James “I’ve got to let Corey take Paul out because then I can take Corey out!”

POV Holder: Paul POV Competition Aug 20th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 22th
HOH Natalie, Meech Next HOH Aug 25th
Original Nomi1nations: Victor AND Paul
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots Victor and James

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-21 18-42-38-036

6:40pm Backyard – Nat comes out and says hey all guys alliance. Crocodile hunters! James I’m on to you! I know you did a prank today. I can smell it. James says what prank did I do? Nat says because I put a pie in your bed. James says you took it out, I didn’t even see it. Nat says crocodile hunters! Nat asks should I check out the HOH to see what you did? James says why would do something? Nat says because you’re the king of pranks.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-21 20-01-22-305

7pm HOH room James and Natalie. Nat says its a big risk we’re taking but they’re a strong couple and its only Paul and Michelle. And we can reel in Michelle. I don’t care if I end up going to jury. At least I can lose weight and I still get paid. I learned a lot from you. If I wasn’t connected to you, I would have been the pawn of the season. If you’re ever on the block I would die. I would have so much anxiety. James says I’m really good on the block. I think Meech wants to take out Nicole. Do not say that. DO not tell Nicole and Corey! (James already told them.) Don’t tell them because it would put our game in jeopardy and I would get in trouble. James says I won’t. Nat says Vic needs to go and I feel so bad. Can I just not know? James says yeah, I’ll take all the heat. I’m trying to get us to the end and we all can’t be buddies. Paul will be pissed at me .. whoop de do .. James says the only person I have to worry about winning is Paul. If he wins he would put Corey and I up. Nat says by accident I am getting one of the biggest threats out of the house. James says I’ve got to let Corey take Paul out because then I can take Corey out the next week. Then its me, you and Michelle. James says if we win again and we don’t put up Corey and Nicole… F**K. Nat says honestly you need to let them win. James says hopefully they won’t f**k us and then I can win the next week. James says AMERICA! You can’t sent Paul that care package. Give it to Corey! PLEASE! If Corey f**ks us over then I am willing to deal with that but you can’t give it to Paul

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-21 20-18-50-132

7:15pm – 7:30pm Safari room – Vic and Paul talk. Paul says I don’t know why but I am public enemy number 1 right now. VIc asks still?! Paul says yeah I’m off the block. Vic asks is Corey still the target. Paul says that Meech said that her and I were going to butt heads if I keep acting like a know it all. I’m like f**k you’re an idiot. One has a care package, one doesn’t. You’re a moron. You think that’s a better move? Straight up! What I need you to do is be the last one in her head tonight. Nobody is going to vote Nicole out. We would be f**ked. Vic says I think James would vote Corey out. Paul says at this point in the game Michelle can hate me for the rest of the season. I can beat her in comps. I’ve beaten her in mental comps. If we somehow get through this we’re making it to the final 2 because we’re the only ones to get the care package. No one give a f**k about me right now. Everyone is being weird to me. Vic says I don’t want to pull the sympathy card until Thursday. Paul says say we all you have at this point. Paul says if we win HOH we put up James and Natalie and break up the last showmance. Vic says that’s two votes for one person. Paul says then we vote out James. Nat and James head downstairs to eat.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-21 20-12-49-486

7:35pm – 8:25pmVic talks to Meech. Meech says I kind of want to be like which one of you wants to go home more? Vic says no don’t do that. Right now I’m in the sh*ttiest position. I know you want to put up Nicole. But if you do that it would f**k up not only my game but your game in the future. Meech asks why would it f**k up my game? Vic says because I don’t think James would vote out Nicole. If she goes up, I am going home. If Corey goes up, she will be the next to go home. Meech says okay. Vic says this is the first time I am nervous. Nat and Paul join them.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-21 20-20-57-500

