“I don’t know how to play this game.. I know how to be loyal and win competitions”

POV: ? Next POV: Aug 18th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 20th
HOH: FES Next HOH: Aug 23th
Noms: Have Nots

Big Brother Spoilers In what is the cherry on top of stupid land. Fes is targeting Scottie the one person left on his side other than Haleigh.  Fes’ target is Scottie if veto is used Tyler goes up. IF SCottie wins the veto things get interesting if Scottie doesn’t win the veto Scottie goers home. Of course this can all change by Monday.

9:44am Fes and Haleigh
fes – can you be my little minion
H – what do you want
FEs – to get Angela and Tyler
FEs – here’s what I told everyone last night if you feel comfortable coming up to talk to me you can.. so I don’t want them say me go down and grab people. I want you to tell them hey fes wants to talk to you (LOL)
Fes – can you do that
Haleigh – yeah
Fes – in a little bit in a hour
H – you need to talk to JC first
Fes – I’m going to tell him what I’m doing
Fes – his whole thing is to put up KAycee so Scottie is not mad at me so if we win the veto we act like we weren’t going to put him up right?
Fes- regardless if this Theory is right even if I don’t put him up he’s still going to come after me .. so… .

9:46am Sam and Brett
Sam says the first few days Fes was hitting on Angela and he rejected him. Sam mentions that Haleigh told her day two “I can’t compete against that”
Sam – he has an agenda
Sam says whoever goes up Haleigh has something to do with it “it will be whole will be eligible for her; you , Tyler.
Sam – It’s going to be Angela and Tyler that go up I promise
Sam thinks they will try to take out Angela first.
Sam – we’re going to get called in for the ceremony in 5 minutes
Brett – I don’t think it will start until 11 like all those other times
Sam says she thinks there was a whole thing to see if they can get Kaycee to sleep with Sam
Sam – I miss Rockstar.
Brett – I know
Sam – she didn’t include you in her instruction for her departure

9:55am Sam telling BRett how tight her muscles are (hint hint Brett)
Sam says she loves the everlong foo fighters song (what they listened to this morning)
just chit chat


10:14am Angela and Tyler

Angela – it hurts so bad
Tyler – it hurts so good
(they’re in pain after the 3 minutes endurance last night? disappointed)

10:20am Tyler and Brett
Brett – I have no idea what is going to happen
T – neither do i
T – JC is trying really hard to get Scottie BAckdoored
Brett – yeah but… he can try all he wants
T – it can happen
B – I mean it could happen .. I mean the reality is.. honestly I think I’ll get put up (sorry the shower makes it immpossible to hear)

10:23am Tyler and Fes HOH
Tyler and fes aren’t sure where the votes went last night.
Tyler – Scottie said and Brett said
F – long story short I don’t know for sure what I am going to do.. 100% sure.. BUT one thing I need your word because I’ve been a man of my word .. I’m not touching you I’m a man of my word..
T – I’ve been saying the same thing about you
FEs – since day one haven’t said a thing about you wanting to put you up never.. eventhough I’ve won 3 comps you’ve won 5.. makes sense to get the better physical player out than me. I’m not doing it.
t – that’s not you

F- I’m not getting greedy
Fes wants to go to top four and battle it out “Best man wins.. Win all the comps you want I don’t give a damn”
Fes says even thought they are on opposite sides he’s never wanted to take Tyler out.
Fes says if Tyler gets picked to play in the veto win it if you want to protect yourself. The only thing that he asking if Tyler wins the veto than Tyler does what Fes wants with it.
Fes explains it would be easy for him to slap Tyler on the block, “You voted everyone I liked out of the game”
T – trust me I know that
F – simple move to put Tyler up, he’s on opposite sides of the house and he’s a good competitor.. but I’m not doing that
Fes tells him if he does this they are good in fes’ eyes top 4 “i’m a man of my word… f*ing word.. not touching you”
Tyler – I believe everything
Fes – another thing is..

