Cirie “Cory should have kept his mouth shut and kept that card to himself.” Izzy “He’s a weasel child.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Reilly
Nominees: Corey, Felicia, Kirsten, Jared
POV Players: Cirie is host, Reilly, Bowie, Kirsten, Felicia, Hisam
POV Winner: Hisam
Veto Ceremony: Veto wasn’t used
Havenots: Luke, Jared, Corey, Hisam,

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The situation Veto won’t be used.
The handful = Reilly, Cameron, Jag, Blue, Matt
Family Style = Reilly, Cameron, Jag, Blue, Matt, Corey, Jared
The Bye Bye Bitches = Felicia, Cirie, Izzy, Mecole, Bowie (Red+Jared+Hisam)
The Brown sugar babes = Jared, Felicia, Cirie, meme

7:20pm Exercise Room – Meme, Izzy and Hisam.
MeMe – No matter what I am never putting you guys in danger. That’s my point blank. I would much rather put people that are on “my side” as a select few ..way over you guys. Big Brother switches the feeds away and then back. Meme – Paranoia, I’ve seen way too many people cry over the last few days over stress and stuff. I really will try and stick it out with you guys for as long .. everything I’ve ever said, I’ve meant. And I am not even trying to fake.. there is no way in hell that I would put you two in danger. I just wanted to say that before things get crazy. People start doubting, people start talking. I really did mean everything I said to you two. Hisam – we feel the same. Izzy – Absolutely. Meme – its going to be a wild ride. Hisam – Maybe that’s my naiveté but I haven’t seen some of that. Meme – no matter what I am going to play my own individual game. I am going to play the game how I want to and the way I want to. Its always based on my values, my morals, and what I want to represent. And ya’ll are what I represent. And it would be really nice to see all of us or at least one of us make it really far.

Comic Bedroom – Felicia and Cirie.
Izzy joins them. Izzy tells them that she was biking and Blue joined. Izzy – I love Hisam but he is extra! Like my strategy is .. I just don’t say anything. Blue comes in and says I want you to know that you two are my people and I am protecting my people because I care about this cause. You know like the queer thing or whatever. Felicia bursts out laughing. Izzy – she said no matter what happens with people on my side.. YOUR SIDE?! And Hisam asked who’s on your side? And she said ok cut the sh*t. She was like we don’t got to do that but ultimately I got you. She was like things are going to get crazy. And I was like oh I’m so out of the loop. I don’t believe it for our protection .. she is doing it because they’re imploding. Cirie – we need to make them feel secure here.. Jared, Cory, Luke. They start chanting Jared, Cory, Luke. Jared, Cory, Luke. We need to let them know that they’re secure here. Felicia – I talked to Luke this morning. He is all in on our side. Felicia leaves. Cirie – we need to constantly check in with Cory and Luke. Have you had another conversation with Luke. Izzy – no I just saw him. He’s been like running around. Cirie – you’re supposed to talk with Jared and Luke.. Make sure it happens tonight. Don’t go to bed tonight with out doing that. Izzy – I will .. b***h I promise. Cirie – I am so glad that Blue is showing her true colours to Hisam. Izzy – I basically just left again in the middle of that conversation. Cirie – yeah but he is done with her after she told him who her 1 and 2 was .. he didn’t want to be her 3. Cory should have kept his mouth shut and kept that card to himself. He didn’t use his card. He gave up all his cookies and now he don’t got nothing to leverage with. So they can be like bye Cory. But if he was smart he would have had two fold .. something to bargain with them and something to hold over my head. But no he didn’t do it.. he told them everything. And now they can be like .. now we’ve got everything we need from you ..they can kick him out. Izzy – he’s a weasel child. Cirie – what about Matt? Izzy – Jared was like bla bla bla.. And I was like you got to slow the f**k down. He said that Reilly and Matt are trying to be a thing. Like (kiss, kiss, kiss). Cirie – and he told Hisam definitively.. Izzy – no. And today they were all chummy, chummy at the pool with their abs out.

