“you got caught playing both sides hard and now you are doing everything you can”

Head of Household: Beth
Nominations: Ro, Tera, Vic
The Power of Veto Players are: Rohan, Tera, Tina, Tychon, Breydon
POwer of Veto Winner: Rohan
Power of Veto Ceremony: Rohan used the Veto Vic went up.
Have nots: everyone on slop everyone cold showers

Big Brother Spoilers – Lots of activity today. Still looking like Vic is going to be evicted but so many possibilities now.

11:40 am Vic and Tera have their fight in the hot tun areas. It revolves around Tera saying that Vic wanted to throw Beth’s bag off the balcony and people saying that Vic is targeting a “big target”

The fight starts with Tera saying that Vic wanted to throw Beth’s bag off the balcony.
Vic – I swear on my boyfriend’s life..
Ro jumps in they argue about Vic blaming the HOH on Ty.
Vic – guess what I am on an island.. I am doing what is best with my game. I thought Breydon and Austin at the time going up was best for my game. It would have been easier for me to pin it on [TnT, Ro, Breydon, Austin] and get one of yo guys out (Jed/Ty) Instead that is not what I thought was a good move for me. so I didn’t do it.
Vic says she wants to be clear that the conversation they brought to Beth was something they all had she wasn’t there having the conversation by herself.
Vic – you are telling me you didn’t try to flip the vote on Austin
Ro – no
Vic – you are F***ED up Rohan. You swore on your family that’s f***ed
Tina – everyone says that
Tera – same as you sore on your family you wouldn’t put Ty up then threatened him
Vic – did he go up?
Tera – it doesn’t matter
Vic – did he go up? I didn’t do it
Vic again asks Rohan if he’s not after the boys “who the f* are you going for?”
Tera – you got caught playing both sides hard and now you are doing everything you can. It’s fine
Vic – you guys are bringing literally lies though
Tina – I have no reason to come into this game and lie to the people I’m playing with

Vic says she never through them under the bus (TnT/Ro) “and now I’m sitting on the block because of it”
Vic – I didn’t say a word to beth about you guys I’m being honest I haven’t lied.. you guys are lying. that’s why I am hurt I f**ing believed you guys.

Vic calls Tera, Tina, and Ro out for “throwing her under the bus” Goes on about telling TnT to campaign to Beth to stay off the block all while she should have been doing it herself.
Vic says she’s been crying in bed trying to figure out why she’s on the block.
Vic calls Tera out for running to Beth this morning to warn her that Vic was getting ready for a confrontation, “you knew you were going to get figured out”

During the rampage Vic tells TnT and Ro she was never coming after them but she now is. (not sure if Sunsetters caught this)
Vic – you promised me loyalty in this game If I stay here I’m f**ing coming after you guys (TNT/Ro)
Vic to TnT/To “I had your back I never talked sh1t about you guys”
Ro – I’ve been on the block four times already doesn’t really matter at this point
Vic – I never told Beth once what to do with her HOH I swear to f***ing god. I let you do your thing
Tera says Vic is trying to pin them against Beth, Jed, Ty
Vic – I am not
Tera brings up Vic telling her about overhearing Beth saying to the boys that she doesn’t respect Tera’s game and that she doesn’t deserve to be here.
Vic – I don’t remember that conversation
Tera – you are lying to my face

Vic to Tera – you don’t deserve to f***ing be here and you do it f***ing complain. You’re a f**ing liar
Vic repeatedly swears on “Jesus Christ” and “Her boyfriend’s life”

They argue about Vic saying she’s after “Big Targets”
Vic swears on her family left and right. Tera calls her out for this.

