“I’m protective of Shelli I’m worried how she will look on TV with the all american douche bag “

POV Holder: JohnnyMac Next POV July 11th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 13th
HOH Winner Team 1: Vanessa HOH Winner Team 2: Austin
Nominations 1 : James & Johnny Mac Nominations 2: Jason & Meg
Battle of the Block Winner Jason and Meg Next HOH/ Next BOB July 16th / July17th
Original Nominations: James & Johnny Mac
Current Nominations: Jeff & James
Have Nots No HAve nots this week

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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-14 17-01-43-738_jpg

4:58pm HOH JohnnyMac, VAnessa and Clay
VAnessa comments she never sees Jeff, Jason, Meg and James out. Clay says they’re sleeping all day.
VAnessa is shocked Jeff isn’t campaigning more
Clay – He came to me last night for 45minutes.. I never agreed to anything

Clay brings up Jeff telling him that James is throwing Clay’s name under the bus.
JohnnyMac and Vanessa agree there’s no class in Jeff saying that.
Vanessa points out that Jeff will say anything when his back is against the wall.
Clay brings up Jeff telling James they needed to break up Clay/Shelli.
Vanessa and Johnnymac are shocked.
Clay says he’s played a honest game and he’s going to align with people that have played a honest game.
Vanessa says she has facts that Jeff has played a dishonest game. Vanessa adds she not only getting Jeff out for her game she’s getting him out for everyone else in the house that he’s been dishonest to.
Vanessa says If Jeff doesn’t go home that’s really bad for her.
Clay says he promises he’ll vote out Jeff because she’s making a big risk getting jeff out.
They wonder why they are in lockdown. Clay mentions Steve saying if they are building the competition right now it’s going to be an endurance competition.
They start talking about the pressure cooker competition on Season 6 (The greatest competition in history of the show) Clay says it went on for a day.
Vanessa – This week is good for my insanity my sanity was slipping before this week
Backyard opens up..

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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-14 17-19-22-681_jpg

5:17pm Backyard Austin and Liz
Complaining that the other side of the house sleeps all the time.
Austin – has he talked to you yet
Liz – no he’s such a pu$$y he’s not going to without you
Austin says JohnnyMac is voting for him for sure. He thinks Jeff has his back, he gave Jeff his word and he thinks Jeff is leaving either way
Austin – that’s two for him now because of Jackie.. I need to talk to Becky.
Austin – I’m worried Clay and Shelli are lying to us.. I always worry they might flip..
Austin says he’s just being paranoid and overly cautious but they should secure Becky
They count the vote possibilities:
Clay/Sheli/Liz/Austin/Steve and Either Meg/Jason
liz – I can’t believe he hasn’t talked to me
Austin – It’s tuesday he’s smart he’s going to wait till wednesday

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-14 17-24-12-204_jpg

5:21pm Hammock Audrey and Liz (Audrey working out off to the side)
Audrey says none of the nominees have approached her
Liz wonders what james and Jeff are doing “:It could literally go either way:
Audrey thinks Jeff is convinced he’s going to stay because he thinks he has Clay and Shelli.
Audrey – At the very least it would be a tie
They count the vote there’s not tie this week they need 6 votes.
Audrey – “me, you, Austin, Clay, Shelli, Jason “
Liz – And steve
Audrey – I hope
Audrey – I would be shocked if Jason voted out James..

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-14 17-37-32-507_jpg
5:27pm Bench press Jeff and Austin
Austin makes a snide comments about Jeff’s form, “Bounce it off your chest.. POWER”
Jeff bouncing the weight off his chest to get momentum so he can lift a heavier weight

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-14 17-39-20-478_jpg

5:36pm Liz and Audrey Hammock (feed jumping cameras a lot)
They have been talking about Jace jumping in the pool with the microphone on the first day. He forgot about the microphone.
Audrey says she not close to Jeff or James. Liz is closer to Jeff but he did her wrong and James hasn’t. They wonder when the nominees are goign to talk to them abotu their votes. They seem a bit Pissed it hasn’t happened already.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-14 17-55-49-785_jpg

