“We all got here on our own.. if anything the cookout Carried all of us.. saying you carried someone is just rude”

HOH: Xavier
Nominations: Azah and Kyland
Power of Veto: Xavier
Power of Veto Ceremony: ?

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Big Brother Spoilers nothing really much happened today. The plan appears to still be for Xavier not to use the veto and for BIGD to vote Kyland out. Kyland thinks Azah is being voted out.

10:00 am Wake up music is played.

11:07 am Azah and Xavier

X – hello beautiful.. good morning
Azah – good morning
X – I’m good just did the dishes..


Xavier not able to talk from the mouthwash in his mouth mumbles and acts out something
X – what the hell do you think I was talking about girl
Azah – I was riding a horse..
X – HUH? if you said riding a mechanical bull I would believe that but riding a horse no f**ing horse you ride like this
Azah – yeah at the rodeo

Azah says she’s not sure where BIGD’s head is at
Xavier – don’t worry about him. I don’t think he’s shifting because you guys had a disagreement. A difference of opinion
X – y’all need to stop talking about what you did in this game.
Azah – my thing is.. I don’t talk about what I did in this game.. he does and I stay quiet and he starts talking about what I haven’t done. Each time I say that is your opinion. I’m going to put my foot down at a point in time when I feel like I’m being disrespected. I’m going to say STOP..
Azah – that’s what I did.. I said you didn’t carry me and I told him to stop. HE said we will have to watch the tapes.. I don’t care about the tapes. I don’t give a flying f*** about the tapes What I’m telling you is to stop at this point it’s four times you’re telling me this.

X says he had a conversation with BIGD where he told them they all did what they could to get where they are it’s not right for one of them to say they carried anyone else. “we all got here on our own.. if anything the cookout Carried all of us”
X – saying you carried someone is just rude. I don’t think he’ll be bringing it up anymore.
X – you need to just avoid that type of discussion it’s just causing awkwardness.. We got 9 days left in here it’s too late to be bickering.

They hug. Azah is happy.

11:26 am Living room the Cookout guys talking about relationships
BIGD says he doesn’t do long-distance relationships and by long-distance, he means across the country . “that’s why I couldn’t date Ky because he’s in California”
Ky – that is the main reason
BIGD – I would date someone in New York that’s only an hour and some change.. Delaware .. I would even date someone in Connecticut..
BIGD – When I get out obviously I have to separate the fans with someone serious which I’ll be able to do (yeah cause there won’t be any fans)
BIGD – if I get out of here and someone comes along I will be 100% about it. if nothing comes along I’m definitely going through a hoe phase. I feel like I never went through a HOE phase. I would rather get it out of the way before I turn 30
Ky – 30 is in a month
X – he’s going to have a month to go crazy
BIGD – I would love to save myself for someone but it’s like..
Ky – I wouldn’t
BIGD – I could be sitting there waiting a couple of months cause I’m saving myself.. I’ve never went through it and I feel alot of my friends have went through it.. I’m late in the game. it’s because I’ve never had the option.. Maybe now that guys have seen me on TV and people find me attractive then..
Xn – people will find you attractive that’s not a question
Ky – yeah
BIGD – we’ll see.. if there’s options absolutely. at the end of this season, my and Ky will be going our separate ways but I’ll always love him
X – you have a very attractive face.. you have appealing features.. your lashes your smile.. people will be very attractive to you
BIGD – I need to find men that like BIG MEN.. men that like BEARS and there’s men out there.. the thing about it I like BEARS too. I like men that look like men.

BIGD goes on about how it’s competitive to find guys of his type in Philadelphia

Ky – I’m not a big PASTA person so I’m like.. I would never seek a pasta meal I loved then DerekX made that pasta and I’m like this is my favorite dish in the whole world.. I would have never looked for it then I ate it and thought this is amazing.

