“It’s pretty much the same scenario as last week .. Scottie would use the veto on Haleigh if he wasn’t up there”

POV: ? Next POV: Sept 1
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 3
HOH: Tyler Next HOH: Sept 6
Noms: ? Have Nots ?

Big Brother Spoilers There was a feed leak last night where Production asked Tyler what his nominations will be. He said probably Scottie and Halegih. All conversations this far with his level6 comrades supports this. Haleigh is trying to get Sam up .. LOL

9:26am True to tradition Sam makes up a breakfast tray for the HOH..

11:09am Angela and Tyler under the covers…

11:19am Brett, Angela and BRett
Brett – Everyone’s waking up crawling out of their corners..
Brett – Scottie’s been in the DR for awhile..
Brett – have you figured out what the plan was.. Scottie and or are your thinking Scottie backdoor
Tyler – it’s pretty much the same scenario as last week

T – Scottie would use the veto on Haleigh if he wasn’t up there
T – repeat of last week
B – to keep the least amount of blood on your hands you putting Scottie up instead of someone else even as a pawn.. the reality is if you say SAm you are a pawn she’s going to wigg the f* out.
A – she’ll freak out
T – SCottie, everyone in here voted you out
Brett – it’s an easy explanation there’s no blood on your hands..
Tyler- Haleigh put me up
T – remember how halegih told me that SCottie told her he was planning on backdooring me (LOL)
T – Angela?
T – remember when we were talking to Fes and Halegih and they said how Scottie like said he was going to backdoor me or put me up or something..
A – he told FES if he got HOH he was going to put me and Tyler up
T – this is what Haleigh and Fes told us when Fes was HOH (Scottie foutte’d again)
A – Scottie said a alot of sh1t ..
T – they were talking mad sh1t about him, Haleigh was. I can use that
T – if he was smart he wouldn’t crawl back to Haleigh
Brett – no shit
A – he thinks that’s his only person.. he’s clinging to the only person alone on a island right now
Brett – his f*ing speech was him apologizing to Halegih
A – he literally said everything he could .. he threw Sam, Halegih and fes under the bus..
A – he was willing to do and Say anything to get out of it he have to remember that..
T – he said he had a final 2 with halegih
B – he told you that
T – yeah remember by the pool, Kayce, I and Angela .. he was going to use that to get her on the block.. he never did but he still told us that
T – whoever you guys want to vote out I don’t care
Brett – I love Scottie
T – I love SCottie to
A – I just don’t know what SCottie will do I can’t get a read at him
Brett – he would take a shot..
T – yeah
A – the only thing I’m concerned about is two of us going up and Scottie is the one that would do that
T – he doesn’t have anything against Sam
A – if Haleigh wins HOH she’ll put Sam and someone else up
A – if Sam wins she’ll put Haleigh and someone else up..
Brett agrees that why scottie is the better target over halegih Scottie will put two of them up .

T – it’s just way more blood to try and backdoor him
A – we’re all playing in the veto.. all of us but one person
Brett – the odds are he’s going to play in the veto either way .. he’s more likely to play in the veto than not play in the vet o
A – you should put him up so he’s nervous and he can’t pull haleigh down.. If he pulls her down and Sam goes home we have a issue
Tyler – it’s really a repeat of last week..
Brett says Haleigh and Scottie are clearly a pair that where his loyalty is the’s not going to deviate from it..

Brett says JC is foaming at the mouth.. “I thought he was going to have a mental breakdown last night”
T – I wouldn’t be surprised he comes up here and wants me to put her up
They go on about how JC is freaking out about Sam and being ion the Big BRother house
They talk about JC getting talked to from production
Brett – “he keeps getting yelled at”
Brett – then he goes and does something and I’m like THAT’S WHY
Brett – as much as you are being annoyed they are doing this for you so you don’t get in trouble you are aired live. I know you don’t give a f* but there’s a lot of poeple that f*ing do.. .. they have your best interest when they tell you those things..
They talk about how productions is really keeping a tight leash on JC.
Brett – it was one minute F* this place… finale night I want to crawl in a corner get f*ing drunk and I don’t have to talk to a single f*ing person on camera..
Angela – part of me wants to say it’s OK but part of me wants to say ..
Angela- go f* yourself JC this is an amazing opportunity go jump off a building

feeds cut..

11:35am Angela, Tyler and Haleigh
Haleigh says she feels like she’s been in a car accident..
Haleigh complains about Sam cheering for everyone but her during the HOH. Halegih calls her a b1tch.
Angela – I’m, so up and down with her. One day I’m fine with her the next day i’m so irritated
H – it’s so nerve racking living with someone so erratic (Try living with me.. lol)
H – so blatantly rude at one time and another time like taking care of you like putting a towel in a dryer to dry you off with
H – she is a character for suyre.. I thin kthe mood changes whenever she acts b1tchy, Rude and Snappy that is who she really is and then she’s like f* i need to get it toegether and raigh it in so she tries to over compesentat
A – it’s Friday thrtough Monday.. she’s decent..
H – once she makes sure she’s off the block she’s fine after that she can act however she wants
Angela says Sam doesn’t like girls around the boys.
They all say how glad they are that SCottie came back
H – anything else would have been dramatic..

