“Do you know what your nominations will be?” Tyler – “Probably Haleigh and Scottie”

POV: ? Next POV: Sept 1
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 3
HOH: Tyler Next HOH: Sept 6
Noms: ? Have Nots ?

Big Brother Spoilers Via the Diary room leak Tyler says he’s thinking about Haleigh and Scottie on the block

2:10am Brett, Angela and KAycee
Brett is talking about how worried he was that fes was coming back and heard his GBM.
Brett – I was like dude if he walks back in here it will it will be awkward as f*
Angela – i would have been a not very good environment.. caustic environment
Angela – what did you say in your GBM
Brett – you know exactly what I said
Angela – that you would take good care of Haleigh
BRett – I was ruthless..
Angela – good he deserves it .. he’s such a piece of sh1t
Brett – like real fu8ing bad
Kaycee – he is a piece of sh1t
Brett – we had a convo. where I told you he looked me in the eyes and said I promise you I won’t even put you up as a pawn.
Bret – don’t worry I’ll keep good care of your girl.. i’ll keep her nice and warm..

2:20am Haleigh and Scottie
Haleigh says she gave the competition everything she had..
Scottie says before Fes won HOH
Scottie says in the video he looks like a total jackass because when FES won SCotttie was celebrating hardcore
H – I was so made at him.. i’ll just have to win this veto
H – I’m tired of going into the DR.. Ok this is my comp I need to win for my game
H 0- I was so close.. F*ing tyler of course he beat me.. it would be weird if he didn’t
Scottie- you’ve beat Tyler.. the OH
H – it was a lame HOH.. What else it ROckstar and Bayelgih say
S – we talked about a lot of stuff..

S – there was soem giant mix up with the creation of the hive..
Scottie explains that how he remembers it happening he was sitting in the hottub, FEs, Haleigh and Rockstar joined him. Rockstar pitched the idea to him and told him to make up a name then Haleigh gave her speech about the solid group thing
Scottie adds that they told him that Haleigh and Fes told them that he was the one that approached them with the plan and just included himself.. (lol)
H – I never told them that
Scotttie – that’s what they said..
H – I thought we were all in the same room talking about the HIVE..
Scottie adds that Bayleigh makes it sound like he approached them and said “hey this should happen”
H – that didn’t happen..

haleigh – so Sam has been rude to me all week.. I woke up later than Sam everyday and she would remind me how she fed the fish.. passive aggressive..
H – so i woke up early one morning and fed them..
Haleigh says Fes’ eviction speech was really bad..

Angela I always knew you were born with a silver spoon in you mouth but I never knew how entitled you are until you told me you drove a range rover and so many guys hit on you that you wear a fake engagement ring.

HOH Room time.

2:37am we get a Diary room leak..
Production – do you know what your nominations will be
Tyler – Probably Haleigh and Scottie.

2:41pm Tyler reads out his HOH letter..

HOH Hugs all around.. Tyler tells them that he might lock his HOH door a couple time this time around.

2:51am Tyler and Haleigh

T – are you feeling ok
H – no.. I feel sick to my stomach .. my body hurts..
T – you should have won.. I didn’t want to make a deal and then have you..
H – you knew you were fine
T – I knew I was fine..
Haleigh – we talked about this earlier .. it’s not me vs you
T – I know.. but it’s good that everybody thinks that

Haleigh says she doesn’t want to ride the block, “will you tell me before what you are doing”
Tyler- yes .. I’m not going to keep you in the dark about stuff I Don’t like doing that .. I don’t like how that was last week.
Tyler – I’m just going to do what is best for me..
Angela comes in asks if she can use the shower. Haleigh leaves..

2:54am Tyler and Angela
Angela – i’m so happy..
Angela – this week will be legit deejay vu for last week..
They start complaining about Fes’ speech and his comments about Tyler being kept on a Angela’s leash
Tyler- it’s repeat of last week.. I just don’t know who should go
Tyler says he’ll talk to everyone tomorrow.

Tyler – when it was Kaycee, Brett, Haleigh and I was like I’m good.. then they both fell
A – can you guys please just win a HOH so we can stop doing this..
Angela says JC is making her mad today it’s like he’s trying to instigate things.
T – we’ll see how he is this week.
T – at least it wasn’t a double
A -0 at least it was just Scottie that came back.. if it was Fes..
T – he was so sh1tty why did he make it personal.

Sam comes in to bring him some water.
Angela quickly jumps into the bathroom turns the water on so Sam
After Sam leaves.. Angela jumps back into the HOH bed.. they wonder how haleigh was doing so good in the HOH .
Tyler – you know how weak his applause was
Angela – I hope everybody hates him and everybody hates him more after that..

