“[Scottie] feels really comfortable.. he thinks he’s the pawn and Haleigh is the target” – Angela

POV: ? Next POV: Sept 1
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 3
HOH: Tyler Next HOH: Sept 6
Noms: ? Have Nots ?

Big Brother Spoilers Interesting how much they cut the feeds whenever Scottie talks about bayeligh and Rockstar and their conversations in the Jury house. Scottie and Haleigh are going up we all knew that.

1:05pm Brett and Tyler

Brett – dude JC is paranoid to the MAX.. to the MAX dude..
Brett – he is going nuts.. has he talked to you about the cups..
T – the cups no
B – I guess when he came up here there was three cups next to the wine so he’s convinced.. he’s worried ..
T – last week with Angelas’ wine
Bret t- yeah.. he asked me if I was yup there drinking with them..
Brett – I don’t think he thinks you are with him.. but Angela and KAycee he thinks are in the final 2
Brett says he’s Tyler and him first Level 6 second.
Brett says the girls are being reckless.
Brett – you guys should try to spread out some more.. they are like it doesn’t matter.. we’re only top 8.. you all saw how easy Halegih almost won right then..

Brett – I would not be surprised if JC takes a shot and Angela and Kaycee.. he feels he’s at the bottom of the totem poll
Brett warns him he has to be careful with the amount if time he spend with people because JC is freaking out.
Brett – I did in the GBM let Scottie know what I did what I did in teh vote..
Brett adds that in everyone elses GBM he “lit them up”
Brett – Haleigh has crawled up Angela and Kaycee’s a$$, long term I still think we should send out Scottie
T – Scottie has never really done anything to me personally other than tell Haleigh he would put be up ..
Tyler – this is just a repeat of last week..

Brett asks if Scottie in veto who is the replacement.
Tyler – everyone would say Sam..
Brett – I can’t get a read on sam either she’s utterly loyal to us or.. She didn’t even ask me this week (about his vote)

JC come up for some chit chat…
Brett brings up Fes’ speech last night and how during his HOH Angela came up to talk to him. Fes asked what happens if Brett wins HOH and she said Don’t worry I have them on a leash
Tyler – something like she can make BRett do anything she wanted.. you already saw what Tyler did with the veto last time.
T – I feel if that sh1t was true he would have came to us during the f*ing week and used that instead of a last minute pitch.. he didn’t say a word the whole time..
Brett – that is what didn’t add up for me.. he didn’t even f*ing try. even remotely
Ty – he just bashed the f* outta Angela
Brett – yeah he just bashed the f* outta Angela on his way out..

1:35pm JC and Tyler
JC says Scottie is a big competitor he needs to go out next Thursday
JC – this week has to be double eviction..
T – I think you’re right
JC – this week is like last week expect for SCottie not Fes..

JC – my main thing with BRett is that I don’t want.. of course I can make him not come after me I don’t want him to come after you..
JC -everyone wants to get out the strong competitors.. what I am trying is what is more dangerous that strong competitors duos.. that is the pitch .. like KAycee and Angela..
JC – i have him convinced that they are a top 2..
JC – did Angela sleep here last night
T – no
JC – he was asking me.. did Angela sleep up there .. I will do as much as I can to defend you to protect you ..
Tyler says JC doesn’t have to run around covering for him. he knows what he is doing.
JC says that’s bullsh1t.. warns him – Brett is not Fes, BRett is a smart ass cookie..

JC – we really really really need to get Scottie out that is the number one thing here
T – he can win that veto though.. it wont be something crazy physical though.
Tyler tells him Halegih is pitching the sam thing as last week..”out Sam up”
Tyler tells JC he needs to start “F*ing trying” in the competitions.
JC says with Haleigh that can get into her mind and get her to do what they want but with Scottie they can’t

Tyler says Scottie is now the closest physical competitor now that Fes is gone.
JC – we have the whole house against him (Scottie)
JC says he told BRett “SCottie is a wildcard he might put you up” They talked for an hour last night.
JC says that last week Brett told him that he thought Angela has him in her pocket. But last night he told him he doesn’t think that anymore.

