“I’m calling him out today I can’t wait and if I go home next week zero f*** given”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Aug 13th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 15th
HOH Victor Next HOH Aug 11th
Original Nomi1nations: Paulie AND Corey
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots ?

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Big-Brother-18 2016-08-13 09-05-03-942

7:56am Kitchen Have nots given out
“This week’s have nots are the first 3 players to fall out of the HOH first”
“Michelle, Nicole and Natalie but Natalie has the have not’s safety so it’s just Nicole and Michelle”
“Get to eat like real squirrels with addition of slop they enjoy sunflower seeds and corn on the cob”

Nicole – so i’m not super safe.. I thought I was safe from everything..
Nicole – crap a cold shower in this costume
Corey – ya what the heck
Victor – Michelle, Nicole and Natalie but Natalie has the care package.
Nicole – it says I’m safe from everything.. There must be something else a twist. . it should just say you’re safe from being on the block.. It’s not super safety
Victor So you’re not happy enough being super safety..
Nicole – No i’m not mad.. It sucks I’m in this and cold showers and bumper cars
Victor – i’m so happy I Didn’t have to pick thanks you jesus

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-13 09-04-26-944

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-13 08-30-45-900

8:15am London room Michelle, Paul, JAmes and Natalie
Michelle now has some times to go over her conversation last night with Paulie. They brgins up all the things highlighting how f***D Paulies game is.
Michelle- “HE said if he stays he wants to work with me”
Michelle adds that Paulie is saying there is 1 guy in the guys alliance hiding stuff and Paul is the mastermind coming up with all the alliances.
Paul – remember he said he roped me in.. how am I the mastermind he roped me in
Michelle adds that he was saying that James is with Natalie because he won America’s favorite last year for sticking with his girls and that is what James is doing this year.
Natalie – it went from me not liking you to you not liking me.. You’re just using me for America’s favorite
Paul – Michelle can you blow his sh1t up

They plan to call out Paulie for still trying to get them all to turn on each other, it’ll happen before the veto. He’s telling James to go after Paul, Michelle to go after James, and Paul to go after James. HE’s telling James and Victor to go after Michelle and still harping on Natalie’s boobs.
Michelle brings up PAulie telling her about the executive alliance, “I already knew”
Natalie – he said you were the worst super fan now he wants to work with you
Michelle – He said Paul and Zakiyah said they were worried about your mental health if you stayed.. Which is fine.. Whatever

They are agreeing that If Natalie isn’t the have nots it should go to Paul. Natalie doesn’t think Nicole should be a have nots either

Michelle says Paulie is claiming he only chose to get her out after nominations. Paule and Jaeme call bullshit on that says Michelle was his target all along.
Paul – look how confident Zakiyah was..
Natalie – she took my skirt without asking

James wants them all to get into it get it all out say everything you can then tell Corey and Paulie that 1 of them is going home
They wonder if they Nicole knows all the sh1t Paulie was saying about her.
Natalie says Nicole was in the london room insinuating she doesn’t want any of them to win only Corey and Paulie.
Michelle says Nicole loves Corey of course she wants him to win they are in a showmance.
They all are agreeing that Corey has no interest in Nicole after the show
James – Corey is going back to Texas going back to his bar and
Natalie – Slay

James – he (Paulie) said the girls have every right to be mad at me I manipulate the sh1t outta that girl
Paul – I heard that
They talk about Paulie constantly talking about Cody and Derrick’s season like he knows the secret sauce to win the game. They mention how Paulie tosses Derrick’s name around thinking it’ll garner him special privileges because Derrick is his friend.
Natalie – I’m calling him out today I can’t wait and if I go home next week zero f*** given
Michelle – I gotta hang out in the snake den tonight.. SSSSSSSSSssssCOLE

Michelle – apparently he said he threw the HOH
Paul – bullshit
Paul explains that if Paulie losses he’ll say he threw it for his ego so he’s still seen as the strongest player
Michelle mentions that Paulie thought there was a backdoor plan at first.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-13 08-28-25-896
8:40am Nicole and Corey Kitchen
Nicole is saying that James playing for America’s favorite again she’s thinking he’s getting a good edit and his backstabbing isn’t getting shown.

