Austin – “Audrey is non stop game mode.. she’s f***g non stop game dude”

POV Holder: Steve Next POV July 3rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner Team 1: James HOH Winner Team 2: Jason
Nominations 1 : Steve, Jackie Nominations 2: Becky, Johnny mac
Battle of the Block Winner Becky and Johnny Mac Next HOH/ Next BOB July 2nd / ?
Original Nominations: Becky, Johnny, Steve, Jackie
Current Nominations: Steve, Jackie
Have Nots Austin, Da’Vonne, Liz, Vanessa

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-26 16-01-39-388

4:00pm Bedroom Jeff, Meg and Shelli
Meg telling them that Austin and Jace are spreading crazy things.
Meg – they started to play dirty man it’s already started
Meg says at one point Austin and Jace have been talking about convincing steve to not use the veto.
They laugh
Jeff says Austin is the one they have to worry about not Jace. “I’m going to let them hang themselves”
Meg – “The Three of them” are going around the house spreading sh1t (Liz, Austin, Jace)

Jeff doesn’t care about those three and their shenanigans they just have to make sure James sticks to the plan. He’s pumped about winning the HOH he already knows who he’s putting up and he’s not changing his mind. “I don’t mind getting blood on my hands” (Austin is his target)
Meg leaves

Jeff – I don’t know why people are worried about Steve he’s no threat to me
Jeff says his threat are Jace, Austin, Day and Liz
Jeff has been trying to flirt with Liz a bit but she’s so far up Jace’s a$$.
Jackie comes in with Liz. Says in the cabana is Audrey, JAce, Austin, Liz and James and Day. They don’t know what is going on. Jeff – I’m staying out of it

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Big-Brother-17 2015-06-26 16-11-26-266

3:55pm Cabana Audrey, Jace, Austin, Davonne, Liz
They are pulling people in to find out where the story is coming from about Audrey being sketchy.
When James comes in Audrey asks him what his plan is. He’s got to take some time and figure it out.
James – It’s a tough job being HOH guys.. tough job
They go back and forth about who out of them was saying Audrey was sketchy.
Audrey is glad she confronted everyone she just wants them to all know “Something else is going on”
Davonne – Keep your eyes open
Audrey – Keep your eyes open and your backs against the wall
Jason comes in. Audrey wants to make it clear if they hear something about her to talk to her straight up and clear it up.
Jace – There’s a lot of paranoia in here .. you can’t get a second alone without someone thinking you are going to backdoor them.. it’s a whole f****g game of telephone.. it’s crazy.. it’s scary and fun at the same time.

Jace wants to squash the beef and move forward
Audrey – No one in this room wants to b@ckdoor me
they all say no
James says he doesn’t have any targets right now.

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Big-Brother-17 2015-06-26 16-23-08-233

4:22pm Cabana James, Audrey, JAce and Austin
Jace saying he wants to go with the original plan.
James doesn’t know what he’s going to do right now.
Audrey – I don’t want to do anything out of the ordinary.. you guys need to start trusting me.
Jace says if they put Jeff up JAckie will stay
Audrey – that’s a big pair
Audrey reminds them again she doesn’t want to do anything out of the ordinary and if anything makes them feel comfortable to come to her. Points out she talks to everybody and trusts them.
Audrey, JAce and Austin promise james they’ll vote his way. They fist bump and leave.

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-26 16-29-08-929

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-26 16-36-21-832

4:34pm HOH Jason, James, Audrey and Da
(This group looks like an alliance)
Audrey saying in the Cabana JAce and Austin were trying to confirm that boogus thing they had together. Audrey says they are telling her it was Day going around saying Audrey cannot be trusted. Audrey tells them it was JAce’s idea all along to B@ckdoor Jason.
James confirms he putting up Jace and there’s no way changing his mind.
Talk goes to potential targets next week Austin’s name is given by Audrey. They agree steve is on his own right now. Jason plans on making a final 2 with him.

