“Austin is opening his mind, The 3 of them top 3 together isn’t best for him”

POV Holder: James POV Competition Aug 29th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 31st
HOH Vanessa Next HOH Sept 3rd
Original Nominations: Meg and James
After POV Nominations: ?and ?
Have Nots Johnny Mac, Julia, James, Meg

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-30 20-04-22-281_jpg

7:52pm HOH Vanessa and Austin
Vanessa says the two of them and Steve all have a jewish parent and a catholic parent.

Austin says when you enter the end game the feed fans and TV fans favorites start to converge. Explains that in the beginning of the season there’s so much going on the feed fans see a lot more. Near the end there’s not as much.

Vanessa thought SHelli would win Fan favorite but Steve is really thinking he has a chance.
Austin doesn’t think Shelli will win it people will find her too clean too cringey
Austin adds the Shelli/Clay showmance might have a lot of fans.
Steve joins them tells them there’s a big difference between the TV and Feed fans. Steve brings up Gina marie was worse than Ayarn but Gina marie didn’t get as much hate because it wasn’t shown on the TV show.

Austin says during that season he had to shut off the feeds because Amanda was so abusive to Elisa.

Steve – how much do Meg and James know… what is happening tomorrow
Vanessa – I haven’t given them any details of my plan
Vanessa adds she hasn’t deceived them either.

Vanessa – They don’t think in a million years I would up put one of you guys, they haven’t specifically asked me and I haven’t lied

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-30 20-15-32-508_jpg

8:14pm HOH Steve and Vanessa
Vanessa says he did a good job selling the idea to put Julia up to the twins.
Steve – I am voting to Evict Meg if Julia goes up
Vanessa says if he votes out Julia it not cool.
Vanessa – how are things with Johnny
Steve – getting better

Steve says he trusts Johnny mac and he trusts Vanessa and him together.
Steve says he told Jmac he’s ‘Blabbed” their alliance name the rockstars
Vanessa – Austin is opening his mind a lot Based on conversations i’ve been having with him.
Steve – about what
Vanessa – his want to win the game
Steve – not sticking with the twins
Vanessa – understanding the reality the three of them can’t be in finales together, The three of them top 3 together isn’t best for him
Steve agrees
Steve – I’m shocked he ever wanted final three with them
Vanessa – I don’t think he did, he’s coming around, he fell in love

Vanessa asks him if he would do it again
Steve says he wouldn’t
Vanessa is shocked

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-30 20-42-04-191_jpg

8:38pm Vanessa is telling Steve he needs to win the HOH. ASks what works better for Steve take out Austwins or take out Johnny
Steve won’t answer that
Vanessa says it’s not too soon to ask that question
Vanessa – if James is out Johnnymac and the girls are my choices to win it (HOH)
Steve – not Austin
Vanessa- yes Austin, but Austin will throw it when James goes out
Vanessa ask him if it’s better to keep Austin over a twin
Steve hasn’t thought about that.
Vanessa says Austin is making deal with everyone, “1 week deal with everyone”
Vanessa says she’s praying for a mental competition. Suggests Steve should throw the HOH to Julia let her get some blood on her hands.
Vanessa- Julia will put Johnny up with James.. there’s always the chance that James wins the veto.. I don’t know if that is ideal with you so it’s best to have the power in your own hands”

Steve is really worried James will put the two of them up.
Steve – you should go downstairs, you’ve been up here all day..
Vanessa agrees, they head downstairs.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-30 20-30-30-344_jpg

8:21pm Austin and the Goblins
James – it’s been 75 days she hasn’t won a comp.
Austin tells them the last thing he wants is Meg to go, “I’m not the one in power”
Austin says Meg should tell Vanessa she’ll throw the next HOH.
Meg thinks Vanessa doesn’t want them together anymore, she doesn’t think it has anything to do with winning HOH
James – I’m a threat but not her.. Sorry I feel like I’m bashing you.. you’re not going to win Comps.
Austin – it’ll suck if it’s Julia against you
Meg – I know it will be
Austin – I can’t vote against Liz in this situation
Meg understands
Meg – I feel like this weeks plan backfired and now I’m screwed because of it
Austin says for his personal game Meg staying is better.
James – we’re going to be throwing grenades at each other two people are going to slip through Steve and Johnnymac
Austin – trust me I’ve been seeing that
Meg doesn’t believe Vanessa saying Johnnymac and Steve are at Odds.