12:20 pm Azah, BIGD and Ky
BIGD still talking about guys. Says he liked guys that are bigger than him but he usually dates guys that are smaller.
BIGD says the last guy he was with “was a thick guy but he wasn’t as big as me. he had a$$, he had thighs, he had arms, he had big hands he had big feet you know he was an Italian man.. He looked great he had a beard and a comb-over and sh1t”

1:00 pm Xavier has now joined them.
BIGD still going on about dating guys.. “I’ve never had someone WANT me it was always me wanting them”

2:33 pm A break from BIGD talking about his hoe phase

4:00 pm Zzzzzzzzzzzz

4:30 pm talking about Dragon Ball Z

5:30 pm The boys are chatting. Azah is sleeping.

6:30 pm

7:47pm Big D and Kyland are making dinner. Azah is talking to Ky from the living room about TV shows.

8:45pm Dinner Time.

10:30pm They’re sitting on the living room. couches chatting. Kyland gets the BB camera and starts going around recording them.

11:50pm Xavier goes to sleep in the HOH room.

12am Living room. Big D and Azah are chatting about their moves to get to this point. Big D – for me to make it this far? ..Never thought! The fact that you made it this far and I made it this far and we’re on the same team… shocker! Just how everything played out .. like that is crazy! You made it to top four in big brother.

12:27pm Kyland sleeping in the havenot room.

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0 Comments…yeah, that’s about how I’d sum up this season!


Somehow these last 9 days will be the death of X. lol He will be referee for the duration of the season as Couch and Coat Rack argue about who did what and who carried who. SMH I’ll bet money he’ll EARN that 750k but it’ll be at the sake of his SANITY!




After he gets DF to vote out Ky then he will let them go at each other hoping they get mad at each other enough to leave him an easy path to F2. He should have an easy path anyway but you never know what production will do.


Hahaha! I love that you called them Couch and Coat Rack. That’s just too funny…good one!

another name

What did I miss?
…. another dragonball x conversation?
…. naps?

heavy exhale. Yeah…… that whole make the final 4 a whole week thing they brought back from the old school days (like up to 12 i think) during 21….
not a good idea.


Delusions of grandeur with this one.. what a complete asshat.. thinking he has fans and ppl will be throwing themselves at him. Good lord..

“BIGD still going on about dating guys.. “I’ve never had someone WANT me it was always me wanting them””

You don’t say?!?? I wonder why… Maybe an over inflated ego and narcissistic personality could be the reason. Idk though.

And Azah/X… She’s so dumb he’s got no one else to flirt with and wants zero to do with her but her vote. That pic of her in his lap, his face says it all.


Oh my God , the desperation on her part and him appeasing her to get that vote, truly sad! My heart breaks for Azah. Just shear disgust for couch, talk about desperate, although Ky and X are in similar situations! When will the madness end! Off with the whole head!

BB fan

Well Xavier is losing Kyland’s Vote Now how many more votes does he want to lose it’s not as if he’s already losing two votes from the jokers.


You think Ky will vote for BigD to win?


You know what would be fun? If X took Azah down and then she voted out Big D lol

BB fan

Fat Chance
Much like DX being able to make the right decision it ain’t gonna happen


Good one.
You should write for zing bot.

BB fan

It’s true


Seriously, you should apply.


From your lips to Gods ears, or Grods! I’m praying that happens, it will make these last weeks worth it!


I wish. I am so sick of Big D.

All the clueless plus 1's

Whats going on with the BMX feeds site?

