“I give you my word on my mother, my girlfriend and the Bible, all I have is my integrity”

POV Holder: Vanessa POV Competition Aug 22nd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 24th
HOH Austin Next HOH Aug 27th
Original Nominations: Steve and Jmac
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots No have nots this week

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-23 19-58-57-222_jpg

7:46pm Vanessa and Steve
She asks him who his targets were for double eviction
james says he was throwing that HOH
Vanessa- and Meg
James says Jackie was the one trying to win it.

Vanessa – all I have is my integrity , Austin has the twins
James – You me Austin and Julia that’s a good solid group..
Vanessa wonders why Meg is after her.
James doesn’t think she is, suggests to Vanessa she talks to her tonight.
James says he’s never heard Meg say “Vanessa must go”

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-23 20-10-09-040_jpg

8:09pm Vanessa and Steve
Vanessa tells him using the veto is up to Austin. He has to understand that. She doesn’t have the votes.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-23 20-20-21-790_jpg

8:19pm Vanessa back to producing crazy

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-23 20-32-19-217_jpg

8:30pm Meg and vanessa
Vanessa says it’s come up that it’s bothered Meg that Vanessa came up to her for a deal during the double eviction
Meg says it didn’t bother her, “vanessa that is how you play the game I know that”
Vanesa- you’re saying you were not bothered.. I’m confused because a lot of people are saying you were
Vanessa points out everyone has a pair in the house, austin the twins and Meg has James.
Vanessa says she has her integrity and her word that’s it.
Meg tells her she hasn’t been on her radar this week. “I fought my a$$ off to keep you over Shelli”
They have a laugh about Becky advertising to everyone she’s in a “open four person group”

Meg starts to cry because she’s a joke in comps.
Vanessa – I don’t have a sister, a showmance all I have is my word
Vanessa asks if she thinks there is anything wrong with Vanessa asking for people’s word
Meg doesn’t think so.
Vanessa says she will put her hand on a bible “I give you my word on my mother, my girlfriend and the Bible” Vanessa had no idea what Steve was going to do during double eviction.

9:02pm Vanessa asks her Steve or Johnnymac
Meg doesn’t know
Vanessa says for her personally Johnnymac should go because vanessa knows Becky is coming after her. Vanessa tells her she can talk to her. ‘I’m a lot like JAmes if you can talk to him you can talk to me”

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-23 20-44-53-179_jpg

8:42pm Hammock LIz and Julia. Wondering if Austin is going to ask Liz to be his girl friend.
Juli a- the kid is 30 years old he’s not going to ask you to be his girlfriend he just want to take the next step
Liz says Vanessa was interrogating James, Now she’s interrogating Meg.
Liz is worried Vanessa will throw them under the bus to meg.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-23 21-33-45-507_jpg

8:54pm HOH date Liz and Austin
Talking about Vanessa approaching James in the parlour room. Austin says he already talked to Vanessa about it.
Austin says if they keep James safe this week they’ve shown James they’re trustworthy. He’s gotta keep them safe the following week.
Austin tells her Vanessa and Steve with them in the final 5 they are losing.
They mention how boring Johnnymac is.
Liz wonders why Jmac is screaming in the Diary room.
Austin – I don’t think the game means a lot to the guy

based on how things are progressing I think it’s appropriate that I ask you for something.. You Can take it the way you want..

Will you be my girl friend..
Liz – ohh this is what you and James were talking about in the kitchen
Austin – maybe
Liz – you have one back at home
Austin – No I do not
Liz thinks Ausitn needs to clear up things with his girlfriend back home first.
Austin didn’t want to move forward without a commitment.,.
Austin – I want you to know I am serious about you
Liz – I like you but…
Austin – I thought I should formalize something.. we’re spending a lot of time in bed cuddling
Liz – we cuddle only
Austin – and kiss
Liz – to answer your question Yes I will be your girlfriend.. You’re so awkward but I love it

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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-23 21-43-37-140_jpg
9:40pm Goblins comparing notes about Vanessa’s interrogation
James says he’s been pressing to Austin that him and meg are with their group they are the final 5.
James says as long as you look Vanessa in the eye and not break eye contact she’ll know you are not bullshiting her “She uses all that sh1t.. look her straight in the eyes”
Meg says Vanessa really likes him. Vanessa told her how smart he was and how her and him saw eye to eye.
James – Meg I’m going to have to throw you to the side
Meg – watch what you’re saying about my guy
they laugh
Meg – I’m scared of her, I think I did well
James thinks she did tell share their stories match.
James explains this is how Vanessa works she’ll talk to one side

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-23 22-14-54-000_jpg

10:00pm Hot tub
Julia tell them they have her blessing it they want to be boyfriend and girlfriend.