Austin tells them if he wins HOH he’s not coming after them he’s not going to do Vanessa’s dirty work.
Meg – this is insane this is all way too soon it’s such a blow up
James – vanessa has got to be careful there’s a lot of people in jury that are pissed

They agree Shelli has flipped on the Jackie, Becky side by now.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-30 20-52-54-021_jpg

8:51pm Backyard Austin, Steve and Vanessa
Austin goes over some points from his Conversation with the goblins. He warns her the goblins are going to offer her the world. He doesn’t think they want to play pot ball tonight.
Austin – they obviously want me to be on board with them
Austin adds the goblins are pitching that Johnnymac leaving is better for Austin’s game.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-30 21-15-24-565_jpg

9:14pm James working out, playing pool and strutting around with his shirt off. Meg is lounging around the backyard..
9:26pm Playing pool
Meg – we got people rooting for us James, I can feel it
Meg doesn’t know what she will tell Vanessa, “I gotta start selling my soul”
Austin joins them “Play off with you guys I have a score to settle”

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-30 21-17-39-837_jpg

9:15pm Cheers to scampering
Austin says he hasn’t missed a episode of Bold N Beautiful Since 1993
Vanessa – is it actually good
Austin – Bold n Beautiful is.. really well written.. the acting is amazing

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-30 22-06-35-978_jpg
10:06pm -10:40pm Have nots James and Meg
Going over Meg’s finale campaign to get JOhnnymac or Steve nominad instead of Julia.
Meg’s plan is to tell Vanessa she will throw HOH and if james wins HOH he’ll put her up.
James- You would rather go home because of me than her
Meg would she’ll do whatever she can to not leave on Vanessa’s HOH.
Meg – If you win (HOH) I will go up in place of Vanessa
Meg – it’s only two votes next week and it’s a tie breaker trust me I thought of this.
Meg goes over what she will say, “the agreement is I’m throwing HOH, I’m promising my vote, I have sway with james’ vote, If James wins HOH his nomination will be whoever he wants and instead of Vanessa it will be Meg”

James recommends Meg talk to Vanessa as late as possible.
Meg says she was only dead last once on a competition.
Meg – why are we in this room again

James – we’re on the block we’re against this group…
James says the game is more about winning comps now he doesn’t even need to buddy up with Steve and johnnymac
James says Vanessa is putting people up for stupid reasons it’s going to look bad.

Meg – Poor Jackie, she got the sh1t end of the stick.. she never got a chance to fight.
James thought Jackie was going to do well in the last HOH
Meg – I don’t think she cared, do you think she cared
James- not really

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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-30 22-54-54-829_jpg

10:53pm If you send Austin home there’s a really good chance Vanessa will take over the house
James – Vanessa has got to go

James damn you have a harry a$$ toe
Jam es- oh it’s fuzz
Meg – It’s bedding fluzz
jame s- I thought you had gorilla toe

11:13pm Goblins in the have nots, Vanessa alone in HOh everyone else playing chess.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-30 23-28-55-377_jpg

11:30PM Chess and Pool

11:53pm Goblins still playing pool everyone else watching Chess. Vanessa in her room alone.

