“I’m taking control of the house this week.. VIVA LA Revolution” -Jace

POV Holder: Steve Next POV July 3rd
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony June 28th
HOH Winner Team 1: James HOH Winner Team 2: Jason
Nominations 1 : Steve, Jackie Nominations 2: Becky, Johnny mac
Battle of the Block Winner Becky and Johnny Mac Next HOH/ Next BOB July 2nd / ?
Original Nominations: Becky, Johnny, Steve, Jackie
Current Nominations: Jace, Jackie
Have Nots Austin, Da’Vonne, Liz, Vanessa

Big Brother 17 Alliance break down

Big Brother 17 Alliance break down

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-30 16-43-28-192

4:41pm Audrey and Jeff
Audrey asks him what did she do to him for him to be pissed. Jeff explains he heard she was throwing his name under the bus, trying to keep Jace and was saying he had an alliance with Meg that was plotting against the group.
Audrey denies says she never did that tells him she’s always trusted Clay, Jason and Jeff 100%
Audrey – I’ve never thrown you under the bus
Audrey tells him this is a personal vendetta against her from DAY, Day was the one spreading these lies about her.
Jeff thinks there has to be some truth in what is going on though it’s coming from everyone in the house.
Audrey again says it’s because DAY wants her out.
Jeff tells her more people in their group are saying that she’s playing the middle not just DAY.
She asks him why would she bring a group together then to just exploit it and separate it. There’s still a lot of other people in the game.
Audrey suspects DAY and Jason are trying to collapse the alliance. DAY is close to Liz who is close to Austin and Vanessa.

Austin comes by.
Audrey wants him to say specifically what she’s telling him to get him against Jeff.
Austin says he doesn’t want to talk about that today they’ve squashed it.
Audrey asks Jeff what did she tells Austin that pulled them apart
Jeff says it was from other people not Austin.
Audrey – Why isn’t anyone wanting to get empirical evidence
Audrey threatens them that she still can win HOH she will base her nominations on who isn’t being straight with her.

Jeff leaves.
Austin tells her she needs to stop bringing people aside and talking to them in corners. She needs to start fresh tomorrow building relationships from the bottom.
Austin’s still trying to figure out if there is a 8 person alliance in the house, He doesn’t think Backdoors happen unless there is a big group. Audrey says there was a group she would like to name them but it will come back to get her.

Audrey tells him she knows for sure either Clay or Sheli will not try and win HOH. She offers him her ring as collateral to build trust. She thinks Clay and Shelli are still trusting her but they are being careful not to damage their own games. She reminds him that JAce’s backdoor was planned well in advance and everyone knew about it except for Jace, Liz and Austin.
Audrey tells him she wants to work with him.
Austin – there’s a way I still can help you
Austin says the nerd herd alliance is real we’re the nerds. Audrey says the group she was in have thrown her under the bus she’s willing to let go.
Audrey warns him that DAY and Jason are very close.
Austin – Should I trust clay
Audrey – to be 1 million percent honest I don’t know
Austin – I want to so bad
Audrey – I feel like I’m playing who framed roger rabbit

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Big-Brother-17 2015-06-30 17-14-23-516
5:13pm Jason, Jeff and DAY
They agree Austin needs to go after Audrey. Jeff says Austin is his arch enemy.

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-30 17-41-56-561
5:40pm Hammock Liz and Jeff
Jeff tells her after Audrey goes Austin is the target. Liz says she’ll need to distance herself from Austin than. Jeff says Austin thought he was a little b1tch he didn’t realize Jeff had so much pull in the house.

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-30 18-01-29-633

5:52pm Jace and Austin
Austin gives him a debrief of his conversation with Audrey. Says Clay and Shelli are playing both sides and will throw HOH’s so they can keep playing that angle.
They go through the numbers, Austin, Liz, Becky, Steve, JohnnyMAC, Vanessa and Audrey
Austin – This is the move this is the underground revolution.. we’ll use Audrey to our advantage.
Austin says Becky is alone like Steve, Meg is in with Clay/Shelli. Austin wants Audrey and JAce to organize this meeting adds that Audrey is good at doing that.

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-30 18-07-40-030
5:57pm Audrey, Shelli, Clay
Audrey thinks the best move for them is to out the 8 person alliance.
Audrey telling them Austin has Liz for sure. She points out that MEG is with Day and Jason not Shelli. Audrey plans to put Meg and DAY/Jason up if she wins the HOH.

Audrey tells them she’s already been approached by people to work with them but she won’t tell them who.
Clay – if you can’t tell me who now I’m out
Clay presses her to tell him, threatens if she doesn’t he’s done with her.
Audrey won’t.

Audrey wants some of them to have a meeting parts of the group they still trust.
Clay doesn’t want to be seen talking to her it damages his game
Audrey – why would I work with you
Clay – then don’t work with me

Clay says Audrey lied right to his face about Jace
Audrey denies it “He did say that”
Clay – you’re lying
Audrey – I swear on my life.. I swear on the bible
Clay – you’re word to me is sh1t you’ve lied to us
Clay is getting heated.. Shelli tells him to cool down.
Audrey says Clay lies too
Clay denies it tells her that his Diary room sessions support her.
Jace comes in says he’s given up he’s done trying to get votes.

