James to Becky – “So you’re saying if I was 4 or 5 feet taller I would have potential”

POV Holder: Steve Next POV July 3rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner Team 1: James HOH Winner Team 2: Jason
Nominations 1 : Steve, Jackie Nominations 2: Becky, Johnny mac
Battle of the Block Winner Becky and Johnny Mac Next HOH/ Next BOB July 2nd / ?
Original Nominations: Becky, Johnny, Steve, Jackie
Current Nominations: Steve, Jackie
Have Nots Austin, Da’Vonne, Liz, Vanessa

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-26 17-29-48-723
5:28pm Cabana Austin and Liz

Talking about Da be the source of the drama. Austin says they are going to trust Clay and Audrey and James are sketchy.
Austin – we’ll have to throw Jeff under the bus
Austin says Da isn’t a school teacher she’s some kinda pool player
Austin – Audrey is going to call a house meeting what the f*** NERD ALERT
Austin says her final three is liz and Jace, “It’s all about numbers we need to have numbers like 9 people”
Liz thinks they can get Jackie. Austin says Jackie is with Jeff. They agree Da is their target next week.
Austin thinks they can trust Vanessa and Johnny Mac is with Clay. Clay has Shelli, “That’s a lot of numbers”
Austin, Clay and Jace are going to go up to the HOH and have a guys chat with James. They want to get jason or Jeff put up.
Austin think they can get jackie if Jeff goes.
Austin says it’s the cool people against the dweebs, “you think they can beat us in a HOH competition hell no.. Da has to go next week”
Liz – has to go.. I can’t believe she started that.. that’s so conniving and evil”
Austin – People need to know she’s so conniving
Austin – Jeff’s cool but he might have to bite the bullet for us.
Austin – My f*** wrestling character is about to come out I’m f****g pissed

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-26 17-44-36-284

5:40pm Audrey and Jeff
Audrey calls Austin “weird al”

They start talking about getting Da to do their dirty work. Audrey says Jason is going to get Steve.
Audrey adds that once Austin goes on the block he’ll squeal like a “F***g Pig” mentions he has no self esteem
They head into the storage room. Audrey confirm she’s good with Clay a point that is important to Jeff.

Audrey says Liz is ruthless she lied straight to her face. says Austin and Liz will be scared out of their minds once Jace goes.
Audrey reiterating Jace and Austin saying Jeff is jealous of what they have
Jeff laughs asks what do they have
Shelli comes in. Jeff says that Austin is starting all sorts of sh1t in the house. Audrey leaves.
Jeff – “F****g Austin.. He’s gotta go.. what a f***g d1ck head.. basically they were talking about backdooring me.. Austin ia a pupeteer it’s ppissing me off why doesn’t he like me ”
Shelli – he’s just trying to save his boy.

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-26 17-52-03-844

5:51pm Jason and Jeff have nots
Jeff say he’s here to play he’ll cut Jackie loose when the time is right.
Jeff asking what Austin’s problem is.
Jason thinks it’s because Jeff isn’t a guy that will buy his bullsh1t, “He’s not here to play the game he’s here to get people to pay him for being a personal trainer’
Jeff says Austin is saying he’s jealous of him.
They laugh that Austin is going to Come out of the closet.
Jason calls him weird.
They agree Vanessa has got to go she’s spent the first week crying and wanting to go home she doesn’t deserve to be tin the jury.
Jason – what did you expect it to be exactly.
Da joins them tells them the biggest threat on the other side is Liz. Jeff thinks it’s Austin. DA disagrees thinks he’s soft like a kitten.
Jeff jokes that before he gets rid of Austin will Jason go on a date with him
Jason – I literally cannot say no because he’ll crush my head in pineapples.
Jason jokes that Austin is going to pull him into the closest and r@pe him “I’m scared this is some jail sh1t”

Jeff leaves.. Jason and DA

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-26 18-13-06-943
Da says she has to win the HOH if the other side wins it she’s going home.
DA – Give me a IKA moment cause I’m going home let me get some money on my way out the door,…damn
(Ika was a BBCAN2 player who was going home. there was a twist that gave her an opportunity to shred houseguest letters in return for 5 grand. She shredded the letters and went home)
Da wonders why Jeff is in their alliance when they question him
They are talking about Audrey being the queen of the house.
jason – She’s the f***g queen”
Da – For sure.. what if she’s not a transsexual
Jason – It’s not something we can prove.. can’t be B1tch pull down your pants.
Da says if she is lying and being transgender it’s f***d up
Jason – I could have a f*** v@g1na.”
They agree if it’s Audrey’s strategy to lie about her sexuality it would ruin her game.