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  • “Goblins/Gremlins” = James and Meg
  • “The Generals” = anyone allied with Becky
  • “SOS” (Students of Sound) = Steve and Vanessa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Austin’s Angels” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Vanessa
  • “Brass Tacks” = Gobins and Austwins
  • The new “Brass Tacks” = Aus-Twins, Meg, James + Vanessa
  • “Freaks and Geeks” “The Scamper Squad” = Aus-Twins, Vanessa, Steve
  • “The new Freaks and Geeks minus Vanessa” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve, Johnny Mac
  • “The Authority” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve

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BB ever

James need get his game on with Jonnmac, Meg is dead in this game and she has held him for too long. James need go out of the room and oper his eyes looking around see who is with who. Don’t tell shit to Austin! You fingered out he closes to V bully, then you forgot about it again!

Canadian Kevin

What NEEDS to happen (but won’t, because it makes too much sense) is this:

Jmac and steve agree to work with James and Meg – and tell Vanessa. But only after the Veto is used and Julia goes up.

Then James, Steve and Jmac vote out Julia – and tell Vanessa ahead of time. Giving her the option of helping blow up Austin and Liz – and making it 5 on two – or, if she tells Austin and Liz before Julia is voted out, then it’s her, with Austin and Liz, and it’s still 4 on 3, with Jmac, and James able to win physical comps, and Steve able to win Mental.

And it’s a DE coming up.. So it all makes sense.

Only it’ll never happen for that reason


Another Won’t Happen but Really Wish It Woud:

BB gives Van an HOH penalty for once again promising money, etc. So she can’t re-nom, the POV winner gets to re-nom. Then James stands up and says Van our deal to save Meg was send Julia home this week and Liz next week. Well I can’t be sure to win HOH so I’m keeping my part of the deal now–Liz you’re on the block.

Yes it’s a dream but such a pretty dream.

another name

of course Austin likes a soap opera. No wonder he has a thing for evil twins.
Couldn’t resist.


I think that they’re saying that about The Bold and The Beautiful so that CBS will give them a guest spot like they do every year to most of the favorites from BB

Too Funny

Meg sell Austin out b4 its too late!!! Austin needs to go!!! He actually thinks him n liz cld get married r u kidding me… the laughs on u big man when u get out n watch the show how she played u all for a chance at the money she wont win…


Austen’s on The Bold and Beauitful kick again. Everybody sees your hinting but nobody wants to see you on there Austin!!! Give it up!!!


Austin hasnt missed an episode of bold and the beautiful since 1993… Wow.. Am i the only one that works?

is it just me

work harder, millions on welfare are depending on you

Austin Forrester

It’s only a half hour. Hardly a commitment.

No Favorites



I’m sorry but Austin is delusional if he thinks he is getting a job on a soap after this, he is no Donny just saying.


I wish that I could see the look on Austin’s face when he realizes just how unpopular he and the twins are!


I really hope James Wins Veto, John Wins Hoh on Thursday Night….

I would love for steve, vanessa, austin, liz or julia go home….

Austins Tattoo

Austin says he hasn’t missed an episode of bold and beautiful since 1993, …REALLY???? Is that what he does with his time??? hahahahahaa soo whacked! So well written?? hahahaha (maybe he is part gay) hahahaha


BAHHHHHHH James has deals to buy cars as gifts too. He’s just as bad as Van I can’t watch cheater scum make a joke of this show anymore BB and the houseguests needs a kick in the ass.
Thanks Simon and Dawg for making the great site 🙂
Stay safe everyone it was fun until they all started cheating.

Get it straight

James said he was buying Meg a car as a gift if he wins. Big difference between that and bribing someone with cash or items to go “On the Block” and then promising a fixed vote like Vanessa tried. Get it now???? Also, calm down its just a reality tv show. Geeze


You need to get it straight he’s made the same deals as Van it was on Jeff’s twitter account.

EvelDick Agrees with me.

