“every scenario I look at it would make sense for both [Tiff/Hannah] of them to go up”

HOH: Kyland
Nominations: ?
Power of Veto Players: ?
Power of Veto: ?
Power of Veto Ceremony: ?

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Big Brother Spoilers – Fun Times – Tiffany and hannah going up. Tiffany is the Target. Azah likely replacement nomination. Ky and Xavier’s final 2 is called “the gentleman”

10:50 pm Azah and Kyland
Ky – The short version. I plan on keeping my side of the deal
Azah – I appreciate that a lot
Ky – I would appreciate if it was .. uh.. .I guess.. whatever you … cause I am doing that regardless if there is any way you could extend that to help me get to three I would appreciate that. I know it’s a game a lot of things can happen. If you don’t feel comfortable saying that I understand.
Ky – if you look at four do you have a preference of the three people that are not me you and Derek?
Azah – umm.. interestingly enough though me and Tiffany have had our differences I respect her and umm. on the other hand I respect Xavier’s gameplay this whole time. Umm.. from looking at things in terms of who.. at this point, if I don’t win who am I comfortable with winning but.. I feel that those people I would be completely fine I know their stories. With that being said completely understand if you feel different I respect whatever decision you have.
Ky – what I would say is it would be awesome tomorrow you can have your pros and cons for each of those people even just for those two. To share that would be helpful.

Azah says she understands now that they have reached six people will have their different targets. “I am completely respectful of that in no way am I going to push things”

Kyland – this is the happiest I’ve been all summer. I’m thankful for winning and for five. It’ll be rough no matter what
Azah – do you want to put me up?
Ky – I do not
Feeds cut..

11:15 am Kyland and Tiffany

Kyland says he knows winning this HOH significantly increases the temptation not to take him “for anyone in the house”
Tiff – I would take you
Ky – it’s also now.. for tomorrow what would be helpful is the full conversation stuff on the table.. and how you see potential votes with dynamics with people in the house
Tiff – I’m ready
Tiff – I don’t have anything bad to tell you I have never done anything against you
Ky – I don’t feel that
Tiff – I know how you feel and I understand that. I take accountability for where and what I have had a part in that but I have never done anything against you. I know that you know there have been times where I was disconnected and I owe you an explanation for that.
Ky – as much as you understand my view of things and hopefully figure out resolutions
Tiff says this whole time he was with her “to me” the whole thing with Claire was like the “Britini and Azah thing”
Tiff – we’ll talk about it it’s really just me in order to establish trust I need to accept accountability
Tiff – we need to have a full transparent conversation about it.

11:32 am Hannah and Kyland
Kyland says he’s not promising anything until they have fuller conversations “tomorrow it would be helpful if to have conversations I dunno.. transparency”
Ky – it would be helpful to know what type of umm… sorry.. any sort of uhh.. . the bottom line this is the weird position it’s the first one of us. That feels umm.. a recurring theme in the sense of.. first one of us
Ky – I want to have more conversations especially with you and Tiff.
Ky – my priority right now is to get to Final 3.
Ky – there is the potential where a third HOH makes more competitive at the end. It’ll change the conversations around how winnable I am aginst the next two.
Hannah – Tiff could also win three HOH’s by Finale
Ky – absolutely
Hannah – so can I technically

12:09 am The girls of the cookout pose for a picture

12:10 am Ky and X
Ky – I’ve looked at scenarios a lot. even if any other reason I change my mind it still wouldn’t make sense.. I’m transparent always
Ky at the end of the day it comes down to who I want to sit with at the end.
Ky says it’s like week two he’s not telling anyone what he’s doing.
X says it doesn’t matter who won out of them in the 6 they just have to alternate now.
Ky – people know they’ve done things.. so it’s like I told Azah. Hey I don’t see a reason for us to target each other. She’s done a good job building up a reputation of saying what she means
Ky says he told Azah he understands if him and BIGD are on the block she won’t vote for them to stay. He just doesn’t want them taking shots at each other.
Ky – she said she was down for 6 and 5 and asked if I have thoughts on a fourth person.. I said I might.
Ky says she told him Tiff and Xavier were her preferences for the 4th person.
Ky – she said nothing about Hannah
Ky – I told Tiff and Hannah. I’m not making any promises just like week 2
Ky – every scenario I look at it would make sense for both of them to go up because Hannah can win this veto. The replacement will probably be Azah. I wouldn’t be targeting her. I’m pretty sure she will stay regardless.
Ky – it’s a bad scenario for Tiff to win this veto we need to win this
X – we have to win.
Ky says he starts his one on ones tomorrow
X – I’m pretty sure they will all bring up my name
Ky – I don’t think D
X – Hannah and Tiff definitely.. Azah is a toss-up