10:09pm Julia about the zingbot she looked into his eyes he had brown eyes, “He was hot”

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-23 22-28-28-558_jpg

10:24pm Austin telling Johnnymac him and Vanessa have to be on the same page whether or not Veto is used.
Liz comes in.
Jmac says sooner or later someone is going to split up Austin and the twins. if jmac is left in the house and he’s the one to make the move on Austin and the twin jmac will do it on their terms.
Jmac says the way Steve talks game with them is different than the ways he talks game to Jmac.
Jmac – if i have a option to be the one to take you three out i’ll do it on your terms how you three would do it.
they tell him the goblins stay in their own spot and don’t say much. they are just holding out hoping Jackie comes back.
Jmac leaves Austin says jmac had nothing bad to say about James
austin – I’m not worried about james.
austin says if Jackie comes back he thinks Meg and James will protect them from her.
Julia joins them.
Austin says johnnymac told him if he is evicted and comes back he’s coming for them.
Liz – I don’t get good vibes from johnnymac
liz doesn’t like jmac’s deal about letting the three of them decide how they would go out.
Julia leaves
liz is pissed at johnnymac is wanting him out more than ever

11:00pm They pull Steve into the HOH. Austin asks him when him and jmac started working together. Steve cannot produce a time says there was no point in time where they agreed to work together.
Austin tell shim he’s safe by them.
Vanessa Joins them says that was the longest Diary room session in her life.
Vanessa makes it clear she will not us the veto unless Austin wants her to.
Austin says he needs to talk to JAmes and Meg but right now he doesn’t have a smoking gun to get James out. Vanessa and Steve are saying they should take a shot at the goblins.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-23 23-27-39-476_jpg

11:25pm Vanessa and Steve
Vanessa says he’s giving Austin the “hard sell” Everyone knows Steve wants Jmac to stay. Vanessa says the odds are low James is going up. Steve feels the same way.
Big-Brother-17 2015-08-23 23-31-36-870_jpg

11:31pm James and Austin, Liz
James talks about his conversation with Vanessa.
Austin tells him that Steve and jmac are trying to get James nominated.
11:44pm Austin – Brass tacks to the end
They warn him about Steve ‘There’s more to him that meets the eye”
11:55pm Meg joins them. Austin say Steve and Jmac’s goal is to get Vanessa to use the veto so he will be forced to put one of them up.


  • “Goblins/Gremlins” = James and Meg
  • “The Generals” = anyone allied with Becky
  • “SOS” (Students of Sound) = Steve and Vanessa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Austin’s Angels” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Vanessa
  • “Brass Tacks” = Gobins and Austwins
  • The new “Brass Tacks” = Aus-Twins, Meg, James + Vanessa
  • “Freaks and Geeks” “The Scamper Squad” = Aus-Twins, Vanessa, Steve
  • “The new Freaks and Geeks minus Vanessa” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve, Johnny Mac
  • “The Authority” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve

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Vanessa is straight up crazy and losing her mind! She cannot win HOH next week. Please somebody get her out! Preferably James or Jackie if she makes it back in. She makes my head spin!

If That's All She's Got

If all Vanessa has is her integrity, she’s flat broke. I have no one but everyone in a F2, I don’t lie, okay I lied. No one believes you, you’re getting played. Try a new line or strategy like win people over being nice and fun. Meg will show you how. And you don’t have to burn so many bridges along the way. Don’t get comfy.


Will you be my girlfriend?!?!
Omfg this guy….I don’t know if I want Austin to go first or Vanessa…these people are out to lunch!

come again

Liz cracks me up with that all we have done is” cuddle” and Austin “kiss” ummm.. All of the viewers wish that were the case!! She one of those people that you could see bent over a bed post and she would look at you and say” he was just rubbing my back” and Vanessa would say “ya she swore on the bible” You are on camera and the way Austins hips were going it was more than his fingers working. Dam it I just made myself vomit a little!!

VanASSa's Bible

…And Vanessa’s “word” means absolutely nothing, nasa, zip, zilch! She can swear on whatever/whomever she wants. It’s all just empty, meaningless talk. Why don’t the HGs see that? How are they so easily snowed? It’s frustrating to watch!