The Last Neanderthug

I’m so done with Bid D’s delusions and Azah’s thirsty behind. I wish X would just scream out “y’all ain’t done ****” instead of feeding their ego’s and letting them think that they pulled their weight. If one of them end up being final 2 I can’t wait for the jury to destroy them!


xavier is winning the season, can they just hand him the money and be done with this

another name

Reason X wants a blindside.
Have you seen that X has a problem with litigating his case when there is emotion involved? He can push perceptual targeting through repeatedly kvetching about someone, but he doesn’t have the ability to coerce emotions long term.
You can bring up but Azah… and I’ll retort that’s Azah, she is the more active force in pushing that, he’s the beneficiary more often than the driver of that particular clown car.
So, X, who isn’t fond of the emotion crap, doesn’t want Ky, a stockholmer that prays on degradation of the emotional self of others, to have the opportunity to pull days of his crap.
Days of his crap that X would have to consistently redirect.
It’s more expenditure of energy than Xavier is willing to use, or own later.
If the issue becomes Couch won’t save him, X will have to put up with Ky hounding him to use the veto on Ky.
If the issue becomes emotionally praying on Couch (don’t. He would. in a heartbeat), X will have to sit on the couch for hours re-educating him.
I mean… who has time to do ALL that when he could just be sitting around doing nothing. I mean… he has spent HOURS doing nothing and reaping benefits, why change?

Carlito's Way

I think X wants Big D to blindside Ky so he has no blood on his hands. He will act surprised and they will only have a few minutes before Ky leaves. Ky will be pissed at Big D. X will then take Big D to final two and X thinks Big D will lose Ky’s vote. Now, if Big D had an few more IQ points, he would figure out that X is using him just for this reason and that X doesn’t really care if it’s Azah or Big D at the end. He knows he’ll wipe the floor with either. So, Big D (aka “The Scarecrow” – If I only had a brain), should keep Ky. Rat out to Ky what X has been brainwashing him to do, rile Ky up to turn on X. That way they go after each other and Big D goes to the end either way. At this point, the way the last challenges go, anyone can win (remember JC?), so Azah could potentially win and she would take Wish-You-Were-My-Man. And Big D would be out. So for his game (for 2nd place), Big D should freak X out and keep Ky. He might even get a smidgen of respect. But no, he will follow X’s marching orders. I repeat, if he only had a brain…..

another name

In terms of motive, I agree X doesn’t like to own the moves he makes, preferring to get others to do the dirty deeds.
but in terms of logistics I still think it’s to keep from having to over exert himself to a great degree. lol.


What difference would it really make for BigD? If BigD does what X wants, he is almost guaranteed to win 2nd place. He may not have a brain, but he will have $75,000.

As for Azah winning final HOH, she would probably take BigD. She does have a brain. And it’s the only way she wins and gets $750,000.

My is as good as gone. Deal with it.


I believe Azah has said she would not take X. She has a fighting chance against DF, would probably win. She would even have had a chance against Ky (bitter jury)


I honestly don’t know what they will show on tonight’s episode that won’t involve infuriating conversation unless they include the Jury in tonight’s episode instead of tomorrow’s episode


I don’t think they aired the veto on last tv show, so long ago, it feels.
The double eviction took one third of the cookout away, and left us with this…


Last Friday’s show ratings were the lowest of the season. Nobody wants to watch Couch and Azah. CBS would get higher ratings with an entire show on the jury house.


It could have also been because people like myself may have thought that last Friday would have been the Reminiscing episode. Expect the actual reminiscing episode to have low ratings


X is making the best move for his game, by blindsiding Ky. Hand him the 750,000$ now. It suxks that next week willbe boring n predictable.


Agree with people saying to hand X the money and end the season.

Some keep saying that it is a historical season. If X goes to the Final with Ky, X would win over Ky. It is lame that X is determined to go to the Final 3 with DF and Azah who arguably did not play a Big Brother game. X is forgetting that this historical season will forever be associated what a joke his Final 3 is.