2:04pm Tyler and Scottie
SCottie mentions that he had threatened FES before he left that he was goign to win the Battleback..
they laugh..
Scottie says during the BATTLEBACK competition it was easy for fes to grab the hanging balls and lean over to drop them into the tube due to his reach. it was his comp to lose
Tyler bring sup that FEs and HAlegih approached him and HAlegih a final 4
Tyler- that is the only reason I didn’t go on teh block and Angela didn’t go on the block.. they out of no where day 60 wanted to throw us a life line..
Tyelr – to make sure we would vote Scottie out..
Tyelr bring sup Haleigh telling him and Angela that Scottie was coming after them. “She was saying this before Fes put you up ”
T – I didn’t believe it. I was just telling them what they wanted to hear.. I made sure Angela knew that it was all f*ing bullshit
T – I knew it was bullshit but if everyone is voting out Scottie i am voting Scottie out to
T – as much as haleigh says now that she didn’t want fes to do that.. When Fes and Haleigh were trying to get Angela and I to vote you out for sure all they were doing was talking shit .
Scottie – damn ..
T – I swear dude..
Scottie – I had my suspicions.
Scottie – I had long f*ing talks with Bay and Rocks in jury house..
Feeds cut.. (this is bad)
When we’re back
Tyler – she really wants Sam to go up.. I don’t want to put you up but everyone voted you out and they are scared of you
scottie – they are just looking for a reason..
T – I don’t want you to go up
Scottie – do they even know how close we are..
T – no they don’t
T – people want Haleigh gone
Scottie – go for it
Scottie says Rockstar for sure guns blazing..
Tyler was Bayleigh hating on me
Scottie – not as much as you think most of the time t was FES is a idiot..
Tyler says all halegih is doing right now is talking mad sh1t about Sam, “I don’t want you to do I don’t want SAm to do.. ”
Tyler says Haleigh put him on the block.
Tyler – everyone wants you on the block but nobody wants you to go
Scottie – nobody wanted me to go last time..
Scottie – you Angela and Kaycee have been straight up with me the whole time…

Scottie tells him that Haleigh is going to follow him around.. I will vote whatever the way you want.. I am your vote this week
Tyler tells him that everyone is worried Scottie would just crawl in with Haleigh now.
Scottie – no, I’m the Scyler vote..
Scottie – Fes put me up for voting Swaggy out week 2 and he was the reason swaggy went up..

Tyler says Haleigh and Fes were in kinda a showmance..
S – Half of it is gone the other half is probably gone this week .. irrelevant
T – Fes was treating Haleigh like sh1t all week
S – she just told me he wouldn’t leave the have not room
T – yeah he isolated himself .. he just was saying shitting comments and stuff.
Tyler – people think I am in a showmance with Angla now
Scottie – yeah that is going around.. people will make anything as a target .. me and you are now very big targets
T – like the biggest
S – they will do anything and everything.. .

T – Halegih was always up here last week trying to attached with Angela and last week
Scottie – I noticed that to ..
Tyler – I know who the house wants up and want out and I know who I want up and out they are a little bit different
Scottie – just make sure the house target is up..
Tyler about FEs – he really wasn’t that smart.. he didn’t pitch at all.. he wanted JC to go pitch for him.
They agree they are good with Sam
Tyler tells him that Haleigh was really going “in on her,, it was actually kinda bad.. it was bad the sh1t haleigh was saying.. they don’t like each other at all”
Tyler- fes was cocky as f* he was going to win the veto it was a catching veto and he lost
SCottie tells Tyler that Bayleigh and Rockstar would have put up Angela/Tyler for sure if they came back and one HOH.

2:55pm Angela and SCottie
Scottie tells her that he heard a million 100 times from Rockstar and Baylegih about Angel;a’s good by message.
Scottie says FEs knew the results when he asked the house to raise their hands if they voted to keep Rockstar.
It was Fes’ idea all along.
Angela – wait.. he knew you voted.. he asked out loud to get someone’s reaction other than yours.. who was he looking for..
Scottie – he never said..
Angela – I can’t make heads or tails of it
Scottie – that is why i panicked so hard.. it didn’t make sense..
Angela says every week Sam gets really close to the person that is going to Jury and she votes to keep them..
Angela – she comes to me I am so sorry Fes’ speech push me over the edge I am an emotional voter..
Scoti e- I’m the only unanimous vote and I’m still here
Angela – it’s ironic
Scottie – it’s it Ironic.. don’t you think? (It’s lkke RAAAAAAAAIn on you rweedding day.. it’s a free ride.. when you’re already late.. )
Angela – there’s only 4 weeks left.. there’s just 3 more HOH’s
SCottie – they can’t push it past OCt 5 because that is when our contracts end.
Tyler – literally my entire week was Rockstar and Bayleigh trying to convince me that Tyler was my enemy ..
Angela – really
feeds cut
When we’re back they are talking about how ridiculous the Haleigh/Fes final 4 proposal to Angela and Tyler was.
Angela give him her nominations speech last week “you’re a day late and a dollar short.. ”
Scottie says the week when he left Haleigh ignored him spent all her time with Kaycee and the second he comes back she’s right there with him
Angela says Haleigh does that with her. “I do love her a lot but I get so confused when she jumps ship back and forth back and forth”
Scottie- this game messes with people that is why Day 5 me and Tyler were like F* it ..
Scottie says he told Tyler his vote is Tyler’s vote.