Tyler says Sam wakes up right after the music goes off. She goes into the kitchen makes coffee and goes into the bathroom. Says that the window of opportunity to leave the HO is while SAm is in the bathroom, “that’s when I left”: (During the nights Tyler spent in the HOH with Angela last week)

Tyler says he’s tired of people blasting her without even knowing who she is
Angela – Sam apologized for voting haleigh out.. she like I hate it when people put me into their speeches.. they think I will flip and take advantage of me like that..
A – I was like shut the f* up..
Tyler tells her he’s going to make sure Sam isn’t coming after Angela..
A – i’m curious to know what Scottie is thinking right now

A – it’s nice to have Haleigh off our a$$es now.. it was so annoying..
Tyler agrees. says Halegih almost won . Angela says she would have put the two of them up.
T – now she’s got Scottie..
A – we replaced Fes with Scottie
Tyler – yeah
A – it’s annoying..
T – just don’t know who is the bigger threat.. Haleigh or Scottie.. Scottie is probably pissed at Brett.
A – i know
Tyler- you carried yourself really well today when he tried to blast you
A – I shouldn’t have said anything.. I shouldn’t have let anyone know it bothered me..
Tyler reassures her it didn’t seem like it bothered her
Tyler – your eyes look really pretty when you cry.. did I ever tell you that before

Angela says JC has been really weird to her
Tyler says Brett has a crush on Angela and JC has a crush on him..

3:20am JC and BRett
They are agreeing they will be fine this week. Saying that some people are winning HOH number 2 and they haven’t even one once. JC points out how this is good for them because it keeps the blood of their hands.
JC – why do people come into Big brother Fame and Money..
Brett says if you do conduct yourself well on Big Brother you can use it on a resume. “you know how well I can perform under pressure.. I was in a pressure cooker for 90 days”
Brett says he’s going to use Big Brother in job interviews..

Brett – I performed a f*ing speech in front of 6 million people live.. how many people can say that..
B – not many people have that type of thing on their resume..

3:33am Talking about how they’ve won 2 HOH’s in a row..
A – and now we’re the two biggest targets.
they laugh that they’ll keep winning HOH’s back 2 back.
They say after this week there’s only 3 weeks left..
A – maybe it’ll go longer..
T – they did say at least 100 days.. oh well we’ll be here for awhile.
They talk about how the 1 way audio to the kitchen doesn’t work anymore. Tyler comments how “they” (production) really f*ed up when they had that leak from the HOH to the kitchen and Sam heard. they agree that could have been really bad.
Tyler – when people do stuff to turn us against each other..
A – it backfires
T – yeah it backfires big time..
T – you are the only person I feel like talking to ..
A – same..

JC, Sam, SCottie where teh first three to fall. they wonder if maybe that will be the Have nots.
T – just in case you will have to sleep in here son Friday.. or Saturday..
A – I can’t be the first one to sleep up here..
Tyler says JC will probably want to be the first one.
T – he drives me nuts.. actually when he stayed up in the HOH last time he stayed to his own side..
Angela can’t tell if Sam likes her or not..
T – I think she doesn’t .. she as weird protection thing.. with the guys
They’re watching the HOH spycam.. Waiting for Sam to stop cleaning up and go to bed so Angela can duck out.

T – I cannot last 28 days without seeing you (if he got evicted)
A- Same, 8 hours is hard enough

4:54am night night folks..

8:25am zzzzzzzz

9:20am wakeup…

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The battleback comp was lame. They didn’t make it hard enough.


They needed it to be fast


With Fessy’s height and leaning over the railing, the comp was his to win. Lol.

Hi My Name Is Scott

Wonder if he just did not want to go back into the house after all. He got 2 in quick and should have been able to win easily. Looked to me that he was not trying to get one in after that.


Fessy’s ego would never allow him to lose a compition intentionally. He left looking like a fool, just like he’s been the entire season. Hopefully there’s lots of mirrors for him at the jury house. So glad he’s gone.

Hi My Name Is Scott

With his reach he should have gotten in no worse than 4 out of six and like Scottie was saying, Fes was taking his time. He literally only had to drop a ball like 6-10 inches and should have had no trouble doing this comp.


I don’t think he took an extraordinary amount of time. Scottie made 4 of 6 or so? He made it out like Fes was way ahead and then blew it.


So true, they actually tailor made that fame for Fessy to win, and he still lost! They set the balls off the ground, ensuring he had a reach advantage, they also knew Fessy would be hanging over the edge with those long ass arms and he would probably be the one to return. But it’s just like his personality for Fes to screw this company up. He was hanging over so far he couldn’t keep himself balanced and it looked like a kid trying to get them in there. I mean Bay and RS we’re tied with him in the end! That’s how bad he played? Scottie wins big, yet loses the HoH and returns to a house of enemies. He’s in no better shape. Trying to reshape his gameplay is next to impossible, because even if Scottie wants to change his strategy, the rest of the house is winning and frankly they don’t have to change theirs.
Scottie will leave this week and Haliegh will follow. It’ll be Lvl4 plus Sam and JC as the F6.


I don’t think they realized anything about reaching over. Production are morons.

Rock Lobster

I kept hoping he was gonna fall right over that railing!

