“I’m not going to put up James and Meg and I’m telling Vanessa not to use the veto”

POV Holder: Vanessa POV Competition Aug 22nd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 24th
HOH Austin Next HOH Aug 27th
Original Nominations: Steve and Jmac
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots No have nots this week

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-23 17-15-41-906_jpg

5:01pm HOH Twins, Vanessa, Steve
Vanessa about Meg – I can throw her further than I can trust her
Liz tells Vanessa about all the sh1t becky would spin to try and get Vanessa nominated last week
Liz – She was really good with her words
Vanessa says she would take Becky one any time she had the truth on her side and everything becky had was spun. (LOL)
5:17pm Talking about getting rid of James this week. Even if Jackie comes back in, her and Meg will not be effective in the game.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-23 17-24-58-081_jpg

5:23pm Steve and vanessa
Vanessa wants Steve to think about anything that james done wrong to Vanessa.
Steve – he lied to Shelli and Clay on the wall
Vanessa – What am I the integrity police
Steve – You’ve kinda been that this whole game

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-23 17-31-48-355_jpg

5:25pm Steve and Austin in the HOH
Steve – couple weeks ago.. we made a deal we should not go after each other.. final 2 never came up .. just hey we should work together.

Steve says Jmac made the comment when they were playing chess that they had a final 2 “We never discussed final 2 but what I’ve learnt is he’s been under that impression for a long time”

Steve – Jmac wanted a Me, Clay, Shelli Final 4”
Steve says Jmac was a recruit he just assumed them working together meant final 2

Steve says his HOH proved to him during his HOH that he’s more loyal to Austin, “I hope that HOH clears things up”

Steve – I think I can control him..
Steve says if Jmac wins HOH he’ll put up the remaining goblin.

Austin says he just needs a reason to put a goblin up
Steve brings up James lying ot Clay and Shelli while on the wall. (James promises Shelli he wouldn’t put her and Clay up if she dropped from the wall competitions. She dropped and he put them up)

Steve asks him if he thinks Meg is the bigger threat for James
Austin says he can’t put the twins up he’s got to put up a goblin. If Vanessa uses the veto on steve, the goblins will think they are the pawns.
Austin – that means the twins need to flip

Austin asks him what will Vanessa’s reason putting Steve up? Austin wants it to be a complete surprise for him.

Steve asks him if he thinks people will buy a person going into Veto with plans to use the veto that they haven’t talked over with the HOH.
Austin says he can be unsure, “Vanessa is kinda a lone wolf right now”
Steve says Vanessa and Jmac and Vanessa really don’t get along.

Steve asks him what is the best thing for Austin next week
Austin names off everyone but James playing in the HOH
Steve tells him he’s just answered his question for the week. (NOoo not James)

Steve – we need to prevent a gremlin from winning HOH what helps us with that
Austin – By sending one home this week
Steve – you are right

Steve – your best bet, if Vanessa uses the veto all the attention will be on her..
Steve adds once a goblin goes up it will become apparent why they need to get them out. The twins will have a reason to flip on the goblins.
Austin – this is offense it’s time to slaughter and take people out
Steve – your goal is to protect those two girls
Austin – that’s my goal

Steve – A goblin is coming back
Austin says the most logical argument is getting James out so it’s Meg and a goblin coming back in.

Austin – I feel good about vanessa against she’s back in a group
Steve says he’s shown Austin during his HOH that he’s with them.

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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-23 18-25-32-649_jpg

6:23pm Vanessa spent all this time working on her hair and outfit only to crawl back into bed. (She’s essentially flipped the house against the goblins)
6:29pm Backyard Collection of house guests chit chat
Liz says the plan for next week is whoever comes back in gets to be a have nots “Sorry not sorry”

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-23 18-39-21-904_jpg

6:37pm Hammock room Liz and JUJU
Talking about Austin coming up to Liz telling her he’s doing something special for her tonight and she should put on something nice because it’ll be shown. Liz thinks Austin is either going to ask her “out”, Propose or make her a cheese cake.
Julia says Liz needs to tell Austin he still has unfinished business back home.
Julia – I think they need to talk it out.
Liz agrees.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-23 18-52-16-055_jpg

6:44pm Twins trying to figure out what Liz should wear tonight
Julia- you’re going on a date you have to be hot as f****
They can’t seem to be able to decide what Liz should wear.. lots of bickering.