5:45pm Hammock Liz and Clay
liz says Jason thinks Julia comes in next week but she doesn’t come in until week 5.
Liz likes flirting with Jeff she calls him a “Cool guy” but he’s done her dirty and James hasn’t/ Plus Jeff is a bigger threat in the game than James.
They agree the twin paranoia has died down lately. Liz is pissed James and Jeff haven’t been begging for a vote yet. She says they should think of her as a HUGE swing vote. (She’s not but the nominees don’t know that)

Liz says this isn’t Jeff’s first rodeo he can think fast whereas James is harmless
They agree james is more straight up type person.
Liz brings up Jeff saying her not going up last week was his doing and she owes him a favour now.
Clay – No way..
Tells her to let Shelli know, “She’s going to be livid”
Audrey joins them. Clay starts joking around with her and the flirty banter begins.
Audrey is wearing an entire Clay outfit including his underwear..
Audrey – everytime I’m in the shower he stalks me
Audrey – Sorry the guy I date have an IQ over 3
Clay flocks like a bee flocks to Honey but instead of Honey it’s vag!nas
Audrey – I’m protective of Shelli I’m worried how she will look on TV with the all american douche bag
They joke that Audrey can sniff Clay and Shelli out. Audrey says she’s protecting Shelli.
Audrey says Clays’ ex’s are probably blasting him right now.
Clay says he only has two ex’s and they are both the nicest people they would never say anything mean.

They bring up Clay licking Jeff’s armpit with BBQ sauce on it. Austin who’s working out comes by “That’s not a good pore.. on the human body”
Liz asks if Clay is a butt guy or a boob guy, Clay is a butt guy

Liz leaves.. CHit chat.. Clay called into the Diary room..

[envira-gallery id=”121413″]

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-14 18-13-59-690_jpg

6:10pm Jeff and Liz
Jeff says he’s been missing her.
Liz calls Jeff a hoe tells him he doesn’t miss her he’s cuddling with everyone
Jeff saying she was talking to Clay like they have secrets,. Liz says she never talks to Clay was happy that he sat beside her.
Jeff – Why are you ignoring me
Liz – I’m not ignoring you i’m sad you could go
Jeff – Is he campaigning for someone
liz – no.. I think everyone is torn.. it sucks
Liz – I heard JohnnyMac is voting for you
Jeff – A bunch of people are .. I’m not campaigning..
Jeff says he’s just going to people telling them the things he did for them and hope they remember that when the vote comes in
Liz asks where Meg’s vote is
Jeff – that’s up in the air.
Jeff doesn’t want to hear people badmouthing him and James, “that will really upset me”:
liz – today was really chill.. but tomorrow the games will begin.. or maybe not I don’t know.
Jeff gives her a hug.
Liz – between me and you i’m closer to you.
Liz says he’s like the Katy Perry song “Sometimes you’re hit sometimes you’re cold.”
they agree to have a cuddle date later.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-14 18-21-31-960_jpg
6:16pm Clay and Steve studying
Steve says he feel people are skeptical about him.
Clay says people are skeptical of him because they know he’s a smart guys and knows the game inside and out and he has a master plan.
Steve – The vote this week is going to be closer than the last two have been
Clay – it could go either way with me
Steve – I’ve made no promises to either of them.
Clay asks him who benefits him more being in the game.
Steve says they are about Equal. Points out that Jeff has been saying things about him.
Clay says James is an upfront person but Jeff is a bit more sneaky. Warns that Jeff has the ability to pull people together.
Steve – James has people right now (Jason/Meg)
Clay – game day decision for me

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-14 18-31-44-141_jpg

6:27pm Jeff Being greasy with liz (Becky listening in)
They find one of the ornaments being hidden. They suspect someone is trying to mess with them studying
Jeff asking her why she can’t trust him
Jeff tells her he knows she has a twin.
Liz denies it.
Jeff – Liz it’s f***g true
Liz – that sounds like a great rumour from someone that i’s america players that just won 5 thousand dollars.
Jeff continues to say he knows it’s true.
Jeff says he has a fraternal twin brother his name is Eric.
Jeff tells her if she doesn’t have a twin then she’s schizophrenic
(Liz is such a flirt she’s cuddling around giggling with Jeff.. I’m grossed out by both of them)

