Sarah “I just don’t like it when you get grumpy with me” Britt “No you get really snappy!”

POV Holder: ? Next POV May 22nd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner Sarah Next HOH 3 part finale is next
Nominations: Ashleigh & Godfrey

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-22 05-39-06-128

8:25am – 9am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Sarah gets up and goes to get the new batteries. When she comes back – Britt asks Sarah if she’s alright? Sarah says sorry I just don’t like it when you get grumpy with me for no reason. Brittnee says no you get really snappy with me. I just said we have to get up. Sarah says you said “you” have to get up. Brittnee says I said we. Sarah says you said you! Brittnee says maybe I meant to say “we” so I apologize. But you don’t have to get snappy with me! Sarah says I am sorry but I just feel like I was matching your tone. So I am sorry of you think I am being snappy. Brittnee asks were you laying down with your eyes open? Sarah says yeah exactly because you said you have to get up! Because I know you don’t like the rooster. And you were like if we get the rooster I am going to be pissed off! I was lying there with my eyes open. Brittnee says its just a f**king rooster man. Sarah says okay I am sorry for being snappy, I won’t say anything. Brittnee says I am sorry for saying you instead of we. Sarah says she was just trying to match her tone. Brittnee says I just need to feel like a human being. I do feel like a human, I am just so tired. I’m just exhausted! That was a really big day yesterday.. but I feel like I got hit by a bus. Sarah says I am really tired too so I am sorry if that is why..
bbcan3 sarah and brittnee

9:15am – 10:10am In the kitchen – Brittnee and Sarah head down stairs and start cleaning the kitchen. The living room tv shows the Power Of Veto competition is Today! Brittnee says did you hear that .. it sounds like a train. She says she heard “Whoooo Whoooo” Sarah says piece it together build a train? Brittnee makes breakfast burritos for everyone. Godfrey tells Sarah and Brittnee that Ash made another pitch to me last night. Keep me and make 20 grand. Britt says she thinks you can’t win the 100K. Ash comes back from the diary room. She asks why is there a choo choo train in our backyard? Do we get to ride it? Sarah says whoever gets hit the most by it and can still get up wins.

10:30am The final 4 are laying around the living room chatting about random things. Brittnee says so JP has been there for a month. Sindy has been there for about a month. Ash says yup! Brittnee says crazy!
Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-22 07-59-11-727
11am – 11:45am UP in the HOH room – Brittnee asks Godfrey honest with me, who do you want to go to the final 2 with? Godfrey says honestly, I would want to go with you. Godfrey says I don’t have a good argument against Sarah, or you for that matter. Brittnee says maybe I would have a good argument against you or maybe I wouldn’t. Don’t sell yourself short. Brittnee says I am not even thinking about going to the end with Ash. Thinking back now I don’t think I talked enough game with people. Even thinking about going with Sarah ..thinking back now she did most of the talking. Godfrey says if you go to then end I think you would lose. She was seen as the brains. Godfrey says what Ash is telling me is scaring me about taking Sarah. Godfrey tells Brittnee that Sarah is telling me the same things. Britt asks like what? Godfrey says like all the same things you’re saying. I don’t know if I can go with Britt. Maybe she really is scared to take you or maybe she knows .. its a tough one. You think she knows she can beat you? Britt says I think so. Godfrey says they (jury) think she (Sarah) is a genius. And perception is reality. Sarah joins them and Brittnee leaves. Sarah talks to God about Ash being the target and how she can’t win the veto. Sarah says she (Ash) has 5 votes for sure.

12:10pm – 1:10pm Sarah, Brittnee and Godfrey are up in the HOH room talking about random things. They’re now silent and trying to nap.

1:30pm Big Brother blocks the feeds.

2:40pm Still blocked .. the veto competition is likely happening now ..

4:25pm Still blocked..

5pm Still no feeds…

5:30pm Not back yet..

5:50pm Nothing …

6:25pm Still nothing..

7pm Still blocked

8:57pm Feeds still down

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Oh, oh, Sarah’s bitchy side is starting to be aimed at Brittney. I hope Ashley wins the Veto and ejects Brittney so she can join her crush Zack. ;p


Your name is disgusting. Hope they will block you.