Shelli and Clay do not want her to out the 8 person alliance. Clay says it’s a big f**** you to them. Audrey thinks Clay just wants her to lay down and Die. Clay says if she outs their alliance the entire house will see they are playing the middle that includes Audrey.
Clay tells her things are different now between them now that she’s lied to him and Shelli.
Audrey brings up two people (DAY and Jason) in their group showed major character flaws
Clay asks her what did she show if Day and Jason showed flaws.
Audrey considered those things small scale in the the grand scheme of the game.

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Big-Brother-17 2015-06-30 18-22-09-460

6:23pm Jace and Liz
Jace – I’m taking control of this house this week
JAce explains they are calling a meeting with Audrey, Austin, Becky, Vanessa, Steve, JOHNNYMAC and Liz.
Jace points out those people are not part of the other alliance they are the outsiders
Jace adds that MEG, james, Jason, Clay, Shelli, Jackie were in the other alliance. Audrey was too but now she’s out.
Jace says they are going to wait for tomorrow to call the meeting. Mentions that Audrey needs them as much as they mean her.
liz – there’s a huge alliance in this house
Jace is going to call the alliance VIVA LA Revolution

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-30 18-38-39-852

6:32pm Austin and Audrey
Audrey – you can trust Clay
Audrey adds Clay and Shelli are not thinking long term .
Audrey outs the 8 person alliance – Day, Jason, James, Meg, Jeff, Shelli, Clay, Audrey with Jackie on the outside because she was with Jeff.
Austin tells her to save her game have a really good conversation with Jace and Vanessa
“There’s enough numbers on the other side”
Audrey – What can JAce do
Austin – he’s got a whole plan you’re the free agent vote
Audrey – I’m done with you.. I promise you my private loyalty.. I will never nominate, Never backdoor
Audrey says he’s the only person to come to her and she will never forget that he gave her an opportunity.

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-30 18-41-05-092

6:40pm Vanessa and Audrey
Audrey crying says she was never coming after Vanessa
Audrey – I swear on my life you can ask Shelli I want nothing to do with the other group I was saying I trusted Vanessa
Audrey says two people have been acting like opportunists after her “DAY and Jason”
Audrey outs the 8 person alliance to Vanessa.. Throws a lot of Mud at DAY.
Audrey says she told her group she had every intention to Backdoor clap and now this happens.

Vanessa asks her abotu the plan to backdoor JAce when was it made. Audrey says it was James plan for a while, Steve was the pawn he was in on it. Vanessa brings up James lying to her about it he told her it was Audrey’s plan.
They agree their only chance is to flip the house. Vanessa asks who is targeting her. Audrey says DAy and Jason have been throwing out Vanessa’s name.

Audrey explains if the big group was not outed Clay and Shelli would keep throwing the HOH’s so they can play both sides.

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Big-Brother-17 2015-06-30 18-58-41-115

6:58pm Storage room Jace and Austin
Excited about their chances to flip the house. Jace asks how are they going to get Steve and Becky. Austin thinks it will be simple once the big alliance is revealed if they don’t do it they are going to get picked off one at a time.
Jace – we’re going to pull this off we’re the heroes of the season.

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-30 19-22-52-456

7:22pm Clay and Vanessa
Clay – “There’s way more targets than you and Austin”
Clay has no problems picking a John, Steve.
Says the alliance he’s in is in shambles it’s already crumbling. The target next week is already figured out but the week after that they can work together from both sides.

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-30 19-34-14-690

7:24pm Audrey and Jace
Audrey tells him Becky’s vote is going to be hard because she’s close to Jackie. Audrey tells him the best person for him to get to campaign for him is Vanessa. Audrey goes through how JAce found himself backdoored adds that DAY, James and Jason were the masterminds.

Audrey tells him Shelli and Clay are trustworthy but they are working both sides. He cannot trust Jeff, Jackie, Day, James, Jason or Meg. She thinks JAce’s best thing is to exploit DAY she’s an emotional player. She recommends he get Vanessa to work people individually.

Jace says he’s count the votes if they pull this off they can get, Becky, Steve, Liz, JOHNNYmac, Austin, Audrey and Vanessa
To evict have him the other side has Meg, Shelli, Jeff, Clay, DAY and Jason

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well…. everything is up in the air right now
seems like clay and shelli are the swing votes right now


So far, this season get A+

Crazy Jace

Is anyone watching the feeds right now?? This Jace and Steve convo is outrageous! I’m really not liking Jace right now. Steve is taking a verbal beating 🙁


I’ll say it again.
This is awesome. Haha I missed the seasons of Big brother with 2 sides
Battling it out.

Simon Dawg great job as always. Been on this site for years


Here we goooooo!! This sh$t is gold!


Audrey and Jace have found a common enemy in Jeff, and Jace has a fighting chance now!? This season is incredible.