Scottie – there’s a separation between game and people.. you can’t use game to attack personal that’s f*ing slimy
Angela says Fes came after her reputation “that’s f*ed up”
Angela – that’s what he did he came at me trying to make me look like this stuck up little b1tch same way rockstars did
A – Rockshit said I was entitled and pretentious
Scottie – still does .. heard a lot of that this week
Angela – that’s not funny. what else did she say
Feeds cut..

when we’re back at 3:21pm Angela is asking Scottie how is he going to hand;e “the cling” by Haleigh.
Scottie is going to try and move around.
Angela – I feel good Tyler won’t put me up..
Scottie – I also feel good about that..

3:26pm Angela and Tyler
T – I made Scottie feel like Haleigh is the target for sure.. do you think sthat is a good idea
Anegla- mmmhhhmmm
T – I told him everyone seems to want Haleigh out
T – I was like Angela is cool with you, Kaycee I’m sure is cool .. Haleigh’s been sketchy. I made sure to tell him how Haleigh was pitching me and you to get him out of here.. I knew it was bullshit but we couldn’t vote against the house
T – I told him I think everyone wants him to go up because nobody will know what he’ll do
A – so he thinks he’s the pawn and Haleigh is the target
T – he has a really good chance to win the veto and if he does I don’t want him coming after us
A – he feels really comfortable he was talking a lot of sh1t about Haleigh
Tyler says his reason to put up Scottie will be good.
A- what did Haleigh say when i was gone
Tyler – Haleigh really wants Sam up

Hangout in the HOH.. Laughing about Dexter the bird of Tyler’s mom that he hates.. reading over the HOH letter..
Tyler says Sam reminds him of his mom.. F*ing birds.. remote controlled toys..

Clinging.. Angela leaves HAlegih and JC..
Haleigh says she’s probably going up. She thinks she can beat Sam in the veto.
JC – you think you can beat Scottie
Haleigh didn’t thinks she would go up against Scottie. She thought Tyler and Scottie were close.

4:18pm Tyler and Haleigh
Tyler asks if Scottie really did say he was going to put SCottie up
Haleigh says it was near the end of her HOH.

Tyler- I don’t know dude.. everyone is scared of Scottie because they voted him out everyone is annoyed at Sam. .
Tyler – if anyone deserved and unanimous votes it was FEs.. not SCottie
H – I agree
T – the only one that deserves to come back is Scottie.. hes the only one that didn’t toss a jab at somebody..
H – I think people get really wrapped up in the game and they are not able to.. I don’t know last week was hard for me I had to take a step back and look at the game from a game perspective..
Tyler says he was never tight with his mom they were always too different. He was super close with his dad.
Tyler says it was Rude of Sam…
H – at that point she wasn’t cheering for you she was cheering against me.. “She’s shaking.. she’s about to fall just a few more minutes”

Haleigh asks him who the noms going to be.
Tyler says he can’t tell her
Haleigh – when you are vague it means something bad is going to happen
T – nothing bad will happen
Haleigh says looking back at her HOH she should have put Sam up but Rockstar talked her out of it, “Rockstar f*ed me over”

Feeds cut to noms..

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Swaggy's Missing Brow

Interesting dilemma. Scottie is a bigger competition threat but more malleable for Tyler’s purposes, Haleigh is less of a competition threat but will definitely target Tyler and Angela.

And then there is JC. He seems to be becoming very volatile after being called on the carpet; and probably blames Tyler and Haleigh for that. The best thing about him is his lack of competition threat (but he could get lucky) and I’m not sure anyone would work with him any longer.

