James “You’re not portrayed as a villain. You’re with me & I know CBS wouldn’t do that.”

POV Holder: Nicole POV Competition Aug 27th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 29th
HOH Nicole Next HOH Sept 1st
Original Nominations: Paul AND Big Meech
After POV Nominations: Paul AND Big Meech
Have Nots Corey and Victor
Care package Corey

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-30 17-53-04-853
5:10pm Vic, Corey and Paul are playing pool.

5:15pm James and Nat are by the hot tub. Nat says I’m just scared that like people made me feel like such sh*t in this house and what if I leave and I’m portrayed as a villain. As a bad person and that people hate me outside the house. I literally put myself in a situation that I got sh*t on and I’m afraid I’m going to get sh*t on the outside. James says you’re not portrayed as a villain. Not to toot my horn .. but you’re with me and I know CBS wouldn’t do that if you were connected with me. Big Brother blocks the feeds. You’ve probably done 78 days, you can do it. Nat says I know, I just don’t need added stuff. James says you don’t tell me all this stuff. Nat says I do tell you. I was upset the other night and I told you I was home sick. I just feel emotionally defeated. I’m not peppy and happy like I am at home. It sucked it out of me everyone calling me a fake b***H and stuff. I’m afraid to be myself now. James says don’t be afraid to be yourself. That’s your personality. Nat says but everyone was sh*tting on me because of my personality. James says who cares about them. Nat says its been on TV! James says all that stuff looks bad on them no you. You’re the one being picked on. Don’t let anyone’s opinions put your flame out. This game isn’t easy. America loves you. Nat says you don’t know that. James says America gave you a never-not pass. Nat says that was awhile ago, they’ve probably changed by now.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-30 17-52-58-542

Nat says I just hope a jerk doesn’t win this season. Nat says I’m not giving up, I’m just a little down. James says I’m sorry I was apart of it. James says there might be a chance that one of them wins the game but walk away and be happy. We all won something. Nat says yeah. I’ll be happy and mature if one of them wins. I can’t wait for all this to be over. Its been too emotionally draining for me. James says so many times I’ve missed out on an opportunity to kiss you. Nat says you know I don’t like affection because its on tv. Its just uncomfortable. James says I understand. One thing that is for sure if we had kids they would have pretty feet. Nat says they would. James says pretty feet and good skin. Nat says okay I’m ready to be myself again and be happy. James says positive thoughts.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-30 18-19-47-970

6:10pm – 6:35pm Bedroom – Nat and James laying in bed eating and studying the dates and events of the house. James and Nat start napping.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-30 18-27-54-011

6:40pm Hammock – Vic and Paul. Paul says based off my conversation with Michelle yesterday .. she has no idea what is going on. Vic I know I heard. I think it makes sense .. there would be no reason for Natalie to.. Paul says to push that envelope .. to not seem sketch. Vic says they (James & Nat) have her vote in jury because they voted for her to stay. Paul says right but does James want to get caught with his d**k in his hands. Vic says I think its pretty clear they’re voting for her to stay. It would be a d**k move for them not to do it because everyone expects them to do it. I would have less respect for them if they didn’t. James gets on my nerves. This whole season he’s rubbed me the wrong way. Vic says me too. We just have different personalities.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-30 18-38-25-199

7:25pm – 7:50pm James and Nat are sleeping in the london bedroom. Meanwhile – Vic, Nicole, Corey and Paul are in the kitchen chatting and making food.

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Another Hillary Lie

Well it looks like Nicole will have to show her cards because we are looking at a 2-2 vote.


Nicole has absolutely dominated this entire season im beyond thrilled she finally gets to show all of america exactly why she deserves 500k.. Nicole I salute you!!!


I would love to salute her too… With my penis


well im sure you would but your gonna have to be quick about it before she gets deported


Congressman Carlos Danger is for Trump? Who knew…

BB Curious

If by dominate you mean constantly whine and obsess over an idiot frat boy who isn’t even into her, but she lets him get off with her under the covers while anyone who wants to can see, even plenty of people who really probably didn’t want to see, then yeah, she’s dominated all right.