You almost took all the words out of my mouth. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Ash and win the veto evict britt and go the finals with god. Leave bitchy Sarah right out the door and into jury were she can sit right beside willow. hehehehehehehehehehe God! I would pay a buck to see all this happen.


Yikes. Britt is still extra bitchy eh. Whats up with that


maybe people notice it more with fewer people but this is exactly how britt has always been thru the game she pouts sulks mopes around and rarely tried to connect with more hgs. i guess even she realizes what she hs done. note that sarah mentions her being grumpy like it is a common thingi

god and asy are doing agood job of pointijg it out to good for them.

maybe britt should rmember te reason they are both there is because sarah won key comps just like britt did when it mattered…
i keep remindng myself sarah is safe this is the best hoh to have won


Wonder if Brittney will still be doing her ‘Queen B’ / ‘I am a god’ shtick in the diary room this week. Or is that only for weeks you get powers handed to you or non-physical comps at just the right time?


I think anyone would be bitchy if they had to put up with Sarah’s crying and self entitlement. Plus, she probably is pms’ing.


EXCUSE ME!? Your attitude towards women is just demeaning. I BET you have such a small penis you need a magnifying glass and a pair of tweezers to find it.


Lol, dont get your granny panties in a bind. Brittney will be fine in jury witj Zack. ;p


You’re as annoying as Sarah.


They must be trolls.

Child please!

Lol. Brit is just super stressed out. She knows no one wants to take her to the finals.
She is very aware of the fast that Ash or Godf winning POV spells her demise.

Jesus & Nem

No doubt. The award ceremony has left her ego a little screwed & chopped right about now. The funny thing is, it appears that Godfrey has peeped this and is throwing as much salt in her wounds as possible “They think Sarah was the brains”.. LMAO God is brain pimpin.. and it seems like it’s working.


This is under the assumption that Godfrey can win a comp. He would still manage to lose even if he was the only one in the house. The big brother poltergeist would beat him for HOH.

Hopefully Ashleigh wins Veto again and yes, Brittnee can finally be with her one true love Zach.


So is this the part where whoever wins the POV gets to evict?


I am starting to think that Godfrey is gonna throw this last PoV. lol! Better chance for Britt/Sarah to win it and send Ash PACKING!!!


He knows Sarah/Britt will evict Ash and he knows Ash will evict Britt. He will seriously throwing it


If anyone is going to throw this veto competition, it will be Sarah. I think that is what worries Brittnee. Sarah really doesn’t have to win this veto comp. She is already in the final 3, why should she get more blood on her hands? If Brittnee wins the veto, she will have to evict either Godfrey or Sarah. Which means, that is another vote she won’t get if she makes it to the final 2. Sarah is always keeping track of the jury votes.


wait, the jury won’t receive the letter that willow wrote right? bcs they’ll sent it if willow made it to the final 3 and she’s not. i forgot the details of her prize from the tarot event


I am rapidly losing respect for Britt right now. She needs to chill out. I am not sure if her attitude towards Sarah is because she is having a tantrum that Sarah was mentioned more than her at the awards last night, or if this is her way of emotionally walling up so that she can justify betraying Sarah when it came down to it, or if it is because Sarah is safe this eviction and she is going to have to rely on winning the veto herself or on someone else not to evict her. It is probably all three.

Now, I realize that she has kicked some ass in that house and won some important HOHs and that super power…but (for the most part) aside from that combined total of 30 minutes of decision-making and power-wielding…she has not exactly been the center of entertainment, game-talking, wheeling and dealing, persuading, pitching, or manipulating. That has been all Sarah. And although, Britt has made huge moves in the game…Sarah has been working her ass off behind the scenes. They have BOTH contributed to this alliance in different ways…and both were entertaining to watch…but production obviously had an idea of how they wanted the awards to go and she should STOP taking it personally. If she is going to let a stupid awards ceremony turn her into a whiny, jealous…um… and make her crack right at the final stretch, then that is just sad really. Canada voted for both of them to have that power. She should just stop worrying about how she is being portrayed and pull the stick out of her ass.