Angela comes in. Tyler tells her they are in the bathroom “it’s bath time.. It’s bath time”(LOL i think this was a dig)
FEs tells her he’s not touching Tyler “I don’t know my full move yet”
Fes tells her she’s not going up. He’s adamant that the veto user does what he says

Fes – there’s a lot of shady sh1t going on, 2 people raised their hands there was one vote so I don’t know what the f* that is
Fes can’t understand the vote last week..
Tyler – I don’t know anything about that
Angela – I don’t understand that..
they are all laughing

FEs tells Angela just because he hasn’t talked a lot of game with her he wants her to know he’s not her enemy
FEs – it would be a cop out easy thing IF I put y’all up
Fes – I just want this week to go smooth because most weeks haven’t’… that’s all i’m saying

Tyler – I can look you in the eye and tell you I’m in for it..
FEs – you both play a similar game .. straight up everyone knew where you are voting each week
T – you always know were I’m voting we’re just not always on the same side (LOL)
FEs – I respect y’all and i’m not going to touch y’all
fes – once you get to 6 one of you best friends go home..

Fes – if you want to win it go ahead .. (veto)

FEs – even thought we are on the opposite side of the vote a lot doesn’t matter. it’s the people in the middle..
FEs goes on about these people in the middle that are flipping votes.
Angela and Tyler both say “It happens every week”

They hug it out..
Angela – enjoy your bath..


10:46am FEs and Kaycee
Fes is telling Kaycee he’s targeting the people that are playing both sides. Kaycee tells him she’s respecting any decision he makes.
Fes – it’s the lying and flip votes that’s making me mad..
FEs says you are supposed to lie and cheat but he doesn’t know who to do that
Fes wants her to respect his nominations this week she’ll be fine though. “I don’t know what exactly i’m doing”
Kaycee – you got it
Fes – I’m a man of my word
Kaycee – I know you are
Kayce says fes reminds her of her best friends she has his back this week and next week

Fes says if the house comes together and makes a unified decisions this week than next week whoever wins they can make the unified decisions.
Fes – there’s no hacker let make it smooth
fes goes on and on how he essentially doesn’t want to be fooled today
KAycee – I respect whatever you do less. moves makes it as simple as possible

Fes – in your logic Brett voted to keep Rockstar
Kaycee says she’s always been close to Scottie from day one.. we were on opposite side but he would also come to her about votes..
KAycee – i’m a a lot close to Scottie than Brett..
Kaycee thought BRett was the one that voted her out.
KKaycee says Scottie is now telling her she’s voting her out

Fes – you think he’s saying that to cover his a$$

Kaycee – I think Brett voted me out
Fes – every week that the votes been close there’s 5 people that say the vote goes that way but Julie always says there 4 votes..

FES – if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it’s a f*ing duck.. 9 times out of 10 it’s a f*ing duck.. that’s my move get out the shady sh1t..

Fes – I scratch your back this week you scratch my back next week
Fes – I have no reason to backdoor nobody
Fes – i’m on the wrong side of the vote every week kaycee.. it’s not because I”m scheming.. I don’t know how to play this game.. I know how to be loyal and win competitions.

Nominations .. today


KAycee and Haleigh talk about a bit of Drama last night. Kaycee says she apologized to Fes and wants to apologize to Haleigh. She doesn’t like how Scottie pulled her into it last night.

FEs gives a recap.. I’m not going to bother he goes over everything above but adds a layer of stupid to it.
FEs tells her Kaycee is not cool with Brett she’s cool with Scottie. FEs – it’s not about HOH’s anymore it’a all about the veto.. FEs says he doesn’t want Tyler to use the veto on Scottie.
Fes – I’m cool with Haleigh but Scottie was in her head telling her to backdoor you .. because he doesn’t want to do it himself
haleigh warns him about doing that..
Fes – should I wait until Noms are locked.. or what..
Haleigh asks him what happens if Brett or Scottie take themselves off the block.
Fes – whipsers Tyler, Right?
haleigh – I guess.. (poor little lamb bird)
Fes – do you understand what I am saying about I would rather know who my enemies are.
FES – how many comps do you need to win to be a comp beast..
Haleigh – Tyler is one .. he’s won 5
FEs – i’ve won just enough comps so people don’t want to put me up

FEs – I’m making a big move
Fes tells JC he’s slapping Scottie and BRett on the block
JC – why are you doing that
Fes – cause I can

JC doesn’t think that’s the best play “what if one wins the veto the other will probably go home if we run the votes”
JC – if one of them win HOH next week…
Fes – it’s a small chance I just want you to know because I respect you
JC – I support you in whatever you do
Fes – I’m going big this game has been f***ed up so i’m going with my gut on this one
JC – ok
FEs – lets go to war.. the thing is the numbers are getting smaller..
FEs wants to eliminate all the players in the middle so there’s not more flipped votes. “WE’re good with these people and now lets go take out the other side of the house”
JC tells him that Scottie has a thing for Haleigh.
Fes runs upstairs and tells Haleigh JC is onbaord.