Vic is from nola, throwing beads is second nature lmao everyone needs to chill They’re allowed to be themselves, tasteful or not


I grew up in NOLA. A man throwing beads at a woman (and Vic knows this) is based on “Show me Your TITS!” (for free beads)… Vic knew what he was doing (to shade Na’ts “FT’s”). It failed…. Sadly, his ego let his “Bro’s” egg him on. Not cool..


There’s no way Nicole will win if she keeps Paul. Both Vic & Paul are stronger than both she & Corey and they’ve won more comps.


she just needs them to not win the next two hoh comps back to back and she’s golden. so long as they don’t go back to back in hoh, paul or victor is toast. she and everyone else will have splitting them up as the target and there’s nothing they can do about it, and if they win next week’s hoh only one plays in the hoh after that. she and corey are sitting pretty until final 4, and then they either need to win one of that week’s veto/hoh or have the same person win hoh and veto. nicole is surprisingly in a very good position to win this game.


Use the bribe to get Nat to vote out Meech.


Showing her card would be to reveal she’s with Vic and Paul, not James and Nat. All she’s gotta do is pull James aside Thursday afternoon, tell him that her and Corey feel Michelle is the bigger threat, toss in how Michelle’s the mean girl that called her a snake, remind him of Corey’s care package which denotes popularity, and James folds like an accordion. He’ll scamper to Nat, explain America will want the to evict Nat and she’ll be every bit as docile as when her 2 original friends, Bronte and Bridgette got booted.

Poor Simon is hoping for fireworks, but Nat won’t even hiccup over Michelle. She only cares about herself.


All Nicole has to do is remind James that he was the one that told her that Meech was after her and called her a snake and that he put the target on Meech’s back. He will fold because he does not want NatNat to know that he was the one that told Nicole not Paul. Honestly, James has put a target on all of Nat’s friends that is not him. He really doesn’t want Nat to know so he will crush Nat calling Nicole and Corey out.


When even BB can’t help my heart ache from the loss of Teddy Bridgewater


So Natalie and Michelle are all bummed out and sad and needing reassurance. But last week ya’ll were all high and mighty when ya’ll where HoH. Play the game and stop whining. For all we know fruit loop dingus might change her mind and vote Paul out on Thursday.


It really would be best for her to evict Paul. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t handle Michelle at all anymore, but it really would be smarter for her to get out someone she can’t beat as opposed to someone she can!


If Nicole votes out Paul, Victor is betrayed and becomes a total wild card. Right now it’s clear he wants to get those who got him, James and Nat, however a fresher betrayal could change his target, especially if he sees there’s a threesome vs a twosome. Why would he not go with the majority and after the minority that just lied to him?

If Nicole votes out Michelle after telling James she’s the game-blowing up chick that called her a snake and reminds him that mean girls aren’t popular with “America”, he won’t even slightly object. Then he’ll tell Nat with his blowhard “I’m a man and here’s how it is” routine, telling her America wants her to go along, and she’ll be fine with it, no different than when she lost her other “friends”. They’re both focused on getting out Paul and Vic, who in return are focused on them, and nobody is looking at Nicole.

Tell me which one makes the most sense for Nicole….


James is so full of himself. What does he mean as long as you are with me, I know CBS will not give you a bad edit. Who does James think he is, his head is really swollen from being America’s Favorite last year, notice how when he said he has missed so many chances and opportunities to kiss her, Natalie’s shot that down right away.

I am so sick of Natalie and still hanging onto the comments about her breast. If she would stop bring the subject up, I think nobody would remember, she is always making herself the victim when they are not in control, or things are not going their way. What about all the nasty things her and Michelle have said about the other houseguests? Natalie get over yourself


James believes the hype they fed him to get him to re-sign for this season. James is puffing himself up to impress Natalie. He’s like the college dork trying to impress the high school freshman girls at the football game.

horn tooter

I sure hope James continues his brilliant game play. CBS may just invite him back next year


I don’t think James has done himself any favors with that “our kids” business. He was third in line behind Vic and Corey. She had no boyfriend interest in him after this. I would love the mic and cameras to be on when Nat puts his a$$ on the road. I would like to see the same thing with Ratcole and Corey. When he says see you babe and climbs into the car with his boyfriend that would be awesome!!!