604 Macho

My honest take on the twins is that they are attractive, cute and funny. They are identical twins yet have their own unique personalities. They look like girls who would be gold digging, superficial, stuck up, coke head bitches, but they are cool and laid back and can get along with all different types of people.

You’d think girls like that would only go for guys that look like Clay or have tons of cash, but for Liz to be into Austin gives all the average looking and under dog guys hope of landing a hot babe.


I hate to burst your bubble, but Liz was first snuggling with Jace. He got evicted, then she was with Austin, who, when he was maybe going on the block, she said she wasn’t attracted to. Then he stayed, she was in bed with him, the next thing you know Austin catches her under the covers with Jeff. Jeff gets evicted, she’s back with Austin. Does this sound like a cool girl…I don’t think her parents are too proud.


I thought it was in fact Julia under the covers and Austin thought it was Liz?

Ms Retta

I mean no harm, but you are forgetting the cold hard facts. If Liz was not in this house, she would have nothing to do with Austin. I think the twins are entertaining, but they are pretty superficial spoiled brats.

Ian's Beer

And you are smoking what, this evening???????

?Ya right

She is using him fool, as soon as there out of that house she is gonna drop him like a hot rock!!!


Unless he wins the $500K


Liz is NOT into Austin. She lists off all the reasons why she isn’t that into him, and the only pro is that she’s “attracted to his body.” That is beyond superficial. She is only saying that in the DR because she doesn’t want to look like a horrible human being. All the twins do is talk badly about people in the house and they change their minds depending on who they spoke to last. They constantly call Steve a nerd and JMAC lame. They are not nice people at all, and on top of that, have ZERO idea how to play the game.

As Long As You've Got $500k

Haven’t you been following? They listed all those essential qualities, looks, money, house, car…they are princesses expect to be queens…and she listed ask the reasons Austin won’t work & can’t stand his kisses…you dint think camera time, Judas lies about his wrestling career and cash prize doesn’t have anything to do with it? You can do alot better than her normal guy…the mean girl comments & ordering him around don’t bother you?

604 Macho

As far as the Austin Liz relationship, realistically, the only reason he could hook up with her was because of the circumstance of being in the BB house. I couldn’t picture them hooking up in a real life scenario.


It’s all an act. She does NOT actually like him. And neither twin is funny OR cute! They’re vile, self-absorbed rich-bitch princesses. “Yahhhhh. Like, I knoooooow thahttt”.


They are locked in a house with nowhere to go, bored out of their skulls. They are following the path of least resistance.


Meg, why are you telling James you think Scaressa has a crush on him cuz she said he thinks like she does, etc. V is just trying to manipulate you to get information on James. Please guys, why are you so gullible..Scaressa lies, bullies and pounds you into submission. Don’t you see she uses reverse psychology.. I watched her play poker on tv and she would cry and pout and react the same way when she lost at the table. She’s trying to find a way to reason getting you or James out, no matter what she says.


Huh? That’s weird because my husband watches a lot of poker. He knew exactly who Vanessa was when big brother started, and he says she’s very quiet during tournaments. Very different from how she’s playing on the show.


I’ve seen her at least 20 times on Poker after Dark and High Stakes Poker (both on youtube). I agree she was always quiet and I have to say I thought she was a really cool chick. But her social game is incredibly bad in BB in my opinion which is a shock to me.


I don’t understand why everyone loves JMac on this site?! He doesn’t know how to play the game, his social skills are awful, he’s boring, he can’t win an HOH just please get him out this week already! I don’t want to see Steve leave just yet. At least he’s playing the game!

Jay Jay

That Vanessa is a player. She knows she need to connect with one of the remaining duos to comente against Austin and the Twins. If she could convince Austin to evict a Goblin, that duo would be Steve and JMac. However, given Austin’s plan to evict JMac, she is now tring to connect with James and Meg (quite seemlessly I might add and taking it slow because jmac might return. If Shelli or JMac return, she is golden. Otherwise, she is forced to be the fourth wheel in the Austin/Twins alliance.


And please, Vanessa, stop swearing on the Bible. Really! With what you’ve been saying, lying, etc. It’s disrespectful to the Good Book.

GeekSquad McGee

Now cue an annoying atheist in 5..4..3..2.1…


When was the last time an atheist knocked on your door trying to get you to convert?

Annoying atheist

Eh who cares! It’s just a book.