12:20 am BIGD and X
BIGD – is his head in the right place
X – mmmhmmm
BigD – I will stay on top of him and whatnot
BIGD goes on about how close he was to winning the HOH “I was going for the last egg.. I had it”
X – I know you wanted it I’m sorry
BIGD – All I had to do was get the f***Ing egg up the f***Ing ramp fat a$$ and slide it down hit a lever.. I don’t know how I can.
X says recently he’s been competitive close to the rest of them.
BIGD – lets get to the end so at least I can go home with 50 thousand dollars. I ain’t winning that I can’t win sh1t.. there’s no way.. High jury. what do you have to say?
BIGD – I guess I played uh.. uhh… I guess I played a cooking, cleaning game and entertainment that’s all I got for you.

12:30 am – 3:30 am Cookout chit chat
(I guess they are waiting for Ky’s HOH room?)

3:40 am Kyland gets his HOH room

3:50 am Azah and BIGD
They talk about their short talks with Kyland.
DF says if Kyland is smart he’ll put up Tiffany.

Hannah joins them. DF continues to feel bad about not winning the HOH.

4:17 am Looks like Ky is organizing the fridge.. why not

4:35 am DF and Ky
Df saying congratulations. Apologizes how he acted earlier today.
Ky says what is the best for his game is the same that is best for their game.
Ky says this is a repeat of week two, “If you win the veto come after me next week if you don’t.. ”
DF – I’m proud of you
Ky – I’m proud of us
Ky goes over his conversation with Azah.
They talk about putting Tiff and Hannah up. Ky explains why he wants to put Hannah up with Tiff because he feels she would be good at the BB comics veto. DF agrees putting both of them up is the play.

5:03 am zzzzzzzz

8:40 am Houseguests getting woken up.

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Joe Franco

As long as Tiff goes this week.

Christime Ahrens

Tiff think cuz her and Hannah r black who puts ppl on the block.. it has nothing to do with ur color. If shoes was opposite shed put Booth x and KY up.
She shouldn’t went home before alyssa

orwell the out of work bbad owl

The Cookout gave me explosive diarrhea !!!!!!! Kyland’s HOH uhh.

JR Ray

Lol. Those long pauses while getting his thoughts together are ridiculous. Smh. Kudos to you guys for doing such a great job!


You guys are Awesome


If you actually start to make sense of Ky-speak, it might be cause for concern.


Simon I have heard different people say that KY has a high form or Autism, and I have also heard some say he has ADHD and has to take Ritalin. Not sure if any of it is true, but one or the other could be and maybe that’s what could be the issue with him


It’s amazing how a number of us are afraid of BJS (Bitter Jury Syndrome) happening thereby having the winner be Azah or DF; I don’t think any of us wants that at this point

The Beef

Speak for yourself. Considering there’s been not even ONE big move made so far this season (other than SB’s backdoor of DX), and the nature of the game play by the Cookout, I for one would think it hilarious if either Big D or Azah won due to a bitter jury, and frankly, pretty fitting.


I am only cheering for Tiff or Hannah to win


Tiff is going to be a VERY bitter juror

Kid Rock

And rightfully so! She sent Claire home for them.


And X sent Alyssa home for them, and Ky sent SB home for them, and Azah sent Brit home for them, etc. etc. Tiffany has no one to blame but herself if she goes to jury this week.