You are wrong shr can say what ever she wants but if james wins after she gets rid of meech over paul or vic. He will catch on she is going with them and she is going up.. it isnt smart of her either


Not only is James correct that CBS is giving them a good edit; but it sure seems that he and Nicole both know a lot about what viewers are saying on these websites. Does America think I’m fat, does America think I’m a mean girl, of course Natalie likes me and will see me outside the house. Nicole is actually cleaning??? REALLY??? Yeah, there’s a lot of fishy stuff going on this season with James, Nicole, and production. It’s way too obvious.

Your Boy

Yo, your boy is straight laughing at James! No way does he have a chance with Nat outside this house. NO WAY! However props to Nat if she does give James a shot outside the house and wasn’t playing him. Either way, no harm no foul if she doesn’t. Your boy know’s she’s playing the game


seriously i dont get why people are acting like fatalie is so far out of james league i mean where i live shes a solid 6 at best shes short and chunky and lately kind of looks like a dude lol and james well hes just james nothing special but i know alot of guys like him running around with way hotter females just sayin

Franks fumes

The girls were not all that attractive this season so the bar is lowered….Nat without makeup is just ok….with makeup she reminds me of Tammy Fae Baker!


All they care about is how viewers see them on tv. Play tge gane!

Fed up

All they care about us how viewers see them on tv. Play the game!

Nat, shut up !

Natalie I’m sooooo tired of hearing you complain about yourself and your insecurities. You are too insecure to be on a show like Big B. Whenever she calls herself fat now im hoping James turns around and says, yeah you kinda are looking pudgy. Since apparently when people say you aren’t fat you don’t believe them anyways.


Luckily, I’m fluent in “egocentric girl” speak. Nat is fishing for compliments. She like’s guys that dote on her, kiss her a**…not that she like likes them, rather she likes them around to tweak her massive ego. Now if the guy fails to properly genuflect, they get the “victim” routine. Vic wasn’t interested and didn’t play the game, which is why he got that 1st eviction message.

If Vic at least speaks conversational “egocentric girl”, he knows she’s ripe for some compliments, affection, from him as her 1st choice for ego-petting. He can be the one to evict James and still gather up Nat as an ally.


I have no respect for myself b/c I still watch this bullshit


Best comment this year


Wow, so Jameseeey believes CBS edits to the “James mythology”. It does seem like there is some shenanigans going on, but is there a BB Bible whereby James showmances get a golden edits, stuff like that. It’s true that some edits don’t totally line up with what we see in BBAD (and feeds ?) and Nat has been much nastier and whiney then they have shown in the CBS show. Why would they cater to this BB17 also ran. Strange.


James is a moron….but not in thinking this. If he won America’s Favorite AND was invited to return, there’s a better than 75% chance he’s getting a good guy edit. They invited him back for those viewers that voted for him, so why would they ruin that or risk annoying them by putting him in a bad light.

Besides, even if he has doubts, he can’t tell Nat. Their fauxmance boundaries are clear: Nat fishes for compliments, reassurance and James leaps on the hook without even a real kiss as bait….




It’s just so difficult to watch Natalie constantly complaining! Looking for someone to tell her how wonderful she is and when she hears how fabulous she is …. then … Ok I’m going to be myself again!

Captain Crunch

James kinda irritates me, he thinks he knows everything and he’s starting to come off as a MR. “KNOW IT ALL” he should learn to speak for himself.

The Roach Coach

Nicole is the biggest flip flopper (as far as making her mind up) in bb history, the girl who is afraid of her own shadow will let the majority of us down starting tomorrow. She will turn on PV and convince JN that this was her plan all along to keep Paul calm. Corey will do what he’s told as usual. James and Nicole will be close than ever. Victor will have to win hoh or he is a goner.

