Big Brother 17 Spoilers – “Audrey f****g herself is so huge.. saved us for 1 week”



POV Holder: Steve Next POV July 3rd
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony June 28th
HOH Winner Team 1: James HOH Winner Team 2: Jason
Nominations 1 : Steve, Jackie Nominations 2: Becky, Johnny mac
Battle of the Block Winner Becky and Johnny Mac Next HOH/ Next BOB July 2nd / ?
Original Nominations: Becky, Johnny, Steve, Jackie
Current Nominations: Jace, Jackie
Have Nots Austin, Da’Vonne, Liz, Vanessa

Big Brother 17 Alliance break down

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-30 15-20-46-168

3:20pm Kitchen Jackie and Jeff
Talking about not talking looking sucscious but talking also looks suspicious. Jeff – It’s a lose lose

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-30 15-24-37-155
3:24pm BAckyard
jason dad send a plane instead od a banner drop some cigarettes

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-30 15-27-46-143

3:28pm Pool table Becky and JOHNNYMAC
Becky telling him about when she lived in Berlin, mentions Hitler died around the corner from her apartment. She brings up a stories about how Germans dissuade neo-nazism

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-30 15-34-29-860

3:34pm Bedroom Audrey and Clay
Clay tells her not to be upset
Audrey cries you believe her
Clay tells her she’s got a long time left.

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-30 15-38-15-158

3:37pm Bathroom Austin and Clay
Austin telling Clay that Audrey made up the story about Liz throwing him under the bus.
They are worried about Sleeper cell getting outed by Audrey.
Austin tells him he doesn’t think Jace is going to stay right now, adds that it’s better for their game that he doesn’t.
Clay – We’re sitting good right now
Austin brings up Jace telling him he’s going to start campaigning hard. Austin hopes he just stays quiet for today.

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-30 15-44-08-033
3:41pm Shelli and Clay
Shelli – do we trust DAY or do we trust Audrey
Clay – DAY won’t get us too the end.. Audrey is a liability
Shelli – do we trust the things DAY is telling us right now
Clay – the stuff that she said… DAy’s not making that up it happened in respect to Audrey.. she lied to my face Audrey.. she’s guilty she’s very Guilty

Shelli says Audrey played a really good game and now it’s blown up in her face, “We love her as a friend but as a Big BRother player we’re concerned”
Shelli brings up Audrey telling her a scheme that they could use until later in their game to get Clay to go after Jeff. Shelli told Audrey no she didn’t want to do it. Later that day Audrey came up to her and told her she already told clay (To get him against Jeff)
Shelli – I was sooo pissed.. I knew then Audrey was planting seeds between you and I
Shelli – This is why my Alarm is up

Clay – here’s the deal I don’t think Audrey is never turning on us.. she’s playing her game but she’s most loyal to us..
Clay – that little scenario you told me she’s doing that to everybody.. the fact she’s doing that to us means we’re expendable
They compare notes and find out Audrey promised them both final 2.
Clay says they don’t have a choice, “We can’t relocate with Audrey.. way too risky”
Clay – you need to rekindle with Jason
Clay says they are at the bottom of the alliance now
Clay says there’s facts Audrey was trying to get them all to fight and she was going to sit in the middle. Adds she was trying to get them against DAY.
Shelli – came on too strong
They are a bit worried about Audrey winning HOH. Clay says that is how Big Brother works the person you don’t want to win HOH wins HOH “Even if she wins HOH the whole house is against her”
Clay is trying to cover them in case Audrey does win but if they stick with Audrey it will be the three of them.

Jace comes in “Are you in a 8 person alliance.. there’s an underground group trying to get me out.. I need your votes”
Clay – we have been kept in the Dark because of Audrey
Jace – what do I have to do to get your vote
Clay and Shelli say they want him to stay but the house is against him.
JAce tells them he’s got more than just 2 votes, claims he has Steve, JOHNNYMAC, Vanessa, Austin and Shelli all he needs is their votes.
Clay – we can’t take that risk of not having enough votes.. we’re f*** we’re out of the game.. we want you to stay
JAce says there’s no way people will know where the votes are
Clay disagrees thinks the votes will come out. If Jace can guarantee he’s got the votes Clay and Shelli will.

Jace argues with him that the votes are secret..
Jace tells him he’s not trying to be a douchebag he’s just trying to get some votes. Clay makes it clear it’s a individual game flipping the house and it fails will wreck his game.

Jace – I need votes bro
Clay – you have to start at the top bro.. you need James.

