“Best case scenario is he [David] wins HOH next week.. he’ll take the shot we want him to”

Head of Household Winner – Cody
Have nots – Kevin and Enzo
Nominations – Kevin & David
Power of Veto Players are – Cody, Kevin, David, Tyler, Enzo, Nicole
POV Host: – Memphis
Power of Veto holder – Cody
Power of Veto Ceremony
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11:25 am Wake up

11:48 am Memphis and David Chit chat about entrepreneurship and some of the challenges.
Memphis says when he was younger to get himself to start another project and be motivated he would move into a smaller place a spartan setting that would motivate him on the goal. Says he did it three times.

12:20 pm New floaties, Christmas running.. chit chat.. breakfast.

12:44 pm Christmas and Tyler
Christmas – I don’t want to campaign for David to stay too much I want him to do his own damage repair.
Tyler – this week Yeah
Christmas – best case scenario is he wins HOH next week.. he’ll take the shot we want him to
Tyler – I’m making sure he knows who’s gunning for him to go too. If he wants to take what I’m telling him and takes it to Dani whatever
Christmas – what are you telling him
Tyler – Dani, and Nicole are trying to get him to go
Tyler – we got to clip one of them next week. If they win HOH you and me we’re going on the block
Christmas – Dani specifically has it out for me
Tyler – and me.. I don’t even talk to her.. I don’t even try talking to her no more
Christmas – I don’t even want to be in the same room as her without somebody else in there.
Tyler – she’s so sketchy
Christmas – she already is like David’s got to go I’m not voting for him to stay.. he’s never getting my vote.. she was like Right Christmas don’t you feel the same way? I was like honestly I don’t know I gotta talk to Cody see what he wants to do he’s HOH.
Christmas – she looked at Memphis and was like but you want him to go right.. he said the same thing I did. She then ran upstairs and told Cody I agree he must go
Tyler of course
Christmas – luckily Memphis was there.

1:44 pm Nothing ever going on.

1:52 pm Kevin
“I got it to work.. if only this was a veto comp.. who can blend a protein shake the best.

1:55 pm chit chat in the pool.

2:29 pm Feeds

2:34 pm Feeds

2:47 pm Enzo and Cody
Enzo saying they are good next week
Cody – Memphis won’t
Enzo – he better not YO
Cody – Nicoe won’t Dani Won’t Tyler won’t, David won’t the only person that could possibly do it is Christmas, and do you think she will put us up over Dani?
Enzo – she better not YO
Cody – we’re going to have to clip Christmas next
Enzo – I’m tired Yo .. She’s mad because I played in a comp
Cody says they “clip” Kevin first then “Clip” Christmas
Cody adds it would be nice if they can get Christmas to clip Dani first.
Enzo – I wnat Nicole to win HOH
Cody – she’s going after Memphis or Tyler
Enzo – go after Memphis yo. Once Memphis goes you and me can go… (Gestures)
Cody – I would rather her go after Tyl er
Enzo – Tyler isn’t coming after us now..
Enzo – Christmas for me right now I don’t trust her for sh1t now
Cody – I don’t trust Dani
Enzo – her I don’t trust her.. I just don’t want to put Dani up I want someone else to take care of that
Cody – Tyler, and Christmas will put her up.. David will go after Memphis possibly Dani and then you are me are in a situation where we can chill
Enzo – Of course, next week I’m showing my cards..
They talk about Dani having no idea they are all talking about her. Cody says Kevin going is the only good thing for his game right now.
Enzo just doesn’t want the girls to “get cute” next week when they had a chance this week and didn’t
Enzo again says he doesn’t trust Christmas and the wise guy final 3 he has with her.
Enzo is going to tell Christmas that Dani was trying to get her backdoored.

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This was the 1st time I got a good look at Christmas’s revolver tattoo on her thigh….disturbing


I think Xmas looks great.


Written like a true Progressive. Don’t tread on her 1st AND 2nd amendment rights. For you, better the gun is on her thigh and not in her hand. And, she has great thighs, along with the rest of her body.


Nothing wrong with her tattoo. She has a nice body but a little muscular for my taste.


Well at least it’s a tad more creative than Codys tats, I’m surprised he doesn’t have a tramp stamp to go alone with all his other “trendy” tats


BBChristmas inspires me!


Dani say hi to Da’Vonne when you hit the jury house.


I remember thinking that I was glad that we had an all star season. Boy was I wrong. Please stick to new players in the future.

Big Jim



I have recently being cheering for Dani (haters gonna hate) It’s my hope that one of these people who wants Dani out wins HOH, exposing themselves by throwing up Dani. Dani gets the coup d’etat from our favourite neighbour, changes the Nominations, then Christmas, Tyler, Cody or Nicole goes packing and then everyone’s game is fucked up.. one can dream LOL Here’s to hoping things get interesting! She is in the worst spot right now, it would be kinda funny if after everyone wanting her out she ends up in the final two.

Sir Davos

You seem to overlook that she is in the worst situation because of her own shady actions.