These 2 are sure spending a lot of time together.. I thin Sam has told Brett about her thing for him.. (just my own personal bit here.. I’ve noticed Sam is alot more dare I say normal now that the rock is gone.)

12:26am Angela’s dad’s birthday

12:57pm Scottie, Fes and Haleigh

Scottie says production was really after him to get out of bed this morning. (maybe because they wanted you to save your a$$)

1:00pm Angela and KAycee
Kaycee thinks it’s going to be Scottie and Brett on the block.
They wonder why it’s taking so long for the Nominations Ceremony.

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f he puts scottie up then hes gonna go down as one of the worst players ever. level 6 is who i want to win or jc but if im fes im putting up 2 people from the other side and id be putting tyler and brett up with angela as a replacement. stupid move if scottie goes up but i hope he does though.

Who said that!

Someone needs to put Fes and Haleigh out of their misery.Maybe a double next week will do it.

Baba Looey

Maybe he would if he knew there was another side.

Botox Pelosi

Well if Tyler doesn’t get put up he can use his cloud app to make sure that he survives this week at the veto meeting. If Scottie gets voted out they will have to put a statue of The Hive Alliance outside the Big Brother house. Just when they hit rock bottom they start digging.


I would help fund that project!


Scottie is not my favorite, but holy cow!!!! The numbers are so against you going after the middle makes no sense!!!!!!!!!!! How can you be this dumb………how?!?!? I’m a Hive fan, but at this point I’m done.


That’s so true, but I’m a sucker for underdogs. Even though the Hive had all the tools not to be the underdog, since they can win comps.


This is going to be one crazy jury! Hive members screaming, spitting blood, a few hexes from Rockstar, and who knows what else! I hope they will show it all!!


RE: The bitter jury

Hive members will be telling Tyler to be his own man. They will consider Angela & Kaycee the brains of the operation (but too evil to vote for). JC considers Tyler meek and jokes that JC would be his Daddy and the boss of the relationship if they were together.
We have clueless players every season. What’s special about the Hive is they may well be clueless even at the very end of it all. The jury will want to give it to a wounded little bird and if Tyler succeeds in pointing out that he was the brains of the operation, they might turn on him. LOL. I’d like this season to end with Bayleigh dropping her pants and telling Tyler to APOLOGIZE (or he does not win the half million) LOL. ONE CRAZY JURY IS AN UNDER-STATEMENT. Brace yourselves. LOL


I’m always for the underdog, but this is too much.

Like literally

lol they are not even the underdogs…. they won almost all comps…underdogs…is a new qualifier for stupid i guess

Buh Bye

Tbizzle…. I’ve renamed them the “Blunderdogs”.

Who said that!

Fool me once shame on you,fool me twi….oh never mind.

Doc B.

Angela is soooo hot.


Shame on you, fool me seven times, welcome to the hive, here’s your sign.


It’s because L6 has done such an amazing job at hiding their alliance, the hive doesn’t realize that L6 has the numbers. Tyler played such an expertly covert game until recently and when he showed his hand, Brett stepped in and kept the hives stingers in a knot. JC is working overtime to help them out, even though he is playing both sides. He has grown on me.


Nah. L6 has played great strategy wise, but at the same time, Hive is just dumb. Kaitlyn gave Haleigh the scoop on Tyler. Look at how they turned on Rachel, Brett’s been on the block 3 times and still there. Bayleigh got backdoored after thinking she had something with Tyler and Angela, and the HIVE hasn’t caught on.


Hive is…as Hive does…

You can’t fix Hive

I may be stupid, but I’m not Hive-Stuipd

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

It’s Hive Jive.


If they put Scottie up they really need to get evicted right after (Faysal and Hay). This is the most moronic idea so far, they don’t know how to play n they need to go to jury already! Really getting on my last nerve w the stupidity!!! Hands down the dumbest player to play BB so far!