My choice would be to take out Haleigh followed by Scottie but it will be interesting to see how Tyler plays it; it’s his game.

Maxine Waters - Space Alien

Tyler is killing it but I think jC is right about Brett being smart and with JC in his ear Tyler had better sleep with one eye open.

JC Meltdown

This is expect the expected. Scottie will go as he is the competition threat and Hayleigh will go the following week. All the battle back did was prolong the week and make this predictable. Would have much more enjoyed watching Tyler having to pick between JC and Sam to go on the block as a “pawn” next to Hayleigh. Although, still could happen if Scottie can win the veto. Would really like to see some drama this week.

Thanks Simon and dawg

I haven’t watched the last 2 weeks. Can’t stand watching a one sided game. I hope JC or Haleigh or Scotty win this game.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Sounds like you’d prefer a charity event.


Everyone, even those who fail miserably gets a trophy. Yeah that sounds like fun. We have not seen such a fantastic display from an alliance this late into a game in a very long time. Great season to watch.

Cray Cray6

Are you crazy. JC certainly doesn’t deserve to win this game. He hasn’t won anything hasn’t even been close. The only thing he’s done is manipulate the hell outta Fes (which wasn’t hard) and get him to convince his alliance to do what he wanted. And he has been crossing the boundaries of person space and decency with almost all the houseguests.

Haliegh really doesn’t deserve to win either. She’s overall an unpleasant person. She has 2 wins and HOH that was part luck and a hacker comp. both of those wins failed miserably and her actions led to the evictions if her alliance members

Scottie has 1 hoh win and 1 veto win. His social game has been horrible and until last week he jumped ship to different sides of the house depending on who was in power and spilled everyone’s secrets.

Tyler is most deserving of a win. But I wouldn’t be mad if Kaycee, Brett or Angela won. Kaycee and Angela each have comp wins have always been true to their alliance and always trusted in them. Brett hasn’t won anything but has been good at manipulating and getting what he needs.

The Canadian

Same here

Art Vandalay

Why is everyone afraid to put Sam on the block? They all say she’ll flip out. So what? If she’s such a head case then let her leave. It feels like production is protecting her.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

I don’t think anyone has seen a need in it yet. It will happen soon with the numbers rapidly dwindling.


Yep. Have faith in the plan, 1 week too early and quite frankly maybe 2 as JC needs to go soon.

Rachel’s Vixens

Its not that people are afraid… its the possibility that she might get voted out and if that happens… it would be a waste of Ty’s HOH (Sam is a non threat… she’s unlikely to win comps and L6 can take her out once all members of Hive are exterminated)


Sam won an endurance wall competition which was impressive. She is throwing comps and playing everyone. Jury management as well. She plays dumb. That’s part of her strategy. cooking and cleaning will keep her around too 😉

Dirty Harry Reid

I think Sam’s time is coming but you need to take out the threats that are most capable of winning the HOH’s first. This works as an advantage for Sam and JC. I think Scottie has to be the target of Level 4 first.


Plus Sam hasn’t cast a vote that hurt Tyler. She may be unpredictable but so far she seems to be playing to help Tyler for the most part.


Haha, that’s golden Jerry, pure gold. Gonna change my handle to Baboo.

Picture on the wall

Hay and Scottie nominated.
Scottie wins PoV.
Somehow, someway JC falls far enough out of favor with Tyler that he is the replacement nom.
Watch the chaos ensue.

I can at least hope for some excitement in what looks to be a bland week.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Quite plausible. If Scottie were to take himself off the only options at this point would be JC or Sam.

The bland part should quickly disappear when we have the rapid-fire double (rumored triple) eviction. That will be quick paced, little time to evaluate and will possibly lead to some difficult campaigning. If it is a triple, it should add an element of chaos to the game.

It’s going to be fun watching how everyone reacts and responds.

Rachel’s Vixens

No way for triple eviction…. finale night is 9/26 (4 weeks), 8 remaining houseguests, there needs to be 3 houseguests left for the final week so that means there will be one double eviction before then


For Tyler, if scottie or haleigh wins veto, his best bet would be to convince Brett to volunteer as pawn.

He can’t put Ang/KC up as replacement because JC may coordinate and take one of them out.

Sam or JC as pawn might make them paranoid and piece together the True L6/4 and start blowing up the alliance prematurely.