12:13pm Brett, Sam, Scottie and Kaycee

Scottie is telling them for a interview he had to bring a gift that represents himself and Bayeligh/Rockstar said they saw a NYPD badge for Steve.
SCottie – I presented a orange bandanna ..
SCottie – Kaitlyn’s was crystals
Sam – what was mine
S – you haven’t been evicted yet..
Sam – that’s interesting.. he was a mechanic he said

12:22pm HAlegih and Tyler..
Halegih – I told you I saw Marshmallow in concert.. it was sick..
They say they both want to go see one of Rachel’s shows in Vegas..
Halegih – there’s so much we have to do when we get out of here.. so much.. so what have you decided
T – not a damn thing
H – shutup Tyler
T – I haven’t talked to anyone but you guys
H – I don’t want to go up but I know you are in a compromising position..
T – I hope people are ok with you not going up and Sam going up
H – who do you put up next to her.. if that is your target Sam I don’t think she will go home after me
T – why wouldn’t she everyone is pissed at her.
T – hey I voted for you to stay..
H – That’s true that’s the thing I trust you I want to do something so you can trust me..
T – it was Sam that voted you out? H – she apologized to me

Haleigh says she emotionally doesn’t wan tot be on the block for another week
T – I need to talk to everyone.. I need to talk to SCottie.
H – I’m so glad he’s back..
T – the biggest sigh of relief ..
H – I did not want Fes to walk back. After his speech what do you say to him. you just walk back into tha have not room
T- he probably would have
H – I am so glad Scottie is back dude.. my little friend.. he started watching Game of Thrones
Tyler keeps saying he wants to talk to everybody before his nominations..
Haleigh asks if he talked to Angela last night
Tyler did and they did talk about nomination’s but it was the same thing Sam and a pawn..
H – don’t blindside me

12:50pm Sam and Tyler
Sam I was so proud of Halegih I was so shocked she was still up there
T- she was so solid
Sam – tenacious
t – so solid
Sam – she had a death grip on that f*ing rope I couldn’t help being impressed and feeling for her because it was so hard
T – so hard
Sam – it was painful to watch so I was .. trying to cheer her on but you and I both know if it was her I wold be up there..
T – that is what I was thinking too
Sam – I was please don’t fall (Tyler)
Sam – I tried to cheer you on a little bit more that her but at the same time..
T – trying to be neutral but f* it..
Sam – that was something to behold I really admire her for doing that straight up
Sam – I couldn’t be like… I didn’t want to be.. ignore her because it was such an accomplishment..
Sam – your letter was hysterical..
T – she’s got a bird..
Sam – his name is Dexter
T – I hate that little bird.. he hates me.. some green little bird.. she chose to write about that stupid bird.. I want to hear about my friends and family..
Sam goes on about how “Thick” Tyler looked when he was younger. Says he looked good.

Sam – no matter what you are my baby,…
They hug..
Sam – whatever you want to happen let me know adn I’ll do that..

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Houka Inumuta

Since Tyler won HOH this week his excition party is postponed once again to September 13th. I hope that Scottie is not Ty’s target.

I would hate for Scottie to go to the jury on Scooby doo fanboy’s HOH.

Scottie FTW

Trackin the Kraken

You stated…… I would hate for Scottie to go to the jury on Scooby doo fanboy’s HOH

Better drink up on the HaterAde. Because he probably will be going home



How many times have you postponed Tyler’s eviction party now? Maybe it’s time to consider canceling it? 🙂


He’s an honorary member of Foutte/Hive, there’s no hope.


hahaha I just knew scooby’s eviction party was gonna b postponed

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Houka, Friend…. First, it’s been so nice meeting you. Love your posts. Now this is nothing to be concerned about, ok? There’s some men here with a little white jacket who want to meet you. Nice men. They are even driving a Scooby Doo van. Think of it as a vacation.

Dirty Harry Reid


Time to put the hookah down.

Same old


Can we just get rid of Scottie and Hayleigh and let the games begin?




Why isn’t Tyler just straight with Hayleigh?


tyler does not tip his hand early so people will talk and tyler collects this info to use at a later time. tyler’s game is strong because he observes and listens= quiet works for him like noise worked for Paul and Josh bb19.

Eh eh

Paul, yes.. Josh = exact opposite of quiet/subtle.


Because he is playing for $500K!!!!