Like literally

let’s fast forward to weeks and see level 6 battle out. Cant stand the idiots anymore waste of space and game


and the hive stupidity keeps rolling in…

Bay Leave

Never thought I would see 2 grown men having a conversation with their hair up in buns lol


Awww. Lol. I love the man buns !!

Haleigh's Melanoma

Man buns are a precursor to baldness.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Man buns are sweeping the nation.

Angela's Shaved VaJayjay

They might as well oil each other up and get it on.


Not a fan of the mun, but I prefer it to Tyler with his hair down.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

nounNorth AmericanAustralian/NZ
noun: trifecta; plural noun: trifectas

a bet in which the person betting forecasts the first three finishers in a race in the correct order.
a run of three wins or grand events.
making increasingly stupid decisions three times in a row; aka The Full Haleigh


I know I am reading this late, but had to comment. Ha! The Full Haleigh! What a hoot! I love it. That has me laughing so hard every time I think about it! So true…The Full Haleigh!!! Hahaha!

Bun Jelousy

Batten down the hatches for another crazy week. Thanks to both you & Dawg for all the work that is put into this site day in and day out…left a small mid season donation to show my gratitude. I couldn’t imagine surviving a BB season without you guys doing the “dirty work” for all of us.


This week will sum up the whole season… Derpy derp


The only thing that could possibly make this more entertaining is if Fes accidentally nominates JC or Haleigh and then says, who flipped?!?!


If he puts up Brett and Scottie it is definitely personal. They are the closest males to Haleigh and Fessie has to be the dominant man in her life.

Kudos to those playing the actual game. Brett and Kaycees acting is on point. All Fessie needed was a different reason to put up Scottie to make it seem less personal. If the four of them(original L6) survive this week they deserve to win. The rest are playing some junior varsity version of Big Brother at best.


Exactly what I was thinking. Not a game move, an “Alpha male” move. Don’t look at my babe, don’t talk to my babe. Actually more surprised he isn’t trying to get Brett out after all that time in the hammock. And amazingly they think Brett is a “lone wolf”.


If Fes could mark his territory and pee on Scottie he would.

Clueless but Happy

I appears that he is about to take a dump on him.

Haleigh's Melanoma

I think Fes would gladly pee on Scottie unless he was on fire.


Yep! He was just looking for a reason to justify his nominations to Haleigh. JC did the work for him. His manipulation of Haleigh last night was artful to watch.

The question I have is, If Scottie is sitting on the block come Thursday night, will he use his man voice or his silly little innocent boy voice when he pleads his case to stay?

Angela's Shaved VaJayjay

JC tells him that Scottie has a thing for Haleigh.

Give JC credit for putting the final nail in Fezzys thick head.

Butters Mom

Im embarrassed just saying in the beginning that I supported Hailey and thought she wasnt dumb because she goes to Texas A&M… I cant imagine how embarrassed her family must be…. or Texas A&M! Geeez, the hive are a couple of morons… wait, thats an insult to morons. Hailey just needs to keep eating her fingers and work her way through the rest of herself and Fez needs to go back to school (as a student) because he has no business teaching anyone, anything. Dumbest people on BB in a long time… maybe ever!


It is sad. Don’t like Haleigh at all, especially with her playing with Scottie last week. Since the Hive already doesn’t really trust each other, L6 needs to exploit her actions.


That should be next on L6’s agenda, the final take down of the hive.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

The world is full of people who can score high on an SAT test, but didn’t have sense enough to tie their own shoes.


Just a side note. You don’t have to be smart to go to Texas A&M. Haleigh really thinks she is playing the game well. She had some great ideas as the hacker, but then she had to go and expose herself to everyone. Now, she is helping level 6 plan her own demise by supporting the idea of putting Scottie on the block. I hate to call people names, but I thought she was a lot brighter than this. I think Tyler is going to win it all. I’m hoping for an Angela, Tyler, Brett final three.

Trackin the Kraken

I’ve just uncovered the swearing-in oath for the Hive

I, sttate your name , do solemnly swear to totally SUCK at Big Brother. To protect my enemies and evict my alliance Members even when i win HOH. I also promise to stare vapidly into space and mumble ” who flipped”? until i meet Julie Chen and settle into the Jury House. So help me Allison G

Wow, just wow Fes



BB Fan in CAN

I cannot believe how stupid Fes and Hayleigh are. It’s the blind leading the blind! If Fes really is a teacher I feel badly for those poor kids – they’re being taught by a big time dummy.