Thank you God for making me an atheist.


Let me start with a few Hitler analogies first then i’ll begin the rant …


Go Dawg! You’ve surpassed Austin, Liz, Julia and Nessa to firmly move into fifth place in the polls. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you ranked this high in a BB poll. You rock!


At this point, I’m almost rooting for Vanessa to win, just to spite everyone else for not taking her out when they had the chance.


Second That!!!!


Austin is the biggest idiot I think I have ever seen on Big Brother. For a 30 year old man, he acts like he is 12, his speech for the nomination ceremony was completely stupid, he is such an ass. Thursday can not come fast enough, please let someone win HOH that will target Austin & Liz, I cannot take another week with these two idiots as HOH, I hope whoever comes back from Jury will target Austin and the Twins. I’m sick of Big Brother showing us Liz and Austin making out, and acting like they are in elementary school, “Will you be my Girlfriend”. Really, Austin is a moron, all muscle but he acts like some weak little BITCH !!!!!!


Liz was just saying he isn’t a good kisser. He doesn’t know what to do with his tongue….for starters he should stop trapping Liz’s head with both hands. But sure Austin I’ll be your girlfriend. But don’t be surprised when we get out and I find someone better, that I dump you just like you did your girlfriend. Most times I would really feel sorry for a guy that is getting used, but not in this case. He did it to himself. He talks about having Air Tine, little does he know, all this air time is hurting him.

GeekSquad McGee

Austin’s gonna leave the house with less social media followers than he came in with.

Canadian Kevin

He (Austin) honestly doesn’t know how reviled he is outside the house.
He’s talking to James about his GF, and how he feels badly she found out it was over on a tv show.

Hello dumbass, that’s cause of your behavior.

When he was comparing him and Liz to Brenchal?? I mean shit dude, get your head out of your ass.

Personally i’m really over him and liz – get ’em both out. Vanessa is going to win anyway, since no one has any stones whatsoever. Just take out the trash first.


“When he was comparing him and Liz to Brenchal?? I mean shit dude, get your head out of your ass.”

All 4 of them are dumb and annoying so he may be right!


So where are we now? This morning jmac was out then Steve was out then Vanessa and jmac are a final two. Then Steve’s back in. James is out. Meg is mastermind. Meg is out. Now she says Meg can confide in her the same way she does James. Vanessa now liking James and his brains. So does she still like Austin or the twins or is she making a final three with James and Meg or with Steve and jmac. And how come that Bible hasn’t caught fire yet? They’re all going to hell. I think Vanessa was sent by Satan to take them there. If she gives them a contract to sign in blood we will know for sure.


She’s trying to get in bed with everyone so she can have someone when she needs to take out the threesome of Austin and the twins. She needs someone else to take the first shot at them.


I don’t care who wins the next HOH, as long as it isn’t Austin or Liz. My hope is that James wins it…. He’s hell bent on making “big moves” and I think he’s the only one with the guts to put the lovebirds (GAG) on the block.


Meg’s going to win the next HOH

No more whining

The way the twins talk drives me nuts. Had a couple of friends over the other night and had the feeds playing in the background. We decided to all drink a shot every time one of the twins whined, “I Knoooooooooowwww-uh!!” Needless to say, the booze didn’t last long.


I don’t think so. At this point it seems the only way Austwins is going up is if Becky returns. She already said she would target Liz if she came back, even more now if iMac leaves.

Fingers crossed, hopefully she comes back and wins hoh, otherwise we’ll have another wasted week.

Member of the Ant Farm

I think Austin is stupid to trust James after he already broke up 1 couple after making a promise to them. But hey, he wants to have fun, so let the fun begin after James does the same thing to them!! He is an absolute stone cold Austin idiot to think it won’t happen. Let’s just hope that James wins the HOH, just to prove us right!!


Stop calling Jmac boring, you’re annoying which is ten times worst. I hope you two get booed


I’m sorry, he seems like a nice guy. BUT he is very boring. You must not watch the feeds, jmac and Meg are easily the two most boring out of everyone. And I say Meg bc she sleeps SOOO MUCH.


I really hope James/meg stick around and, whomever leaves comes back in. I would really like it if one or both of those spoiled brat twins left. The thrill is gone. Goodbye ladies!