Crazy first week, but the first eviction for sure could be not unanimous I wonder where becky will vote because I think she will be the swing vote, because she hangs out with jackie more than jace. But I hope jackie leaves because she has not campaign nor asking people for votes. If james and jeff were smart they should have thrown audrey out and bring in becky and johnny mac to complete a better alliance but they are dumb. Next week will also be crazy if jace stays if not it will still be crazy. The twist could ruin someone plans I wonder when jeff probst will be taking the bb takeover and will there a team america for the week.


If Jace can pull of this “revolution” and stay, that would be EPIC. He may be annoying as hell, but he would bring so much more excitement/drama to the game than Jackie who seems to be the type of player that will float to the end.


This has to be one of the best first weeks ever, if not the best. Great cast so far. BUT, I do think for those that want the people out that annoy them, like Jace or Audrey, you are shortsighted as a fan. We want the boring ones out. Keep Jace, get rid of whats her name. She has literally done nothing and is boring as hell. Next week get rid of another boring player, maybe someone like Becky. Right now, every other cast member has something they bring to the table for us as fans to watch and enjoy.


This Audrey and Da’Vonne drama is like BB14 Frank and Willie all over again.


lol that 8 person alliance is crumbling fast. If VIVA LA REVOLUTION works it’ll be a fantastic start to this season. I think it all hinges on getting Becky, JohnnyMAC, and Steve (in that order) to go along with it.


Becky is close to Jackie and she’s with the HR right now because Jeff has more invested in that group than with Austin. I don’t see Jeff leaving the HR before he gets Austin out of the house. He wants him gone bad, and will need the votes of the HR to BD Austin. Plus the other HR have been hanging out with Becky and Johnny more often. So I’m not sure if she’ll join the “revolution”.

Bunny Slipper

why do these people ALWAYS swear on the bible? They all lie, they all know they all lie, so why bother?

Nerd Herd 2.0

I hope this Nerd Herd 2.0 pulls this one through! The Outcasts vs the 8! It’ll be like Season 6 again!!!!

Jay A

Can someone make a map or list on whose on whose side please? I know we have the alliance list to refer to but after these convos I’m just as confused lol


There’s no denying that Audrey has caused it to be quite exciting! I hope she groups with Austin and Vanessa to go against the original 8!!!! It’ll be like S6! The HOH group are taking it too far with their personal attacks on Audrey. It’s like when The Friendship was bashing Janelle. Jason, Meg, and Clay were saying how Audrey better sleep somewhere else because they don’t want to sleep in the same room as her. SMH. Watch when she wins next HOH


Damn, Audrey can’t go five minutes without spitting out a lie. It’ll be interesting to see how the vote turns out on Thursday, but I don’t see Clay and Shelli sticking their necks out to save Jace. Plus Jace down the rode isn’t good for their game. He’s a competition threat, and it’s in their best interest to let him go and throw HOH comps while the two sides take each other out.

Jace confronting Steve in the Cabana Room is hilarious. This is like the scene out of a bad movie, and Steve is just like “okay.” Hahahahaha. Like how do you expect to recruit Steve by intimidating him? Steve will vote with the majority.

I don’t think Austin and Vanessa are going to like having kept Audrey around longer in the game. If Audrey is allowed to “start over” she’ll definitely have time to manipulate people again. I really think the HR are doing to target Austin before Audrey if they figure out that Austin, Vanessa, and Liz are trying to recruit Audrey.


Wow. I gotta say this is the season that has redeemed big brother to the fullest.
Jace is totally GRILLING steve in the cabana room and despite the dramatics, it’s quite entertaining.


I feel bad for Steve, but that was SOOOoOoOooO obvious that Jace was acting. It was actually quite funny, but I’m not sure Steve knows it, so I still feel bad

Bunny Slipper

It was almost like watching a puppy get kicked. How does have possibly think Steve could’ve done anything to change any of this?


This season has been crazy and it will force people to choose a side but I don’t think they have becky vote and probably johnny mac who will vote with her. The vote will be dav, jason, clay, shelli, jeff, becky, johnny mac, and meg. 8-5 vote. And if the 8 will win the 5 voters will be on the bob with audrey as the replacement.

Butters Mom

Watching Jace talking to Steve on After Dark and SOMEONE PLEASE TAKE THAT PIECE OF SH** JACE OUT BACK AND BEAT HIS BULLY ASS!! I have to believe this is his true character. I now have someone I hate on this show!!


Austin and Vanessa are definitely the better players this year! Doesn’t mean they will last till the end, because they will have more of a target on them. I can see John going to the end not because he his the best player, but because he is out of the line of fire!


I feel like even if Audrey wins HOH next week the two people the other HOH nominates will throw the BOB so that Audrey’s nominees win and Audrey gets dethroned as HOH. So really it doesn’t matter if Audrey wins HOH next week she is still in for an uphill battle.

Too many J's

When they first came out with the BOB last year I was at first thrilled that more people would be nominated and let the scrambling begin. Then as the season played out, it was too easily manipulated to work as a counter measure in “the numbers” favor to make a difference. It makes it extremely difficult for the underdog to mount any kind of attack. Actually, because of how it was used last year, I’m kind of surprised they brought it back.


This season has a lot of strategy and were not even into a week yet!! I hope the revolution works