J-Mac Keeping Jeff “how bad does that look on me like I’m going to get off the sinking ship”

POV Holder: JohnnyMac Next POV July 11th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 13th
HOH Winner Team 1: Vanessa HOH Winner Team 2: Austin
Nominations 1 : James & Johnny Mac Nominations 2: Jason & Meg
Battle of the Block Winner Jason and Meg Next HOH/ Next BOB July 16th / July17th
Original Nominations: James & Johnny Mac
Current Nominations: Jeff & James
Have Nots No HAve nots this week

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3:14pm HOH Liz and Vanessa studying

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-14 15-15-23-062_jpg

3:21pm bedroom Austin, Jackie and Steve
Austin telling them about the crow with Brandon Lee.. Eric Raven was the characters name which Austin uses. Austin is shocked Jackie and Steve haven’t heard about it.
Austin says when they went to redo the death seen for the movie Brandon Lee was actually killed. They claim it was an accident but Austin thinks there’s more to it. Mentions the mafia and Brendon’s father Bruce Lee, adds that all the footage was burnt
Steve – So he died in the movie and real life
Austin – Yes, During the filming of his death scene which is kinda creepy
The Crow came out in 1993 the year Steve was born.
Steve – You’re thrifty
Asuitn – yeah gonna rub it in
Steve – that’s only 8 years older
Austin – I’d date you
Stve – you know who’s the perfect age for me… Jackie .. I
Austin – Like them old
Steve – I think the technical term is a cougar
Austin laughs tells steve to settle down she’s not a cougar.
Jackie – Maybe a puma
Jackie leaves.. They go over how their studying is going. Austin says him and Liz have been drilling questions they’re good to go.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-14 15-45-46-898_jpg

3:40pm HOH Austin and Vanessa
Vanessa talking about their final 2 and asking him who they should pull into final 3.
Austin thinks Jackie because no one will vote for her in the finals
Vanessa asks about Liz
Austin doesn’t think the twins will make it people are going to be gunning for them.
Austin – Honestly I’m more attached to Liz over her sister..
Austin says Jason is the worst to take to the finals he’ll crush it
They agree superfans are tough to beat in the end they cross out Steve, jason. VAnessa points out JohnnyMac is good too.
IN the final HOH Vanessa – “Becky will be good”
Austin – Becky will be crazy good
They agree Julia needs to get into the game it’ll allow them to fly under the radar because the entire house will be targeting them to break them up. They just need to keep the twins safe for another 2 weeks and the heat will be off them.
They plan on pulling James up to the HOH and making a deal with him.
Vanessa has come up with a hand signal calls it the 3.5
Vanessa – Audrey likes Liz
Austin – She’s gotta win, come on Audrey win
Vanessa wants audrey and Liz to get close to prevent Audrey using her as a pawn.
Austin doesn’t think she will they’ve done so much for Audrey. Austin thinks Audrey will go after Jason.
Vanessa- yes that’s her number one
Vanessa thinks Steve could be Audrey’s pawn but she’s been working on Audrey to trust him.
James and Meg could also be targets from Audrey
Austin recommends she pulls James up to the HOH for a night

Feeds cut.. when we come back JOHNNYMAC is in the HOH with Vanessa.

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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-14 15-58-16-584_jpg

3:57pm John and Vanessa
Talking about the movie Little house of Horror
Vanessa says it sounds scarey
Johnymac says it’s more a comedy
VAnessa says he’s getting pumped in the arms.
JohnnyMAc – I’ve always had muscles.. people don’t seem to notice because all the other guys are big
JohnnyMac says 130 5’11”

Vanessa starts giving JohnnyMac her reasons for nominating Jeff. (She does this often to poor JohnnyMac)
John tells her he told Becky he’s good with them until final 10 and that Becky is good with them to.
Vanessa says the deal was don’t put each other, don’t nominated each other and share information but she never thought Becky was in on it.
JohnnyMac says she said them and one other person so Becky is the other person
Vanessa says she never had any intention to put Becky up
Vanessa says James, jason and Meg winning would be the worst.
JohnnyMac is worried about Audrey winning
Vanessa thinks Audrey will go after Jason and Meg.
Vanessa recommends he tries to get closer to Audrey you don’t want to end up her pawn.

Vanessa asks if Jackie is coming after her for getting Jeff out. Johnnymac doesn’t know says she’s very tight lipped. He doesn’t think she has an aggressive personality, she’s more likely to go into survival mode over Revenge mode.
Vanessa says not one person in the house wants to get JAckie out, “makes no sense for her to try and win”
VASnessa – Meg is the safest person in teh game right now
Johnnymac – I can see that
Vanessa – you’re pretty safe

She asks him about Steve.
Johnnymac – he’s got my back
Vanessa – Audrey said she had a dream where you won .. it was random she has a lot of dreams
Vanessa says she felt bad for Audrey and wanted to help her. She explains Audrey was being ostracized but now Audrey is clinging to her, “Legit I don’t trust her.. and I don’t want people to think we’re working together”
John tells her he’s giving Jeff his vote he knows Jeff is going but he gave him his word.