Julia – You need to pluck your mustache hairs
Liz – do you
Julia – sometimes..

Liz – between me and you he’s not a good kisser Ryan was way better
Julia never thought they “made out”
Liz – yeah we make out
Liz says Austin is pretty cute under the glasses and the hair
The twins don’t understand why Austin doesn’t take their advice at cut off the pony tail
Liz says Austin doesn’t know what to do with his lips and Tongue. Again Liz says Ryan and Diego were better kissers.
Julia asks why isn’t Austin a good kisser.
Liz – it’s something with the tongue it’s not like my style
Liz – I’m super attracted to his body..
Julia – but you’re more attracted to Ryan
Liz – I’m more attracted to Ryan for sure

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-23 19-02-43-776_jpg
6:58pm Austin and Vanessa
Austin is still thinking about getting rid of Johnnymac this week is the better play. He still need to talk to Johnnymac and james.
Austin is concerned because he’s been told Johnnymac told James before the HOH he’s throwing it.
Austin – as of right now my feeling is I don’t want to put JAmes up but that can chance
you don’t think it’s a good option to get rid of Meg
Austin – I could do that..
Austin is worried if Jackie comes back that leave JAmes and Jackie in the game which is dangerous.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-23 19-08-07-139_jpg

7:05pm Austin and the twins
Austin – how quickly have we flipped right back, Unless I find out something James is really lying about i’m not going to put up james and Meg and I’m telling Vanessa not to use the veto.

Austin – even with Steve’s conspiracy theories I’m not putting James and Meg up
Austin says Steve and JOhnnymac are telling him different Stories about their final 2.
Austin knows Steve is spinning things and bullshitting him, ‘Steve does not want to lose Johnnymac”
Austin says he’s caught Steve in a lie.
Austin tells the twins if the veto is used and james goes up and is the target it’s the twins that will end up flipping on James so if he comes back guess who he’s coming after.
Austin – you are doing the dirty work, now Vanessa, Steve and Johnnymac are safe and you’re f***d.
Liz – Ohhh I never thought of that
Austin says Steve is fighting hard to keep Johnnymac in.
Julia says Vanessa is assuming a lot of things about Meg crying after the POV.

Austin – liz what’s your gut saying you really want to hurt james and Meg
Liz – no, not unless we hear something.. we’ve never heard anything about them working with John and Steve
Julia – I think the noms need to stay the same
Austin wants to keep the nominations the same.

Austin about Vanessa “She’s on our side she’s just got a lot of conspiracy theories we need to calm down”
Austin says they are going to have fun with people they like Meg and James.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-23 19-31-45-829_jpg

7:27pm Julia, Vanessa and Austin
Vanessa saying she’s fine with Steve leaving this week. Austin would rather Johnnymac. Julia says it’s not smart to get James out this week.
Vanessa – that’s a reason to get rid of Steve.. We can win the day without Steve and Johnnymac can only win at endurance.
Julia – I think we can beat Steve in days he’s not as good as you.
Julia gets called into the Diary room.
Vanessa says there’s something going on between James, Steve and Johnnymac there in the kitchen right now scrambling. Austin saying he wants Johnnymac out. Vanessa says the odds are small that evicting James will come back and bit him.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-23 19-34-52-421_jpg

7:33pm Vanessa, Austin and Jmac
Vanessa asking him the Shelli, Clay Steve alliance when was that talked about
Jmac – Audrey days
Vanessa says Clay and Shelli had alliances with everyone in the house. She’ just starting to realize it now.
Austin leaves to work out.
Vanessa tells him she cannot use the veto unless she has Austin and the twins blessing.
Vanessa says using the veto or not is Austin’s decision not her’s if it was her’s it would be easy. “I’m only one person and they are only going to look out for their three”
Jmac – I don’t think they’ve come to terms that the three of them won’t make it to the end
Jmac – James would have to be really dumb to go after you and Steve when I’m gone next week,, Rwwwlkaiaa
Vanessa – I know right
Jmac wonders why they are believing that.