This PV/NC f4 is too good to be true, and obviously there has been no evidence of this, but something tells me Nicole is jealous of Corey and Victor spending so much time together since cementing the f4. She’ll prefer to work with someone who won’t cut into snuggle-time. Hope i’m wrong, but I know Nicole all too well….unfortunately

Team PV… Sitting Ducks… Quack


I don’t think she will because despite her fearful, indecisive nature, she knows keeping Michelle makes no sense and nothing Michelle has done in shunning her this week has changed that…however Paul really needs to be smarter. He thinks she needs loyalty reassurance, but what she really needs is the pots and pans he’s always “threatening”. He should be stage managing what she tells James and Nat sometime Thursday, so they don’t blame her and ensure they still want Paul and Vic.

Thing of it is, unless him or Vic win HOH or he wins veto, Paul will be next to go anyway.

sunny dee

if so then it is in her best interest to keep paul in the game or vic will have no one but corey to hang with, now at least paul is available to take vic away.

just want to remind the jaters that nicole also refused to kiss hayden on TV because she didn’t want it on TV, and they were together for over a year. Nat not wanting a TV kiss shouldn’t be any kind of red flag. Also pretty girls who need a lot more attention and compliments are not that unusual, but among that type are those who are perfectly happy with guys who other guys don’t think are handsome enough for her. There is a pretty solid assumption that those guys are going to be a lot more grateful she lets him date her in the first place, he’ll be more appreciative and complimentary than a guy who looks better than she does. Not to mention, she isn’t as shallow as some of the commenters?

Austwin Liz dated Austin for over 6 months before they broke it off. My guess is that it isn’t that the bond isn’t strong enough, but these people are usually from different parts of the country, and they have interests, families and jobs in those parts of the country. so either one of these have to be fully motivated to move away from all that to be with their BB romance, or the long distance is too much effort to maintain.

Rachel and Brendan i think were in closer proximity when they met, it wasn’t as difficult to maintain the relationship.

It’s disturbing that i am even discussing or thinking about all this.


This Thursday is gonna be awesome. The blindside of Meech going home will catch the 3 Idiots by surprise.
Team Final 4 for the win.

If Victor Paul or Corey won BB18 IT’S ALL GOOD FAM.


noooooooo Corey winning would be the worst case scenario. He has done nothing all season, but do what he is told, either by Nicole or Paulie, and now maybe Vic. He’s a dog that needs an owner. Best winner right now is Paul, and as much as I like Vic no one who fails to prevent being evicted not once, but twice doesn’t deserve to win. Team Paul ftw. And Nic or Vic as a consolation. Maybe Nat, just Corey, Michelle, and James do not deserve to win whatsoever


I think it would be interesting if the live feeders got a code or two and got to vote for AFP, and everyone else voted for another.


So the feeds are blocked when James talks about his connection with CBS. He was put in that house to make the game go a certain way. I really believe that every game move that he is doing is for Production. There is something so fishy about James and Nicole’s game this year. I believe they are getting help from Production that the others are not getting.


I agree.


It has been said in the past that production does not necessarily give players advise or information, but they do ask the certain questions and feed information through the questing instead of out and out telling them. So when they want a person voted out they will say… Are you comfortable with how good Pauls Social game is? or Vic has been good at Physical challenges and Paul broke the Paris code and seems to be get at mental challenges, how do you feel about working with them?
It happens, from what I understand you have to be really dim not to notice. In Brenchals Season the Brigade was asked to stop calling Brendon ND(Needle D*&k) because they said it so much it was getting tough to give them a good edit. Other than that I have no other example of Houseguests told to stop saying things… mostly because the really offensive stuff was said by people getting villain edits….. btw The Villain Edits are among the fan favorites and the ones we love the most and live feeders know Villains are Villains because they lie the least, they say it to whoevesr face.


James is right…………they are getting a good edit. So is Corey and Nicole! Michelle’s is a mixed bag. Actually the only one getting a bad edit is Vic. When Paulie is still in the house and Zingbot calls Vic the douchebag, you know they need some new people in production!! For those of you……..”Vic threw beads”, that was a joke egged on by “The Boys”, get over it. He could of used Nat the way Paulie used Z, or how Corey is playing Nicole, but no, he told her he was not there for a showmance..{Nat is a Jilted lover, James is just plain jealous} James has been a rat where Nat is concerned, telling Nicole that Nat wanted Corey out….Michelle is going to put you up, I wouldn’t want James in my alliance. But he is BB darling along with Nicole……………………YUCK!! Nat and Michelle are no prize either!


lol @ insecure Nat and delusional James


Are the live feeds still blocked for Canadians?