Jace uses the angle that Jackie got to play in the BOB plus she’s already been on the Amazing Race, He’s only been on 5 episodes of Big Brother.
Jace wants to start a revolution. Aske him if he’s still working with Jeff, Clay says he doesn’t.
JAce – If you want to start a revolution I think of potentially 8 people
Potentially is not good enough for Clay. Jace says he’s going to get 8 people in a room and decide to team up.
Clay recommends he talks to James first.
Jace points out that Jackie has b**bs she flaunts around for votes (This works on James/Jeff)
Clay says Jace has a d1ck
Jace leaves..

They talk about getting Audrey out. Clay doesn’t plan on doing it himself he’s throwing the HOH.
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Big-Brother-17 2015-06-30 16-15-43-435

4:12pm Liz and Austin
Austin want to pull Becky closer, he thinks she likes them better than anyone else.
Austin – there’s definitely a big alliance that’s why they all disappear and we’re left out here

Austin – Is Meg that conniving to hide in a 8 person alliance
Austin – Audrey f****g herself is so huge though.. saved us for 1 week
Jace was telling them about the 8 person alliance. Jace is going to out it when he get evicted.
Austin about Clay- He’s gotta be the target after Audrey
He thinks they should tell Jeff if he’s in the 8 person alliance he showed watch out because Clay is playing both sides of the house
Liz thinks Clay is the ringleader with Jeff.
Austin – He still talks shady with me.. Clay

Austin – there’s something bigger at work her but it’s all blowing up these people couldn’t keep their mouths shut.. you’re the first one Audrey you couldn’t just hang out a chill.
Austin thinks James likes MEG “He thinks he’s got a chance for some reason”
Austin says the only person they can trust is Vanessa.
Austin instructs her to present herself as a floater to Becky and he’ll present himself as laid back chill.
(They want to form a group Vanessa, Becky, Austin and Liz with JohnnyMac on the side)
Austin – Jeff has his eye on you he likes you can manipulate that

(Lots of game going on from all sides of the house. A great start for the season)

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-30 16-12-04-224

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-30 16-28-38-000

4:28pm Clay and Jeff

Clay telling him it’s imperative they keep their 7 together

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-30 16-30-33-202

4:30pm JAce and Liz

JAce says nobody wants to vote for him so he’s going to call a meeting of 8 people to form a temporary alliance to save him and take out the other side.
Liz says there has to be a 8 person alliance.
Liz says she’s been on edge because she knows there is a big Alliance out there and she’s not in it. Jace is going to try and flip the house. If he goes out of this game he wants people to say “That kid tried everything” (Bravo)

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-30 16-31-37-517

4:31pm Backyard Austin and Clay
Clay telling them about Jace’s plan to call 8 people in a room to form an alliance. There’s extreme doubt that will work.

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-30 16-34-51-203

4:34pm JohnnyMAC and JAce
Jace tells him about his plan to form a 8 person alliance. Says he’s inviting JohnnyMac.
JohnnyMAc says he’ll be there.

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Of all the crazy things Audrey has done this week (remind you…week one!) she started to ask Shelli how long should they keep Clay!!??? She was seriously asking final five questions!!

She’s trying to play BB in a week, like Chenbot and her crew do:)


I got off work to a real treat! Day vs Audrey has got to be one of the best showdowns I have seen in a couple of seasons. I don’t think there’s been this much fighting since season 10 and 11 (and Willie). Also got give props to Vanessa for being in the right place at the right time, and working the situation info her benefit as well.

Austin and Liz seem pretty firmly bound together, and I can see Liz/Julia easily being able to manipulate Jeff (geez is he obnoxious and loose lipped).

Vanessa will be able to Float between Austin and Da’Vonne. She’s building good relationships with both and has Johnny in her corner.

JohnnyMac is making jury easily. Nobody views him as a threat and everybody seems to want to work with him.

Meg’s finally on somebody’s radar.

I almost forget Jackie’s there, but being invisible week 1 almost ensures she survives to see another week.

I may find him mostly annoying, but I respect that Jace is doing everything he can to try and stay.

Da’Vonne is finally starting to fall off the top of people’s radars (Clay doesn’t seem as obsessed, and Austin hasn’t mentioned her in awhile). Calling out Audrey in front of everyone helps, because now most if not all of Audrey’s lies about Da are being questioned.

Jeff will be lucky if he makes jury. He talks way too much and to too many people. Have you learned nothing from Audrey’s downfall?


Day is a really good player, which is part of the reason Vanessa will always be a target of hers. She knows Vanessa is smart and Day doesn’t want the competition of another smart girl playing with her.

Right now Austin, Liz, and Vanessa need numbers so actually I think their best bet is to team up with Audrey at this point. Audrey’s game is blown so she needs to start over. Her start over is blowing up the 8 person alliance and actually being loyal to the “outsiders”. Of course they will never trust her but she will at least be able to make it past next week.

