Izzy “You know that Cameron is not my guy. I am still just weighing everything.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Hisam
Nominees: Reilly & Cameron
POV Players: Reilly, Cameron, Hisam, America, Matt, Blue
POV Winner: Hisam
Veto Ceremony: veto was not used.

Lock your ranks in before midnight

6:45am Hisam sleeping (LOL how do you even get this turned around?)

8:38pm Kitchen – Izzy and Felicia
Izzy – the way they were talking I was like ya’ll just have no idea what to do, you know?! So with Reilly being out and potentially really truly being the brains. I ain’t worried. Look I think Jag is smart but I don’t think he knows what to do here. Felicia – I don’t think so either. Izzy – so to me it is not threatening, you know?! Felicia – yeah. And his conflict is between his heart and his head because he knows its a mistake to evict Cameron. He knows its a mistake to evict Cameron but he can’t say her name. She’s our bestie so they’re conflicting. I believe at the end of the day they’re going evict Cameron. Izzy – you mean they’re going to vote to evict Reilly? Felicia – yeah vote to evict Reilly because its the only move they have to have any change in the house for at least a few more weeks or else they will be come a huge target but its going to kill em on the inside. Izzy – good! Not good but I mean like .. you know?! Felicia – yeah. Izzy – because if it doesn’t that is scarier. Felicia – and then we have to make this plan work with Hisam. I think he is relaxing and after we do this vote he will be fine. Izzy – no, I agree. Felicia – now that will be the REAL blindside! Izzy – I know! I know! Don’t I want to be the one to do it Miss Felicia! Felicia – I wouldn’t even mind being the veto person.. or the HoH to be able to say since I have to remove.. Izzy – and also we have great leverage with him and he is comfortable even if Hisam gets picked .. we can be like you know you shouldn’t win this veto. We got you, the plan is working. And maybe he will throw it. Felicia – right. Izzy – he can’t win four comps in a row.. he can’t win 3 vetos in a row. This early, he can’t. Felicia – we can’t let him. I think almost everyone is afraid to win HOH. Izzy – yeah but I am not. Felicia – this is going to get interesting..

10am The house guests are waking up and making breakfast.

10:10am Bedroom – Felicia and Reilly.
Reilly – I think we should be okay if everyone pulls through. I am stressed. I keep hoping and praying. Felicia – and even .. I keep telling these guys without a shadow of a doubt I think they’re going to have a battle back. No matter what just don’t look at this as final. Everything is possible. Reilly – alright, I love you. Felicia – you too.

HOH room Cory and Jared.
Jared – he is going to feel slighted especially by me and you. Them they’re good. Me and you he is going to feel slighted no matter how we explain it. It is going to seem much worse because we told him that we were going that way. Cory – We talked about this downstairs. I think this is our explanation, f**king Reilly was saying Izzy’s name. And that is the f**king fact of it right?! I think they’re down to work with the Jag’s, the Blue’s… they’re f**king down. Reilly was just never going to be a part of it. We’re still down to f**king move forward. Jared – you got to remember that Jag is very intelligent, Jag was under the impression that we were voting with her. And after we did him wrong we come back and explain to him that we was never going to vote with you anyway. I just don’t think that is going to go over well. It wouldn’t work with me. Cory – we are not going to win him over and make him our f**king final 3. Its just about giving him something to think about so that if he wins HOH… Jared and Cory are a possibility moving forward. What about Hisam, Izzy, Red, Bowie? Like we want to protect Izzy all we can. But if we give him .. alright if Jared or Cory win HOH at least they’re not targeting me. That is all we f**King need to do. Because right now you’re saying you’re gunning for Jag right after Hisam. Jared – 100%!