The triple eviction will expose people


I really wanted to cheer for Dani this season. I had high hopes for her ability to play well without her father as her shield. Then, the season started and she became inseparable from NicoleF & Cody. Without them and the pregame alliance, I think Dani had great potential, but that trio makes my stomach turn.


The only people I don’t want winning HOH is Dani, Nicole, Memphis or David.

Michele Smith

Or Cody! Remember Thurs is Triple eviction night!


It would be interesting if Enzo wins first hoh on Thursday and see who he puts up. Tyler the second if Enzo didn’t put Tim up. I am pretty sure T would put Memphis and Dani up with Cody the back door if one of those came down. I think he sees through all the BS.

Barney Rubble

I’m so sick of people throwing comps and wanting to float by without getting any blood on their hands.

I would love to see a points based season where you get points for how you fare in the comps so that you would always have to shoot for the HOH, veto, etc. The lowest people on the totem pole would be nominated and maybe each week the HOH could keep one person safe each week.


Damn Janelle has had a lock on the favorite player voting all season long. It is too bad that when your a good a player as she is everyone is going to want to target you.


omg so Enzo told Cody about the two wise guys alliances. One with christmas and other with cody and the idiot still nominates Kevin and David. Enzo tried to get someone new up for us but nooo. Cody is a idiot


This is, by far, the worst season. Can the producers do anything to mix things up? So predictable.

another name

Mix things up? This repeat of season 16 with dashes of 19 and 21 are exactly what they were aiming for when they plotted it. It’s Grod’s dream season. We just get to sit back and see what a demented fuqwit she truly is.


“demented fuqwit” now that is a derogatory beaut lol

another name

So, what is the episode doing?
It’s odd. It’s setting up an odd dynamic. I’m not actually fond of the edit vs. what happened on feeds choices they are making in the first ten minutes of the episode.
There’s a lot of justification d/r for Nicf. Fix that image Grod, can’t have trash look like trash. They’re making it like Nicf and Cody haven’t been plotting about Dani for three and a half weeks. oh. That’s a choice. Nicf may be Dani’s real world best friend, but she put dick before chick way back in week one. We’re just only seeing it in episode now, and it’s Dani’s fault in the edit… it’s never happened before. MMMkay.
It’s an individual time comp. Oh fuq right off there Grod. Such bullshit that relies on viewers trusting production as if we are new and haven’t seen their manipulations before. bullshit. Croquet masquerading as golf. WHY DID THE HG’S TALK ABOUT THIS COMP TAKING 2 HOURS? Ask yourself that.
nicf is afraid of David and Kevin. After the Kevin Nicf discussion Thurs morning? Oh.. okay.
Memphis throws away a 5 for an 18. Didn’t want to win.
Kevin eeyores out of a 5 into a 0
Dani goes for money. One secret revealed.
David gets a 19. ends up with a 7.
Christmas says the other women are overplaying (yeah good thing the show has ignored the women’s alliance that the show pushed for when they thought Tyler was going to walk). Christmas 0.
Enzo goes for money. out of bounds 0.
Cody gets a 6. taking another shot. Not showing results. We’ll see a maximum cut edit so we don’t see the whole shot. No way we see the whole shot unedited. No way in hell. At commercial cut the ball was bouncing off a rock.
Tyler and Dani won money.
Christmas is upset anyone in her alliance went for money. Too comfortable. d/r tomfoolery. she was mad she didn’t get a score, she was mad someone else won something.
For the HOH winning shot reveal.
We didn’t see the full shot. We saw a three cut edit shot of the winning score. show me the full long cam shot to show that it happened in three shots, not in 5 or 6 or 20. Hmm, the winning ball didn’t bounce off the same rock, did it???
D/R Eeyore cries again.
D/R David about it sucking.
Thursday Night to Friday afternoon Discussion
Christmas is pissy. Enzo is make a move. Dani about money to herself. Tyler ditto… but we know Tyler told Cody.
Core4 against Christmas with Nicf defending the holidays. Isn’t it odd that the only person Nicf has actually declaratively said something truly negative about in this episode is Dani, her best friend?
Nom discussion at 40 minute mark. Enzo reveals wiseguys doubleshot.
Cody d/r least aligned to Christmas.
Nicf and Dani have a rocky relationship? NO. Nicf doesn’t trust women. That’s her game.
The debate. doing Dani’s dirtywork vs. getting rid of someone not with him.
Kevin v. Cody:
Edited conversation. Massive edit. I preferred the actual. Are they showing that Kevin lived in Cody’s head rent free for this conversation for over 30 hours? Oh.
Like noms were surprising. I mean… get crucial.
David saying comp beast. Goes for money immediately in Veto. that d/r is going to look stupid.

Overall Assessment: Wasn’t a fan of the HOH comp. Wasn’t a fan of editing choices (trying to catch viewers up on things that have been going on for 3 weeks that they never bothered to include until absolutely necessary is a cop out).

Roisin Dubh

I’d like to see Dani win HOH. She’s a claymore mine.

Terrible Horrific Season

Can’t wait for the triple eviction. It should finally get interesting. Hoping to see Dani or Nicole or Cody out to the jury house. Better if it was all 3 of them