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Why? Haleigh hasn’t been straight with everyone.

If she doesn’t know where she currently stands in the house she never will.

Haleigh's Melanoma

He can’t really say until nominations. Rules about that.


Haleigh just bothers me so much. She needs to get away from L6. All she does is the same as with the Hive. Constantly call Sam a B&@ch. She seems to think if she can go to them and start trashing someone else with them. It gets them on her side. She’s just really a toxic person. It wasn’t just Rockstar. L6 has always had fun together. Laughed and talked. And yes. When people annoy them they vent. But it’s not their only conversation. Just seems like it’s all Haleigh can do is trash someone else. Of course if Sam knows you would put her up, she’s going to root for Tyler. How evil of Sam to do that. Now that her punching bag Fes is gone, looks like it’s Sam taking his place. I truly hope Haleigh goes this week. But I will say…. she sure toughed out that HOH comp. she’s a strong girl. And I absolutely believe she would go after Tyler and Angela if given the chance.


I agree. Sam may be crazy, but the talks that each of them (Haleigh and Sam) had with Tyler just reveals Haleigh’s immaturity. All Haleigh can do is bash Sam and call her profane names. Meanwhile, Sam acknowledges Haleigh’s accomplishment in the competition, but admits she had a hard time cheering her on because she knew she’d be on the block. It’s like Tyler had a conversation with a 7th grade girl and then with an adult.

Peter North

Spare me. Seems we’re forgetting who fired the first volley in the Sam/Haleigh conflict — Sam made it personal long ago with her ridiculous, circa 1950’s nomination speech.

The bottom line is that Sam is just one of those pathetic chicks who hate attractive women and the men can do no wrong, and there was nothing Haleigh could’ve ever done to change this fact.

Haleigh certainly has some annoying tendencies (the weekly Chen compliments make me want to gag), but she’s 21 and much less an idiot than I was at that age.

She’s also probably trying to drive the point home to Tyler and Angela that she’d target Sam (and not one of them) if given the chance — but it’s not gonna work.


Haleigh was very impressive in the comp. Credit given.
However…her snapping at Sam for rooting more for Tyler.
Haleigh should remember that in OTEV she was screaming for Rocks…and very down when Tyler won.
Fess. Not a good look at all with his speech.
It’s one thing gamewise. QUITE another when it’s personal and a lie. That’s very unclassy.
Scottie winning. Great.
But I can’t see Tyler working with him. Haleigh screwed tht up by telling Tyler that Scottie was going to put him up and talked merde about him.
Sam. The usual sweet as pie before noms..and until veto. Then back to passive aggressive…with mean jabs.
Sam says she chose to fall.
MEH. She fell like an over ripe cocoNUT.
Tyler HAD o win once KayCee and Angela, Brett cme down.
Because Haleigh had said tht she doesn’t care about cashing bad checks in the game.
She was absolutely for sure taking anoher shot at Tyler.
She keeps saying she doesn’t want to be on the block.
Well…no one does. And she put Angela, Tyler and Kaycee.
Who should be the target? At this time.Haleigh.
Because Scotties target is FIRST. JC. Because he was in Fess’s ear.
IMO of course.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

Sam gets on my nerves for all the reasons we’ve discussed at length. But unfortunately for those in the house whom she annoys, and for those of us who roll our eyes at her attitude and behavior, she isn’t the best target YET. JC and Haleigh both want her out. JC needs to win something or he’s going to have to be cut in 2-3 weeks. It’s getting ridiculous. Sam isn’t going after L4 at this point. They’ve got a ton of excuses when it’s time to cut her though. One being, she’s not even loyal with her vote from week to week. She DOESN’T do what she says she’s going to do. She hasn’t even hidden that she plays for both teams – voted to keep Bay; voted to keep Fez.

You are Jealous of Angela and You Suck

Tyler and Angela are really crippling their own games with the showmance and snuggling. EVERYONE in the house is getting nervous. I think next week you are gonna see a power move and tyler and angela could be on the block. Scottie, JC, and Sam are hanging in there. You add Brett in the mix and they have the votes. Will anyone ever go after Tyler and angie or would Allison Grodner squash it????


Sounds like Tyler’s HOH letter may have been a coded one. Being a student of the game,as he is, I would expect it. Is there anyone here who can pass on what it said.?


I’d like Tyler and Angela to leave the HOH room and interact downstairs. So much coverage of the bedroom makes me want to take a nap.

Sam is either an evil genius or completely mad

I wonder if Scottie will be dumb enough to tell Tyler he wants Angela out. He was so oblivious to Fes and Haleigh’s showmance, I would be surprised if he catches on to how close Ty and Angela are.

You are Jealous of Angela and You Suck

If you liked Angela in the Dress and heels hit the thumbs up.
If you liked Angela in the Jeans and heels hit the thumbs down.