Standard yelling match. Vic pulls out the tears as she goes on saying that TnT and Ro are denying things.
Tina – if you are in a room and it’s brought up what are you going to do not agree with it?
Vic – that is what I am saying
Ro – I can’t help if I am in a bedroom doesn’t mean I am part of the conversation
Vic – but you did initiate. So you are not going for them? (the trio)
Ro – no. I told them that to their face in Expedia..
Vic – okay.. then you f***ing played me that is insanity if you guys believe he’s not coming for you guys that is f*ed up.
Ro says he’s not in a position to put his game on the line “I’ve been on the block four times I’ve been on slop four times, I’ve had to win Vetos to take myself off the block like you said this is Big Brother I have to play the game just like you have to play the game”
Vic says Rohan told her he had Breydon and they were going after the boys. “Why would I make that up. I swear on everything”
Ro – you are at risk of going home
Vic – I didn’t f***ign throw you guys under the bus the way you guys did to me. I didn’t realize that was the plan.
Vic says they all sat there last night and told her they have nothing to do with Beth putting her up.
Tera – we said nothing..
Vic – they said nothing BETH

The retells have begun. Sounds like Jed is game to go up on the block against Rohan to get him out.

1:00 pm Ro and Vic
Ro says If she does stay they are not done.
Ro tells her that Austin, Breydon was never never going to put her on the block. “I wish I was in the know a little bit more because we could have played this better”
Vic says she feels like she was blindsided.
Ro says it looked like to him that Vic put up two of her alliance members last and was working with Jed,Ty,Beth
Ro adds at that point he thought she could easily put him up with Tina or Tera.
Ro wishes he had more information last week so they could have played it better.
Vic – I was trying to keep it to myself for the f**ing game (LOL)
Ro – I wish we had a one on one conversation
Vic – we did you said you would never turn on me that was enough for me
Ro says he never pitched putting her on the block but once he found out it was happening he supported it because he felt she turned on their alliance the week before.
Ro – I thought you turned on your alliance and would do the same to me
Vic – I’m on ma island.. I didn’t tell anybody
Ro – people knew you were invisible HOH before the veto.. you could have told me then on Wendy’s
Vic – I’m telling people I’m coming for you. I might not but that is what I am saying
Ro – if you do I wouldn’t blame you but.. I’ve always trusted you.
Ro calls her out for not telling him about the HOh last week even after other people in the house knew.
Vic – I thought it was going to fade away..
Ro says she has a high chance of staying in this game. They need to develop a high level of trust especially now after the fight.
Ro – you and I deserve to win this game I truly believe it.
Ro explains the other side will want to keep Vic and use her to take out Ro.
Ro – if you win (HOH) you have an opportunity to make a massive move.
Ro – I will help you get to the end of the game..

They hug it out..
Vic – I am sorry
Ro – I am sorry to

6:30 pm Things have slowed down..

8:40 pm Vic, Jed, Beth
Vic continues to campaign once she locks on she’ll go for 30-45 minutes without break.. IT’s the same thing over and over.. ghost peppers are real, Swear on god, Swear on my boyfriend… etc… etc…
Vic – I swear on my boyfriend’s life I am not coming for you guys.. I’m ghost peppers all the way.
Vic – my number one goal is getting Rohan out of this game. Coming for you means coming for them.
Vic says it’s crazy she’s going home for doing something for her alliance.
Vic – I swear over god over everything it’s ghost peppers
Jed brings up Vic’s emotions during the call-out was genuine
Vic – If I stay it’s four against 2 if I go it’s 3 against 3
Vic – Beth, I am not coming after you. I am so down for this final 4
Jed says he’s upset with the decision to get Vic out.
Vic says that’s his body telling him it’

Vic – you are being bamboozled by Tina and Ro.. I swear on my boyfriend’s life that is what is happening.. you are given them what they want you are giving them the numbers.. after today they are coming for me because I am coming for them.
Vic – I swear to god ..