I can’t even...

His ego weighed him down! Now he can go reminisce with Bayleigh and Rock Star about how great Swaggy C is…I wonder if they all
will wear those stupid loser swaggy shirts to the finale?


disagree, it was a comp equal for both sexes.

another name

Last time they used that comp, the riser was about 4 feet higher from the tube, and the house guests had to get (I think) 8 balls into the tube and if i remember correctly, they used tennis balls. Even then, I think that comp was done on air, and only took about 10 minutes. A comp that takes less than 2 minutes? ridiculous. A comp where the tallest competitor is only a couple of feet from the opening when leaning over the railing? Also ridiculous. For some reason I think Fester Kaitlyn’d that comp.


Lol – “Fester Kaitlyn’d that comp.” 100%


Didn’t even own it.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

It’s a “Hive thing”. Literally.


Tyler needs to shoot his shot


What is Tyler’s shot? If Hay and Ratso, it alienates Ratso because Hay is already gunning for Tyler- this Sam talk is personal, but Tyler is game… big game.

If T noms JC, it could be bad because he knows where ‘the bodies are buried.’
If Brett, it would be bad because he can get downright nasty
If Sam, well, she is just unpredictable and can be vicious
If KC, she is super pawn
If Angela, the otherswill vote her out

Tyler has to be very careful. It will be interesting to see Tyler’s ‘finesse move.’ Stay tuned. T FTW


do you mean his shot from his shooter?


Tyler’s words, “I don’t want to take a shot at my alliance, I want them to take each other out” & he misses the perfect opportunity to let Haliegh win HOH strike up a deal with her, so she go after Level 6 (before they wake up & decide they want to win 500k) have a chance to take a shot at him, & he wins HOH? A bit of FES brain is rubbing off on, “Surfer Dude”, this was literally the perfect opportunity to make a move without having to lift a finger. We know Tyler not bold enough to take a shot at them straight up & expose his game, so why not secretly use Haliegh? If this bites him in the ass later, I will laugh…


Hayleigh would have gotten Tyler out (possibly backdoor him).


Tyler would be crazy to start actively trying to take out his core alliance while there are still folks like Haleigh and Scottie in the game. Why should he want them taken out, when they will keep him safe, where as the others might not? They all know it’ll get brutal eventually, they’ve said as much. Tyler using someone to target his core alliance would be a Fes move, especially if he trusted Haleigh to do it, given she’s tried to take him out before.


But he knows haleigh is gunning for him. If he threw it to her, he’d be #1 target with a bullet.

His best bet is to get H out, then lay low in the following weeks and let his final 2s keep him safe.


You are right when you say Tyler’s best bet is to get rid of Hay. He should renew his ‘friendship’ with Scottie- tell him he is a pawn and Hay is his target because she is target-ing him. Evict Hay and hope that Scottie wins HOH to get rid of JC or Sam or anybody. Tyler will still be the good guy.


Tyler’s final two’s don’t include Hailey and Scottie. By winning HOH, he can take out either one of those two and still look like he has a final two with the rest of the house.


Maybe if Scottie hadn’t returned. He had no idea what Scottie motives were. I think he did the right thing given the new dynamics.

another name

So, in essence, your argument is actually why isn’t Haleigh safe?
What trust can Tyler have in Haleigh? He believed in week one/two she was a spy sent by her alliance to manipulate him with flirtation. He was warned by Bayleigh, during her hoh, that he would have to win comps because everyone would backdoor him. Haleigh already took a shot, and he was warned by JC (after a talk with Fes) that Haleigh was planning to back door him when she was HOH. Given that we, as the audience, know Haleigh has said she doesn’t honor deals or promises because she’ll bounce checks to win (she said this in the HOH room during Scottie or Bayleigh’s HOH), we know she can’t be trusted.
In order to use someone as a tool, you have to trust them, or at least believe they would honor a deal, or at the very least believe that you have a close enough relationship to control them. Tyler and Haleigh don’t have that relationship.

I can’t even...

Oh please! Tyler is Hayleigh’s number one target. He has been and will be, nothing has changed.


In some ways, this may not have been a bad strategy for Tyler. He’s made so many deals with so many people, all of which seem to those people to be genuine, he’d probably have the votes to stay. It would be a big risk though.


Wow. Angela and KC really hate Fes. It feels a bit over the top to me.


Angela is just a nasty nasty person, true colors showing more and more each day. Fes said a few things on his way out but that was game. can’t wait to see her walk out of the BB house to jury!


I’ve watched the feeds a lot this year. The truly nasty mean girls were Rockstar and Bayleigh. Haleigh got caught up in the hate spewing when Rockstar was there. Angela and Kaycee don’t come close. Angela’s character has been constantly under attack. She is very stoic and hasn’t shown much emotion until recently. Bottom line she’s a good person and hasn’t deserved all the hate. IMO


People don’t like Angela because she is stoic and really hot, let’s be real. She’s kicking ass at this game, holding her composure and is flipping hot to boot. I’m not a fan of her personality, but I respect how she stays in control. I’m sad Scottie or Haleigh didn’t win HOH. I wanted L6 to squirm. I hope Scottie can win the veto.


