Big Brother Canada 5 – Episode 23 Recap

EP 24 – HOH Competition – Drunk Speeches

Ika Dillon Kevin and Karen

Speeches from HG’s will be read out as if they were drunk.
They have to answer listen and identify which day the speeches were given.

Bruno – Day 48 (Dillon Incorrect)
Cassandra – Day 20
Dallas – Day 10 (Ika, Dillon, Karen Incorrect)
Neda – Day 14 (Karen Incorrect)

Gary – Day 22 (Ika, Karen and Dillon Incorrect)
Jackie – Day 17 (Ika Karen and Dillon Incorrect)

Kevin wins HOH

Karen is picked by Marsha the Moose, she has a chance to win $10k while all the other HG’s watch.

Karen picks Punishments
She must assign a punishment to the four remaining HG’s

The punishments are:

Isolated for 48hrs – Dillon

Can’t Play Final 4 Veto – Demetres

Lose 1 Juror Vote – Kevin

Never Vote Again – Ika

She then breaks the news to the HG’s that it was fake, she doesn’t win 10k, no one will have any punishments and the Have-nots room will be close for the rest of the season.

HOH – Noms
Ika and Demetres are nominated

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Bring back Cassandra in some special power or something.

This season is a bomb and could spell the death of BBC