Matt Builds The Reilly 2.0 Shrine! Matt “At night I’m just going to be staring at it. We love you Reilly!”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Matt
Nominees: Cirie & Felicia
POV Players:
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: No more havenots

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation: Felicia is Matts target however Jag and Bowie may want Cirie out instead.

4:45pm HOH room – Matt and Jag.
Matt builds a new shire for Reilly. Jag – That’s cute! Oh my god that’s cute. With her picture right here. Put your ring in it. Matt show her that you’re serious! Matt – yeah I have a lot of making up to do. Jag – after that little stunt that she pulled. Matt puts his ring in it. Matt show her that you’re serious! Matt – at night I’m just going to be staring at it. We love you Reilly!! Jag – We love you Reilly .. especially Matt!

Kitchen – Cirie and Felicia
Felicia – how did we let Bowie to stay here for 89 days. Cirie – she is going to need help after its over… once they play her. That’s why .. she is going to need a therapist! Felicia laughs. Cirie – watch, every dog has its day! I ain’t worried about it. She thinks she’s going somewhere.. SHE is …to the jury house! And she maybe okay with that. Its all fun and games until.. Felicia – until your feelings get hurt. Cirie – until it ain’t!

HOH room – Cirie and Matt.
Matt – so my mom is going to her (Reilly) you know what I mean. Cirie – I know. Matt – I’m like damn! Cirie – maybe we’ll have some little.. Matt – I know right. I was saying to Jag its kind of good that I got this letter now.. like what if I got this on day fifty and I was like thinking like ah .. not much time. Cirie – no its cute! But enjoy it. Matt – yeah. They hug and head downstairs.

5pm BBQ grilling..

5:48pm Kitchen – Jag and Bowie.
Jag – they were trying to throw both of us under the bus. Like put Jag up… no put Jag up! Bowie – now its like use the veto on us. Jag – I know. We haven’t even played the veto yet. Bowie – and or vote. Its nice for a change. Its been so stressful. Jag – I know, its so close to the end. Bowie – you just deal with it or whatever but now a lot of that stress is changed. Jag – we’re so close to the end. Bowie – so close! I thought it would be bitter but luckily its not. Because they’re so even actually. They’re best bet for an angle which won’t work would be take out a big competitor. Like I use it and .. which is not going to happen. Jag – MMmmhhmmm.. that is their best bet. Bowie – that is really.. which would work if it wasn’t a tight group. Jag – which would work if I wasn’t going to f**king listen to them or if you were. Bowie laughs – yeah. Jag – or if Matt was. Bowie – Should have thought about that 6 weeks ago! Jag – exactly! AHHhhh.. we’re so close .. One of them this week. One of them next week! I hope its us at the end! Bowie – please, me too! Jag – I think it will be. Bowie – yeah if things go alright. I’m looking forward to having the champaign the three of us. There are still a few wins that have to happen. Jag – yeah .. the HOH and Veto next week are the most important. The veto this week determine which one of them goes. Bowie – Mama Fe when she is on her best behaviour… like earlier she was in a filthy mood. I think the biggest relief was Blue leaving and then America.

6:14pm HOH room – Jag and Matt.
Jag – she probably fell in love when you got the super power. That was such a genuine selfless thing to do. She was probably like damn, he’s like that! Matt – and not even just Reilly.. I bet the whole country was like YEAH!! And now look at us now. Jag – look at us now. Matt – I think about that time.. because if there was no super power you would be gone and this game would be way way different. Jag – I know, crazy. Matt – and it wouldn’t have been as fun without you. I would have been stuck with Blue. I wouldn’t have had my ride or die person. I knew you and Reilly were my ride or dies. I feel bad for Reilly because she didn’t get to experience big brother. Only two week. Jag – and she didn’t even do anything wrong. Jag – I am glad that it happened the way it did. Like I love Reilly but I am glad it was you that stayed to be able to tell your story. You’re here not just for yourself but for your community. Matt – you too. No one has a tighter bond than we do. Jag – I know. People love us! I know people love us. Like at this point what other duo is there. Matt – we are the bromance of the season.