I hope Meg or James win the next HOH with Jackie returning to the game; and finally getting Vanessa the hell out of the house with her swearing on her girlfriend, her mother, and bible! She’s just a crazy pain in the ass and she just want to win so she can feed her gambling bug…get over yourself, Vanessa! You’re no Derrick!!!!!!!


She’s better than Derrick, even if she doesn’t win. Unlike Derrick, Vanessa is in a house full of people who are/was actually playing the game. If Derrick was in this season, he would have less likely won, or if Vanessa was in last season, she would have called Derrick out to everyone, which would have greatly hindered his chances, unlike the other dumbasses in the house, who said nothing about Derrick. What’s up with so many dumbasses thinking he’s so great?? He’s not. He was just extremely lucky. Cody picking him, for example, over Victoria. C’mon. Learn to tell the difference between great players, and lucky players, because of dumbasses in the house.


I don’t know which is worse … Last season clueless houseguests or this season who know what is going on and do nothing about it every week.

Cowards or Dumbasses?

Knowing and still doing nothing is way worse than being unaware. One is cowardice and one is cluelessness. Cowardice is less respectable.

skeptical onlooker

So boring…this endless back and forth…who’s going. We all know Johnny Mac will be voted out.
But first we have a never ending debate of contradictions. I could bite my arm off.
Instead..I’ll call it a night..actually a few nights..and days…and just get to Thursday.
I couldn’t even raise a grimace with Austin’s * will you be my girlfriend speech*.
He is pathetic on so many levels.
Vanessa has become so boring as well…same old..same old. I now hate the word integrity.
The season began well…and now it’s just awful.
I can’t believe it..but I’m missing the comic relief of Caleb.
I can only hope Jackie comes back. Only her and James are cool under pressure…and Jackie at least wasn’t falling for ANY of this rubbish.
When Steve gets HOH..which he will…we shall see something interesting. No way will he play possum again.
I’m betting he is really livid that Austin did the dirty to him and Jmac. Retribution is coming..and Steve can say just…You broke your word to me…( and can insinuate Vanessa got in his ear :)..and on the block he goes.
Oh..and you may be SURE..the moment Austin’s in danger of being voted out…or if Liz is on the block..she will blow up on Austin..blame him for everything. That’s a given.


Maybe Steve and James can run around Judy chopping things…


Them in the hammock, saying what “parts” they liked about each other (muscles, skin, butt, etc.). Ewwww. I truly almost threw up in my mouth. They are disgusting! Yuck!


Steve is voted out.
Becky returns to game and wins HOH.
Nominates Vanessa & Liz.
Vanessa spirals even further into that rabbit hole, if that’s even possible, and amidst her scrambling gets caught in her own “integrity” bullsht.
A house meeting is (finally) called putting her and all her insanity under the microscope.
Yet, like a cat with 9 lives she manages to stay and Liz is voted out.
And Austin weeps into his dumbass hat.


There’s no reason for a house meeting t expose Vanessa. Everyone knows she lies and makes deals with everyone but people still listen to her and follow her advice because after being interrogated for an hour it’s just easier to agree with her. If you don’t then you are shady and she’ll target you.

Vanessa VS Meg

A word of advice for Meg:

If you suck ass long enough, pretty soon you start choking on shit.

Wake up and play already!


1) Austin says “if Jackie comes back he thinks Meg and James will protect them from her”

What??? Are you drunk?? LOL, Quite possibly one of the dumbest things ever said.

2) And as far as Liz goes, I can see whoring it out for 500K but when you don’t win the 500K you’re simply just a whore.


rambling thoughts:

vanessa would be foolish not to use the veto, doesn’t even matter on who. it will blow back much harder on austin than on her.

meanwhile johnnymac is a moron telling the austwins he’d evict them on their terms. news flash, the austwins are so narcissistic that they think anyone aligned with them is trying to get them to final four at which point that fourth “alliance” member will be content to finish fourth and essentially self-evict.

austin made a big mistake this week not putting up jmac and james with the claim that they were both pawns to backdoor either steve or vanessa and this guarantees they can play in veto and increase the chances at that backdoor even though austin should just send home whichever one doesn’t win. both likely fall for that line and it avoids blood if say vanessa wins (which she did). instead james sat out the veto and you had useless steve and meg in it. he should be punished for such a mistake but i’d rather see it this week (by van using the veto) than when the returning jury member comes back and inevitably aligns with james and meg.


I predict Jmac will leave then come back Thursday. I like him but he needs to step his game up in the house. If he keeps throwing everything and playing stupid he will end up right back out of the house.