I also see Vanessa pulling Shelli to her side with her crying episodes. I forsee Clay and Shelli flipping on Jeff, Meg, James, Day and Jason to go with Vanessa and possibly Austin and Liz. I really hope once the game gets rolling (crazy thinking that it hasn’t really yet despite all of the drama), Johnny Mac and Vanessa team up.


I think Da’Vonne is playing good, but I’d like to see her expand her social game to some of the outsiders and make stronger connections with Jason to people like Jackie, Becky, Steve, and JohnnyMac. But I could see Da trying to get ride of Vanessa, because after Audrey, Vanessa would be the other mental threat left. Meg would be the social threat.

The outsiders would be the only people Audrey would have left to turn to after her entire game is blown up. The ironic thing is, there’s a chance that the outsiders would be targeted before Audrey because of saving her. On BBCan 3 a player named Bruno betrayed the people he was (mostly) working with and saved the biggest target in the game (Zach) thinking he could use Zach as a meat shield to get to the end. This backfired on Bruno horribly and his former allies voted his butt straight to the jury house.

I could definitely see the house dividing into two sides. Meg, Jeff, Jackie, James, Jason, Day, Becky (maybe because the HR seem to be hanging out with her more lately) vs Austin, Liz, Audrey, Clay, Shelli, Vanessa, and Steve and Johnny Mac could probably slide through in the middle.


nothing jace can do will work. he’s not even forming good arguments for why he should stay


Misty..I KNOW!!! 🙁
He needs to tell these people that keeping him in the game keeps him Audrey’s target which leaves them free to play their game.
He is not afraid to confront/call out Audrey, he will be a vote and he will be loyal.
Jace also needs to target the “loner” folks: Meg (is she really in the alliance?), JohnnyMac, Steve, Dayvonne, Jason, Vanessa, Austin and possibly Liz and James. I realize that James won’t be avote for him to stay but as current HOH, he can influence some folks.
And is it me or are Honeybaked and his Side Piece (Clay and Shelli) the only ones thinking ahead and realizing that Audrey has a pretty decent chance of becoming HOH?


temporary 8 person alliance? Dumbest idea ever.


I am beginning to wonder, has Audrey seen this show? I thought she was a huge fan..super fan, but she is acting like someone who has NO idea has it works. She is going too hard too fast. I am sure she will rebound, but not many are going to trust her now.


I have to admitt I thought the WWE was filled with knuckle-heads but Austin is showing he is very intune with whats going on…


Hey Simon or Dawg. I just ordered the live feeds and at the end of the week I need to order some things off Amazon. Do you still have the deal with Amazon where you get a cut of what I order?? If so, I want to make sure you get it.
Thanks for all you do!!


Can you post this on the front page of your web site. i, too, have to buy at a later date to get ready for my students.


Got to let everyone know. I was looking for it and couldn’t find it. Now I know but others don’t and we want to help you pay for your server.


Does Audrey have a clue how this game works? she went too hard too fast!

brotalk to human dictionary

Temporary (?) 8 person alliance:
Hey guys, let’s form an alliance to vote to keep me in the house! It lasts until next HOH. Great idea, yeah?
No wonder Jackie’s only had to walk around in a bikini to campaign. Facepalm.


At least Jace is trying to stay, been awhile since I’ve seen one person rally this hard to stay.


Anyone know what Becky’s doing at the current moment?


I don’t like Jace personally, but would rather have his energy in the game longer for some excitement (and revenge). Jackie is and will continue to be a big yawn. It’s too early to get rid of a disturber like Jace.

Brad H

Audrey, Austin, Liz, Becky, Steve, Johnny Mac, Vanessa should definitely all vote to keep Jace. After hearing about the 8 person alliance, I’m not sure how any of those 7 could possibly vote to keep Jackie, who is another number on the other side of the house. This season could be riding on this first eviction. I don’t want to see the predictability we saw last season.


I haven’t even watched any of today’s events on the feeds and this is already the best first week I can remember. Ronnie the Rat took two weeks and was awesome, but this is only 5 days into the show. Wow!


This is seriously so awesome.
I could do without Johnnymac we are from the same town. Idk he is playing great I just dont like him personally.

I think I might be all in for Davonne I think she plays awesome but needs to watch it with that mouth.


Austin realizing Audrey is the perfect shield to use to take all the heat and damage…perfect. I am rooting for him thus far in that he seems to “get” what people are about. his “cool kids” thing is tired, but he really accumulates information quickly.

and I guess I am rooting for JOHNNYmac because he is the only one with a good nickname so far and I still am not even sure why he is a favorite…makes him all that more interesting.