6:45pm HOH room – Matt and Jag

Comic Bedroom – Cirie and Felicia.
Felicia – are you done? Bowie – I’ve deleted the shrine. Its gone. Do you think they were aligned. Cirie – why do you care? That’s who she really is. Why do you care? Go knock them Q-tips off. I dare you! Felicia – oh she will do that after he gets knocked down and she is running behind Jag. Then she will go pick up the Q-tips with the heard because that won’t be cute no more either. I could never be that person. Nothing that she does is genuine. She chases power through identity. People’s position of power. She’s a wanna be. I ain’t got time for that. Felicia – if Bowie Jane wins the veto we are in trouble. If Jag wins the veto, one of us comes down and Bowie goes up. If Matt wins the veto, one of us comes down and Bowie Jane or Jag go up. If Bowie Jane wins the veto, she ain’t using it and one of us are going home.

6:50pm – 8:45pm HOH room – Jag, Matt and Bowie are studying the days / events of the season. Matt – we should start saying the wrong answers on purpose. Felicia joins them. Matt – new addition .. look at the table top. (The Reilly Shrine) Felicia – oh my god. The ring and the heart. Bowie – I can’t believe the ring in the middle. Felicia – That’s your girl right there.. that is your future… I can just see you and your 6ft kids. They start speculating on what the comp will be tomorrow. Felicia – I think it could be the one where you have to take the clothes off. Matt – then that would be a costume one. I’ve stopped guessing.. every time we thought something.. Felicia – yeah they have done a whirl wind.

9pm – 9:50pm The house guests are lounging in the HOH room. They head down to the kitchen to snack. Cirie is reading the bible.

10:05pm – 10:45pm Bedroom – Jag and Bowie.
Jag – we have to study more stuff tomorrow. Bowie – I don’t think its going to be hard to make .. I think Matt is going to come to the conclusion that Cirie needs to go. Jag – yeah, we’re cooking. Because we’re already saying little things. He was like Felicia is definitely the better competitor and I was like .. you were like na. Bowie – the fact that she has played nearly every single comp. Jag – Cirie has thrown comps. Bowie – she has thrown every single comp. Jag – I think Matt will come to the conclusion. Bowie – I think he hasn’t really thought about it yet because we haven’t really talked about it yet. Jag – yeah and that’s fine .. after the veto. As long as Cirie doesn’t win. Bowie – yeah. Jag – and honestly if Cirie does win.. its not like.. obviously we want to win but its not do or die for us though because the only thing it decides is if Felicia goes home or Cirie goes home. Either way it doesn’t change anything for me.. like the three of us are still going to be at the end. And for this next HOH, you and me still have to beat whoever the third person is. I am so glad we’re on a team Bowie. Bowie – yeah me too. What a relief. Jag – and like we weren’t on a team for so long in this game and still you were so honest with me. Jag talks about the final comps. Jag – I want it to be us in the final HOH comp. Bowie – yeah. So that means either winning.. ugh its so bloody hard to work out. Of course this all goes to sh*t if we don’t win next week. Like yeah everyone is trying to win this bloody thing. Its more enjoyable to win as a team. I don’t understand the selfish individual aspect here. I know there is money involved. Jag – we’re going to get through as a team. I trust you. The biggest deal to me is the three of us make it to the end. And then we get bodied by the jury. Bowie – we get equally f**King annihilated. I don’t even give a sh*t! I’ll be like bring it on. Jag – I mean you and I get bodied by the jury. I don’t think Matt would actually get bodied by the jury. Bowie – no he would win 7-0. He has quite a good game. Jag – Matt would destroy both of us combined. That’s what makes this game so hard. We’re so close. Bowie – and its good we’re all good at competing under pressure.

11:09pm Quad cam of Cirie and Felicia sleeping..

midnight – 6:21 am zzzzzzz

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Felicia's eyebrows

What’s more pathetic? Matt’s crush on Reilly? Or Gina Marie’s crush on Nick?

Felicia's eyebrows

And all of the “It’s too soon” talk is reminiscent of Helen.


For reals.