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-26 16-39-38-095

4:36pm Austin and Clay Cabana
Austin gives a debrief of the drama with Audrey.
Clay warns him he’s getting too close with Liz people are pointing it out.
Clay – I’ve heard people chattering.. be aware of it”
Austin – who do you with with right now.. who do we take out dude
Clay – this game is week to week eventually the lines gotta be drawn… once you draw that line you gotta have the numbers and stick with that team
Austin – should we try and swing something with james
Clay – I don’t know i’m not sure where James stands.. I would be cautious what you tell james.. i trust james.
They suspect Da is the one trying to get them all to fight. Both agree Da has gotta go. Clay thinks once Da is gone James will be a different player.
Clay tells him if Jeff ever says anything about Austin he’ll let Austin know, “Any talk we have is between us”
Austin says it’s only week one some of the people in the house are playing too hard, “You can’t start making final 2’s”
Austin – I trust you 100%
Clay – I did from day 1
Austin – I trust liz 100%
They agree Liz’ game was damaged with the recent drama.
Austin likes Jace but says he’s a “Hot head”
Austin is a bit suspicious of Sheli
Clay asks him other than Jace who is he with. Austin claims he doesn’t have anyone else.
They agree Johnny is cool, Clay doesn’t trust Jeff with information. They think Steve is a wild card.
Austin – There’s going to be a confrontation with James before the veto ceremony”
Clay – I trust Jeff right now
Adds Jeff will throw them under the bus later on but in the short game they might be able to trust him.
Austin – I’m loyal to you 100%
Clay says he likes James as a “man” but doesn’t know where his head is at.
Jace joins them.

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-26 16-40-38-102

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-26 16-53-28-656

5:00pm HOH Jeff, Audrey, Da, James
Audrey solidifying their alliance. they ask him if he knows about what happened today. Jeff doesn’t says he was sleeping doesn’t want to get involved.
Audrey explains that Liz, Austin and Jace were trying to get Jeff nominated. Audrey says Jeff is safe with Jason, James, Da and Jason.
Audrey says Austin is going around saying Jeff is jealous of Jace and Austin because of that they have.
Jeff – we already know Jace has got to go and we know Jace and Austin are a pair, unfortunately Austins gotta go.
Audrey wants to solidify something with Jeff and with Jackie.
Jeff – alright that seems fair
Jeff reminds them that him and Jackie don’t have the closest relationship because stuff happened outside of the house between them.
Jeff – As you know Clay is my friend as well.. what are your thoughts on him
JAson – I haven’t spoken much game with him
James – he has my vote
Audrey – We all are going to have out Plus one.. I you are close to Clay and She’s close to Sheli.. that’s important you maintain that relationship.
(Their alliance is called the High Rollers.. here we go again 🙁 they are Jason,Da, Meg, James, Audrey, Jackie and Jeff) )
Jeff saying it’s obvious that Jace, Liz and Austin are trying to pull people in and start their own thing, “Asusting hates me I don’t know why.. “
Speculates it had something to do about Jeff telling him to put away the weights.

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-26 17-24-27-988

The High Rollers Da, Jason, Meg, James, Audrey, Jackie and Jeff with Shelli as a spoke.

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-26 17-24-24-994

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-26 17-08-00-847

5:05pm Cabana – Clay, Austin and Jace
Wondering if Da, Audrey and james have an agreement.
Clay leaves.
Austin and Jace worried about James not keeping to their alliance. They laugh that Johnny Mac is a rockstar he’s going to chill all summer.
Austin what do we do now
Jace – Nothing
Audrey is still out there flipping out.. James doesn’t have the number dude.
They agree Da “Sucks”
Austin – Audrey is non stop game mode.. you are talking to everyone.. she’s f***g non stop game dude

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Laughing my ass at the high rollers and the cool kids alliance. High rollers are the reminiscent of Bomb squad where everyone is a member of the alliance and the cool kids are actually the people that majority doesn’t want to hang around with. Why are the cool kids thinking they are the cool kids and not the nerd herd is astonishing, rule of thumb, wherever the HOH during the first week will automatically get the majority of people and will get the ‘cool kids’ title. :))))


I know season 16 is in effect again…the people not Audrey’s huge alliance are just going to picked off…I knew this was going to happen with the battle of the block …same twist, same script as last year…this is what happens….