With Brett OTB, he has KC, Ang, JC’s vote against either Haleigh or Scottie. Probably Sam’s as well. It also puts the outsiders that much more in the dark about L6 and the true allegiances.

Who said that!

I really wish Angela Had stayed in bed with Tyler and let Sam serve them both breakfast in bed.


The jury members should not have been allowed to talk to each other prior to a Battle Back. They should have been sequestered.


Well the battle back was probably a late call because Kaitlyn and then the rest of the Hive were just so bad.


Why? At this point who cares what they say. Having them sequestered would only make sense if it was the early battle back when there was more time to do damage. Level 6 has all the power & inflence, it wouldn’t have mattered who came back, wasn’t too much that could be done. I was hoping Scottie would do well in that HOH & win, shake the house up, but he failed, neither if the 4 evictees would do well in that HOH.


“It’s a free ride when you’ve already paid”. Those are the lyrics. Just thought I’d let you know that, lol.


I just saw on E!NEWS that JC was in trouble. They showed a clip of the bedroom during the night where JC was rubbing Tyler’s d*** and then kissing him all while Tyler was sleeping! They said it’s sexual assault. Simon/Dawg do you know what they’re talking about? Do you have the clip? If y’all already talked about this in another post, sorry I brought it up again.


Did they have the stuff about Hayleigh in the bathroom too?


Sexual assault and paedophilia is cool with all the special interest groups. Look at Hollyweird. Why would JC be any different?


Yes they had the bathroom thing too. Apparently their is a big uproar but I CBS is ok with sexual harassment.. so anything goes. They expected Haleigh to say she felt unsafe but that is how sexual harassment works… she wont say that because she doesn’t want it to effect her in anyway.. like you got JC out… not fair type of thing. They are putting the onus on her for his removal but in fact it is their obligation to make sure that everyone feels and stays safe. They shouldn’t have asked but made the the call themselves. This is also a back handed way of them getting what they want. You would think with the Les Moonves thing they would think a little deeper but…Money is all that matters. JC is truly disturbing. When you put all his clips together it really looks like he is a predator. I think he gets away with it because of his height but the next time he does something like that i hope that person jumps up and kicks him in the stomach…. HARD!!!

Cray Cray6

I have a question…..in past seasons they would often talk about production leaving them bottles of wine and a few cans of beer for everyone in the storage room as well as hoh gettinrhv some bit it seemed that the hoh winners already had their snacks and alcohol ready to go in case they won.

This year I haven’t heard any mention in the updates about them getting any alcohol other than the hoh getting a bottle or two of wine. So did they stop giving wine/beer to everyone and just make it an hoh perk and let them decide to share or not?


Its so rare when they get alcohol.. they might as not get it. They’re only gotten it a few times now and its only been a few beer with 1 bottle of wine. 🙁

Al Sharpton Wants to Hold Your Wallet

Is that because they already say enough stupid stuff when their sober?


The Hive have been drunk all season..or on some pretty powerful prescription drugs.

Cray Cray6

Thanks for the reply Dawg.

Just sayin'

In big brother canada they got all the houseguests drunk the night before, and then for the comp the next day they were all soooo hungover. It was the best!


They’ve gotten alcohol a couple times outside the HoH.

who me?

Update: Hayleigh & Scottie are the noms

Elijah Clueless Cummings

Scottie and Hayleigh on the block so another Hiver bites the dust again. If this was a fight the ref would of stopped the contest.

Elizabeth Pocohantas Warren

I like Scottie better than Hayleigh but he is more dangerous so he needs to go. Cue the tears for Hayleigh now that she is on the block.

The Apiary Idiots

is Sam’s only chance at winning that she can tell all the jurors that she didn’t vote them out? I don’t think she has a chance. Raven had more game than sam does.


Tyler just can’t help himself but play for 2nd place…if you go to such unnecessary and ultimately transparent lengths to BS people, that generates tremendous salt. The key to great BS is to include as much honesty as you can, then the lie can never be unearthed, and he could so easily manage Scottie with a healthy dose of candor…but he chooses not to. Playing to make it to the end in front of a jury that will never vote for him.


God Bless America
Trump does not
Sam for the win
yea baby


Pulling for Sam is going to turn out the same way as pulling for Hillary did. Level 4 FTW.

What to do?

Now we know where all the booze went.

Have another drink bb9000


Sam has a 0 % chance of winning this game. The same zero per cent as Hillary’s truth rate.