I’m down for Scotty winning veto and Hay moving to the jury house.
Liking Angela more and more. She doesn’t indulge in the petty hate spewing of Rock and Bay,


I think t should talk to L4 doesn’t include jc and and say this we got tricky job to get through who we want out let’s all play I. Veto keep the majority of us in veto by noting my own people kc and Brett and me we all play pick Angela if we can then take off one put up target and win next hoh


I think she has a ton of personality outside the house but is trying to play the game, win 500K before taxes, and stay centered.


I’m hoping Angela makes it to f2!!! Even before Fessy’s speech Angela and KC were calling Fessy a bully and a moron. They most likely got the moron from zingbot, but still. I just don’t get why they hated on him so much. Maybe to justify voting him out over Hay?


Because Fes IS a moron, that’s why. He targeted his own alliance member along with countless stupid ideas he has had all game. I used to like Fes, he seemed like a harmless village idiot but his stupidity finally got to me. Probably Angela and KC too. Glad he is gone.


Because he turned out to be an arrogant ass.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

I get it because i can’t stand him either. Lazy, sore Loser, ungrateful, bad boyfriend, stupid but arrogant.


Calling her an entitled person because she drives a range rover (if she even drives one) isn’t game, it was personal. Many of the things he said had nothing to do with the game. Angela has said some nasty things about some of the others but no more than several others and way less than some of them.


So you guys are ok when L6 make these bs, personal speeches when they are on the block but not ok when fes does it? Ok, got it.


I think she was just going along with the convo to convince them she wanted to take out floaters and that she would be up for the f4 they proposed. It was all game play and strategy so that if Halieigh won the next HoH they wouldn’t be her target. What Fez didn’t know was Tyler & Angela went back to their alliance and told them everything that Fez & Haleigh were saying so saying what he said will literally have no baring on the game.

That being said..if Tyler wants L4/6 to get to the end he has to put up Haleigh & Scottie and backdoor JC if given the opportunity. If he doesn’t JC and Brett are going to take the first shot…probably at the double..may not be at Tyler but Angela will be gone cause only Kaycee & Tyler will vote to keep her in the game.


True most likely


Any conversation by Angela with Fez and Haleigh is smoke and mirrors. Remember when Brett was getting in with the Hive and he told Angela he was totally throwing her under the bus and selling her out hardcore and she thought it was funny. They trust each other right now and know that side isn’t an out with any of them. None of them care what is said to them.

Scottie, Sam, JC and Haleigh might be a different matter though. Those conversations may have repercussions.

You are Jealous of Angela and You Suck

No. You are ugly and jealous of Angela. You are showing your true colors here every day

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

He even admitted to Julie none of it was true.

another name

How long did we have to hear about “on my daughter’s birthday” from Rockstar about Brett? And that speech wasn’t about how Rockstar was raised, that was a game related speech.
Given that the d/r had already been asking family questions in order to evoke an emotional response (that wasn’t used in the show, so was… just to toy with her?), so the wound was fresh, I think Angela might have had cause: as long as she doesn’t harp about it for two weeks.
Kaycee had already said that when production asked what characteristics she would have a hard time getting along with in pre-production, she got the feeling they used it as a checklist when casting Fes. I would actually like to know what he was like before feeds when they were in the house for a week, because he really seemed to rub her the wrong way.
From a personal standpoint, if I was in the game, and Fes was a have not taking hot showers, staying in bed all day, and sneaking food in the shower as a have not after making wisecracks to diminish my veto win? I’d be salty.



Why would Angela be jealous of Fes? She turned him down day 1. She has Tyler all over her. She has Brett on the wing. Her issue with Fes is the same as the rest of the Hive, they aren’t good for her game. She may have some negative views of Fez, but I don’t think jealousy comes into play.

And you are high as a kite if you think KC is jealous of Fes. No, she wouldn’t know who he is prior to BB20 because of his college ball. He was playing for an FCS team. That means the 129 FBS teams passed in him. FCS gets practically no TV time or media coverage outside their local markets.

I’m sure the woman getting paid to play football isn’t jealous of the man who has never been paid to play football and is a teacher now.

And what is a two time draft pick, anyway? He broke his shoulder his senior year and wasn’t drafted. So ultimately a zero time draft pick. Not saying he wasn’t good, but he was faaaaar from a household name even for collegiate football fanatics.


Fez tends bar and sometimes subs. He is not a licensed teacher. It’s a lot different.