Nicole – victor asked me who I would put up if you were in my shoes.. He asked me that.. I said my target is someone that is weak so if they stay they can’t win competitions after me he puts up you 2

9:02am POV players were picked
Natalie is the host
James, Paul. Nicole, Corey, Paulie, Victor are the players

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-13 09-06-15-807

9:06am Corey and PAulie Tokyo room
Paulie is saying they Might be able to get Michelle on their side and convince Victor to put Natalie up
Corey – I wonder if James will take one of us down;…
Paulie – no
Corey – If James was in this position I would 1000% want him down
They think Paul and James will throw the competitions. Corey saying if they can get Natalie up they’ll have to flip Michelle’s or James’ vote.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-13 09-26-45-174

9:13am HOH Paul and Victor

Paul – we’re going to blow his sh1t up before the POV so he loses his mind..

Paul- he’s playing sympathy cards he’s playing the victim. He’s saying he was controlled by people to do certain things, bro F*** you
Victor – I’m not taking him off..
Paul says maybe he should bring up to Paul that one minute he’s saying he’s trusting the guys they’re his ride or die the next day he’s saying the only person he trusts is Corey. Adds maybe he should tell Corey about what Paulie says about him like he’s good to take near the end because he’s dumb and losses at comps.

Paul pretending to talk to Corey – “oh you didn’t know he said tha.. Oh you didn’t know he said that to me and Victor that you can’t win comps and it’s better cause you’re easy to beat.. I bet you didn’t know that”

Victor – sucks cause I really wanted to trust him
Just as they leave paulie comes up they shake hands and head back downstairs…

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-13 09-27-55-890

9:28am now mr jenkins has a friend

WEEK 4 – August 14th to August 19th

This winner automatically becomes Co-HOH, sharing all HOH perks and responsibilities for the duration of the week, including choosing 1 of the 2 nominees.

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Rember when Paulie told Tiff I was born for this.
Probably not but you are going to have to live with this.


No cracker for Polly.


I really did not think Paulie and Corey could get this whiney. They have to know they are hurting their own game. They can’t blame anyone else for that.


Did he mean that his parents have been purposely breeding big brother losers for decades? Will we be forced to watch their “Jersey Girl” sister next year? You know, the one that Paulie is gonna have beat up this year’s female players?
Maybe the next time Paulie and Cody get matching tattoos they should read “Born to Lose”.


or boned to lose!

Double D

WOW…What a POV draw…all 5 guys.

Please keep the noms the same.


are you saying Nicole is a guy …lmao .. I would agree .. a shadow of one mind you… because she is a poor excuse for a female ..


Nicole didn’t used to be a guy. She used to be a parking lot meter.


victors the man. i went from hating victo and paul when they were with jozea and completely cheering for them now. i still want james to win but i think its a no brainer getting rid of corey and paulie. i went from likin those to to kinda not liking them bc paulie is kinda bossey. corey is ok but he’s just connected to paulie so he’s getting raped with him. paulie was playing a game as good as derrik but the only thing is he screwed it up. he got too bossy and he didnt manipulte people as smoothly as derick did. derick was friends wtih everyone. he always said shit to make them realiize they were working with them and didnt show his cards till it was too late for anyone to do anything about it. they should of kicked victor right back out when he came back instead of davonne. geez davonne wasnt gonna win anythng. she’s useless. she acts like a typical low class pesant. thank god shes gone. she was a floater. z was a floater too . i kinda fell bad for paulie but its his own fault.


You write, spell and think like a low class peasant.



James is weak.

Completely weak.

Go Pauli, you deserve better.

You have played a flawless game and if not because of a few lies you would still be the man.

Please get POV and have Corey have the 2 way ticket back in.

Then what? You weak fans would be in a bad position then wouldn’t you…


if he played a flawless game, he wouldnt be on the block


And ahted by most hg now


Ok Cody calm it down, your bro blew himself up, Guess he just didn’t have a “Derrick” to cover his crappy game play and carry him to the end like you did LMAO


No Paul wants to go with the weak ones,so he gets Victor to do his dirty ,he was affairs he loss,Victor ,corey,paulie that’s should be the final 3,strong players who played

Only can wish

Paulie wasn’t playing a flawless game, because all his flaws caught up with him. He came in the house acting like he was KING DING-A-LING, because he felt he had an advantage being coached by Derek, but the other HGS came together to knock him down a notch. Its more game to play, but Paul and Victor are showing Paulie how the game should be played.