Vic – I promise over my boyfriend’s life I am not coming for you guys..
Vic swears again on her boyfriend and Dog that she’s not going after beth..
Vic says they are giving Tina/Tera and Ro a gift but taking her out.
Vic says if they keep her she will gun for the HOH and it will be their HOH “Dead a$$ on my boyfriend’s life”
Vic says if she stays they’ll alliance will go down in history..
Vic – just the hotness and the realness.. you guys are going to look really silly..
Vic – If I come into power you guys are good…

At 9:15 pm Vic leaves and Waffle fever begins… 50/50, on the fence, not good of my game but good for yours..
Beth and Jed think they were tricked by Tina/Tera/Ro
Kiefer and Ty join them.
Beth – dude what do we do..

Jed – who’s better for your game
Kiefer – tera
Jed – tera now?
Kiefer – I don’t know
Beth – V will keep us safe till the final 5
Jed – The Tera plan is short-term the VIc plan is long-term if we save her.
Ty – we seem to think it’s impossible to get her up down the road.
Jed thinks having Vic is a shield for them.
They waffle about who Tera and Vic will put up.
Keifer says Ro is an option for Tera to put up
Jed says he believes Vic but will accept a group decision. “She will take people out”
Kiefer – I know she will go for Ro
Ty – Spice
K – Yeah
Ty – that’s the next big move in the game.. we have someone else that can win and can aim at Ro
Jed – if Vic is riding with us hard and she can win HOH’s
Beth – do we lose Breydon completely if we Keep Vic?
Kiefer – he’ll stick with Ro

Back and Forth.. back and Forth…

Kiefer says they have a chance to take out a HUGE player.
Ty and Jed says Vic is a number for them
Kiefer – we don’t need the numbers.
Kiefer tells them Vic will take them to the final 5 and she will be loyal but once they hit the final 5 she’ll be after the three of them not after him.
Kiefer – Vic is fighting for her life she will say anything

Ty and Jed want to keep Vic.
Beth will have a talk with Tera.
Ty and Jed now saying they need more time.
Kiefer – it’s a win/win for us it’s riskier for us is to keep Vic because we are assuming the things she’s telling us when she’s fighting for her life is true
K – she will say anything
Jed – where does she go if she burns us to Ro? (yes)
Beth points out that Vic is all about the secret alliances.
Jed – are we snakes what is this?

10:13 pm Breydon, Keifer, Beth , Ty
Kiefer is going on about the highlights of Vic’s game. He points out how much she’s done and how crazy it is for them to keep her in teh game after backdooring her.
Kiefer – day one she wins it for her team
K – Day 6 she’s the only one that votes to save Julie.. nobody blinks an eye and they respected her for it
K – Day 13 we tried to flip the house on Rohan and Vic was with us until the last minute safes Rohan get loyalty from 7 f**ing people. Win HOH and comes out unscathed after burning us.. Absolutely inferno .. she sends out LT ..
K – She ends up winning invisible HOH and takes out a massive target..
K – she gets backdoored and Vic survives..
they laugh…
Beth – and wins OH and Backdoors me.
Kiefer jokes it will be Vic and Ro in the final two
Beth Ro can’t make alliances.
K – Ro can’t win a HOH to save his f***ing life

Ty is back to saying “she’s gotta go. if she stays she finesses the shit outta us”
K – she’s the greatest player of all time

11:00 pm Ro and Vic
Ro talking about thinking Vic had turned on them after she put up Austin/Breydon.
Vic says she was kicked out of the HOH because they didn’t want to hear her pitch anymore.
Vic wishes she had thrown the Invisible HOH.
Vic – If I go I go but I will campaign as much as I can

11:16 pm TnT
Tera joking around going over all the things she got “Cussed out” for today.
Kiefer joins them says Vic is campaigning hard. He tells Tera she needs to offer more than one week.

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Vic is like a kid who got their hand caught in the cookie jar and is trying to blame someone else for doing it

Guy from GTA

Welcome to Big Brother.