8:25pm – 8:55pm In the living room – James hides behind the couch and scares Natalie. Nat says she hates him. Nat says she is heading up stairs to go to bed. James follows her. Nat gets Vaseline on her hands because James put it on the HOH door handle. She locks the door and then opens it. Nat says she’s really parched. He tells her to get something from the refrigerator. Can I have a water? Nat goes to open the fridge and gets Vaseline on her hands. James says and that’s why I’m the number 1 pranker! Nat says its not fair when she pranks him she gets in trouble and called to the diary room. (She put a pie in his bed and was told to take it out.) James laughs. Nat says this bloods my boil .. what is it Boils my blood! Nat says she’s tired and wants to go to bed. Nat tells James can you just go hang out with them in the safari room so that you don’t get nominated. James says I don’t care, do you think Corey and Nicole will vote me out? Nat says no. Vic joins them and gets Vaseline on his hands. Paul joins them and gets Vaseline on his hands too. He says f**k! Nat asks Paul if he can get her a water. He gets Vaseline on his other hand. James laughs and says he trained her well!

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-21 20-28-54-758

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The winner gets $5,000 to bribe one house guest. Bribes my influence voting, competitions, vetos or nominations. The bribe can only be given to one house guest, for one action, within the week leading up to the next eviction.

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Rayvyn Riley

James and Natalie’s showmance is about as real as my fake tits.


James has been dry humping himself on the live feeds for weeks now, and they tv edit this NO-MANCE with Natalie like both of them are seriously in love with each other. on the flip side, you have Nicole and Corey finger poppin each other on the live feeds, and they’re getting the America’s sweethearts tv edit.


You’re right. Wouldn’t it be nice if they showed things the way they really are? It would be interesting to see what the polls were like then. I just can’t stomach much more of the 4 Americas sweethearts. I want to watch big brother not The Dating Game.


screw jamesy, thats friendship

Good Job

Good job America, all those people who voted for Michelle for no reason screwed Victor over. He deserved the Co-HOH and it would’ve ensured Ratcole/Corey going home.

Franks fumes

In truth PRODUCTION SCREWED THIS SEASON…Meech was down with Paul/Vic to put up nic and corine until that fateful DR session….


not necessarily. corey probably would have actually tried to win the veto instead of sleeping through the storm alerts.

Big Jim

With James begging America to not vote for Paul means I will definitely vote for Paul or the returning HG. Don’t know how much the bribe will help anyway but I’m over James

Nat the Rat

I am voting Paul too.


Totally voting for Paul now for sure!


As it is now it will be a lot more interesting to give it to Paul as all of them are against him. Who would he want to give 5K to. Giving it to Corey would be lame. He would probably just find someway to give it to Nicole like bribe her to vote the way she was going to vote anyway. The only good thing about Corey getting it would be the shocked look on Nicole and Corey’s faces when they find out it is not some super duper power like they have all been theorizing it would be. But since voting doesn’t open until after a jury member returns we could have more interesting options.

Ba Bing

Who is wondering how Paulie is doing in the jury house ? Lmao


I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they gave that dehay his own hotel room after they told him about the jury buy back…why else did he completely change his mood?? They said, oh golden boy, if you turn it around, we can help you avoid that anxiety of all the girls who hate you…we can get you your very own place! Oh! And if you’re really good, we can give you Victor in a true battle back…how does that sound?? We really want to give you the 500k, but can’t be too obvious. Of course since most of production hates their job, the live feeders are finding out more this year than they ever should, but hey! We’re here for ya! Oh gag me!!

Chilltown 2.0

Can’t believe one of NiCorey and Jatalie will most likely win this game. Can’t even muster the energy to analyze the game anymore. In all reality the only plausible way anyone else wins if Victor comes back and Vic/Paul win out.

Wtf happened to this season? How did some of the sorriest boring floaters make it this far….


As much as you probably don’t like the final 7,, trust me I don’t either, you can’t say they all floated when I can point out moves each of them has made. They’ve all played the game, except nicorey, and they just started playing this week.


I chalk that up to James as well. He went back on his word that he would not put up Bridgette and was responsible for Frank going home (after telling Frank the vets should stick together) He allowed the butterfly crier to run his HOH and sh*t rolled downhill from there.


Victor beats Paulie in the buy back. Victor wins. Well, he should get bonus votes for cleaning that nasty bathroom twice in the same week.