Vanessa – are you trying to help him campaign
Johnnymac – No
Vanessa tells him people are grasping at straws to put people up they are going to pick even the smallest thing. (hinting that voting for Jeff might be giving people that straw)
Johnnymac – I’m not campaigning for him.. it’s pretty much what I told you .. how bad does that look on me like I’m going to get off the sinking ship
Vanessa says she’s 90% sure Jeff is going home
J-Mac – Me two
VAnessa says he can make a deal with clay, Shelli and James to vote out Jeff then he would only have to worry about Meg and Jason.
VAnessa – “I’m more in favour of the front door.. just go for the front door.”
J-mac – yeah you get less blood on your hands
VAnessa tells him Meg and Jason are Audrey’s main targets. She thinks Audrey is going on the block next week she’s going to fight to in the HOH.
They agree Audrey is starting to come back
Vanessa goes on to tells him she was 2/3 done her law degree, “I was going to do securities litigation”

4:43pm Kitchen Austin, Liz and Becky
Austin – Ohh my-lantis…Ohh my-lantis….Ohh my-lantis
They starts talking “Just like a prayer” by Madonna. They’re told to stop.

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Good job John, keep feeding Vanessa what she wants to hear.


I am glad that John is the loyal and nice guy. He does not throw anyone under the bus including Jackie, Steve, Becky and Jeff. I hope his honesty and loyalty will get him to the end.


“honesty and loyalty” a men throw every competition and when he actually play and become hoh we´ll see where is the honesty and loyalty Ahhh and he said to shelli that he is died inside which mean NO SOUL it’s the way he describes himself LOL


I like the guy a lot and my second fav in the house, but I think his loyalty to Jeff is dumb. I don’t think Jeff has done anything for him. Why vote against the house on week 3 when you are already used as a pawn week after week. Jeff is nice to him because he sees him is no threat unlike Austin and Clay for the attention of women.

I think this is a cast that has the potential to go crazy with power every week because from what I have seen, there are no followers except Meg and Becky. Jason, Jackie, Austin, Liz/Julia, Johnny all have potential to make irrational decisions just like Vanessa got drunk on power. I don’t know who Johnny’s target is going to be but it’ll probably be a girl. Shelli or Vanessa? He’s kind of mischievous so I think his HOH reign would be fun.


Vanessa starts opening her mouth again to Johnny. Good job Vanessa, please throw more people under the bus. How many people did she throw out this week already: James, Jason, Meg, Audrey, Shelli, Clay, Jackie (half of the house).


she take many pills Austin say yesterday she took 4x Aderral per day!
She is a loose canon …


Austin yesterday admitted in feeds Vanessa took Aderral 4 x per day! Here´s the explanation for her bizarre behave and you have to join some genetic psycho nature and Gina Marie appearance with glasses and a scarf in the head. I can wait to see her downfall she deal with this HOH very aggressive! Say no to drugs Vanessa!


Adderroll is used in cases of Attention Deficit Disorder. It comes in doses of 5,10,20 mg…it is a mental stimulant. In cases where people need this drug their mind can wander to thousands of different subjects in an hour and this happens during coversations, work situations, and it is literally impossible to concentrate on anything long.
Adults with ADD live in chaos…financially, personally, socially. Until you walk in another’s shoes, don’t be so quick to judge!


Danger ahead……..

James/Meg/Jason HOH…Audrey or revenge target
The rest of the house all over the place. Targets could be James or Jason or even the twins. Steve’s name popping up to. I’m worried about Johnnie being the pawn gain. Not winning POV and POV not used. Nessa and friends decide to evict him.

Most Danger.
1) James
2) Steve
3) Johnnie
4) Jason
5) Liz
6) Austin
7) Audrey

Hoping no Johnnie as he goes only as a pawn. Think it’s Steve or James next week not knowing the HOH set up. Think Audrey’s around awhile IMHO.


John FTW!!!!


Love when Johnny Mac wears psu gear. We Are!


Vanessa and Austin think this season is in the bag. They are going to be one and two… LOL Unlike Derrick from last year, these 2 are on people’s radar. Them thinking that Audrey is going to win HOH and then put up Jason, I wouldn’t bank on it. Audrey blabbers a lot {I am not certain she knows what she is saying} but it means nothing. Look at her votes!! She knows that Vanessa, Austin, Shelli and Clay are running the show, I could see her putting them up, even though she is in an alliance with them. Look at the first week alliance….how did that work out for everyone??? Audrey is unpredictable and she likes it like that.

JohnnyMac is my favorite

How many times did Vanessa and Austin convince Johnny to vote out Jeff already? Would they stop telling Johnny how to vote? They are afraid of Jeff that much. That indicates they did wrong and dirty to Jeff.