No, Ky did NOT backdoor SB and neither did X or Azah. Sure it WAS her own fault for winning HOH but…

The Beef

Hannah sent Alyssa home. Claire (as “secret” HOH) sent SB home. Ky sent Britini home. Whoever is HOH gets the credit for sending someone home, as they are the person that nominated them, and in this season always targeting them. The “masters” don’t get credit for sending their “pets” home, just because they are their pawns. Tiffany nominated Claire and sent her home, therefore she gets credit for doing that.


she had to send claire and christian, i agree, she sacrificed the most

bumbling bee

yes, yes BIG D, we KNOW just how close you were. So close.


LOL! He’s done ZIP the whole time. Maybe played Cinderella with his cleaning, cooking?


I hope Tiffany wins Veto and Hannah goes to jury…


If Tiff wins veto, Hannah won’t necessarily go to jury

Game fan

She would. If they can’t get tiff they will weaken her

The Beef

Both Big D and X will vote Hannah out over Azah every time. If Tiff wins veto, Hannah IS going to jury.


Hannah leaving is very plausible by next Thursday. Hannah and Tiffany both made mistakes with their HOH and now both of them are bound to be the next two out the door.


After 23 seasons of Big Brother (I know how the game works), it still annoys me to no end that two players who have contributed ZERO, NOTHING, NADA will be dragged to F4. Usually, there is one free rider, but we have two this season. And the fact that they both expect to be in F4 is what makes it a bitter pill to swallow.

I must admit that I am less invested in a particular winner this season than seeing DF – Mr. “lets get to the end so at least I can go home with 50 thousand dollars” – go to jury.


Azah’s conversation with Hannah last night really annoyed me

No F's given

I hope Derek F gets to final two and wins it all. It would be a fitting end to this season. If it’s all about making history and all that narrative the cookout has been pushing all season, then let’s really make history by having a gay black man win BB. Cuz we all know that will most likely never happen again. Now that would be truly memorable! Plus he needs the money more then X or ky. Sorry Tiff and Hannah, you guys are going home next week during the double. But y’all can’t be mad, you served your purpose well of protecting X through out the game. Too bad it came back to bite you. But hey, at least a black man will win it right??!! Y’all will always have Tamar Braxton to celebrate. Lol

Just Saying

Yes. Must give the win to Derek F.
Black. Check
Gay. Check
Person of Above Average Girth. Check
Financially Insecure. Check


Random question: do yo think any of the Cookout can really cook? How about a cook-off for the finale? Jk, of course.


I guess at the end the cookouts will vote for the darker final 2


Frazier lost 3 times, as far as not squandering his money, yes he did. The gym was sold in 2008, back taxes and debts. (He had been living in 1 bedroom apartment above the gym) Not a DF fan but his pops did not leave the family in a very good financial situation, his net worth was around 100k when he dies..

The Beef

He actually lost 4 times – twice to Ali and twice to Foreman. He also tried a comeback five years later in 1981 fighting some stiff named Floyd “Jumbo” Cummings to a 10 round draw, and then retired for good. Smoking Joe was a good fighter in his prime, but he couldn’t stand up to the strength of Foreman, and Ali was able to overcome his bob and weave style, with his own stick and move dancing ability in 2 out of 3 bouts.


Has there been an obese winner ever? Real question not trying to shame.


Oooo, thanks for the info. I was under the impression that Big D was poverty stricken, ditched by his dad, had to assist in supporting his entire family..the whole shebang. This certainly sheds new light on it.


That was pretty hilarious. But, hey, if the big thing now is about self-image, he’s got it. I think he truly thinks he’s a great player & the fates are the only thing standing in his way. He always has some reason as to why “he was just inches” from winning. IMHO I like the humor he brings to the game.

Kid Rock

Kyland sleep in the bed with her the entire week and cuddled when she was HOH! Only to put her up soon as he got power! That’s some Dirty stuff…. Looks like he is trying to drag Azah n Big D as far as possible in battle it out with X! He has to know he won’t get the juror votes once he puts up Hannah n tiff! He loses Claire, Tiff, Hannah and (Alyssa vote if he is up against X)….. He needs to get rid of X now…

No F's given

He just played Tiff the way she played Claire. How is it dirty? He made her feel safe just like Tiff made Claire feel safe. Feels more like karma to me, then anything.