Hi, It's Production

The answer to your question of how did boring people get to the end….it is a “reality” show but it really isn’t a “reality” show. Get it? It is highly “influenced” by America (errrrr….I mean production and they can use this to shift the game a certain way). With it being mentioned a few time on the feeds, James knows Paulie’s and Nicole’s family outside the game of BB…that kind of takes the elements of house guests not knowing jack about the others. Kind of is obvious to connect the dots, yet so many people are “puzzled” by what is going on…..most of these people want to be “famous” either on twitter, movies, acting, entertainment….come on y’all these kind of “set reality” shows are all want to be peeps seeking fame….nothing wrong with that, I am just saying let’s not get so worked up by something well scripted.

Skips mom

I was wondering why CBS aired Tonight the time when Nicole spilled coffee and nail polish from Aug 5 or so…….it’s because she is lying in bed every time I turn the feeds on. It isn’t right that people who just lay around could win this.

Franks fumes

Lying in bed playing stinkfinger with a gay man!

Paul for Prez

It was how long ago that everybody was complaining saying how this was the worst season and so dull and boring predictable, hmm not anymore.


Just an observation but did anyone else notice, Nat said her neck hurt so bad she did not think she could compete in the HOH comp. She had her Jamesy Rubbing it and tending to her needs. She complained about how bad it hurt during the comp. Then by some miracle when she was in the DR she was able to do her whole Rah, Rah, Sis, Boom Bah routine without even a slight grimace on her face. Later in the HOH she again telling Jamesy Wamesy how bad it hurt as he rubbed icy hot or something on her. I think the girl needs a binky. Good luck whoever has to coddle her in the future. I am pretty sure it won’t be Jamesy Wamesy she is clearly into Vic.

Needy Natalie

I noticed it too. She is so needy and constantly does things to put attention on her. For example, yesterday she was in the shower and started screaming like something was really wrong ” ow ow ow” Michelle was like are you okay? And Natalie was like a baby saying “I got soap in my eyes”. Literally like she was dying. I can’t take much more if her.


YES!!! THANK YOU!!! so glad you put this on here because I was wondering same thing myself!!!!

Loud noises

Now stuck with Natalie’s prattling on and on… And on.

Morgan LaFay

Watching AD. Is it me or has Natalie starting appropriating the Nolan twins signature “uh” at the end of a word? Jaaaammmmeesss-uh!
And James is seriously annoying. While there may be some genuine affection, this showmance is over as soon as the cameras turn off.


I was planning to vote for james for america favorite. But since he showed again he is just a rat and a geisha my fav would go for paul or Nat. Sorry nicole or corey but you two are like watching the walking dead season 6?


Honestly, that’s an insult to the Walking Dead.
Just sayin


Don’t they read the care package in front of everybody? Everyone will know and what if he can’t bribe anyone?

More Anonymous

Wow. Vic was cleaning that bathroom like it was a competition. Would have been sweet if BB hid a DPOV in with all the cleaning supplies.


Worst season of big brother yet. Too many stupid twist ( teams, co-hoh, round trip, America’s care package, bringing back house guest TWICE!). I don’t even recognize BB anymore. Not to mention the horrible casting for this season. Worst season ever! #Glen for America’s favorite player.


If the producers wrangle the rules to get Paulie back into the BB house with the buy back deal…after already bringing back Victor…why bother playing this game anymore? They came up with this idea to bring back controversial players to keep the game interesting instead of having whining childish couples lying in bed for the next few weeks. Bad TV. I’ve watched every episode of BB since it first began…and after dark shows. There were years FAR more interesting and suspenseful. If the shows have become boring it’s because the producers are to blame for casting models and wannabe actors rather than real people…as it was meant to be. Fewer viewers can relate to these young, petulant brats. A few, ok…but the whole cast is under 30 yrs old. There used to be grandfathers playing this game! People with families, children, etc. Ratings were far higher back then. And the players were far more memorable. I can still remember names from the first season…but, I can’t even remember who won last year. Maybe BB’s casting dept needs an overhaul if it’s considering another season?