As far as her being pissed that Sarah is safe this week and she isn’t, that isn’t Sarah’s fault either. It is just how the the timing went. She is lucky Sarah won it last week and she was safe. Sarah was lucky Britt won it for the double because Sarah couldn’t play. Now Brit is pissed because Sarah had the opportunity to win HOH and ensure her safety? It isn’t like Britt was able to even compete. And Sarah wasn’t able to compete in the double, so Britt HAD to win it. They have both kicked ass and won these past few comps and saved each other and themselves. If Sarah had any power to save her this eviction, she would. It comes down to Veto, and if Britt doesn’t win it…then it is her own fault. I understand that she is stressed and frustrated, but being nasty to Sarah and taking it out on her…when they should be celebrating that they have gotten this far is disappointing.

Finally, if she is doing this to cause a fight between her and Sarah…so that it is easier for her to betray Sarah when the time comes is also disappointing. If she has to make that game move, then more power to her. Sarah would understand that. But she doesn’t have to suddenly turn on Sarah and be an absolute @#$! to her in these final days…after they have been through and achieved so much together.

For someone who is so worried about how much Canada likes her, she should maybe stop and think about how it is going to be perceived when she is being nasty to the other person Canada voted for to be in that have not room with her. They know they were the underdogs and that’s why people were rooting for them. If she turns on Sarah now, it is only going to make her look bad and Sarah more of an underdog…when her own alliance is now against her. I am sure she will find a way to blame Sarah for that as well.

I honestly would find it hilarious if either Ash or Godfrey goes next (hopefully Ash) and Sarah wins the final HOH…then takes whoever is left instead of Britt and does it because of how Britt is acting. “Well Britt, you were my ride or die and I would have taken you with me to final two…but you have been such a @#$! to me these past few days that it was obvious you weren’t taking me anymore, so…” Even if Sarah wasn’t actually going to take Britt, she is giving her the excuse she would have needed not to. Then it would be Sarah and, hopefully, Godfrey in the final two…which I would happy with.


In my opinion … Brits jealousy has negatively effected her decision making in the game.
e.g. getting rid of Willow (50/50) in the triple instead of Ash (100%) against her
….. getting rid of Bruno first instead of Zack (her delusional crush).
Bruno would of helped Brits game with his … Sarah is poison broken record …
on the other hand Zack has thrown Brit under the bus as expected
Brit has been making emotional decisions instead of logical decisions
She said it in the DR herself … she was jealous of Willow
I wish Sarah was playing with Willow instead of Brit … It is what it is now
Brit seems very scorned after yesterday …(still on the Willow/Sarah rampage … baffling?)
Sarah better watch her back … As I’ve always said … I don’t trust Brit at all
Sarah realizes this and has been walking on egg shells with Brit since the triple


She is stressed, obviously she doesnt deal with stress well. We ALL have seen how Sarah deals with stress ie. bitching, moaning, crying her eyes out. If the situation was reversed how do you think Sarah would take it? These two girls, love em or hate em, are the most emotional players (besides willow).


Sarah would be working Ash and God hard…and visualizing herself with the veto…with some negativity thrown in there somewhere.


Yes they both get emotional.
And yes, Everyone left in the house is stressed out/worried right now as expected
It just seems to me that Brit basses her decisions on emotion and not so much logic
As Brit has said herself in DR and by her actions
Sarah on the other hand seems to base her decisions more on logic and strategy.
That to me is the difference in their approach to the game,
plus Sarah’s social game seems to me to be abit better than Brits


It seems they saw more footage than what was in the awards ceremony as comments have been made about how many conversations Sarah was in with other HGs and Britt not.
I think Britt is reconsidering her ride or die.


This goes all the way back to the make out night in the hot tub when Britt got pissed Zach stopped flirting with her (coinciding with his first kiss with Ash & the real start of their showmance). Britt wasn’t happy Ash swooped in and evidently said some very evil things about Ash which carried over even into the next day.

Sarah had to do some cover for Britt way back then & told the guys things like she gets emotional but don’t worry she’ll do the right thing. It’s also why Bruno liked Britt b/c he could manipulate her.

It’s ALSO why Sarah was happy to have Willow to work with since Britt was NOT a strategist. It was & ALWAYS has been Sarah who did the strategizing, saw the game clearly (ahead of moves) & made the appropriate moves to build relationships with people.