7:55pm Hammock – Reilly and Cameron.
Reilly – basically Izzy and Hisam are recruiting or trying to recruit… or planning on recruiting Red, Bowie and Luke. I am pretty sure they have Luke. I am not so sure about the other ones. Cameron – did you talk to Blue today about what she and I talked about last night? I’ll keep catching her up .. you just have to talk to her. Reilly – Basically I was talking to Jag about how the best thing for us is getting one of those two out next week. I know its a big move. But like you let people stay in the house like that.. Cameron – I agree. We just got to relax and settle in. Reilly – Blue said I am not going to throw the comp but I can’t put them up. And I was like what is everyone going to throw the comp because they don’t want to make a big move? Like that is what I am worried about now .. are people going to try and throw it because they don’t want to get blood on their hands? Blue said that she is not going to throw the HOH but if she wins she is not going to send either of them home because she doesn’t want blood. Cameron – sending who home? Reilly – Izzy or Hisam. Cameron – that’s not the greatest call right now from my point of view and we can talk about that later. Reilly – I think that she is uncomfortable with me. Cameron – this entire week is nothing more than a kick off. The game starts on Thursday.

8:25pm Exercise Room – America & Hisam.
America – I’ve had talks with Cirie and Felicia and I told them that I feel good with you. I got you guys. With them and Meme, I feel like I am definitely the closest to the people I’ve talked to most directly. I feel like I am in a good space with them. Its hard to not feel alone. Hisam – do you feel alone? America – I did yesterday. Just everything was overwhelming. Trying to supress the paranoia. Hisam – In the beginning we were all gravitating to people that are like us. I have not had that many game related conversations that were meaningful and we’re moving towards working together.

8:36pm – 9:10pm Comic Bedroom – Izzy and Cameron.
Izzy – so you were talking to Reilly and you both started crying. Cameron – I finally revealed to her why I am up there like I am up there. Izzy – okay and what did you say? Cameron – I said what I told you. I said I don’t view you that way. She said a lot of people think that I am going for Matt or Jag and even you. I was like whoa, whoa. I said listen, this is going to sound weird but I don’t view you that way. Viewing you like a sister is not how I view you. I said you remind me of Stevie. You’re like me, I like looking out for you. You’re goofy. You dance like an idiot. You remind me so much of Stevie.. I was drawn to be your friend. She is so scared. She doesn’t want to be view the way that I pretty much think she is being viewed. Izzy – how do you think she is being viewed? Cameron – showmance stuff. Izzy – really? Cameron – which could not be further from the truth.. of course she is competitive, of course she is athletic, but that doesn’t mean that you’re going to be gods gift to Big Brother. She thinks she is being viewed as a ring leader for the entire half side of the house. I said you had the worst week in this house. And now you’re viewed as some sort of a dragon because you’re on the cool kids side and you’re basically starting a showmance now and you’re an unbeatable competitor. I said damn that is a hard way to look at somebody. I will tell you right now there are a lot more people in this house that I am more nervous about than her. Its not as if there is a mean side and and bad side.. but its very f**king clear there are two sides. Its not like she is the ring leader. Izzy – who is the ring leader? Cameron – There isn’t one.. theres a bunch of kids that got together because they think that numbers win everything. Izzy – I couldn’t agree with you more but they don’t have the numbers do they? Cameron – that’s what I am telling you. Izzy – where are you going to vote? Are you going to vote with the cool kids or not? Cameron – well there is only one vote this week. Izzy – not this week. I hear you and I am so open to this. I hear you and I want to keep checking in. I want to talk to you and Cirie with you. Would you like to have a conversation with me and Cirie. You telling me that you talked to Reilly and then came to me about it. I appreciate it. Cameron – I am going to straight out ask you what do you … its clear that there is Reilly, Matt, Jag, Blue, me… Jared, Cory, America. That’s eight. On Thursday there will be 16, that’s half the house and that’s what they’re banking on.. but don’t bank on me. America is not a threat. BB switches the feeds away and back. America is not a threat .. and she is incredibly close to Blue and I like Blue. I don’t know what your relationship is with Cory and I don’t know if he is bothersome of him. I feel like Hisam might be leery of him. Cory does not have a concrete position.. I think he is a smart guy and he does know the game. He and I have an amazing relationship. He is a solid dude. Izzy – what do you think he wants? Cameron – he doesn’t know. He wants to start talking game. The others over there aren’t game talkers. That is why he comes to me. I love that kid. I think he would be an extreme asset to any team. Cameron counts out the people they would have – 1, 2, 3, 4, Mama F, MeMe, points to himself (7), Cory, Jared. Izzy – that’s nine. Cameron – am I stepping in the correct bullsh*t? Izzy – you might be close. Cameron – what I am getting at .. if you think that the power lies with those 8 including me.. if you count me in the eight, it doesn’t. We just turned the entire house on its head. Cameron – is there a legit plan for who is on top of the hit list? Izzy – I am not ready to say that. Cameron – I know and I don’t blame you. I would never ask intrusive things. Izzy – I am not no leader of anything.. we are all going to talk about it. Lets keep chatting and moving forward like this is a thing. The shake hands and Cameron leaves.