Uhhh, Victor’s been evicted. That’s not how the game should be played.

Only can wish

Paulie had to backdoor Victor to get him evicted too. Victor beat 3 other HGS in comps. to get back in the house, that Paulie don’t want to count. Since Victor’s been in the house, he’s won 2 HOH and laid low.


evicted houeguests have been coming back in since at least season 6 (Kaysar). Returning evicted houseguests is par for the game.


Nope. We’ll just award Michelle or Victor Co HOH next week.

Corey's A$$hole

The only thing Paulie has been flawless with is me! See you never Z! I’m going to live with Paulie and his daddy


Disagree with everything you said…except wanting Paulie to win veto.

He goes and we’re right back to the same boring house majority with new people. He stays and we’ve got a shot at 1 vs 1 vs 1 vs 1, or at least 2 vs 2 vs 2 vs 2….in other words a game, with fights, lies, blow ups and entertainment.


FLAWLESS LOL….sorry no way. If Paulie was playing a flawless game he wouldn’t have targeted the weak girls. The girls talked about the game, but they wasn’t winning comps. Paulie should have focused on getting out the folks that could beat him at the comps, cause they are the ones he would have to worry about whooping his ass for the veto, when he is on the block. He used Paul not realizing Paul’s alliance was gone so he was in survival mode and played Paulie’s game to stay in the house. Paulie was scared of Davonne, Bridgette and Tiffany yet they sucked at comps, a flawless game player would have seen that. Paulie picks on girls, and coward when dealing with the men. The moment Victor came back, he should have been Paulies next target. Paulie kept the person he back doored, and he didn’t see the vengeance Victor was about to hand him. Flawless? more like he was lucky the girls first focus was testosterone and not the game. Once the girls stopped sniffing the semen they woke up their inner DIVA. I liked Paulie, until he allowed a few lucky weeks go to his head and how he treated Za, that wasn’t cool. You don’t trash talk a woman and later cuddle with them, the other girls saw that weak little boys game. Common sense told them, if he talk about Z that way and he likes her, what is he saying about me? Paulie is a weak player who got lucky for a few weeks. I don’t care for Victor, but he isn’t afraid to go after the muscle. Every year the men form an all male alliances, which is stupid. A strong player would get the muscle out of the house first, and surround themselves with strong minded women and loyal males. Don’t make an alliance with someone you back doored and someone who was suppose to be out next (paul), that is not a good move, cause they will turn on you for no other reason than VENGANCE. Flawless wouldn’t be on the block shaking like a leaf.

Paulie who?

Won’t matter if either of them comes back…. They still won’t have the numbers and if they don’t win the next care package, they won’t even be able to control thei HOH!!!


No cheese for Ratcole.


Paulie and Corey are clueless.


No cheese for Ratjames.


paulie had been playing a smart game till his ass was thrown on the block now its like hes like a bumbling idiot who just cant shut up he needs to focus win the veto pull himself off and move forward but its too late for that now even if he does stay hes already blown it


No sausage for Corey.


No goat for Corey

Vic's Big Knob

Nom’s were just game. We can still play Corey


No chicken for Slopballs.


Here chickie chickie chickie…Mr. Slopballs has something in his pocket for you

Judd's granny

Back off Mister.


Yes, Victor to Nicole “So you’re not happy enough being super safety?”. How does she have any fans?

TX rar

I’ve asked myself that so many times. She should have watched her last season to see what mistakes she made. It doesnt look as if she can go through life without a man telling her how to feel or what to think. How about you dont get all your validation from men, Nicole?


The only reason Nicolas won is Bridgette had the most votes but she was eliminated and Nicolas got 2nd place.

Leave It To Corey

Corey – ya what the heck..

Well gee wally ya think thats fair i mean gosh golly!!