Guy From Canada

Watching Vic and Roh made me hate her more. Roh called her out on her BS, level headed, didn’t raise his voice, she wouldn’t commit to him. Why Rohan is now pitching to keep her is beyond me, from that conversation she is clearly with the boys, trying to be with the boys, doesn’t realize the boys aren’t with her. Roh can see that, sees Vic as a number for him, but she doesn’t see the same thing….Roh, if Vic is saved this week Roh is so gone in the double…

another name

Now that Ro is lightly pushing Brey to keep Vic, saying he thinks the boys want her to stay an Beth will do what the boys want… Rohan is pushing lightly because he’s telling Brey he’s not for it, but he won’t contest it.
What Brey SHOULD do is tell the trio that Ro is apologizing for the vote flip last week and talking about keeping Vic.
THAT will END any vote flip talk. NO way they don’t think Ro and Vic have a deal.
I don’t know if Breydon would do that.
He Should.

Jed and Beth are same time discussing keeping Vic to go after their targets for them.
At this point the whole get out targets for me game is pretty much a bust in my opinion. I mean… they are at middle stage of game. These fancy use a patsie to get out your target moves are prejury moves, not jury started moves. Jed and Beth flip back to Tera is safer to keep, Vic is wildcard and can turn on anybody at any time.

But this is all happening after a feed block so….. shrugs.

another name

Ro talks to Beth. more smoke blowing.
Ro is trying to convince Beth he’s a lone wolf.
Beth is saying Ty and Brey both had the goal of removing Ro with veto.
They agree to talk about what to do moving forward. tomorrow.

VIc is still pushing her “and RO wanted to work with me, but i shot him down and called him a fake and a liar” schpiel. NOT HOW THE CONVERSATION HAPPENED OUTSIDE OF HER HEAD. Vic announces to Ty and Kief that she’d put Tina up on the block. Sure Vic, say you’d put Tina on the block to backdoor Rohan… but don’t name who sits next to Tina. That’s a red flag in my head. but go for it. Personally I don’t think Kief will like hearing that. Blue line is his last line of defense as the weak link. He’s counting on her lack of visible game netting him the win. Honestly, Jed is starting to consider the same.
Here is the thing, and Vic is guilty of it. I always hate when houseguests talk about watching the show back to prove they are being honest. Come on, that’s like saying i can’t wait until you are on your death bed to remember I told you once that you’d die. I would always find anyone that says roll back the clips to be sus and lying to me. A receipt I can’t check until after the game is over… that’s not a receipt at all. And if wishes were kisses on BB, they’d all have mono.

Brey is putting his mist level on mild with Beth. Beth is not telling Brey the content of her discussion with Ro. However, Beth is saying that she is pushing on the boys that there is no reason not to trust Brey. Brey is saying he totally believes that Beth Jed and Ty are final four with him. Brey gives Beth some intel about purple pictures containing numbers. A little bit of a trust extension to solidify their bond. Brey has a very good ability to form trust from others. If he can escape Vic’s bombs, and maintain the trust levels he is getting, he can do very well.

Kiefer is chirping that only Ro can eat. How long before he says Ro cheated in the fan vote? Yeah, Ro won the skip the dishes again. But doesn’t know if that excuses him from the house wide food punishment.

I currently have the chance that Vic leaves at 55%. No higher.

another name

Feeds down for an hour.
When feeds went down Beth was explaining to Kiefer why Vic had to leave. there may be some back and forth debate they have, but at the end of the day, Vic has to go.
Just in case some prodomagic happens while feeds are down and we come back wondering wtf.

another name

Been thinking about it.
Rohan wanting to keep Vic should have Breydon dumping his ass hard.
Seriously. She put Breydon on the block. She’s saying his name. Rohan already didn’t use the veto once.
If I’m Breydon, I’m thinking Rohan should stick a middle finger in his powerpoint presentation and get with the program.


that was awesome this morning. Tera and Vic at one point were screaming at each other…lol


F*** Tina


Sorry mean tera


This feels like the remedial special needs version of Big Brother. So much thinking to arrive nowhere…ever. Around and around ad infinitem. Aaaarrrgh

