Hannah “I would take that shot against SB, easy peasy lemon squeezy..”

HOH: Christian
SAFE: Xavier, Alyssa and Sarah Beth
HAVENOTS: Azah, Big D, Britini
WILDCARD Competition Winner: Claire (safe 2 weeks)
Nominations: Hannah & Whitney
Power of Veto Players: Christian, Hannah, Whitney, Claire, Azah, DerekX | Host Alyssa
Power of Veto: Christian
Power of Veto Ceremony: Christian did not use the Power of Veto Nomiantions are locked.

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10:04pm Bathroom. Alyssa and Tiffany.
Alyssa – before Brit came in Christian wanted to talk about who the fifth should be. Tiffany – I thought we said X? Alyssa – oh okay. I don’t know if we agreed on it or not but now that X see’s what we see.. I think him for fifth for sure. Tiffany – for sure. Alyssa – I am glad we’re all on the same page. Tiffany – great minds think a like. They talk about how Brit walks in on everyone’s conversations. Tiffany – I think she just has no idea. Alyssa – maybe. Tiffany – I don’t think she is aware of it at all. Derek joins Alyssa. Derek – do you want to meet up with Christian and Hannah tonight? Alyssa – I am down if they are. Derek – Christian grabbed me and said that he wanted to. Alyssa – okay, then lets do it. Derek leaves. Claire joins Alyssa. Alyssa – before Britini came in Christian was going to bring up X being the fifth. Claire – I feel good about X being the fifth. Christian joins them.

Backyard Pool – Hannah and Derek X
Hannah – I think we need to decide eventually where our primary loyalty lies and who we can help get us further in this game. But like I said you’re my number one. Derek – the way I think about it is, I trust Claire Tiffany and Kyland more than I trust Alyssa and Christian. Hannah – same. Derek – Christian and Alyssa are better for our game from a comp perspective. And if I think about people that I am most scared of that will put me up it is Christian and Alyssa. In terms of who would put us up and who has the ability to win to put us up. I personally feel like I need to work that side of the house. The people that I think would put me up, I don’t think can beat me. I think Christian can beat me. I don’t trust just having numbers. If you just have number Christian would just put up me and Kyland. Hannah – As far as Christian and Alyssa go we take it for what it is. Christian and Alyssa are a shield to us. At the end of the day I don’t think their primary loyalty is with us. I don’t think they will come to us to consult on different decisions they will have to make. And what our next steps are as a group. I think if you and Christian call a truce for now. Don’t go after each other.. me and Alyssa fall in line. At the end of the day I don’t think their primary loyalty is with us. Alyssa – still makes me a little nervous. I think this early in the game I don’t think she would target me or she might put me up on the block if half the house is safe because there would be such limited options at this point. But in two weeks I don’t trust that. I am kind of worried .. are they doing this for just this week?

11:15pm – 11:40pm Backyard. Tiffany, X and Hannah.
Tiffany – me and “Chaddha” (Hannah), you know we have the six and within the six we feel that ..me and “Chaddha” want to work together in the six. We want to keep her here as long as we can. Xavier – I agree. Tiffany – we want to set up someone else to work with us and I love Ky to death but he has a lot going on. We really want to know if you would want to work with me and “Chaddha” once we get down to six. Xavier – I’m in. As long as y’all got the brains, I got the muscle. I want to work with you (Hannah) on days. I know you’ve got the days down. I want to start working with you because that’s an area that I want to get better. Tiffany – but what I was saying is that I know nobody in the six want to go against each other I think everyone will be fine when we leave this house but if we get down to the final three and its us.. I don’t care. Xavier – agreed. Hannah – yup. Xavier – and you know regarding this .. who do you talk to? Tiffany – nobody! Hannah – just you two. You guys keep worrying about my mouth. Xavier – you’re getting better. Tiffany leaves. Hannah talks about wanting to get Sarah Beth out next week. If I do win HOH, not only would I take that shot against SB, easy peasy lemon squeezy but I would also want to take that opportunity to set up the six of us for success going forward without raising alarms. Xavier – so who do you think you would put up next to SB? Hannah – I don’t know because its not like she could go up against anyone and she would be sent home. Xavier – no she would have to go up against the right person. Hannah – exactly. They start running through options. Then Claire joins them.

11:45pm Backyard – Sarah and Claire.
Claire – I feel good with the people in the eight that there is room to work here. Sarah – I feel really good with the eight and then everyone else .. they would probably put me up. I don’t feel like I would be anyone’s target. Maybe Hannah.. only because she is tighter with the other kings than me but I don’t even know if that would be her best move anyway. Claire – probably not. Sarah – and everyone else I could see them putting me up especially if they want to backdoor but I don’t think I would be their target.. either way I don’t want to be on the block. Claire – Of course not. Sarah – so someone from are side wins. Preferably me! I will be happy with anyone in the eight.