Not necessarily, last year the non members of the bomb squad are so passive [and stupid] at creating their own alliance. This year there is already a definite groups of people forming around and are playing really hard, the same people (Vanessa, Steve, John and Becky) will continue to be put on the block (because they are safe bets a.k.a floaters) but Austin the other head of the house has a read and pull on people so i think he will not go down easily as Donny.


numbers would help and they are all on the other side…being associated with Jace who everyone hates probably doesn’t help either… He will have a tough road ahead….


Does anyone know what Vanessa and Davonne got for sitting out the HOH comp?


I think they got to picked the have nots and be have nots themselves but also gain immunity for this week.


I believe that they each became Have-Nots, but they also got immunity for the week. Then they each had to pick one other person to become a Have-Not, who would also have immunity. Da’Vonne chose Liz, Vanessa chose Austin.


According to the HOH note that Audrey found, James had to pick 4 people to be Have Nots. Davonne and Vanessa got immunity and got to pick one other person to get immunity from nomination. Day picked Liz, Vanessa picked Austin.




austin vs audrey will blowup soon!

aunt nazeehba

That would be one hell of a fight A & A.


Audrey is like doing exactly what Devin is doing last year…she is bringing too many people to her own huge alliance or alliances… And we meet see another season of the floaters getting picked off one by one again…she has Da’Vonne, Jason, James, Jeff, Meg, Shelli and Jackie all with her…and this can result in Steve, Jace, Austin, Liz, Vanessa, John and Becky just being picked off one by one and I’m feeling this order… Big brother USA is so predictable…


Ironically the only real Floater I can see is Audrey right now. She doesn’t seem to be particularly loyal to anyone, and is just reeling a bunch of people into a giant alliance. She’s playing more like James though. Very aggressive and is throwing people she claims to be working with under the bus. She’s put Da’Vonne’s name way out that and now Da is on multiple people’s radar.

I was afraid we’d get another big alliance (though not shocked). Though I’m not sure how loyal any of them will remain to it. James is naïve, Jeff is one of the most cowardly players (how many times are you going to say gameplay is scary?), Audrey is all over the freaking place, and Jason and Da’Vonne don’t trust Audrey (smart), Jackie and Meg are still there? I haven’t seem much focus on them.

Johnny Mac will Coast to at least jury. He’s on no one’s radar. Vanessa is drifting into the background as well.


Stop being so negative.


Well it’s not totally predictable. If the alliance gets leaked to the house, which could happen fairly easily if Audrey keeps channeling Devin, shit is going to explooode.


hey dawg
is it Meg or Da in the high rollers
and everytime I see da (Davonne) I think of the Diapers from bbcan3 LOL


Yes Becca, They r both safe for the week. They got to to choose 2 other people to be safe for the week. Da’Vonne chose Liz and Vanessa chose Austin


Not really liking Audrey anymore. She is playing too hard too fast.


Pretty entertaining for day 2. A lot of game talk.


These ppl are nuts! They need to chill abit.
Why are they spending all day on he said she said BS?
Not good play.
And the academy award goes to ……
Vanessa … She is much more stable and intelligent than she is acting.
Damsel in distress? Victoria? Fly on the wall?
I say Viper in the grass
And Austin thinks Da is the poker player … lol
Good job Vanessa!


If Audrey calls a house meeting I will die laughing. #Devin2.0


I think the reason why I at least hate about the BOTB is that it spawns a whole bunch of pawns including John, Steve, and Becky. Same with last season (Jocasta, Victoria, Brittany, etc.)


Okay, I must have missed something. Is the new rule that if you’re a Have Not you can’t be a replacement Nom?
If that is the case, I’m glad. Last season was horrible the way they would make someone a Have Not and put them on the block. Then they’d ignore them the rest of the week.

Does anyone else think Donny and Steve would have had great conversations if they played together?


i just hope they don’t sleep all day like the players from last season did!


Hope the BB Take over can stir up something there. I don’t wanna see the big alliance dominate. Plus, Audrey is playing so hard and so obvious. Be patient girl or you’ll be out soon.