@Trey1 I hate to call you out, bud… but there are some untruths in your post. You are welcome to your opinion about Angela and Kaycee even though I disagree. As stated by others, I think Angela is more stoic, less emotional than the average fitness model. When she speaks about things or people that annoy her, some folks interpret that as being the b word. I see it differently.
Now on to your factual inaccuaricies: 1) you stated that Fes is a “2 time draft pick.” My apologies if you are speaking about the Arena League or the CFL, but a simple search tells that since 1996 only 8 players from UT Chattanooga have been drafted. 2) on your quote that for there to be “no way she didn’ know who he was” (she being Kaycee), of the 8 draftees from Chattanooga there is only 1 that anyone (outside of Chattanooga, TN or the families of the 8 draftees) would know… Terrell Owens.
I can tell you as a former college coach that there are plenty good football players at the level in which Fes played. Only a few get drafted every year, and most of those are transfers who left major univeristies for whatever reason. That level of football gets the kids who are a little too short, a step slow, or don’t have the grades to get into a major university. After watching Fes this summer, I don’t think “too short” applied. The other two… different story.

Haleigh's Melanoma

That is pretty shaky logic, if that is really what it is.


They hate what he said. I’m sure they were ambivalent beforehand.


Are you out of your mind? No one knows players from FCS College Football, that’s the 2nd highest level. You would have to be a fan of Chattanooga or one of their Southern Conference opps to know of him. Or follow the NFL Draft to an insane level. He was never drafted and rated 44 of 98 TEs – never had any chance of being drafted. Stop lying.


I think Fes was dismissive and patronizing to KayCee and Angela in a super-stereotypical male chauvinist way. And I don’t think they liked how possessive/controlling he was with Hayleigh.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Fezzy logic is contagious.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Well this has been exciting but I do think a lot of people are missing out on the biggest betrayal of the season…

“Actually they were really mad when Fes said in his speech this is for Swaggy. They were like that was week f**king two! What the f**k are you talking about dude!!”

…the king is dead, long live the king.

Scottie, get your head into the GAME. Cheer up Fessie, Faileigh will soon be reunited.

JC is a pervert

Just another boring week. Then another. Hayleigh, then Scottie.



who me?

“Everything he said is a lie to driving a range rover, to the grocery store thing. I have never talked to Fes before. Everything that came out of his mouth was a lie to the point where it was slander towards me. It was lying about my character in front of millions of people.” Sorry Ang…you signed off on that when you entered the house…can talk and lie about others but don’t like it when it’s done to you. Poor poor Princess.
JC is being his usual perverted, annoying, self…someone get him out, and soon. And let’s not forget Sam. She will “southern talk” and hide her way to the F2 if someone doesn’t get her out too. Forget the every damn week…L4 “we got the votes” then ask “I wonder how Sam and JC will vote…we need to talk to them.” If you are so sure of your alliance then you don’t need these 2.
“Angela – exactly, I’ve been HOH twice and I’ve never considered putting you up Sam”…gasp thats a lie! And in front of millions of people!
“ Sam – I know I am an easy target to make fun of me. I have never said anything negative about anyone. “ Well except for the whole “slut shaming” you did on your HOH.
And if Brett had half a brain, he would seriously work with Scottie & Hayleigh and start getting the others out. I don’t see him winning up against any one of them.
Unless Scottie wins Veto, this week is going to be the same old same old boring.
Oh and Angela…you’re an almost 30 year old woman, can you call the males men instead of “boys”, and stop saying “same” all the time? Probably not.


you see all the thumbs down? it’s hilarious how people defend the brat spoiled nasty angela! I don’t know what they see in her, but I agree with you 100%


Say anything about Angela–you’re just jealous. Say anything about Tyler, you don’t respect true game play . Disagree L6 is the most iconic and best alliance in the history of BB and you’re not a true fan. Don’t bother wasting your time or energy with these folks. They’re all clearly L6 fans and will deflect and make excuses for their faves all day/night long. This site used to be really good. There were so many interesting and diverse comments last year despite it being such a horrible season. A bunch of hypocrites / MAGA’s have taken over this site and its no longer as fun or interesting.


Why would Brett team up with a sinking ship? I’m sure he’s aware that at some point L6 has to turn on each other, but L6 member teaming up with losing Hive? That’s so foutte.


I thought the churchlady retired…….


Have Tyler and Angela kissed and I have missed it? Is Tyler really into her or is it just for his game? His DR on tonights episode downplayed his feelings for her, but was that real?


I don’t know either??he always talks about everyone else being f2 and never her. I’ve heard him say he’s taking Kaycee but everyone in jury hates Angela more ????

My Two Cents

I’m wondering the same thing…


They are very much into each other. I’ve only seen him kiss her on her head, hold hands and hug and cuddle. They’ve discussed vacationing after the show together and he wants to move to LA after the show.
IMO, they will be a couple outside the house. Tyler has his focus on winning this game so knows he needs to get her out.


No kisses only cuddles


I think he’s into her but trying to play it cool. He also wants to win.


I think he is into her but doesn’t want to throw away his game since he doubts it will work out in the real world.

Rigged Game

Battle back was rigged up for fezzy. He still lost. Lol!


