Big-Brother-Canada 2019

“I’m telling you the plan is still the plan but be open you always want to go with the numbers..”

8:15am Cam 3-4 Mark and Dane
Dane about last night “MA, holy sh1t she had 2 glasses of wine and she was just f*ing… ” (he motions her lips smacking)
Mark thinks a lot of heat is coming his way these next few days. He wants Adam to know that he’s got Adam’s back.
Mark – They think I’m the deciding vote.
Mark – Kyra came up to me campaigning saying I’m the last vote Maki saying I’m the last vote..
Mark warns a lot of people will be asking him where his vote is. He’ll stick with saying he’s voting with the house and Dane is charge and we have to respect that.
Mark – KIKI and Esti are freaking out if it switches…

8:48am Mark telling Dane whoever gets to pick the have nots they have to strategize because the have nots room is a great place to talk.
Dane – I was so dumb to put Adam and Sam in there
Mark – it’s OK
Dane – first one
Mark – all good
Mark says if he picks havenots it’ll be Dane, Damien and Anthony.

9:28am Chelsea and Adam
Chelsea – oh my god Anthony was so funny last night

9:33am Dane and Sam
Sam saying that Maki doesn’t know this game. They agree things will flip flop around all day so they will talk later.

9:42am Dane, Maki and Adam
Maki wants to talk to Adam later today when they have some peace
Adam – it was a real shit storm last night
They mention how people were talking about the same thing over and over again.
Maki – that’s what happens when ego’s collide. (Pretty sure it was Kailyn and I think Stef)
Dane – Alcohol man and ego’s collide..
Maki leaves says when Adam is ready he’ll come up and talk to him.
Adam says that people know Maki’s going and now Maki is getting worried so he’s backtracking
Dane – ohh yeah
Adam – he needs to say stuff to make us think he’s not coming after us

Dane now saying that Maki wants Cory out first “I truly believe that”
Dane says there will be a point where Maki comes after them and Sam “then we’re in trouble”
Dane – just talk to him though..
Adam – I will.. there’s going to be times in this game we hear sh1t when people’s backs are against the wall.
Dane – I know man.. the boys all need to meet up tonight
Adam – we’re making team decisions.. but I don’t trust anything they are saying now.. (Maki)
Adam – Momma f*ing.. I Dunno it was so weird.
Adam says he’s trying to cover his bases with Momma in case she wins the HOH.
Adam – I just told her I don’t want to put you up… (Kailyn)
Adam adds that mom told him she wasn’t once thinking about targeting them until yesterday, “when cory told her we were going after her”
Adam – why have we been hearing for the last 5 days about this.. she (mom) said she didn’t say nothing..
Adam says they’ve heard by 5 people MOMMA was coming after them days ago.
Adam brings up Cory coming up to him and say there’s his side and her side.
Dane says Maki this week Cory next week

9:55am CAM4 Adam and Kailyn
Kailyn says she talked game to Anthony. says she tries to with Eddie “but the communication is harder.. you know what I mean.. ”
Kailyn – everyone knows I want to stick with the original 5 it gets us all further.
Kailyn says there’s people in the house that if they make it to the end she will go “F*ING insane”
Kailyn – I’m a straight shooter.. I don’t fricken lie..
Adam – I’ve been thinking about who to put up next week…
Adam says there’s people now he knows were close to him and once someone else had power they weren’t close to him anymore “I thought we were solid..”
Adam says if he wins those are the people he would go after
Adam – All I want right now is jury
Kailyn – right..
Kailyn says she doesn’t trust Chelsea “I’m going with my gut.. I can’t”
Adam says nobody would expect them to be working together.
Ma – Absolutely
Adam – lets just keep doing what we’re doing.. you don’t want to hang out too much
Ma – yeah a little chit chat there and little chit chat there..

10:10am Chelsea and Sam
Sam saying that Cory wants to keep Maki here. Chelsea says Cory told her the same thing again that she is on the bottom of her sides totem pole.
Chelsea says after last night she feels very much out of the loop at this point.
Sam complains about last night when she was having a normal conversation with Adam and MOMMA comes in talking Game. Chelsea thought Mommma was going to be fun when she drank but she was still playing the game last night hard.
Chelsea – like stop.. put it aside..
Sam – just act normal with her.. do your normal thing
Chelsea – normal now is completely avoid her and don’t talk game to her that’s normal for us now
Sam – I’m sure she will come to you at some point and re-secure your thing
Chelsea says that Momma is trying to loop her into a threesome with Adam and Sam. “she’s making us all a target and she’s using my closeness with Kyra to make me a target”
Chelsea – are you guys buying in any of her sh1t
Sam – NO NO.. you got cornered hard last night..