Mirror On The Wall

I resonated with what you wrote and wrote something similar. Reality tv isn’t reality tv anymore, it is highly influenced tv….it is all for ratings. I remember the days of a few older house guests, now they do the one token old guy/gal in the house and what do you think is going to happen with that older person. We have to remember, like you mentioned these are all wanna be actors and people trying to be famous. I guarantee you they give up a lot of their own freedoms in their contracts and are told of certain scripts. Everything comes down to production and they will pull any strings they want to…to get ratings. I know for sure this is the last Big Bro I am watching and I’ve been watching since BB1

Min O'Pause

Truer words were never spoken.

Another Anonymous

Hey, why doesn’t James TeePee the BB House? Then he could light a bag of poop on fire in front of the HOH door. How about a few “Knock, Knock” jokes? I just can’t stop laughing at James and Natalie’s shenanigans….

Another Anonymous

Ummm, that was supposed to be sarcasm….

James' 2 inch weiner

Hope the plan backfires on the Texas Turd and the fake cheerleader……Vic comes back in and plants them in the eviction chairs…Bratalie can tell everyone how her heart hurts that James is on the block , all the while kissing up to Vic


Did you see how fake she was on the episode tonight doing her nomination speech? Nothing real about her.


I just laughed out loud


Does any one on here watch all. I have watch every show watched every bb after dark plus any live Feds I can get. I can’t figure out why everyone is so against Nicole James Corey or nattile. How you all like Michele and Paul. Michelle treated Bridget for many weeks badly making fun of her throwing away cookies she baked, blaming Bridget for her weight gain because she was baking. Only the last week Bridget was there was Michele nice to her and that was probably because Michele was hoping Bridget would help her game. Not because she liked her. And Paul has lied, schemed, told false rumors to further his fame. It’s a game people everyone does a little of this just some are worse than others. Like Michelle and Paul. I actually feel sorry for victor he aligned him self with the wrong people. He could have went really far in the game.

The reason

The difference is players like Vic, Paul, and Meech is that they lie a little, mostly about getting caught up in teasing other houseguests, which is immature but has little to do with the game.

Players like Nichole and Paul lie about everything, all of the time. There is nothing genuine about them and they have done nothing in the game, but lie about that too! It’s ridiculous.


We are upset because they are playing Production’s game and not their own. Paul and Victor would of been true to the alliance of 5. But Production told Natalie not to put up Nicole and Corey. This is not fair to Paul, Victor and Michelle. They are favoring Nicole and Corey and screwed up the other alliance. What he hate is Production’s tampering with the game.


You guys want them to play the game several weeks ago, now you are mad at Nat and James playing the game. Also if you read or watched Vic and Paul is going against the 5 because they want the last guys. They want to keep Nicole over James. They said this last week, so Nat and James is sitting ducks.


i don’t even like michelle but i gotta admit when she acknowledged and apologized to bridgette she changed my mind about her personally. She has no game which is why i don’t think she’s top 7 material. She would have been out within the first 3-4 weeks if she hadn’t been on franks team

I blame you America for ruining this game – giving michelle co-hoh. You’d think you’d want the best player to win. And, make no mistake, paul and vic are the best players of the game. Nobody else on this cast could overcome the obstacles these two boys have. Which is why i am astounded that you (America) voted for michelle a do nothing loud mouth, but, alas,I should have know better when you elected hilary for the primary over bernie

Franks fumes

Nicole says to Corey do you want to cuddle me or do you want me to cuddle you?…..now i know what cuddle means…..kinda creepy LOL!


If Da’ or Bridgette returns, I’m voting for them.

Franks fumes

F#CK YOU JAMES!….For production to step in this late and so hamfistedly step on the gameplay by Paul and Vic is unbelievable…..whoever wins this ……this shit season there should be giant asterisk by their name ……this is just ridiculous tampering!


James is not funny!!


Two minutes into AD and I couldn’t stomach the James and Nstalie show.


I know. At this point even hearing Corey’s baseball stories was a relief. And That’s pretty bad. I’m all about a sensitive man but James is just pathetic listening to the constant whining that is Natalie. I’m surprised his ears aren’t bleeding. I would find it so funny if Natalie’s “girl power”. Sends James out the door after he helps her to the end. It would be well deserved.