They’re talking about the fact that Ky spent nights up with Tiff doing more than sleeping. They’re saying he was probably engaging in adult activities with Tiff possibly in order to stay on her good side, control her, handle her. It was also two adults consensually feeling good and there’s nothing wrong with that but, possibly, there were also also game advantages for Ky to become intimately closer to Tiff.


Big difference IMHO — but even ignoring that part of it, he’s hurting HIMSELF b/c next week he can’t play in HOH. X can THROW HOH to any of Big D, Azah or Hannah (assuming she stays) & they’ll put him up – X wins POV & Ky is gone. Hey at least Big D will finally be able to give a sympathy vote.


he is so dumb to keep x… but tbh he doesn’t stand a chance against tiff either. Maybe hannah. If tiff takes herself down, and he doesn’t target x, he’s a certified idiot

Kid Rock

Other folks are gunning for tiff so he would be fine! NOONE IS COMING FOR X! He missed a golden opportunity

The Beef

Considering the players left, the only jury vote Ky can safely count on is SB, and he may not even be able to count on hers once she finds out about the nature of the alliance he’s in. She may feel like he played her, and therefore vote for “the other person”.

Just Saying

It appears likely that either meatheads (yes Frenchie, you are racist to say only white boys can be meatheads) Kyland or Xavier will win this season as they conspire to take out the women, particularly strong challenger Tiff.

All top three are good-looking, intelligent, strategic, personable and athletic. I say finally casting has done their job selecting quality black contestants, each who could have won without creating the Cookout.

And The Cause? What is it? Simply an opportunistic means for each Cookout member to guarantee reaching final six, which is OK, although in my opinion, diminishes the win.

How does a win on a reality TV show, say by Xavier, an oppressed lawyer who reportedly is “affluent and leads a lavish life style” help The Cause? Will it help our black youth killed daily in Chicago, a city run by a black mayor? NO. Will Tiffany bring awareness of the genocide of our black unborn babies. NO. Will Kyland fight to include ALL blacks in the BLM movement that excludes black police officers, black conservatives and any other blacks that don’t toe the line. NO.

It’s simply a game of power that, if achieving anything significant this season, has forced us to focus on the color of one’s skin or ethnicity, versus being blind to it.


cry more, dude


I was wondering if any of these “for the cause” advocates would donate (or outright give) those “earnings “ to , say, the family of the little 4yr old who was murdered in Chicago last week while visiting family & getting a haircut?? Heartbreaking story that was blip on national news. Now THAT would truly be a “for the cause” move’”!!!!!

another name

… grimace.
Kyversations? Again?
Somewhere out there is some poor idiot asshat thinking, well if Azah wins veto, then all three women could technically be saved. Blinks slowly before eyerolling. Ummm. yeah. so that’s not going to happen.
I still think it’s folly to send Tiff to jury first, as seems to be the plan. Just saying, who do you want explaining the entire season to the jury? Who do you want to give that much control of the narrative. Me, I’d be sending Azah. LOL. Sure, she’d be morally judgemental, but she’s likely not going to paint the picture with a brush dipped in anyone’s blood in particular. Tiff? Category 5 Storm of blood doing a total Jackson Pollock to your game in jury. I’d be saying the same about sending Ky or X first. Azah’s your ticket to getting a narrative that isn’t absolutely slanted if you want jury votes. Just saying.
In terms of usual season strategy, sending out the strongest of the ‘other side’ (and by that I mean the women, because it was always going to be egotistical chauvinism as the basis for sides if you listened to any of the men talk), is the play to go for. This isn’t a usual season now is it? This was a mission. And the mission needs to be clarified to the best friends that got stabbed in the back. And they’re sending Tiff to do it??? Oh child.
Oh well, if Grod had to figure out a way to guarantee that X wins, a Ky HOH at 6 was going to do that. Not that Ky had a greater chance of winning before winning this HOH.
Think about it. For the last 2 seasons Julie has cut off the final two at one or two minutes for their plea to the jury. You think KY is going to justify his game in two minutes? Really?
OOOkay. No. Stop that.
At final 6 the mission has demanded that we end up with two nopes, queen of the harpies, two people that haven’t actually played big brother (one of them can’t even vote to evict correctly 90% of the time), and…. i always forget Hannah. That’s not a good sign for Hannah. Even after winning an HOH… my brain still says pray for a bitter jury honey.
Wanna know why they are doing BBcomics week??? Because they can’t do the usual bbcomics veto comp with couch. Wrecking Ball. I said what I said.
And what… btw… does chicken coop have to do with comics? d’oh.
Just a thought… are they cancelling slip and slide completely or are they going to season 18 it? By that I mean do it at final 5 so that X is against couch, azah and whichever with Ky unable to play? Again, if you’re trying to gift X some wins in the late season instead of having to listen to all three cookout men talking about throwing comps if they lose….