Judi Clayton

They want Vic out because she is the best player and Tina Tera Brey TNT are all Floaters

another name

After a really long kumbaya HOH time:

Vic is back to the same pitch. The exact same pitch. This time to Jed and Beth and Ty again as a group. Ty is silent. She’s been going for a while it seems. A. LONG. WHILE.
only differences: Jed is bringing up LaToya. He’s never done that before.
Beth is crying. Not sure if she’s tired of the pitch, or feeling sympathy.
If I had to guess (only a guess) Jed is actually getting tired of the pitch and the more she pitches, the more he thinks he wants her gone. Or he has to make a boom boom and she won’t leave… not sure which. If I had to guess, the more Vic pitches, the more certain Beth is that she has to go… pretty much because it’s hell already it will get worse with time… this is my guess. I could be TOTALLY wrong.
Oh. maybe I’m not wrong. Beth is shutting Vic down at this point with week three veto threat talk breaking their trust, and with talk of how many times Vic said she was working with the oddballs… 6 times. At this point I think Beth is ready to pack Vic’s bags for her and tell her to go sit by the door. Vic has no answer for who she would have put on the block after saying she would never have put Ty or Beth up if Jed used the veto. Vic should have let the kumbaya night proceed and started again tomorrow. Beth is not playing Vic’s game tonight. Week three has come back to haunt Vic, and Vic has already pissed off the other voters. She’s depending on the sunsetters at this point. Oh and stupid Rohan maybe. Beth is tired of hearing Vic’s personal sob stories. Nothing has changed for Beth: Vic gotta go.
The boys are now waffling on wanting to keep Vic. Jed has again fallen in line with Ty over what Beth is saying. I think Beth may pop. Beth is not happy with this. She’s saying Breydon as their fourth makes more sense, so Vic gotta go or they lose him and have one more person not trusting them.
She tells the boys they should go get Kiefer.
IMMEDIATE LIVE REACTION: Oh Beth, Kiefer isn’t going to be any help, he folds like a cheap serviette.
Wait…Kief is pushing for Tera to stay surprisingly, saying Tera will go after Ro (ed. who knows who Vic goes after really). Kiefer is actually helping Beth get the boys in line with Beth guiding him. Who knew? Beth pushes you can use Tera as a pawnstar, how many times do you want to go through this Vic campaigning? Ty is still thinking of Ty (and saying it’s better for the group) in saying Tera could burn them.
This is the sunsetters issue: the two boys play based on emotion, not logic. THIS IS WHY THEY DON’T BOND WITH ROHAN, he’s their inverse.
Jed and Ty are making their argument (it’s the same argument they always make, it’s what is best for Jed and Ty… sorry about your luck Beth but we’ll keep you safe with out one comp win in six weeks).
All they agree on: Tina is out of the sunsetters and doesn’t deserve a final 5 deal. She never told them about the Oddballs. That were formed a day after Ty and Jed decided Tina was no longer a sunsetter (due to Kiefer Kiefing on Tina).
The boys are fighting much harder to keep Vic than they have in the past. Will they wear Beth down…. On Tuesday? With Kiefer and Beth both doing push back, it will be harder for the two boys to intimidate their way into getting what they want (that is essentially what they are doing if you look at body positioning). Everyone is openly voicing their positions: 2 versus 2 tie… and one of the dissenters is the tie breaker vote on Thursday. She should be putting her foot down. She isn’t. The boys are so used to running her game that I don’t know how they’d react. You can tell the boys are considering brute forcing Kief to vote out Tera and sticking Beth with the tie break vote… but it always comes back to “group.” If they do that, it’s no longer group it’s boys and their servants. But you can see by posture they are thinking it.
Now they want to go and “grill” Tera. They say they’ve been soft on grilling Tera, and they should really give her a good grilling. Last time they grilled Tera was what made Tera want to go after them for weeks. Just saying. She hates the grilling. She hates when two boys double her size back her into a corner and yell at her. Gee, she must be weird.
They all agree all of Vic’s points are based on Kiefer and Breydon snaking them. Kiefer is saying they have Breydon, he’s solid (whu) and Kief isn’t going anywhere. They have the numbers and keep them if they get rid of Vic.
Kiefer has finally come clean that Vic was always telling him the trio was using him, and that Vic was naming Beth as her target a million times. Jed glosses this? huh. well he called it worrisome (keep in mind Jed called a house meeting when Josh said somebody said his name as a target). Kiefer keeps saying this is Beth’s HOH and we have to respect her play (voting out Vic) as a group, just like they’d want her to respect their HOH decisions.
AT THIS POINT IF VIC IS EVICTED: strangely enough it’s Kiefer and Breydon that deserve the gold stars. IT DOESN’T GO TO BETH because she just can’t say the words ‘I WANT VIC GONE’ to those boys. She can say it to Jed alone, but not to both of them feeding each other’s egos.