  • “Goblins/Gremlins” = James and Meg
  • “The Generals” = anyone allied with Becky
  • “SOS” (Students of Sound) = Steve and Vanessa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Austin’s Angels” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Vanessa
  • “Brass Tacks” = Gobins and Austwins
  • The new “Brass Tacks” = Aus-Twins, Meg, James + Vanessa
  • “Freaks and Geeks” “The Scamper Squad” = Aus-Twins, Vanessa, Steve
  • “The new Freaks and Geeks minus Vanessa” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve, Johnny Mac
  • “The Authority” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve

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Flippity Flip Flops

No we need to get out Meg cause she cried when I won….
No we need to get out Steve cause he is snake and all his final 2 with jmac conspiracies
No we need to get rid of james cause hes good at endurance
No we need to get rid of jonny mac cause he lies….

yady ya yadya…. blah….blah…. Oh Hey Liz dont forget to look hott for a guy you dont give a crap about. blah blah blah
Ok I’m done lol

Choke on This: They Better Cook Me Food if They Want to Stay

Liz compiles the REASONS she and Austin wor out: he can’t kiss, doesn’t know what to do with his tongue, can’t use his lips, tattoos ick, ponytail beard yuck, jezus hair eeeww, parents won’t like him, they live 3000 miles away, he’s got a girlfriend, he doesn’t turn her on, she only likes him when he rejects her, he’s to old, he used to disgust me, I’m more attracted to 2 other guys ..Geez and we’re supposed to watch a gross date night on BBAD??..it will be all them?? would rather go to the dentist… Bleck…so she has her hands down his underwear why??

Vanessa gets all dolled up for her Spanish Inquisition…bc…it’s all about her on camera & DR. Give me a body or you’re going down…blah blah blah. I only won POV to save Austin having blood on his hands NOT because I knew you had me all back doored…Gawd…no one believes you…why do I keep seeing my bloody hands around her throat? stop with the bloody hands you bloody hag. Whatever happened to the polite “it’s nothing personal just game” she forced Becky to use? Oh yeah VaMessa all your rules don’t apply to you. You don’t have the balls to do All Stars-anyone from any other season would wipe the floor with you.

And tied for the win as biggest douche of the day Austink: Their so afraid of me, they’re all scrambling to make us dinner tonight. Whoever cooks the best dinner for the King & Queen gets to stay. And they caked Becky a rude HOH?? Can’t wait for these narcissistic tools find out how many people hate them and how ratings declined when they were on camera. Put that in your endorsement deals and smoke it. Buh Bye wrestling contract. Buh Bye TV gigs VaMessa.

Rude isn’t a strong enough word for these two dummies. They have their meal prepared for
them and complain about the food. I am so glad I have fast forward on my device. What is
CBS doing? Big brother used to keep me glued and now I watch perhaps 15 min on Thursdays. Please oh please bring back one of the girls.Lurch,dumb and dumber are killing
me. Vanessa please get a speech coach. Like……it would help with…….uh….your… integrity
Johnnymac where did you go? Meg and James do they know where they are? This isn’t a
Howard Johnson’s.Production must be asleep and casting what can I say. Perhaps I.Q. tests?

Bored Silly

The house cooks these two losers a meal and then they complain about the food. Rude
isn’t a strong enough word. Lurch, Dumb and Dumber make me very happy for the fast
forward button.Vanessa get a ….speech….coach… it ..uh could…help.. with..your..Uh….
integrity. JohnnyMac where did you go? Meg and James do they know where they are? This
isn’t Howard Johnson”s. James how old are you five? CBS I beg of you make the noise stop.
Production WAKE UP! Casting may I suggest I.Q. tests? Sponser’s watch too. Dumb is forever and this season seems to be going on for ever.