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-26 18-28-51-723

6:23pm Liz and Austin with Jace sleeping off to the side
Austin doesn’t think they have james anymore.
Austin – we have the votes we do..
They have Johnny mac, Vanessa and Liz
Austin doesn’t want to talk any more game today says he’s talked too much.
Austin goes to the have nots room to meet with Liz.
They talk about Da and Audrey being sketchy.
Austin about Audrey – “She’s talking to everyone.. this whole thing could go haywire.. it’s all because of Audrey and Da”
Austin doesn’t know why Da is after him he made an effort to be nice to Da

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-26 18-29-34-424

6:30pm Vanessa challenging everyone to an arm wrestle

[envira-gallery id=”116721″]

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-26 18-38-57-109

6:38pm HOH
James and Jeff trying to rest garbage on Becky’s head.. she keeps taking off her headphones to see what it is. Takes awhile for her to catch them.
James and Jeff say they heard through the grapevine that Becky has a potential showmance in the house
Becky says she doesn’t have a potential
James – our source is pretty strong
Jeff – who is it
Becky – I don’t have one
Jeff says it’s Steve or Johnny mac, “I believe Johnny Mac”:
james – I Believe Steve”
Becky says the guys she dates are always really tall and foreign “Seriously you cannot pronounce the names of guys I date”
She lists off all the different guys she’s dated, Austrian, Lebanese etc
James – So you haven’;t dated Asian yet

Becky – I don’t date white guys/.. i don’t date white people..
Becky says she dates very tall men.
James – So you’re saying if I was 4 or 5 feet taller i would have potential.

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-26 19-00-53-019

6:56pm Bathroom Austin and Da
Before liz leaves DA mouths “What the f*** to them”

Da asks if he’s throwing her under the bus
Austin – I swear DA I didn’t
Austin – I’m not trying to play that fast f*** no”
He says he hasn’t been going around forming Final 3’s he knows that it’s too early to pull that strategy. Adds he’s watched every season of Big Brother He knows what the deal is.
Austin – we’re all safe as long as we stick together… I have no idea who is saying sh1t.. she wants to have a house meeting and blow it up.. We’re all safe next week we’re at risk.

After DA leaves Austin says “you’re done”

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-26 19-02-20-013

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-26 19-04-41-199

7:00pm storage room Da and Austin
(Audrey is finally tired from non stop game talk)
DA giving Audrey a debrief of her conversation with Austin

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-26 19-11-54-249

7:12pm DA warns Johnny mac that Steve is really smart.
Tells him the picture she has been painting of Johnny Mac is he’s a wild card he’s all alone. Asks him what side is he one. Johnny Mac laughs asks what sides are there. Says it seems like the house is all against Jace. Their personal game doesn’t have a problem with Jace but they cannot go against the house. They mention staying on both sides of the house but protect each other.
DA – Steve makes me a little nervous.. he should he wasn’t weak today and he’s here to play.. you might want to keep him around people are going to put him up every week.
DA – he’ll win Veto every week
Johnny – Mac – I know him pretty well what you see is what you get.. he’s really smart..
Johnny doesn’t think Steve will win physical competitions, “He’s a threat but he’s not this super guy.. I’m not worried about him”
DA – who are you worried about
Johnny Mac – Right now the guys
DA – Austin is BIG his bark is bigger than his bite
Johnny mac mentions clay’s name.
DA says in their HOH competition clay got out in the first round.
DA – People are worried about Jace.. he’s annoying

DA doesnt think Jackie is getting voted out. She trying to figure out who the “Second Person ” is
Johnny – who are you worried about
DA – I’m worried about Steve he’s playing this game GREAT
Johnny mac says Steve is a nice guy but he’s down with getting him out.
Johnny Mac says he likes Vanessa a lot.