Can someone explain the diamond power of veto I have seen it in use but I don’t remember how and the coup d tau bad spelling

Captain Crunch

Vanessa talks to much, she needs to learn that sometimes the less you say in BB the better.

Also she’s making final deals already like she has it made thats shes gonna be in the finals and its a good chance imo she’s not gonna make it b/c of all the deals she made will come full circle eventually and bite her in the ass


yeah she´s worried about F2 but what she should realy worried about its pass the next week.


Looks like JMac is doing a pretty good job playing the game. Like slow and steady wins the race may be his strategy. If so, good for him, hope it works! Vanessa playing it up as well, tho I don’t entirely like the way she’s playing. But it’s not my game, and I guess you gotta do whatever you got to do in there to try and win it. Still don’t have a favorite. Just enjoy watching the drama and how things unfold!


People just like Vanessa because she is famous already outside the house. Inside she´s is just a annoying! Point, Blank and period!


Vanessa already thinking she will be in the final 3 and asking Austin who should be that person…
I really do hope they evict her arse out after Jeff is gone….. She is just too

B-bad owl

Did I read in an earlier post that Steve was telling Vanessa that when he was being considered for the show that production told him that he can’t be in a showmance no matter how many girls might be into nerds? And then they cut the feeds so you couldn’t hear the rest?
Wonder if they put it in his contract that he isn’t allowed to seeing how adamant he was repeatedly saying “I can’t”


Tomorrow is gonna be awesome. Jeff’s gonna blow up and the house will hopefully be plunged into chaos, just in time for the HoH comp 😀


The eviction is Thursday as is the HoH comp both of which will be live, the rest of the show is recorded. Wednesday is the POV comp and ceremony. I don’t think there will be any live parts to Wednesday’s show.


T, Gamewise and the other Vanessa haters are funny…she is really in their head. Psych 101..when a person tries to constantly cut on another they are really talking about themselves.

I am glad Nessa makes the show fun for you to try n hate on every single thing she does.

I think she is fun to watch play the game too. Let us all be again thankful that boring yet successful players like Derrick are not running the house this season.


The best part is they actually think she is playing a terrible game. I am a little worried all of these alliances are going to haunt her, I have faith she will talk her way out of it. People really think she is in a bad spot?? Shelli and Clay are all about Van and already started talking about how to get people to not nominate her. Jason stated last night he really respects what she did this HOH by not putting up a pawn and just letting the chips fall where they may. James sounds like he doesn’t really care about HOH next week and promised Austin he wouldn’t put up Liz, Austin, or Van (of course he could be full of it and I think he is).
Everyone also keeps complaining that Van is boring Jmac to death- yes she does repeat herself constantly, but has anyone stopped to think why Jmac is hanging out in the HOH room? Go to 4:18pm Jmac tells Van he would be willing to work with her til the end. Jmac wants to work with Van.
Finally, Austin just told James Jeff is campaigning hard and threatened to out a secret alliance he has if Austin doesn’t vote for him… which just caused Meg, James, and Jason see that maybe Van was right. All of the heat Van was getting yesterday (by Jackie and Meg only, the sole number of people Van has made mad), is already fading away.


Does this remind anybody else of Brit’s HOH week in BBCAN3? Vanessa puts up her Bobby (James), and her Kevin (JohnnyMac), and backdoors her Graig (James). The week is filled with arguments, paranoia, and alliances of questionable loyalty. The difference was that Brit went from pawn to HOH, which justified her feeling like a queen, even if you’re never supposed to be too comfortable. But, I think the same thing might happen when she gets out of power. Her and her allies will be targeted and put on the block. And just for fun, they should have the weekly twist be America choosing between a Forced Veto and a Double Veto.


I hate when America gets involved in votes. The tv episodes are so terribly edited that anyone who does not watch the feeds or read update sites have a completely lopsided idea of what is actually going on and therefore the vote ends up with people like Frankie Grande as Team America.


John does what they say for now! What other choice does he have. When the heard gets smaller then he can strike. I think it’s a good game move not to ruffle any feathers at this stage of the game because the numbers are against him. Neda from Big Brother Canada only started playing the game and making moves later on in the game. I find these type of players smarter than the ones who put targets on their backs. Hope John is one of those players and just not a floater. Only time will tell!


Oops! Meant to write when the herd gets smaller.


Neda only got as far as she did because of John.
Plain and simple


Uhh… a floater does not tell everyone that he is voting against the house.


I really liked Van when it started but some of her choices are seriously called into question. She is not unitelligent but rather, my issue is she makes too many alliance’s, seriously trusts Audrey(she looks to her like yoga),Vanessa says way too much to many people, played the lgtb card(when she said she would not vote for Audrey)& don’t like her telling JMac how to vote. This dude has done enough back off! She definitely needs to ditch that raggety hat & oversized glasses, they do nothing for her.


can someone please tell me everyone knows about the twins so how the hell are they still switching.