So JMAC goes to Austin and says if Shelli, Jackie, Becky come back they’re gunning for you/twins, if James goes, gunning for you. Austin tells Twins and Julia says he’s gotta go! JMAC was telling the truth! He said he will not come after them next week. Austin wants him, if he stays, to throw the HOH. And since when do you have to give your strategy up? Who the hell do they think they are? Of course they need to be broken up and EVERY PERSON will do that if they get a chance. I hope JMAC stays, gets Scaressa out and Austwins…They have ruined the show this year.


I now firmly believe this Season is ranking closely behind last Season as one of the worst Seasons ever! – It is so painful to watch.


I AGREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


oh my god shut up. The people in this comment section are always negative and/or constantly bitching at least this week is a tad less predictable than last week. Jesus.


This is one of the better seasons in recent years despite having some unlikeable people at the end.


I agree. It’s back to classic BB HGs. This group of HGs are actually in the here and now, game-wise. They are fully engaged in playing,which is unlike the last couple of seasons where every HGs seemed to use BB as a platform to self-promote/gain social media fame. I am pleasantly surprised at their creativity/the things they do to entertain themselves while passing the days in the house.

Now, with all that being said. I have to admit I really don’t feel passionate about any of the remaining HGs. I do not have any favs for the first time since I’ve been watching.


I almost didn’t watch this season because Frankie disgusted me so much last season I felt betrayed by CBS. He was so Foul that I will not watch Americas next Dance Crew this season.

Hugh G. Rection

The smart play is for Judas and his teins to get rid of steve now, and cut johnny mac a deal to throw the next HOH (since he will throw anything you ask him to). Then the bring in Meg and James to their group so the plan will be to take out Vanessa the following week.


No, making a deal to take out Vanessa next week would not be in Austin’s best interest. Simply for his game and nothing else (not much of an Austin fan myself), Austin needs to put James up and send him packing this week. That ensures the Goblin group only has 2 players, no matter who comes back, keeping the numbers on the side of the Aus-twins. Right now, I don’t believe Vanessa will take a stab at Austin if she’s HOH, but Austin would be absolutely crazy to believe James won’t put him and Liz up. It’s the smartest play for James to make if he were HOH and he did it with Shelli and Clay, so there’s no reason to believe James won’t have the guts to do it this time around. James is the biggest threat to Austin and the twins. He’s not much of a huge talking strategist, but James is probably one of the 2 strongest overall players in the house this season. Smartest play for Austin at this point.


Numbers Van is going no where. Can’t you folks get it? These guys are playing a “power alliance” strategy. Van and Austwins been together from the beginning. It’s as if you folks have drunk the Koolaid. Van says I’m playing alone despite an entire season playing with these guys. Wake up BB feeders!
The Austwin/Goblin deal made a couple weeks back was to keep the twins safe if goblins won HOH. Turns out not needed yet. The twins aren’t letting Van go so all the talk about targeting her is just talk. If a non alliance member wins HOH and noms Van Then Austwins have a choice. Austwins 3 votes. In the house Austin, twins, Van(4th sense) James, Meg, Johnnie or Steve plus a returning HG. 8 minus 3 means 5 votes next week. As long as Austwins aren’t nominated they control who goes homes. Like I keep saying Van is going no where unless Jackie comes back and Goblins go after 4th sense. That means Johnnie/Steve survivor becomes the swing vote if it’s Van/twin up as an example. Shelli comes back the game is done for all but 5th sense if Austwins and Van are smart keeping her F5.
Meg ruined the whole season the lazy Cheetos eating piggy. Her F2 plan for 50K isn’t working with the twins in the game this season and Austin the shield.