Another Anonymous

Here’s my fear. Given that Nicole won the last ACP, it is clear that the voting is dominated by low-information viewers who only watch the CBS show. If Paulie manages to win the veto this week or has the round-trip ticket, I can imagine those viewers voting to give Paulie the co-HOH package–especially if CBS gives him a sympathetic edit on Sunday, with lots of tears and complaints of disloyalty from the guys. I can imagine the high-information people who watch the feeds and read this site dividing and diluting their votes among Michelle, Victor, and Paul. It would be horrible if Paulie won co-HOH. I assume that it is like Super Safety with added benefits. I imagine that the co-HOH cannot be put up on the block that week.


By “low information” you just mean they don’t agree with you. I do not like Nicole but I realize everyone has a right to their opinion and to vote however they wish. And the same thing was posted on the last thread.

TX rar

Low information bc they dont watch the feeds to see/watch what is going on outside the TV edits. Low information bc they dont have the written recaps of conversations.


What the poster said was the voters were low-info because they gave Nicole the ACP. There are many people on here that are Nicole fans. They are not low-info, they just do not agree with the poster. And that same post keeps getting posted. Look on the last thread. I don’t know why people like Nicole, but they have the info and choose to give her safety. They are entitled to their opinion. And many of them have all the info we have.


I kind of get the feeling Sunday’s CBS show will NOT give Paulie a favorable edit.

TX rar

I’m hoping they show his crying and I hope they show the nasty way he talks to and about women. I hope they show how he talks about jersey women. THAT would be an accurate edit for Paulie.


I agree even if they edit, there was nothing to edit. He was a lying douche to everyone spewing bull to each and every one of them. How do you make that look good?


I think what happened more than likely is…

Natalie won Never Have-Not
James won the remove two votes

Everybody thought Double Elimination would get out Big Meech and not Bridgette so votes went to Bridgette.

Everybody thought Paul was still Team PP and did NOT want to give him that power.

Victor and Corey insufficient Fans

Most people already disliked Paulie and PP nobody wanted to give him anything.

That leaves Nicole, it was probably fans from Season 16 that liked Nicole…. NOTE: If this is true then Cody and Derrick have less fans than Nicole because Paulie did not win Super Safety… awww who knew.


I’m going to have to disagree with you. this care package was supposed to go to Bridgette but she was evicted. I believe that Nicole was 2nd and that’s why she got it. You’d have to kind of look at this care package in another way. Yes she is safe but she has to wear the punishment unitard for a week and b/c it came when it did she actually is wearing it longer then usual. She’s already complaining about it and i’m just loving watching her look like an idiot in it. So the low-info voters as you say could have been people who wanted to make her sweat in the unitard. I would have liked to have given it to Corey simply to see him in it and look more like a dork. To me this care package was 1/2 punishment


Vote Victor for co-HoH, he can’t play in the comp but America can vote for him. Paul or Meech can have the last one. He will at least get to nominate 1 person. Michelle will have a shot to play Victor does not.

Powder Puff Girl

I think Bridgette came in first but got evicted which cancelled out her votes. Nicole came in second!


No hat for Dirk Nowitzki.


Nicole is a whiney brat


you spell bitch funny but I still agree with you


Guys the weather here in South Lousiana is getting about as sketchy as the HGs lol So what’s everyone predicting will happen this week?


I predict you are going to have a wet ass as am I since that rain is headed north today. Beyond that I think if Paulie doesn’t win veto he will be under the covers with Z Thursday night.


Praying for all of you in Louisiana. May the Lord wrap his loving arms around you, bless you and keep you safe.


He can’t. Don’t you know he is busy helping Con Corleone win veto today?

Big Sister

Niece left VA to return for second year at LSU and now is returning home because school is closed until 5 days after it stops raining. Has been getting updates from me about BB as they drove to LA. Great joy at recent turn of events with Paulie.

For the love of Pete!

They seriously think that James and Paul will throw anything at this point so one of them can come down? I just can’t fathom their stupidity/ego!


Proves how good actors and game players James and Paul are. Keeping it on the low low down low. Both playing a great game IMO.

Polly Wolly Doodle

No Wolly Doodle for Polly.

Bridgette's Good Ankle

I do believe the sounds of the tables turning is the most glorious music ever!

Its amazing how few weeks ago Michelle and Paul were on my “least favorite BB houseguests ever” list…and while their personalities are still questionable (at least for my taste)..it’s clear that without them, Paulie would have won 500K, and this season would have been a complete waste!