9:15pm Comic Bedroom – Izzy, Cirie and Jared.
Jared to Cirie – Cameron and Izzy were having a conversation about everything and Cameron had no choice to tell her everything that he told me. Cirie – like what? Jared – if we got to jump ship, we gotta jump ship. I am willing to work with the other side… But I know he was fishing at the end when he asked so who is at the top of the hit list? But she (Izzy) didn’t answer. Izzy – I don’t trust him. I hate him. The thing is I want him to do this so .. I can backdoor the f**k out of him. He is my target.

9:30pm – 9:55pm Havenot Room – Cameron has the exact same conversation / story with Hisam / Red that he just had with Izzy. Hisam – that is really noble and I can appreciate that. Cameron – I am not going to cry. Hisam – I have always seem myself as a protector and I can see you doing something similar. If you are saying its a numbers game and we get to 10.. and the only thing that would have to happen is they would have to win HOH. So the only people that can’t win HOH are Blue, America, Reilly, Matt and Jag. Cameron – exactly right. And one of them ain’t playing next week. Hisam – so its only 4. It would be really nice to stabilize out. Cameron – I think that it would sooth the entire house .. Hisam – when you become HOH, do you have an idea who you would nominate? Cameron – I don’t know right now. When we figure out who is HOH .. the damn line will be drawn. You’re either on this or you’re wrong. And the only reason why I can’t answer is because I am struggling with the fact that people are going to hurt. But I am going to have to get over it in this game. Hisam – I appreciate you talking to me. Cameron – I appreciate you talking to me because I assumed perception might have been too far gone. BB switches the feeds.

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jody is back

so they are going to run around in circles until Thursday when the new HOH will be crowned. Family Style should be going to war now and try to vote out Felicia, that way the lines will be clear and nobody will be able to save face.


i’d love felicia to go. already her entire game seems to be just a number/shield for cirie to let cirie win. i hate players like that.


Let’s hope. If Cirie and her son don’t get broke up soon Season will be ruined.


I’m honestly shocked that Cameron folded so easily..

I guess he is over being in wars and just wants to chill til he is inevitably Juror # 1, # 2, or # 3?

I guess that is a very safe route to go but if I’m on Team Cirie I don’t respect that and I don’t trust it much either. So he could also be gone pre-jury depending on how things fall.


I could be on an island but his chat with Reilly last night creeped me out – it was like he was luring her into his cult (YUCK).

He essentially told her she has to turn on Jag, America, Matt & Blue but he thinks he can help her be the safest of that group.

It wasn’t surprising to me he jumped ship bc the original plan of his (& Red) was to ride the middle & take over after jury (reading between the lines of their words early in the game). Now whether he’s really just being protective of Reilly bc she reminds him of his daughter or he’s actually into her what I do believe is he wants to ALWAYS be in control.

Much like Izzy he is protective of his people in a way where no one else can be closer to the people he likes or is aligned with. That means Jag & Matt have to go asap while Blue/America will be secondary casualties to ensure Reilly is tied to him. Like I said (CREEPY).

So this move isn’t that surprising bc he knows Cirie has more numbers, he no longer needs the protection of the group upstairs & I call BS on his “closeness” to Blue, America & Jag anyway. Every chat I’ve watched him in with The Handful or Family Style allies his ego shines through. Bc Blue/Jag don’t let him dictate or feel like he’s their savior (like Cory & to an extent Jared has done playing to his ego – – read: smarter overall social players) he’s done with them.

Another BB Fan

Hello! First off, thanks for all you do on this page. I wanted to ask if you plan to add Cirie to the ranking grid eventually. Thanks again and may we ever be spoiled!


Thanks! I’ll add her in when someone leaves on Thursday.


If Hisam doesn’t go and stay gone after 25 seasons this will be my last