Cheryl Jackson

Not to mention his TERRIBLE grammar when he speaks. “I have no reason to backdoor nobody” eh it kills me…and don’t get me started on “FUSTRATING”

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Wouldn’t that be FEStrating?


I’ve thought the same thing many times, listening to him. As much as I hate the way he speaks, I would hate it even more if my child had to listen to him six hours a day while he was teaching. They must be hard up for substitutes in Orlando!

Haleigh's Melanoma

Dontcha know Fessy’s gangsta, yo!

Just me

Brett is one hell of a salesman. I’ve never seen somebody so good with BB mist. Even RS seemed shocked when she watched his GBM. He is playing a slick game, but burning bridges along the way. At this point, I don’t know who to root for.


You’re right. I think he went too hard. No reason to call her idiot. Especially knowing these people don’t know how to play and their vote is going to be personal. I swear they need to have an episode where everyone watches the season together.

who me?

He puts up Scottie I honestly see Hayleigh going against Faysal and voting the other way no matter who he’s up against. He’s going to start pissing her off royally with the dumb moves talk.


I don’t consider Fes putting up Brett and Scottie a bad move. Brett is a great move, he is a threat to Fes, and a million bucks says if Brett won HOH, that’s who he would gun for. There are so many reasons to put up Brett other than flirting with Hay.

I dont think Scottie is a bad move either. From Faysal’s perspective, Scotty has flipped, he has already lied, he has doe eyes for Hay, and what would make me question the most, is his involvement with Tyler. Scotty is sketch, and socially awkward.

Brett and Scottie are Hays people, not his. Angela and Tyler have never been on his radar, and none of that side have targeted him yet. He should take out HIS biggest threats. I would say he is making the best move with his knowledge, for HIS game.


I agree. The fact that everyone in the house has said they needed to get Scottie out at one point also. It would be easy to put Kaycee and Angela up like h wanted. He’s looking out for his own best interests and knows both of them would try and get him out too.


Hat just doesn’t want to stare at Angela’s beautiful behind anymore.


I feel he’s a bit shortsighted in not wanting to gun for Tyler, but I do agree it’s not a horrible move to not put up Angela/Kaycee. Don’t play a move on Haleigh’s behalf and leave yourself more exposed next week when you can’t play HOH.

He’s probably attempting to bank some goodwill with Ty/Ang next week if he doesn’t touch them. (Though I doubt it would work. they might go after Haleigh if they’re in power but after that who else is left? L6 hasn’t really had a reason to target Sam or JC)

Clueless but Happy

The Scottie and Tyler thing is all smoke to protect Level 6.


Totally agree about Sam with rockstar gone. And I am sure that Sam realized finally all her negativity was rubbing off on her. She started telling rockstar to stop when she would go on a rant. I knew Sam would be better once rockstar left. Hopefully Brett is being genuine with her and hanging with her so she doesn’t feel alone. Maybe he’s actually a nice guy. But I saw someone mention something about a Sam / JC pinky promise. Can anyone tell me what that was ? I never saw details on that

another name

hey simon,
you’re right, sam told brett last night she likes him, so not to use flirtation as strategy with her, because she’s lonely and vulnerable and it would be hurtful to her. i think she included she’s single.
plus jc told her pre-eviction that with toxie-roxie gone, brett would be alone, and sam could get closer with him.
and ur right, now that she doesn’t have technicolor eeyore buzzing in her ear, she’s much less eeyore herself.

Haleigh's Melanoma

“Technicolor Eeyore” is about as accurate a description of RS as I have seen all season. Darn funny too.


Eeyore! Funny. I think Rocks looked like Dory from Finding Nemo.


I feel kind of bad for haleigh. She really did try to play the game well, she put tyler up but it failed because of the veto, last week she put angela and kaycee but that failed because of the hacker…and now fes wants to get rid of scottie, one of the only people that still had her back. If scottie doesn’t win the veto she will be out the door in the next 2 weeks.


I have a hard time feeling sympathy for her. While she may not quite have crossed the lines that Bayeligh and RS did, she was fully supportive and has also said some pretty sh!!ty things. She has definitely tried to work/use the guys by flirting although I don’t necessarily fault her for that. I believe Brett takes it for what it is. Fessie and Scottie will probably end up with some hurt feelings.