RIP Johnnie Mac…. you deserve the eviction Thursday.


lol. They are changing their minds every 10 minutes. Austin is such a damn pussy. Vanessa should just use the veto even if Austin doesn’t want her to. They are going to flip on her next week anyways; might as well throw a monkey wrench in their plans.


Another thing, the twins are a couple of bully’s and need to be taught a lesson……Liz has also no morals or integrity. She must have a low self worth because she allowing her body to be violated to win money…..she is always saying things that make us believe that she is really repulsed by Austin/Judas (and the toilet paper in his beard/hair) but, allows him to fondle her……sounds very much like prostitution to me……I seriously feel for her parents. They must be humiliated.

Big Sister

Just now watching her and Austin eating while on their date. You would think the food is going to jump up and run out of the HOH the way they attack the food. It is ridiculous and makes me lose my appetite. Austin is the biggest coward in many seasons. And Liz and Julia are wimps being so afraid of Vanessa. Ugh!


If only Vanessa, JMac and Steve were smart enough to point out to Austin that James and Meg have not spoken ANY game the last 2 weeks because deep down inside James and Meg know they are on different sides than Austin and the twins. James and Meg are just buying their time until Austin and the twins aren’t in power anymore so that they can strike at them. Austin’s delusional thoughts about this final 5 with James and Meg is going to be the end of his game. Either he is going to leave in James and Meg and they take him out next week or Steve, JMac and Vanessa will take him out next week because they realized they were all expendable to him this week. On a brighter note for Austin, I bet there’s an awesome bench press table at the jury house. He can work his glutes out like crazy!


Exactly. Austin continues to focus on who they have the most fun with. Seriously? I thought you wanted to win $500k…James is all about ‘big moves’ and I respect him for it but next big move is taking out one of the Austwins. For a superfan, Austin can be really blind to the game. One of the things I like about Vanessa is she’s one of only 2 people left in the house (Steve is the other) who thinks 4-5 steps ahead. The Austwins have gotten themselves into a pretty good position – forethought right now would advance their game.


Just heard on the radio the boy band one direction is breaking up. good news because JRats teen fan base will be too busy texting each other about suicide plans to come on this site and whine. meanwhile Meg the Mastermind is gonna sleep thru the rest of this week and never realize how close she was to being evicted. as the song sez: Only the good die dumb.


If Austin does not put up James or Meg, then I hope Jackie or Becky comes back in and takes him out next week!! I love karma! I would absolutely love to see Austin scramble again with the whining, begging and crying almost. Austin and the twins think they have a soundproof game plan! They are so stupid and mean


I really hope jmac comes back cause it’s going to take a miracle for van to use the veto!


Come on Vanessa! Work your magic and get Austwins turn against the goblins! Austin and Liz only cares about who they have fun with in the house..blah blah.. if they dont use the veto, i hope it bites them in the ass for whoever comes back in the game next week (Hoping for becky), so either steve/van or john/van works with becky and they take the austwins out!


Those twins urk me. I had to turn off BBAD whenever they are on. I can’t put my finger on it, but they urk me. I think they think they are better than everyone else.

Twins r cool

Irk, irk ffs!!


Are not


“Are” cool, not “r” cool. Ffs


I wish production would do something sneaky to help jmac!



Mina Harker

The FBI and Interpol need to realize what an asset Vanessa would be to their organizations. People who are innocent would sign confessions just to get her to shut the F up. I don’t know how Mel puts up with her, seriously. The non-stop verbal diarrhea is overwhelming.

Austin's gluted

Hahahah i agree






bb canada was so much better this past season!!


I have been watching BB for a very long time. When did this “I need a reason to put them up” bullshit start? I’ll give you a reason. I want to win 500K and you are standing in my way.