I think Breydon is joining them… but i gotta be honest with you… I’m pooped from all this waiting for godot eviction debating.
But hearing Vic’s resume laid out SHOULD tell anyone she’s gotta go.
If Ty flips back yet again… and it will be Ty that flips back again. 3 HOH’s, a savage blindside eviction followed by being shielded by the people she blindsided… then survives a backdoor? WHY WOULD YOU KEEP THAT????

another name

okay. There was a new twist in there. Something making me laugh.
Ty and Jed want to tell TNT that Vic ofered them 4 weeks of safety. to get them to sweeten the deal.
It’s week 6.
so… she’s offering the trio safety until finale night?
Oh. Good to know.
BBmath may be hard… but that shit is ridiculous.
Please let Tina point out how stupid that is, that Vic must be full of shit if she offered them safety until finale night.

b22 sucksss

idk what kiefers problem is with ro. kiefer is such an emotional player. like ro isn’t doing anything aside from playing the game and making games moves and its so annoying that kiefer keeps slandering ro personally. like chill out its big brother

another name

Kiefer told Tina that in every job / real world situation he has to have one person to hate.
He’s chosen Rohan.
It’s illogical.
It’s Kiefer.
However, I’m really getting annoyed with houseguests using the word loyalty. Ro in his camera talk (yeah, BB does ask them to sometimes talk to the camera), he says he’s playing a loyal game. Let’s recap: he was saying Kyle leaving was good for his game privately 2 days before Kyle was evicted. He won a veto and didn’t use it to save either of his closest allies. He’s now slow rolling a vote flip plan to try to keep Vic, whose not his ally, over Tera, who is his ally. Dude should NOT be saying loyal game. He’s playing a self interest game, which is cool, but that should not be confused with a loyal game when his every decision is based on self interest.
How can you be loyal when the only motivation you understand is your own, and not any of your team mates? Rohan has consistently been logical about what is best for himself, but failed to understand that logic doesn’t mean it’s best for everyone.

Feeds Gold

thank you houseguests for getting fired up

great stuff

Feeds Gold

simon/dawg ive got an idea heading into the double on thursday…can we do some obb predictions to see who is closest to correctly guessing all the outcomes of the double eviction day/night? so simon, dawg, and any obb posters/readers that want to take part, can we just make one post on wednesday night or thursday morning with everyones predictions underneath that post with perhaps a thursday 12pm et deadline(when feeds go down prior to eviction vote) to get your picks in for:

  • vic/tera who gets evicted and by what vote total, plus who votes each way if not unanimous
  • who wins the double eviction hoh
  • who do they nom
  • who are the 5 players in the veto (i would include who the hoh/2 noms draw, including if houseguests choice is selected, but for time constraint reasons they may not show the veto draw in the episode)
  • who wins the double eviction veto
  • is veto used and if so on whom
  • if veto is used who is replacement nom
  • who is the 2nd person evicted in the double and by what vote total, plus who votes for who if not unanimous
  • who wins the regular hoh that lasts the rest of the week later that day

i also think it would be fun to do this for regular weeks too, so every thursday at 12pm we all predict exactly how we think the coming 7 day hoh week will play out, for the outcomes as outlined above, starting with hoh winner and ending with eviction vote result 7 days from then, each week of the season

if anyone would enjoy doing something like that let me know, but if nobody is keen, then no worries, it was just an idea i thought could be fun


https://beta.ctvnews.ca/local/toronto/2021/4/6/1_5376442.html. I wonder if this will affect this season of BBCan?