It is strange, i think Johnnymac is boring and stupid too and I don’t like his game, but when Austin and Liz talk shit about him I get really annoyed. These two suck so much on so many levels i can’t even find words…


Ok..so everyone in the house knows that van is a professional gambler and “such a good lawyer at school” …two professions based on persuasion and twisting the truth. Yet, let’s base every decision and move in the game on honesty, integrity, and now – swearing on the bible…sheesh.
It must be too embarrassing to admit that van is running circles around everyone, and too easy to let her deterrmine who is trust worthy.
Just like with derric last year, no one ever questions “what about my game?”
When everyone is so worried about what others are going to do, how the audience will perceive them, and not playing a “dirty game”, they just disregard their own game.
Just cause van has POV why is it ok to interrogate everyone? It’s not a conversation, and I would tell Vanessa “it’s best for my game not to get into the drama. No offense, Vanessa, but I don’t have anything to offer…sorry.”
Too late in the game…time to pick a side.


They all know if you don’t let Vanessa talk at you, nod and agree with her then she’ll come after you like she did with Becky.


I think Meg and James did extremely well in their interrogation with Vanessa. If they didn’t communicate with Vanessa, she could have easily used the POV to take down Johnny or Steve, and James and Meg could go up. If you were James and Meg, not talking to Vanessa would be extremely stupid, basically leaving your game up to chance (as Steve and Johnny were willing to talk to Vanessa and we’re throwing them UTB so she’d use the veto). James and especially Meg made some really great points and Vanessa had less of a case to use the veto/backdoor a Goblin as a result of their convos. That’s a success. Plus, James has a great social game with Austin and Vanessa, they really respect him and his game. In comparison, Johnny Mac has a poor social game. Him campaigning turned into a conversation about how he was going to target the Austwins. WTf was Johnny Mac thinking??

Better Than Last Year

James to Meg: When you talk to her….look her straight in the eyes.

I am convinced he’s the only one in the house that has really got Vanessa’s number. (Austin’s too…he’s a 12 yr old that likes to have fun!)

Hope he wins HOH next week when Jackie (I hope) comes back in!!!

Team Edward

Old school BB: screw it, I am using the veto because I don’t trust these fools. Let’s make a new alliance.

New School: I have to see what the HOH wants to do. Blood on my hands. Blah blah. It is getting annoying. Anyone feel the turn happened right after 11? I mean, Jordan winning was a joke…..Natalie was the better player and strategist. She won because of a bitter jury, and Jeff. I just think people are playing more cautious now because of it.

Smoking Gun Says ...

Why do you need me? This is Big Brother, not Federal Court. You can get someone out simply because it’s better for your game you know. This trying to gather evidence and convict people is boring quite frankly as it consistently leads to the most conservative moves possible every week. I’ll keep watching but the second half of what was a promising season has turned into a chore to watch.


Vanessa is going to final 2 I believe and contrary to many she is and has played the best game of all the HG like it or not. I think max is gone Thursday and not sure who will come back but they usually have immunity for a week if I’m not mistaken?? I could be wrong on that however Vanessa needs to get rid of Austin and the screwed up twins! I’m fine at this point on anyone winning other than Austin or the user that she is…Liz!! Hmac could have done much better in this game had he been more aggressive but I think he will be Americas fav winner but at this point I’m rooting for Vanessa to take it all!


I just don’t get all the Vanessa hate. Is she annoying as fuck at times? Yup. But is there a better player in the house? No. She has maneuvered basically every eviction so far, kept herself safe despite being a huge threat, and she continues to move week to week without any real ally. Like, who are you people rooting for, Meg?

I like JMac a lot, and I’d love to see him make it to the finals – but dude hasn’t made a single game move. The most he has contributed to the game is throwing comps. Vanessa is there to win, and she’s lying and manipulating and making her way to the end – THAT’S what I want to see. Not more weeks and weeks of Austin fingering Liz and Meg crying about not winning comps. This is a GAME. Vanessa is the best game player by miles.


Vanessa is not a good game player the rest of them just suck that bad!!! this is the worst season ever it’s like group HOH every week nobody wants to get any blood on their hands except James and maybe john they’re all a bunch of scaredy cats there is no such thing as HOH in the season you can’t tell who’s who nobody wants to be in power nobody wants to make moves it’s foolishness they should all self evict and form an alliance called the morons cuz NOBODY IS PLAYING BIG BROTHER!!!