[envira-gallery id=”121425″]

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-14 18-48-29-666_jpg

6:44pm Austin walks in looks around and leaves..
Austin – Whats going on here..
Jeff – Me ans liz are just talking
Austin – Oh ya

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-14 18-52-17-642_jpg

6:48pm Austin and Audrey
Austin pissed about Jeff and liz in the bed.
Austin – “He’s attacking Liz right now I’m pissed off.. he’s talking to her right now.. I’m so livid I’m trying to hold it in
Austin goes into the bathroom to chat with James.
Austin says Jeff is telling him there’s an alliance that will protect him if he keeps Jeff safe. Austin says Jeff is trying to threaten him and he’s going to out this alliance during the vote.
Austin – I’m planning on voting for you.. next week no front door no back door ..
James says not front door not backdoor for him, Liz, Vanessa.
Asutin – right now i’m telling you 100% you have my vote

Austin says Jeff is in the bedroom right now campaigning.
Austin hopes he has Jason and meg. James thinks he does have Jason he’s not sure about Meg because she’s cuddly buddies with Jeff.
James says he has Clay and Shelli votign for him. “Steve says he’s voting with house”
Asutin – Yo need one of them meg or Jason .

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-14 18-57-51-409_jpg

6:53pm James and meg
James says Jeff is super campaigning right now. James brings up Jeff telling Austin that there’s an alliance around Jeff.
James says Jeff is throwing him under the bus.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-14 19-04-22-345_jpg

7:01pm Jeff and Liz
Jeff saying there’s personality traits and physical cues that can confirms and deny she’s got a twin.
Jeff says Austin knows about it he’s cool they are goign to have a talk later the three of them.
Jeff says Jackie was telling him they are cute but Austin is always around like the angry dad.
Liz says Austin is so annoying “I don’t feel the same way about him”
Liz says it started with her and Jace and Austin was always the third Wheel.
They hug and Liz runs and hides on the hammock..

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-14 19-07-01-627_jpg

7:06pm James and Jason
James telling him what Austin told him about Jeff.
Jason says it comes down to Shelli and Clay. James needs to talk to them and secure those votes.
Jason brings up Telling Meg that they need to get rid of Jeff this week.
Jason says Jeff is good at campaigning “He can sell water to the ocean”
Jeff comes outside.. Jason whispers something about Jeff smoking all his cigarettes.

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Bill Dan

So has a guy ever walked in on a girl he was interested in with another guy in bed under the covers in big brother.

It was pretty clear. Liz is a complete flirt, likes Jeff way more than Austin. Liz didn’t get out of bed when austin came in – because she is tired of him acting like her father.

For a added bonus – Liz made a racist comment about liking Ft Lauderdale because it had white people.

Has there been a better season on the feeds this early.


If you say someone is a racist or made a racist or racialized statement attributed to someone, it is highly advisable to include the time and date as to when the statement or conduct was alleged to be committed. Most everything else is just casual or business discussion and is just standard copy.

Eric CA

there was that crazy guy who tore up the House when his shotwmance got evicted. He was forcibly ejected.

Ten there was that group of girls that got crazy jealous obsessed with Jesse and even had a wake when he was evicted.

Brendon and Rachel were an insanely jealous couple (mostly Rachel). Rachel fumed over any girl she thought was attracted to Brendon. Brendon was jealous of the closeness between Rachel and Reagan (Reagan is gay)

It is rumored that Russell’s and Jeff’s biggest problem was Russell seemed to seat liking Jordan… my friend insists there was some serious jealousy there… even though Jeff hated the Jock Clique he was in because they were mean to Jordan. and mad at Jeff for liking her.

I think there was some other jealousy with guys in the house I just can’t remember the details. just bague recollections.

Eric CA

I forgot Caleb from BB16… He wanted to kick Cody’s ass several times over Amber… he was insanely the call is coming from the the BB house obsessed with Amber.