Guy From Canada

It’s a tough call. Ford seems to be doing his own thing there, makes no sense for pandemic control. We will find out when we find out.

Feeds Gold

vic whining about people playing dirty after what she did last week…the audaaaaaaacity haha

i enjoy seeing tera get fired up

even though shes entertaining, i think i want vic gone as i want to see her pay the ultimate penalty, rather than be rewarded, for such a dumb foutte move last week, targeting a loyal ally for personal reasons and turning on her alliance…ro says to her “i dont care if you didnt like austin, her, breydon and i were never ever coming after you,” and vic admits,”i believe that, it was not a good move”…im kinda over the vic show and histrionics, i just want to see 2 sides go to war now with no ‘middle people’ flip flopper distractions

risk/reward…do you risk keeping a compulsive liar rattlesnake around hoping she bites your enemy and not you? or get rid of the wildcard factor and uncertainty…both “sides” get revenge for her taking out the ‘queen’ of each side, latoya and austin…then f8 both sides just go at it, 4 v 4 in the double, oddballs(including tina) v sunsetters, with ro’s side with 4 v 3 number advantage in the hoh

another name

If I got the main point of the end of the night… Ty is STILL sort of trying to keep Vic, AND he’s trying to pull Kief in to help. But, Ty realizes that with that resume, it’s really hard to keep her, and keeping her means helping put Beth and Jed in danger (more Beth). Her resume is damning as Hell, but Ty has not been so gung ho on the trio for a week (he’s been trying to set up his own path to finale, and in his oreo math it’s not time for Vic to go, she has to take Beth first). It’s not overly serious, but they are saying Vic would never come for the two of them if she stayed.
Kiefer is mildly insinuating that Beth could go, it wouldn’t be so bad (if i’m reading his insinuation correctly).
Kiefer points out that evicting Vic is a HUGE Resume move for the finals.
Ty and Jed, a few days ago had that as one of their reasons they didn’t want Beth to do it, they wanted to claim the kill themselves. That was before Veto.
They say they’d have to cut Vic right at the end. This is more of the taking credit for the kill for themselves talk i think.
Kiefer is wrong about when final 4 is he thinks there are two weeks left at final 4. the final 4 all head into finale week. there is a special eviction the day of veto or the day in most seasons.

They are both talking about how they’d have to take out Breydon if they got HOH because Breydon used to be an oddball and is now with them (and because, as noted yesterday, Kiefer is very afraid that Breydon could take his place in the alliance). Breydon has become Kiefer’s side dish in his hatred of Rohan bufffet.
Kiefer thinks he has Tina and Tera snowed about how close he is with the trio. Tina and Tera think Kiefer is sketch because he’s is too close with the trio. Kiefer has no idea that Tera has known about sunsetters since the second day of week three.

So. Will Ty try to keep Vic yet again? I’d say yes. He’s Ty.
Does Rohan try to keep Vic? probably. He’s Rohan.
Will Jed do whatever Ty says over whatever Beth says? Of course. He’s Jed.
So it could actually come down to Kief and or Breydon. Ro coaxing Brey, Kief and Jed trying to force Kief.
It’s a possibility.

SIDE NOTE: Someone REALLY needs to reveal that Kiefer was in on the week three evict LaToya plan. All the oddballs know this from Vic and Kief’s own mouths.


I am so over Victoria’s big mouth, why do you have to be so loud? I wish her gone you know you can only swear on so many people before people call bullshit! Please houseguests vote Vic out