As much as I like Britt, I’ve kind of always secretly hoped Sarah would win the Final HOH and turn to her & say, you took out Willow b/c you didn’t want me to take her to the end or work with anyone, but you. The problem with that move is you tied my hands and made this game more difficult for us both. So, now I’m going to return the favor and take someone else with me to the end. Godfrey (or Ash) take a seat. LOL.

Btw, remember my post on the 10 person jury and how I thought either the F3 vote to eliminate a jurors vote or there would be a competition to determine the 7 voters. HA … looks like I was right as per the pic above. Hope it’s not some male dominant comp though b/c then if God is in the final those boys might shaft Sarah or Britt just to spite them.

I’ve been reflecting on Bruno’s decision to taint the jury against Sarah and find it interesting since he said she played a similar game to him (plus she wasn’t malleable and was too intelligent, hence him targeting her like he did Naeha). so it will be interesting if he doesn’t vote for her.

Based on both Zach/Bruno’s exits they each said Sarah deserved the win, but their ego’s might make them vote differently. Imagine how pissed Zach would be if God/Ash/Pils had beat him or if Bruno had lost to Pils/God we wouldn’t hear the end of it.

I personally wish the super fans would play like it all the way to the end. I wasn’t necessarily a big Gillian fan in her season but I was happy the vote got mucked up for her to win b/c she definitely deserved it over Gary.


I’m going to think of the Final Two scenarios. I can’t see God winning in any scenario unless he does some Jedi-mind trick speech like, “You think it was an accident I got here?” and more stuff like that. So here are my observations.

1. Sarah/B = Sarah wins by about a 6-4 vote simply due to the fact of the Jury’s perception of the relationship.
2. Sarah/God = Sarah wins by 8-2 without God speech. Tie if God’s speech is good enough.
3. Sarah/Ash = Toss-up
4. B/God = B wins by about a 6-4 without God speech. God wins by 6-4 if speech is good enough.
5. B/Ash = B wins by 6-4
6. Ash/God = Toss-up without speech. God wins by 7-3 with vote.

Just my theories based on the current mindsets in the house. Anyone else care to add?


Throughout the season I understand that God’s game to fly under the radar is a valid strategy but I wasn’t at all impressed by it. Then it got me thinking that as viewers (maybe not at all) we often look up and praise players who make moves, take risks and create blindsides because they’re entertaining. Take any sports games for example: a team or a player who scores the most rightfully so wins but fans give attention and talk mostly about the ones who attempted and successfully score a goal from across the field/a crazy slam a** dunk/a hole in one/etc cuz they’re exciting. Thus, I realize that God’s strategy is actually very difficult to execute but you’re right, his speech to justify his gameplay may win the votes. He is no doubt likeable so there’s that.

Ash in F2 – She’ll get there by winning the remaining comps or taken by God. I don’t think it’s even a toss up w/wo speech. Ash will lose. She has been perceived as Zac’s GF and Pill’s BFF.

B vs God – This is an interesting combination for me personally. Based on the points I mentioned above, would you reward comp wins or not winning anything at all (although for this to happen it has to be S/B/God in F3 and God wins final HOH and takes B…or B pulling a Jon on Sarah…) Based on likeability I’ll give a slight advantage to God…surprisingly.

B/God/Ash all realize that they can’t win against Sarah. i don’t think this differ much from the jury. Zach acknowledges it, Kevin’s fascinated by it and Sindy’s going to champion it.

Somebody here mentioned that B’s game is underrated. I’m a bit on the fence, Sarah had no idea that B wanted to backdoor Graig, she couldn’t persuade B not to put Willow on the block and she didn’t know what B could do with the super power. It was all B. So B believes that she does play her own game but how the jury perceive it…


Godfrey isn’t going to throw the veto, he wants to take Ash not B or Sarah…he will actually be trying…he just as to keep telling B and Sarah it’s all good, final three in case he or Ash don’t win it.