Both are delusional idiots who loved someone they knew for two weeks and will also have getting 2nd place in common.

At least Matt isn’t a racist trollop though.

Just The Truth

gina marie’s easily. there is nothing pathetic about matt’s crush.

Game fan

bowie crush on matt and jag.

Blowme Jane’s rictus grin

BJ is 46 acting like she’s Cory age….actually Cory acted more mature than the BJ

un autre nom

at this point….
Reilly should be added to the automatic removal word list.
Gaaawwwwd. sorry. Grrrooooooood…. cut it out.

no mo bro o sho ho yo



Ugh!!! If this causes a “Jenny Jones Incident” Production will be in trouble. For those who don’t know, Jenny Jones was a tv show and parents sued the show after their son died because the Producers convinced him to follow through on declaring his feelings for a friend on national tv and that declaration caused him to be murdered


Actually there was a little more to that story/incident. One thing Jenny Jones often did on her show was a surprise crush reveal. Guests would be asked to come on the show b/c someone had a secret crush on them & they would find out who it was on the show. Often it was someone of the same sex. The guests were told the crush could be a man or a woman. Keep in mind this was the mid-late 90’s and gay relationships were not as accepted as they are today. In this case a gay man (call him Al) had feelings for a friend who was straight (call him Ed). When Ed was brought on stage Al was sitting with a female friend of his. He believed the female was the one with the secret crush. Then he found out it was Al who had the crush. Although Ed was smiling and talking throughout his segment for the rest of the show he was clearly uncomfortable especially after Jenny talked about comments that Al made about sexual fantasies involving him. Reports would later state that after the show Ed was embarrassed & humiliated by what had happened on the show. He shot and killed Al. Ed was found guilty of second degree murder, Al’s family sued the show but they lost. It was a sad situation all around. The show never accepted any kind of responsibility, but it would be canceled a few years later.

Spot ON

“Ugh!!! If this causes a “Jenny Jones Incident” Production will be in trouble”


Paul Sucks

Is there any chance that Felicia can actually win the veto just to have just a chance of entertainment this season.

Just once it would be nice to see it not go to the will of the HOH.


if it’s pure luck, sure. maybe she has a shot in some of the trivia comps, she hasn’t been awful at those, so face meld or what the bleep maybe? but if there’s any physical component, like walking into another room like the exorcist comp, she’s hopeless.

Blowme Jane’s rictus grin

Fingers crossed! Would love that! FBJ would be replacement nom, Jag would vote for FBJ to stay, fired up Felicia votes for Cirie to stay, dumbass Matt has to break a tie….. Cirie leaves cussing under her breath… now that would be entertaining!

Game fan

i think matt might take out bowie. he should. she and jag are already talking about him.
getting felicia or cirie would be like turner getting out alyssa .


Reilly RUN !!!!!

no mo bro o sho ho yo

I’m sure she will, as soon as the cash runs out.

BB Fangirl

Matt is delulu. First Reilly and then him thinking America must have loved him for saving Jag. That was not selfless. He kept his closest ally in. And Jag’s annoying. I’m praaaaaying Felicia wins veto so Jag or Bowie go up and home. It’s gotten that bad!


doesn’t matter if Felicia wins the veto. Bowie goes up….Jag votes out Cirie, Felicia votes out Bowie. Matt breaks the tie.

BB Fangirl

As long as they don’t get their intended target out I’m happy at this point!


only hope is bowie wins and uses veto forcing jag up and out, but bowie will neither win veto nor use it.

Game fan

i need this to happen to felicia tell her about how the guys had a f4 with them.
and getting in her head. than felicia and cirie should make a deal with her she would be the next hoh.


Matts Mom is My coworker. Reilly reached out to her to tell her how poorly production was treating Matt. Like for the Demigorgen he heard non of the clues and just picked random places. Reilly really cares for Matt and hopes they can date outside the house. She is a sweet girl and Matt is a doll.

un autre nom

for the gorgon comp they had a teleprompter for Matt to read the clues.
It was the veto that week that was screwed up.