Big Brother Finale should be tonight. The Fall shows should be moved up and Tough As Nails start sooner. There’s nothing that haven’t been seen this past week on BB that will be seen in the next week; nothing that X, Azah and DF will say or do that haven’t seen already.

another name

Since the agreement is that X would win over Ky, I see no reason why keeping Ky around is necessary.
Fair play? no. Our entertainment? no. Neither have been X’s operational goal.
Ky had his chance to save his own ass in the veto. Unlike Christian or Dx. He failed.
That’s on him.
The idea that this week 9 final deal between Ky and X is of any more value than every deal the two broke all season long as members of the cookout sort of annoys me. Now we want them to honor their word? What possible evidence do we have that they are capable of it? These are two of the guys that, barring Hannah’s surprise HOH win in the first double, WANTED to axe Tiff before the final 6… the supposed holy grail of promises this season.
So… yeah… the idea of word and honor isn’t a thing this season, and we should all just realize that’s the true legacy.
Final deals, 4’s, 3’s, 2’s…. meaningless.
Everything this season is a bounced check.
Why should 2 men that have had a combined total of 12 final 2 deals suddenly honor the last final 2 each made?


For me, it will go down as second most boring season. Josh win was worst season. Although it did have drama. So maybe this one is worst. Yeah I gotta with those season bc I even stopped watching the show and feeds. 24 should be good as long as cbs casts 16 players that want to win as #1 priority.


Just sayin’ :

DF hopes to be a dude magnet when BB is over and he returns to normal life.
W T A F !!!!

This has been the usual time in a BB season when I’m most invested and anxious to watch how it all plays out. This season I’m now at the point of:

Big Brother 23 Fan

Just saw in my guide that there is an episode on Friday this week also! Why? Do we have to watch Derek F. sleep for an hour?


It’s probably that show where the hamsters reminisce on the season -all the highlights (should be funny when Big D & S have to sit watching all these clips of DX, Tiff, Hannah & Claire – the predominantly most popular players on the majority of sites).

Well I guess they can show Azah cooking or falling while moon walking, Big D sleeping, fighting & calling women b*tches constantly or X cuddling with Whitney, Ally & Azah. (side eye).


Friday’s episode may just be when the few remaining players sit around the kitchen table “reminiscing”. In other words a waste of our time.


For those who questioned what Tiffany was doing in the game or that she was clearly the best strategist/influencer in the game (and Hannah a great cohort to her) this week served up ample evidence.

I’d been pulling nonsensical revisionist history claims & frankly BS from the quartet (mostly the X/DF duo) from this week but just decided to scrap it. Instead some comments on the past five or six days…

Suffice to say we knew forever couch and Azah had barely played the game. The only caveat here being Big D has done everything possible to warrant Azah not taking him to F2 while Xavier apparently has a “new strategy” of also playing horizontal.

In fact, the person who stood out this week in terms of their lack of BB 101 ability IS XAVIER. He told Big D BEFORE the POV they were going to take out Ky (who then told Azah). That detail alone could’ve bit X hard had Ky won POV.

Then he straight up told Azah he’s definitely taking Big D to F2. Instead of seizing the opportunity to gain leverage with Azah during the never ending DF fight about how he dragged her through the game X clamped it down. What? Why?

FWIW, I don’t blame Azah for being pissed at DF b/c the ONLY person who actively mentioned putting her up was Ally (who never won HOH). SB alluded she might to Ky but in truth she was at least sixth on her list). Azah spent almost as much time horizontal as couch seemingly channeling her inner Cleopatra awaiting the people to trot back game intel to her but she did have a solid relationship with SB, Claire & DX to the point each brought her game intel, created alliances, gave her safety deals and would’ve taken her much deeper in the game than Big D.

I’ve cemented my belief that Xavier would never have gotten this deep in the game if it weren’t for the Cookout. His social game is entirely based on mediating, misogynistic behavior, being cruel or saying mean things about people he wants out. Where is the strategy, influence & manipulation? That he tells Azah HE WAS the person who pushed Christian’s exit is a joke. The guy sent Tiff to try to flip things & then cried after he left. His rants of loyalty/honor were blown up as he once again confirmed his desire was to bring Ally deeper in the game something I’m sure analysts and/or media will point out they’re aware of post game.

