that DID happen, a lot, but sure as hell not every time).
Everyone says they wish Ro owned the vote flip. (Brey knows about the vote flip and Ro being sketch about it, he’s known since Austin was in the house, when Austin told Brey that Ro had told her she was going because there wasn’t enough votes to flip).
Kief admits that Vic was lying a lot out there, but the boys are stuck on the oddballs being liars at the moment. Predisposed to believe Vic, remember?
Ro is coming off as a liar (denied too much).
Vic is coming off as a wishywashy that would go back to playing middle (didn’t deny enough). She admitted too many things, and lied a lot at the same time.
Beth is convinced Vic would try to go back to playing middle. Jed is.. okay Jed lost the plot somewhere and is just agreeing with everyone no matter what side they take right now.
Jed thinks Vic went too dark on the personal feelings stuff in her Tera attack.
They think Tera would still target Ro (thanks to Kief and Breydon saying she would).
The trio trust Breydon still.
Kiefer is saying he might sort of like Rohan now, like they’re the new Kevin and Karen.

Vic is back to Rohan saying they can work together to get out the trio. She’s trying to get Rohan to flip after that conversation. Is Rohan that stupid? Check his predetermined spreadsheet and power point on how he thinks the game should go.
Rohan might just be dumb enough to try to flip the vote.
Rohan might be doing jury management.
Rohan might be trying to make it look like Vic would jump back to Rohan.
Rohan error: he said Brey is still down for the cause in targeting the trio. Vic will run that into the ground at some point.
Knowing RO and his stupidity: He’d keep Vic.


About Vic somehow playing for her own mind. I don’t represent Canada little girl and neither do you but I can promise you your sob story and lying and cruel ways may represent your block in Hamilton but that’s it. My downtownToronto hood wants you evicted.


Nothing like a good old fashioned knock down drag out BB fight. I see Victimia is still at it.

another name

Vic has already run to Jed and Beth to try to expose Breydon as playing the middle.
Because Rohan is an idiot.
Beth and Jed have already decided she has to go.
Tera has already admitted the oddballs existed but they were dismantled by Vic’s middle play and the evictions of Kyle and Austin.
Vic starts with TNT started the vote flip talk and Ro climbed aboard (last week Austin vote).
Tera already admitted last week and this week they weighed both options, but decided they preferred rolling with the trio.
I don’t know if this gets Vic help.
I think this is a deaf ears conversation.
It wouldn’t be if it was to Ty and Jed. But this pitch is to Beth and Jed.
They know RO lies.
Breydon? He’s been misting them so far, and I think Vic saying Breydon so much will be a non starter once he mists them again. He’s going to say so she’s saying my name constantly?
Beth is asking if the veto speech pissed Vic off. Vic says no. guurl. come on.
I don’t know.
At this point who knows what the trio ends up thinking.
Beth thinks she’s Breydon’s new Austin. That has more weight than Vic wants to be good with the boys imo. But Beth has backed down to the boys and played for the boys in the past.