Watching Matt’s conversations about other houseguests makes me not believe that Matt is a doll



Don't Shoot the Messenger

Try reading the rest of the comments. He is a nasty human being. Reilly wasn’t around long enough for me to have an opinion…

Just The Truth

I hope Jag and Matt final 2 just so I can see all the woke people complain.

un autre nom

Juror exit interviews:
Don’t bother. They’ve been sanitized and debriefed, so the answers are saying almost nothing.
Not sorry. After 24’s exit interviews, and every bbcan juror exit interview ever… I can see a muppet interview clearly. First clue? In many vid interviews, it’s cut/paste, but some don’t even hide that it’s a production handler reading the questions and a production handler shooting the video. Some try to hide this by making it look zoom. It’s not.
You aren’t going to get the answers you want, you’re going to get the answers that fit episode storyline version.
Wait for post winner announcement for any real answers.


Blue performs during her interviews. However, America’s answers are real. The only involvement the show has in the interviews of the Jury members are that, during the run of the show, the questions asked are pre approved by Production

un autre nom

in debrief, hg’s are informed of general storyline, topics to avoid, and any cleanup they want hg’s to push. (seriously, check season 24 bff taylor answers from her bullies in exit interviews).


Jag and Matt for the win!!! They’ve been loyal to each and played their asses off! They deserve it!

Just The Truth


Sherry Hayes

But it seems as if Bj and jag are taking as is it’s the two them going to F2 chairs. Not Matt. If jag doesn’t take Matt or if jag is in f2 he is a hypocrite and not a loyal person. Jag told BJ jag can’t win against Matt. And neither can BJ.

Gan ainm

Jag – ‘people love us!”,no I hate you both.So now I must take pleasure in the little things like Jag/Bowie evicting Cirie (finally) to take that option away from Matt and then I look forward to Jag evicting Matt.

Blowme Jane’s rictus grin

That’s why it would be so satisfying to see Cam win AFP…….if Matt wins, I’ll be pissed

Gan ainm

I hate Cam more.


Jag wins Bowie comes second

Game fan

true and thats such a bad end game. matt – wake up


Lowest ratings in 25 years and these dorks think they are entertaining? What a bunch of babbling idiots. Poor Boring Jane, thinking she’s revelent and it’s just creepy and weird how Matt is acting. His obsession with Reilly has some strange vibes.

Carlito's Way

I think Matt is just immature and a tad clueless. He is harmless.

un autre nom

Unpopular Opinion:
If Jag owned his game… he could actually be liked more.
There. I said it.
Embrace that he’s become everything he said he was against week 1-4.
Easy method to embrace for Jag: his moral fibre approach got him evicted, so all bets are off. If he’d approached the game that way he’d be an anti-hero or supportable villain.
Instead we’ve had 8 weeks of ‘it’s not my fault, i was tricked into doing someone else’s dirty work.’
blink. blink. gtfoh with that shit. Own and celebrate that he tricked people into trusting him and backstabbed them? I’d say winner.
This I’m the good guy hero shit he’s pushing? makes me roll my eyes and say loser.


The Beef

If he did that, I’d at least respect the game play. It’s kind of like Johnny Fairplay from Survivor. I don’t like the way he played, but he damn sure owned what he did, was good at it, and while I don’t like that kind of game play, I can respect that’s what he does and that he’s good at it. When found out, he didn’t apologize for it, he just said “That’s the game, and I play to win.” and I can respect that too.

Jag doesn’t do that. He trashes other people in an attempt to justify what he’s doing to them, while Matt and Bowie join in. If they’re bad people, backstabbing them couldn’t be such a bad thing could it? I think that’s behind a lot of the trash talk you hear inside that house.


This has become like the US Presidential race. Don’t want any of these losers to win!

Carlito's Way

Uh presidents deal with things like two wars at a time, so don’t think BB game comp is comparable.


If Matt has more than 3 brain cells, he should backdoor Jag this week if possible. Otherwise, Jag will win hoh next week and get rid of Bowie J. Then take home the win.

But like stupid Cody C. of Season 16, Matt will take Jag to final 2 and give him the win. Because Jag will win against anyone left. So, if Jag stays this week. Just tune in Finale night to watch him win.


