“It’s going to be a long three days.. they are f***”

Head of Household: Victoria
Nominations: Kiefer and Latoya
The Power of Veto Players are : Latoya, Kiefer, Austin, Ty, jed
POwer of Veto Winner : Jedson
Power of Veto Ceremony : Jed did not use the veto
Have nots: Kyle, Ro, Breydon, Austin, Jed

Today’s Big Brother Spoilers – For some reason the Power of Veto ceremony was yesterday. Vic threatened Jed if he used the veto she would put Ty up. Jed complied. We now have 3 days of waffling to look forward to. As it stands now Latoya will be the one evicted. With this group being this early in the season, a flip could totally happen. We might think 100-hundo-P Kiefer stays going into Thursday feed outage only to find out he was evicted during the “Live Eviction show” With that said I would be surprised they kept Latoya.


The sun has set on this alliance. Of course, the right person winning HOH has a way of bringing the band back together the long-term prospects of this alliance are poor. What’s left is Beth, Ty, and Jed with Kiefer floating around.


The strength of Victoria’s resolve during her HOH and the general douchiness of the sunsetters since the beginning are keeping this group together. As with the sunsetter the right person wins HOH and this alliance breaks.

10:33 am Tera and Victoria
Tera says the guys are trying to rally votes to keep Latoya. They told her last night that Vic wants Kiefer out because he doesn’t gel with the house and he talks about his kids too much.
Vic – are you saying that to me because you know I talk about my kids and you think I will turn on Vic
Vic – I said I want him to go because he made a lie about me to the house.. he lied
Tera says Jed and Ty want her and Tina to go after Vic for that.
Vic – they are f***
Tera – I need to win next week. I’ll straight up put both the dudes, replacement is Beth.
Vic – I’m disgusted right now.. they’re really going there.
Tera – when they see the vote they won’t know what has happened and they will scatter
Tera says she’s 100% on the side of the oddballs.
Tera says the other side made such a big deal about 2 against 1 on Keifer then they did a 4 against one on Vic in the HOH last night.
Vic – I wanted to die I just held my stuffed dog.. I just sat there and took it.
Vic – I hate how slow this game is I just want to pick them off now.
They mention how hard that side is throwing Kiefer under the bus to protect Latoya.

Talking about telling Jed and Ty about Beth wanting Latoya out.
Vic – she told Brey and Austin as well in the ball pit
Tera – there was a part of me that wanted him to use it and you put up Beth
They agree Latoya is best.
Vic says she doesn’t pick up positive vibes with Beth.
Tera – you know where her loyalty lies
Tera says the other side has realized they are screwed for numbers

Tina joins them.
Vic – it’s going to be a long three days
Tin a- Latoya is the one you want to go home
Tear – say Beth started the flip
Vic – I’ll wait till Thursday.. it’s eating me alive (what Beth said about Latoya vic wants to tell the boys)
Tera – say actually my target was Kiefer but then Beth came and brought up great points. That is exactly how you play it
Tera – Say I heard that Beth talked to Austin and Breydon.. Beth said Latoya
Vic – when I put up Kiefer and Latoya, Beth came into my room she was like so what’s up. I was like yeah Kiefer needs to go he’s talking a lot of sh1t about me. She was like Vic can I be honest with you I think your target should be Latoya it would be a resume move she needs to go, and all this sh1t. I didn’t want to agree with her because I didn’t want her to tell ht boys so I was like no..
Vic – then she said the same thing to Austin and Breydon in the ball pit. I think your target should be Latoya..
Vic says yesterday Beth came to her said they should start an alliance including me, Beth, Latoya, and the boys, “she’s like we’ll go so far we’re the strongest competitors. I’m just sitting there are you f*ing kidding me”

Vic – she’s playing both sides like a fiddle.

11:21 am Austin and Breydon
Breydon says Jed came to him and told him the power is shifting and to make sure he’s on the right side of things..
Breydon – I was like OK thanks will do
Austin -it’s getting increasingly harder for me to be around Beth
Breydon – Girl what happened? When she (Vic) was I’m f**Ing pissed. She said they were all talking about her?
Austin – yeah. They were all sitting there trash-talking her and she was in earshot. She was waiting to go into the DR. They were sitting at the kitchen table whispering about Vic. Ahh you can’t trust her she’s making a stupid move stuff like that. Vic could hear all that so she thought this is a good time for me to stand up so they see that I’m here. She stood up to walk next to me then Kiefer was like Ohh do you think she heard us?
Austin – she went YUP!