In all fairness to Fes, Scotty was on the other side until recently. He hung out in Angela’s HOH and confided secrets and plans with L6 then switched sides. He’s been a trickster on his votes and a major floater from side to side. I can’t see any reason why Fes would feel he’s one of theirs other than flirting and spending major time with Hay.

I think his trickster games have sunk him, he should have stayed secretive about them. But he talked eventually about his hinky voting and offended people, Swaggy friends most of all.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Scottie had become a more or less de facto member of The Hive, much like JC is a de facto member L6, and he made the same mistake that almost every member of FOUTEE/The Hive did.

Swaggy C; the mastermind, fashion icon, superfan; allowed his showmance to run his game.

Kaitlyn: spirit guide, pigeon whisperer; torn between TWO one-sided showmances and in competition with another member of her own alliance for one. That pushed her to make her crazy moves.

Bayleigh: popeyed Miss Congenital, spitting blood crazy, one point away from being a genius…in the plant world; showmance worthy of a pizza boy.

Rockstar: she is the ONLY member of her alliance that didn’t have an active showmance, but her obsession with Angela was just as all consuming. Crap, she had a thirty minute conversation over Angela’s nipples always being hard! Who does that?

Haleigh: 14 year old in a 21 year old body who believes herself to be a fem fatale; active showmance with one, leading Scottie on with a pretend showmance, believes she can put on a bathing suit and get Tyler and Brett to do her bidding.

Fessie: devout Muslim who picks a penalty called HAMazon and features a graphic of a HAM; then complains that he can’t eat ham because of his religion; active showmance with Haleigh after weeks of begging, still pissed over five hours in a hammock and a thirty minute massage. He wants to make a big move…and get rid of his competition.

Scottie: virgin who runs into the dairy room the first time and succeeds in flipping the couch over backwards, major geek, superfan who comes into the game with a strategy; throws it all away for a girl playing him along and is now targeted by a jealous Neanderthal.

They deserve what they get.

Clueless but Happy

Scottie trowed his game away for Steve first, then Haleigh. He is playing a personal game.


If Fes puts up Angela and Tyler I’d die laughing because Fes has been so clueless this ENTIRE SEASON! For him to make that move is questionable.

Haleigh's Melanoma

Sam and Brett had a moment last night where she confessed she had some feelings for him but that she would never ever act on them while they are in the house, and even if he doesn’t feel the same way about her just be gentle with her and be genuine because if he was making fun of her behind her back it would really mess her up and Brett told her he doesn’t make fun of her unless he is teasing her and would never do anything to hurt her. I’m glad we got that cleared up.


My head literally hurts!

What an HoH! He received no valuable intel. He still is unsure of who voted what way when. No deals were brought to him. the guy who voted all your friends out is safe. the ppl who are now after his showmance are safe. you don’t know who anyone is targeting for next week and its double eviction. he isn’t going for all the ppl who voted against rockstar or bayleigh.
I cant wrap head around this level of stupid!!!!!!

Heres the difference btw the alliances. when Level 6 is on the block, the try what the can to save their allies and if that doesn’t work, the ensure the keep a valuable player. The dumbass alliance on the other hand are very quick to throw each other under the bus, and are very quick to believe anything they hear.

To Tylers luck, he is playing with halfwits
To scotties detriment he is playing with halfwits.

Baba Looey

Scottie chose to go back to the halfwits and give up all the info he had on the other side. If he hadn’t ratted out everything he learned from Angela he would be alot better off.

another name

for some reason, an alliance that has won four of the last six hoh’s really just doesn’t meet the underdog requirement. I mean, they started as a group of nine with a group of five core… out of 16.
bad game play doesn’t mean underdog.


Yeah, but then the thinking part is so bad, so, so bad, I mean spike in the skull and swirled around bad it really bring down the average.

Butters Mom

I think the term “underdog” is being confused with “disability” as in “slow learners”.

BB Fanatic

Anyone else finding it suspicious that nominations are so late…like production is waiting for Scottie to talk Fess out of nominating him? Production sure has favored the Hive side…too bad they haven’t been able to figure out how to capitalize on it!!


HEY PRODUCTION, F@ck OFF, leave the game alone!