EvelDick ?@EvelDick
Vanessa constantly offering people money, stakes in gambling, cars etc… is complete horse shit & makes the game completely worthless #BB17

EvelDick ?@EvelDick
She has said it repeatedly this season. It’s complete crap. She should have gotten a penalty nom after the 1st time

Anyway this is my last post enjoy watching this dumb shit.
Van the vile will win because she paid the most for it FUCK YOU BIG BROTHER.


While it’s still against the rules and should get James a don’t do that from production, it’s different from Vanessa’s deal. James gains nothing by giving Meg a car or paying her rent. She’s already going to vote for him if he’s there at the end. The twins have commented they’d split the prize with each other but again they are gaining nothing. Vanessa made her deal specifically to gain an advantage she didn’t have.


My husband and I record general hospital and watch it together.Ya don’t have to be a woman/gay to enjoy soaps.

Guy From Canada

You married a gay guy?

Sorry, couldn’t let this go without a burn 😉

Van is #1

OMG Austin you are such a douche bag man, quit hinting about being on B&B and don’t even mention going on Y&R either. You are too ugly,nasty, stinky to go on any daytime soap you are sure not handsome enough even without the beard you are nasty. Your nasty stank twins won’t see no soaps in their future either. Please someone break the 3 headed monsters up,,would save on so much food. Austwins eat all day ever day, hope twins get fatter and fatter eating on candy, ice-cream and junk all day, Go away Austin and Liz you two are so ugly and UN entertaining. I haven’t never been a meg fan or James but i do secretly root for James or j mac or steve to take out liz so austin will go nuts.


Austin really is a p@$$y. Not missed an episode of B &B since 1993. Probably a liar too. Painful to watch him suck ass so hard to get on a tired old soap opera. Hope the producers are laughing at his big dumb ass.


im not a huge fan of Vanessa but she is good at this game she or Johnny Mac or even James wins this game I am good with anyone else I seriously will flip out like Audrey. Austin pea brain and the twins are so self centered ugh everyone is their enemy week to week get over it this is not a popularity contest this is big brother…they put down every single person on the block…Steve has grown on me but he is a Ian wannabe

Twins's Eye Spacing O.....^.....O

Why oh why are these idiots not talking about a way to break up the austwits???? Since when is a power trio NOT considered a threat?????

Guy From Canada

Julia goes up, James Steve and Mac can go rogue 😉

Nessa knows that would be the best move for her too if other flip on her if she does pawn Julia.


Like Helen said in BB15, now is not the right time (joking)


Praying for a BB18 All-Stars


With Derrick and Vanessa.


BB11 Chima
BB12 Matt
BB13 Dominic, Shelly
BB14 Shane, Frank, Wil
BB15 Helen, Amanda, Judd, Spencer
BB16 Donny, Nicole
BB17 James, Jmac, Audrey, Davonne, Vanessa (if she does not win)

This would be my dream cast for Allstars (second chances, no winners and one time players only). 😀
What would be yours?


Pretty good list. Except No to Spencer yes to Cody or Zach bb16.


No to Cody for being worst player in BB history for taking Derrick to final. This is not Girl Scouts, it’s Big Brother!!!


How about a BB 18 with all the past train-wreck guests. You get all the “off the rail” people under one roof and BOOM … Now thats TV …. lol


BB18 i would love to see a North American clash. Best or Favorites from the last 4 seasons of US and Canada. I know bbcan only has 3 seasons but it would have 4 before BB18.

Ariana Grande stinks!

James is THE ONLY likable character in that house. Meg is a sweetheart but unfortunately useless in this game. Johnny Mac is just a loud mouth but basically irrelevant. The rest of them are what we know as filth: just disgusting PoS. I am sure their parents are proud of them because they brought these despicable assholes to this world and must be as asshollish as their sons/daughters.