Do you think Austin was massaging Jacki cuz he cared about a sore neck? Austin is a piece of shit fir what he did to Jeff…and a cry baby wimp..when he caught them talking under covers lol….I want to see Jeff do more like that…make Austin cry…shame Jeff still trusts him tho


She didn’t say anything racist so please take several seats


You are right- she didn’t say anything racist. What she said was she wanted to move out of miami because she can’t compete with the woman there (all the men like brunettes/latin girls w/curves, etc.) she said if she moved to Ft Lauderdale she would be considered a hottie because all the guys/girls are white. AND I am pretty sure she was still joking.


Austin is beyond creepy…Seriously get on meds dude! This is not your girl,& duh Austin you idiot, she has done this before,but regardless you don’t own Liz-back off psycho! Go Jeff(not a Jeff fan @all but love that it pisses Austin off!)


What is wrong with saying she likes a city because there are people there of her race? If a black person said they like a certain city because there are black people there NO ONE would bat an eye. Why is that? A study showed that white people are hesitant to admit they are proud of their race, but blacks are ready to admit they are proud of their race. It’s because whites are always accused of racism. Sorry, I’m getting a little off track of BB but that really is ridiculous to say she is racist.


Blacks? There are other races in the world. People like you keep this hatred between “blacks” and whites going. All the races in the world and you automatically chose blacks.


You just said ‘whites’…what’s the difference?

Austin Sucks

I want Jeff to stay so there can be more drama in the house. Austin is so annoying. I knew he was going to get mad when he saw Liz talking to Jeff. He think once he get Jeff out of the house he will have Liz all to his self. I hope she continues to play his ignorant behind.


Jealousy is a terrible thing… and in this case Austin is just being ridiculous. Liz doesn’t want him. But she better be careful, because he might turn on her before she knows what hit her.


I’m trying to keep liking Austin but it’s hard when he keeps acting so crazy about Liz. Isn’t he super flirty with Jackie? What’s the difference? I wish he’d cool down and get back to strategizing with Vanessa (who also needs to calm down). I think together they could still be great. They may not need to be in power in order to do their best work. In power they suck. I hope that Liz goes next. I wanted the twins to come in at first but I don’t want to watch her flirt her way through the game–and I think she’s a hindrance to her alliance. So the other side needs power next week, freaks and geeks with 6 senses get scared, Liz should go home, everyone is likable again. Steve and Audrey (ugh) can be their new Liz and Julia.

this should be a no brainer

Jeff has an ally from before Big Brother. Jeff seems to have a lot of people under his bro spell, I don’t get it, and I would be 100x more concerned with him than freaking James.

I don’t like so many saying they can go either way, because this is when Big Brother tends to make a play in the DR to keep the well known player(Jeff w/ Amazing Race “following”)


What’s Liz’s play here…? Why she bashing Austin to Jeff..? Is there really a point to that? Does she actually like the guy..?


Austin, sorry dude but she’s just not that in to you.

B-bad owl

So Liz cuddles with Jeff on a regular basis, calls Steve her boyfriend and flirts with him often. Had a thing for Jace for a bit. Seems the only guy that she talks to on a regular basis that she wouldn’t potentially drop her pants for is Austin. And he is the one that wants her the most.
Maybe she should start Dude-Bro-ing him as her only way of letting him know that they will never be more than friends.

Eric CA

I think Liz is the wild child that likes to flirt and Julia is more together. To tell the truth I think all of the chemistry Austin had was with Julia… but he attributed it to Liz… now he thinks it is Liz he had the connection with… but from what I have observed Julia is the one that is actually nice to Austin and is the one he has the connection with. You would be surprised how powerful names are… you attribute so many things to people with certain names… i.e. For me Matthew, my first boyfriend…. I always have a soft spot for Matthews. I can not ever date a Patrick…. my older brothers name is Patrick… it gets uncomfortable for me.
Just think of your own life and how names effect you… I think Austin is just stuck on the name Liz, when it is really Julia he clicks with.


Liz is lucky if Jeff is leaving. The longer he stays the more they cuddle (blech) and the more Austin hates him…but overtime he will question why he is protecting her and then he will want her out too.
She’s being really free with her attention with the guys and maybe it’s fun for her but she’s going to piss people off who think they own her (Austin…gross).