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Steve is the new Donnie. Everyone is so afraid of the smart guy and no one will talk with him.

Rip Van Winkle


Eure! ka

Is Austin really playing the “Cool” vs “Dweebs” card? How friggin’ old is he? Most people have mostly moved past that after high school. Don’t get me wrong; I understand that cliques remain throughout adulthood. It’s just that they become a whole lot more nuanced than that. Really Austin? That is some really lame ass shit.


Audrey despite a disaster yesterday and earlier today is actually playing well, she manages to shift the target from her to Davonne while Davonne is still targeting Austin, Jace and Liz. I can’t wait for the veto ceremony fallout. :))


What is Austin doing? He had the perfect opportunity to talk things out with Da’Vonne, but is already so against her even though he has said himself that Audrey is the one playing too fast. He didn’t have to tell her all his information, but proper thing to do is admit there was a problem instead of being fake, like that wasn’t something she couldn’t detect. Now he’s out to get her when she really has not done anything to him but listen to information from Audrey.


He might sense that Da will just go and tell everything he says, just like Audrey did.


Ok so why is all this drama being blamed on the only black person? It’s ridiculous, and what’s Clay’s problem with Da, that he brings her up everytime and he’s now all of the sudden the most trustworthy. I hope they all continue to be paranoid and start fighting week to week.


It is interesting (and not shocking) how Da’Vonne has become the scapegoat of the season, while Audrey gets off almost completely free. I’m not sure why people are believing her after she aggressively confronted everyone, and multiple people realize she’s talking game to everyone.

Austin should have compared notes with Da so they both could direct their attention back to Audrey. I have no idea what Clay’s problem with Da is, but I have also noticed how he is always bringing her name up. Liz was getting close to Da, but now thinks Da is against her, and Audrey (I assume) has warped Da against Liz and Austin.

I’m not sure how Da is going to recover from this, but she needs to find someway to pacify the HG or she’ll be the second one out.


Something happened when feeds are still out between Clay and Da’Vonne that makes them doubt each other. It’s almost the same situation as Sarah and Bruno but they are ‘forced’ to not target each other for now because they are eliminating a definite alliance (Austin, Jace, Liz). Audrey consistently stirring the pot is also not helping.


Site issues guys. 1st time ever I’m getting dc’d multiple times. All I get is a black screen usually in the middle of writing a comment. Lost 2 in 10 minutes. Sometimes refresh doesn’t even work and I have to open site from scratch. No comments are saved when this happens.
Also when I do a comment and post I don’t go back to the spot on the page I was at if I was replying to a previous comment.
Getting frustrated lost 3 comments today that I hadn’t finished


I’ve had a few similar issues Simon. Usually though I eventually find my comment & finish it, though a few times I’ve posted twice because it took so long to appear. Also, when I comment, it takes me off of the comment section and back to the update section at the top. No biggie though – just telling you this in case it helps someone else. Thanks!!


For black screen issues try turning off direct draw if you are using firefox. There is a bug that has been going on for a few months and it fixed it for me.

It might happen with this site in particular if it uses more images or flash etc. than other sites.


I just read every update since the feeds turned on in 1 sitting and I’m so beyond confused lol.

Here what’s I got. ITS SEASON 16 all over again without Derrick. The BOB ruins gameplay because these massive alliances form and the weak players keep going up and people will continue to volunteer. It’s interesting this season because it’s clear almost all of them don’t know BB so they are going nuts with all of these alliances and final 3s.

I get why Simon loves people who don’t know the game because it adds paranoia and chaos but the lack of good gameplay is astonishing and if I was stuck in the house with these HGs I’d go insane.

I want Steve (I love people who know the game) but he will need to overcome his awkwardness. I’ll go Johnny Mac at this point because I think he knows the history and BB and he somehow got dragged into an alliance and isn’t doing too much (ie Derrick)

Perfect Scenario

Holy shit, i am about to lose it if one more person says this season is like “BB16 all over again” it’s getting so annoying. This cast resembles nothing like last year’s this cast is a thousand times more entertaining than last year’s group. Just because it’s the same fricken twist from last year doesn’t make the overall season exactly the same as last year, so stop it with that crap!