In the beginning of the season I didn’t care for Angela but now I’m really starting to root for her….don’t get me wrong I know she’s had her “mean girl” moments on the feeds but I don’t think she’s been any more or less catty then a few others in the house. She just gets the most heat for it because she “looks” like a typical mean girl and doesn’t where her emotions on her sleeve so people think she’s mean. Shes constantly called entitled by her fellow houseguests and fessys speech was ridiculos. If it was for a game move that’s one thing but calling her entitled and coming at her for driving a Range Rover was obviously personal. And she can’t even defend herself or people would come at her for that too. I mean Julie Chen called her a mean girl for her GB message to rockstar even though all week rockstar was going off about how much of an entitled bitch Angela is. And I feel like Angela doesn’t walk around with a false sense of entitlement she just doesn’t show emotion and just because she’s had a good up bringing people assume she’s pampered and who knows maybe she is but she doesn’t rub it in like people think. Basically I think she’s been playing a great game, made big moves, stayed loyal, and won comps but that’s not even being considered because people don’t like her personally. I mean JC now wants her out and maybe it is because he wants to break up her and KC but it very well could be jealousy. And lastly thinking she’s a man eater or using Tyler is ridiculous. They are in an alliance and he’s one of the few people she actaully has so why wouldn’t she want to keep him in the game and vice versa. Sorry rant over I’m just enjoying her game play and we rarely get this type of gameplay from a female contestant but now I see why because people think she’s only doing well because she’s using others when in reality she has the most blood on her hands.


If Angela was a man, she would be held as the best bb player ever. She has mad HUGE moves, put her neck on the line, and is still there without any sweat on her brow.

However, she is a woman, so she is a mean girl, or bitchy, or whatever.

If Tyler was a woman, nobody would like him. He was already hooking up with 2 different people, and making a bunch of f2 deals.

I personally think that Angela and Kaycee have played a cleaner and tighter game than Brett and Tyler… Instead of being half ass loyal to everyone, they are being loyal to their troupe, and saying f*ck the rest… The house sees it, and that is why they are the number one targets.

The Beef

Except for Rachel. They weren’t very loyal to her. Granted, she was up against Brett, another L6 alliance member, but they had no problem flushing their loyalty to her (especially Angela, who had a F2 with Rachel) and sent her ass packing.

Don’t get me wrong. I like Angela. I think she is neck and neck with Tyler as to who is playing the best game so far this season. Just pointing out that while she claims total loyalty to her alliance members, that claim is not totally true (it comes with caveats).


I just find it odd that Angela is so upset by Fes’ speech. “Why did he have to go personal?” Dude – you’ve done that in each one of your speeches. Instead of just saying “it’s the move that’s best for my game…” she has made it a point to try to cut throats in her speeches.

Own your karma and stop being a victim. It’s a game after all…right?

Still LIVING for the day that POS JC is on the block and headed out the door. I have disliked house guests before but with him – I’m disgusted.


Tyler’s best bet is to nominate Scottie and Haileigh. If one of them wins veto then he should put up Kaycee to guarantee that either Scottie or Haileigh goes home.

Putting up Angela or JC would be a bad move as the house would likely vote them out no matter who they sit up against.


If Hay or Scottie win Veto, the nom should be Sam. Sure she could expose their pinky F2 promise. But I dont think people will believe her.


The problem with putting Kaycee up is there are only 2 member’s of L6/5/4 voting at that point. Meaning the power goes to JC and Sam. They decide who goes home. Only 5 votes this week and JC is already making rumblings. Sam or JC would be his real options and that could be tricky. I’m looking forward to the veto being used this week to see how he’s able to spin it.


Exactly, he can’t afford to put up Ang/KC as a replacement. Not after his discussion with JC and not being sure where Sam would vote. He could use Brett if all L6 agree, otherwise he’ll have to use Sam or JC (whichever one puts up less fight).

But for Tyler’s game, he’d be best off convincing Brett to volunteer for replacement pawn since he will have Ang/KC/JC’s votes and probably Sam’s against either H or Scottie.


Bleh….” I’m probably going to put up Hayley and Scotty “……….looks like another boring week…..unless Scotty wins POV. I know everyone loves Tyler, but I’m bored of his game. He’s putting up who he thinks will have the least reprocussions for him, so who ever wins HOH next week will have to do the dirty work. I get it, it’s smart, but boring. Final 2s with everyone, boring. Being everyone’s BFF, boring. …..Bleh.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

It’s called playing to win.


Didn’t stop S16 from being any less of a bore.


Doesn’t the Battle Back winner get 1 week of safety? I guess they changed it this year to make it even more pointless. This season peaked a month ago. Now it’s just boring to watch the same side make it to the end.


I’m not sure I ever remember that being the case, unless it was a while ago. I know there have been times when the battle back is played in the same game as the HOH which gives the returning players a chance to not only get back in but win HOH at the same time, which would be a week of safety. Perhaps that’s what you’re thinking of?