Tall guy’s eyes are begging for that banana! Nicole ever the whiney biotch, “what I am not super safe I guess. I thought it would be for everything” Vic right on time as usual “what not being on the block or re-nom not good enough for you”

Morgan LaFay

That picture of Corey and Paulie with the banana is suitable for framing.
Simon and Dawg, this is just begging for a caption contest!!

Botox Pelosi

I hope this weeks evicted houseguest has the round trip ticket. it would be great to see the puckering that would go on when that person comes back into the house.

Nicole's long labia

Paul is just as much a douche as Paulie. Just last week he wanted to get rid of victor too. Now he’s his best friend again. Keeping the target on vic and off of him by saying he had nothing to do with the nomination. How can vi tor not see he Paul is still using him.


Paul is playing the floater game (floats over to whoever is in power and kisses their butt) and also trying to get jury votes. I don’t respect it, but unfortunately he may win with it.


dude your user names are constantly referencing buttholes labias or diarrhea i think you might need to seek professional help


Is it all the same person? Wow! sure does have a fixation on Nicole’s lady bits. Must be why they like her and Max-Z can’t see the game going on around them.

thumbs up 1,000 times

That’s one perverted dude.


Agreed. Very offputting. Let’s leave the vile names and words in the BB house. There are a couple of the HGs that are very offensive with their language.and name calling. This is what puts them in the “hotseat”.


It is called playing the game. Only 1 person can win the game. In order to win the game you have to keep your game fluid. Knowing when to make moves, when to jump ship. With Vic being a strong comp player and with so many wins if I were Paul I would want to take him out around 4th or so as well. Same for Vic, I would want to cut Paul and be playing against weaker players at the end. It is about winning the 500K to me not the macho I want to be the best by beating the best.

err what?

so sounds like your trying to say victors as much of a douche as paulie and paul is playing a really smart game?

Go Natalie!

I don’t think either of them is bad for telling other people what they want to hear, and what will influence them the most. Of course Paulie would only say he trusts Corey. He wouldn’t want anyone else to know his relationship with Paul. Paul probably already knows this, and is just playing up the betrayal. And, of course Paulie would tell the guys he would drop Z, no problem, and pretend he wasn’t serious about her. Doesn’t mean it’s true. Of course Paul is trying to downplay his relationship with Vic, and tell people he will send him home. However, there is no way he was going to send home his main ally until closer to the end, and then, maybe not ever. Vic is loyal enough (and dim enough) to take Paul to the end, and Paul is a really good talker, so he would definitely win between the two of them. We cannot really say they are scum for lying, that is part of the game. However, if you are going to lie, be sure you tell your allies what you’ve been saying behind their backs and make sure it’s not personal attacks.

The thing I like about Paul, over Paulie, is he’s not a whiner. When the going gets tough, Paul lays low and sucks up and schemes. He doesn’t whine and cry and say it’s all someone else’s fault. Paul did say his association with Victor made him a target before, but that’s not the same thing as saying it’s Vic’s fault.

London room is the DA room

What show are you watching? All Paul does is run from room to room trying to protect his lies because he knows his cover is going to be blown soon. Paul runs his mouth every single chance he gets.
The London room shit talks as soon as someone leaves the room but the Tokyo room doesn’t shit talk someone when they leave a room.
Go Paulie!


I liked ure comment until I saw the go paulie, then I puked a little bit in my mouth. I agree about Paul, he’s kinda rat-like and obnoxious. He jumps and dodges and always comes out unscathed, I hope once dbag Paulie leaves,
Paul is right after him. Natalie and Victor for final 2!!!!!

Now What Paulie

pretty funny looking at the picture wall now paulie and coreys faces are priceless and meech and nat right next to them looking like yeah now what bitches victor is like thats right i just did that james and nicole are like whoa did that just really happen paul well yeah hes still just paul and all the black and whites are like yep yep knew that was coming paulie sorry not sorry 🙂


Really getting sick of the edit James is getting. He has thrown Natalie under the bus numerous times but it’s never shown on CBS -.-

Please pay attention

James gathers info by contributing to the conversation. He’s not doing it to be vindictive, he’s getting the low down. Guess what! It worked!