10:43am Maki and Kiera
Maki – nothing’s for sure.. You really need to become a reader of tone.. the energy that is being reciprocated by the words spoken..
Maki – some people are still on eggshells you don’t want to make noise..
maki says the quiet people can float through.
Maki – there’s other people making a lot of noise.

10:53am Adam and Chelsea
Adam saying that Kailyn wants to work with them now.
Chelsea – of course her back is against the wall.
Adam says he told Ma that if the 5 of them work together they could get far. HE said that week 1 to her.
Adam says the last couple days KIKI and Stef have been up Maki’s a$$
Adam – that whole blow up last night.. Her (Kailyn) and stef..
Chelsea – I feel like I’m so out of the loop
Adam says that Stef came to him and said she wants to get Kailyn and Cory out.
Adam says getting Kailyn out is going to be tough because she’ll twist all the boys and by the end of the week none of them will vote her out.
Adam – last night Maki was coming up to Dane.. I’m not going after you I’m not going after Adam I’m getting Cory out and that’s it..
Adam – he’s saying that now because Mom knows we’re sending him home she had a “feeling”
Chelsea – who is close with MOMMMA
Adam – Anthony and Dane
Chelsea thinks if Kailyn is gone they have Anthony.

11:41am Dane and Mark
Mark says Kyra through his name under the bus. Goes on about Momma being bad for them in the game. Dane says they will have to get Damien onboard to take out Momma.
Mark says Damien is a big asset for them. Mark is up for keeping Kyra for a long time.
Dane agrees says Kyra will be around for a while
Dane – I can’t stand them sometimes
They go on about how weak at competitions Kyra and Momma are
Dane – they smoke a lot
Mark – can you imagine if Alcohol was always stocked in the fridge (see image)
Dane – I don’t think I could do it man everyone would talk so much shit
They go back and forth how nobody is suspecting the pretty boys are working together.

12:20pm Kyra and Mark
Says he was scared of Kyra, “you have a presence”
Kyra – come talk to me don’t let it linger.. I am only 25 and sometimes I will say things and not realize… it’s all about how you take things.. My humour is really dry and I like to mess with people a lot..
Kyra – If i wasn’t messing around with you and playing It would me I didn’t like you
Kyra – I’m like the 8 year old boy in the playground that teases everybody.. that’s just how I am maybe I shouldn’t do that hear because everyone is so paranoid.
Kyra – I want you to feel comfortable to talk to me..

11:21pm Kyra and Chelsea
Talking about how the vote keeps flipping. Kyra says Dane pulled them into the HOH and told them “it’s solid” for them to stay.
Kyra adds Maki has been “Sulking” a lot so she’s feeling he’s found out to.
Chelsea – Kailyn is really working the guys.. if Maki stays I am a big target next week..
Chelsea says that Kailyn is telling the boys next week the target is Cory..
Kyra doesn’t buy it says MOMMA always talks to Cory.
Chelsea says Kailyn is telling Sam and Adam she can’t be trusted She’s also telling the house to get Kyra out and next week they’ll get Cory and everything will be easy and happy.
Kyra – a lot of people don’t want me to go they want Maki to go
Chelseas – she’s trying to pretend.. WHAT there’s no lines in the sand there’s not sides.. I can see what she’s doing it’s stupid.

11:32am Cam 4 Chelsea and Sam
Chelsea talking about her conversation with Kailyn. She’s going to tell Kailyn she wanted to trust her but withing their conversations “you were still testing me and that makes me feel like you’re telling me you trust me but you really don’t so that makes me feel like I need to keep my distance”
Sam suggests that maybe Chelsea can mend things with kailyn bring back “Ebony and Ivory”
Sam pushes her to use what kailyn is saying about CHelsea being the odd man out.
Chelsea – I’m working with you guys (Adam and Sam)
Sam – 100%
Chelsea – I’m not going to go to her and throw you guys under the bus
Sam tells her to not let Kailyn know their three is solidified.
Chelsea – what about Cory
Sam – I don’t know about her I’ve made distance now.. she took what I said to her and went to momma saying Sam and Adam are coming for you
Chelsea says she’s never talked game to Cory.

12:02pm Cam 4 Eddie and Maki
Eddie tells him he wants to work with Maki but only if Maki is honest with him. Eddie says that first week Maki threw out his and Kiki’s name those are the only two east Asian people in the game.
Eddie – week 1 you don’t know anyone so you are trying to throw easy name
Eddie – I don’t think I can work with you .. without knowing their character you picked two east asians easy names… you are also a person of Colour that is why I feel betrayed..
Maki – OK now do you understand where I’m coming from ..
Eddie wants to know if Kiera’s name came out of Maki’s mouth week 1
Maki – I like her she’s a cutie and she has my back.. her name did come out of my mouth.. I went to KIKI and told her.. I’m not trying to play a sneaky game..