Hi my name is Scott

Ok, who gave the Hive/Foute the mega bottle of stupid pills to use during this season. Looks like Haleigh & Fes are still taking them….face palm…….yet again………so many facepalms it is starting to hurt……

Is It just Me

Stupid pill Rx = 50 mg Fesnol + 100 mg Hayphetamine.

Level the Playing Field

Finally, an intelligent comment from Fez “I don’t know how to play this game..” (said to Kaycee during their conversation this morning).


You know why it’s taking so long for nominations. Production is probably trying their darnest to get Fessie to put up more worthwhile candidates. At this point they could probably out L6 and JCs deceptions and he’d still put up Brett and Scottie.


Holy Smokes ! Sam has cornered Brett…and is on some weird mission to let him know why he is now her soundboard. With Rocks gone. ( BTW..minutes after Rocks left, Sam was as cheerful as can be )
In any event..Sam is going on and on..hardly making sense…and Brett looks like he’s been caught in a bear trap.
He just does not know what to do. I don’t think he has much experience with anyone who *thinks* like Sam.
At times…you can see he has an uncomfortable smile…while he DESPERATELY hopes someone ..anyone comes in. Or he gets called to DR.
I hope Sam’s family doesn’t watch live feeds..because I think they would be quite concerned.
I know I am.


OMG!!! Sam asking Brett if he’s secretly in love with her. Because she’s been telling them in the DR that they will probably get married.
That she’s now Brett’s number 1…..and is he into her because everyone in the house loves her.
Oh…and that she came into the HOH room..and Hay was between his legs. He got beet red..jumped up and rearranged his shorts.
I mean….I am just…I guess embarrassed for her.


Is there the chance that she thinks she’s being funny?


That’s exactly the feeling I had…embarrassed for her

Haleigh's Melanoma

Sam’s forming a thing with Brett, she’s definitely playing the game, talking strategy for the first time. I think Brett is playing her on some level. Judging by what we know I’d say her instincts about what is going on are a little off, but she’s definitely trying.

Angela's Shaved VaJayjay

So Fezzy’s big game move is to put up 2 dudes who he thinks are after his make believe “girlfriend”???? One of whom is in his “alliance”???

Angela's Shaved VaJayjay

JC tells him that Scottie has a thing for Haleigh.

Damn the little fella basically owns Fezzy. He is giving fezzy and intellectual wedgy.

who me?

2:18 PM Fri Aug 17
Sam (while smiling/laughing) asks Brett so you being in love w/ me was all in my head? Brett (smiling/laughing) says I’m not in love w/ you. Sam says thats disappointing. (They laugh.)
2:20 PM Fri Aug 17
Brett explains to Sam that he does’t think this is a place to be interested in someone and that can wait until the game is over bc 3 months wont make a difference so he would’t act on it, even if he was interested in someone. (So he knows she isn’t joking, she has a crush on him)
She’s 27, Brett is 25. Poor delusional Sam, acts like a teenager with a crush. She voted out Rockstar because JC kept telling her that without Rockstar spending all her time with Brett, she now has the ability to get together with Brett.

Who said that!

I now fear for Brett.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Brett needs to give Sam hugs and massages all week. They all need to hug her often. Angela needs to brag on how Fez killed that comp & keep coming up for baths. JC just keep working his magic. You can’t make this stuff up; its one for the BB Hall of Fame. CBS has a gold mine after the Jury Votes of they want to do an “After The Votes” special, play excerpts from the season for the players, ask them questions. They could easily do a 2 hour special.


As dumb as this has been going they could probably turn it into a Now We’re Home weekly series. Right? Just keep the same Foutte/Hive cast. It would be a smash!


I love reading your comments about this game like you guys are all professionals NOT. Let me tell you something being in the house playing BB and being outside of the house watching everything that is happening are 2 different things. First when you’re in the house you’re stressed out of your mind you don’t know who’s telling the truth or lying. For instance, if Kaycee and Angela were on the opposite team it would have been the same for them because without Tyler they ain’t shit they would’ve been clueless just like the Hive’s. The downfall of the hives is that they trust people too much example Faysal trusting Jc. Jc is playing Faysal the guy is playing for himself. But it’s funny L6 think they’re all going to win Big brother they’re not thinking about jury management nothing i just don’t get it. Sam her i don’t know what to say about her she reminds me of poison ivy trying to get the men into her corner Tyler and now Brett. Scottie is with the Hive and i feel he has a bit of something with Tyler also. At the end of the day this game is not easy and it’s completely different from what you guys think. The only thing that im going to say if KAYCEE (the couch) wns Big brother i’m going to be mad.