It pretty sad seeing Corey and Pauline thinking they still have a chance. What am I saying its hilarious seeing them be in denial


Paulie had been wearing that same red shirt…. Time to shower.
Oh… And Paulie- you are no Derrick.

Fuzzy Num Num

I don’t think he’s remembering the same season I do. I remember Zach, I rember Frankie (eew), I rember Caleb ( double eew), I remember Christank, and I remember Cody (hold me back! I’m gonna call that mofo out the Tuesday after next).. I remember a lot of backstabbing and talking behind backs. Just because they were stupid and handed Derrick the win, doesn’t mean they didn’t cry salty tears.


Considering he’s been bare chested the entire season, Wearing a shirt (the same one) for over 2 days shows that:

A) He’s in distress
B) His ego is deflated

Quintessential douche scumbag.


No kidding he has been in that since Thursday night’s show! Don’t get me wrong I am glad he got kicked out of the band and is at least wearing a shirt! It does make me think…. does anyone remember him cooking for himself or anyone else or doing his laundry? I assume since he compared himself to Caesar he expects everyone else to do it for him. Mommy must lay out his clothes, wash his clothes, cook his food, clean his dishes (can’t say I have ever seen him doing that either) He must have chosen right when he picked his summer slut. She must have done all of those things for him and never laid out a shirt so she could rub all up on him. She had no shame and even took care of his other needs on TV as well. (since he hates Jersey girls maybe his mom rubs him out when she tucks him in as well. Or that may be his dad’s job as someone said they swap spit. “Here son let me show you how to do it right”)

Literally at the end of the day

@Friday, who believes anyone who thinks Friday’s show could be a buy back is a moron:
Your comment means you believe the fix is in that whoever goes Thursday will have the one-way ticket. Because if they don’t, how does BB get back the additional player needed to make it to finale night with 3 people. And what’s the purpose of the Friday show…season highlights, a special luxury or punishment comp? Please provide constructive insight vs insults because I’m curious as to the possibilities.

Literally at the end of the day

Wow, people can thumbs down my comment, but can’t provide a reasonable theory as to how the extra HG gets into the house if last ticket isn’t used this week? Or what they think the purpose of Friday’s show is?


There’s Pandora’s Box, rewind, a jury buyback, a new twist that keeps or returns a player. I don’t think it’s a retrospective of the season yet. The idea is just in case the round trip doesn’t get used, there has to be a way to stretch the days. Plus there has been some good crazy the last few days and they may want to have time to highlight the turns of the season. It’s the first time in several years there’s been legitimate power shifts.


Paulie will win veto if not I’m sure he has the buyback isn’t he the last person before they do away with it anyway? I think Corey is gone if Paulie gets off whoever they put up against him…Paulie got cocky but these girls are sooo much worse in the game if either Nat or Michelle wins I will be so upset!!!!


Paulie actually thinks he can get Michelle on his side?? This just shows how in denial he is of his own arrogance. Hey buddy, you don’t need anyone to slander your name… you do a bang up job all on your own.


I’m so over Paul! All season with his tough talk on calling people out, punching people in the face, etc., and here he is asking Michelle, a girl, to please blow up Paulie’s game before the veto…you little bitch, why don’t you MAN UP and blow up his game yourself?!! He’s hiding behind Vic putting them up, behind James and the girls for the flip and now this. He’s such a spineless, gutless rat!

Come out Come out Wherever Corey is

That’s actually smart gameplay. He’s staying under the radar that way. He’s somehow managed to slither his way in and out at all the right moments, and he struck against Paulie at EXACTLY the right time. The problem with most floaters is they get wedded to a floating game, and can’t take sides when they need to. Paul doesn’t have that problem–he choose sides for real, yet he’s still somehow managing to make it look like he’s floating. He’s a douche but he’s playing a much better game than Paulie or anyone else at this point.


Niconehead is not happy with her super safety…Good!!…she didn’t deserve it in the first place!!

Come out Come out Wherever Corey is

Wow, never thought that Vic would suddenly become my favorite player. His convo with Paulie when Paulie was like “why me?” was ON POINT. He parried every thrust of Paulie’s, and called out Nicole on her “so super safety isn’t enough for you?”