Latoya comes in asks to talk to Austin for a minute.
Latoya says she’s not doing a “hard campaign” She’s not going to lose herself in this game and be “nonhuman”

11:50 AM Bros!

12:00 pm Latoya, Jed and Beth
Latoya goes over her talk with Austin. SAys it went well. They think they can reel Austin and Breydon in.
Latoya says she’s talked to Tina and Tera but they didn’t give her anything.

Jed – Vic knows she f**Ed up..
Latoya – I’m going to keep it cool with her. Everybody sees who she is now.
Jed – that is one of the worst HOH I’ve ever seen
Latoya – the worst.. All you care about is Thursday you are not caring about next week.
They go on about how bad of a move it is for Victoria to take out someone from their alliance.
Latoya – All she wants is people to kiss her a$$.
Latoya says she’s going to only talk to people she respects.. Their group and Austin/Breydon.
Beth brings up not talking any game with Kyle ever.
Latoya about Kyle and Ro “they have no idea what they are doing they’re so dumb”

Beth says Vic will pick the person she “partied” with to win Big Brother.
Latoya says Tera will pick someone she likes or was nice to her

1:00 pm chit chat

2:00 pm Latoya searching for a veto.
(She found some purple balls)

2:16 pm Ty and Latoya
Ty says she’s going to stay as long as she campaigns.
Latoya says she’s talked to Austin this morning says the only person she won’t talk to is Kyle.

2:30 pm Tina and Tera
Tera – if you won next week do you know what you will do?
Tina – my initial thought is both Jed and Ty. If you leave one of them off they have a chance to both compete in the POV and keep the other one safe.
Tera says if veto is played she would put up Beth as the replacement. They talk about putting up someone on their side like Breydon or Austin as a pawn. Tina says Austin won a HOH so Breydon would be the better pawn.
They agree Jed and Ty have to go up together and one has to go they are too strong of a pair to keep in the game.

Tera says getting rid of one of Jed/Ty is doing the one remaining a favour. They are “Sewering” their game by being too smart/strong together.
Tera – I kinda want Ty to go. Jed rubs people the wrong way.. but Jed showed how smart and fast he was in that POV.. it’ll be hard.

3:30 pm Around this time an alarm goes off. everyone searching around for the source. They run into the have nots room and Feeds cut. When they come back we have no idea what happened.

4:30 pm Bros getting makeovers

5:00 pm Beth giving Kyle the Latoya look.

5:25 pm

6:00 pm the models

Best in show = Rohan
Miss Congeniality = Kyle

7:35 pm Bros

8:55 pm Pretty slow right now after the last couple days they’re all gamed out.
11:00 pm They spent a good chunk of the night playing a questions game, eating dinner, and having some light drinks.

11:20 pm BROS!

from last night.. What a boss

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2:00 pm Latoya searching for a veto.


Just Sayin'

I would ALWAYS be looking in that pit! You know there is something to that room, anyone who isn’t looking in there is dumb haha

Club HOH

Rigged. She never hangs out or ever goes in that room then all of a sudden today she’s looking around a ball pit for specifics. I hope the oddballs go in and play their record breaking game and mess it all up but I think that alarm was the notification that it was found.

another name

Just thought I’d leave this here.

latoya vic.png

Does anyone even play Big Brother anymore? Yawn
I was really hoping Jed would play the veto, it would have made for an awesome move and let’s face it, LT has way more game then Beth. It would have made next week so much juicier. Plus, I’m pro LT all the way.
I can’t wait for Vic to go home, she’s so damn annoying.


Nah i think LT is a bit intense and a bit arrogant although i do prefer her to Beth. Beth going this week would have been a bit anti-climatic considering this crazy, great week.