Vanessa is for sure going to jury if James wins double eviction hoh. Her only hope is james doesn’t win hoh or she wins veto. James will put up Austin and Van. It will be tie vote at best, James will break the tie. Send Van to jury. If she can get by double, she has allies and votes on her side from there.

disappointed BB fan

if he puts up van and austin it wont garantee tie vote. steve and jmac will vote for van to stay, liz will vote austin but in my honest opinion julia will prob vote for van to stay. he would need to put up van and liz to garantee tie vote

Too Funny

Meg is killing me with these silly a** scenerios to tell vanessa to stay when james out of nowhere says ya austin told us shes puttin up julia n keep campaiging n he wants to vote julia out n blame it on steve n keep meg that they just need jmac to vote julia out too cuz austins not carring three ppl anymore hes gonna work on his own game n wants vanessa out…. ding ding ding bell shld go off to tell van that info n have her flip on austin n put his b*tch a** up since she asked u two for dirt on austin n was willing to make big game moves… meg shoots it down like no thats mean.. hello meg if u really want to stay ur gonna have to throw ppl under the bus or dnt let the door hit u on ur way out lil miss sunshine!!! Wake up n smell the smelling salts girl… alot of ppl want an austwin to leave this week…

another name

James. (shaking head) James, James, James. He says from this point on its about winning comps, so he doesn’t even need to try to get close to Steve and John. That’s forethought for you. Almost as much forethought as ‘naw, i don’t need to know the days, I’ll just win veto.’


James & Meg are totally Clueless. I’ve lost way too many brain cells listening to their so-called ‘Game’ conversations. Seriously, just give Vanessa the Dam Check. She’s got a final 4 w/Austin & the twins & A final 3 w/JMac & Steve. No way Production will let Jamez win next HOH. It will be questions on days (of which he has no clue). Unless, it’s physical, he’s got no shot. So…Its Austin / Twins vs JMac & Steve. Until, Final 4-5. And then Vanessa wins every Comp to Final 2. Good job Allison Grodner, once again, your pre-selected ‘Pet’ Wins BB. This show was a long time Fav…now it’s just Sad. Please CBS, either get new Production / Casting or just cancel the dam Show. Feeds or Edit Its all.. pretty much unbearable to watch.


Don’t Hate the Playa, Hate the Game.


are all geeky guys such little bicthes? johnny mac = shelli/clay’s lil bitch and now everyone elses too, steve = vanessa’s lil bitch. its like they aren’t grown men at all, they’re more like babies who need to be told what to do. its end game, and johnny and steve are still playing the submissive role hard core to the max. grow some BALLS for crying out loud. james is the only MAN left in the BB house.


Can Vanessa just put up Austin and they evict him for the sole fact that he never wears any shoes!!


I don’t think Steve is even remotely like Ian. Ian had a plan written down before he entered the game and followed it to perfection. Steve knows everything about games played in the past but has no plan set out to win. I do believe he will vote Vanessa out first chance he gets but other than being sneaky, he has no strategy. Hope James wins hoh for the double eviction and boots Vanessa out. Hard!!


Who’s worse?
Thumbs up for Vanessa
Thumbs down for Frankie Grande


Don’t make me choose. I hate them both equally.

I Heart Steve

OMG….Steve you’re so cute doing the Macarena! Please self-evict so I can vote for you for fan favorite.


I really hope that if Julia goes up, James and John work on Steve to flip. John would have to be the one to turn Steve. It could work as long as he doesn’t run right to Vanessa, she doesn’t want the threesome to take a hit on her watch.

Dr. J

MamaJoyce, you forgot that Austin is also a lil bitch. Only he’s a little bitch toeveryone because he cannot do anything without asking, “What do YOU think I should do?” It includes the twins, Van, and anyone else within earshot. Can’t stand him. He’s a media whore just like Frankie hoping to become super famous and rich. Good luck with that cause you won’t make it in the ring. Hope the twins are out soon too. They are whiney little brats with one brain cell between them. Just my 2 cents…


lol i didnt mention him because he’s irrelevant, useless and worse than a lil bitch. never seen a man be more p***y whipped without ever being near it, even liz flat out told him to his face she’s not attracted to him.