You lost me at, “if Azah wins veto.”

I started reading again, and then you lost me at, “all three women could technically be saved.” This would require Azah not only to WIN the veto, but also to USE the veto to save Tiff or Hannah. That would mean X is at risk, and Azah’s entire game is dedicated to getting X across the finish line. I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed any human being in any game demonstrate such dedication to getting 3rd place.

In all seriousness, always great to see your posts. Your analysis is spot on.


I will give Azah credit for her GBM’s they are the best from the CO.

another name

How I’m viewing Azah’s gbm’s if they are all like the one she gave Claire that I saw on a clip today:
She’s saying my morals are intact.
They are and they aren’t.
Azah is the person walking down the street that sees someone about to walk into the path of oncoming traffic. She doesn’t yell look out, she waits for the car to hit them and speed away. Then she waits for the ambulance to arrive, but skips out before giving the police the license plate number of the driver, even though she knows it, because she’s friends with the driver.


Taran Armstrong with my favorite tweet of the season….

“Imagine stubbornly tanking your winning game in order to gift the “best” player the win, only to pick the wrong player.”

For those needing clarity — Ky is the stubborn person, Tiff is the “best” player & X is the “wrong player”.

Obviously, it’s a matter of opinion but I wholeheartedly agree.


100% on the mark. The DR has a lot to do with Ky’s logic (or lack thereof). All season long, every time Ky came out of the DR, he told the audience of his new strategy. Since Grod has coronated X this season, then the DR is surely pushing hard for Ky to eliminate Tiff.


The problem is he thinks X has played this amazing game. I mean I give X credit for getting along & winning some comps but I seriously struggle to find any strategic game moves he’s made. He makes demands & acts like a baby if he doesn’t get his way. Ky as annoying as he is has made more moves & influenced SB & DX (although Tiff did more with Baby D). Even Hannah has done more with strategy and influence.

X got so lucky being protected everywhere. The most I’ve seen him work is the past two or three days & it consisted solely of confirming who HE WANTED to go. He told three different things (targets) to three different people so I’m still trying to figure out this “best player” BS. I get that perception is 99% of the BB house but I’m baffled. Ky must want some bromance but he’s literallly delusional.

The one time X needed to influence a HOH he failed to deliver (Hannah went OTB) & it took Hannah/Big D making a deal with Chris/Ally to keep her safe plus Tiff getting into Chris’ ear. Sure they would’ve had the votes but Tiff was ensuring the votes came from the right places so the CO wasn’t exposed. Like I can’t.

The irony is the FIRST time X is going to influence nominations will be this week when Ky takes out the player he’s most worried about (Tiff) & if Ky ever realizes it – it’ll be too late b/c Big D will do whatever X says to. He’s so egotistical and arrogant — Azah has wanted him out the entire frigging game but they have one 5 min convo & suddenly he wants to make a F3 with her. There is no world where X doesn’t target him next week, especially if Tiff is gone. Even Azah sees that.