Franks fumes

LOL….Great line!


I am so sick of James and his pranks. Grow up, I don’t think James is going to be America’s favorite, I hope he is not. I hope Victor wins the competition to come back, I want to see Paulie say that one does not count, I sure don’t want Paulie back in the house, I want Victor to come back and get rid of Nicole and boring as watching paint dry Corey.

James, don’t come back to Big Brother, I’m so over you and your childish pranks. Clean up that nasty house, try that as a prank. Everyone in that house is a slob, other than Victor, the rest of them don’t seem to have a problem getting in that nasty shower, and using that nasty bathroom.


Victor is evicted wins the return contest followed by the HOH takes out james season saved

More Anonymous

Hoping that’s the case but not feeling your optimism. I’m thinking it’s the combined Jury/HOH wall comp Thursday. James won Flying Tomatoes on the wall last year. It’s a comp that females do well in – April won with Michelle in second, and Elissa won it over Gina and Amanda. So just to get back in, Vic has to first outlast Paulie, Bridget and Z who have a shot, then beat James. Don’t see Nicole, Corey and Da as threats. Paul would let Vic have it.


Yes Simon! From your mouth to God’s ears. Please let that happen! Go Victor!!

More like

His mouth to Production’s ears. Even God can’t save us now!


My thoughts exactly!!


we can all dream!


According to Simon’s assessment, Victor winning the Comeback jury (1 in 5) and then winning the HOH the same time (1 in 5) will equate a math of 1 in 25 or 4% chance. In other words, not happening


He’ll also have a showmance with Nicole after evicting Corey..


You’re giving everyone an equal chance though. The wall is horrible for tall players so Corey is at disadvantage and we didn’t see Victor in the dance all night comp but I’m thinking he’s got the stamina to go the distance. Paul would do well and be very motivated to gut it out. Zakiyah, Da’vonne, and Michelle won’t last long.


Looks like Natalie got scared to follow through with voting out Vic because Michelle and Paul/Vic told her someone is coming back from jury. Natalie said not from jury, but maybe someone from past game that wasn’t in the house. They told her no, that wouldn’t be fair since they was not there from the beginning of BB18. Natalie went back and told James she wants to vote out Cory. She wants no part in what happens if Vic is voted out but James is vowing to protect her through it all. They’re making me so sick!!!! Ugh

Thank goodness football season is about to begin - GO DAWGS

Well, I predict the jury house is a LOT more exciting than the Big Brother house right now. I would love to see how everyone is getting along right now. Are Paulie and Z sharing a bed? Has Da’Vonne killed Paulie yet??? Has Bridgette killed Paulie yet??? Hopefully, production gave Z (oh, I hate to say this) a morning after pill so that we don’t have a little Paulie in nine months. Surely THEY had her back. Yes, I’d sure buy the live feeds now if they were in the jury house. I wonder if there are any flies on the walls willing to make a quick buck to spill what’s going on in THERE????? Sighhhhhhhhhhh. Instead, we get to hear more whining from Natalie, Michelle, and Nicole and watch James “prank” everyone!!! THIS has been the worst cast (as a whole) than in any other season. In other seasons, there was at least one player I could tolerate, but this season – once Glenn was gone (and I wish HE could be voted AFP), there was just NO ONE left that I liked.

Want to play games?

Then kindly do not watch it.

Done! Finished! Adios!


I think Production told James that Victor and Paul are planning on targeting him and Natalie next. Also Buy Back is just another way of getting Paulie back into the game, I’ll will be surprised if another jury member wins it. Production wants one of those three to win this year, Paulie, James or Nicole. Too many red flags. Them being close outside of the game. The editing that Paulie got. No penalties from not doing the pies. Production manipulating Natalie to keep Nicole in the game. James is very convinced that Paul and Victor are coming after him and Natalie, he didn’t feel that way a day ago, but now that’s all he talks about. I think Production told him.