I thought Vic was just kind of a dumb brah but he’s pulling out of his nosedive. I’m switching allegiance to the Dead Ducks or whatever they’re called.


I’m sorry but I literally laughed out loud reading this. this has to be the funniest exchange all reason:

Paulie is saying they Might be able to get Michelle on their side and convince Victor to put Natalie up
Corey – I wonder if James will take one of us down;…
Paulie – no
Corey – If James was in this position I would 1000% want him down
They think Paul and James will throw the competitions. Corey saying if they can get Natalie up they’ll have to flip Michelle’s or James’ vote.


James or Paul have to win the veto!!!

Live feed right now

James is lying, Paul is lying, Michelle is lying, wake up Victor! Paulie is the only one with balls enough to tell the truth.
They can’t admit anything. Spineless. Paulie still didn’t throw PP under the bus. Paul shits on Paulie nonstop now.

Going Down

Paulie is getting from all sides – calling him out on his BS! This is gold; like an injured wildebeast, he continues to deflect, lie and squirm…while being swarmed by the lions.

Literally at the end of the day

Whoa the battle of testosterone. Could be epic if all really wanted to win the veto. Best if Corey, Nichol or Vic wins to keep Paulie on the block. If James gets it, he might break down this time and take Paulie off. He won’t want to be in an uncomfortable position again. Paul won’t even try. He wants to continue his strategy of not knowing anything, not showing a side, and not getting blood on his hands for jury votes and should one of the noms comes back.


Its pretty obvious Corey is gay and he is strongly attracted to paulie. Im suspecting paulie is kinda gay too otherwuse why would you attack some cick based on their boobs lol


If Paulie had just conceded that Z should be the target none of this would have happened. Paulie was the one who told Paul that Z was targeting him. So WTF was Paul supposed to think when Paulie tried to force the guy alliance to keep his ride and die girlfriend. That left Paul open for conversion by the girls because he had already developed his own suspicions about Paulie. Glad to see Vic and Paul sticking to their guns. I doubt Meech or Nat will waver. I still have concerns about James. Hopefully he will find out that Paulie and Cory see him as their worst betrayer and are willing to “forgive” Paul, Vic and Meech.


Paulie is just mad at the world, he is living in the shadow of his LITTLE brother Cody who’s probably Mom’s favorite, was way popular when he was on the show, can speak without constant F bombs ect.
What pisses him off most is that he has to pull his shopping cart around because he can’t see over it, sitting on pillows so he can drive and being given children’s menu’s when he goes to a restaurant classic little man syndrome just like a chihuahua gotta bark and bite at ankles so he don’t get ignored


What Paulie is not comprehending:
All 4 Executives and Nicole had Paulie in their final 3 plan.
Paulie was never talked about in any clipping order.
That means all of the targets being taken out were done so in order to set the game up for Paulie to win.
That’s smart strategy…if it works.
People talk….so it didn’t work.
Paulie said he was loyal to all of them but only one of them can sit beside him in the final two which is basically the same thing as being loyal to none of them.
It’s simple math.
Paulie is simple minded.
He should be able to figure it out.

Liars are weak

I do wish James, Paul, Natalie, Michelle, and Victor would grow some truth and be more like Paulie.
Paulie just called EVERYBODY out in the kitchen and they ALL lied and denied and Natalie ran and hid. She knew she was busted.


Are we watching the same show?

TX rar

Hmmmmmm, no one saw that bc it didn’t happen that way! You have to be part of Paulies family to tey to twist that when so many people have the live feeds. Just accept the favt that America know what an ass he is. Cant wait for him to tey to date in NJ. Twitter is calling him out on cheating on past GF too. BIG surprise there. NOT!


Any thoughts on what Zingbot has to say about Corey? Hopefully, it will open Nicole’s eyes to the “showmance”.


They need to get rid of Victor next week or they are handing him the game. One of the survivors Nicole, Corey or Paulie needs to put Michelle and Natalie up and back door Victor if not they are handing him and Paul the game. I want Nicole in the final 2, I know odds are against her but you never know.

Ian's Beer

hahaha Simon and Dawg…..that pic of Corey eyeballing Paulie’s banana….made me lose a bit of my coffee this a.m., thanks guys for the visual 🙂

Remember this?