Hannah & Tiff made moves that weren’t ideal but were for “the mission”. Ky has NO EXCUSE – everything he’s doing directly impacts his game (ALL negatively).

He told cameras I have DX, SB, Claire, Tiff votes & maybe Brit’s I need one more. What world does he live in? Claire just told him to his face she was voting for X & she doesn’t even like him. SB & DX BOTH told him you can’t take X to F2 he’ll win. She needs to tell him he’s being X’s b*tch & doing his dirty work which makes her realize X actually does have some game & that she underestimated his (X’s) ability & over estimated Ky’s. Then she should stand up & say you’ve lost my vote & worse my respect.

The Beef

If he really does end up sending Tiff to jury (which it looks like he will), I believe he will have not only lost her vote, but also cemented Claire’s vote against him, and the two of them will easily convince DX that voting Ky is not the way to go. If he’s up against X, that means he’s lost Big D’s and Azah’s vote, which means he’s lost Britini’s vote too, as they will vote as a block. Alyssa will obviously vote for X, and I’m thinking Hannah will go with whoever Tiff, DX, and Claire vote for, so X as well. So as I said in a post above, the only vote he may have is SB’s, and he may even lose that one if she turns bitter about being played by him, due to the nature of the Cookout mission.

Carlito's Way

Why is Ky bringing X??? Is he so deluded he that he thinks he will win against him? Is it just because Ky and X don’t want to sit next to a woman? This is maddening. But Tiffany and Hannah have no one to blame but themselves. They saw the tidal wave coming and didn’t do what they needed to do. TAKE THE DAMN SHOT. Azah and Big D in final 4….Ugh. Turns my stomach. Two people who were literally horizontal 89% of the season. Sad because everyone else, EXCEPT Azah and Big D, came to play. I feel bad for Tiffany. She drove me crazy and I wanted her out many times, but I think she deserves a final 3 spot. She worked hard every day. Made a couple terrible mistakes but played her ass off. Now with Tiffany out, we are stuck with 2 alfa-egomaniacal males and two lazy bums. Boo.

Carlito's Way

So it looks like we have solved racism but not sexism. Oh well…


It is absolutely laughable that Ky thinks X will take him to Final 2.


I can see a great commercial
in BigD future with
Tyson Foods & egg producers!!!


Could you imagine the uproar if there was an all white alliance. Blatant racism, but nothing is said because they are AA’s


This will be a sh!t show to the end. I hope DX or Claire, even Frenchie, wins America’s favorite houseguest.


So this fool Kyland ego is so big that he wants to sit next to Xavier in the F2. Trust me, if Tiff goes out, she is going to turn everybody against him in jury. All of them will definitely tell her that he ratted out his Alliance even though he didn’t say names. His best bet is to drag Azah or Big D to the F2 with him if he wants to possibly win the game

F this

They literally spent the season voting out people based on nothing other than the color of their skin. CBS allowed this? It’s unbelievable. Looks like racism is alive and well, but only allowed to discuss one side of it. Everyone to scared to point out whats going on. Disgusting. Everyone of these 6 should lose their jobs and reputation just like the people before them who were accused of it. Even though it wasn’t as blatant.

another name

Does anyone know what was in the other Claire goodbye messages?
The three I saw on social media were so cut to hell that it was ridiculous.
Claire saw Tiff, Azah, Alyssa that I saw. Azah’s was started mid sentence (you could tell) and had about ten cuts in the message it was about 15 seconds long. Tiff’s was even more cut to hell. like chop chop chop every third or fourth word. Alyssa’s was 2 cuts.
No mention of the alliance.
Now, how are they going to do that now? Eyeroll. That’s a choice by production. So they let the secret out for jurors 2 and 3…. but deny 4 and double evictees rarely get goodbyes.
Why? mmhmm. that fishy smell is Grod.
I mean, X was pretty miffed that Ky was giving away alliance secrets without details in goodbyes.
Who would goldenboy go to and whine about not letting that continue in the hyperedited goodbye messages????

Chaddha’s Fish Lips

At this point, I am #Team ?…….. aka, whoever gets Xavier the fk out of there