Tony South

I hate Vanessa just as much as the next guy… but you have to applaud her game play… she is really the only one left who is really playing the game… I love James but Austin is an idiot for not taking him out this week, and if he really believes that if James wins HOH next week he wont take a swipe at him and the twins then he is just dilusional… And his reasoning for not taking him out being that he has fun with him… like I get you need you preserve your sanity in the house a bit… but if you want to give yourself the best chance at winning… you take out James… I think Vanessa will most likely win the game… she seems to be able to talk herself out of any situation which is unbelievable, I’m not sure if she is a great game player or all of these people are morons… it definitely isnt in Austins best interest to take her out this week, but she is already trying to save Jmac and Steve and get Meg up so that they (Jmac Steve and James) can do her dirty work and take a first stab at that threesome next week… and as soon as she realized she doesnt think Austin will go for it, she immediately went back to working on the Goblins. Telling Meg that someone told her she had a problem with her, and creating a wedge between the Goblins and Austwins. I hate her incessant babbling, but I have to applaud her for playing the game, as the rest of these Dingus’ are just here for summer camp.


I agree.You hit the nail on the head.

What You're Smoking

This is good game?? If everyone else was so stupid and simple, why would Vanessa have to go to these lengths to win or evict? Everyone else is sleeping and camping so Vanessa creates ALL her own imaginary conspiracies, competing alliances, and outs herself with all her histrionics, then cries a tantrum, scapegoats others for it, and threatens to get back off the block? She puts herself there all the time! Not because anyone’s threatened she won’t shut up with the lies. All for attention. She creates drama for attention and why she’s alone in real life and in BB.

Is it raging paranoia from a disturbed childhood or guys cheating on her? Or blatant narcissistic needs to be center of attention, on camera at all times. The game, her wins, her POVs her alliance goes smoothly, SHE creates villains, victims, SHE creates chaos and THAT CHAOS IS WHAT GETS HER PUT UP. Why is it so smart to conduct her witchhunts? smart to throw psycho tantrums, blame production, cheat with meds, cheat for meds, cheat and bribe?

Seriously, she has to go these lengths to repair damage SHE DOES TO HERSELF because she’s got a pathological need to control every minute of play, playing everyone’s hand herself. She’s certifiable, and if it’s strategy, it sucks because she still makes herself the biggest target, bidet than detestable Austwits and that’s saying alot.

Tony South

But shes no longer target number 1. She has been able to survive long enough that she is no longer the biggest threat in the game, its getting down to numbers and austwins are now the biggest targets… they think they are using her as a meat shield when in reality they are going to be the meat shield for her… i agree her non stop game talk and emotional mood swings are a bit much… but if you look at it from strictly a game point of view shes easily the best player in there… while these morons are camping shes planning her next move… like i said before I hate her just as much as the next person, but shes really the only person left that can comprehend the game… and in reality as much as we all hate her, the feeds would be boring without her… Jmac sleeps all day… steve talks to himself… meg is a benign tumour weighing james down… and austin and liz just make out all day… shes stirring shit up at least… i dno… my own personal point of view anyways

Tony South

I hate Vanessa just as much as the next guy… but you have to applaud her game play… she is really the only one left who is really playing the game… I love James but Austin is an idiot for not taking him out this week, and if he really believes that if James wins HOH next week he wont take a swipe at him and the twins then he is just dilusional… And his reasoning for not taking him out being that he has fun with him… like I get you need you preserve your sanity in the house a bit… but if you want to give yourself the best chance at winning… you take out James… I think Vanessa will most likely win the game… she seems to be able to talk herself out of any situation which is unbelievable, I’m not sure if she is a great game player or all of these people are morons… it definitely isnt in Austins best interest to take her out this week, but she is already trying to save Jmac and Steve and get Meg up so that they (Jmac Steve and James) can do her dirty work and take a first stab at that threesome next week… and as soon as she realized she doesnt think Austin will go for it, she immediately went back to working on the Goblins. Telling Meg that someone told her she had a problem with her, and creating a wedge between the Goblins and Austwins. I hate her incessant babbling, but I have to applaud her for playing the game, alot more than I can say about the rest of these shmucks


lol Is it just my mind or does Vanessa break out with a new pimple everytime she lies (meaning every time she opens her mouth)?!?!Better then a growing nose i guess 🙂 Mark my word,She’s gonna freakin win Big Brother.