I agree that it makes since to get rid of Paul, however Michelle could be another Steve. If people think they can put off evicting her because they can get her out anytime, she may just be around at the end like he was. Just a thought.


With BB19 starting so soon after this season, I wonder if any of the current house guests will be asked to stay and play….hmmm…


James is a conceited A-hole.


Is it me or has Natalie put on like 20 pounds this summer??


She never shuts up about it, but she has put on some noticeable weight.


If course they are worried about how they are being portrayed!! Year after year its the same thing. Posters are so mean. I want to discuss the pros and cons of Nicole’s hoh, ranking of the players, how Paul can pull off hooking up with the power week after week. Why do the girls get the shitting end of the stick, nat for James compared to Cory about Nicole.


The girls get the shitty end of the stick because most of them don’t use the brains the good Lord gave them when playing the game. Even Bridgette, who I liked when she wasn’t shrieking, hid behind Frank for a while. Play your own game for you, and no one else!

Coreys 2006 Faux Hawk is so lame

Corey is always staring off into space thinking. “Wow how did I do nothing all summer and get this far? She actually thinks we are going to be bf and gf in the real world. God she is a desperate pathetic twat. I wonder if Dylan is cheating on me”

Doufus and going to final 2 with Paul.



Thumbs up about what he might be thinking, thumbs down about him going with Paul. He needs to go right after Nicole!

Christine's husband

Corey’s care package should have been a video of Frank in the shower, which he could watch over and over again.

Franks fumes

Hmmmm…..James is a entitled little shit….He’ll probably be on a 3rd season cause CBS loves them some James. sigh.

BB19 starting soon?

When does BB19 start?


Is it me or does James come off as really arrogant?


James is a short fugly ugly ass guy who thinks he is soo great and soo wonderful …UGH… PRODUCTION IF THIS IS YOUR BOY THEN I SAY GO VICTOR.. AND I HOPE VICTOR SHITS ALL OVER YOU

Franks fumes

Why does’nt CBS cast a girl that likes Asian men so James wont have to grovel to the nasty insincere bitches he chases the past 2 seasons…..I dont like James but WTF?


9 chances out of 10, if they cast a woman that liked Asian men James would not want her… because James is the guy who wants to make a girl love him that does not want him. It is like this secret low self esteem thing that says if she shits on him it is because he’s Asian and not that he is a pervy, little man that is a douche. I know people that go for people that don’t want them because when they get rejected it wasn’t them, it was because that other persons bigotry or shallowness.

Misty Beethoven

Sometimes thes people drive me so crazy, I have to put the tablet down and not read this stuff for a day. Yes, it’s stressful being in the house with nothing to read, no TV or radio, no idea what’s going on in the world. You were all advised of this when signing up.
James: you severely over estimate how America feels about you. Put some energy into getting a job that can support you and your daughter comfortably so you never have to go on BB again. That would be doing us all a favor.
Nicole: you owe your friends and family an apology for your behavior. Take some time to get comfortable with yourself before getting into another relationship. Learn the fine art of ADULT conversation. Good luck getting a job.
Corey: get a clue; your social skills suck. Think before you speak, it could save you a lot of grief.
Michelle: I say this with all sincerity – seek professional help. You have issues and for your own health and well being, please find a good therapist.
Paul: overall I think you are a decent person capable of kindness and compassion. But some of the stuff that comes out of your mouth is awful and unwarranted. Words have consequences, they can get you kissed or get you killed.
Vic: a surprising bright spot. Yes, he laughs too loud and has made the occasional misstep in judgement (the beads), but he is neat and clean, cooks, cleans up and is a good friend to Paul.
Sorry, I just had to vent – I’ve never been so disappointed or angry at a cast (even with Amanda or Rachel) as I am with this group. Maybe i expected too much.