Paulie did get arrogant and some of the things he said can’t be defended but isn’t the “other side” now acting arrogant?? Does anyone remember Nat talking about how proud she was of her boobs and she paid for them herself and now was considering getting bigger ones. Don’t play the victim when it’s convenient.


Since Paulie wants to quote Shakespeare I’ll do the same… Paulie has been “hoist from his own petard”…..
Yes, Natalie has gotten stuck on the idea of the FT joke at her expense, but at this point she does know that everyone shared the joke to some degree — so she will have to just finish processing it. She does not “owe” anyone in that house or in her life any explanation about her body until she was ready to do that, if ever. Paulie’s obsession that she “lied” for 51 days is bs and stupid and goes past just the joking stage. The issue is getting old though and what Nat needs to do if it helps “her heart” is if she ends up on jury this is part of her own personal voting deliberations – and she knows 15 of 16 people were in on the joke to varying degrees and offers of amends.


I figured out why Paulie hasn’t changed his clothes since Thursday. Now when the only slightly humiliating pictures of him crying keep popping up on twitter he can say, “See, I’m in the same clothes in every picture. That proves I only cried one time. And it only happened because Michelle rubbed an onion in my eye.”


Nicole is an ungrateful biotch, she got the care package she begged for, but didn’t deserve. So what she a have not, she safe from eviction which guarantees her a 1 and 7 chance of winning 500k… Im just pissed she can’t get evicted in the unitard…


OK all you Paulie haters. Enjoy this while you can. Mark my words, Paulie will rise from the ashes even stronger than before. His power in the house will once again reign supreme. A new clip list will be drafted which Paulie will methodically execute until he places himself in the money (final 2). Whether the jury awards him the $500K is open to debate. But prepare yourself now for the coronation of King Paulie Part 2!

Only can wish

We will just say ” The Dead has Arisen”.
We aren’t hating on him. He acted like an a$$, got called out on it and now on this pity party boat. If he respected the other HGS game play, maybe he would some respect back.

Powder Puff Girl

If Paulie gets off the block this week and becomes HOH, Victor or Michelle will a co-host – they most likely put up Nicole and a pawn. They have the votes to vote out Nicole. Paulie cannot win HOH the following week, and he is on the block again. He has win weekly veto or have the return ticket else he is toast!

Fuzzy Num Num

I still don’t care who wins. But I’m enjoying this turn of events like I would enjoy a hot fudge Sunday. I won’t lie, I’ve never liked Not-Cody. Because I really hated how Derrick just killed all the entertainment value of season 16. I’m hoping that this season will show the next one how to keep things moving. I also hope and pray to Otev that the phrase “it’s what the house wants” and all
Veriations of it are banned.


PAUL …. if Paulie wins the VETO and takes himself off the hot seat, you need to tell Victor to put you up as the replacement nominee.

(This will force Paulie to reveal his game even more by having to choose between Paul and Corey. Should Paulie vote to keep Paul over Corey it would out him to Corey and Nicole should Nicole be the only vote to keep Corey. Nicole will tell Corey before he exits the house that she voted to keep him and Paulie will more than likely lose Corey’s vote to win should he somehow manage to make it to final 2 by winning either the HOH or VETO comps the rest of the game. Should the votes be unanimous, Corey knows both Nicole and Paulie dumped him and both risk losing his jury vote. Should Paulie and Nicole vote to evict Paul, it only shows Paul, Victor and James that Paulie was using all of them and did plan for it to be Corey that he rides to the end with and win over so he can go home and brag to Cody that he was the best of the two in the game. The best move for Paul to secure jury votes is to volunteer to be the replacement nominee.)


If you put your boobs in someone’s face of course they’re going to wonder if they’re real or fake. This is what you wanted Natalie…Attention, to be told your boobs are big and you’re pretty. Why bite the person giving you what you want?


Simon/Dawg. . . . . . . God bless you both for not only having to listen to Paulie’s CONSTANT ramblings, but having to type it up as well. How are you both not brain dead by now – I’d love to know. I would have to have some of Willie Nelson’s finest to listen to Paulie’s mouth go on and on like that. Good job gentlemen. My hat’s off to you. <3