I think in some of the earlier season, the returnee had a week of safety but that was at least 5-6 seasons ago and probably the preteen seasons.


Can you imagine production’s meeting if they really wanted CrackRock to win !!
Ok people we can’t do anything that recquires math, speed , indurance, eye hand coordination, strength , or a brain ! Any ideas??
They literally would have to do the competition then announce “ok house guests expect the unexpected” the person that came in last place goes back into the house , RockBlock you are our winner !!
Seriously that would be the only way !!


Deep throat comp

Haleigh's Melanoma

Booty Clap comp.


I just threw up in my mouth !

another name

here’s your comp rockstar: who can whine and complain loudest and longest about spoiled rich entitled white kids. GO!

Julio Juarez

If Scottie is back in the house why isn’t his picture showing color????? Get with the program BB


Level 6 fan right here but maaan, I really wanted haleigh to win hoh, it would have made for a much more interesting week. I want one of scottie/haleigh to win the veto so that sam or jc get put on the block, they will freak out for sure!


Tyler had no other option but win when KC & Brett fell off. He knew Hay would put him up.


If next week is the double, he can’t play. This is where having F2’s with everybody is useful. He needs to make Scottie believe that they have an F2. Even if he doesn’t, he has the votes to stay.

JC would put up KC & Angela.
Brett would put up Angela & Scottie (if Hay is voted out).
Sam…can’t win.
Scottie would put up Angela & KC (if he thinks he has an F2 with Tyler).
KC puts up anyone but Angela & Tyler.

JC has become annoying to me.

I don’t understand people who say this is boring. IMHO….This is the best season in years!!!


I think the boring part this week is the fact we kind of knew the moment Haleigh hit the floor she’d hit the block next to Scottie. The interesting thing might be if the veto is played. Tyler will have to sell someone being the pawn but at the same time reassure them they aren’t expendable. Tyler can’t put JC or Sam up because those two will not go quietly. Sam is Sam so no ones sure how that shakes out. JC will lose his mind.

I want the veto played just to see how Tyler deals with it. Tyler doesn’t have too many options for replacements that won’t bite him.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

You have to blame L4, it can’t be because the person/alliance you’re rooting for is so incredibly incompetent and clueless.


I’m sorry, I disagree. Right now I’m rooting for Scotty, and he is back, and could potentially win the POV. I’m saying it’s boring because it’s the same old game play. Especially with Tyler. Pretend to be everyone’s friend, put up the players that are the underdogs that couldn’t possibly get the votes instead of putting up a threat to him. Playing it safe so no one gets mad at you…. In the beginning I thought it was the best season because people were targeting big threats. Now there back to targeting the easy outs…that’s boring to me, and just so predictable. Just an opion.




I see the point but I’d argue that they took shots at the big threats early and no the only real threats are themselves and there are still some loose folks sitting around that confuses the votes. They need to clear the field before they tear into each other. It’s just a lull.


The pecking order is Hayleigh, Scottie, Sam and JC roughly in that order. Brett would never put up Angela at this point, JC would face too much wrath to try that now, all your predictions aren’t working for me. Maybe later but not now. L6 will go to top 4 together, they have these non L6 people to dispose of first. Easy peasy.

Roll Tide

JC can’t win anything. He will not be HOH. CBS needs to remove him from the game for holding open the bathroom door when Haleigh was in the toilet, and for getting into Tyler’s bed (after Tyler told him he could not sleep in it) after Tyler was asleep, JC was rubbing and kissing his arm.
I think sexual harassment goes both ways.
JC should be expelled or automatically on the block and one plenty vote.


Fes – classless to the end. Saying Angela wasn’t all that. How is that game? He’s the one that turned out to be not all that.

You Only Live Once

Fess only showed his inner insecurities by his laughable speech directed towards Angela. Fess is an insecure, highly possessive and jealous person, he made that very evident with his whole passive aggressive, poor me attitude towards Hayleigh

Ah…Hayleigh…why you hanging out with them and not me….
Ah…Hayleigh why you on the hammock with Brett….

If I was Hayleigh I would laugh at Fess outside the house and point out his possessiveness and passive aggressive attitude….but Hayleigh is a match made in heaven for Fess as they are both emotionally unstable….I mean Hayleigh is crying every DR interview.

Fes mom

Fes was right. Angela is an entitled b*. The whole America needed to know that, including yourself.

Sam is either an evil genius or completely mad

What cracks me up is that he really thought that speech was going to get everyone to turn on Angela. He probably thought he was pulling a “Brett”, stirring up the pot, causing chaos in the house. Little does he know, no one can pull that off like Brett can!


I didn’t understand most of Fes’s speech he was muttering and incoherent, even the caption people didn’t get it. Does anyone know where to get an english translation of the whole speech?

This guy went to college?

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Scottie, you won your chance at redemption. Chances are very likely you’ll soon go back out again, but this time you can salvage part of your superfan reputation and go out with some dignity.