12am Whitney and Xavier
Whitney – I really hope I don’t go out on a unanimous vote. That would be embarrassing. Xavier – I wouldn’t see it as embarrassing, I would see it as people saw me as a threat. Whitney – I don’t understand how I could be seen as a threat … I want to know why I am dead set as being the target like I understand if they still believe all the crap .. but me being set as the dead set target I don’t get it. I really do love everyone in the house and want to spend good quality time with everyone before I go.

12:30am Backyard – Kyland and Derek X
Kyland – I don’t want anyone to feel alone in the house. For me and where my heart is I just don’t want anyone to feel like they are isolated or alone. It is still just a game. Derek – I just knew that when we (Hannah & Him) talked she would ask me like questions and I would have to lie to her and I just didn’t want to lie to her anymore. I was just lying to Brent for a week. So I just tried to avoid her but looking back I wish I could have just had a heart to heart with her. Kyland – no I get it.

12:45am Bedroom. Tiffany, Claire and Sarah
Sarah – if a guy wins next week I am going to be so annoyed. Claire – I know! I think the guys are starting to think that only guys can win. Sarah – I know that the kings hurt my feelings like every time because if we get house guest choice X picks Christian and if its Christian he picks X. And I am thinking I am smarter than both of you. Like why don’t you pick me?! If you have a physical person and a smart person .. but they don’t .. they’re just like Boom! Tiffany – because boys stick together. Sarah – that’s why I want one of us to win. I am going to try my best.

1:30am The Hannah, Tiffany and Sarah go to sleep..

1:48am Havenot room. Azah, Brit and Big D.
Big D – if I win HOH I would put up SB and Hannah. Brit – you would put up Hannah two weeks in a row? Big D – yeah. I don’t know if I would put up SB. I just need a girl to go home. Brit – why do you need a girl to go home? Big D – I told you my reasoning and that is me being straight blunt honest. Now if a girl comes off the block I might consider throwing up… I don’t know its between Christian and Derek X. Azah – so you would go for the kings next week? Big D – hhmmhhmm. What do y’all want me to do .. not go for the kings? Azah – that’s up to you. Brit – we’re just shooting ideas. Big D – I just have to remember that this is a game .. its not personal, its a game. I am going back and forth about 6 people .. the kings and the aces! That’s it.

2:00 am BIGD and Azah
BIGD – here’s the thing the kings cannot win this week
BIGD says the jokers, queens or Hannah need to win HOH “they’ll take the shot at her”
BIGD says they have to wait until this becomes an individual game. that’s when the claws come out. Until that happens “we really can’t do nothing”
Azah – do you think we should go for this or sit back and eat our popcorn
BIGD – Baby if we sit back and eat our popcorn there’s a possibility we be eating that popcorn out the door if we don’t go for it.
BIGD – the best thing for us to do is go for it and win that HOH. Secure our spot for another week. We’re going to jury OK.. then we have control over what happens. It’s the best thing to do.
BIGD – if the power falls into someone else’s hands.. baby we’re in trouble. We’ll end up being the pawn and somebody else is the real target.
Azah says she understands that DerekX has to go but right now he is an asset “that’s the one thing that can stop the kings”
Azah says Claire winning the HOH will be great she’ll go after the Kings. Claire has safety until Jury
BIGd – If Claire didn’t win safety
Azah – she would have been the first ones to go. The kings don’t have a relationship
BIGd – The kings wouldn’t have put Claire up they still would have put Whitney and Hannah up

BIGS – I would have put up Claire and SB
AZAH – I really like SB a lot
BIGd – I do to.. that is who I would put up for sure.. do you know why? (cause Tiff told you?)
BIGD – SB just makes me worried
BIGS says he needs to figure out if they should keep their loyalty and word with Alyssa or SB
BIgs – if you put up Alyssa .. Christian is pissed.. X is pissed. You put up Christian, Alyssa’s pissed, X is pissed. if you put up X Alyssa and Christian are pissed.
BigD – if you put up SB none of them are pissed. You have to put up against someone you know she’ll go home against. the only person I know that is. is Claire.
Azah says she wouldn’t be surprised if the ac es when after them “they can get 2-3 votes from the kings”
5:00 am Zzzzz

10:18 am Houseguest waking up.

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My honest opinion is that this whole season was casted for an African American player to win for the first time given the climate we are living in these days. I would love to see the day a skilled BB player of color win at some point but there’s no validity behind the winner of this season point blank period. Some of the words that have spewed out of Hannah and Tiffany’s mouths are just flat out racist. Azah and Big D while in the cookout, I feel like are actually trying to play an honest game, especially with there team loyalty.

I was really excited when I first saw this years cast too which is disappointing.


Tamar Braxton already made history, i dunno what the cookout is on about and the last BBCan already proved you can have a skilled black player win without the racist BS the cookout is cooking up

Hopeful for a Good Season

Yes BBCAN did show this can happen. It was a good season too.