Yes, I wish I could like this more than once!

Game fan

it would be even worst than cody. jag would take bowie to the end.
matt should at least get rid of bowie so jag & bowie cant take each other.

Spot ON

“If Matt has more than 3 brain cells, he should backdoor Jag this week if possible”
Nah…..probably EEG test results lines were flat.

Game fan



Watching feeds last night and grossed out by Felicia. While they were eating she kept holding and licking her flipper tooth. Then when putting the salad away used her same hand to wipe the salad into a smaller bowl. She grossed me out again when she made cookies the other day, she literally touched every one even after using the spatula to lift off of cookie sheet. Gross.


I’m glad I’m not the only one who has been bothered by Felicia’s tooth. It’s grosses me out when she takes it in and out and touches things, especially in the kitchen. There’s noway I’d be able to eat anything prepared by her. I’m surprised none of the HG’s seem bothered by it. Her stashing food in her pockets is off-putting to me. Maybe I’m being petty but I find it rude and unsanitary. I don’t think they clean the kitchen very well or they wouldn’t have ants all the time. Just another reason I couldn’t be a HG.


Matt is one sad insecure little boy. She should start the paperwork for a restraining order now.

no mo bro o sho ho yo

You are just mad because your mom won’t find you a girlfriend!


I feel like Bowie Jane had a tiny crush on Matt and this recent excitement about Reilly has brought her closer to jag.
Does anyone else think this? Haven’t read all the comments today.

Carlito's Way

I always thought Bowie was a little closer to Jag. She identifies as non-binary so who knows. She has been a tough one to figure out in this game.


Could be Who knows? Have they completely destroyed whatever shrine he did yet?

no mo bro o sho ho yo

I agree, but I think it’s both BJ AND Jag that feel that way. This has united them against Matt.

Spot ON

She can’t determine which way to go because she considers herself to be “nonbinary”.

Spot ON

She would serve herself much better if she developed a “crush” on a psychiatrist.

Carlito's Way

Sounds like Jag is planting the seed to Bowie to “cook” Matt at 3 – with Bowie agreeing with him that Matt would win. Jag and Bowie have no intention of taking Matt to final 2. Matt is going to feel like an idiot if he doesn’t give Jag the boot this week.

no mo bro o sho ho yo

This show has become incredibly toxic. So much so, I feel a little guilty for enjoying parts of it. I sure have had no shortage of toxic comments myself this season and I feel like it’s this damn show that is making me toxic. I justify them by saying to myself, “They deserve it. These are not good people and one of these a$$holes will win 750k just because they were an a$$hole”.

This whole concept is toxic.

Spot ON

I agree….these comments are “toxic” in keeping with the show. There is only one commentator that has always called balls and strikes with laser accuracy.

senior Citizen

“un autre nom for sure”.. love those comments, even those that are soo long.


If I was on the jury and Jag and Bowie get rid of Matt I would vote for Bowie so Jag can see how Matt felt to get back stabbed. Jag wouldn’t even still be in the house if it weren’t for Matt. Bowie doesn’t deserve to win either but that’s what happens when people let someone manipulate them and don’t play the game and take them out. I hope Cirie can win veto and Matt puts up Jag and they vote him out.

un autre nom

After listening to Jag and Bowie talk ‘how finals work’…
omfgawd…. we really have 5 people in finals that don’t know how the 3 part final HOH works.
This realization torments me, annoys me, and pisses me off.

As the two forementioned numbskulls try to figure out the basics of…23 previous seasons plus ott, plus celeb seasons that ALL followed the same pattern… they say ‘maybe we should have kept America.’ Wouldn’t have helped, she explained it to each of them already. She explained to Jag weeks ago. She explained to Bowie on Wednesday.


Game fan

go to the f*** diary room.
production cant tell the comps but they can explain the rules.

Another Dixie

By bringing in that sappy letter from, supposedly, Reilly, CBS has taken care of what viable brain cells that Matt has. I know there is a minimum age for being on the show. Too bad they don’t check emotional age levels. Matt’s has to be some where around 13.

Spot ON