Storage room – Izzy and Blue.
Izzy – Like I appreciate all the effort she has put in and I really tried. You know and I believe in .. and you know that Cameron is not my guy. I am still just weighing everything. Blue – week 1 was rough. Week 2 was rough. I 100% know where ya’ll are coming from. We all had apart in it. Everything I said to you I will still keep true to my word. Izzy – same. Blue – even if the house flips, I am still keeping my vote for for Reilly. I don’t think my vote it going to.. Izzy – and if I am getting sniffs of that and my vote is not for Reilly it is just to protect my game. Blue – I get that. And I want you to play your game.

11:04pm Comic Bedroom – Jared, Cirie and America
America – so everything is the same? Because I have them pulling me aside and telling me.. Jared and Cirie – yes. Cirie – they’re trying to get us in a room together. I am trying to avoid that at all cost. I told them I haven’t talked to you. And we keep it that way because I don’t want to put you in a situation or me. Because if they get us together they’re going to say America is voting to save Reilly now what is the problem? America – yeah. I’ve been clear that is not the issue. Jared – they’re delusional. They are real life delusional. Ya’ll are buggin’!! America – I talked to Blue yesterday and she said that she is voting for Reilly no matter what. And I was like dude we can’t do that.. its going to paint a target on our backs. Cirie – Hisam has already said if it is 3 – 9 .. then the 3 people are the targets. Jared – they’re not thinking. America – its this blind loyalty to something. Jared – it just don’t make sense. And when sh*t hit the fan she is going to save Matt before Blue and before Jag. Jag kept pissing me off .. he kept telling me what we need to do. REILLY needs to do it. Stop telling me what we need to do. We can’t change peoples minds. Cirie – we can’t keep forcing it. America – I don’t understand why they don’t see it. Izzy joins them. Izzy – Can I get something off my chest… I was talking to Hisam in the bathroom and he was saying next week when he is down here and when we win HOH … he will be down in the scary bedroom or scramble bedroom.. meaning that none of us are going to win HOH (that he wouldn’t be taking someone’s bed in the comic bedroom because no one in the comic bedroom will win HOH) .. to my f**King face!! I f**king hate it! Then he was like but it will be good because I’ll be in a bedroom with Jag and Blue and that will be good. And I’m like f**king D**K! Then he was like we should really come up with a name for our Duo… and I am like what f**king DUO!?

12pm Big Brother blocks the feeds.
1:20pm The feeds switch to the kitten cams for the live eviction tonight.

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That first picture,it looks like the bed is trying to evict him


I am sure people will be asking why he sleeps like this

Bill Hader smells like cheese

I really think Cameron is the biggest blindspot in what Cirie tried to do the last couple days.
He isn’t a good player, but he isn’t passive. And he is going to reapproach Handful and compare notes. And he’s armed with the ammo “Cirie told Red you were going to nominate Red/Bowie and BD Hisam”
And he knows what Cirie has been saying to him all week


The way Cirie and Izzy went about everything was very messy and land them in a big mess if certain people compare notes and come to some realizations

Bill Hader smells like cheese

I hope Matt & Blue have very long games. I’ve been riding for Blue since the jump, and I’m absolutely heartbroken for Matt that the two people that actually take the time with him are gonna be out back to back- and the fact that Cirie & Izzy are gonna do him so dirty with this blindside

Team Taylor

Cameron is clearly the bigger threat in terms of competitions. He’s too close to winning most of them.

Sending Reilly out the door is going to be the biggest mistake most of the HGs make this season.

At the end of the day, it’s better to keep the devil you know than the devil you don’t know. Not many people understand that phrase apparently.

un autre nom

Reilly’s ONLY real shot MAY have been to get someone to announce to the house in front of Hisam that EVERYONE was coming for him.
Hear me out:
Everyone is scared of angering Hisam. IF it’s out there?
The other stumbling blocks:
what’s she going to do in 4 weeks if we keep her?
Jared wants the benefits of middle without having to play. he’s on my nerves, folks.

I don’t give a crap if Reilly stays.


will we get to see an HoH winner tonight on the episode?