Prejudice most likely, racist no by definition. Unfortunately in BB or any social experiment the majority (usually white) takes out the threats: the muscle, the brain, or nonwhites- (anyone that isnt from the same background or not know how to predict the ops behavior is a threat), and then straggle along the old or weak until they cut them out.

I believe BB is playing into having more nonwhites on the show this season which is a change, however are we upset that people of color are taking over a season? Can we not just be a fan of the show? Or do we watch the show vicariously through folks that look like us (majority viewers are white) and cant see themselves this season?

What are we really mad about?


Some are mad at being replaced and it is sad.

Get over it.

Jaymie lee

Nope. Its suppsoed to be a reality tv show. Not cnn or lets form an all Black alliance which somehow isnt racist but an all White would be?! Cant have players that just want to play an actual game with it being about race every 5 mins. The bbcan winner said he wanted 2 Blacks to be at the end. If 2 Whites had said that theyd take the show off in a hurry. Funny how there are 2 sets of rules now.

Zachary Chenault

Thank you so much. This season will have the best gameplay in years especially when jury starts. But regardless of who playing black BB fans have watched an all white jury 75% of the time and we kept watching. Y’all will be iight lol

Big Brother Fan

I’ll tell you what I’m really mad about…the fact that black people can be openly racist, base everything they do off of the color of a person’s skin and suffer no repercussions. If the whites in this cast all got together and said they were only voting out the blacks so they would have all the whites in the jury and said to pair up with an opposite to help with that, what would happen? They would all be called out as racists, CBS would issue a statement and those white people would be attacked for their actions and lose their jobs. Do you see any of that happening now? That would be a big fat NO! That’s why I’m mad, and I’m half black! However not black enough for the cookout as seen with Hannah!


Yep. They are even racist within their own group by labeling Hannah not black enough and Derek X and Alyssa aren’t poc because they aren’t black.


What I get upset about is the racist talk from the members of the Cookout. It is not necessary.

Taste of Medicine

How many white contestants on BB won but were not skillful players? Jordan’s and Nicole’s wins are a perfect example of being floated to the win because their skin color represents the majority in the house. Let’s be real, if weak players like Jordan and many others were black they would’ve never made it that far. Why get sensitive over black players FINALLY playing the same game the white players have done for 22 seasons? Lol


That’s not the issue. Maybe they were floated to the end because they were blondes or they gave all the guys in the house handjobs…who knows? I don’t think it had anything to do with the color of their skin. Black players have had their shot in the house and some have done quite well.
The issue is that the group called The Cookout has banded together to specifically target non-
POC …and they are repeatedly making very racist statements on the show. That is NOT
acceptable. Do blacks perpetuate the racism in this country and keep it alive? Here’s your proof. Thank you CBS.


Because they didn’t play the same game. They were teamed up evenly with white players to carry them until at least jury.


I would love to see people just play the game for the purity of the game, and not base their decisions on the race, no matter which race they are.


Hannah needs to just shut up about taking shots and acting like she can just throw and win competitions whenever she wants too!
She said last week on Thursday nights episode I’ll do it I’ll be the one to take that shot at Alyssa and Christian had she won this week 4 HOH.
I appreciate SB throwing Hannah out as somebody to target and I hope Sarah Beth puts up Hannah and get her out!
SB is right to say it is a complete red flag that they keep protecting Hannah in the royal flush! Of course what does Tiffany and Xavier run to Hannah like little lap dogs and give away this information. The cookout deserves to blowup
Hannah and Tiffany have just been nasty this week as gossip queens this week- I hope they both go up and one leaves next week! Acting like Sarah Beth and Alyssa are jealous of you both and how Tiffany always brings that up to hannah and how Alyssa and they’re jealous of you Hannah it’s just ridiculous they’ve made this Sh1t completely personal- let alone the fact they’ve been completely personal making decisions solely on RACE!
It’s complete bull crap that they’re supposed to be in this big alliance with Sarah Beth and all of a sudden Sarah Beth is the best player in someone that needs to be targeted because she’s targeting Hannah who’s outside the royal flush and all over the place with who she trashes and wants to take shots aka everyone who is presentable that isn’t Black! And I’ll be the first to tell you that I think Hannah is a beautiful girl but it is ridiculous how jealous Hannah and Tiffany have become with regards to Alyssa and Sarah beth!!! Tiffy toes and Hannah need to shut up because they have completely played PERSONAL THIS SEASON!

People need to wake up and stop supporting Tiffany and Hannah!!
They have been ugly this week and shown their true colors. Realize that the only chance that the season has of actually having one of the entertainment, value, and actually being an enjoyable season is having players such as Alyssa, Sarah Beth, and Christian going against the grain and targeting the cookout because they are the ONLY HOPE to take apart the COOKOUT! Fans you have to realize that Sarah Beth and Alyssa should have more support! You have to see what is going on that SB, Alyssa, and Christian are the only thing to help make this season enjoyable instead of being completely ugly which is what the cookout has made it!

mad max

well said!

Hopeful for a Good Season