“Dev!l doesn’t always come looking at you like the dev!l” – Mamma K

10:04pm Kitchen. Adam and Dane. Dane – you have to also talk to kiki. I mean, I know you guys hashed it out now. But I was like honestly Adam came to me and he was like crushed. Like Adam thought he was really bonding with Kiki and then all of a sudden Kiki does that. Adam – she won’t even look me in the face the last two days.. after that conversation. I thought that conversation went well. Dane – let me work on them. Adam – and then then next two days they’ve been up Maki’s a$$. She won’t even look at me. Its weird. Dane – let me work on them. Lets not pull triggers yet. I’ve for sure got SD. But those two before I got in their ears .. they didn’t talk game. They were just hanging out. I was like are you guys playing? Do you guys know what Big Brother is?! Adam – I think they’re just here and want a free ride. Dane – I think we should still ride it out 4, 4 here. Adam – if it comes down to it and we have to take out Kiera and Damien .. then we’ll get 8.. you know what I mean. Dane – that’s fine.. drop one and one or like .. just kind of like I want to get you and Sam to jury. I want to get SD there too. Adam – Oh I agree on that. They shake hands. Adam – I know you want to take her out but I would appreciate at least taking her (Sam) to jury.

10:18pm Storage room. Dane comes in and collects all the wine and beer.. Dane comes out and tells everyone to get down to the kitchen. All the house guests come down and yelling and hugging.

10:49pm They play spin the bottle. Adam spins the bottle and it lands on Mamma K. Mamma K tells him to keep spinning .. you can’t handle this. They decide not to play spin the bottle and start dancing / rapping. Damien is drumming on pots.

11pm Storage room. Sam writes on Dane and Adam’s chest – “The Great Dane! BBCAN7 I Heart Eddie.” They head out into the living room and start giving Eddie a lap dance. Big Brother blocks the feeds when Adam starts pulling his pants down. When the feeds come back Dane asks Eddie if he will be his prom date. Eddie says yes. After Dane – you’re supposed to catch the teeth. (Dane threw out his fake teeth during the lap dance.)

11:30pm Hot Tub Room. Dane, Adam, Mamma K.
Adam – before I even knew she was from Newfoundland. Mamma K – yeah you were drawn to her. Couples that work… they look alike. Adam – she is definitely a girl that I would go for. Mamma K – you know what sealed the deal for me? The sharing of food. Big Brother blocks the feeds.

12:15am The live feeds return. The house guests are still drinking and chatting out in the hot tub room. They get in the hot tub and start playing the never have I ever game.

1:05am Mark and Damien. Mark – your name isn’t coming up at all. Like you are so off everyone’s radar. Vancouver – Montreal man. Like not even close. These next two days are going to be bloody hell. In fact the next three days because its going to escalate and escalate. Damien – well hang in there the nest you can. Maki and Dane join them.

1:10am Storage room. Anthony and Dane.
Dane – outside Mamma was like outside this house would you ever pursue Sam? And Adam was like absolutely. He said he would definitely try and go for dates and stuff. I was like don’t say that. Anthony – that has nothing to do with what is going on right now.. we have to separate this.

1:20am Storage room. Anthony and Mark.
Anthony – yo I could tell already from Adam’s face.. Adam was red in the face. Its like Sam is speaking for him. Mark – tell me what is going on and I can tell you how we can get out of it. What’s going on? Anthony – I walked into the room and the whole conversation switched. They’re dumb but they’re not dumb. As soon as I walked into the room.. Ma was like what you see is what you get! Adam is sitting there red in the face. If she goes to Sam and convinces.. Yo me and Maki. Maki package deal. Sam doesn’t know anything. Adam is not dumb. He’s dumb but he’s not dumb. He isn’t going to tell her about the four. Why would Adam be red in the face? Mark – Adam probably knows he’s put himself in big trouble. He knows he has to get rid of Sam. Mark – we need to sleep on it. Anthony – yeah I’m going to go to bed.

1:38pm Mamma K and Anthony. Anthony – are you okay. It looked like she was bad mouthing you. Mamma – who? Anthony – when I walked in the room. Mamma – no I was telling them truth. I wasn’t gunning for them until I heard they were gunning for me. I was like watch Chelsea. I know you like her but she told them I was gunning for them. I planted the seed with Chelsea to see if it would grow. And the minute you guys couldn’t look me in the eyes.. I knew! I knew! The whole thing is .. I speak truth. I said the same way Chelsea is speaking sweetness in your ear .. she is speaking it in my ear too. Devil doesn’t always come looking at you like the devil.

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Club H.O.H

Not sure if it’s been said but straight up Damien can get it! #BBHeartthrob (I knew my vote would count for the vantage) lol all quiet like a agent while the peanut butter squad implodes. Funny how the guys fully dressed (Damien and Anthony) look the best over the dollar store chippendales lol. Thank you MamaK for lighting the feeds. (Insert Ika’s voice) #SamYoureGoingHome! Hopefully Maki stays! Cry-A sucks!

P.S- Saw a bar at the island I live near called The Kraken and I instantly thought of OBB (#addicted to BB and OBB lol).


AHAHAHA that sounds like my kinda Bar 🙂

I hope this season doesn’t go kraken

Guy From Canada

Watched some of the feeds on and off tonight…..Mamma K is killing the conversations. She stopped the spin the bottle, asked Adam a stupid question that ended their truth game, the “party” moved to the hot tub area where they started to smoke after and kept butting in at stupid times with idiotic comments….she is such a buzz kill, her verbal game play is non existent, she is playing to be brought to the end for second place and is almost tragic to watch…..I kind of want to see her on the block and watch her under pressure and see what happens, is that mean?


It’s so frustrating that the more likeable side of the house (Maki, Kiera, Este, Eddie, Damien, etc.) can’t keep their shit together. They all just need to sit down and talk. Eddie is accusing Maki of being racist by putting out his and Kiera’s names first week; Kiera shut it down and Maki shut it down, but Eddie is still going between them both and suggesting the other might be a liar. It’s SO illogical. It could all be cleared by one damn conversation.

Also, Dane, Mark, Anthony are so dumb to keep Kyra – it’s a number for Sam and Adam. Do they really think they’re a priority to Adam over Sam? At the very least, it’s been very entertaining. But super frustrating to watch. I love Maki.

another name

In which of her past lives was Kailyn a failed bus driver? Her ‘talk’ with Sam/Adam used Cory, Chelsea, and Eddie as complete speed bumps, and dinged Dane and Anthony in the process. Her retell later didn’t sound anything like what I heard. Her powers or otherworldly perception should have told her to not have that conversation at all.
I’m not sure how Sam ended up getting any of the blowback. I’m not a Sam fan, so me saying that doesn’t sound kosher should be saying something. She got off Kailyn’s bus just in time to be tied to the train tracks by Anthony and Dane.
I think we’ve pretty much settled the ‘who’s the alpha in the boys club’ question. Mark and Anthony may say things against Sam, but will defer to Adam in every case. Dane is fooling himself to think he actually has any power.
Just let me kick the dirt and scowl and pout for a second here… I may not feel any connection to Maki whatsoever, but I don’t want Kyra to stay. I’ve already had enough of the pity me routine. Sad sack demands pity, empathy and attention without showing any pity empathy or attentiveness to others every time they enter a room. I just can’t with the eeyore routine. Maki is dense as heck, and a really rotten social game / campaigner, but at least he doesn’t travel with his own violin and oboe sad tinkly piano soundtrack for every conversation he’s in.