Now I’m sure a lot of people are going to disagree with me on this, but I think people are underestimating Godfrey’s game. In fact, I am going to be so bold as to say: I think Godfrey’s game is the closest to Dr. Will’s than anyone else’s I have seen. He is smart and has a good read on the house. He continues to throw comps to give the impression that he isn’t a threat. He isn’t afraid to call people out and say he is coming after them. Plays all sides and tells them what they want to hear…then runs and spills those beans, yo…just to stir them up. And is kept in the house time and time again, even though he has been a target from the start.

Because he hasn’t made any blatant moves in the house…doesn’t mean he hasn’t made moves. He had a strategy and followed through with it. I can see him maybe winning this final veto and HOH…just to ensure he is taken to the final two. But to win, it will come down to the speech. And if there is anyone that can pull off a win like Dr. Will…doing it on just on their speech alone…it will be Godfrey.


Godf has played well, but he has in no way effected who he went to the final with…the fact that the jury may be bitter and most of the jury are guys will help him, so he has a chance…entertaining but not the best game..everyone in the house knows that he just repeats what they said to the other side, and visa versa, and he tells them what they want to hear….he may win tho, if he makes it to final 2 as with Bruno in the house screaming about those wretched poisonous women…he may have a shot at winning.


I completly agree. Godfrey, in no way, has made any decisions to affect the outcome of the game. I do think he picked the Sarah & B gravy train, but still kept his options open if they failed. I would compare his game to spencer, yuck! Thats how much respect I have for the guys game. They both had very promising games, but ultimatly there is no fight in either of them.

“I want blood on these hands!!!” Pffft what a joke!


Godfrey is no Dr. Will. Will had very strong relationships. The houseguests either loved him or hated and feared him. The ones who hated him jumped at the first chance to be his friend (Nicole, kent, bunky there are probably more I forget). Regardless of how they felt about Dr. Will they respected him. Godfrey is just that guy who’s still left in the house. Wills speech was good but the jury wasn’t sequestered they got to watch the entire season, they got to see Wills DRs. If the jury could see this season in its entirety I am sure Godfrey could garner more votes. I can’t see Godfrey winning; I do like him, but he’s no Dr. Will.


Here’s why I’ll agree (partially) regarding Godfrey.

1) He always wanted the big targets out once jury started, b/c he knew he could never beat them, but he made sure to stay tight with them

2) He accurately saw how smart Sarah was early and one could argue she is & has been his closest ally throughout the game. They both love to talk strategy and life and I honestly believe her when she says I never have to worry about Godfrey he’s the most logical player in the house.

(bit of a saguay but I also believe Sarah saw how close Bruno/God were and once she couldn’t swing the girls to F4 she decided to manipulate Britt to get out Bruno aka God’s potential number 1 over her. I’ll never buy Sarah wasn’t smart enough to know Britt could remove both her/God and nominate to replace them b/c the card said unprecedented never before seen power)

If you recall the first fight between Sarah/Bruno it was Godfrey who broke them up. AND the one and only time he ever defied Sarah or said anything truly negative was the week he thought Britt was leaving, which was partially due to his concern he might leave. Every other occasion he NEVER repeated what Sarah told him to Bruno. THAT for me speaks volumes.

3) To that end, Godfrey would pick and chose what information he would disperse, repeat and the specific timing of it. For example him calling out Zach: I think Godfrey was one of the few players who saw Zach wasn’t really that strong at comps & was easily influenced. Look at who God put himself the closest to Bruno/Sarah. At the end of the day it was really those 2 who ran the greater portion of the game in one way or another.

And at one point I think he was counting on taking/or being taken by Sarah b/c of how much hate would be in jury towards her if she got there, (well from Bruno but he is extremely influential).

4) So, as to Godfrey’s speech/argument: I think he wins hands down sitting beside Britt/Ash regardless of what he says though his speech will take it over the top.

If it’s Britt he’ll say you went on the block as a pawn except once & needed a special power to save you, I had to use my wits.

To Ash he’ll say you got dragged to the end by your meat sheild and only be winning comps did you remain, I dragged myself to the end and never needed to win to do it.