dont forget ……Corey : leave goats alone


I am just really disgusted with CBS’s casting this season. They managed to avoid casting the racist people like one of the previous seasons but now they brought in all of these egotistical “bros” who sit around and talk about how smart they are, who they know, how successful their businesses are (yet they have time to spend 3 months on a tv show hoping to win money) and try to top who has the best, most outrageous story to tell. Then they bring in these girls who have such low self esteem and massive insecurities. All of them spent their time constantly, whining, bitching, being catty, fishing for compliments from the male a**holes in the house who are more interested in their narcissistic selves (or the other bros). Imagine how different it would have been if Z didn’t fall for Paulie and put up with his crap, if Bridget didn’t become Frank’s little cabbage patch (oh, you were the one who put me up on the block after winning roadkill? You’re a beast Frank!!!), or if Nicole didn’t hook up with Cory and actually stayed out of bed and got to know the other players? As a superfan, Michelle could have kicked butt if she didn’t hate herself so much and stopped second guessing herself and being jealous of the other girls. In the beginning of the girl alliance, they had the conversation about staying out of the showmances and sticking together but Nicole and Z were just too weak to do it. They didn’t even last a week!!

IMO CBS needs to go back to the drawing board. Put everyone on an even playing field and see who has what it takes to play this game. No more vets. No more siblings. Change up everything…..the comps, the rules, the cast, the editing. Expect the unexpected….in all aspects. After 18 seasons it is too predictable…for the cast AND the viewers.

Ok, I’m done venting.


He’s injured, he didn’t die. Get a grip.


The other day Nicole told James we have a final two together. She said this in front of Corey, I don’t know if she let it slip out or if it was a joke. James was serious an said no we don’t. He seemed quiet and it did not seem like she was joking. Wondering if they have a final two, and she made a mistake,saying this out loud in front of Corey. This was from Joker’s Updates.


Nicole did say that her James had a final two… but Corey was there and he knows that is Nicoles Final Two and he really doe not want Nat Nat to know that he had a Final two with Nicole… so he said No we don’t…. in front of Corey. James biggest fear is when she gets out and finds out all of the times he stabbed Nat and friends in the back, how didn’t really keep her safe or that his Final Two was with Nicole… which he had.

On Nicoles side that was a justification to have Corey cut James and to let NatNat be told by Corey that James and Nicole had a final two so that they can break them up… would Nicole do that, yes, Christine taught her well. No matter how much Nicole bags on Christine, she is playing Christine’s game. Nicole is the New Chistine… btw Christine didn’t win.

Heck No...

Ugh after I read the headline I didn’t even waste my time or eyesight reading this post. We all know what Natalie said. Scrolling past the other comments and to the bottom of the page for me to make my own was enough James and Natalie for the day. Are the live feeds on repeat for them 2? Have they ever had a meaningful conversation together?They are literally insane. (EDIT: the whole house is literally insane) How can not one person have any redeeming qualities in them. It’s honestly like CBS travels to 5 dumpsters in different parts of the country and pulls out the people covered in the most trash.. We all know how this is going to pan out, there’s no point in me even watching the feeds until after Thursday again. Can they just end the season please.


I also don’t know why people are saying Natalie is out of James’ league. Her looks are just blah. Her face does nothing for me at all. Her body is meh. Most of all she acts like a biznatch.

What was up with her first goodbye message to Vic?

Because he said he hates when people wear sweats pants too long that he drags under their shoes? LOL.

She’s an upright bitch who needs that stick out of her ass.

There are sure are a lot of femi nazis on this season.

I love how in this age of equality there are still females who say things like “respect people more, ESPECIALLY WOMEN.”

Why ESPECIALLY women? I thought we were all EQUAL? So why didn’t she end her statement after “people”?

I wonder if she thinks Julie Chen and her possies on The Talk need to respect men more after they laughed at a man having his penis cut off by his wife and thrown in the garbage disposal back in 2011?

I bet Natalie was one of the bitches who laughed along at a man being sexually mutilated.

Over it

Can’t take anymore of Meechs constant eating in bed and crunching !!


She is ALWAYS eating… and DOUBLE/TRIPLE dipping… You don’t even need to FF to get a laugh as she shovels it in over and over again. I still have not seen her eat much anything healthy.. Nutritionist? Think she will end up being a “Cafeteria” lady… dolling out gov’t approved food with a big spoon… LOL!