It’s been said, although you disagreed, another BORING week.


It’s a predictable week until the veto. If Scottie or Haleigh wins there could be complications.


Just donated . Thanks for the great job, please keep the Angela bikini pics rolling !!

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Personally, I think ANYONE who goes on one of these so-called reality TV shows needs their head examined. Not only are they submitting themselves to manipulation by producers who care only about ratings, not only is their a potential that their deepest secrets might become fodder for reality media, they’re getting noticed by watchers…and some fans take things far too seriously.

For instance, while most watching would probably agree that Fessie isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer, some fans (apparently Scottie fans) took it upon themselves to go after him outside of the house. Fessie has a fitness app, and whether he actually wrote the app himself or not, the app is part of his personal income. Prior to his nominating Scottie, his app was running a solid 4 star rating. As soon as he nominated Scottie it appears a lot of Scottie fans downloaded his app and have been trashing it in the reviews/ratings; often with comments having absolutely nothing to do with the app itself but on his BB game play.


Sure, when people sign up to do these shows they should know they’re opening themselves up, but some so-called fans really do need to get a grip on reality; it’s just a damned TV show.


But they can also make a ton more money then they ever deserve since they have no skills or education.
Check out Amanda Stanton from Bachelor series. She was a stay at home mom of 2 with no prospects. She then decided to leave her kids alone multiple times to do the shows and now she is an Instagram Influencer with terrible implants.

Roll Tide

You are right, I read another article about Big Brother fans taking away his income based on his poor game play. Just because a person does not play like you want them to is not a reason to take away their livelihood.
Fes said he did not know how to play Big Brother. He got caught up in the blonde trap, Kaitlin, then Hayleigh.
It is just a game.


I think this is the first time I’m just completely okay with the season being over. It’s been so dull to watch, I need more strategy, more gameplay and more savagery! Tyler has by far played the best game and I’ll be very surprised if he doesn’t win. Everyone’s said Hayleigh/Fessie and their alliance are stupid, but so are JC, Sam and Brett for not picking up on the fact that they’re at the bottom of the totem pole and won’t be taken anywhere by the side they keep voting with. You would think JC might have clued into this at least a little based on Tyler’s reaction after he broached the topic of putting up Kaycee and Angela.

I can’t say exactly how Angela has been this season because I don’t watch the feeds but I thought it was pretty douchey what she had to say to Rachel, her supposed friend, in her goodbye message. Do I think Angela has played a super strategic game worth putting in the books? No. I think she got lucky in the side she’s picked and that’s about it, other than a couple of comp wins, but an HOH winner does not an epic big brother player make. At least Kaycee and Tyler have tried to build other solid relationships in the house with the others so that they could, in fact, talk their way off the block or have votes to stay if needed. There really hasn’t been a lot of scheming and strategy needed from the L6 side because the other side has been so epically bad at the game. I wish this weren’t the case, I always love a good underdog to root for, but that just isn’t the case this season.


So you are clueless it appears


Yeah No. The crowd did NOT like Fess. It was a lacklustre response. Save for his family in the audience. He acted as he has the entire season, like the spoiled entitled little bitch he and others accuse Angela of. I think he came into BB thinking he was some kind star/hero cuz what? He played College Football? He did some modelling? Gimme a break. College players are a dime a dozen (and frankly so are model’s) And more often then not, stupid. Why? Cuz most of them don’t go to class. They aren’t there for the education. They’re recruited or get in because of Athletic abilities and when don’t they make the cut or get injured or whatever, what happens? They still have the ego but not much else going for them. And guess what kids? This was perfectly demonstrated by his pathetic BB showing.
Fess’ true claim to fame is being big, dumb and full of hot air signifying nothing.


I saw the news they are allowing JC to stay in the House regardless of his sexual harassment of Tyler and Hayleigh. I did not know he kissed Tyler and grabbed his junk while he was sleeping. Purposely opened the door while Hayleigh was in the bathroom and tied to stay open and a producer had to intervene. JC you are one bad person doing that think of stuff.


I think both of them, Tyler and Haleigh, were asked about it and didn’t mark it as a big deal so production took a hands off approach. It’s a weird dynamic in the house.


Definitely not the same game as Paul. Tyler is much kinder and does not tell people to go pots and pans anyone or start actual fights. But he is very strategic in the same way Paul was. Total different approaches in my opinion.


lol Angela talking about fes weak appluase wait until shes out and they boo her ass


I’m trying to determine if you’re watching the same show.


The only people in Jury are Foutte/Hive people from the other side. Wait until some of the current houseguests start leaving, that’s where his support will be and maybe someone can do some convincing. No one can predict anything right now, that’s part of the fun.


Actually it’s the other way around. Haleigh does not like Fes as much as she makes it seem. I disagree with Julie that Haleigh is into him. She suspected there would be a battle back and knew there was a chance he would be coming back into the house, so she brought on the emotions in her GBM. It’s all still part of the game for her.