Who said that!

Misplaced trust is their downfall.You can’t have a successful alliance without trusting your alliance and working together.Level 6 is an effective unit while Hive takes themselves out.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

Oh so sorry, Guy. Which season were you on??


Simon…..There’s grounds for a RESTRAINING ORDER with a tiny bit of that convo. And she likes to watch him sleep. (shiver)

Swaggy's Missing Brow

You like living dangerously?


haha not meee…scares me to death (irl)


She is a whackjob and very stalker-like.



Sam is most definitely a caged animal. With no true outlet at all, she will continue to spiral. So hearing her say she hopes she goes to jury sooner, rather than later, is good. She recognizes her predicament is affecting her mental status.


I know. I know. It’s taken me this long to see. Hive (Foutte) may just be the most clueless alliance in all 20 seasons of BBUS.
The seasons that most comes to mind is Austin, the Twins, Steve and Vanessa, who basically depleted the other side of the house until they turned on each other. We’ve yet to see that yet. BUT, it is amusing watching Hive fall over themselves to figure out what is going on, and yet, eat their own alliance. It’s going to get really interested when Level 4 has to turn on each other, especially with middle players like Sam and JC in the mix. Outside of Sam, the other side of the house are amazing manipulators. Hive is like watching clowns get into that little car.

Survey Says

Can we get those nominations already? What’s taking it so long??


Oh Big Brother!

When Sam starts talking about her possible diagnosis with major anxiety….please do not change the feeds to another room. Crikey! I paid for Live Feeds…..not filtered Live Feeds. UGH!


Before they have the nomination ceremony I am picturing production calling a time out. They call Fez and Haleigh into a room. On the wall is a giant board with pics of each player. There are colored lines connecting all the players working together. Then under each pic it says “In Fez Alliance” or “NOT in Fez Alliance”.
Fez then gets up and says thanks for the info. Then yells I now nominate you Haleigh and you scottie for eviction. Production quits. Show cancelled.


I had just taken a drink of tea while reading your post. I got it all over myself but while trying to clean it up and blow my nose, I COULD NOT STOP LAUGHING. Thanks for that. What makes it so funny is that I can almost see Fez doing that.

Guy From Canada

This season is a test image to how the game should be played, socially no comp wins. Yes Hive is dim witted to be taking out numbers this way, but the other side with winning minimal competitions (minus Tyler) have been on the right side of the vote from good game play. Best season for tv viewing, and best season for blogging. And Simon, love your captions each week, this season I hope you don’t rate Kraken…..or at the end of this week will it be if the Hive gets another alliance member out?

Fess plz open your eyes

Fess and Hay are beyond dumb in this game. Let’s forget about putting Scottie up this week.

Last night they laugh all night how dumb the house for not knowing they are in a showmance. 1) the whole house knows you guys are. 2) let’s pretend they have no clue… Fes tells everyone he is talking zero game with anyone last night and just chilling out Haleigh and JC then spend half the night getting drunk in his room and talking game. JC then leaves and Haliegh stays up in Fess room wearing his HOH robe, going down stairs multiple times to get things to bring up to his room, spends the night up there and then pretty much the entire day today has been alone with him in the HOH room. At least Hay tries to tell Fessy she needs to go down stairs so ppl don’t catch up. Fess “these ppl will remember what happens Wednesday and Thursday not what happened on the first day of my HOH.” And that in a nut shell is the Hive all season. Don’t remember shit from week to week and thinks everyone in the house does the same thing.

Another great plan by the hive.


Fes doesn’t know what we know, he has no idea there’s another side of the house that’s been running shit from the start. If he knew Tyler & one of his alliance would be nominated. He doesn’t know anything, & he got that lil gremlin JC who h trusts in his ear.


I feel a showmance brewing between Angela and Tyler. How cute would they be! ? I hope it happens and they reveal their love for one another at the finale.


Whether it’s the smartest move or not to put up Scottie ( regardless of Fes’ reasoning), the fact he’s claiming to do what’s best for HIS game is impressive. Just from his actions with Hayleigh, I thought Hay would be driving the boat & he would be doing her bidding. Whether he ever figures it out or not, he’s trying.