Sorry I voiced my opinion? It’s not my fault (and others) that we see a striking resemblance to last year. It doesn’t make it bad and I AGREE this season has way more potential because of the cast but don’t act like this season is so different.

BOB makes it so that people will try and make these ridiculous alliances that include half the house. These alliances will target weak players to be teamed up in the BOB so they lose then they can backdoor a threat, in this case Jace.

We have people like last season who aren’t well versed in BB so they are playing recklessly, which makes for great entertainment, but will cause for stupidity. I’m sorry you don’t see the similarities and I never said it will make it a bad season but the similarities are apparent.

New people – can make it more interesting
Same BOB- same strategy
More people who don’t know BB- same gameplay

I’d love to discuss it but if you wanna say I’m wrong for an opinion I will point out the flaws in your arguement.


Well damn! Da’Vonne’s taking the fall for all of Audrey’s s**t stirring. I still hope she can recover from this and do some serious damage control (knock on wood). It’s so hard to tell where everybody is at right now because of all the scrambling. Vanessa and Johnny Mac seem close. Jace, Austin, and Liz is obvious, as is Jeff and Jackie (the house was stupid not to put them up together). Jason and Da’Vonne seem to be a pair. Besides that things are changing so rapidly and the house seems to be buying Audrey’s lies for the most part. Besides her lies it’s hard to figure out why certain people are targeting certain people like Austin targeting Da’Vonne or Jason targeting Vanessa.

And where did this Da and Johnny Mac thing come from lol? I didn’t know they talked game.

I can’t peg a winner just yet, which I suppose is a good thing. Meanwhile everyone has forgotten about Meg and Johnny Mac who will Coast far.


AG dropped the ball bringing back BOTB. That big alliance just needs to stay together til jury house. BB 16 all over again potentially. Say what you want Jeff and Jackie should have been big targets they’ve done well to hookup with the big alliance. Jace I guess going not 1 many here will miss. But “the other side” of the house going to get steamrolled unless they can win both 1/2’s of some HOH’s.
Such a shame AG doesn’t get how badly these jumbo alliance negatively effect BB as a game. Social gets replaced with us against them. Group on top becomes bullies and the rest leave one after another. If you want a 9 or 10 person game just start with that number.
Early favs Shelli, Becky, Steve, John, Clay and Peewee. Pretty good hand full for week 1. not on the list and can leave ASAP Audrey, Jace and Vanessa. I get so POd when someone whines about being there week one. Ungrateful when so many try for a slot in the house. Jace is just unlikeable and Audrey playing way to fast.


Kudos man!! I agree with all of this.


Thanks Simon and Dawg for posting this: https://twitter.com/89razorskate20/status/614627120594055169/photo/1

It’s much easier to keep things in order though I would have shown a connection between Vanessa and Johnny Mac as well. Becky is the only seemingly loner for now. I’m not sure why Audrey and Steve are considered a pair considering how bad she’s talked about him, but he could be easy for her to manipulate moving forward. Unfortunately I can see Steve going up every week.

I like the Jo’Vonne (Johnny Mac and Da’Vonne) pairing (and it’s completely unexpected), and is probably one of the better combined names.


Anyone else read this play by plays and have to constantly scroll up to see who the hell everyone is. I am like who this steve, scroll up. Who is john, scroll up.


Yeah, this year is ruff because we have six people that have names that begin with J. Jace, John, Jason, Jeff, James, and Jackie. I have to check names also.


Idk why but I love Johnny Mac he’s so weird lol


He is a rockstar!! He is letting everyone else do his bidding, while he relax.


I’m sorry I hate Audrey, Day, Jason they just all think they are so amazing at this game!! Personally only people I’m rooting for are Steve, Clay, and john! They seem like good people! The rest are ridiculous


I agree with you in terms of liking Steve and John. I like Audrey but will admit that you can tell on the feeds when she is thinking gameplay even when she is not talking game. Davonne is not as good at reading people as she thinks. Clay is hard to read for me at this point. As far as Austin and Jace, I get an 80’s flashback when seeing both of them together: Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.


Too early for me to pick a fav. I’m just getting to know these people. I haven’t even memorized their names yet but I can say that I like Audrey the least so far. I will be glad to see people catch on to her. Wise up already!