Joe Franco

Both Latoya and Vic are annoying

Joe Franco

Hopefully it’s Arrivaderci Latoya

Club HOH

Kyle had me laughing!!!!! He owned it!!!! And Rohan!!!! Lololol Vic is one of the best casting choices (the whole cast actually) she held herself against the toxic trio!

another name

Latoya in D/R says she decided to flip the vote.
Vic gets pinned by Kiefer to Kyle. Kyle tells Vic.
Vic not impressed.

HOH Comp
Kiefer, who picked Vic for the second time, complains he’s picked for the second time. So picks Vic for the third time. Kiefer vs. Vic.
The deal Kiefer offered. She has NO intention of keeping it, knowing he set her up. So doubtful. If Kief didn’t tell everyone he was volunteering to go on the block… would she have anyway?
Vic wins. Vic wins by answering correctly first…. once in all the times up. she only actually beat her opponent to the buzzer once. Vic also wins a weeks supply of scratch tickets or some such.
Vic chooses all of her future allies to volunteer as havenots.
Not the smartest move. They’ll all be slopped out during the next HOH when she can’t play. Just saying.
Now they are called the bossy glossies? Oh Vic Au/Brey pick a name and stay there.

Kyle and Kiefer Rohan talk.
Doesn’t go well. Kiefer Kiefed.
Back with the sunsetters:
They are depending on only ever having one sunsetter nominated. oh that’s gonna hurt.

They skipped SO MUCH. the interviews are out of order.
Okay i’m on clean up here. I don’t do this much in reviewing but…
The whole alliance went in after LaToya, and gave the exact same script.
Beth also mentioned a LaToya target.
There now we’re clean.

Vic gets from Brey that Beth came back with the Breydon target story during the Wendy’s meal.
Now it’s Jed and Ty with the subtle threat. hmmm. Kiefer Kiefing on his sword. Vic giving him waay too much info. Didn’t show him spilling it immediately after promising to say nothing. that’s another choice.

Kiefer and LaToya.
one is a liar. one is part of the flipping.

Honestly, I’m disappointed in tonight’s episode edit.
It felt very sanitized.

another name

I can’t help it. I’m still half convinced by week 5 Tera will have a scooter.

There’s some things that have gone way under the radar. Austin was the one that brought up Ty as a renom (i think she meant for real not a scare tactic) to Vic. It’s why I thought, oh look who decided to stop being oblivious.

Remember when the house complained about the teams? A couple of the sunsetters were quite loud in their opposition. The Vic plan would have crumbled if teams still existed this week. Ty would have been on the safe team. Beth would have been on the safe team. Rohan would likely be on the block, and the sunsetters would be sitting in smug satisfaction. And the sunsetters were the greasy wheel complaining about the teams being a thing more than the others.

Wonder how much of episode only twitter is cursing Kiefer right now? I’m actually scared to look after looking at it for a minute this morning. vile.

skip the dishes vote on a monday. after they’ve been on slop for days already. sideye.
the aren’t sleeping in the ballpit, so technically do you just stop being a have not?

another name

Tonight what did we learn?

  1. Tina and Tera want to get Vic’s permission to tell LaToya she is leaving right before eviction. Oh good. one of Vic or LaToya is going to show if they can distend their jaws to swallow their prey whole. That’ll be fun we won’t see on feeds due to blocks on eviction day.
  2. Ty and Beth think it’s weird that Tina and Tera are attached at the hip. A house full of duos, and that’s the one that confuses them? mmhmm.
  3. Jed and Ty are going to offer Kyle and Ro a make it to jury safety deal. In order to put off their war until they all take out Vic, Tina and Tera so the floaters don’t make it to the end. And they can’t make Jed a have not either so he can stay strong to win those HOH’s. And they can’t tell anyone or the deal is off. It likely includes Beth being off the table too. I see two sprinters running directly to Vic, Tina and Tera, and Jed and Ty saying two days later, ‘but we’ve got the numbers we run the house’, what happened?

I don’t call any eviction a slam dunk. There’s enough oddness going on that we should sit back and see what production does. Keep in mind, production doesn’t always mind taking out someone viewed as a contender by a portion of the fanbase in the third eviction sweepstakes. Didn’t they call it the robbed queen spot for a few years? At this time I’m 60/40 that LaToya will be evicted. Tina and Tera would have to feel hyper confident that they wouldn’t be targets to make the move. They can’t possibly be that overconfident.


Loving spicy V!