Vanessa should tell Austin how it is… James easily broke a promise to Shelli and Clay, he can win comps, and will have no problem putting the twins up

Chill this Town

JMAC is so this season’s Zach Rance. I am sad to see him go, he was easily the most entertaining part of his season on CBS….but ultimately earned his exit.

at this point its best for Jackie to return due to the numbers. I just don’t trust James and Meg on their own to do anything, and Becky wasn’t “with” them the way Jackie was…if MAC goes out that door, I root for Jackie to return for some balance in the game.

that said, I’d much prefer a non eviction week. LOCK. THAT. DOOR.


So austin doesn’t want to take out james this week because he might come back and then he will go after the twins. And what exactly would stop him from going after them next week if left in the game. These people are just plain dumb. If they leave noms the same then the buy back person is going to align with james and meg(I could even see Shelli align with them). And one final thought. I need to remind myself to not eat dinner while watching the actual show. Austin and Liz on the hammock literally made me gag.

Why why why...

This season suddenly turned into a bad one. Last year Derrick just owned the house, played phenomenal and never got nominated (it was a weak cast, and Andy’s season was a pure Aryan nation infomercial . I loved the scheming before, but now its just “lets get the twintards and Jesus freak to the end”…I can not stand those twins. I am praying for them to go. They are a joke.


Judas’ nom speech was dreadful. He is such a blow hard! That top hat is ridiculous, and it makes me physically shudder. He acts like a child in a mans body, I think he may have got hit in the head 1 too many times. He was probably on the ashleymadison.com list. So Sleazy, but Liz isnt any better! He is not a good person, nor an entertaining one, and I hope he is gone first.

Who wears a beard ponytail??

BBAD Austwit is asking jiz if she will be his girlfriend….GAG…does he not care that he has a girlfriend outside of the house and how he’s totally humiliating her. She must be so embarrassed. I hate cheaters that can drop their significant other for some easy hoe bag that is messing around with you when she is fully aware that he has a girlfriend. They both suck and I can’t wait for them both to get the boot.


Too bad Zingbot didn’t insinuate that Jace was most likely to win America’s Favorite just to make these fame “hoes” lose their paranoided every living minds.


Ugghhhhh needing Austins permission to use the veto?!?!?

Always needing reasons for everything!

This game shouldn’t anger me as much as it does sometimes.

what do you think?

I’ve had this theory since Austin won HOH and if I was in Johnny Mac’s shoes I would’ve tried this on Austin.

Step 1: Scare him to death about the fact that the person he’s responsible for sending to jury this week may play to get back into the game within 5 minutes of leaving. They all have to know that it’s coming soon.

2. Slowly convince him to send Meg to the jury house. MEG?!!! I hear you all screaming in anger. The thing is, if *we* were in John’s or even Steve’s shoes right now, it’d be a perfect solution and would’ve been the moment Austin won and freaked out.

3. Convincing him to send Meg out is perfect–doesn’t have to worry about Vanessa winning her way back in and not trusting him. Doesn’t have to worry about Johnny Mac winning back in and openly gunning for him–same with Steve. He would piss off James BUT sending Meg home is a fool proof plan that ensures the person that wins their way back in won’t have left the game at the hands of Austin’s HOH. Because Meg won’t win her way back.

Plus, leaving Meg with James means James will likely scoop up the returning jury member and be three strong again. If Becky or Jackie win, they’re right back with James and Meg. If JM or Steve are voted out because of Austin they’d go to that side of the house as well. Voting out Meg gives him better odds that Shelli would return. It’s all about NUMBERS and Austin is too stupid to see that not only can he keep Vanessa happy but also limit James and his ability to divide the house. Right now Austwins are a 3 headed monster, but it doesn’t matter how cool they are with James and Meg because if James gets power he will be aiming to take out a twin or Austin no matter what. With JM or Steve gone it means James will be going after Van, and the twins, thus Austin by default.