James “Once Jace is gone any alliances that he’s trying to form will crumble”

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner Team 1: James HOH Winner Team 2: Jason
Nominations 1 : Steve, Jackie Nominations 2: Becky, Johnny mac
Battle of the Block Winner Becky and Johnny Mac Next HOH/ Next BOB July 2nd / ?
Original Nominations: Becky, Johnny, Steve, Jackie
Current Nominations: Steve, Jackie
Have Nots ?

James is HOH, Jackie and Steve nominated

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-25 21-45-47-358

9:43pm Austin and Jace

“We gotta win next week”
They agree Jeff is a untrustworthy piece of sh!t
Austin says Jeff has a dad body and he has acne because he’s “done roids for ever”. They both don’t like Jeff, they call him disgusting mention how he talks about girls all the time.

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-25 21-50-17-701

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-25 21-50-21-709

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-25 21-53-19-402

9:49pm Jackie and Shelli in the lounge

Talking about the Power of veto. Shelli says the nominees will save themselves sounds like everyone else is throwing it. They bring up “The Plan” and how everyone is in on it. The plan is to use the POwer of Veto on Jackie or throw it to jackie. Jackie doesn’t want Steve to win the Veto because he’ll take himself off and Jace will go up against her. (Sounds like Jackie wants Steve gone) James rolls in
Shelli – So the plan is in effect
James jokes – the plan is in effect what plan
James says as far as he knows the plan is a go. James says Steve picked houseguests choice when they were selecting the POV players. Mentions how this was worst case.

James asks Jackie if she’s talked to Jeff
Jackie says she has
James – Everyone is on board it seems

James mentions that Jace will flip when he gets nominated.
Shelli – James you’re going to be nervous
James – Nervous… I’m nervous to read a card but it’s decision
James says Jeff is a little worried about Austin. Jackie agrees. James mentions something about “Bad blood” between Austin and Jeff.

James – I feel like we got a good group though.. we got a decent group I feel sorry for the next HOH
James – Once Jace is gone any alliances that he’s trying to form will crumble.. Jace tried to form an alliance with me
James says jace thinks they are working together “It’s going to crush him”
Jackie – “As long as it’s not me” (That goes home)
James asks them who they would nominate if they won HOH next week.
They agree it’s tough because of the Battle on the block twist.
James mention that JAce has been throwing around 200lbs weights in the backyard. highlights how physically powerful Jace is.
Jackie says she’s strong for a women but isn’t built like a guy can’t compete against some of them in strength. Shelli mentions some competitions are easier for guys and some easier for girls
Jackie – “It even outs”
James brings up how pissed Jace will be when he is nominated.

Shelli wonder is POV is tomorrow. They calculate JAce will have two days of campaigning. James wonders if JAce will hug him after he goes up, “I think he will be pissed”
James – He might blow the hell up
James says he’s not going to be like devin and lock himself in the HOH room.

James brings up that Becky is onboard with getting out Jace.

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-25 22-26-02-690

10:22pm Bedroom Meg, Becky, Audrey, Steve, Davonne and Jason

Jason brings up that this show is about a “Cheque” not getting more “Followers”

Mostly just chit chat…
Jason – “This protein powder has more nicotine in it than a cigarette”

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-25 22-30-07-904


Big-Brother-17 2015-06-25 22-33-06-243

10:32pm Lounge room Jeff, Jace, Shelli and Jackie
talking about parting. Jeff says time have changed for him it use to be about going out and “Blacking out” not anymore. Jace says all he does is skate, sleep and smoke (ganja )

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-25 22-35-37-246

10:34pm – 11:00pm HOH Audrey, Clay and Meg
Audrey telling them how her friends are way more into Big Brother than she is.
Audrey – My friends are going to have a Squirtgasm
They agree they “HAve to win HOH next week”

Audrey asks them if they are afraid to put anyone up
Clay and Meg aren’t afraid they think there are some easy choices.
Clay wants Davonne out. Audrey thinks if they go after her they will need to backdoor her.

Meg thinks they will have to Backdoor all their targets.
Clay is worried about Becky
Meg thinks she’s everyone’s target “She’ll go in a couple weeks.. who do yo think she will put up
Clay me
Meg – She hates Jace
Audrey thinks Becky owns the store she manages “She talked about how she runs her Businesses.. she likes to be proactive and organized”

Audrey mentions how they are good with Jackie “She’s going to win stuff”
Clay bring sup that Jason is capable of flipping the house more than the other players.
They agree Austin will be devastated when JAce leaves. Clay mentions that LIz likes Jace she’ll be pissed when he leaves.

Meg says Becky is nasty with Jace
Meg – And JAce is pissed about it to
Clay – I know he’s made comments about it

Meg – Beck and LIz cannot win (HOH) next week
Meg wants Steve to win.
Audrey chimes in that Liz is smarter than she’s letting on. Audrey wonders what Vanessa is thinking.
Meg mentions how Vanessa has been having the same conversation with everyone in the house.
Clay says what if Vanessa and Liz win HOH
Meg – we still need votes and we control that
Audrey is worried JAce will throw her and James under the bus
Meg and Clay don’t think it’s a problem
Audrey brings up that JAce talk a lot of shit about Becky last night “She hates him”

Meg points out that Becky doesn’t know the plan to get Jace out this week.
Meg wants to start bringing Becky into the fold so she knows about the plan to get out Jace.
Audrey says Meg’s smarter than Becky. Meg doesn’t thinks she’s as athletic but doesn’t think that is a factor in the game.
Clay points out the player that is called into the Diary room the most is begin shown the most in the episodes.