Vanessa probably knows that their alliance is going to blow up the minute Liz rejects Austin. He’s a nice guy with boundary issues (I am nice, you owe me).
I really want Johnny, Vanessa, Becky, Jason, Meg, Steve to team up but I guess there’s no game chemistry between them. It would make sense for singles to get rid of couples and physical threats.


LOL, I hope Austin blows his top before Jeff leaves the house.. I think it would be funny if Austin throws a punch at Jeff, and he has to leave the house. Can you imagine the scrambling on Vanessa, Shelli, and Clay’s part. [Jeff is leaving the house because of Austin’s insecurities with women.] If Austin finds out that Liz prefers Jeff over him…..YIKES, Liz will be out of the house next. Austin is such a girl!!

Misty Beethoven

I understand Liz getting annoyed with Austin’s hovering, but the girl has to remember she’s potentially messing up her sister’s game, in addition to her own. And Austin needs to calm the hell down or he’s going to spontaneously combust. I can honestly say there’s no one person I’m rooting for (not yet anyway), because they all seem pretty pedestrian. Kinda boring right now, so I hope something hits the fan soon!


I don’t think this cast is boring at all this has been way better then past couple of seasons. I also don’t have a favorite yet but not because theyre boring but they keep giving me reasons to dislike them. First I thought johnny was gonna be my fav till he started throwing botbs. Then Vanessa until she became in power and annoying. Thought Austin was great until he started becoming psycho about liz and wanting a showmance with Jackie.

Misty Beethoven

All good points, Tico – and yes, compared to last year’s cast, not boring. But it’s been very frat house/sorority girl BS, no real flame throwing. And I absolutely agree that when I start to like someone, then they do something ridiculous and annoy me. Oh well, we have weeks to go yet…


Austin Sucks … I realize Austin got mad because he saw her in snuggling Jeff, but it might not all be for the reasons you think. Austin, Shelli/Clay and Vanessa have hidden her from the rest of the house at the expense of their game. She is flirting with Jeff who will stop at nothing to stay in that house. He is going to try to get it out of her, and she has been told time and again to stay away from him. So what does she do? She hops into bed with him and starts flirting with him. Yes, Austin likes her, but even if we don’t like to watch it, he has not been inappropriate. We didn’t watch him in her bed all snuggled up to her, and playing with himself. That was Jeff!!!


Ha! I read the title and I thought Audrey was talking about herself. But she meant Clay. I guess either works.


Ha! Ha! Austin catches Jeff and Liz “in bed” together and now he’s pissed! Wonder how things are going to be between them now that Liz has strayed. Poor Austin, try has he might, Jeff still gets the girls. Not sure what the appeal is but Shelli even said she would shag Jeff when Audrey asked her who she would marry, shag, kill. Oh well if Austin’s lucky Jeff will get the boot, but it’s looking kinda iffy.


Austin really care for liz I think she should tell him she only like him as friends
cause seeing the person you like in the bed with someone else make you fill hurt
that’s my opinoion


Hahaha austin…pathetic

Pink Floyd the Barber

Vanessa states she is getting Jeff out of the house for all the people he’s been dishonest to. Based on that comment she should self-evict her own lying a$$, or is it possible she is blind to her own duplicity in the game.


I do not know what Austin will do when the twin enters the house. Which one will he protect? He is creeping me out. He might get mad if both twins hang out with James. I think Vanessa will fall for one of the twins. Please get those gross people out of the house. I think the twins might turn against Austin and Vanessa because they are so controlling and creepy.


If Austin and Vanessa keep controlling the twins, they will destroy Liz/Julia’s social game and the twins will never win this game if they align with Austin and Vanessa. Nobody will vote for them to win over Austin and Vanessa. The only way for the twins to win this game is against Vanessa and Austin.