I am seriously hoping that Paul wins the next HOH and nominates James and Corey and says clearly the showmances are working together, but only 1 will last the week. You’ll have to battle it out in the veto to see which one will survive!
It might turn James against Nicole especially if Natalie is the renom next to Corey and they are campaigning against each other for Michelle’s vote!

Curious BB

Funny…..James repeatedly says it is your own HOH, but is constantly berating Victor to Natalie. Does he realize how he looks right now? OMG….he is so jealous…..this is not good AFP

Reality Check

Even Victor would say, Nat is such a high maintenance girl, James she is all yours.

Nat is such a high maintenance girl and James is so low maintenance. Would they coexist outside the house? I have my doubts, but hey it is not our business, so good luck to them. Warning to James, you need earplugs because I know her whining will drive you nuts in the future.

Meech the Puker

Michelle is once again feeding her face so she can go puke it up!!!

Small Town Michigan Girl

If Victor gets voted out again and wins the buy back he deserves to win!


Someone please tell me what does Nicole & Corey bring to the show. All they do is lay around in the bed, and Corey always looks like he has this dumb look of staring into space, Natalie has really become a person I just don’t enjoy seeing on the show anymore. Whines, complains, puts on tons of makeup and then lays down to go to sleep, and James has added nothing to this season, he is just following Natalie around and acting like he just happy to finally have a showmance..

Pleasee let Victor win the buy back, come back in after whipping Paulie’s butt, teams up with Paul again, Victor wins HOH, puts up James and Corey, James goes home. Paul then wins HOH, puts up Corey and Nicole, Corey goes home, Victo then wins HOH again, puts up Natalie and Nicole, Nicole goes home.

Paul and Victor are actually playing the game, James, Natalie, Michelle, Corey and Nicole are just here annoying the hell out of us, I hope Paul and Victor make final 2, please Production, do not fix it so that Paulie is back in the house. Paulie got away with breaking the rules, not baking pies when he was suppose to, he did not get a penalty vote, production let him slide, that was not fair to the other houseguests.

I don’t want to hear Derrick & Cody, Derrick & Cody, what Paulie does not realize, Derrick was not a great player, he played with a weak cast that he was able to lead. As for Cody, how many of you remember how he was going to call out someone tomorrow, then as usual he di nothing !!! Please don’t bring Paulie back, nobody wants to have a meet & greet worth Any of these people.

Why do they always think they are going to be celebrities after being on Big Brother ? Nobody but Jeff really made out after being on this show, CBS loved Jeff, I did as well, until the 2nd time he was on the show and showed what a jerk he really is.


It’s the fact they are in a showmance. With the CBS edit most viewers think it’s all unicorn farts and fairy vomit sweet. For some reason CBS loves them some showmance and has pushed it for the last several years.

Franks fumes

James should be on the remake of HEE-HAW popping out of a cornfield…..please James may we have more of your hilarious pranks or tender intimate moments with Nat Nat……I don’t know about everybody else but I’m voting for Nat for AFP AMERICAS FAKEST PLAYER! …..bye the way FU James for f#cking up this season.#natsgeishaboy.


Why do you keep on forgetting about Nicole? If you want a houseguest that is worse than James, it is Nicole.

Tonight’s episode Nicole spilling nail polish on the cushion. If that is the feed you get on Nicole, then I am sorry. She is the worse player this year, not James. Although James is a close number 2


What sucks Is Natalie will win AFP and James will still be happy, thinking she only won because of him and their showmance. Ughhh.

Vote Vic

If Vic gets evicted this week I hope he crushes Paulie and the rest of the jury crew to come back AGAIN and win the game. Best Comp beast in BB history!


i think vic and paul should comeback for all-stars


I think once they realize that production deliberately had them on the block to protect two other players they’ll be done with Big Brother.

Buffalo Nickel

Just one thing…STFU James! Can’t stand to hear you try and be a know it all. James bets there won’t be a jury buy back to justify evicting his supposed rival. Guess what- Vic doesn’t care about annoying Natalie. Literally, I find her voice as annoying as Nichole. Pleassssssse!