[envira-gallery id=”116454″]

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-25 22-41-06-941

10:39pm Vanessa and Jonny MAc

Vanessa crying misses her girlfriend she’s questioning if she has what it takes to be int eh Big Brother 17 house.

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Really? We’re already at that point where we attack someone’s appearance?


Speaking of appearances, Jackie sure loves her hair


Do you know what’s worse than Jackie’s hair? It’s Audrey’s inverted nut sack that it tries to pass for a vagina! It’s dry, prickly (pun intended) and wrinkly.


I was expecting this paranoid Evangelical comment sooner than later

Child Please.

How do you know he/she is evangelical?

Your prejudice is showing… And your no better that him/her.

Grow up

Biff Tannen

I’m really optimistic about this cast. Interesting people, lots of potential for drama.


So far I’m surprised how tolerable Meg has been on the feeds…very disappointed with Jace. And an Audrey, Clay, Meg alliance? Who would’ve thought.


Too many houseguests whos names start with J, that is the only reason I would be fine with Jace leaving


I agree Meg has been a lot more tolerable than I originally thought she would be! I thought going in I would like Jase and so far he has done nothing but be annoying! I am not surprised they are trying to backdoor him! This is one reason why I love the live feeds and what Simon and Dawg do bc without it I would have a completely different view and opinion of the houseguest


Watching the live feeds, im happy that this season seems to be going a different direction than last years…im glad its little alliances with a few alliances on the side other than one huge ass alliance…looks like i prejudged the season too soon…


So idk who to root for… Don’t really like anyone yet… Clay and James seem pretty cool I guess lol


Ha, Audrey just read James “team america” twist to everyone in the HOH. He just left the card sitting there. He was to find 2 others to form a team america.


I dont know if anyone else responded to you or not, but Audrey read that Big Brother HOH card that was in James’ bed, but when she threw it to Clay and told him to read it, the camera focused in on it and it was telling James to pick Houseguests to be the have nots, not America’s choice. I think she was just having a little fun with the people in the room.


The tweet of Vanessa crying almost looked like Gina Marie from season 15..

oh god the horrible flashbacks..


It’s gonna take a few episodes for me to get used to the dichotomy of James. My family is from South Carolina so I am very familiar with the way he talks but every time I look at him it just seems so strange. Although he is short which matches with his ethnicity, he’s also stocky which I do for better or worse associate with a southern boy. If I close my eyes, I hear Hayden’s bestie (his name escapes me at the moment). When I open them I see the face I would least expect to see. Not a bad thing, just very, very different.


Why the thumbs down? Is my opinion upsetting everyone?


thumbs down because your comment is unneccessary


I have to agree with others tonight. Meg isn’t as annoying as I thought she’d be (but she still is).

I can see these strong players taking each other out left and right. And Liz surprised me in the HOH comp because I thought she’d be the first one down.

I hope nominations stay the same this week and Jackie leaves (and Jeff after her). As hyper as he is tonight, I’d like to see Jace stay and stir things up in the house. If he does explode, I hope Austin can escape the blast.


I can’t wait for next episode for Vanessa to explain herself. What the hell, there are two people inside the house that have little kids. If she is fooling around and acting weak and vulnerable then she deserves an oscar and a ticket to the jury because she is fooling everyone even the live feeders.


Good Grief 1st live feed Cry me a River Van.. I cried one for you……


hopefully steve makes it until at least jury. He is the underdog and would like him to go far. Jackie, Audrey and Jace are my least favorites for now


So far my picks to win this are James and John. I thought John would be more in ur face on the feeds with his personality were he would get on the house guest nerves and they send him packing. but it seems so far he’s more laid back on the feeds u barley know he’s there if he keeps that up he can get far. as for James I think he should of played up the redneck Asian little guy part for a few weeks. he would have flew under the radar for a some weeks cause nobody saw him as a threat now they talking him up as a threat bad move.

Where is

Johnny Mac? Do the cameras not like him yet or does he just have nothing interesting to say?


The first night of live feeds and BBAD and you are gonna cry for 3 hours? Bish please

Alrighty then

2 hours in we finally see Johnny on the spot


So according to the card shark, being on BB and away from her girlfriend for 2 weeks takes a type of hardness of heart that she just doesn’t have? COME ON! As if it doesn’t take a hard hearted person to take 4.5 million dollars from other people while playing a game of cards. PULEASE!


It was a calculated tactic. Her girltoy was watching, so she put on the sprinklers to score some points with the lady back at home (See look hun, I am thinking of you..or something like that).


I highly doubt that she spent those hours crying so that only one person would get the hint that she missed her.


Every time that Jason opens his mouth, I want to throw myself off a cliff. and that has nothing to do with him being gay, he’s just really, REALLY annoying


wait so technically since Becky and Johnny won the BoB, does that mean that Jason is dethroned because that’d be a nice turn of events. Jason makes me thirst for bleach whenever he opens his mouth, and it has nothing to do with him being gay, so you can shut that argument down right now