Captain Crunch

Austin has issues, he’s controlling and acts like he owns liz and just like cowboy from last year he cant see that liz doesnt like him like that


Theses dudes are too funny Austin and Jeff were worried Liz would have start liking clay. Liz is the funniest, Vanessa ask her to choice she loves Austin personality but kiss Jeff Austin now play with even more emotion lol its like watching a soap


Now Austin gets mad at John because John gives Jeff his vote. Austin threatens to put John up as a pawn. Austin is such a bully. Can John vote for who he wants to vote for please? Austin and Vanessa get too much power trip this week. I do not know when and why they still think they are king and queen of the house.


if I was in that house I would be like Audrey im put you on the block
in this is not personal cause I think you a great person this is all about
game that’s it cause understand my prediction im in here to help you win the game or is
im going to fight to win for my family and me that’s what I think people should say in that house


Austin thinks Jackie is interested in him but he says “I don”t want to make Liz jealous” lmmfao. Dude is so insecure he needs to lie to himself n believe his own lies so he doesn’t go insane with being a jealous desperate butthurt rejected loser.


Watching AD right now and I kinda, sorta, almost want Jeff to stay just so it’ll aggravate the crap out of Austin. He’s so into the girls and not the game, wanting Liz over Jackie unless Liz is out then he’ll take Jackie cause he heard she’s into him. And telling Vanessa he wants to make Liz jealous by having Jackie around. What a half wit!!!


Lol. And the stalkermance of the season just keeps getting better.

Liz should have known that anyone with that many tattoos has issues… Just saying.


Simon n Dawg
Could Liz n Julia be split for voting?


Sorry … My Bad! … Long day at the beach in the sun.
What I meant to ask was …
If Liz n Julia could be split in the Polls
so we could vote on them individually?
BTW Great job this season as usual. Thx for doing this.


I have to say Austin is worst than Beast mode Cowboy with the women. at least Beastmode was funny after Amber left. Austin personality sucks and his diaries do to Beast mode was diaries was funny and he knew he ppl made fun of it and he was cool with it.

The Hammer

I don’t think anyone is worse than Beast Mode Cowboy in any way. That guy was the biggest tool I’ve ever seen. Tried to like him and cut him some slack cause he’s veteran but it was not possible to like him.


Would not be surprised if Austin finally goes after Liz personally once again and attacks her for talking with Jeff…

Every woman in the house should fear Austin as he reminds me of the Caleb type of personality from last BB season in which he sets his mind on one girl and no matter how the other feels he just keeps at it.


Liz needs to tell Austin in a suttle way that she cares for him as a friend and nothing else. She also could be afraid to say anything to him and ruin their alliance and hurt her game.

Eric CA

I have an odd question: Is Audrey a lesbian? Lots of transgenders transition and are gay (I went out with a Transman.) and other transition and are heterosexual. People talk about Austin being jealous… but Audrey is obsessed with Shelli and wants to get out Clay so she can have her all to herself. I also noticed she seems attracted to Vanessa… none of the men.


Similar to Caitlin formerly Bruce Jenner. She wants women as sex partners, but she always felt female in her gender identity.


Austin in the bathroom trying like all mighty heck to straighten his hair. NOT WORKING!!! Still looks just as frizzy!


I find it gross that Liz “cuddled” with Jeff. He is gross and annoying. I like Julia better.

Eric CA

I like Julia more also.


AD really good tonight! Jeff telling Austin “I think I’m gonna win”! In his own words, Dude, bro! You truly don’t know when to shut it do Ya!?!?!?!


Austin’s determined to make sure Jeff goes! Hanging in the bathroom with Becky talking about whether or not he should tell Jackie about Jeff saying she’s easy. Geez just go tell her already!!! Don’t listen to Becky. You know you wanna start sh!t!!!!


Austin has a bad case of savior complex. He feels the need to ‘rescue’ these women,which in turn,makes them grateful to him.

This whole ‘should I tell Jackie what Jeff said?’ is more to feed his ego and stick it to Jeff than it is about protecting Jackie’s reputation. At first I was neutral about Austin, now I’m starting to dislike him.

Audrey is CRAZY

Audrey is a horribly miserable person. HE bashes on everyone in the house and HE is always negative. Serious issues – should have never been let in the house.

Valentina Corleone

Yeah, I bet you’re one of those sweethearts who still calls Caitlyn Jenner “Bruce.” And if you have a problem with HER, don’t watch. I’m not a fan of hers, but base your criticism on her game play.


The pressure cooker is my all time favorite comp in the history of Big Brother and f*ck yes the best there has ever been!! I’m surprised and kinda sad try haven’t tried to bring it back in some way or form.