BUT… the one person I think he’ll have a problem with is Sarah. She’ll refute his (Britt) argument by saying, but you didn’t convince me to keep you I chose to keep you to make my path easier b/c I knew you’d keep throwing comps thus giving me a path of least resistance and to the Ash type argument she’ll say, but didn’t you do the same thing? You attached yourself to Bruno/Bobby and then to Britt/I so you had yourself covered but don’t kid yourself we used you too. She’ll close with, I had to work all season to get here and you’re only here b/c of the work we did to bring you along. To the jury she can say if you want to make a mockery of the game and start giving Victoria’s money go ahead, just remember your name will be attached as the cast that chose to do that.

Which incidently is why Godfrey wasn’t happy Pils left instead of Ash and why he won’t be happy if Britt & Sarah both stay. He’ll get $20k for sure & possibly win but NOT if he sits beside Sarah. (In my humble opinion).


Godfrey’s chances to be taken to F2 by anyone keep slowly going up.Yet he should better win this POV … just in case 🙂


Godrey winning a comp? Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here…


We shouldn’t dismiss the possibility of Godfrey winning this veto competition. There have been many past houseguests who didn’t win a comp until they really needed to win it. Godfrey could shock us all and pull out a win.


So Peter says what he does on the sideshow is “insult comedy” …


Peter is such a loser. And his jokes are so scripted and badly delivered. it’s cringeworthy to watch


I just thought it funny he calls what he does insult comedy but calls other people haters…

I do wish twitter/BB community had less insult comedians.


Plus he contradicted himself on last night’s show. Downplayed B’s comp wins by saying “comp wins don’t matter, its all about who plays a strategic, social game”. And less than a minute later when Kenny was discussing Ashleigh’s poor game play, Peter said “but she has won comps”. Lol. Moral of this story: Peter Brown is an idiot.


He tries to justify his bitter vote towards Gary on season 1 by saying that the people who relies on comp are the weakest and then contradicts himself when asked why Ashleigh deserves to win (he said that in order for her to get to the finals she needs to win by herself the final comps).
Peter and Gary needs to get out of the SideShow, I rather have an Arlie and Neda combination or Kevin and Neda for next year (if BBCAN will be renewed).


The whole Sideshow is an insult to fans!
It’s a disgrace.


I agree. They have even stopped showing goodbye msgs. I wish it was just game discussion but we have to deal with Gary’s and Peter’s “big” personalities. Like newsflash.. you are not BB gods.. you were random players in season 1 (not that brilliant) who both got eliminated


They have not stopped showing goodbye messages. In fact they now show some evictees others good bye messages. Such as Zach seeing Ash message to Pili.

Everything about production seems to loose this year.

The Hidden Hand

the Honeymoon is over for B and Sarah. Now that the $100K is coming clear into the picture, their greed and contempt for each other is starting to shine through. I’m starting to think, with the S/B conflict emerging God might have a lock on F2, but to hedge his bets, he’d be a fool not to send B packing if he won this veto.


jon and neda did have some sort of a ‘tension’ between them around this time in BBC2 in regards to the f2 situation or cutting the ties. I do find it interesting that it has been difficult to see where God’s loyalty in the game actually lies because he goes to everybody and tells everything but after the conv that he had with B in the HOH room, he didn’t share that conv with Sarah. B however, did. After watching the whole season I notice that this doesn’t happen often. For me that’s when I know he’s being honest. They make decision based on what they know and I think what Ash told him last night does make him worry so I’m not surprised if she saved B. .


Godfrey good case scenario is Ashleigh wins veto. That way britt is gone. Ash wants payback for kevin, Zach, and pili eviction. She knows that if two people are talking game together you must know they are together. Also they are sleeping together and not nominate that person, also voted together when pilli evicted. And Zach gave her advice on what to do so basically she will mostly like do it. And if godfrey vs ash in final 2 he will win because of jp, Bruno, bobby, sarah, willow, kevin, britt. That’s is 7. The probably with Zach he love alliances and wants someone to win comps and that is why he does not respect god’s game same goes for pili she blind of how to play the game. Godfrey is a great game player and I hope he make final 3 at least to see how the jury roundtable perceive him. Hopefuly he wins veto and vote out britt great move but good case scenario ash wins.