This week is highlighting the holes in his game as he lies sedentary & makes comments that raise questions regarding his historical game knowledge. The one choice he’s making has far reaching effects & the strategy behind is flawed.

Aside from the obvious — (Ky will definitely blame X if Big D votes him out) let’s touch on a few of the components of this idiocy.

  1. X believes Ky will be his warrior to plant seeds with the jury — He’s clearly forgetting Ky won’t have any time to tell the jury much of anything b/c he goes directly to the jury round table & promptly returns to hotel sequester – aka a limited amount of download time (not to mention these idiots sent the most influential person to jury a week ago to shape their narrative!) BB 101: Do your f*cking home work & NEVER send someone to jury angry.
  2. He’s basing EVERYTHING that occurred in the game off things he was told (not what he did) primarily from Ky (who other than his/SB’s HOH) was repeating what he learned from Tiff who WAS DRIVING the house). BB 101: take second hand information with a grain of salt – believe nothing they tell you & only half of what they show you!
  3. If X wasn’t so at ease getting dragged to F6 or able to recognize a woman could play at the same or higher level than him – than he’d recognize his ass was repeatedly saved via her efforts — and many of the evictions were based entirely on ensuring his (Ky’s, or Big D’s) safety. BB 101: never forget whatever you’re capable SO IS SOMEONE ELSE — ALWAYS!
  4. If X was thinking about end game he’d recognize the BEST MOVE would be to pull down Azah to vote out Ky in order to leverage her as a potential F2 partner — make the deal (b/c Big D NEVER made the deal – so get Ms. Honesty on the record). Taking out a comp beast (Ky) who you only secured a F2 with a week prior is understandable but NOT creating a F2 with both parties who are going to F3 (and the one likely to win Part 1 or 2) shows his arrogance — BB 101 – when you relax & start playing like you’ve already won that’s when you get blindsided!
  5. X’s rationale here is inane – so Ky won’t give him his vote BUT everyone else in the jury will see it was X’s move? Um no – you’re handing Big D the biggest eviction (next to Tiff) of the season. If you plan on taking him to F2 then let Azah make that move so Big D has absolutely NOTHING to claim to the jury. BB 101: Step outside your own shoes & walk a mile in your competitors shoes – trying to shove a narrative down their throats expecting to check off two sides of an argument is lazy & ignorant.
  6. Moreover, why isn’t he stoking this fight/angst between Azah & Big D?? Instead his mediation seemingly ended the feud. Why not turn her against him & tell her how he had to fight to keep her even in prior weeks? BB 101: Give yourself the BEST possible opportunity to win on every front – don’t leave a stone unturned. Conceding an opportunity is only one person’s fault — YOURS!

At one point, I thought we’d just be getting laughter at Big D’s jury speech & answers to questions but X is going to possibly face a few of his own snickers. If he tries to tell the jury he was the reason behind Chris leaving or other fallacies that could turn a few on the jury against him – will they vote Big D instead (NADA) but he won’t be getting the glowing after effect he likely hopes for.

The current situation is status quo – X will keep noms the same with presumably that ridiculous set-up speech — “Ky remember how you said DF was capable of making big moves but never had opportunity” then Big D will likely cry & sadly evote Ky who’ll fight not to lose his temper live.

Of note, they were bantering around the possibility of telling Ky during show as they await Julie… Ummmmmmmmmm why bother with the charade X if you’re going to do that? You lose your “perceived jury vote” & only serve to piss off Ky more who’ll undoubtedly put DF in a traumatic state & result in X having to pull down Azah to get the job done. Again — who is saying X is this brilliant strategist?


I’m torn – b/c my preference is to witness a deserving winner every season. Sure, the obvious argument is anyone who gets to the end deserves to win but this season was different from the onset. Remove the Cookout & I think the F4 members might not even make F6 — Xavier’s unwillingness to talk game with people & inability to manipulate (no I don’t count barking pecking order to an established group of 6 that won’t turn on each other manipulation) would likely have resulted in DX back dooring him.