1:03pm Cam 4 Dane and Kyra HOH
Kyra going on and on about what they will do for Dane if they win HOH next week. “I’ll let you veto one of the people.. you know I have to put Kailyn up she’s targeting me”
DAne says the only two people he needs to work on are the two girls because they are close to Maki. He plans on doing that right before the vote.
Kyra – don’t even bother.. you should tell them the day of… if you don’t go with the house it’ll look bad
Dane – exactly
Kyra says Maki is a comp beast and he doesn’t know how to play the game and will be a wild card.
Dane says he appreciates the deals Kyra is offering him.
Dane – last minute pull the trigger…
Dane explains if he told the house now that Maki was the target the week would turn out like last week with Laura and Damien. Adds it’ll ruin his game and Kyra’s.
Dane wants to do it last minute
Dane – I know you want the guarantee
Kyra – people right now think I’m the vote out because they think that’s what you want.

1:10pm Muscles

1:13pm Anthony and Chelsea
Anthony saying he would rather Kyra stay.
Chelsea agrees says Maki would do something big if he won power.
Anthony says they are taking a real chance keeping Maki.

2:53pm Chit chat…  Eddie, Kyra, Chelsea and Stef

4:09pm HOH Dane, Stef and Kiera
Dane going on about how Adam and Sam are going to end up on the block. Dane can’t stand Sam he isn’t able to speak with Adam for a minute because of her.
Dane – I can beat Adam one on one I can beat Maki one on one but I can two at once my chances go down from 50 to 33
Dane – if he stays (Maki) I go on the block.. he said that to my face.. do you want me to go on the block? I will.
Dane – Adam and Anthony are bigger targets than I am.
Stef – once we get to Jury who do you think they will go after first
DAne – it means we have to start winning …

Mark joins them.

Dane – I’m telling you the plan is still the plan but be open you always want to go with the numbers..
Mark – so what you are saying is don’t make it a tie
Dane – if it’s a tie we’re f*ed
Damien comes in

4:44pm Mark and Kiera
Kiera – technically if the house flips now that could be a good thing (Kyra staying)
Mark wants him, Dane, Keira and esti to get together the night before the HOH and figure out their top 3
Mark – who we are going after right..
Mark says he’s been “broing” with Adam
Kiera – I can’t bro with Adam

5:00pm Adam, Chelsea and Sam
Chelsea – who is flip flopping
Sam – nobody still the same plan
Mark told Kiera that Maki told Mark he’s got the votes to stay..
Sam – does he have the votes to stay without the three of ours
Sam says everyone is telling Maki what he wants to hear.

5:28pm Kiera, Same, Chelsea and Adam
Kiera saying she doesn’t trust MOMMA
Kiera – she’s talking to so many people.. I don’t know man she looks at me sometimes.. I dunno
Chelsea – why is she campaigning so hard for Maki to stay
Kiera – whats teh best for us… Maki going?
Sam, Chelsea “maki going”
Adam – I dunno I’m not going against Dane.

6:10pm Dane, MOMMA and Maki
Dane – I didn’t want to put you up swear to god it would have been Eddie but I didn’t want to go against my word in front of Canada the guy is a fierce competitor
Maki – I’m going to talk to Chelsea and Sam
Dane – Anthony is flip flopping too ..
Maki – who would be a fifth.. Cause Cory can’t vote
Dane – that’s good..

Dane is going to say – to keep Maki is good he is going to go for Cory and Sam..
Maki counts his votes “kiki, Esti, Eddie, DAmien,. Mark is bonus”
Dane – Mark will follow what I say

7:05pm Anthony and Mark
Mark – Does Sam go next week or the week after..
Anthony – I’ve been putting into Maki’s head Sam is the reason for all of this he has that in his heart more than with Adam..
Mark says Maki is desperate because he’s going around always filling his water bottle.
Anthony wants them to hit Final 4 they they agreed to day one (pretty boys)
Mark – don’t you want Kiera in the final 2
Anthony – In a perfect world yes
Mark – I’m telling you this even if I’m not in the Jury i’m into into it
They laugh..
Anthony – who would put you up
Mark – Cory
Anthony – I think she likes you

Adam joins them.
Adam says Maki told Sam he’s putting DAne up
Adam – two days ago MOMMA was building an army to go after me and Sam

8:02pm working out


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