You are Jealous of Angela and You Suck

This is a version of JC’s game from a few days ago.
Would you rather slap Angela’s a$$ or would you rather spit on it?


Tyler is in a good spot, no one is gunning for him (except haileigh), everyone likes/wants to work with him.
This is where Tyler has to start finessing the way he deals with ppl. Your mind is made up that those are the 2 ppl you are putting, then tell them straight up. Start building your case for jury. And while loyalty is good, he should start taking ppl out. At the moment nominating its not guaranteed that Scottie or Haileigh will go home. Based off the current strategy of JC & Brett, if its sam and haileigh on the block post veto, i’d keep haileigh to ensure that theres more ppl going after angela and kaycee.
Lets see what happens.

Trackin the Kraken

Hey Simon, you forgot to change Scottie’s pic back. Even though it will be short term


I think if Scottie doesn’t win that veto he’s toost. They should have given him a free pass for one week like they have done in other seasons. Then Tyler would have been forced to put up Sam or JC….this show has become predictable zzzzz let’s get to the real action when this level 6 including JC and Sam have to turn on each other… I’ll be interested to see if Tyler will really be able to evict Angela when he has to which should be soon if he’s smart because I’m pretty sure if he took Kaycee, JC or Sam to the end he would win


I’m guessing production doesn’t care at all if the battle back flops and is boring, it was just them ironing their timelines back out to allow for a double.


Why should a HG that was evicted get a free pass and an advantage over the ones that managed to stay in the game? He got his free pass by coming back into the game, and he had the same opportunity at safety as the rest of them by getting to play in the HOH.


I’m not really a Brett fan, but I really think he is going to win. He is smart, funny, and charming. I hope Kaycee pulls through for the win.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

I like Brett alot. But he can’t win a stinking comp to save his life (find the veto excluded). That will make it difficult for him to avoid being the first L4 cut.


I would like to ask everyone…do you think JC’s antics are going too far or you find him funny? For me, he’s going too far, especially kissing and caressing Tyler in bed while he’s asleep? Also when tied the bathroom door open while Haleigh was using the toilet and gotten mad when Sam was telling him to stop and was unacceptable. I’m surprised that no one in the house has either slapped, punched, kicked, or flung the shit out of him. I’m rooting for him to match wits against Tyler, but he’s gone too far. I do not know who was worse: JC or Frankie Grande!


Did Frankie commit a felony on camera?

Swaggy's Missing Brow

I wish there were some way you could add a ROFLMAO button choice.


I know, right?!

Festicular Logic

Hahaha… good one, Simon! And yes, Frankie did grope Cody & Caleb ….. I remember Caleb getting pissed and pushing him….. Let us also not forget Frankie pulling out his scrotum comparing it to the size of a big lemon! Frankie was an annoying sh!t


Did he really?! I’ve missed that (Thank God) and I agree, he was annoying!


He repeated groped Caleb, Cody, and Zack. He knew better not to put his hands on Derrick and the guy that looked like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson because they’d beat his ass to a pulp!


JC can sometimes be funny and he’s playing the game unlike Ariana’s brother who was desperate to get clear of her tiny shadow.

Harry Reems

For crissakes did anyone see Ariana Grande’s dress and heels at that funeral??? Goodness!


Yes and I thought it was a inappropriate for the Queen of Soul’s funeral.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

I suppose it depends on how each supposed victim interprets it. Did they feel threatened, were they offended, etc. I’d say Tyler said no worries, he’s fine, and figures he can easily defend himself if necessary. And Haleigh and JC were just joking around and Sam misunderstood the entire situation. I agree that if he were the size of Fez it would be totally different. But because of his size, I’d say they may feel like they can handle it. I also think, who gives a rats behind what Twitter thinks. So sick of the social justice warriors calling for boycotts, some sort of action, etc.


dammit, JC, Sam, Haleigh and Scott have to team up.
JC should know this…arghh

Harry Reems

He does. But they are idiots. He is trying to work on Brett

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

Teaming up with Haleigh and Scottie has worked out for NO one thus far.


JC and Sam hate women and it’s actually cringe. JC fancies Brett and Tyler and that’s why he’s targeting Angela and wants Kaycee as a pawn. Sam would definitely put up Hayleigh and Angela.

At this point Angela is definately in trouble next week, JC is manipulating Brett well and only Kaycee would definitely not put her on the book, the jury also despises Angela. I think jealously does come into it, since she is a good player, cutthroat and not overly emotional and a very pretty model.

Also why hasn’t JC being removed from the house yet?

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Brett is not Fessie.




Production talked to both Tyler and Hay. They both said they did not feel threatened or violated. JC was repremanded AGAIN. As per reported by Hollywood Reporter.