Butters Mom

Watching after dark… what the hell is Natalie doing to James?! She is now practically trying to convince Michelle to put up Nicole and saying right in front of James that she promises that if Michelle wants Nicole out, James will 100% vote Nicole out… when RIGHT BEFORE MICHELLE CAME IN THE ROOM,… James and Natalie had decided that it was best for their game to vote out Victor and James was voting out Victor. This girl is so freaking stupid… and she is RUINING James’ game.


I agree with everything you said, you are on point, except for Natalie is ruining James. James in my opinion has really done nothing this season, when Paulie was here, before Natalie, Bridgette and Michelle flipped the house against Paulie, James said that Paulie was his leader.

In my opinion, it seems that James is here just trying to be America’s Favorite, he let Meg lead him last season, I hope America’s Favorite is Bridgette before James, he’ll there really is no favorite for this season, I really love this show, I’ve been watching from day 1.


And Meg was less whiney, less needy, and had nicer boobs as well. (If they were fake they did a great job I thought they were real) Yes she had no game and bum legs or knees but she was far nicer and more sincere then this “Nat Nat” that so many people love. She thinks she is a ten (or does when she is at her cheering weight) I think she bought herself a couple of fives at best. I always thought Bridgette was much prettier and more feisty and confident in herself and her body. I prefer Bridgette for America’s favorite and Nat for America’s fakest. Her whine is only slightly less grating then Nicole the hand puppet.

James runs Nat

Nat does not run James, James runs Nat. He doesn’t care about her game or the relationships that she has worked to build in the house. He doesn’t listen to what she wants. If she went against what him though he would though he would drop her in a second and replace her with Meech, who would be thrilled to be a vets ride or die.

The worst thing about them is how he disrespects her to the other houseguests. He paints her as being stupid. I’m surprised he isn’t begging his fans to not vote for her for AFP because he really thinks she has zero worth as an individual and that his fans just like her for his sake.

He chose her to be his puppet. To him she is just an extension of him. He even takes credit for her pranks. When she pulled a prank with the vasalin he let everyone know that he taught her well (because a girl can’t have fun with her friends without a man). If they did have a relationship outside of the house it would probably become abusive very quickly. He is an extremely controlling person and does nothing but feed into her insecurities and body issues.

Never cared

Was there even anybody on this season who actually needs the money or do they all just think they’re gonna get famous? Paul lives in a freaking mansion and his mom wants him to buy her a Bentley if he wins. Paulie talks about 5k like it’s pocket change for a weekend DJ gig. Who are these people??? Sheesh!


I just want Vic to come back!


The only good thing about Victor being evicted, is for him to beat Paulie out in the jury buy back. It will be evident, also, that the couples are together.
That would then ignite the fire for Michelle and Paul (already lit, I think) to fight and realize who they can/cannot trust… no one but their three.

Buffalo Nickel

Vic for AFP! Least liked of remaing house guests in no particular order- Nat, Nichole, Corey, James and Meech. Paul is actually not that bad; at least he’s playing the game.


If I just hadn’t heard Natalie say production wants us to work with Nicole and Corey, I could still enjoy the show. Curse you Simon and Dawg!

I just realized it can’t be the wall comp. We have to know which house guest returns so we can vote for the care package. It’ll be a crap shoot buy back.


Yea my money was on some kind of crap shoot to give the weaker players 1/2 a chance. I just hope it is not another worthless player like Max-Z who brought 0 to the game and will bring even less without her protection. (speaking of protection she should really consider using it in the future) I liked Da but she has been gone so long and still never has shown any game. I would only be happy with Bridgette or Vic if he gets the shaft this week. Last on the list would be the butterfly crier/pool pisser. Let’s see what production gives us as we know it is their decision.

More Anonymous

A crap shoot would make it easier for CBS to have the voting page ready by show’s end. But I think CBS has been building for an epic battle between Paulie Victor, Paul and James. If endurance, I hope it’s shown on the feeds. If not, East Coasters are at a disadvantage with only 2 hours to vote blindly on Thursday night and then knowingly on Friday. Whereas, the West coast has a 5 hour window to maybe learn who re-entered and who’s HOH before voting. Best if it’s a one time voting period Thursday – Friday.


That’s not Vaseline…