Kyland who wasn’t well liked for all his control issues maybe gets there but only if Tiff maintains her bonds with him (and gets SB out sooner) but that 2nd HOH likely shifts his target to leaving early in jury. W/o the CO Tiff is keeping Chris longer & he is definitely targeting Ky.

Big D DEFINITELY is an early cut. At season start his misogyny was not just bothering Tiff but he’d pissed off SB and Ally specifically while Claire/DX were keen to cut him early. In fact, his Frenchie association might put him in the same spot Brent went (or right after) Of the F4 Azah has the best shot of being there in a non CO season as the lone goat.

The one thing we know for certain is Tiffany would’ve fared much better w/o the CO while Hannah, Ky and X had the goods to run deep although X would’ve had to be a much more active participant both in comps & in the social aspects of the game. Sure, Tiff might’ve been a target but she also would’ve had the allies to protect her. Other than Big D – no one mentioned her being a consideration to hit the block until X got mad at her.

Given what I’ve witnessed take place in the house since a week ago (feels like a month) I seriously question if X would’ve seen the strike coming b/c he can’t recall with LEGIT facts how the CO got to F6. And since he WON’T OWN HIS GAME, I have no other choice than to believe he doesn’t know!

Since I can’t have the two best players from BB23 or even the two best from the F4 I’m pulling out all the stops. Again, this is something a “good BB player” would’ve already done but X is content to lay around so………..

I’m blindly wishing for Azah to be the one to PLAY THE GAME:

Pitch X if he/she wins Parts I/II of final HOH they take each other to F2. Tell him this past week left such a bad taste in her mouth she’d rather bring X if he’s willing to make the deal. Azah needs to out Big D plans to take full credit for CO & that he ran the show & that he/X worked in concert, how he’s been planting seeds with people all season as they prepare to leave (like you’ll find out what I as doing) – & the recent fight with her is an example of what he’s done with each exiting hamster. Sayto X – PERCEPTION is reality so if Ky leaves via his hand then maybe some people out of the loop buy into it – especially if Ky is mad at you!

Tell X maybe people will laugh at Big D’s speech/answers but what if some are bitter & looking for a reason to vote that way? Tell him she assumes she’ll get Brit but each of Claire, DX, SB, Tiff & Hannah all told me they were voting for you & we know Ally will. Barring you having screwed them someway you win 8-1 maybe in a sweep if Tiff/Claire switched Brit in jury. It’s why I wasn’t originally going to pick you if I chose but honestly I don’t need him embarrassing me on national TV to my family – I don’t deserve that.

Send it home by saying X we both believe he’s winning AFP right? (Calling BB Gods -don’t even let him be top 3) Well that’s $25k, plus the jury bonus $10k, plus the stipend $12k, plus Domino Effect comp $7.5k — well that’s $54.5k — it’s not like he’s getting nothing & you’d be able to revel in the title without having to deal with picking a part his argument or bitter voters!

This is all a selfish choice of mine — he’s going to make a minimum of $29.5 even if he’s cut at F3 w/o AFP — but I just don’t want Big D getting the notoriety of the F2 chair & while Azah didn’t play much more of a game at least she’s not cruel & won’t go on TV saying “I ran the game”.

I mean come on hamsters — we’re in F4 soon to be F3 — can at least ONE of you act like you’re playing Big Brother?


Ok. Here is how I see this playing out.
PT. 1 winner was Xavier
PT.2 Winner Azah.
PT. 3 is going to be a question style competition.
No matter what…if X goes to Final 2, X wins
If Azah wins, she has the the decision of who she wants to take. If she takes X, she loses. If she takes Big D, she wins. The reason I say this is because they will vote for the person who took out the biggest player in the game!

Best wishes to the Final 3!!