another name

it could be that I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today, but i’m feeling really critical about all four of the finalists. more than that, i’m feeling really critical of the episode edit and its ugly step sister the sideshow.
i don’t buy Ashleigh as an underdog. she sat in that hoh room for four weeks absolutely ignoring the game and the hg’s on the other side of the door. She was expected to be the goat in the final 2 to insure Zach’s win in many minds until week 7. her alliance has been deposed and she’s fallen on hard times in week 9 and 10. oh well. i don’t have a violin small enough. she limited her options, now she’s depending on comp wins or she’s gone.
i don’t buy the godfrey did it alone spiel. black and bru existed (just not on episodes), bobby godfrey and Bruno existed (just not on episodes). Godfrey is the only guy that thought the guys alliance was real in week two/three. sideshow says he’s gotten through the game without ever having an alliance (just on episodes). there is so much of the godfrey story not covered in the episodes in order to create the rags to riches story. I’m not putting down his game, i’m being critical of his edit storyline.
britt and sarah with the moodiness and crying and bitching. sure it makes you the most authentically ‘real’ people with good days and bad days in the cast, but give it a rest. Britt’s need to be supported and pumped up so often tires me when watching. Sarah’s inability to just ignore and not engage exacerbates the problem. sarah, let her dig herself out of her mood and say nothing for once. Britt, show a little empathy for others instead of making it all about you just once. you’re in trouble: save yourself.
I’ve come too far in the season not to see how it ends, but today i really don’t care who wins. I really don’t care who wins the veto today. i”m sure by tomorrow i’ll regret half of what i wrote today, but right now for today i just sort of dislike them all and dislike the episode narrative even more. the sideshow goes without saying. i knew watching more than five minutes of that was going to extremely irk me.


maybe it really is a Final 3 & each member of the final 3 can void one persons vote.


oooooo….I like that idea…wouldn’t that be a monkey wrench


For those who haven’t seen it yet …
BBCA/Global has posted a picture (under “final week schedule”) of the final Voting Stand … It only has (7) slots?
My guess is that we get to vote to cancel out 3 votes???
Doesn’t really matter … Those who count the votes decide the winner
Who knows? … twistiest twist season … LOL


That was a dumb twist it could hurt someone win or not and it sucks for jp staying 35 days and then say sorry your vote does not count. Bb could had a twist where one jury had two votes than one. BbcAn is rigged

Out of Hannd

Britnee is just wondering why she isn’t getting more attention. BB has done everything for her, in order to have a politically correct final few. Her and Sarah have been getting what amounts to free passes for at least half the show, can’t she be happy about that? Because, based on her REAL game play, she has absolutely nothing, nor does Sarah for that matter.

another name

when they announced a ten person jury I jokingly postulated the possibility that Canada would get to vote to negate jurors votes to bring it to a seven person jury.
wonder what they will announce on sunday or Monday’s episode.
wonder who people on here would vote to exclude.
wonder who people that just watch the episodes without feeds and exit interviews would exclude.
wouldn’t that be a slap in the face of some jury members.
yeah, i’m writing this to entertain myself because the f4 hg’s have been working my nerves, and feeds have been down.

Worst season ever

Horrible season. I have watched every bb us and Canada and can’t even stand to watch anymore. Stupid twists are just reasons or ways for production to rig the game. And bbcan goes at over board with twists and is sooo scripted. Just ridiculous. This is the first season I can’t even finish watching. Everyone in the house is so boring and whiny. Fingers crossed bbus 17 is better. Think I’m done with bbcan for good though


You’re absolutely correct. This is what makes Survivor such an epic show. Look how that guy won this season. He literally had a target on his back from the final 8 and won every immunity or found an idol. That’s an example of outwitting, outlasting and outplaying your competition.

BBCan has bee a false this season. Ridiculous super powers that clearly favour who production wants to win. I can only imagine what ridiculous twist they come up with for the finale. No doubt it will favour Sarah the crybaby.


I hope this is sooooooo true. I just read that Ashleigh won the pov. So Britt will go up and I hope be voted out. Then Ash wins the 2 comps for finals and sends Sarah’s butt out the door. I would have a smile from end to end on my face. LOVING IT!!!!!!!


I’m pretty sure she won it.. not 100% but like 98%


That would be awesome. Fingers crossed.